A few years ago, when I was starting to come out, I began getting curious about being with a guy. I did all the usual things to feed my curiosity. I looked at porn, I checked out the dating sites, and then finally I began reading ads on craigslist. As I got more and more interested in meeting a guy I heard of this club. It was held in a an old warehouse and had different themed rooms and a variety of guys who would come and meet and fool around. Well this got me so hard. I could just sit in the back, unnoticed, and get a real look at guys together. I had no idea what I was doing, but my cock won out rational thought and I went. I tried to be as incognito as I could. I put on black sweats, a black t shirt, and a black sweater, and some black shoes. I was like the stupidest person ever. It was like I walked into this situation with a neon sign attached to me. Looking back on it, I totally asked for what I got. I just didn't realize it at the time.

I first arrived, I was so nervous and so in my car, I pulled out some weed and took a couple of hits. I just wanted to take the edge off. And boy did it. I hadn't really eaten and I the hits were maybe a bit more intense than I thought. It was such a cool night that I didn't even feel it till I got in the club. I walked in and took my first breath. The smell was so intoxicating new. I could smell sweat and lube. Then the feeling of total drunkenness over took me. The couple of hits I took from the pipe had relaxed me enough that instead of fidgeting around and not being able to enjoy myself. But I had no idea how much it would effect me. I was almost loopy. I just decided to play it safe and stay along the walls. I walked in and instantly headed towards the darkest corner I could. I began to notice all these hallways and rooms. There was one hallway that had holes that lined it with little curtain cubicles in front. And rooms with places to sit back, and one room even had this harness held in the air that you could sit in and it would keep your legs open and you held up. It was such a turn on seeing all this stuff. But I was no where near ready to try any of this. I just wanted to watch to see guys hook up. And guys did. With in an hour guys were all over the place. Some were getting blow jobs, some guys were just walking around naked or in leather chaps. It was unbelievable.

As I was taking everything in I was getting more and more paranoid about everything. Thinking back on it, it might have been the weed talking. I started imagining that every guy would look at me when they walked by. I was so closeted and high that I decided that I needed to take a minute. I found an empty room in the back that had a door. I walked in and closed the door. I saw a bed and I sat on it immediately. I put my head in my hands and just let the air out. This was all a bit to much for me. Then a man cleared his throat in the back of the room. I jumped so high I'm pretty sure I touched the ceiling. I hadn't even noticed him there. He was about 6'2", well defined chest and stomach, trimmed but visible chest hair and a happy trail that led down to his dark jeans and visible blue hanse underwear.

"Are you ok?" the man asked.

"Yeah, jeez you scared me." I replied

"Oh sorry about that. I wasn't sure if you had seen me or not so I tried to be as delicate as I could."

"So is this your room? Should I go?"

"Oh no, your fine.....new at this I take it?"

"Is it that obvious?"

"Well you are wearing a lot of black. Haha."

"Yeah, I'm just curious."

"Ok, well let me help you relax a little."

It was that fast. One minute I'm hyperventilating, and the next I'm getting talked down by this guy in a sex club. He immediately grabbed me and guided me to lay on my stomach on the bed. It was a massage bed with those holes in the head so you can lay face down. He had really strong hands and seemed to want to give me a massage. I am a big fan of massages, and totally just went with it. He started to rub my shoulders and it was just so nice. I was enjoying his hands all over my body. I was kinda freaking out a little that a man was touching me, but it was so nice I let it continue. He then guided my hands and put them on these arm rests beside my head. Then in a move or two my wrists were bound to the table. I instantly began to panic. I pulled and pulled and saw there was no way that I would be able to release myself so I started to scream, and just as quick he slid a gag in my mouth and tied it off. I had hardly yelled at all, and in this quickly filling club, I doubt it was enough noise to even raise an eyebrow in my direction. I looked up with clear fear in my eyes. The man just laughed. You wanted this. I don't know why you want to play the whole role playing bit but I'll play along. You explained everything in your email. I was to capture you, make you helpless, and then make you pay for being such a naughty boy in a club like this.

