Due to the time I had spent driving, plus the time I had spent with Bryce and Alex, it was almost 1 pm. Since I had become responsible for getting lunch for Tony and the other guys, I stopped at a Little Caesar's that was on the way back to the garage. When I walked out with a stack of "Hot and Ready" pizzas, Agent Taylor was leaning against my car. He had his muscled arms crossed over his well-developed chest which had opened the front of his tailored suit jacket wider than usual. The bulge in his slacks was very impressive. He must be a boxer guy because his cock wasn't being held in place. It hung down the right leg of his slacks and looked like it had a pretty large head. It took some effort to raise my eyes from his crotch to his face. He opened the door of the car so that I could set the pizzas down.

"I want to hear about the delivery. We know that the house belongs to guy that has a pretty big trucking company. He wasn't the man that answered the door though, we think that might be his son Bryce."

"Yeah, it was."

"From what we know, the old man has turned over the day to day operations to Bryce. From the audio we got from the garage, it sounds like Tony and Bryce are doing some money laundering but it was pretty obvious that you were delivering some drugs."

"Yeah, it was coke."

"That fits, Tony was in jail for selling drugs but we didn't have enough information to really nail him, he just ended up serving a couple of years. One of our informants told us he thinks that Tony is trying to broker a deal with Bryce to move drugs around the country."

"I didn't hear anything about that. Not much to tell really, I delivered the package like Tony said and now I'm headed back to the garage."

"You were in there for quite a while."

"Really? Bryce offered me a cup of coffee and we shot the shit briefly. I knew his younger brother from when I was at State." That was bullshit, I wasn't going to tell Agent Taylor that two guys had tried to double fuck me. Granted, he had seen me giving a blow job to the gangbanger Luis, but I didn't need to give him too much information.

"Well, keep your ears open in case Tony says anything about it. You sure you're still okay with all of this?"

"Yep, I better getting going." I got into the piece of shit Chevy and finished the drive to the garage. With the possibility of $20,000 for servicing Bryce, Alex and their 12 buddies on Saturday, I might actually be able to upgrade to a better car. Probably would still have to be used. I didn't want any of those cars that look like they were run by hamsters in a cage. (Remember, this was the summer of 2007) Depending on what I bought, I might have enough left over for the first and last month's rent plus deposit so I could get my own place and move out of my parents' house. YEAH!

As I walked into the garage with the stack of pizzas, I heard Tony bellow, "Sweet cheeks, you done good. Put the pizzas down and follow me." I handed the pizzas to the Joes and followed Tony out behind the garage. He put his arm around my neck. "Bryce called, he really liked the product you took him. Sounds like him and his pal really liked the way you deliver." His arm tightened around my neck. "He told me that he hired you to come to a party this Saturday and entertain some of his friends, is that true? Since I made you my bitch, you don't make any arrangements like that without talking to me first. What did he offer to pay?"

Truth or lie? Truth or lie? Had Bryce already told him? I went with a lie, "$5,000."

"No shit. I knew that ass of yours was prime." His arm got a little tighter. "Sounds like I might have a good side business with you. Here's the deal, we split any money your ass makes 50/50. I'll see if I can get you a couple of other gigs. You better not think of getting anything by me." We stood there a few minutes with his arm still tight around my neck. "Ya know, we could maybe run it out of the garage. You're here during the day and you could take the calls. I'm liking this the more I talk about it. Maybe we get a few more hot asses like yours and set up a service. I know some fags from jail that might get into this."

Shit, shit, shit. Besides having to scale back on the car, we couldn't run something like this out of the garage, everything we said inside was being recorded. Thank god the FBI wasn't able to record us out back.

I wrestled myself from out of Tony's arm. "Tony, today and Saturday are one time deals. I'm not going to be a hustler for you." I neglected to tell him about what I used to do at the mall or that I got paid by a Best Buy manager earlier in the day to fuck me.

"Sweet cheeks, you got a set of balls to talk to me like that. How many times to I have to tell you that you're my bitch. If I tell you to do something or someone, you're goin' do it." His voice was even harder than it had been before. He pulled the neck of the Under Armour shirt I was wearing until the massive hickey had had given me was visible. "This mark shows it."

"I don't need this. I've finished everything that Stan needs. I can find a new job." At this point I wasn't willing to help the FBI, it just wasn't worth it. To be honest though, all those cocks and their cum was running through my mind. "There's nothing you can do about that."

