After closing the blinds and throwing his suit jacket and tie over his chair, the account specialist unbuttoned his shirt. If I remembered correctly, the time or times I had given the guy head, whether it was through a glory hole or a large booth at the adult bookstore video area, he had always been in a suit. It had usually been during the lunch hour or right after work. It had actually been at one of the stores near where the garage was, a bit of a coincidence, but not really since that was were a lot of them were. When cruising the hallways, I was always attracted to his air of confidence and what I imagined was under his suit. He gave off the vibe that he could get whatever guy that wanted to service him and it was his choice. It was never like he was just going to stick his cock through a glory hole and blow his nut. If I remembered correctly, and I try to remember every cock that passes my lips, his dick wasn't one of the largest ones, but it was far from being average.

He had never told me his name in the past and it didn't look like it was going to happen now so I just started thinking of him as Bank Guy. As Bank Guy started to unbutton his dress shirt, he told me "You should take your shirt off, you don't want to get it dirty." It actually was a good idea since the new shirt was black. As I began to unbutton my shirt, I let my eyes wander over Bank Guy. He was probably 6' and 175 pounds. When he removed his shirt it was obvious that most of that weight was muscle. It wasn't like he was overly ripped or anything but he was lean and each muscle group stood out. His pecs were naturally firm and they were over abs that he must work at. His shoulders were proportional to his body. He had brown hair and eyes. He had hair on his chest but it looked like he trimmed it on the highest setting. As he started to remove his pants and a pair of boxer briefs it was apparent that he also trimmed his pubs very close too, making his cock look even bigger than I remembered. Just as he was kicking off his shoes and removing his briefs and slacks, Jack walked in.

"Jack, this is Chad, a really, really good cocksucker, he just opened a couple of accounts with us. He's also taken a few deposits from me at the bookstore where you and I ran into each other. Who knows, he may have taken a few deposits from you as well."

Jack was a big man. He was probably 6'4" or 6'5". I wouldn't be surprised if he weighed at least 250 pounds. He had to be wearing size 14 o15 shoes. His beige uniform was close to being a size too small. The buttons of his shirt were stretched across his chest. The size of his massive biceps and thighs weren't concealed by his uniform. He had a thick belt around his waist. While he didn't have a gun, he was carrying a can of Mace, a Taser and a nightstick, all hanging from the belt. Attached to the appellate on his shoulder was one of the radios that you could listen to or talk to someone with. His hair was the same color as mine, dirty blonde. His eyes were brown.

"Chad, this is Jack. Jack's been working here while he gets ready to take the police entrance exam. Just look at him, you can tell he's been working hard to make sure he can pass all of the physical parts of the exam. I'm not sure how bright he is though. He should never have been in that bookstore where someone like me could run into him. If he told my boss or HR about me, I would probably get a talking too, it may even take a little longer to get promoted, but I can always go to another bank. Jack, however, would be shit out of luck if the word slipped that a police candidate was hanging out at a place where some laws might be being broken. Every couple of days I fuck him or have him suck me off. Sometimes here, sometimes at the bookstore, even a couple of times in the parking structure, which makes it a little more exciting. The big guy here had never been fucked until we ran into each other at the bookstore and came up with our little understanding. I always wanted to top a top that was bigger than me. It sort of makes up for the times in high school when most of the football players used my mouth and ass for their enjoyment. I was so scrawny in high school I never was able to find anyone that I could fuck. I started working out and by the time I got to college I was able to get as much ass as I wanted, but I was never able to take a top down." This guy was a prick, big time.

"If Jack here does well on his exam, he's going to be moving on, and I wish him all the best. But I've gotten used to having a piece of ass when and where I want it. I'm not much into the bar scene and I'm not interested in a relationship, so I go to the bookstore or find someone on Craigslist, but that can be hit or miss. Now if I'm horny after work, I have a piece of ass. Shit, if I'm horny at 2 in the morning, I just give Jack here a call and he'll meet me. Now it seems to me that someone as young as you shouldn't be opening bank accounts with $100,000 cash. You must be involved in some bad shit. If you don't want me calling our fraud division when you walk out that door you're going to let me get a piece of your ass. If a like it, and I know I already like your mouth, then you can become my new go to guy. While you may not be a big top, in fact you're as far from it as I can imagine, you obviously like cock, so you will do until I find someone else." The guy just wasn't a prick, he was a giant prick. I hope he lived up to it. What was I going to do? I couldn't have him calling the fraud division and having them figure out where the money came from. Where was Agent Taylor when I needed him?

