Dear Readers.....I know this one is long but I had to write it. Enjoy!

I kept hearing a tapping and I finally opened my eyes. I don't know if it was because I was cum drunk or just exhausted but I must have fallen asleep in my car. It looked like I was still in the parking lot of the garage. The tapping continued and I turned my head toward the sound, my neck was killing me, to see Agent Taylor knocking on the window of my piece of shit Chevy. For some reason I was in the back seat. As I rolled down the window (yep, no power windows), I glanced at my watch, it was a little before 6 am. Since it was Arizona, it was fully sunny at this ungodly hour, I blocked the sun with my hand.

"Jesus Christ Chad, you had us worried. After I, uh, saw what you and the guy from last night, uh, were doing again, I needed to leave." I wondered if having watched me give Luis another blow job had gotten to him. "I called to have another agent watch your house just in case Tony figured you were up to something. When you weren't home by 5 am, he called to let me know. He should have called me earlier but that's between him and me. I got up and came over here to see if your car was still here and found you asleep, at least I didn't find you dead. Chad, you need to be more careful, like I told you these are some seriously bad guys. Maybe it would be best if you just left and we'll get information some other way."

My head was hazy and I only partially listened to what Agent Taylor was saying. Not only was I in a fog but my ass hurt, which was unusual since I had been fucked the previous morning by Tony, but I should have rebounded by now. I remembered sucking Luis' cock and getting a nice load from him. Instead of just leaving like he had the previous night, he went to the trunk of his car and grabbed a couple of beers from a cooler. It was already open when he handed it to me. He started talking to me about how he had found his car and how it had taken some time to trick it out. I remember talking my empty beer can to one of the trash cans. That's when everything got a bit hazy, I thought I remembered a bunch of guys showing up and then nothing. Had I been gangbanged by a bunch of gang bangers? That would have been something I would have liked to remember. Now it was the crack of dawn and Agent Taylor had woken me up. I got out of my car and stretched my muscles. I could tell by the cum I could feel leaking from my ass that I it had indeed been used, but by who and how many I didn't have a clue. I didn't tell Agent Taylor any of this. "It had been a long day and I thought I was too tired to drive, so I just thought I'd rest for a bit, I guess I was more tired than I thought."

"Tell me about the house you went to." I told him that I had delivered the package and had been given an envelope to bring back to Tony. I told him that there had been five guys that all looked like they had been in prison at some time because of some of the tattoos I saw. "Why were you in the house so long?" I told Agent Taylor that they asked me to watch some baseball with them and I didn't want to raise any suspicions, just as he had told me, so I stayed for a while. I didn't tell him how I had serviced Swen and his friends' cocks while I was there.

In a worried voice, Agent Taylor said, "Tony must have an idea that something is going on. He doesn't have any conversations in the garage. He always goes outside. We've gotten some good video and pictures of who has been coming and going, plus what you've told us. We need to try to get some audio. Like I said, I think this is getting too dangerous, so if you want to walk away, I'd perfectly understand."

"No, I'll be okay. I want to do what I can for Stan."

"I really appreciate it."

I smelled of cum and my clothes were dirty. "I can't show up at work like this."

"Go home, get cleaned up and come back."

"I can't go home. My folks are probably up by now and will just think that I've gone to work early. I can't go home looking like this." Although I did have some dress clothes in the trunk that I could wear, they might make Tony and G suspicious since it wasn't my normal look at the garage. I also really needed a shower, bad.

"Well, we do have a room at one of the motels down the street where we are monitoring the audio. I think the place has a laundry room. You could also grab a shower. It's not the kind of place that has soap and bottles of shampoo, so we'd need to stop and get you some. Why don't you follow me to the motel and we can park your car in the back so that there isn't any chance that Tony, G or anyone else who knows what you drive sees it."

"Doesn't seem like I have much of a choice. I am going to need to get a shirt somewhere, even clean, I can't wear any of the three they've already seen me in." That was more about me looking good then raising Tony's suspicions.

"We'll figure something out. Let's go."

I got in my crappy car and followed Agent Taylor to the motel. Both the garage and the motel were on a street on Phoenix that was pretty well known for its prostitutes and hustlers. So I wasn't surprised that the motel was the kind that rents by the week, month or hour. I parked the car behind the two story motel so it wasn't visible from the street. Agent Taylor waved me over to his car and we headed out to a 24 hour CVS he said wasn't too far away. Relatively close to the motel were several adult bookstores that I had been known to visit. Actually I had been at one a few days prior. Of course I didn't share this with Agent Taylor.

