When I glanced over at the prosecutors they too looked a bit stunned as the judge took her seat behind the bench. One of the prosecutors, a really nice looking guy, spoke up "Pardon me Your Honor, we were under the impression that Judge Mitchell would be presiding today."

"He was, but as the defendants were being brought into the building he saw someone he recognized. He indicated that he had some sort of personal interaction with the defendant earlier today. Which one of you is Mr. Barnes?" Bull put up his hand. "Apparently his interaction with you which would make this very awkward based on the charges you are facing, so he recused himself." Jesus Christ, Bull had fucked the judge earlier! "The Administrative Judge reassigned the case to me. Do you have any issue with me presiding, Counsel?"

The judge started flipping through documents she had in front of her. She looked up and looked at the public defender, who had spent zero time with us. "Are your clients pleading individually, and the court is going to be inconvenienced by severing, or may we proceed with the defendants as co-defendants in a single case? If so, how do your clients plead?"

"Not guilty, Your Honor."

The judge swiveled her head so that she was looking at the lead prosecutor. "What are you recommending for bail?" The prosecutor turned his head and looked toward Agent Taylor.

"Um, Tony Marks, James Griggs (G) and Mr. Barnes (Bull) are all currently on parole and the charges are very serious, so we recommend $100,000 each." The prosecutor listed off the names of the Joes and the two new mechanics and recommended that they be released on their own recognizance since it appeared that their involvement was minimal at best and we're not considered flight risks. I assumed the next three names were the strippers, "Each of these men have several priors for prostitution and petty larceny but aren't named in the other, more serious charges, so our recommendation is $5,000."

"And Mr. Cartwright?"

"Well, uh, based on his age and not having any priors, we recommend $1,000." He looked back at Agent Taylor who gave a small nod of his head.

"I generally agree with your recommendations; for all but regarding co-defendant Cartwright. According to what's in front of me, he's being charged with the same offenses as Mr. Marks and Mr. Griggs which are all very serious; the sale and distribution of illegal substances, money laundering, racketeering and pandering. I understand your thoughts about his age and lack of previous criminal activity so I'm setting his bail at $50,000." I heard a groan from behind me, it had to be Agent Taylor. I was literally shaking in my boots, well actually a cute pair of Vans. The judge flipped through some more materials in front of her, "I'm setting the trial for one month from today." Holy shit!

"May we approach the bench, Your Honor?" The judge nodded and the two lawyers went and spoke with the judge. The discussion was animated. The lawyers came back to their respective tables.

The judge spoke again, "Put in the record that both legal counsels have made recommendations regarding the type of incarcerations pending release on bail, if that should happen. I have listened to their recommendations but still have grave concerns about the seriousness of the charges. I do agree, however, that co-defendants Marks, Griggs and Barnes have exhibited high levels of violence during previous incarcerations. Based on all the information I have been provided, I am recommending to the Department of Corrections that co-defendants Griggs, Marks and Barnes be separated from the general population for their safety and the safety of other prisoners. I will also be recommending to the DOC that Mr. Cartwright be place in the general population. Court is adjourned." A gavel went down.

Guards escorted us out of the courtroom. The Joes and the mechanics were taken in one direction, I assume to be released. The three strippers were taken in another direction. Tony, G, Bull and I were taken to a loading dock. The three of them were placed in a bus along with some other prisoners. I was placed in a different vehicle. There were some other guys in the vehicle. I don't know if was my outfit of tight jeans and a small tank but they gave me the once over when I got in. I sat down, what the fuck was happening? Agent Taylor told me that I would be held in an interview room until I was bailed out and now I was going to jail. It was a short ride from the courthouse to the jail. We all filed off the bus. I guess I was with a group that they didn't think were too dangerous because we weren't in handcuffs or anything.

We stood outside a door until we heard a buzz and one of the officers that had been on the bus opened it and gestured for us to go inside. I don't' know if I imagined it but I would have sworn that his hand touched my ass as I passed. We stopped at a window and the personal belongings they had gathered from us when we first entered the courthouse were handed through a window. A guard pointed to us and directed a couple of guys to one door. Another guy and I were each directed to different rooms so I was now alone. The room was empty except for a metal table and a couple of chairs. I sat down in one of the chairs. A few minutes later one of the two doors in the room opened and two corrections officers entered. I'm not sure what I expected but it definitely wasn't these two. Both men looked to be in their mid-30s. One was white and the other was black. Both men were over 6' and were definitely in good shape. Their beige uniforms looked as if they had been made specifically for them. It didn't look like you could put a finger between the uniform material and their skin, the outfits were so tight.

The black guard said, "Welcome to hell kid. We're your welcoming committee. Who told you that you could sit? Get up." I stood up but couldn't help but stare of the bulges in their uniform pants. "What? You like what you see?" Both men laughed. "We get that a lot." They both grabbed their junk and laughed again.