Tony put his face in front of mine, "You don't think so? Ya know last night when you were with Luis, there was something in that beer he gave you. He and his boys had some fun with you but you probably don't remember. I had 'em video the whole thing. I was thinking I'd just sell it to one of the sites on the web where cute fags like you get fucked by a bunch of thugs. I think a better idea might be to send it to your parents. I think they'd really enjoy it, don't you?" I hadn't come out to my parents yet, the video couldn't be the way that it happened. Hopefully the FBI would get this all wrapped up before anything like that happened. I lowered my eyes. "Yeah, that's my good little bitch."

Tony lowered one of his hands down to the front of his work pants and started to rub the outline of his cock. "Yeah, thinking about those thugs filling that hole of yours again and again has gotten me boned up. I think your fag pussy is just what I need to take care of it." The day before, Tony had fucked me against the wall in the john. The man had a big cock and knew how to use it. "Why don't you bend over that barrel." He was talking about some sort of barrel that probably had oil or something at one time but was now just laying on its side.

I started to take my ripped jeans off. "No, keep 'em on." I bent my body over the barrel. Tony stepped close and put his fingers in the rip just below right back pocket. He made the rip bigger and shoved the material to the side, exposing my hole. As he rubbed the fingers of his right hand along my ass crack he said, "Yeah, that's going to be my little money maker."

I'm not sure how he did but he had freed his cock from his work pants and was now rubbing that against my crack. He spit onto my hole and started rubbing his saliva along the crack. When he was ready, he pushed the head of his cock through my opening and drove the rest of it in. I loved the sense of fullness. "I could tell yesterday that you liked how my cock felt in your ass. I took it easy on you but not today." He pulled back until just the head of his dick was in my ass and then he would push it back in, over and over and over again, today he did it with greater force. "You think you can tell me what you will and won't do, you better learn." His thrusts got faster and harder, it even felt like he was going deeper. "No, you're a piece of ass that's going to open up for who I tell you to." Harder and harder. He pulled the shirt to the side again and started to suck and lick the hickey he already given me, making it bigger and more prominent. He must have been getting close because he stopped his thrusts and just stayed deep inside my guts. He whispered into my ear, "I think I'm going to have to get you a tattoo here on your neck that says 'Tony's Bitch', that way everyone will know exactly who you belong to."

From the side of the building I heard, "Hey Tony, you back here?" I raised my head and saw that it was G. He stopped in his tracks and watched as Tony started pounding my ass again.

"What the fuck do you want? You need to stay up front when I'm not there, you know that." Thrust, thrust, thrust.

"Boss man is out front and wants to talk with ya." G had started to rub the bulge in his jeans.

"What does he want?"

Don't know, he said it was important though."

"Shit, send him back here."

"Come on man, let me have a piece of that." G was obvious hard the way his jeans bulged.

"Just go do it. NOW."

I thought G was talking about Stan. If Stan came back here and saw Tony fucking me, he would probably have a heart attack. But I was wrong, it wasn't Stan. The man that came around the corner looked to be in his late 40s or early 50s. The suit he was wearing looked expensive but it was cheapened up by the shiny shirt that was under it. It was made all the worse because the shirt was unbuttoned to well below his chest and he was wearing a gold chain that laid atop of his hairy chest. He could have been Tony Soprano but he was in much better shape almost freakishly so. The sleeves on his suit jacket looked like they were ready to burst his biceps were so big. His legs were like tree trunks. It was made all the more extreme because he was shorter than I was, maybe 5'7" or 5'8". Sarcastically the man said, "Did I interrupt something? I don't pay you to be fucking fags, do that on your own time."

Tony slowed his thrusts down, "Sorry Boss, I was just trying this guy out. I thought, well, I thought, um, that we might, maybe, want to run a new service out of the garage along with thanking our customers, ya know." This was a side of Tony that I hadn't seen before. There was another alpha male here now.

"I don't pay you to think, I pay you to do what I tell you to do." It was so weird that the conversation was taking place while Tony's cock was inside me.

"He's a real hot piece of ass, Boss. We get a couple more like him and we could be bringing in a little more coin, I know it probably won't be much to start with but I could build it up. This bitch is good at making deliveries too, more bang for the buck." Tony made himself laugh with that.

"Might be something to think about but I'll be the one to decide."

"You got it, Boss. You may want to give his pussy a try to see what I mean."

"I don't want your fucking sloppy seconds you asshole."

Tony pulled his cock from my ass, "Here, I ain't even cum yet. All yours, Boss." The man got closer.

"So good, huh?"

"Better than any I had in the joint."