We parked in the CVS parking lot and we both entered the store. The clerk stared, but I shouldn't have been surprised, I was there in a pair of ripped jeans and a cum stained shirt while Agent Taylor was in another one of his finely tailored suits with a crisp white shirt and tie, we really did make an odd looking pair. We headed to the aisle that had the mini travel bottles of various products. I picked out a bottle of shampoo that said it increased volume; a travel toothbrush and toothpaste; a small stick of unscented deodorant; a disposable razor and shaving cream; and some mouthwash. We had to go to another aisle for soap. The selection was pretty abysmal, so I grabbed a bar of unscented Dove for sensitive skin. We went to the household goods aisle and I picked up some laundry detergent and dryer sheets. Agent Taylor started to head to the checkout counter. "No, wait, I need a couple more things." I went to the aisle that had hair products and I picked out a container of hair product. Then I went to the aisle where they had men's cologne. Of course, they were all locked behind a counter so I had to call over the clerk.

"Seriously?" asked Agent Taylor.

Like the soap, the options were pretty limited. I chose a scent that wasn't too revolting but it was never going to go home with me. I did convince Agent Taylor that I needed some food, so I got some cereal, a quart of milk (skim, of course) and a plastic bowl and spoon. Not my first choice but I needed something.

We went up to the counter and the clerk rang us up. Agent Taylor started to reach for his wallet but I put up my hand, "I've got it." I pulled the wad of money that had built up on my pocket yesterday and I handed the clerk a $100 bill. Agent Taylor gave me an odd look but I had no intention of telling him where the money had come from. The clerk informed me that they didn't take anything higher than a $20, it was a sketchy part of town. This time agent Taylor pulled out a very expensive looking wallet, that was ultra-thin which made sense since the only bulges I was able to see in his suit were his muscles and his crotch. Agent Taylor handed the clerk a couple of $20s and then we were on our way. I followed him out of the CVS and once again admired his broad shoulders and narrow waist which the suit showed off so well.

When we got back to the motel, I grabbed the bags from my trunk while Agent Taylor carried the CVS purchases. We entered the room which was filled with furniture that was older than I was and had obviously seen better days. I refused to put anything on either bed, God only knows what was living on the tacky bed spreads. (I know, I know...this from the guy that gets down on his knees at bookstores, bathrooms and garages).

Another agent was in the room working on what I assumed were the audio recorders. He looked like a clone of Agent Taylor. Same coloring, same short but relatively stylish short hair and similar height and weight. He had removed his suit jacket. He, too, was wearing a white shirt but the sleeves were rolled up and he had loosened his tie. I could see that the shirt had been tailored resulting in material that skimmed his upper body. Just like Agent Taylor, his shoulders were broad and muscular and his waist was narrow. I wondered if it was part of the FBI hiring criteria. "Chad, this is Tim Warren, he's one of the agents that has been listening to and recording conversations at the garage, even though there hasn't been much."

Tim stuck out his hand and shook mine, "Nice to meet you and thank you for what you're doing." I just nodded. Agent Taylor said he needed to leave to get into position to watch who was coming and going from the garage. He told me that if we had the chance, he would try to talk to me later. I watched the muscles move in his back as he walked out of the room. My ass was twitching because of being so close to the two hot FBI agents. I asked Tim if he knew where the laundry room was and he told me it was right next to the office.

I started to pull my dirty clothes out from one of my bags to sort it. Agent Warren, Tim, must have been able to smell the sex and cum coming from both the clothes and my body. Not really thinking about it, I started taking off the dirty clothes I had on to add them to the piles. I took my shoes and socks off, then pulled off my stained shirt and then removed my ripped jeans. I didn't have any underwear on. I luckily had a pair of small, nylon running shorts that I sometimes wore at the gym. They were dirty, but I needed to wear something to go to the laundry room. As I pulled the shorts up, I caught Tim checking me out in the mirror. I acted like I hadn't noticed with the exception of my cock, which was starting to firm up. I grabbed my laundry and supplies, plus some of the crumpled up money I had pulled from my jeans.