The white guard threw a large plastic bag at me which I caught. "Get out of those queer boy clothes that you're wearing." I untied my Vans and took them and my socks off. I raised my arms and pulled off my tank. "Damn kid, you're in better shape that I thought you were." I unbuttoned my 501s and lowered them. "Why am I not surprised that you aren't wearing underwear? Fold your shit up and put it all in the bag."

"Damn man, look at the kid's white ass. That ass needs to see some sun!"

"Well, that sure as hell isn't going to happen here." More laughter. "What's your name again?" He was looking at a clipboard that I'm sure had my name on it.

"Chad Cartwright."

"Yeah that's it. Hmmmm...we're going to need to come up with a good nickname for you. Turn around."

I did a 360. The attention from two hot men, I had forgotten they were guards and I was in a prison, was making me horny.

Both guards snapped on a pair of latex gloves. The black guard got behind me and the white guard stayed in front of me. The white guard said, "Open up." I wasn't sure which hole but since he was in front of me I opened my mouth. "When someone comes in on a drug charge, we need to make sure they aren't still carrying anything." He put a finger in my open mouth and felt along my gum lines. "Open a little wider." As I did, he moved a finger around under my tongue. "Wider." Now two fingers were in my mouth pushing toward the back. He turned his fingers in several directions and then pulled them back, he wasn't done, he put three fingers in my mouth, I could feel all three touch the back of my throat. "Shit buddy, this kid doesn't have a gag reflex. You know, that could be a problem. There might be something back there that I'm not seeing. Let me think on that while you check his other cavity."

The black guard pushed the small of my back so that I had to bend at the waist. I felt his two hands separate my ass checks. "I don't see anything." He slipped a finger in my ass and moved it around. "Don't feel anything.....yet." A second finger joined the first and he moved them all around the inside of my hole. "Christ, he's so tight he might have something up there that I can't reach with my fingers." A third finger joined the other two and he stretched my hole while rotating them left and right. By now my cock had gotten hard and was leaking but neither man said anything. "Do we have anything long enough to get back in both cavities?"

"I don't know about you, but I sure do." Laughter.

"You think you can go deep enough with that puny white dick of yours? Maybe I should do it with my big, black piece of meat."

"Fuck you." The white guard unzipped and struggled to pull out what had been making the large bulge in his uniform.

"That ain't never gonna happen, no dick is coming near my ass." More laughter.

"Bend him over more." When the black guard had, the white guard started to rub the head of his cock against my lips. "Come on kid, open up again, I need to get in." I couldn't resist, I parted my lips. He ran the tip of his dick all around my lips. "Let's see if I can feel anything, you might have something I missed in your throat." He put a hand on the back of my head and applied steady pressure until he was hitting the back of my throat. Again, I couldn't help myself and I moved my tongue on the underside of his cock. He pulled his dick out. "This angle doesn't work, get up on the table." I did. "Now get on your back.' The table was narrow so they moved my body so that my head was hanging off and my ass was lined up with the edge. "Yeah, this should work. Open up again, wide."

Once again, with steady pressure, the white guard pushed his cock deep into my mouth. When he felt the resistance of the back of my throat that didn't stop, he kept on pushing and maneuvering my head until he was satisfied. He put one hand on the front of my neck like he was trying to feel his cock inside my throat. "I don't feel anything, but while I'm in here....", he pulled his dick back and then pushed it forward again, and again, and again. By head was starting to bounce so he held in in place and skull fucked me. "This is what happens when you break the law." When he would pull back I started to taste his precum. All I could see was his ball sack, but the increased tempo at which it was slapping my nose and eyes, I thought he was getting close. He pulled his cock from my mouth. With his left hand he turned and supported my head so that it was at a right angle to the table. With his right hand he was stroking his dick furiously. "Open that mouth of yours, I want you to catch my cum." I opened my mouth and the closer he got to blowing, the closer the head of his cock got to my mouth. With an "aw fuck", streams of cum shot into my mouth. He was close enough that I was able to catch it all. "Swallow!" I closed my mouth briefly so that I could swallow, it was a difficult because of the angle, but I was able to do it. I parted my lips again and he knew I wanted the last drops. "Hungry, huh? Well you missed dinner, so now at least you'll have something in your belly." He let my head dangle as he used both hands to get his cock back into his pants. "Your turn', he said to his black partner.

