My alarm went off at 6 am. 2 hours before I had been tired but in a good way, now I was just tired. I had set the clock early so that I could stop by the motel and hopefully find Agent Taylor to get an update. I took a hot shower and cleaned myself. I shaved, brushed my teeth and did the usual morning rituals. When I looked in the mirror, I wasn't happy with how I looked. My eyes were bloodshot and I had bags under them. Not a good look for a 22 year old cum slut. I put on some concealer and used some eye drops. Still not good, the only way I was going to passable today was with clothes. I put some gel in my hands a messed up my dirty blonde hair. I hadn't heard any movement or talking downstairs so I thought I could get out of the house without my Mom seeing what I was wearing. She still thought I was working at the customer call center.

I went through my closet and found a pair of Levi 501s that I had forgotten about. When I had bought them a few years ago, I bought them one size too small, forced my ass into them and then sat, wearing them, in a tub of hot water until the water had cooled down. I stayed in my bedroom the rest of the day until the jeans were relatively dry. I took them off, rolled them up, crinkled them, stomped on them and beat them against the back of my desk chair. I did that routine a couple more times until the denim had softened up and the jeans were the perfect fit. So perfect, I don't think I would ever be able to put on any underwear with the exception of a thong. I pulled them out of my closet and pulled them on. I arranged myself and then buttoned them all up, except the 2nd to the top button. I turned a variety of ways in front of the mirror and was pleased with how the jeans looked on my 5'10", 165 pound body. They really did make my ass look amazing. I looked through my t-shirt drawer and found a State tank top I had bought when I first started there. It was the perfect size. It showed off my arms and pecs and was just long enough to skim the waistband of my jeans. If I bent or reached I would be showing skin. Checking myself one last time in the mirror, I realized that the hickey on my neck and shoulder looked even more black and blue than it had before. I tried putting some concealer on it but then realized that if I did it would probably piss Tony off.

I stuck my head out of my bedroom door and made sure the coast was clear. I grabbed the stuff that I needed and bolted down the stairs and through the front door. I was ravenous, and not just for cum, I couldn't remember the last time I had really ate something. I went to a McDonald's, went in, and ordered an Egg McMuffin and the largest coffee that they had. I hoovered the sandwich and scalded the roof of my mouth with the coffee. I considered ordering a second sandwich and decided against it. My jeans and shirt were too tight to take any chances.

I went into the McDonalds' men's room to wash my hands. We've all been in one. One sink, one urinal and one handicapped stall. I placed my coffee down on the counter and started to wash my hands, I glanced over to the guy at the urinal and he glanced at me at the same time. Nice looking guy who was in shape. He was in a pair of cargo shorts, so I knew he wasn't gay, and a t-shirt. Probably a little over 6' and maybe 180 or 185 pounds. Brown hair and eyes. He had a goatee. I glanced over again and he did the same. I smiled. He took a few steps back from the urinal and I could see that he was stroking a pretty nice cock. Its head was big and it was one of those kind of cocks that got bigger the farther it went to the base. He looked from his cock to me and raised an eyebrow. I shook my head yes. The guy walked into the handicapped stall and I followed, throwing the latch on the stall door. Since his cock was still out there was no preliminaries, I got down on my knees and lapped the head of his cock with my tongue. He must have been in a hurry because he pushed his cock toward my mouth. I opened up and let it slide until he was hitting the back of my throat. There was more to take in so I tilted my head until he could push it in deeper and soon my nose was against his pubes. He started fucking my face with urgency and I let him. He was using his hips like he was a dancer.

As he continued to use my mouth, the door to the men's room opened and someone came up and tried to open the stall. With his cock continuing to rub the wall of my throat, the guy said, "I'll be out in a minute." The stall was so big that the new guy would have had to really get down low to see my knees on the ground and my face fucker's shoes.

The guy grabbed my head, keep it in place, and just kept driving his cock home. Neither of us were making a sound, which was really hard to do. Finally the guy stopped moving his hips and filled my mouth and throat with his seed. His dick slipped from my mouth and the guy stuffed it back in his shorts, still semi-hard and oozing the last of his jizz. I stood up and the guy flushed the toilet. He stepped around me, unlatched the stall door and stepped out. The guy who had been waiting had a look of surprise on his face when he stepped in and I was still there. I left the stall, grabbed my coffee and left the men's room.

Now back in the seating area, I saw my face fucker helping a woman with two, very active, kids. She looked frazzled and he looked satisfied. He caught my eye and gave me a quick smile. I realized that cum helps when you've scalded the roof of your mouth, I felt fine.