The laundry room was as tacky as the rest of the motel. I just prayed that the machines worked. I put my clothes into two machines, put in the detergent and then realized I didn't have any quarters. Since I was right next to the office, I decided to see if they had change instead of going back to the room. There was a fat, old man, smoking a cigarette, behind a plexiglass partition who was giving me a dirty look when I walked in.

"Who the fuck are you? You sure as hell ain't a guest, and based on the way that you're dressed, I'm guessing you're a working boy. But if ya are, I haven't seen you before, and you ain't worked out any arrangements with me. So?"

I had no idea if the guy knew that the FBI was using one of the rooms or if they had just had someone pay in advance for the week. I didn't want to screw anything up. "What kind of arrangements?"

"Same as all the other guys and gals, $100 a night and I don't call the police."

I gave him one of my $100 bills from my wad through the small opening in the plexiglass. He saw the rest of the wad and said, "Looks like you had a pretty good night. I'm hoping we do business again.

I had to think of something to get some quarters, "Hey, would you mind giving me a couple of dollars in quarters? One of the guys I was with last night sort of made a mess of them, if you know what I mean, I want to give 'em a wash before I head out."

The man handed me a handful of quarters, "You tell that john of yours to be more careful next time. Just because you suck cock and get fucked, ain't no reason not to treat you with respect." I thanked the man and went back to the laundry room and started the machines. I thought I would take my shower and get ready while the clothes got washed.

I went back to the room and just walked in. I startled Tim and he sort of wiggled in his chair like I caught him doing something. I slipped out of my nylon shorts and grabbed the supplies from CVS and headed to the bathroom. I thought I caught Tim watching me in the mirror again. The bathroom was one of those kind where the shower and toilet are behind a door but the vanity is sort of in the room but set back a bit. When I walked past the vanity mirror I could see that the angle was just right that Tim could see me in the mirror he was facing, both front and back. I grabbed a measly washcloth, the soap and the shampoo and went into the small toilet and bathtub room, turned on the water, let it get hot, and then stepped behind the shower curtain and gave myself a good scrubbing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. The motel must really know its clientele, even though everything else was shabby and not in a chic way, the tub had a shower wand, so I made sure everything was clean.

I stepped out from behind the shower curtain and realized I hadn't brought a bath towel in with me. I stepped into the vanity area, grabbed what jokingly could be called a bath towel, and dried off. The few times I glanced at the mirror I was sure that Tim was watching me. Being somewhat of an exhibitionist, I enjoyed the attention. Standing, facing the mirror naked, I finished getting ready while glancing at Tim in the mirror. As I was finishing up, putting in the hair gel and misting myself with the cologne, it was obvious by the way Tim was moving his arm that he was beating off. Beating off watching me! Still facing the mirror I said, "Tim, turn your chair around." Tim started to fumble under the table he was sitting at. "I know what you were doing, just turn around. I'm sure you don't want me saying anything to Agent Taylor."

I walked toward Tim and he slowly turned his chair toward me. His had was around a pretty nice cock. Based on the size of the bulge I'd seen, it wasn't as big as Agent Taylor's but it was still tasty looking. I got on my knees between Tim's legs and started to lick up and down his shaft as I fingered his balls. "That feels so fucking good." He actually started to squirm when I sucked the head of his dick into my mouth and used my tongue on the underside. I slowly started to lower my mouth onto his cock until I reached his balls. "Jesus H. Christ!" Using my hand and mouth in unison, I worked his dick like it was the best one ever had. He leaned his head back and moaned and then started to buck his hips. "I'm getting close man, you better get off me, real close." Instead, I clamped my lips just under his head and teased the tip with my tongue. "AHHHHHH", he shot a good sized load of cum into my mouth, covering my tongue and sliding down my throat. I swallowed every drop and when I pulled off his dick, I squeezed it and licked the last couple of drops from his piss slit. "You swallowed!"

"Didn't want to get anything on those nice suit slacks you've got on." Tim started to put his cock back into his pants, for the first time, I noticed that Tim was wearing a wedding ring. "Married, huh?"

"Yeah, once we got married, my wife stopped giving me head. She hardly lets me fuck her anymore." What the hell was wrong with the women, she'd hit the lottery with this guy. "I shouldn't have let you do that."

"Don't stress about it, it was just one guy helping out another. She'll never know if you don't tell her".

