After having rubbed my throat raw on the gangbangers cock and realizing that Agent Taylor had probably seen some, if not all, of what I had done, I got in my piece of shit Chevy and drove home. It was after 10 pm when I got home so luckily my folks were in bed so they didn't see me coming home in my skinny jeans and small t-shirt. I realized that I was going to have to do a load of laundry when my Mom was out of my house or take my dirty kneed and cum stained shirts to the laundromat to keep up the pretense of still working at the customer call center.

After stripping off my clothes and stuffing them in the same drawer I had stuffed some of my other clothes, I called my friend Patrick to fill him in on my day. While I told him every detail, including dick size and taste, I wanted him to fill in his father, the policeman, about what I had seen in terms of what I assumed was more money laundering and maybe even some drug sales. I also filled him in on the hot FBI agent and how I thought that he probably saw me servicing the guy in the parking lot. Patrick was jealous on many levels. When we had finished talking, I got in the shower to get rid of the rest of the motor oil that was still around, and in, my asshole. Afterwards, I went down to the kitchen and ate some leftovers that my Mom had put on a plate in the frig. She's be happy to see that I actually ate something.

My dreams that night were a mix of sucking and fucking involving me Tony, G, Mika, Ritchie and the guy in the parking lot. Agent Taylor was also in my dreams. I wasn't surprised then when I woke early to find that I had had a wet dream. It had been a long time since that had happened. I knew that I was going to have to go to a laundromat today to do some laundry out of sight from my Mom. The wet dream had woken me, so it was pretty early when I got out of bed. Because of the wet dream I needed to take another shower before I shaved.

Since it must have been apparent to everyone at the garage that I was gay and loved cock, I decided not to worry about being one of the "guys". Instead of jeans or skinny jeans and a t-shirt I decided to wear that was even more my style. I got out one of my favorite pairs of tight jeans that I'd had since I started at the community college. They were faded and frayed, but I loved them. There were worn at the knees, as would be expected, to the point that there were even some rips. There was also a rip, which I made, just below my right ass cheek. Enough to attract attention but not enough to be obscene out in public. Over the years the fabric had gotten super soft and felt like a second skin. I had also used some sand paper over the part of the front where my cock usually resided to make it more noticeable.

I riffled through my closet and decided on a shirt I really liked. It was, for lack of a better term, a black t-shirt with a deep V neck, like deep to the bottom of my pecs deep. The material was stretchy but also so fine that someone might call it see through. The sleeves were just the right length to hit me mid bicep. Just like the jeans, the shirt fit like a second skin, so much so that I had to tuck it since I would have to stretch it out to have it over the waist of the jeans. Since I imagined (hoped?) that Tony, G or one of their "business associates" would probable want to get at my ass, I decided to go commando. My last step was to put some product in my hair and make it messy looking. I checked myself in the mirror and liked what I saw.

I packed a gym bag with some clothes that were more customer call center appropriate in case I needed to change before I got home. I also filled a duffle bag with my soiled jeans and stained t-shirts along with my sheets. I made the bed up so that if my Mom came in she wouldn't know that the sheets were missing.

I grabbed an apple on the way out of the door and threw the bags in the trunk of my piece of shit Chevy. As I approached the driver's side door, I noticed a piece of paper under the windshield wiper. I grabbed it and got in the car. Since it was so early, luckily the car wasn't in the fifth ring of hell that can happen to car interiors in June in Phoenix. All the note said was "Meet me at the same diner before you head to the garage". It had to be either from Patrick's father or Agent Taylor. If it was Patrick's dad, why didn't he just have Patrick tell me. It must be Agent Taylor. If it was, how did he know where I lived? He must have followed me home after he saw me sucking dick last night. When I arrived at the diner, Agent Taylor was at the same table as the day before, with his back toward the door. When I got to the table, his eyes got wide, "uh, interesting outfit".

"Thanks, I guess." This time I sat across from him so our legs didn't touch, if they had I probably would have gotten under the table and serviced him while he sipped his coffee.

"I wanted to thank you for coming forward like you did. Based on what we saw yesterday, we think this is a much bigger thing than just money laundering. Like I told you yesterday, those guys, Mika and Richie are bad news. They are into serious drugs and prostitution. The guy I, uh, saw you with later last night when you, uh, left the garage is one of their main dealers. I followed you home last night to make sure you got home safe. We got a court order to bug the place and we set everything up after you left. Hopefully, this will be over in a few days and we can shut them down. I'll do my best to keep Stan out of it if we don't come across anything linking him to their activities. Don't say anything to the new mechanics your hired. I don't want to spook them but I also want to see if Tony or G try to get them involved. You just keep doing your job and don't do anything that might make them suspicious. And, uh, you might want to be a little more discreet than you were last night when you closed up. You'll be hearing from me soon." He got up and left the diner.