I decided I was going to do a drive-by of the motel to see if Agent Taylor's car was there and it was, so was Agent Warren's. Like before, I pulled my piece of shit Chevy around back just in case anyone from the garage drove by. I walked to the room that the FBI was using while several "hourly" workers were leaving other rooms. Some of the hustlers glowered at me, I just gave them a smile. I knocked on the door and Agent Taylor opened it. His mouth dropped when he saw my outfit. Of course he was in another perfectly tailored suit. He was walking on the wild side, his shirt was still starched but was pale blue.

"Come on in."

When Agent Warren saw me, he looked away and I could tell that he was embarrassed. The last time I'd seen him his cock was deep in my throat. He started fiddling with his wedding ring.

"Hey guys, I just wanted to stop by and find out what's going on. I didn't hear from either of you yesterday as the day went on."

"Actually, we got some good stuff yesterday. We got pictures of one of major players stopping by the garage." It must have been the Boss Man. "We also got audio about how he and Tony were going to start some sort of new business and run it out of the garage. They didn't say what it was, but based on some of the things that Tony said about making some calls to recruit some people to work we think it may be another drug deal or maybe even prostitution. Did you hear anything?"

What to share? "They had me go to a bank downtown and open up two accounts for T&G Services. It was a lot of money, it was $100,000." I decided not to share that it was business that was going to be built starting with my mouth and ass. I could have verified their thinking about prostitution but I had been thinking that it might be fun to do for a day or two and get some more money for a car and an apartment, but just a day or two, probably.

"Interesting. Between the drugs, the trucks and now this, I think we might have enough to go to a judge for warrants. If that happens will probably bust the place later today."

"Please keep in mind that the two guys I hired the other day don't have anything to do with this, even if they have picked up that something isn't right. I think the Joes know a lot of what's going on but I've never seen them do anything other than be lazy."

"Will keep that all in mind. Chad, if we do bust the place we're going to have to arrest you too. It would just be to make sure that Tony and his friends don't think that you're an informant."

"What does that mean, I'd have to go to jail?"

"Just for a couple of hours. The judge will know what's going on so he'll set some sort of bail for you. It will be a low amount since you're involvement has just been making those two deliveries of drugs. Someone will come and bail you out. Tony and his crowd won't think you had anything to do with all of this."

"Just a couple of hours?"

"If that. You'll probably just be in an interview room while you wait. You okay with this?"

My mind was spinning. Could I be connected to more of this? I was supposed to go to the house in Paradise Valley for the party the next night, so I really hadn't been a hustler, yet. The guy that paid me yesterday was just between him and me, no tie back to the garage. I guess I could be guilty of taking money from Tony when he I came back from delivering that package of drugs to the sketchy part of town. That had taken place behind the garage so they didn't have any audio of that. "Yeah, I guess."

"And I don't want you to worry, you won't end up with any sort of criminal record, that'll be taken care of before you walk out of the jail."

Just before I left the motel room, Agent Taylor reached out and touched the hickey, "You really should have this bruise looked at, it looks like it's getting worse." It was like an electric shock went through me. I turned quickly, my jeans were so tight he would have seen my cock grow just because of the touch.

I left the motel and went to the garage. When I walked in Tony and G seemed wired. As soon as they saw me Tony grabbed my arm and walked me out behind the garage.

"Sweet Cheeks, it's going better than I thought it would, we are going to be bringing in some serious cash starting today." I gave him a quizzical look. "After you dropped G off last night, we went to the place of a guy I know. He's gotta couple of porn sites, so he knows computer shit. It didn't take him any time to get a web page made for us. He stole some pictures of guys' asses and put them on the site with the phone number for here. It says we provide special services for men looking for other men. The phone hasn't stopped ringing since I got here this morning. Who would a thought that so many fags would find the ad so soon?" I didn't take the time to remind him that he had been with me several times, so was he one of those fags? "Who'd a thought that I'd be a fucking dot com." G coughed. "I meant me and G being a fucking dot com."

The excitement coming off of Tony was almost palpable. "We got so many calls, I had to get in touch with some of my other bitches to find out if they wanted to make some extra dough. This is going to be fucking amazing, it's not going to take hardly any time for me to pay back the Boss Man. We've even had calls from faggots that want to get fucked. I'd fuck 'em, but I gotta be running things, at least for now. I called up a guy I know from when we were both serving time. Guy's name is Bull, because he is hung like one. After we came to an understanding, we would even double team some of our bitches. He's not working right now so he said he would do it for a while."

This was all happening way too fast. It might be a good thing, it might mean that I wouldn't have to do anything, that the other guys he had could handle all the "work".