With his pants and boxer briefs around his knees, Bank Guy told Jack to strip down. Jack pushed a button on his radio and told whomever was listening that he was going to take his dinner break. There was a squawk back affirming Jack's dinner plan. Jack unfastened the radio and laid in on a credenza. He then took off his belt and laid it next to the radio with all his stuff still attached to it. He leaned against the credenza and took off his pair of giant black boots. I stared in amazement as he took off his shirt. As I thought, he was massive, the man must be able to bench twice his body weight if not more. As he took off his pants his thighs amazed me again. I didn't know how anyone could get their thighs and calves that big. Under his pants he was wearing a black jockstrap. The mound that it revealed fit the rest of his body. I waited impatiently for Jack to remove the jock, I couldn't wait to see what it was hiding, but unfortunately he didn't.

Bank Guy stood there and waited for Jack to come over and help him remove his slacks and briefs. "Now Jack, let's try something a little bit different, lean into the desk and push your ass out." Jack did as he was requested. "Chad, take a look at that ass, it's like two bowling balls." The black straps of the jock made his ass cheeks even more prominent. By the look on Jack's face, it looked like he just wanted to beat the hell out of Bank Guy but was in a bad situation.

Bank Guy went around his desk, opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube he must keep on hand. He squirted some in his hand a smoothed it over his hardening dick. I was trying to remember how many times I'd fed off his cock. After lubing his cock, Bank Guy squirted some more lube on his fingers and started to rub it around, and in, Jack's hole. I could tell by the look on Jack's face that he wasn't enjoying the sensation.

Bank Guy got behind Jack, told him to bend his knees so that he would have better access to Jack's asshole, and started to rub his cock up and down his ass crack. "Man, I never get tired of this." Bank Guy stepped back a bit and using his thumbs pulled Jack's cheeks apart exposing his pink hole. "Isn't that a thing of beauty?" Using his right hand, Bank Guy lined up the head of his cock with Jack's hole and then started pushing it in. The grimace on Jack's face said volumes. "I know he hates this but I hated it when I was in school." Bank Guy pushed himself a little farther into Jack. Jack was clenching his teeth and his eyes were tightly closed.

"You know Chad, Jack here has been such a good fuck, I think it's time he has a little fun. There's nothing I would ever do for him, but since you're here let's give him a little pleasure. Why don't you get down there between him and the desk and take out his cock." I climbed under the massive man and put my fingers into the waistband of his jock. It was a struggle to free his cock from the black material. I stared in disbelief at Jack's cock. It was limp but it was at least 8", what size would it grow to? Jack's body would tense with each bit of pressure that Bank Guy applied inserting himself deeper into him. Being the cum slut that I am, I wanted Jack's dick, I wanted it bad, but I was concerned that since he was getting fucked, and he obviously didn't enjoy it, that it would just stay limp. I grabbed the appendage around the base and began to lick the head, swirling my tongue and covering every spot. As I started to run my tongue around the rim of the head, I could feel Jack's cock start to grow.

"There we go Jack, I'm all the way in, now just enjoy the ride." I could tell when Bank Guy was pushing in, Jack's torso would move forward. I started to take Jack's cock into my mouth and could feel it continue to grow both in length and girth. I felt so bad for the man that I worked overtime to make sure he enjoyed what my mouth was doing. I must have been successful because his cock began to stiffen to the point that I had to shift my position slightly to make sure I could get as much in my mouth as I could. As Bank Guy would push, Jack's dick would slide deeper into my mouth. I keep readjusting my position so that I could accommodate more. It finally got to the point that I actually turned around and tipped my head back giving him more access to my throat. His cock was magnificent. If I had every serviced him at the bookstore I would have remembered this beauty.

Now it just wasn't the pushing of Bank Guy that drove Jack's dick deeper into my throat, Jack was actually starting to buck his hips. Bank Guy had to ruin it by saying, "We should have tried something like this before Jack, you usually just stayed still and made me do all the work, now you're pushing and pulling with me, so much better this way. Jack was ramming so hard against my throat walls that I actually had to put my hands behind me to hold on to his legs. The extra movements must have gotten to Bank Guy because he started to moan and tell Jack to get ready. Jack just kept on moving even when Bank Guy must have cum, which he so kindly announced. I could hear a pop as Bank Guy's dick left Jack's ass along with his heavy breathing. He slapped Jack's ass, "Come on, if you're going to do it, then do it, I've got another ass to fuck." Jack's pace increased and even more of his cock seemed to be in my throat. As he was pulling back he got very still and the flood gates opened. The man was a sperm machine, shot, after shot, after shot, hit the back of my throat. The position I was in didn't allow me to taste it. Keeping my lips firmly on the cock, I rotated my position so that as Jack started to pull his cock from my mouth at least the head slid along my tongue so I could savor the last of his load. When he pulled his cock free it stayed hard and was bouncing in front of me. I could see a few more drops were ready to leak from his piss slit, so I quickly stuck out my tongue and caught them. Jack put his head down on the desk and took a few deep breaths and then stood up. "My god, just look at that, I never knew you were so big Jack." Even though his cock was still hard, Jack struggled to get it back in his jock but he couldn't, he just stood there waiting for it to go down.

