As Jake and I pulled away from the ranch, Jake said "You are a fucking pain in my ass faggot."

I just stared at Jake, did that really just happen?

After a minute I spoke up and said "my pants are back at the ranch."

"Well we're not going back, they may have gone inside to get some shot guns. Shit, after what I just did they may be coming after us."

"All I saw was their beat up pickup so I don't think they can catch us."

"God damn it Chad, why do you keep screwing with my life.

I sat and thought for a minute, "I don't think I screw up your life, I think you may like me more than you want to admit."

"Like you? The only things I like about you are your mouth and you ass, both of which make me feel good. I'm straight as they come, you're just a good way for me to get my rocks off when I can't find some chick to take care of me."

"Then why do you care if I'm having fun with other guys? Then why did you tell that guy a couple of weeks ago that my mouth and ass are yours and yours alone? Why did you pull me away from the frat party last night? Why did you take me away from those guys just now?"

"Those guys looked like they were going to hurt you, I had to get you away from them."

"What about the at the frat party."

"Because I got pissed that they were using you like some sort of cum rag."

Besides our usually brief conversations while I was servicing him, this was the longest conversation we had ever had.

"What if they were? What if I like it?"

"Not only that but I was afraid that you were going to tell them that I had fucked you before and they might start to wonder how I knew you. I don't want you screwing up my chances of getting into that fraternity in the Fall because they might think I may be queer by association."

"Let me get this right, it's ok for you to fuck me and feed me your cock whenever you want to but it's not ok for me to suck other guys' cocks and get fucked by them."

"Damn right and you better remember that cocksucker."

My head was spinning. I don't know why but this conversation and thinking of Jake and all those other guys using me was making my cock hard. Jake looked over.

"See asshole, just being near me makes you hard, you don't need anyone else but me because I'm the only one that gives you what you need."

"Fuck you Jake. I'm going to suck any cock I want and let any cock up my ass that can fill me. You aren't the only cock in the world."

Jake pulled the car off to the side of the road. "Get your ass in the back seat."

"Like I said before, fuck you."

Jake grabbed my arm and forced me into the back seat of the convertible. He moved me around so that I was facing the back of the car with my arms over the part of the car where the top disappeared. He climbed in the back seat behind me and pushed my legs farther apart while he pulled his shirt off. Since I didn't have any pants on there was nothing between me and his cock that he had just pulled out of his jeans. He slammed his cock into me like it was going to be his last fuck ever. With each angry thrust he pushed me farther over the trunk of the car. This wasn't going to be one of the fucks that I had tricked him into doing that I like, this was Jake taking his anger out on me. I had never felt him this forceful before. I could feel the sweat dripping from his chest onto my back. I could sense how taut all of his muscles were. He seemed to be having an out of body experience. His cock had never felt bigger nor had I ever felt it going deeper into me. He was biting and sucking on my neck. With a yell he filled my hole with the biggest load of cum he had ever given me. There was so much it actually leaked out of my ass because it had nowhere else to go. Jake collapsed against my back trying to catch his breath. His cock was still rock hard in my ass. He slowly started to push and pull his cock inside my ass. With all the cum that he had given me, his cock slid easily within me. This was a different kind of fuck. Not exactly gentle but one with less urgency and anger. Now I started to push back against his cock with each of his thrusts. His chest remained on my back and the feel of his taut, muscled pecs felt right. He had pushed his arms forward so his biceps were near my mouth. I started to kiss his biceps as he continued to push and pull his cock along my ass walls. Jake lightly bit by earlobe. Again I felt him fill my ass with his hot cum. He let his cock slide out of my ass. Neither of us had sad a word during both fucks. "Let's get you some gas", were the only words out of his mouth.

We drove in silence. A few truckers who were able to see that I was naked from the waist down honked their horns. Jake gave them the finger each time. We finally reached the gas station which looked like something out of the 50's. They even had someone come out to fill the tank, wipe the windows and check the oil. I didn't know that existed anywhere any more. Jake got out of the car and talked to the attendant about also needing to buy or borrow a gas can. They must have agreed on the price.

The attendant moved toward the front of the car to clean the windows and couldn't help but notice that I was naked from the waist down. He stared for a minute and then turned to Jake. "I would never have guessed that you were gay, you look and act so straight.

"I'm NOT a faggot."

"Well the naked guy in the front seat tells a different story. He's also pretty hot."

"Fuck you man, just fill the tank and get the gas can so we can get on the way."

The attendant finished filling up the tank and went into the garage. He came out and filled in with gasoline. He told Jake it was going to be $54.76. Jake went to get his wallet out of his back pocket and realized he didn't have it. "God damn it, I must have left it at the motel desk when I checked out this morning. Chad, do you have some money we can use?"

"Sorry, I don't. It's in my jeans that we left at the ranch."