"I booked a bunch of rooms down the street at that sleazy motel." Oh shit. "Sweet Cheeks, I want you to go get a boat load of Gatorade and Power Bars. I want to make sure all you cocksuckers and Bull keep hydrated and have energy." Tony laughed at his own bad joke. "After you get the shit, I'll meet you, Bull and the cocksuckers outside the motel office at 8:45." Double shit. Tony handed me another $100 bill. "That should be enough for the supplies. Here's another $250, give it to the Manager and he'll give you the keys to the five rooms. I worked out a deal with the fat fuck, so we should be good to go."

I drove to the convenience store and got a dozen Gatorades and all of the Power Bars that they had. I went to the motel and parked by the office. I left the supplies in the car and went in the office. The manager smiled when he saw me, "I knew you'd be back. You want a room? Remember you got to give me a $100 plus the cost of the room."

"Tony sent me." It sounded like a line from a bad B movie. "You're supposed to give me keys for 5 rooms."

"Yeah. He's new to the game so I gave him a special rate. If it works out, he's going to give me a bigger cut." He handed me 5 room keys. I said thanks and left the office and the creepy manager.

There was still about 15 minutes before Tony and the other guys were supposed to show up, so I went down to the FBI room and knocked on the door. Agent Warren opened the door. Seeing me made him fidgety again. I mouthed, "Don't worry", followed by is "Is Agent Taylor still here?"

"Yeah, come on in."

As quick as I could, I told Agent Taylor about the prostitution thing, leaving out that I was going to be a part of it. I had already stuffed one key into my pocket, I handed him the other keys so that he could write down the numbers. I also told him that the manager of the motel was in on it too. Agent Taylor walked out of the room with me and asked me again if I was still okay and I told him I was. As Agent Taylor turned to go back in the room, I turned to go back to my car and I saw Tony leaning against it. "Who's the guy you were talking to?" Tony didn't have a happy look on his face.

"Some guy who wanted to hook up but I said no. I gave him the number to the garage so he could call and book me or one of the other guys."

"That's good bitch, you were smart. You better not be making anything on the side like we talked about."

"Never Tony."

Just then two cars pulled up. Three guys got of one and a huge guy got out of the other. The three guys were all about my height but a bit skinnier than me but with nice muscle tone. Now I may dress like a slut but these guys had taken it to a new level. All three of them were in spandex shorts and sparkly tank tops. Who knows what color hair they had because all of them were sporting bleached hair each with a different streak of color; green, red and blue. It made me wonder if they all worked together at Dick's Cabaret, an all-male revue by the airport. I'd gone once or twice thinking it might be a good place to hook-up with a horny man but I was wrong. Not my kind of men. It also seemed like they may be high on something based on the way they were acting. None of their asses were as good as mine.

The big guy, who I assumed was Bull, was a really big guy. He looked like the Rock on steroids. He didn't have a shirt on and his jeans were so tight, I could see that his cock went halfway to his knee. The name made sense on two levels. Tony punched Bull in the stomach and the man's muscles didn't even move. It must have been their way of saying hello. Tony gave the guys I thought were probably strippers a smirk.

Tony looked at me, "Take us to one of the rooms." I'm not sure why but I pulled the key I had stuck in my pocket and said the number. I got the supplies out of my car and we all went up to the room. Tony grabbed the keys from me and called someone, I assumed it was G who was probably at the garage, and gave him the room numbers for each of us and told him to call each man with an appointment and tell them which room to come to. Tony handed out the keys. "Let's go over this again." Tony turned to face the three skinny guys and handed each of them a piece of paper, "That's your list of appointments and what they agreed to pay. Sometimes they want you to give them a blow job, others may just want to fuck ya, and others may want both. You don't do nothing until they give you the amount of money listed. Make sure you finish up in time to get ready for your next appointment. I'll come by the room every now and then to get the cash. If they give you a tip you better give that to me too. End of the day, I'll give you what we agreed to. Did you remember to bring your own lube and poppers?" All three said they had and they went to their respective rooms taking some Gatorade and Power Bars with them.

Tony handed Bull a sheet of paper, "Here's your list of appointments. I've given you a little more time between appointments so you can, uh, get your juices flowing again." He handed Bull a couple of pills. "I know you probably won't need them, but I got a couple little blue pills just in case. We don't want any unhappy fags, right? I've made some notes on your list too. Some of these guys just want to suck a big cock, others want to suck and fuck, I've even noted a couple that want to rough fuck, ya know, like you'd do to the bitches back behind bars. Just make sure they pay upfront. You can keep any of the tips they give ya and 50% of what you make just to show you how I appreciate you helping out an old friend." He punched Bull in the arm before Bull left for his room. I was hoping that I might be able to get a freebie from Bull before the end of the day.