I was in trouble. I had never sent any kind of email of any sort. I had wondered into a scene that was already set up and he thought I was the guy who emailed him. I began shaking my head like crazy. Surely he would see I was serious and untie me so I could explain. He then began running his hands all over my body. I was squirming like crazy but I was wearing nothing but sweats. My clothes were easily removable. He simply pulled my shoes off my kicking feet and pulled my pants down to my knees enough to reveal my tight white fruit of the loom briefs. The white fabric seemed to glow in the dark room and he stopped to admire the new prize. Then he seemed energized.

"Oh this is too good to be kept so quiet. You wanted me to make you pay for being a naughty boy and now I know how I'm going to do it. He then whipped out a camera and began to wildly snap photos of my helpless ass exposed through my clothes. When he had taken pictures of every angle he could manage, he then pulled my pants back up. I was overwhelmed. I was being held hostage in a sex club, tied to a medical table in the hands of a man who believed I am someone. The guy then just felt my ass and legs. He would run a hand over my cock which was betraying me with immense fervor.

"So you aren't exactly what I pictured when we last spoke online," he said. "The way you jumped when I cleared my throat had me questioning you. But those white brief....I don't know a lot of younger guys who still wear those, and you had made such a big deal about them. Don't worry, I have plans to include all your fantasies."

I instantly began to thrash again. I wasn't him. I wasn't this person who had conversed online to this man. But the guy just half laughed. "Don't tire yourself out too quickly. I mean, I know you said you would commit to the role play to the very end, but I would think you might want to enjoy yourself a little too." said the guy.

My stomach fell when he said role play. This man thought I was playing a part or something. I just wondered what part it was. I had no idea what he would do to me. He just continued to feel my helpless body as I thrashed around.

Soon there was a knock on the door that sounded more like a planned knock. The guy gave me a quick smack on the ass and walked to the door. The minute the door opened it sounded as if a reunion had started. The how are you's and miss you's were tossed around. These were some really gay guys that came here. But then as the voices came in, one by one they walked around to see the helpless prize that was tied down before them. I counted 5 different guys as they each walked, felt, grabbed, pulled, twisted, and slapped my body. I tried to kick a few of them because my feet were still free. They let it go a few times till I got one of them in the side and then two guys each grabbed a leg and held me down. The one I got in the side walked up to the guy that captured me and said, "I think I have been chosen to unwrap the first wrapper." The captor agreed with delight. The man walked up to me, grabbed my sweat pants and pulled them completely off in one flowing manner. The men each took my legs and then held them down again while straps and restraints were put on my legs locking me in place. Then the legs were moved down so I was now virtually tied down in doggy position. The table even leaned my whole body down in an angle leaving my black sweater falling towards my head revealing my white cotton clad ass as a helpless target for these men. Then my captor beamed, "Didn't I tell you he was fun. This kid is committed to the role play to the very end. You see, he is playing the straight bully who is kidnapped and punished for his crimes against the gays. He told me all about how he could never imagine what gay guys would ever do with each other. So he is now our prisoner and we are to show him everything before he can be free!"

I screamed into my gag, "EVERYTHING!"

The men just laughed at me and the man I kicked walked over to the wall. He pulled something out of his bag and walked up to my side. "Well first thing we have to do to this bully is teach him not to kick people." SMACK! He struck my ass with such a speed and sound I jumped but didn't cry out. He then walked over to me and showed me his instrument under the table. A thin piece of wood, much like a ruler, with wholes drilled in the end which was a bit larger than the handle. Then he walked back over and struck me again and again. SMACK SMACK SMACK! It was already starting to sting. The guys just laughed more and more. Then they all gathered in the back of me and counted off. I could hear them all agreeing and then there was the count down. Three....two.....one....smack, smack, Smack, Smack, SMACK, SMACK!! They began spanking me one at a time but in sync with their circles so the spanking just continued.

They went around the circle 5 times giving me a total of 30 smacks. I was screaming into my gag with not much luck. Because of the way I was tied and bent over, I was completely helpless and completely presented to be used as such. Then the guy I kicked pulled my underwear down just to show my naked ass to the others. It was burning and then men congratulated each other on which tan line they were sure was theirs to claim. Then the man I kicked said, "Oh no, there is still so much more to learn!" And he set off to spank my bare and exposed ass with his bare hand on each cheek another 10 times. By now tears had formed in my eyes and I was simply whimpering into the table. The man then gently rubbed my ass making me twitch and shake as my muscles and nerves were attacked by a new gentle but extremely opposite sensation. My tender ass treated this gentle touch as another form of torture as my mind couldn't decided if I was going to be spanked again or not. Then he pulled my briefs back up, took out a paddle, and smacked me as hard as he could. The sound filled the room and even the other guys groaned. I went into what felt like white pain and screamed so hard only silence came out. My body covered in pain wracked sweat, my strength gave way and I collapsed into the table leaving my ass still presented but about as low as it could get.