"If you don't mind me asking, how did you get that big bruise on your upper shoulder?"

"I was being a klutz, I was bent over in the kitchen and smacked it on an open cabinet door when I stood up." I wasn't about to tell him that it was the major hickey that Tony had given me marking me as his bitch.

I pulled the nylon running shorts back on and headed for the laundry room. I couldn't hide that I was showing some wood and got some looks from people who were coming out of some of the rooms.

Enough time had passed that the wash cycle was complete. I put my clothes into two of the dryers and threw in some dryer sheets. I had some time to kill. I could go back to the room, watch some TV, if it worked, or find someplace to beat off. Beating off won. As I started walking toward the back of the motel, I heard a car pull in from the street. Instead of parking, the car pulled up alongside of me and the driver lowered his window. The car wasn't too old and the guy driving it wasn't that much older than me. He was wearing a Best Buy blue shirt and had on a name tag that said "Vince, Manager".

"Nice ass, man. I couldn't help but notice when I was driving by. How much? I got some time before I have to be at work." Vince was soliciting me! I smiled, said no thanks, and continued walking toward the back of the motel. "Come on buddy, I know this is where guys like you hang out. I used to fuck our pledges back in college and I kinda liked it. Haven't done it since but I saw your ass and I thought what the hell."

Back when I was in community college, there was a period of time at the mall where I was working that I did make some money from servicing guys, but it was just part of the gift wrapping business I worked at. I offered special gift wrapping for men that a friend of mine would line up. So I didn't really see myself as a hustler or escort, but I had some time to kill and......

"How much you want?"

Since it was probably just going to be a quickie, "$50, up front."

"Done, where we going to do it?"

"Follow me." He followed me in his car to the back of the motel and parked right next to my piece of shit. As he got out of the car, I stuck my hand out. He pulled out a wallet and handed me two $20s, a $5 and five singles. Good, I would be able to pay back the motel manager.

It was pretty secluded behind the motel. There were a couple of concrete blocks near the back of the building. I told him to get his pants off and to sit down on the blocks. Now to be honest, Vince wasn't the type of guy I usually go for, he was only about my height, wasn't very muscled and his dick was mediocre at best, but I was going to give him a little joy.

By the time he was sitting down, his cock was sticking straight up. I spit on my hand and lubed up his dick. I straddled his lap and used my right hand to line him up with my hole. Once he was in it didn't take me long to get him all the way in due to his size. I put my hands on his shoulder and started riding his cock. I squeezed my ass muscles as tight as I could, I was going to give him his $50 worth.

"Man, this is better than I remember. The pledges used to squirm and squeal. Shit man, whatever you're doing is as good, if not better, than any pussy I've ever had." The compliment made me work extra hard. It was just a few more minutes of me riding, and him breathing hard, before I felt his sperm fill my ass.

I clenched my ass as hard as possible as his dick popped from my ass. I used my nylon running shorts to wipe his cock before I put them back on and walked back toward the laundry room. I stopped in the office and gave the old manager the five singles. "Boy, you're a class act, I look forward to seeing you working here again soon."

I folded up my laundry and went back to the room. Tim was listening intently to whatever he was getting from the garage. "I'm going to take another shower." Tim looked up and his eyes widened as he saw the stain on the ass of my shorts.

I took another quick shower including using the wand. After drying off, fixing my hair, and misting again, I went back out into the room. Tim was so caught up in listening he didn't even look my way. I put on my favorite pair of ripped jeans, even though I had worn them the day before, I still liked them the best. After putting on a pair of socks and shoes, I realized I still didn't have a shirt to wear. I just couldn't bring myself to wear a shirt that I had worn in the last 3 days even though they were clean now, it just wasn't in my nature. "Damn it, I need a shirt." There must have been a break in whatever was going on the garage because Tim turned his head toward me.

"You need a shirt? I may have something out in my car." He tossed his car keys to me. "It's the gray Crown Vic. Bring in the bag in my trunk." I went out and got it and came back in. "Check in the bag, I've got my workout gear in there." I opened the bag to find a pair of gym shoes, socks, a pair of baggy looking shorts, a jock (I wanted to sniff), plus an Under Armour compression shirt. It was bright red and sleeveless. I was sure it would be too large for me based on Tim's frame but it was a medium. I pulled it on and it fit me perfectly. I couldn't even imagine what Tim would look like if he had it on over his muscled chest and shoulders. I went to the mirror and checked myself out. The material was stretching across every part of my upper body. I looked hot, I was going to have to buy some of these shirts for going out.

