Even though I reeked of sex and I could feel the wetness of the cum on the seat of my pants, I went to the front desk and asked for a 6 am wake up call. I would get much less sleep than is my usual but I wanted to make sure I was ready for the run with Matt at 6:30. I knew the way that the front desk guy looked at me, he knew what I had just done.

When I got to my room, I peeled off my clothes, I hadn't noticed, but some of my own cum had landed on my jeans and was already dry and crusty. I jumped in the shower, even I had started to get offended by my smell, and let the hot water soothe my body. While I was drying off, I noticed that my lips and the skin around them looked raw, the results of the man's, who shoved his tongue down my throat, unshaven face. I put some lip balm on before climbing into bed.

When the phone rang at 6:00 am, I forced myself into consciousness and picked up the receiver. A cheery recorded voice told me it was 6 am and to have a wonderful day. I called the desk and asked for a 7:30 wakeup call. A little extra sleep trumped playing with Matt's cock again. Sometimes even us cum sluts need to rest.

When the phone rang again at 7:30, I answered and made myself get out of bed. Since I had showered before I went to bed, I decided I would just shave so that I could make the first session of the day at 8:00. My lips still looked raw and I had bags under my eyes, so I put on some concealer. With a little product I could make my bed head look something close to how I like to wear it. I wore the blue blazer and the slacks I had worn on Monday but chose a different color shirt and tie.

I made it to the area of the convention center where our sessions were taking place with only minutes to spare. Both the 8:00 and 9:00 sessions were good and I learned some new techniques on how to conduct an effective interview and when HR departments use Social Media as a sort of background check, it can come back to haunt you if you don't inform candidates that you will be doing so.

The 10:00 break was in the exhibition hall again, since I felt so guilty about not meeting Blake for the run, I avoided the area where his booth was located. Since I wasn't that interested in spending more time in the vendor area, I went back to my room to get my laptop, I thought I could get some work done before the next session. Instead of staying in my room, I went down to the lobby and got a cup of coffee and sat in the lobby.

An area of the lobby was roped off and some sort of maintenance was going on. There were two guys working. I stopped reading and responding to emails and watched. One of the guys was not much taller than me and was maybe a few pounds heavier but it looked to be muscle based on the size of his biceps. The short sleeves of the beige work shirt he was wearing looked like they were strangling his arm. He had light brown hair and what looked to be brown eyes and looked to be in his mid-thirties. The other guy was maybe 6'1" or 6'2", and had to weight maybe 220, which also looked to be muscle weight. This guy had dark hair, it was neither black nor brown, but a mix of both. I guessed his age to be mid-forties, I'm not sure why but he just seem to be the one in charge, telling the other one what to do, while doing very little himself. His chest was so broad that he had several buttons at the top of his shirt open. I wondered if they were workout buddies and pictured them at the gym in revealing workout gear. Both men had tool belts that were riding low on their hips over their brown work pants giving them an even sexier look.

I must have been staring and the bigger man turned toward me and caught me looking. I put my head down and looked at my laptop again but it wasn't long before I was staring again and I got caught again. The bigger guy said something to the smaller man and they both looked at me.

It was getting close to the 11:00 sessions, so I closed my laptop and headed to the hallway that led to the convention center. I had to pass the two maintenance men, and as I did, the bigger one made sure I saw him grab his crotch and gave me a sneer and then laughed. He turned back to his work.

The last sessions of the conference ended just before 3:00. The rest of the afternoon were committee meetings and other organizational happenings. There was nothing I needed to be at until the closing reception at 7:00 so I went back to my room. When I opened the door, I noticed two things, the room hadn't been made up yet and that it was hotter than hell. When I put my hand up to the vent, it was blowing hot air. I took off my blazer so it didn't get sweaty and hung it up. I loosened my tie and rolled up my sleeves and then picked up the phone. I called the front desk and told them about the AC problem as well as the unmade up room. I was told someone from maintenance and someone from housekeeping would be up shortly.

I don't know why I didn't have the presence of mind to go hang out in the lobby, but I didn't. Instead I took off my shirt, tie and pants and put on my running shorts while I waited. I was sitting at the small table in my room and had pulled out my personal tablet. I was bored, so I pulled up one of the porn sites that I visit occasionally. At the same time I heard the knock, the door opened and someone called out 'maintenance', and in walked three men. Thought it was a little overkill, but, whatever. I realized that two of the guys were the same men I had seen working in the lobby. The third guy was younger, about my height, thin with a shock of red hair and freckles.