Then another man walked up. "Pain has always been his specialty, and who could blame him with an ass like yours? I have worked with so many young men such as yourself who just think that being gay is about being a sissy. But let me tell you, real men, not bullies like yourself, know how to treat others. So I am going to teach you how to treat others. Because you should always treat others as you would have them treat you, right?"

Then he walked up to where my head was. He pulled my gag off, at which point I began to plead and explain in one breath, and he quickly forced another form of gag on me which held my mouth open and wider than I liked. It also had rubber guards so my teeth were forced open and kept from doing any harm. The table was then adjusted so it was level giving me a chance to relax my back a bit from the forced hold it had been kept in, and then he dropped the head piece that allowed me to be lazy with my head. I now looked up and saw this man had a bulge growing in his jeans. The man undid the first button and then he package swelled making the other buttons simply fall apart as the man guided the fly of his pants open. Out tumbled a tent clad only in a mesh jock. I could see his cock getting bigger by the second and soon it was straining to stay inside the jock at all. He then grabbed the back of my head by the hair and held my head in place while he forced my face into his cock and balls making me smell the sweat and musk that had clearly taken the whole day to acquire. He kept saying, "That is the smell of a man. Treat me how you would want to be treated." Then he pulled his pants off and hung them on the wall. All the other guys immediately began massaging their own bulges that were forming and straining. The man in the jock came back to me and said, "Now I'm going to teach you what it feels like when you are the one helpless to someone else in front of others. No bully should go without this lesson." He then pulled out his straining cock and, with a mightier force than I would have originally thought of, he slapped me in the face with his cock exclaiming, "This 8 inch cock is the new master!"

I was humiliated. These guys all roared with laughter at this one and watched as the man teased me with his cock. He poked me in the eye with it, he slapped me in the face again and again with it, he shoved it in my nose just to be funny, then he would pop his cock, ever so quickly into my helplessly gagged and open mouth. I had NEVER tasted cock before. I wasn't disgusted as I was nervous. I would jump at the feeling more because of the new sensation rather than because I hated it. My own cock was raging below my briefs but no eyes even looked in that direction to notice either because of how I was restrained or because they simply didn't care if I liked it or not at this point.

Then he grabbed my hair again, causing me to moan, and he forced his cock just a few inches into my helpless mouth. He held it there forcing the saliva to come and my tongue to fight for space in which to avoid his cock. He then slowly moved his cock around forcing me to make his cock wet with my helpless mouth. Then he slid in inch by inch. He waited till I gagged and then pulled out and began again. He eased it in more and more till my tongue was helpless to the rhythm and began lapping the cock as it thrust in and out of my mouth. I closed my eyes because I was beginning to enjoy the experience. My first cock ever. It was exciting, it felt great, and then it began. It wasn't noticeable at first, but every so often, then more often, and then constant, a stream of precum began to come. Thicker and thicker it came out till my mouth was spit and precum. Every once in a while he could cup his hand to catch my drool and wipe it on my face, or he would force a glob of precum out and put it on my face or hair. When I opened my eyes I could see two other guys pulling their cocks out as well. One was a good 7 ½ inches, just a bit smaller than the guy I was sucking on now, and the other was a raging 9 inches. They walked up to my face and each took a turn fucking my face.

I had noticed that I was able to take all the 7 ½ inches down my throat now without any difficulty. But the 9 inch beast pounded against my throat with waves of precum that chocked as it flowed till I gasped and chocked. Drool came pouring out of my mouth and he pulled out. The guys laughed and then the 7 ½ incher came back. "I just gotta get this mouth. It's so hot!" Then he forced his cock back in my strained mouth and began pumping with speed and determination. Again the precum came flowing until I noticed his head begin to swell. I instantly opened my eyes and looked up. His eyes were shut and he grabbed the back of my throat. I tried to move my head but it was no use. In an instant rope after rope of hot white creamy cum came filling into my mouth. He held my cock there so I had to swallow just to breath a bit. After a few loads of cum he pulled out and continued stroking where another 3 ropes of thick cum slapped my face. Cum was dripping from my eye brows and down my cheek.