I sat and ordered a coffee and some toast. Based on what Agent Taylor said, I didn't think he knew what had gone on with Tony, Mika and Richie in the office. I also started to wonder what he meant by bugging the place. Just the phones? The bays? The office? I decided I just wasn't going to think about it because I didn't want to possibly screw up.

When I arrived at the garage, parked and went in, Tony, G, the Joes and the two new guys I had hired were drinking coffee and standing around. When Tony saw me he whistled, "Well, take a look at our little bitch, he dolled himself up for us". The guys I hired and the Joes looked uncomfortable, which was probably just as well since the Joes had never really appealed to me and I hadn't hired the new guys based on their looks. Tony and G, however, looked as hot as usual. I said good morning and asked the new guys if they had any questions and then I headed for the office but not before I saw Tony grab his junk and blow a kiss at me.

I must have been in the office for about an hour working on the financial files for Stan, who was AWOL again, when Tony came in. "Hey sweet cheeks, let's go across the street and get some cold drinks for everyone. Grab some money from petty cash." This was odd because for the last couple of days Tony had just sent me, he never came with me. As we crossed the street, Tony casually said, "Have ya noticed anyone hanging around that seems out of place, besides you?"

"No, why?"

"Oh nothing, just heard some shit. Let's get the drinks."

Walking back across the street, Tony said, "I heard my friend, Luis, stopped by last night as you were leaving. He said you treated him real nice. I appreciate you taking care of my friends. You keep that up and I'll make sure some money keeps coming your way." I didn't know what to say so I just nodded my head. "Shit, the way you took that fuck from Mika yesterday, man when that word gets around, my boys are gonna be lining up for a piece."

We got back to the garage and handed out the drinks. Tony told me to just put the change in my pocket, which was quite a lot since I'd grabbed a $100 bill. As I started to head to the office, Tony but his beefy arm around my shoulders and got close to my ear, "Meet me in the john in about 10 minutes." I wondered why he had whispered, did he know that the place was bugged? He probably wanted another blow job, which was fine with me, Tony had a nice piece of meat between his legs.

As I waited in the office, I daydreamed about Tony. His body was incredible. He was over 6' tall and had dark hair and eyes. I had seen his cock twice. Once on the first day of work when I had given him a blow job through a glory hole in the bathroom and the day before when he had beat off while Mika was fucking me. I also couldn't stop thinking about the tattoo just above his cock that said "choke on this", truth in advertising!

When I got to the john, Tony was already there. He wasn't in a stall with his dick through the hole waiting for me to blow him like before. Instead he was standing in the middle of the john. He had taken off his shirt and he had thrown over one of the stall walls. Once again, I had to admire his musculature, it was nearly perfect. As I got closer, I noticed more small prison tattoos of random letters and symbols. He put a hand on his pecs and moved it slowly down to the waist of his work pants. "Ya know bitch, if I'm going to tell my buddies and my clients how fine a piece of faggot ass you are, I gotta try it myself." He grabbed me quickly and spun me around. He held me by the waist and ground his crotch into my ass. I could feel that he was already getting hard. "Ya like that pretty boy? Ya like how that feels?" I couldn't help myself, I ground my ass back into him. He raised his hands up from my waist, pulled out my shirt and ran his hands up my abs and then pinched my nipples. I whimpered.

He lowered his hands and undid the fly of my jeans. He then brought one of his hands back around to my ass and ran his fingers through the rip in the seat of my jeans. Next, he roughly pushed my jeans down as he pushed me forward toward the wall. He put his left forearm across my back and held me in place. He spit into his right hand and then started running his slick fingers along my ass crack until his middle finger found my waiting hole. He pushed his finger in. I felt the first knuckle, then the next, and finally his finger was all the way inside me. He pulled it back out and then pushed back in with two fingers. "It looked like you enjoyed this when Mika did it yesterday." He pulled his two fingers back and then I felt three fingers. As he twisted and turned them I felt his warm breath against my neck. "Mika was right, you do have a nice, tight pussy." I squeezed my ass muscles around his finger.

He pulled his fingers out and with his knee and foot he got me to spread my legs as far as possible with my jeans now well below my knees. I felt him fumble with his fly and then felt the heat from his cock against the skin of my ass. Even though both he and I knew what I wanted he still asked, "What do you want bitch?"

"I want to feel you inside me."