"Man, those were the days. A hot piece whenever we wanted it and no bullshit like buying some broad dinner or some shit like that." I had a hard time believing that just because somebody could fuck somebody else without buying them dinner was worth being in jail.

Tony stepped back and the Boss got behind me. I could hear him unbuckle his belt and open his zipper. I felt some pressure against my still hungry hole, but not much. I felt something push in farther but it didn't feel a whole lot bigger than a finger, I thought that's what he had done but then I felt two hands on my waist. The boss man had a little cock! I could feel his pubes against my ass...he was all the way and it felt like almost nothing. I had to stop myself from laughing. The guy was grunting and groaning and saying things like "you like that, don't you" and "take my cock". For pretense, I acted like he was a good fuck. With a final, "here it comes bitch", I felt something, not a lot of something, but something. His dick didn't make a sound as it left my ass and he shoved it back into his pants. "You know Tony, as I think on it, your idea might be a good one, this fag could take me without squirming, he might be a good addition to the business."

I stood up. The front of the red shirt and my jeans were covered in rust. I brushed off as much as I could but it was still there. I could feel the breeze on my ass because of the rip that Tony had made. If anything was oozing from my ass I couldn't feel it. I wanted to call Tony back and have me finish me off.

As I walked into the garage I could feel G, the Joes and the two new guys staring at the rip in the ass of my jeans. Usually I like that kind of attention but between the rip and the rust, I was not in the best of moods, that and the whole hustler thing. I went into the office and sat down. I actually had nothing to do so I just started to arrange the office in a more orderly fashion.

Tony came into the office with G. Deep down I was hoping they were going to finish what Tony had started but no, Tony told me he had another errand for me. "The boss wants you to go to the bank downtown and open a new account for us, actually two accounts, a money market account and a checking account. We don't want any of us on their surveillance cameras but they won't know who you are." Tony handed me a large bank deposit bag. He turned to G, "We need some sort of name for the account."

"Shit, I don't know. What's it for?"

"The new idea I told you about jack ass, running the new service out of the garage, the boss thought it was a good idea. We could run the money through the garage and then deposit it the account, we just need to set up the accounts legit like." I was praying that they weren't going to say anything about it being pimping my ass out.

"What about our initials? T & G Services?"

"Not bad, okay Sweet Cheeks, go open the account in that name and use the garage's address. For now put yourself down as the person who can make withdrawals, we can change that later." He handed me the deposit bag and I opened it.

"How much is in here?" My eyes were wide.

"$100,000, just to get started." I hoped this was something that the FBI could use even though not much had been said.

"I can't go to a bank looking like this."

"Yeah, you're probably right, although I'm sure that whoever is watching the cameras would enjoy your ass that's hanging out." Tony reached into the petty cash box and handed me yet another $100 bill. "Go get something at Walmart." I shuddered at the thought. "Just make it quick."

I walked out of the garage with the deposit bag and the $100 bill and got in my crappy car. There was no way in hell that I was going to buy clothes at Walmart but there wasn't enough to time to get to any of the good malls. There was an outlet mall that wasn't too far away so I thought I would give that a shot. Just as I was starting my piece of shit, G came running to the passenger side of my car. "Tony said I should ride with ya, just to make sure you don't get any funny ideas about taking the money." He jumped into the passenger side.

"G, man, you've seen how I dress, I won't be able to find anything at Walmart." Nor would I want to wear anything from there. "How about if we go to Arizona Mills, the outlet mall? It won't take long to get there and we'll have more than enough time to get to the bank."

"Tony said Walmart. I gotta do what he says."

"I'll never tell, what can I do to change your mind?" I still had the wad of $100s in my pocket and thought he'd ask for some money.

"Seeing Tony bending you over that barrel with his cock up your ass looked hot. Maybe if you give me some good head, I'll think about changing my mind."

"Okay, whatever."

"Pull into the Quik Trip up ahead." He had pulled his dick out of his jeans even before I pulled into the parking lot.

"Let's go into the john or out back."

"Nah, here is good." His cock was already hard as steel. "I don't give a shit if anyone sees us. Actually, I sorta like it when people are watching." I pulled into one of the spaces on the side so we weren't right in front of the door. I was known to be a bit of an exhibitionist but this was a bit out of my comfort zone. "Leave the car running, we need the AC."

As soon as I put the car in park, G had his beefy hand on my neck pulling my face toward his dick. "You better not tell Tony about this either. He'd be pissed since you're his bitch."