Then Mr. 8 inches comes back up to me. I begin turning my head and shaking "no" as much as possible but he grabbed me by the hair and shoved his cock back in my mouth. I could still taste the cum from the first man as he began thrusting in and out. He was rock hard and loved making my throat wrap around his meaty head. Then he pulled out and bent over. His ass was right in my face. I tried to get away but the other guy who had blown his load over my face grabbed my head and forced my nose into his hole. Then he moved his ass into my mouth. I was ordered to lick the hole clean with my tongue. I tried to refuse but then a quick but painful smack on the ass sent me yelling into the open. Now now blocked by total gag my yell filled the room and I was sure would have made someone aware outside. I had sucked in air ready to yell again when another SMACK came crashing down upon me. The man yelled over my cries, "Eat that ass like the bitch you are!"

I immediately muffled myself from yelling out again and began licking, as best I could this man's ass which was forced upon me. Again, for the first time, I was tasting yet another part of a man I had never dreamed of actually doing. Although I was doing what I could with my tongue, I could tell that I wasn't doing a good enough job because he kept pressing his ass against my face but my gag would only allow me to do so much. Finally he whipped around and again fucked my mouth. He held his cock in my mouth till the saliva was again flowing. Then forced his cock all the way into my mouth till his balls were hitting my chin. He then fucked again until the all to familiar swell began. This time however only the first blow of cum hit my mouth. He immediately pulled out and came all over my hair and face. I was lapping up the first load while streams of cum splashed my face. He groaned and groaned until he looked spent. Then he forced the rest of his cum out of his cock and smeared it on my face and under my nose making me smell the scent of cum long after it was shot. After he finished using my face, he plopped his softening cock back in his jock, pulled up his pants and buttoned up. The he pulled out a phone and took a pic of my face covered in his spunk. Then he just as casually put the phone back in his pocket and left the room.

The door shut and one more man walked up and began feeling my ass. Then he slipped his hand under me and felt me like a dog getting their testicles checked at a fair. "He's raging guys!" he bellowed. " He is loving every minute of this. His fucking underwear is soaked from all the precum oozing out of him. I guess that means he's a little bitch bottom like most other bullies out there."

Then he grabbed my bruised ass cheeks and spread them wide. He pulled till a moan of discomfort left my mouth. Then he grabbed the waste band of my underwear and said, "This is for all the people you tormented you mean bully!" and he pulled them towards my head with all the strength in his body. I was in agony. I could hear the fabric stretching and tearing. Then the other man I had not met said, "Oh let me do it!" and he walked up to my head grabbed the stretched waistband and pulled it in a chest curl that sent me howling. The band tore and he pulled and pulled till the wast band was able to go in my mouth while still attached in the front. The added strain kept my gag firmly in place and made sure I kept my head up because if I tried to lower it, the gag would get moved into awkward position that wasn't comfortable at all and make me choke.

Then the other guy who initiated this wedgie tore the rest of my underwear away leaving my ass again helplessly naked before these other men. Then they again turned the table forcing my ass higher into the air. Then the wedgie man poured lube on my hole and began working his finger into me. I moaned and he said, "This will teach you Bully, that your ass belongs to us and there is nothing you can do about it. This feeling of helplessness will remind you to never make others feel that way like you have for so long!" And with that, he shoved his whole finger into my ass. It was a slight pain. It was new. It stung but not in a bad way at all. He began fucking my hole with his finger. In and out he went. Then he slid another figure in making the tight feeling return. Again and again he plunged until he began stretching my hole open farther. It hurt but not terribly. Then the other guy who stood in front of me would pour more lube in my hole making the figures glide in and out without a problem. Then he abruptly pulled out his fingers and I felt something push against my hole. It was smooth and bigger than his fingers had been. My ass was no leaking lube out of it and clearly this object had been lubed up. "Just breath out," said one of the guys. Then as I exhaled a big breath he slid the object in my ass a few inches getting the bulbous part inside. I screamed into the gag and hands quickly covered my mouth to muffle the yell but they all just laughed and made mocking shushing noises. As the pain subsided the men slowly eased their hands away from my mouth and inch by inch the instrument was lowered into my ass. Suddenly as if my ass had decided to swallow, the object was sucked inside me and stoppered itself in my hole. "That's called a butt plug my new little fuck toy!" said one man. "That's going to get you all ready for the evening ahead!" said another.