I couldn't see, but I sensed that the black guard had pulled out his cock. "Man, you should have had him save some of your cum, coulda used it to lube up. I hope I don't hurt him too much." Pure sarcasm. He held my knees up. "I'll make it quick." Just as I felt the head of his dick touch my hole, he rammed it in so hard that the white guard had to push my shoulders to keep me in place. From what I felt, the black guard's cock was about the same as the white guard's, but the way that he was hitting it, he made sure I felt every inch of it. His pace kept increasing as did his groans and saying how he liked to fuck white boy's asses. All of a sudden he pulled himself out of my hole and told his partner to raise me up, "Let's see if my aim is getting better." He let go of my legs and pushed them apart. He got up on his toes and leaned into me, getting his cock as close to my mouth as was possible across such a distance. He kept stoking and twisting his cock as I watched and waited for the inevitable. His first shot went over my head and landed on his partner, the second shot hit me square in my left eye. I final shot landed on half on my tongue and the other half on my lips.

"God damn it, you got your spunk on my shirt, again.......fucking gross man."

"You should have held his head closer." I licked my lips and then wiped the cum from around my eye and brought to my mouth. "See kid, if you had made it to the dining hall in time for dinner, you wouldn't have gotten seconds."

They had me pick up the bag with my clothes and we walked through the second door. On one side of the new room was a split door that had the upper half open, inside was another guard, "Give me his crap and have him go into the shower." On the other side of the room was a wide doorway that led into a large shower room with multiple shower heads. The white guard told me to wash up. The water was lukewarm at best and the soap was disgusting. The towel they handed me when I was done was not much larger than a hand towel. There was no product for my hair.

When I was finished the guard behind the door had me come over and he handed me a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of white socks, plus a pair of those kind of shoes you get when you go to a spa. "You have a choice, boxers or briefs?" I told him that I preferred nothing which made all three laugh. "It's your ass kid, now get dressed, we'll give you another set of clothes, except shoes, when your done to take to your cell. If you're allowed to have visitors, they can bring you clothes, we just have to inspect them."

I put on the t-shirt and jeans, both of which were way too large. Since I wasn't given a belt, the jeans were going to fall off if I let go of them. "Could I please have a couple sizes smaller?"

"What do you say guys? Is it okay?"

"Sure, might as well look like the bitch he's going to be."

The guard behind the door gave me a new t-shirt and pair of jeans. Neither of which were the color or fabric I would have chosen, but I guess they would have to make due. I pulled the t-shirt over my head and pulled it down, it was a tight fit but I wasn't going to ask for anything larger. The jeans were the same, I almost couldn't zip them up. There wasn't a mirror but I was sure my ass looked pretty good.

"I think I've come up with a nickname, PB."

"What does that mean?"

"Well, Pretty Boy, Pussy Boy or Peanut Butter."

"Peanut Butter?"

"What goes well with peanut butter but jelly. This boy is going to get a whole lot of jelly, if you know what I mean." More laughter.

The guard behind the door gave me the extra set of clothes, the smallest pillow on earth, some towels and sheets, and a blanket made out of rough material. "Enjoy your stay."

The two guards took me through another door and then through two sets of locked doors of metal bars. When we passed through the last, we were in a large open area with some tables with chairs, a TV set, and not much more. As the guards took me through the space, there we cat calls and whistles and a lot of guys grabbing themselves and leering. The black guard yelled out so he could be heard, "Here you go boys, this here is PB. I'm sure some of you will make him feel welcome tonight."

We got to a cell that had two sets of bunk beds, a sink and a toilet. There was also two desks with chairs and a shelf like thing that not only had some shelves but also four cubby holes. One of the top bunks was empty, so I assumed it was mine. I threw my stuff on the mattress and watched as the two guards left.

For the first time since early this morning, even though I was surrounded by men, I felt alone. What had gone wrong? Why was I here? Was Agent Taylor doing anything to get me out? I raised my head and saw several of the larger prisoners outside my cell having a very heated conversation. It turned into an "in your face" type of thing with some shoving. From a speaker I heard someone say to back it up. All but two of the guys walked away. The last two were so close their chests almost touched. They looked like they matched each other in height and weight, probably 6'3" and close to 250. Both men looked like they could be on a football team. They both were white but that's where the similarities ended. One man looked Mediterranean, with olive skin and thick dark hair and eyes, while the other looked Nordic, with a blonde crew cut and deep blue eyes.

The dark guy put a finger on the blonde guy's chest, "He's mine."

"Fuck you, he's mine."

I was pretty sure they were talking about me. I would be happy with either of them, the thoughts I had been having a few minutes ago were completely out of my head as I wondered what was under their t-shirts and jeans.

The dark guy turned his head in my direction, "What's your name?"


"What kinda name is that?"

Instead of going into an explanation of how my parents chose the name, I told them that the guards had given me a nickname of PB.

"What the fuck does that stand for?"

"They said it could stand for Pretty Boy, Pussy Boy or Peanut Butter, since I took a couple loads of their jelly." Both men laughed.

The blonde said, "I like it, hey guys, this here is Peanut Butter because he likes jelly so much. I bet he likes it in whatever hole he's got. Am I right PB?"