"Shit, what are we going to do? Dude, will you trust us to get you the money later today? We'll drive to the city and get some and bring it back."

"No way am I going to let two faggots leave without paying up."

"I am NOT a faggot. God damn it. Is there is something we can work out?"

"Yeah, leave this cocksucker here and you can have him back when you bring me the money."

I could see the wheels turning in Jake's head. "Shit, not many other options. Chad, you stay here and I'll be back in a little over 2 hours." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

I waved Jake closer. "So, it's ok if he uses my mouth and ass while you're gone? Wasn't it you that said they belonged to you and you alone?"

"That's right, they're mine but I can loan them out if I want."

Looking over at the attendant and getting a better look, he actually was pretty hot, "Ok. Take your time."

Jake shot me a look that was the closest thing to lightning bolts. He leaned in "don't be too good."

I got out of the car bare assed as Jake burned rubber and left the gas station. "Do you have anything I can put on while I'm waiting?"

Just as I asked that a car pulled into the station. "Hey Jason, what' up with the guy with no pants?"

"Long story. He and his boyfriend didn't have any money so the boyfriend went home to get some money, left this guy as collateral, if you get my drift. What do you need?"

"Why don't you fill my car up while I fill up this guy." I checked the guy out. Looked sort of preppy in a pair of shorts and a polo. Also looked like he was in pretty good shape.

Attendant said, "add another $30 to the cost of your gas and his all yours. $20 if you do it out here so I can watch. Make it $50 and $40 if you want to fill his ass."

"What if somebody comes by?"

"No big deal, might drive business up."

The preppy guy looked around to figure out a place to do it as a show. He decided to sit on the hood of his car after he pushed his shorts down below his cock. He started stroking his cock. "Come and get it fag". He waved his cock at me. As usual, who am I to turn down and nice looking cock? I stepped between his legs and took the head of his cock into my mouth. While his dick wasn't that long, it had a big head that filled my mouth nicely. "Fuck, this cocksucker has a nice, warm mouth." The attendant was watching as he filled the tank. I grabbed the preppy guy's balls and moved them around in my hands while I took more of his cock into my mouth. He leaned farther back on the hood of his car. A truck went by and blew his horn while I blew preppy guy. All of sudden the guy's ass rose up from the hood and he filled my mouth with his jizz. At the same time the attendant finished filling his tank.

"That will be $38.56 for the gas and $20 for his mouth". Preppy guy paid up and pulled away. Another guy pulled in and the attendant offered the same deal. This guy looked like he couldn't be more than a day over 18 and didn't seem to know what to do. The attendant encouraged him to try his first blow job. The kid wasn't willing to do it in public so he took me into the office of the station and trembled as I took his dick into my mouth. In seconds he unloaded his pent up sperm into my mouth. He apologized for coming so soon. I told him it was ok, that it happens the first time. The attendant was still filling up the kid's car so I took the kid's dick back into my mouth and showed him what a real blow job could and should feel like. I had him squirming all over the place while I brought him to the edge and then backed off and took him to the edge again. Kid was moaning as I took a second load from him. I made sure he knew how much I enjoyed the gift he gave me. As the kid walked out of the office the attendant told him that it would be $22.79 for the gas and $30 for the he blow job. The kid gladly paid it. He drove away with a smile on his face.

Over the next hour six more guys took advantage of what the attendant had to offer. All of them chose blow jobs filling me with my favorite form of protein.

After the last car drove away the attendant put a sign up in the door that said someone would be back in 15 minutes and told me to follow him. This was one of the gas stations that had a small car wash behind the station. He told me to take the rest of my clothes off and he did the same. He turned the car wash on and then told me to follow him in. While the brushes were turning and soapy water was covering each of us he had me bend over. He rubbed some of the soapy water on his dick and rubbed more on the ass. This was the first time I had seen his cock, which was pretty impressive even though it was no Jake. "You ready for this pussy boy?" My response was to wiggle my ass at him. He pushed his soapy cock up my ass with force, pushing me into one of the spinning brushes but he held me up. He started plowing and cleaning my ass at the same time. I had to admit it was probably one of the most unusual places I had ever been fucked but the warm soapy water felt good on my skin just as his cock felt good up my ass. With a grunt I felt him fill my ass. As he pulled out the spinning brushes wiped away any of the cum that may have been leaking from my ass.

The attendant turned the car wash off and he put his clothes back on while I put my shirt back on and we walked out front. Jake was at the entrance to the car wash glaring at the two of us. "Here's your money" and he threw it at the attendant who picked it up.

"That's ok", giving Jake the money back,"keep your money, I made more than enough to cover the gas and the can."

Jake grabbed my arm and practically threw me into his Audi. We were both silent as we drove back to my piece of shit Chevy. One thing I knew for sure was that Jake was going to fuck me before I had the chance to put some pants on. I was right.


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