I was in agony and bliss at the same time. The men would all thump the butt plug ever so often while each of them took a turn fucking my helpless mouth. The one who originally came in my mouth would stay behind me and play with the dildo while the others took turns respectfully to blow massive loads in my mouth and hair. All except the 9 ½ inch cock and the original man had now blown a load either in me or on me. That is 4 loads of cum more than I had EVER had even near me by another man ever in my life. Then when the forth load of cum was projecting on my face the butt plug was pulled out. I moaned out loud but I was surprised that it didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought it would. Then it was shoved back in. They began fucking me with the plug. This was not the best feeling in the world and the pressure in my stomach would give sharp pains at time making me whimper and beg for them to slow down. They would oblige and then begin again laughing. Then the man with the 9 ½ inch cock walked back to my face. He pulled out his cock and demanded I suck him and get him hard. He fed me his cock and I began to fulfill his request immediately. Soon all 9 ½ inches were raging and I was once again choking on such a massive and overwhelming dick. Then he pulled out of my mouth walked over behind me. He then cut my briefs completely off. The men took the gag that had become so apart of me off that my jaw ached. They then shoved my own precum soaked briefs into my mouth and taped it shut. "Trust me," one guy said, "your going to be glad you have something to bite down on!"

They of course made sure to have the part of my underwear that had the majority of my precum on it touch my tongue and then they tapped my mouth closed. Mean while the dildo was still being plunged in and out of my rectum. Then at once it was pulled out and I could feel the head of this man's cock press against my ass. He was just a bit bigger than the plug had been so instantly there was pressure as he began. I moaned and bit the underwear given to me by my captors as the head slid, waited, and then plunged through my hole. The head was inside me. I felt as though I was being filled up as inch by inch he slid farther into me. I could feel him. He was inside me. He would pull out and push in and pull out and push in over and over. Then he slowly began thrusting a bit more and a bit more. I was on fire! My whole body was screaming for this to end. But all that happened was more lube and the occasional rest to give my ass a chance to relax a bit. Then it was back to work. He began thrusting again and again till I felt his balls slapping my ass like a coach does to a fellow team mate.

He humped and road my ass until he was leaning into me and filling me with everything he had. I was moaning. I could feel my cock bouncing as he road me. I was now his bitch. There was nothing I could to but allow this stranger to fuck my virgin hole with all 9 ½ inches of man meat! He pounded away until I began to enjoy it! I actually began to moan in ecstasy. Then as the tempo of his fucking began to increase I could almost feel his cock growing inside my body. Suddenly I felt warm cum fill my tender body. And at the very same moment I released. My body entered another state of consciousness. My body seized and cum shot over my chest. I could feel it running down to my neck because of the angle I was restrained in. More and more cum left my cock and more and more cum entered my ass. The feeling was pure bliss. I groaned and groaned as the men around me cheered for both me and the 9 ½ inch geyser that was erupting inside me. It was a few moments later that I could feel him soften inside me and slowly snake out of my body. My hole was so sore. But I was still swimming in my mind.

The man that captured me came up almost immediately. He rubbed my back, my ass, and then grabbed my cock. It was so sensitive that I jumped at the touch. But he grabbed me by the balls with such force and determination that my sensitivity just went away. Suddenly I felt him slide my cock into something. It covered my cock and then I heard it click shut. My balls were strapped like a cock ring and now something was covering my cock. I began to try and speak again but the man cut me off and explained.

"You don't need to worry. This device won't hurt you, but you will want to try and control your hard on from now on."

I was so tired. This had lasted much longer than I had even planned on staying just to watch. I moaned a question asking what time it was, just to see if they would take the gag off so I could talk. The guys just mocked me told me to relax and be quiet. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.



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