My apologies for having been AWOL for a couple of weeks.  Needed to get some sleep.

I think I ended up getting less than 2 hours of sleep. During that brief time I had a dream about Jake the asshole, yes, I've gone back to using that name. He was such a douche last night. Why do I keep thinking about him? I know why, he's fucking handsome with a great, and I mean great, cock. I tried to wake Brian up but he was out cold. I don't know how many times he may have sucked Craig, the RA, off before he went to sleep but his stomach had to be full from every cock he ate last night.

Just after sunrise, I packed up my piece of shit Chevy, left the key in Craig's room, and left the State campus stopping to pick up some coffee on the way out of town. As I drove I kept reliving everything that had transpired in the last 24 hours, the guy in the laundry room, the frat party, the dorm party and then the odd time spent with the Senior RA and a 12" black dildo. I just wanted to get home and sleep until Monday morning.

The drive back from State would be a two hour drive on the Interstate. Since it was a Saturday there wasn't much traffic on the state route and it could cut about 15 minutes from the drive so I decided I could use the extra 15 minutes of sleep. I drove past the on-ramp to the Interstate and headed up the state route.

The only bad thing about the state route was that it was boring as hell with nothing to see except some small towns of in the distance. I never really liked driving in the desert. I tried to find a station on the radio but it was pretty much just static or country western, which I can't stand.

I was about 45 minutes into the drive when the piece of shit Chevy started to sputter. I was praying it wasn't another belt that had gone bad but when I looked at the gas gauge it was on empty. I'm such as asshole, why hadn't I filled up before I left State. I tried my cell phone and I was in one of the cell phone holes that are scattered around the state. FUCK! I couldn't remember the last gas station I had seen back on the road so I decided to try to walk or hopefully hitch a ride up to the next station.

As I was walking along I heard an engine and looked back down the road. I saw a beat up pickup driving toward me. I stuck my thumb out. The pickup pulled drove past me but then stopped a short distance up the road. I picked up my pace and was alongside the pickup in seconds. For the lack of a better description a young 'good ol' boy' stuck his head out the window. "That you're car back a ways?"

"Yeah, I ran out of gas."

The man turned to an older 'good ol' boy' that was driving. "Pa, can we give this guy a lift to the gas station?"

"Only be the right thing to do, it's gonna hit 100 today at least."

The young guy jumped out of the pickup. "You'll have to sit between us or you can ride in back."

"Middle is fine with me. Thanks."

"Hop in." I climbed into the pickup and then the young guy followed me in. There wasn't a lot of room due to the gear shift. My legs had to touch the younger guy.

Young guy said "my name is Bud and my Pa is just called Paddy due to him being Irish."

"Nice to meet you both, I'm Chad. I really appreciate you giving me a lift."

"I think it's going to be our pleasure." What the hell did that mean?

Paddy asked "you a college boy?"

"Well, yeah, I'm going to be transferring to State this coming Fall from the school I currently attend."

Bud spoke up, "you a city kid?"

"Yeah, I'm from the city."

Paddy says "well ain't that the darnedess, a college city kid who doesn't have enough brains to have enough gas when he drives across the desert."

"Good thing I never went to college, right Pa?" Then Bud and Paddy laughed.

"Ya know son, I think our little college boy here might be a queer. What do you think?"

"Not sure, why don't we find out." Bud pulled his cock out of his overalls. I couldn't help but look.

"Yeah Pa, he sure is. Can't keep his eyes off my pecker."

"Why don't you see if he's any good? Been a while since we had a faggot stop by our place."

Bud, whose muscles showed that he was a strong guy, put his beefy hand on the back of my neck and started pulling me toward his cock. On principle alone I struggled. All that did was have Paddy put his hand on my back and pushed me towards his son's dick.

"Go on college boy, you know that you want my son's dick. Taste it. NOW!"

We had just turned down a gravel road as I took Bud's cock head into my mouth but Bud had other ideas. He shoved my head down his cock until it hit the back of my throat but that didn't stop him, he kept pushing until his cock went down my throat.

"Yeah Pa, this boy knows how to take a cock, I'm all the way in and he didn't even fight or gag."

Bud started moving my cock up and down the shaft of his cock. My inner cum slut took over at that point and I started working his cock, I started moving my tongue within my mouth moving it roughly over the shaft of his cock. He let up the pressure on the back of my head so I was able to slide up his shaft and just have the head of his cock in my mouth. Using my lips and tongue I showed Bud what a college boy cock sucker could do for him. I could hear him moan.