The big guy came over to my side of the room since the thermostat was on the wall next to the window. He gave me another sneer when he moved passed me and I'm sure he bumped me on purpose. He fiddled around with the thermostat. "Fucking thing is broken, we're going to have to replace it." Turning to me, "You're the guy from the lobby that kept staring at me." He turned around so that he was facing the other two men. "Finn, go back to the maintenance shop and get a new thermostat." With great sarcasm he added, "This 'guest' must have broken it." Finn left my room and the big guy said to the other guy from the lobby, "He probably didn't know how to work it, it's so hard, on or off, cool or hot, and slide the temperature button."

The other guy responded, "Mike, watch it, you're already on probation for the way you speak to guests."

"Fuck that shit Paddy, this pretty boy is making us miss the end of the Sox game. Do you know how long it took me score those tickets for us? Fucking supervisor wouldn't let us take the afternoon off and now we ain't going to even get to the game at all, and it's his fault. We could be sitting in the stands and having a beer, but no, we're forced to take overtime to fix something that his asshole broke."

"You don't know that Mike."

"It didn't break on its own, and by the way the room looks, he didn't just check in. The fag broke it."


"What? That I called him a fag? You should see what he's watching over here. A guy on his knees, sucking not one, but two, cocks. A straight dude doesn't watch that shit." Paddy came over to where we were and looked at the screen just before I turned the tablet off. "Ya saw it, right? Queer, queer, queer. Shit man, take a look at the bed, it's all messed up, he probably just had some guy up here and now he wants to cool down." Paddy didn't say anything.

I finally spoke up, "Maybe the two of you should wait outside until the other guy gets back with the part."

"Why? Are you going to report me? I don't give a flying fuck. I'm sick of this place. Let them fire me, I can draw unemployment for a while and won't have to pay my bitch of a former wife as much alimony."


"Shut the fuck up Paddy, if they don't fire me, I'll just quit. I'm sick of our boss, I'm sick of the General Manager, and I'm sick of fucking guests." He laughed, "Even though I ain't never actually fucked a guest." Mike turned back to me, "Would you like that boy? How 'bout if I fuck you? Give me a big sendoff before I walk out of this place for good."

"Mike! Come on man, cool down, you don't mean what you're saying. Let's just go tell the boss that we couldn't get if fixed. They'll move this guy to a new room. We can clock out and try to get to the end of the game or just go get a beer at O'Malley's."

Mike didn't even acknowledge what Paddy had said, he just stepped closer to me as he unzipped his work pants. "You ever been fucked by a man faggot?" He pulled out a good sized dick from his pants. "You ever had something like this up your ass?" He was waving it at my face.

"Come on Mike, let's get out of here."

Mike spun his head toward Paddy and caught Paddy staring at the dick in his hand, "I fucking knew it, you're a god damn fag too. Always hanging around with me, trying to get me to go have beers with ya all the time, never had a girlfriend that I know about. You've been wanting to swing on this too. Get your ass over here."

I had watch this all unfold. I could have gotten up, I could have left or I could have called the desk or hotel security, but no. Once I saw Mike swinging his cock, my inner cum slut went into overdrive, and I watched how his cock started to grow as he was yelling at Paddy. I grabbed Mike's dick. His head spun back to me, "What the.....?"

"You asked me if I wanted it", and I pulled it toward my mouth. If this asshole wanted to fuck me, it was going to be on my terms, not his. Mike tried to pull back but I had a strong grip on his cock.

"I was just talking, I ain't no fag."

"If you mean having your cock in another man's mouth, you are now." I put my lips around his big head. He was bigger and stronger than me, if he really didn't want me to suck his dick, he could have easily gotten away. As I took more of his dick into my mouth, I used my free hand to play with his heavy balls. Paddy had moved closer and stood mesmerized rubbing the growing bulge in his work pants. I kept taking more and more of Mike's cock between my lips and rubbed my tongue aggressively on its underside. I raised my eyes and saw that Mike was just staring down at me or maybe he was just staring at his dick that kept going deeper into my mouth.

If I was going to be Mike's initiation to having his cock sucked by a faggot, I wasn't just going to let him stand still while I did the work, he was going to be a participant. When I had most of his dick in my mouth, I took both of my hands and brought them around to his ass. He sort of jumped when I touched it but then calmed down. I slid my mouth back a bit and then pulled his ass toward me, causing his dick to slide deeper in my mouth. I did this a few times until he got the idea and soon he was moving his hips. I then grabbed both of his hands and brought them to my head. When I had, I stopped bobbing my head and just stayed still while he rocked his hips, now he was fucking my face. It wasn't long before he started pulling my head on to his cock as he pumped. I think I had released his inner feeder and soon I was going to find out if I could release his inner breeder.