As I got up from the floor, Bank Guy told me to get rid of my pants. When I looked to unfasten and unzip them I notice a huge glob of Jack's cum, how did I miss that? And now my brand new pants were stained, I just can't win. "Now I get to try my new piece of ass, I hope it's as good as your mouth. How do you want it? On your hands and knees? On your back? On the floor? On the desk? Your call."

I pushed some papers out of the way on Bank Guy's desk and laid down on my back. I grabbed my legs and pulled them back toward my head. Bank Guy grabbed his lube again, but instead of putting it on his dick or my ass, he grabbed Jack's night stick and smeared it over the end. He put the head of it on my fully exposed hole and just sort of tapped me with it. He turned it slightly and then gave just a small push. "Just checking to see if you're tight enough for me." He dropped the stick and lathered his cock with some lube. He pressed the head against my hole and pushed in. He kept pushing until he was all the way in. He started to rock his body against mine. For having such a nice dick, Bank Guy was a lousy fuck. It seemed to take forever but he finally filled me with his second load. My cock hadn't even gotten hard during the process. I stood up, pulled on my shirt and pants and asked where the bathroom was. Bank Guy told me where to go and went and cleaned myself. I went back to the office as both men were finishing dressing themselves. While they finished, I jotted a quick note on a piece of paper from Bank Guy's desk.

"Jack, show our new friend Chad out. Remember to wipe the video feed for the last hour as usual.' Jack and I started walking out of the office. "Chad, what's with the huge bruise on your neck? I'll be in touch."

As Jack unlocked the main doors so I could leave, I handed him the paper, "This is the number at the garage I'm working at. Give me a call, you've got to be a better fuck than that jerk was." Jack smiled.

When I got back to my piece of shit Chevy, G was passed out in the front seat. At least he had had the presence of mind to roll down the windows so that the heat didn't kill him. "G.....G.....G!"

He raised his head "What?"

"We're going back to the garage, get your shit together." We were back at the garage in about 10 minutes. The bay doors were closed but I was sure that Tony was waiting inside. I handed G the paperwork from the bank, "Tell Tony I'll see him tomorrow." I tore out of the parking lot, I was not in the mood for any more time with Tony.

I drove toward the motel, hoping that Agent Taylor would be around, but I didn't see his car. Agent Warren's car was gone too but there were lights on in the room that I had been in earlier. I assumed another agent had taken over the job of listening to the audio.

I drove home and pulled up in front of my parents' house. I grabbed the bags from my trunk and went inside. My mother was on me before the door was all the way open. "It's late, you almost missed dinner but I saved you some meatloaf." That got me thinking about the meat loaf I was enjoying not so long ago. "Are those new clothes?"

"Yeah. I stopped at the mall on the way home and picked up some new casual clothes."

"Why are they stained already?"

I ran up the stairs and changed into shorts and a t-shirt and then went downstairs to eat some of the dinner my Mother had prepared. In a way it was sort of nice to sit and talk with my parents. I had don't that in a while. Living with them might make be crazy but they were good people and I loved them.

After dinner, I went up to my room and turned on my TV. The more I watched the antsier I got. Even though I had gotten quite a few loads down my throat, the fucks I had were far from stellar. The Best Buy guy had been a quickie; Tony hadn't finished what he started; the Boss Man's cock was so small I hardly felt it; and Bank Guy, well he was just a lousy fuck. I wanted, no needed, a good hard fuck from a guy with a big dick. If I went to one of the bookstores I was sure I would find lots of cock to suck but probably not a good fuck, same with one of the malls or one of the parks. I decided I needed to go out. I called up Patrick to see if he wanted to go out to the bars with me but he already had plans with his family. I decided I was going to go out to one of the cruise bars in town, the one that had the backroom.

Since my favorite jeans had been destroyed by Tony, I needed to find something else to wear, but first I took a shower and cleaned myself. Since it was June in Arizona, it was still well into the 80s, even after sunset, so I decided on shorts. And since I was bound and determined to get laid, I decided on an old pair of cutoffs. They were cut so short that the bottom of the pockets hung below the tattered cut. They rode low on my hips, just barely above the crack of my ass, if I bent over it would be there for all to see. Check. I found one of my old Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirts that I had ripped the sleeves off of. I had also cut the bottom, so it left several inches of skin between my shorts and the t-shirt. Check. I put on a pair of espadrilles, made my hair messy, grabbed my keys, license and some money and snuck down the stairs. When I saw that it was clear I called out, "Going out, don't wait up" and I was out the door.