"Thanks Tim, I've got to get going, I'm already late." I stuffed my bags and took them out to the piece of shit Chevy and headed to the garage. My stomach reminded me that I still hadn't eaten, well, hopefully Tim would enjoy the cereal. I pulled into a Jack in the Box and ordered a bunch of breakfast sandwiches and coffees and continued on to the garage.

I had no sooner parked and walked into the garage when I heard Tony yell, "Where the fuck have you been?" It was a good thing that I had stopped for food.

"I thought I'd bring everyone some breakfast and coffee." G, the Joes, and the new mechanics came over to me and got some of each.

Tony finally looked at me, "Each day you look like more of faggot." That didn't stop him from grabbing a coffee and sandwich from my hand. It might have been a good thing that I was dressed the way I was, Tony started talking without taking me out back, "Actually, it might be a good thing, we got a new shipment coming in and I need you to run another errand. From what I hear, the guy you will be taking it to has a thing for young blonde bitches. I heard on the street that he doesn't even like pussy, just boys. You might just get him to be a long term customer. If it works out, he'll buy blow from us on a regular basis and we'll just have to give him a receipt for work on his fleet of trucks. You'll take him some of our best stuff, give him a receipt from the garage, and bring back the money his gives you. The stuff should be here shortly." I hoped that Tim was getting all of this. "I'll come get you when it gets here."

I went to the office and pretty much finished that last of the work on the financial files for Stan. I wondered how much longer I would need to stay until the FBI had enough to arrest Tony and G. After I while I heard, what sounded like, a really big motorcycle pull into the garage. I came out from the office and I was correct, it was huge, as was the man riding it. He had to weigh at least 300 pounds and it wasn't pretty. He opened up one of his saddle bags and pulled out a large package. "Here's the best coke I could get ya."

"Shut the fuck up idiot." Tony grabbed the package and turned to G. "Get the envelope from the office we brought in this morning."

While I was watching this all go down, I couldn't believe that Tony was making so many mistakes. Tony gave the fat guy the envelope that G brought out from the office, "You want to do business again, watch your mouth." The guy backed his motorcycle from the garage and road away. "Christ almighty, fucking asshole." Tony handed me the package with a slip of paper. "Take this to this address and treat him special. Oh, don't take that tight shirt off that you're wearing, I don't want him to see the bitch mark I gave you, he doesn't need to know that you might belong to someone. Make sure you take a receipt to give him and make it out for $10K. When you're done making sure he's a happy customer, bring the payment right back. I don't want to have to come look for you." He was digging his own grave.

I went to the office, filled out a receipt, went back into the garage and took the package and the address from Tony. I went out to my car and headed to the address. I was hoping that Agent Taylor was following me. The address was in Paradise Valley, a wealthy part of the Phoenix area with big houses and even bigger egos. While driving, I hadn't seen Agent Taylor behind me nor any other non-descript FBI-like car. I pulled into the driveway of a huge, like massively huge, house. I got out of my car with the package and the receipt and rang the doorbell. No one opened the large double doors so I rang the doorbell again. After I rang the doorbell a third time, I decided I would just have to go back to the garage, which I'm sure would piss Tony off. As I was starting to walk back to my car, the doors swung open.


"Um, I'm here to make a delivery from Tony." Jeez, it sounded like I was in some bad B movie.

Both of us were checking each other out. I definitely liked what I saw. The man was maybe in his mid-30s but in great shape. He was probably 6' or 6'1", I couldn't really tell since he was barefoot. He had auburn hair that was perfectly styled. It looked like he had a mouth full of veneers. His pecs were so perfect, I wondered if he had implants. His abs were perfectly defined as were his calves and thighs. If there is such a thing as shoulder implants, I wouldn't be surprised if he had them as well. Oh, he was wearing the smallest pair of white Speedos I'd ever seen. The way they were filled out, I wondered if he had had a cock implant as well. With the exception of just a wisp of a treasure trail he was completely smooth with a perfect tan.

"Well Tony sure knows how to pick cute delivery boys. Come on in."