I waved Paddy over while Mike continued to ram away at my mouth and throat. Through hand signals, I got Paddy to kneel close to us. When he had, I grabbed the base of Mike's dick as I struggled to pull my head out of his grip. He seemed disappointed when I pulled him out of my mouth. The disappointment didn't last long as I turned his cock toward Paddy. Now Paddy may have never told Mike that he liked cock and probably never told Mike that he had, what he thought, was gay crush on a straight man, but now he had his chance. Paddy opened his mouth and began working Mike's dick like a pro. Mike was using some of the techniques I had shown him and soon he was taking control and having Paddy do what he wanted. Mike started to get verbal, saying things to Paddy like "you like my big cock, don't you", "Yeah, suck it" and "gag on it bitch". Mike was really getting in to it.

When Mike was getting ready to cum, he didn't ask Paddy if he wanted it, he must have just let it fly and Paddy greedily swallowed all of it, because none leaked from the corner of his mouth. As Mike pulled his still hard dick from Paddy's mouth, Paddy made sure to lick it clean while Mike watched. When Paddy had finished he said, "I've waited a long time for that and now I want you to fuck me."

Paddy stood up and removed his tool belt, work pants and underwear and leaned over the bed, raising his ass as he did. Mike stood there, unsure what to do. I unfastened Mike's tool belt and opened his pants. Since he zipper was down it was easy to pull his pants and his underwear down. Mike still stood frozen.

I spoke up, "Mike, you've come this far." I grabbed Mike's still rigid pole and guided him to Paddy's waiting hole. "Push". Mike tentatively pushed but nothing happened. "Come on man, push." I put my hands on Mike's ass and helped until the head of his cock entered Paddy. I told Mike to grab Paddy's hips and pull. Paddy seemed well versed in getting fucked so it didn't take him long to push back to help Mike. Pretty soon Mike was balls deep in his friend.

Now it was Paddy's turn to talk, "Come on, Mike fuck me. Fuck me hard. Make me feel you use my ass." My work was done. While I watched Mike pile drive Paddy, I realized that I felt cheated. I didn't get anything from Mike and now I was hungry.

It was at that point that Finn came back in the room and when he saw what was going on, froze. I got up from the chair and went to where Finn stood like a statue. I got down on my knees and slid his zipper down. I reached into his pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. I started to stroke it and was amazed as it grew to see that it had freckles, just like his face. He didn't say anything as I started to lick his cock as it began to grow. I sucked it into my mouth and pretty soon it was hard and touching the back of my throat. Just like Mike, I think this may have been Finn's first blowjob from a guy, if not his first blowjob ever. And just like Mike I had to train him on what to do when he's feeding a guy his dick.

All of us were so into what we were doing we didn't notice that a housekeeper came into the room until she said something as she too, stood in place watching what was going on. We were all too far gone to stop. Pretty soon, my mouth filled with a load from Finn. From the sound of things, I guessed that Mike was giving Paddy his second load of the afternoon.

When I pulled my mouth off of Finn's dick and made sure to get the last drop from his tip, I turned my attention to the housekeeper, "Just leave me fresh towels and linens." She placed it all on the dresser and left quickly.

When everyone was done, and our breathing had returned to normal, the three men got their clothes back in place. Mike replaced the thermostat and cool air started coming from the vent. As they were leaving my room, Mike turned back to me as if to say something, but I guess he didn't know what. Instead, I said, "You guys should go get that beer you mentioned, I think you've got stuff to talk about." The door closed as they left. While I waited for the room to cool, I changed the linen on the bed since Paddy had left a souvenir.

Once the room was cool, I took a shower and wrapped myself in one the bathrobes that was provided in the room. I made the decision not to go to the closing event, it wasn't like it was anything important. I also decided that I didn't want to go down to one of the restaurants or bars in the hotel for dinner. I knew that I was going to go out later, to that other place the bartender had told me about, the Bijou. My flight back to Phoenix the next day wasn't until 2 PM, so I planned to stay out late, the afternoon had made me horny I was going to scratch the itch.

I decided on room service but didn't order anything too heavy, just a cup of soup and a Caesar salad with grilled chicken. I was fantasizing that the hotel staff member that would be bringing the food it to my room would be some hot guy who wanted to feed me something else. My fantasy was crushed when I opened the door while still in the robe, which of course I had loosened, and it was a perky young woman, who was very nice, but didn't have what I needed.

After I ate, I turned on the TV and watched several repeat episodes of "True Blood", a new show that was on HBO, that they were running back to back. I had already seen them but I couldn't resist feasting my eyes on Alexander Skarsgard and Ryan Kwanten, I got hornier just watching them.

It was just past 10 pm when I decided it was time to head out. I put on the same jeans I had worn the previous night, the ones that were thread bare in several places and had a rip under the right, back pocket. The cum stains had turned crusty but I didn't mind that they were noticeable. I put on the last of the tank tops I had brought with me. It was just some strings over my shoulders holding up a piece of material that fell just below my pecs. I checked myself in the mirror to make sure I had the look that I was going for, the one that screams "Give me your cock", and it did, after I mussed up my hair. I grabbed the card key for my room, my driver's license and some cash and left my room.