G's cock wasn't quite as big as Tony's but it was still a good size piece of meat. I started to lick around the head hoping to give him a good enough blow job so that we would go to the mall, but G had a different idea. He sort of grabbed me by the back of the neck and started pushing and pulling me on his dick. Maybe he wanted us to hurry so that Tony wouldn't be angry with him or maybe it was his chance to have some control but no matter how I tried to change the pace, he just kept pushing and pulling. I used my tongue and lips as much as I could but I think he just wanted to get as deep into my throat as he could. The position was weird so I couldn't really put my head at the right angle to deep throat him, but again he didn't seem to care. The head of his dick just kept hitting the side of my throat. I tried again to control the pace by putting my hand around the bottom of his shaft but he wouldn't have any of it, with his free hand he would just push mine away. All the while the gear shift was jabbing me in my upper abs and lower chest, it hurt like hell.

"Come on man, get all the way to by balls." I twisted my head, which he finally let me do, and I was able to get all of him in. When my nose touched his pubes, he held my head firm. "Yeah fag boy, eat all of my cock." He kept trying to push more of himself in but there was nothing more to push in. "Chad, that's your name right? Chad, we got ourselves a bit of an audience." I wasn't able to see anything but G returned back to his push and pull approach with my mouth. I think he was trying to give them a show. Honestly, there were times I had to gasp for air he was pushing and pulling so hard. G raised his ass off of the car seat and filled my mouth with his seed just as someone started to rap on the car window. "You better swallow it all, I don't want none wasted."

I pulled myself up and away from G's cock and turned toward the driver's side window and rolled it down as I wiped some cum from my lips and brought it to my mouth. The person at the window was one of the red-shirted employees that work at Quik Trip. I could see his eyes moving from me licking up the last of G's cum and the sight of G's cock still out of his pants. "You guys need to leave now or I'm going to have to call the cops."

"Okay, we're leaving." As I put the car into reverse and the guy stepped back from the car, I couldn't help but notice the outline of his hard cock in his khaki pants. I gave him a wink as we pulled away.

G decided that we could go to the outlet mall. It was another 10 minutes before we got there. Arizona Mills is an interesting place. It's huge and it's sketchy. I think that the original thought was that it would draw people from all over the Valley, the state and people who winter in Arizona. It may have started that way but now it was the playground for a number of gangs. The place is so big that even if you think you have a good parking place you could still be a long walk from where you wanted to be. As we entered the mall I headed to the directory. There were three stores that I was willing to buy something from, American Outfitters, the Gap, and Old Navy. They were all outlets but hopefully I would be able to find something to wear.

"I don't need to be standing around watching you try on clothes. Meet me back here in 30 minutes. I'm going to grab something to eat and hopefully find a beer." With that G headed away from me. I wondered if was going to be able to find his way back.

I was sort of window shopping as I made my way toward Old Navy. As people walked past me from behind, they kept turning back towards me and giving me odd glimpses. Then it dawned on me, my ass was hanging out. Well folks, enjoy the show!

As I headed into Old Navy, I heard someone call out 'maricon' and whistle. I didn't pay any attention. I went into the store and started going through the jeans. I found some slim fit jeans in my size and grabbed a couple of colors and finishes and took them to a changing room. My favorite was a gray, distressed looking pair. I went back out into the showroom to see them from multiple angles. I liked the way they fit and felt, and my ass looked great. I would have to roll them up a bit but that was okay. Having decided on a pair of jeans, I went in search of a shirt that I could wear into a bank. As I was going through the medium shirts one of the sales staff approached me. "Sorry, but are you with those guys over there, they keep pointing at you?" I turned my head and saw that it was Luis, his black hair was still being held in place by a bandana. He was wearing a tight, white wife beater and a pair jeans that were riding low on his hips showing a purple pair of underwear. He was surrounded by six other guys who all had the same look but were of all different heights. The sales person, a cute guy about my size, must have picked up on my vibe, leaned in and said quietly, "They're pretty hot. I've seen them around the mall before but I've never talked to them. What are they like?"

"I don't really know them. I've met the guy who keeps pointing and talking a few times but that's it." I turned my attention back to the shirts and the sales person actually made some good recommendations based on the jeans I had picked. We each grabbed several and headed back into the changing area. I found out his name was Bobby and he seemed like a nice guy. He kept the curtain to the changing room open and provided me feedback on each of the shirts I tried on. I had taken one of the shirts off and handed it to Bobby when Luis appeared. "Chica...(yep, girl in Spanish)...I was telling my boys what a good time we had last night with some of my other boys."

Bobby's eyes swiveled from me to Luis and back to me, "What's he talking about?"

"My chica here, got fucked by me and six of my crew. He's got one hot ass."