"Ok bitch, now you. Some guys just want a thing they referred to as a cum dump. Didn't know what that was but for some reason G did. So these guys that you'll be taking care of just want to come in and fuck that nice pussy of yours. They don't want to see your face, they don't want to talk to you, they just want to blow their nut and get out. I didn't even give them specific times, just told 'em all a general time and that they should just wait outside the room until it's their turn. I want you to lean over the bed and put your face down and put your ass high. G or I will be outside the door taking their money, you don't need to worry about that. Keep the curtains closed but leave one light on. A friend of mine is going to be here in a minute. He'll be your first fuck, but before he creams ya, he's going to set up a camera where it won't be noticed. We're going to get some pictures of these guys doing you. I'm gonna sell it to some porn site that like this cum dump shit. We're also going to use the pictures to get some more money from this guys. We don't want your face on camera, so be sure to keep it down. Now strip down and show me what I told ya."

I took off my shoes, socks, jeans and tank top and laid them on the dresser in the room. I got on the bed as Tony described. I must have had it right (how couldn't I, I've been a cum dump before) because he tossed me a bottle of lube saying "Thought you might need this for the first one or two, but after you have a couple of loads in ya, you should be fine. Have fun bitch, the last load will be mine." He was out the door. I lubed up my ass and assumed the position just in time. The door to the room opened and closed. I heard what I thought was the man rigging up the camera. A few minutes later I felt a finger trace my ass crack until he found my hole. I heard a zipper and then I felt the heat of the head of a cock against my hole. I felt the cock push deeper and deeper, it was pretty good sized. The man grabbed my hips and started to build a rhythm until he was slamming my ass like it was the last he was ever going to have. He was pushing so hard that I had to push myself back with my hands otherwise I would have been on the other side of the bed. The man started to groan and increased his pace. With one final push I felt his cum coat the walls of my ass. The man stayed hard and slowly moved his cock over his slick man juice.

"Tony was right, your ass stays nice and tight." He continued to push and pull his dick, he didn't even need to rest for a second. Soon he was pounding my ass as hard, maybe even harder, than he was just a few minutes ago. His grip on my hips got tighter as did his thrusts. "Oh fuck yeah. You should see my cock going into to you while my cum oozes out." He started a movement that was just these rough, quick thrusts and with each he would say "yeah".

The door opened and closed and I heard Tony, "Come on man, finish him off. We got guys waiting."

"Man, this guy's ass!!" He blasted another load. He pulled his cock from my ass and I could feel that he must have squeezed a few more drops and aimed that at my hole because I felt them. "Whew!" Tony must have watched all this take place. I could feel the bedspread move, the guy must have pulled it up to wipe off his dick. I heard the sound of a zipper again and then the man started moving around.

"Keep your head down bitch", Tony growled.

I heard the door open and close again, Tony and the guy must have left. I started to stretch my body when I heard the door open. I put my head back down. The new guy must have had sweats or something similar on because I didn't hear a zipper before there was pressure against my hole. The anticipation must have gotten to the guy because he must have only done a few strokes before he blew. "Sorry." I don't know why he was sorry, he didn't get his money's worth. I heard the door open and close. A new guy must have used the opportunity to come in. I heard a zipper and then a felt the length of a cock rubbing my ass crack. He did this for a while getting his cock slick from the previous loads of cum that had been deposited.

After doing that for a while, the guy but the head of his cock against my hole. "I'm going to show you how a real man should fuck boy." A thick dick pushed its way into my hole, stretching it wider than the earlier guys had done but almost immediately I felt his pubes rub my ass checks. The guy mush have had a nub of a cock. That didn't stop him from making the most of it. He threw his weight into each thrust. "You liking this boy? Does it feel good?" To make him happy I moaned which he took as affirmation. "Yeah, that's what I thought." After a few more minutes he pulled out and I could hear him beat his short cock and then I felt his seed hit my ass cheeks. I heard a zipper and the door opened and closed.

A new guy was there. I was surprised when I felt, what I assumed was his tongue, licking the load of cum that had just landed on my ass cheeks. When he had finished, he spread my ass cheeks and started to lap up the cum that was leaking from my hole. He put his thumbs in my hole and spread it as wide as he could and stuck his tongue in as deep as could to get what cum he could. That was something new for me, someone who comes to a cum dump to make a withdrawal instead of a deposit.