"Bull shit, what do you want faggot?" He was sliding the whole length of his cock along the crack of my ass.

"I want you to fuck me."

"I don't think they heard you out in the garage." More sliding.


"And that's exactly what I'm going to do. You know how big it is, you gagged on it the other day." (Well, not really but I wasn't going to say anything.)

Keeping pressure on my back he used his free hand to pull my ass toward him. I could feel the pressure of the head of his cock against my hole. I could hear, and then feel, some of his spit hitting my hole and the head of his cock. With one arm pressed against my back and the other wrapped around my waist he pulled me onto his cock. "Fuckin' A, that's what I'm talking about!"

Unlike Mika's technique of jabbing his cock in, pulling it all the way out, and then ramming it back in, Tony moved much slower. He slid his dick in until he knew he pushed against my sweet spot. Then he slowly pulled back until his head was just about to pop free, then he would slowly push himself in again. After a while he would do several pokes against my prostate before pulling back. I don't know how, but he knew the way I liked to get fucked. As he continued his movements, he started sucking on my neck. "Ya know, this is how we marked our bitches. We each had a little different spot that we would use, that way no one would mess with them, 'cause if they did, we'd beat the shit out of 'em. Don't you worry your little head though, I'll make sure that my friends know that even if they see my mark, it's ok for them to use you." He did a few more thrusts against my prostate and pulled back again. I couldn't take it anymore, I pushed my ass back against his receding cock. He slightly moved his arm that was around my waist so he could briefly grab my cock, my hard, dripping cock. "Yeah, you're really into my cock."

He continued with his tantalizing thrusts and parries while continuing to suck my neck for a while before he said, "We both got shit we need to do". That said, he changed from the slow, deep thrusts and started pounding my ass. He started driving so hard, deep and fast I thought I was going to have bruises on my chest and face that were pushed against the wall. "Fuck........take it bitch!" My ass was overflowing with his juices. He gave me one more suck on my neck and then pulled his cock from my ass. "Shit pretty boy, there would have been a riot in the prison to see who got to have your ass." He pulled both arms away, allowing me to stand up straight. While he grabbed a piece of paper towel to clean his cock, I clenched my ass trying to keep the flood of cum from falling onto my jeans. "Get your sweet ass back in the office and order us some lunch. Don't leave, I'll have an errand I'll need you to run."

Tony shoved his half hard dick back into his pants and left the john. Even though cum was dripping from my ass and the door to the john was unlocked, I beat off and shot a load into one of the disgusting sinks. I cleaned myself the best I could before straightening my shirt and pulling up my semi-soaked jeans. In my mind I was picturing some cum dripping out of the rip in the ass of my jeans as I walked back to the office.

When I stepped out of the john into the garage, Tony was nowhere to be seen. G, the Joes, and the two new guys all looked at me. G had a big grin on his face while the other four guys looked embarrassed. There were a couple of other guys that were milling around who didn't seem embarrassed, in fact they were looking at me like a pack of hungry dogs.

I went to the office and found a menu for a place that delivered subs and ordered a variety. As I was waiting for the subs to arrive, I started to wonder if the bathroom was bugged. Had Agent Taylor heard all that? There was a part of me that thought that would be pretty hot if he had been. I am such a cum slut.

I paid for the subs from petty cash, again, which just made me feel even worse for Stan. I went out into the garage and handed them out and I noticed that Tony was outside of the garage talking to a couple of guys in a black Hummer. Tony kept looking around but then took a couple of packages from the guys before they drove off. I watched as Tony went to one of the gray cabinets that lined one of the walls and stuck the packages in and then shut the cabinet door.

I went back to the office and did some more work on the files until Tony came in. "Sweet cheeks, I need ya, come out back with me." Even though it hadn't been more than an hour since Tony's cock was deep inside me, I thought he was ready for another round, I was wrong. "I need you to run an errand for me." He handed me a package and a slip of paper with an address. "There'll be some guys there. You give 'em the package and they'll give you an envelope. Then you bring the envelope back to me. Got it? And while you're there, give 'em a taste of what that pretty, cocksucking, mouth of yours can do. It'll be good for business." He took a couple of bills from his pocket and reached around me and put them in the back pocket of my jeans and then took a second to stick his fingers through the rip and rub my ass. He didn't say anything further, he just walked back into the garage. I stood there a second trying to figure out what to do. Should I deliver the package or not? Agent Taylor had told me not to do anything that would make Tony or G suspicious, so I decided to deliver the package.