"Well, we're having a hard time figuring out whose bitch you're going to be. You got a preference? Do you like Italian meatballs or Swedish meatballs? Or should I say meat and balls." My head kept going back and forth. I didn't want to pick, I wanted them both. "Maybe we should help PB out." The blonde guy opened his jeans, pushed them down a bit and hauled out a pretty damn nice piece of meat. The dark guy did the same, exposing an equally nice piece. If any guards were watching this play out on a monitor somewhere, they weren't saying or doing anything. "Ya like what you see?" The blonde started to stroke his cock which caused the dark haired man to do the same. It was like a pissing match with me as the prize. With their dicks out the two prisoners started pushing each other in the chest as they cocks swung around.

To stop the fight from escalating, I did what any good cum slut would do, I stepped out to where they were, got down on my knees, grabbed both the Italian and Swedish pieces of meat and brought their heads to my mouth. I didn't know how they'd feel about me having their cocks touch, but I brought them together and did my best to bring as much of each into my mouth and used my tongue like a fiend. Since they didn't seem to mind their dicks rubbing against his other, I started stroking both as I lapped away. Instead of calming the situation down, I had just made it worse. Even though they let me continue to work on both of the heads of their cocks, they continued to argue about who would have me to themselves. Some of the guys around us had pulled their hard dicks out and were stroking, inching ever closer. The Italian bellowed, "Put your pencil sized dicks away, this is our cocksucker and pussy."

When he said "our cocksucker and pussy", it was like a lightbulb went off in their minds. They both looked at each other, the Swede said, "Wadda ya think? He's both of our bitch?" I just kept licking and lapping.

"How 'bout PB here sucks me in the morning and he sucks you in the afternoon and we both fuck him at night. Shit, we got our other bitches when we need them."

"I'm willing to try but I ain't making any promises yet."

They both pulled their cocks away from my mouth, they each put a hand under my arms and lifted me off the floor. They started walking in different directions, practically pulling me apart. The arguing started again about whose cell we were going to go to.

An old guy, with gray hair, stuck up his hand saying, "Jesus fucking Christ, use my cell and stop all the yelling." The old guy must have some say on what went on around the place because everyone shut up. "I'm the only one who doesn't share a cell around here, I guess you could say it's a perk for having outlived everyone else. What time I got left, I don't wanna spend it listening to you too assholes fighting about a new piece of ass. Go in there, do whatcha gotta do and get the hell out, I want to go to bed soon." The Swede and the Italian started taking me in a new direction. As we were walking away, I heard the old guy saying to whomever was listening, "When I first got here, same shit happened to me, two knuckleheads were fighting over my ass, one of the best days of my life."

The old man's cell only had one bed. Both men took their jeans off, it was a pretty impressive sight. The Italian told me, no ordered me, to get out of me jeans. Then he said, "Who goes in first?" More arguing. I just wanted someone to get inside of me.

"Why don't you do rock, paper, scissors, best 2 out of 3." Surprisingly they agreed. It took a while because they each chose rock over and over. Finally the Swede won and sat on the edge of the bed, stroking his cock.

"Sit on it." I straddled the Swede's legs. He spit into his hand and rubbed it all over his dick. "What ya waiting for?" I reached behind my back and lined up his massive cock with my hole. After the head popped through, he put his hands on my shoulders and forced me down all the way. I groaned. From out in the main room someone said, "Yeah man, fuck him!"

The Swede didn't do anything, he was still. "You ready?"

The Italian replied, "Gimme a minute." I heard him spit and then I felt his hand on my back, he was pushing forward as the Swede reclined back. I felt a finger enter my ass joining the Swede's cock. "Nice." I think I now knew what "both fuck him night" meant. The Italian's finger was replaced with the head of his dick pushing against my hole. I leaned as far forward as I could, my face just inches from the Swede. I couldn't help but push back as the Italian pushed forward until the head of his dick made it through my ring. I arched my back as more of the second cock pushed inward. With slow, steady pressure, the Italian was almost all the way in. When he was, the Swede pulled his cock back just a bit. The two of their heads must have been touching again, then they started working together, their cocks rubbing across each other while they rubbed the walls of my ass. "Ya know, Ma always said we should share. We probably should have listened to her then, we might have had more fun." What?

"I wonder if our Dads every fucked her together?" So instead of brothers from a different mother, they were brothers from a different father!

As they continued to seesaw my ass, the Italian started to pull my shirt up and his brother started to push the front up. "Time to mark our new bitch brother." They pulled my shirt off.

The Italian must have seen my hickey, "Fuck, are you already someone's bitch?"

"I guess you could say that."


"Tony Marks."

"On shit!" They both pushed me off their cocks.


Be Well,




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