I was lucky to find a place to park relatively close to the bar. I paid the cover, walked into the bar and ordered a Skinny Bitch, my drink of choice. I started working my way around the bar. Besides cruising there wasn't much else to do in the bar. It didn't have TVs or video monitors, while there was music it wasn't techno or dance, and there was one lonely pool table that no one was using. There were no bar stools or tables. Men were either leaning against the bar, lined up against the walls, or moving through the crowd.

I was laser focused, I was looking for a MAN. He needed to be tall, he needed to have nice biceps and pecs and he needed to have a very prominent bulge in his jeans or pants. As I wandered the crowd I enjoyed the attention I was getting but none of them were right. I would stop, talk and be pleasant, but then I would move on. At one point I happened to look over at the entrance and a guy that was paying his cover caught my eye. He was tall with broad shoulders. He was wearing a plaid shirt with no sleeves showing a nice pair of guns. His shirt was unbuttoned and from what I could see he had a nice pair of smooth pecs. As he got closer I could tell that his jeans looked like they were well worn and fit him perfectly. The bulge in his pants looked like just what I needed. He had stubble on his face that offset his almost violet eyes. I walked toward him and caught his eye. "What can I get you to drink?" He looked surprised, I imagined that it was he who usually bought guys like me a drink.

"A bottle of Bud."

"You got it." I got the attention of the bartender pretty easily because he was staring at the guy I was standing next to with his mouth open. After paying for the beer, I handed it to the guy, "Here you go, I'm Chad."

"My friends call me Brick."

"Like the shit house, huh?"

"You got it." I took hold of his offered hand and felt the calluses. I also noticed the prison tats on his arm.

I didn't let go of his hand, just said "Follow me." We headed toward the door to the backroom. The crowd thickened as we head toward the back of the bar. At one point I felt a hand on my ass and assumed it was Brick's.

As we neared the door, Brick asked, "Do you mind if a friend joins us."

"Does he look like you?" I admit, I can be shallow.

"That's him over there, he came in behind me." It looked like Brick's twin.

"The more the merrier." Brick waved his friend to follow.

The backroom was dark. There was just enough light to see just enough. I pulled Brick's hand forward until his arm was around my waist and I could feel the bulge in his jeans against my ass. I moved my ass, he moved his crotch, we were on the same page. His friend caught up with us. "This is my buddy, Linc. We go back a ways. I hope it doesn't bother you but we shared a cell for a little while and now we have a small construction business."

"Not at all."

This was not a backroom with doors and hallways, just a large room filled with ledges and platforms. The sounds and smells of sex were all around us. I found a platform that was empty and took of my shorts and laid them on the platform. I pulled the front of my t-shirt back behind my head. I put my hands on Brick's chest and then let them slide down until I could undo his jeans and push them down. With my right hand I began to squeeze and stroke Brick's cock. With my other hand I reached over to Linc to feel what he was carrying in his jeans. My instincts were spot on, both men had incredible cocks.

Brick must have known that he was coming to the bar to get a piece of ass because he pulled one of those small packets of lube from his shirt pocket. He put a hand on my chest and pushed me back onto the platform, a platform that was the perfect height if you wanted to fuck. Brick ripped off the top of the lube package with his teeth and spread some of it on my asshole and the rest on his dick. No foreplay, no warming up, he just shoved his cock into me. We both moaned. Brick leaned forward and held my arms down as he started pile driving my ass. This was what I needed. We must have been going at it for about 5 minutes when I felt a hand turn my head to the side. It was Linc, he had his cock out. It was hard and it was pointed at my mouth. I opened up and just like his friend he rammed it in as far as he could. I surprised myself when I gagged but he grabbed the back of my head and held me in place while I got accustomed to his size. These guys were good. They both knew when to speed up and when to slow down. My cock was straight up and dripping precum on my abs.

Linc pulled something from his pocket as he continued to face fuck me. It looked like one of those new phones I had seen advertised that could also take video (2007 remember). It had a built in light and he started aiming it at his cock in my mouth and Brick's cock in my ass. I think the realization that they were capturing what was going on got them both even more excited. We had been going at for so long my body was slick with sweat. As Brick continued to abuse my ass he leaned forward and teased one of my nipples with his tongue and teeth and then licked up to my neck. He raised his head and he stopped thrusting but he didn't cum.

"Are you somebody's bitch?"

"You could say that."

"Well, you're ours tonight." The assault of both my mouth and ass continued. Brick and Linc switched places a few times and they both delivered....over and over.

I snuck back into my parents' house at 4 am. I was tired but in a good way.


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