He must have finished because I heard the door open and close again. I don't know if the guy had his cock out before he came in but the door had barely closed before another dick was in my ass. This guy didn't say a word, he just fucked my ass until he came and then he was gone. I hoped that it had been satisfying for him because it sure wasn't for me.

Three more guys came in and used me before I heard Tony's voice again, "You probably need to use the john and drink something. Keep your head down though, I don't want you on camera." While I was in the John, Tony told me that more guys must have heard what was going on because a line was forming and he was concerned that it would bring unwanted attention. "Here's what we are going to do. I'm going to let three guys in at a time. When one is done, I'll send another one in. If the line gets much longer than it may have to be four or five." I heard the door open and close.

"Man, look at that." I assumed that someone was referring to my ass. I felt the head of a cock push against my hole. The guy kept pushing but he wasn't breaking through, I knew it was a big one. The head finally popped through my sphincter and the guy just let me get used to the size before he used steady pressure to push more in. It was probably one of the biggest cocks I had ever had fuck me. He stopped his pushing. "You ready for the rest?" I murmured a 'yes'. "There's only been a couple of pussies, dudes or broads, that could take me. You sure?" I murmured again. The man slide more in, it felt like his cock was touching my lungs.

I felt breath against the skin of my ass. One of the other guys in the room must be in close watching the huge dick continue to push into me. I don't know if it was because I hadn't seen the cock ahead of time, but I wasn't expecting the sensations I was feeling. Not only was his cock big, but the man knew how to fuck. The other guys in the room started saying "Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him". Unlike some of the other men, he didn't just hold on to my hips. He leaned over and put a hand on either side of my chest and used the leverage to pound me even harder. My cock was so hard beneath me that it actually hurt. I came once while he was still fucking me and a second time when he let loose with his load. Just like his cock it was a very large load. He pulled off and another cock took its place. I kept hearing the door open and close and there wasn't more than a few seconds between cocks. Tony came in again and gave me a little break and was just pumped about how things were going. The next couple of hours were more of the same, a revolving door of cocks. Some were small, some were large, some were short and others were long. Even for me, I was exhausted and tired. Could there actually be too much cock?

Tony came back in the room and told me to get cleaned up and dressed. He told me that the line was attracting too much attention and that the cops had driven by a couple of times already. He told me that Bull and the other guys were going to finish their appointments but that he and I were going back to the Garage and that he'd fuck me later. He was going to leave G at the motel to take care of things. He wanted to count out all the cash and have me take it to the bank to deposit in the new accounts. I decided I was going to go to one of the branches. While I wouldn't mind seeing Jack, the security guard again, I had no desire to see the asshole account specialist. I got cleaned up, Tony grabbed the camera and we left the motel and went back to the garage. The Joes and the two and the two new mechanics were actually working on cars and trucks.

We had just started to count out the money that Tony had brought in when we heard the screeching of tires. We came out of the office and saw a bunch of men and women in FBI jackets. Several of them had the Joes and the mechanics up against the wall. Agent Taylor was facing me and Tony. "Tony Marks? Chad Cartwright? We have a warrant for your arrests as well as a warrant to search the premises. Turn around and put your hands behind your backs." As two of the agents handcuffed Tony and me, Agent Taylor read us our rights.

Tony turned his head to me, "Bitch, don't say anything, you hear me?" He then swiveled his head to Agent Taylor and said "You ain't got nothing, I'll be out before the sun goes down."

"Mr. Marks, you'll be interested to know that we just picked up James Griggs, who I assumed was G, and four other men. For right now they are all being charged with various violations as are you two." For the first time, I saw a twitch in one of Tony's eyes and the loss of some of his arrogance.

The Joes and the new mechanics were placed in two vehicles. Tony was taken to a third and I was taken to a fourth. After I was placed in the back seat, Agent Taylor got into the driver's seat. Even though Agent Taylor had just done a bust, he still looked hot in his suit. "As we talked about earlier, I'm going to take you to a court room where a judge will set your bail. The same goes for all the rest. Tony and G will be taken to a part of the jail where they place repeat offenders and parole violators. The judge will set a really low bail for you since this is a first offense. The guards will take you to an interview room. We'll get the word spread that you were bailed out. Tony and G won't think anything more than you lucked out."

When we got to the courthouse, the whole group of us were brought in through the back and taken to a courtroom. We were all lined up. Whom I assumed was a public defender was standing next to us. I'm sure she was in on what was going on.

The Bailiff called out "All rise" and a judge walked in. From somewhere behind me I heard, "What the....that's not the right judge." I recognized Agent Taylor's voice.


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