Since this was before navigation systems in cars, even though if it was my piece of crap wouldn't have it, I went into the office and put the address into MapQuest, it was not the best part of town. I got in my car and headed for the address not know what to expect. After a few miles I noticed that Agent Taylor in a car in my rearview mirror and he was waving me over. I pulled into a strip mall parking lot and watched as he got out of his car. Again, seeing him in his well-tailored suit with his broad shoulders got my ass twitching. I got out of my car and again I could tell that he was judging my outfit.

"What's going on? The son of a bitch keeps going outside where we can't hear what he's saying." I took that as a sign that the bathroom wasn't bugged. "We saw you talking to him outside." I told Agent Taylor that Tony had asked me to make a delivery. I neglected to tell him that he expected me to do other things. "This is totally your call Chad. Are you willing to go ahead with this? We'll have a car with some agents nearby but you never know what could happen. If you want to say no, I'll understand. At the same time, if you don't go through with it, they'll know that something is up."

My mind was the feds, bring down some bad guys, help old man Stan, and most importantly, suck some cocks. Can you guess what won? "I'll do it."

"You got balls, kid. We'll be close behind you."

I got back into my car and drove to the address. The neighborhood was definitely sketchy, but my car fit right in. I took a few deep breaths, got out of my car, walked to the front door and knocked. A mountain of a man opened the door. He was tall, he was big and solid, he was covered with tats just like Tony, and he was probably the whitest man I had ever seen. His hair was so blonde it was almost white. He looked like he never went into the sun. His eyes were almost freakishly blue they were so pale. He also was wearing the smallest pair of gym shorts I had ever seen. I didn't even know if I would wear them. The good thing about them, however, was they left little doubt about what they were covering. The guy's pale eyes moved up and down my body. He turned his head, "Guys, the fag's here with the delivery." I took it as a compliment.

I walked into the house. There were empty beer cans and whisky bottles littered throughout what could loosely be called a living room. There were also a couple of bongs. Amid the mess were four other guys. Three were like Swen (at least that's what I thought his name should be), big, muscular men sitting around the room in gym shorts or boxers. The head of one of the guy's cocks was sticking out of his boxers. There was one smaller guy, without a stitch of clothes, passed out on the corner of what appeared to be a couch. I couldn't help but notice that he had a very large hickey on his neck. He was one of these guys' bitch. Swen stuck out his hand, "You got the package?" I handed it to him.

I manned up and said, "Where's the envelope?"

"You'll get it when we're done." Swen pushed the front of his gym shorts under his cock and balls. "We're glad our man Tony sent you over." He pointed toward the guy passed out the couch. "He zoned out a while ago and we're fucking horned up."

Over the next hour, the four men had me rotate around the room feeding on their cocks. They all lounged in their chairs or on the couch. They were watching some sort of sports thing on a big screen TV talking smack while I continually moved around the room. I got the impression when one of the guys was close they would push me off, so I would just move to the next guy. While all four of the guys were big dudes, none of their dicks matched Tony's or Mika's but that didn't stop me from doing the best cocksucking I could do. When I had finally gotten each of them to the edge they all got up from where they were lounging and got in front of my face. Instinctively I knew what to do, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and stuck out my tongue. Just as four loads of cum started to cover my tongue and my face, the little passed out guy woke up and said, "What the fuck?"

When the last drop of cum had landed on me, Swen pulled an envelope from somewhere and handed it to me. "Tell Tony he's a class act, no one makes a delivery like he does." Swen went to the door and opened it, signaling that it was time for me to go. I had hoped to go to the john or the kitchen to wipe off some of the cum that had missed my tongue, but instead I walked out to my car wiping my face and licking my hand and fingers. God only knows what the agent or agents watching me thought. I wondered if Agent Taylor may have been one of them.

When I got to my car, I opened the trunk, opened the duffle bag and pulled out one of my cum stained t-shirts. I got into the car, and for the second time that day (well, the third if you count the wet dream), shot another load before heading back to the garage.

When I got back to the garage, Tony met me as I parked and had me follow him to the back of the building. He stuck out his hand and I gave him the envelope. There still must have been a little bit of cum on my face because he took a finger, dragged it across my chin and then brought it to my mouth. "Looks like you did a good job, sweet cheeks." I licked his finger. He took a couple of bills from the envelope and handed them to me, "Keep it up and you'll be able to get rid of that piece of shit you drive."

I went back to the office and tried to get some more of the work done that I was actually getting paid a salary for. When I finally left, Tony and the rest of the guys were gone. I locked up and went out to the parking lot. Luis was leaning against his tricked out ride. I glanced out to the street and saw Agent Taylor in his car. I walked toward Luis and got down on my knees.


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