I followed the man into a living room that was larger than my parents' house. We ended up on a patio next to a huge swimming pool with multiple waterfalls. Reclining on a lounger was an equally perfect redheaded man wearing a black Speedo that also looked like it was ready to burst. "This is my business partner, Alex, and I'm Bryce. You are?"

"I'm Chad."

Bryce stepped close to me and put one hand on my pecs and another on my ass, "Nice to meet you Chad. I understand you have something for me." I handed him the package and receipt. "I wasn't talking about this", he threw both on a table, "I was talking about this", and both hands were on my ass now. "I'm sorry, I'm being rude, what can I get you, besides our cocks of course?" Pretentious ass. "I'm guessing by your outfit, you'd probably like a beer."

"No thanks, I'm good."

"Well then, maybe it's time for you to get to work." While he pushed me to my knees, he pushed the front of his Speedo below his balls. If Bryce did have cock augmentation it was a very good job. While it was starting to grow, he rubbed it against my face. His business partner, Alex, got up from his lounger and came over to where we were and pulled out an equally impressive dick. "Who are you going to choose first CHAD?"

There was no way that I was going to choose one over the other. I had no idea what this was all about. I grabbed both cocks and pulled them close together, opened my mouth as wide as I could and got as much of each head into my mouth as I could. "Well played Chad."

Even though I tried to do it, I couldn't suck both large heads in my mouth. Instead, I alternated licking and sucking between both. After a while I continued to alternate, but each time I brought more and more of each cock into my mouth. They each had a hand on the back of my head and would push me farther on to whichever cock I had in my mouth. This continued for quite a while, not that I was minding it, but I expected Agent Taylor or other FBI agents to burst through the doors at any minute, but that didn't happen.

They finally removed their hands from the back of my head and both started beating their cocks. "Open wide Chad." They both furiously continued to beat off. Bryce turned to Alex, "Ready?" Both men shot copious loads into my mouth....and on my face...and in my hair....and on my borrowed shirt. It made me wonder if there was such a thing as cum augmentation. "Ready for round two?" I had no idea what they were talking about. "Take off those ratty jeans."

Alex removed his Speedo and went back to his lounge chair. His cock was still hard. Using a manicured nail, Bryce made a small tear in the package I had brought. He brought a small amount of the white powder to his nose and sniffed. He took another small amount to Alex who sniffed it up. He brought another amount to me but I shook my head no. "Your lose", and then sniffed it himself. Both men closed their eyes and leaned their heads back and sighed.

I hadn't noticed it before but Alex had a bottle of lube on the table next to him. He squeezed some into his hand and applied it to his cock. I knew what I was supposed to do, I walked over to Alex and straddled him until his dick was pushing against my hole. The man was impatient, he put his hands on my hips and pushed me down until he was fully embedded in me. He didn't move so I squeezed my ass muscles and began to ride his cock like I had done earlier that day. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. Alex picked up a bottle of poppers that I hadn't seen before either and held them to my nose, "You may need these." I inhaled deeply with both nostrils knowing what was coming. I felt the head of Bryce's cock against my hole, I now wished that I had taken up the offer of a beer.

My whole body tightened as I felt Bryce enter my ass with Alex's already deep within me. While I wanted to scream, I also was more turned on than I could remember. Bryce started to slide his cock against Alex's. The feeling was incredible. Instead of moving in the same direction they each worked in opposite directions. As one cock slid deep into me the other was pulling back. While I thought I was going to be ripped apart, it was also an incredible sensation. The two of them were so high I don't think they realized what they were doing so I finally pulled off both of them. I watched as they continued to rub their cocks together and start to kiss. They were oblivious to me. They ended up shooting off on each other's chests. I couldn't control myself, I ended up beating off and shooting a load on the pool deck.

It wasn't long after that both men came down from their orgasm high. Alex rubbed the cum across his chest and laid back like it was just another day in the sun. Bryce went into the house and quickly returned. While he was gone I put my jeans back on. When he returned he handed me an envelope which I stuck in my back pocket. As I was getting ready to leave he stopped me. In his hand he had more money. As I watched he counted out twenty $100 bills and handed them to me.

"What's this for?"

"Consider it a 10% down payment for a party we are having Saturday night. Can you make it? It will just be Alex and me and about a dozen of our closest friends."

"I'll be here." Goodbye to the piece of shit Chevy!

I walked out to the piece of crap and saw Agent Taylor in a car across the street.


Be Well,


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