"That good, huh son?"

"Oh fuck yeah. Get ready queer boy, going to shoot down your throat." Which he promptly did.

"Well, I'll be a son of a bitch, Pa, he swallowed all my jizz."

"Shit fire, I need some of that, pushing him over this way."

I heard Paddy work his zipper and knew that he was pulling his cock out. Bud moved my head so that I was now facing Paddy's cock. Bud tried to push me down, but between the steering wheel and the gear shift, there was no way that was going to happen.

"Pull over Pa. We can change places." Paddy pulled the pick up to a stop and we all got out of the pickup.

"Long as we're stopped, let's have him take care of me out here, ain't nobody can see us here."

Bud pushed me on to my knees while Paddy came toward me with his cock growing. Now Paddy had a nice dick but nothing like his son's. I hoovered down Paddy's cock as I held on to the base of his cock and his big balls. Every once in a while I slide off his cock and licked and sucked both of his balls. To be honest I was trying to do a good job and get him off so they would take me for the gas so I could head for home.

"Man, oh man, can this little fucker suck some cock!"

"Watching him is getting me horny again Pa."

"You're gonna have to wait your turn again. When your brothers see this queer boy they gonna want to have a shot at him too. Oh it comes boy." Paddy filled me with his cum which had both a salty and earthy taste to it.

Bud pulled me up and pushed me back into the pickup and we continued on to their ranch.

At the time I didn't know that Jake had also left the State campus not long after I had. He had left the fraternity house after he told the social chairman he could have me and had decided he didn't want to spend the night at the frat house so had checked into a local motel. He had had a fitful night of sleep too. He told me later that he kept thinking about me.

When the sun came up he got out of bed, took a shower and hopped in his Audi convertible and started home. Like me he decided to take the state route instead of the highway because he knew it would be less crowded, he could speed easier and he could take off his shirt and get some sun on the way home which is exactly what he did.

From what Jake told me, he passed the piece of shit Chevy on the side of the road. He recognized it because he remembered fucking me in the back seat on campus one day. He stopped to see if I was ok (be still my heart) but didn't find me and realized I had run out of gas. He got back on the road but hadn't seen me by the time he got to the gas station. He asked the owner if he had seen a blonde guy about 5'10" that morning. The owner told Jake no but did tell him that there was a ranch back up the road between where my car ran out of gas and the gas station and told him where the gravel road would be to get to the ranch.

The pickup pulled up to the front of a ranch house surrounded by cacti and brush. Bud and Paddy got out of the truck with Bud pulling me out with him.

"Caleb, Joshua, get your asses out here, we got a present for ya."

Two identical twins even more built than Bud came out the front door. They were also wearing overalls but didn't have any shirts on underneath the overalls. It was obvious that they both worked hard on the ranch because the muscles in the arms, shoulders and back were awesome.

"We found us a queer city boy. He sure knows how to suck him some cock. We both had a go at him, thought you two would like some of him too."

As the twins moved closer they both starting rubbing long tubes of cock down the right leg of their overalls. "Sounds good to us Pa. Think he can handle both of us?"

"Don't know. He's not big like you guys. He just sucked us off, I know you like to fuck'em."

"Never know until we try. It's been a while since we found a city faggot to double fuck."

OH SHIT! If the twins' cocks were as big as them it'll probably kill me.

Not sure if it was Caleb or Joshua but one of them laid down on the ground with his cock sticking up through his overalls. Paddy and his bud wrangled me out of my jeans and had me lower myself on to the cock of one of the twins. Oh shit, the twin's cock felt good up my ass. It was long and thick, very much like Jake the asshole's cock. Just as the other twin got between his brother's legs and had the head of his cock pushed against my asshole and his brother's cock I heard tires spinning on the gravel road.

"What the fuck", Jake thought as he saw me on one of the twin's cock with the other trying to poke his cock into me. Jake did a skid on the gravel throwing rocks up into the faces of Paddy and Bud. Jake jumped from the car and did a roundhouse into the twin that was just starting to put his cock into me

Knocking him on his ass. In one swift movement Jake grabbed me under my arms and lifted me off the other twin's cock and ordered me to get into his car. As the twin on the ground started to get up, Jake punched his as well. Jake jumped into the car and spun the tires again, pelting all four with more gravel.

"You are a fucking pain in my ass faggot."

I just stared at Jake, did that really just happen?

After a minute I spoke up and said "my pants are back at the ranch."


Be Well,


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