Looking at Bobby, "Yeah, I think it may have happened, but I don't remember."

Laughing, Luis said, "Yeah, we fucked the memory right out of him. Chica, why don't you take those jeans off and let the boys with me today give you a try?"

Bobby's eyes got wide, "What, you mean in here, now?"

Luis but his hand on Bobby's chin, "You jealous of my chica? You want some of my boys' pega too?" My eyes locked with Bobby's and I started to pull the jeans off.

"What if my boss finds out?"

Luis put a finger over Bobby's lips, "Then we'll take care of him." Luis whistled. His boys started to come into the dressing room area. Luis put his hand on Bobby's shoulder and pushed him into the dressing room across from mine leaving the curtain open and following him in. Luis unzipped his pants and pulled out the cock I had had the pleasure of servicing twice. It looked just as good now. Bobby looked at me one more time before he got down on his knees and started to lick Luis' dick. One of Luis' boys came into my changing room and pulled out his cock. Just like Bobby, I dropped to my knees.

For most of the next hour, it was a revolving door of Latino cock in both dressing rooms. Whenever a customer started back into the dressing room area, whoever we were with would close the curtains and would just keep their cocks in our mouths until the customer left, then they would open the curtains again so that they could watch their crew getting head. I don't know if Bobby said something or did something but the next time I glanced over at him, he had Luis' cock up his ass and another dick in his mouth. He looked very happy.

I happened to glance at my watch and saw that it was after 4. When the guy that was currently in my mouth pulled out, I stood up and struggled to pull the new jeans back on, which was difficult since my cock was so hard. I grabbed a black shirt that I had tried on and put it on. Without buttoning the shirt, I threw a $100 bill at Bobby and ran out of the store. I went by some disappointed looking members of Luis' crew but they didn't try to stop me.

I ran back to the place where I was supposed to meet G but he wasn't there. I looked at the directory and figured out the one place where he may be because they served beer. I found him sitting at the bar drinking, what I imagined, was his fourth or fifth beer. When he saw me, "Shit man, I thought you had bolted, I couldn't find you anywhere. I was trying to figure out how to tell Tony that you left."

I threw another $100 bill at the bartender and put a hand on G's bulky shoulder, "Come on, we've got to jump." I pretty much drug G back to the car and sped out of the parking lot. We were downtown in about 20 minutes and I luckily found a parking spot close to the bank. I pulled the deposit bag out from under the seat. "Stay here, I'll be back in a few."

At this point I would have expected Agent Taylor to have contacted me, but with G along, he probably couldn't approach me. I couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that I was taking a $100,000 into a bank to open an account. As I pushed through the revolving door there was a security guard standing there. He put a hand out. My first thought was the guy looked really hot in his uniform. My second thought was shit, I'm going to get caught. "Sir, you need to button your shirt, please." I realized that my shirt was still unbuttoned. I went back out of the revolving door and buttoned my shirt. When I came back in the hot security guard said, "Thanks."

The bank was pretty empty since it was almost 5. I went right up to one of the tellers and said I needed to open an account. She asked if I was already a customer and I replied I wasn't. She then told me that I would have to speak to one of the account specialist and asked me to take a seat. No sooner had I taken a seat than a guy, not much older than I, came up and introduced himself. There was something about him that looked familiar but I couldn't place him. He was looking at me like he knew me as well. I followed him to one of the offices off of the bank lobby. I told him about the accounts I wanted to open and handed him the deposit bag which he opened and then stared back at me. He handed me the forms that I needed to fill out, which I did. He took them and the deposit bag to the area behind the tellers and did whatever you do when you open an account. A few minutes later he returned with two deposit receipts along with two check books, one for each of the accounts, and copies of all the forms I had filled out.

By this time the bank looked empty except for me, the account specialist and the hot security guard. I stood up to shake the specialist hand when it hit me where I knew him from, the adult bookstore. It looked like he realized it at the same time. He was one of the guys that I would see there at lunch or right after work. I remembered that I had blown him at least once and that he had a pretty big cock. I couldn't help but look down at his crotch. As I did, he let his hand rub across it. When I raised my eyes he said, "I thought you looked familiar." He walked to his office door, opened it and called out, "Jack, when you're done locking up you may want to come into my office."

"Is there a problem sir?"

"Nothing that this guy can't fix for both of us."

The specialist closed the blinds in his office, blocking both the window to the outside and the window to the lobby. "Why don't we get comfortable while we wait for Jack." The man removed his suit jacket and tie and threw them over the back of his chair.


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