I got the usual stares that I get when I'm in my "going out" clothes when I hit the lobby, but I didn't care, in fact, I liked the attention. Since I had some time, instead of a cab, I was going to find out if I could get to the Bijou on the famous train and subway system. In several months, Phoenix was going to have a light rail system but from what I've been told it was nothing compared to what Chicago had. I went up to the Bell Desk and asked directions, after taking in my outfit, he asked where I was going, I told him a place called the Bijou on Wells. He pulled it up on his computer and asked if I was sure. I said I was and he gave me another look. He said the best way would be to take a taxi and I told him I wanted to try the trains. He explained to me that I would have to take, what he referred to, as a Metra train downtown; walk a couple of blocks and get on the Red Line subway on State Street; get off a Clark and Division and then walk several blocks. He pulled out a map and marked all the places he had mentioned, even marking the Bijou.

"Sir, are you sure about this? It's already dark and where you're going you might pass through some sketchy areas. Um, especially the way that you're, um, dressed."

"I'll be fine, thanks." Off I went, I didn't have to wait too long for the train. It was sort of cool, it was a double decker. There weren't many people in the car I boarded and the trip itself took less than 5 minutes. The station were we stopped was underground and I had to walk through the station and up the stairs to get to street level. All sorts of people were around that were so diverse, so much different than what I was used to in Phoenix. I walked the several blocks to the subway station. When I went down the stairs, paid my fare and got to the platform, I got what the Bellman was saying. The subway station smelled and no one seemed to be interacting with anyone, just standing and waiting. When the train came it was much different that the train I had been on. There were more people but the seats were uncomfortable. I took one of the seats that was along the side of the train so you were looking at the people across from you. One guy, who looked like he maybe had just gotten off of work based on his clothing, kept looking at me. He spread his legs and made sure I could see the bulge he was showing. He rearranged himself a few times while grinning at me. Tempted though I was, the man was relatively hot in that trade kind of way, I was on a mission, to find out what the Bijou was, especially based on what the bartender had told me the day before, "with your face and body, you'll be the belle of the ball". I had to find out what he meant. I smiled at the man when I got off the train, wondering if he would follow, but he didn't, I went up the stairs and walked the several blocks along Division and then on Wells until I was in front of the Bijou.

I don't know what I expected, but the Bijou wasn't it. It was a Victorian era building toward the end of a lot of different shops, bars and restaurants. There was a large neon sign with its name. The entrance was a dark door with BIJOU on a small plaque. I went inside and went up to a plexiglass window with a small speaker hole. I was told what the admission price was but that I would also have to buy a membership, it was still less expensive than I had imagined. I went through a turnstile and pulled a door open.

The first thing I noticed, when I went through the door, was how dark it was. There was some porn showing on a screen that was nowhere as big as screens in movie theaters. I stood off to the side while my eyes adjusted. Several men passed me who were leaving who seemed to go out of their way to touch me. When my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw that there were rows of seats like at a regular movie theater, but a lot less of them. Below the screen was a small stage that was empty. Some of the seats in every row were occupied and based on the sounds I heard, men were beating off and blow jobs were in progress. My kind of place.

There was a door to the right of the screen that kept opening and closing. Sometimes it was men in the theater seats that had gotten up and gone in or men coming out and either sitting down or passing me on the way to the exit, but there was a lot of men. There must be more than just the theater portion, maybe there was active bathroom beyond the door. I went to explore.

When I entered the door, the light seemed bright after the darkness of the movie theater. There was an open door that looked like it went out into some kind of backyard; a door to what I assumed was a bathroom; a circular metal staircase; a bench; and a soda vending machine. I decided to check out the bathroom.

The bathroom was much smaller than I had anticipated. Just a stall without a door and a sink. There was graffiti everywhere. There was also a man in the stall with his dick sticking through a glory hole and the man on the other side obviously enjoying what he was doing. The man in the stall winked at me.

When I left the john, there were several men going up or coming down the circular staircase. There must be something going on upstairs. Before heading up the stairs, I went to check out the backyard. It was a full moon so there was more than enough light to see that there was a lot going on. Several men were on their knees giving blow jobs and there was even someone getting fucked while he sucked another man's cock. There were a couple of men that appealed to me but they all had someone feeding on their dicks, so I decided to continue exploring.

I followed a man with a nice looking ass making his way up the staircase. It was narrow, so it was almost like you had to contort your body to let someone pass you in the other direction, but your bodies had to touch in some way. When a man was coming down there was no way not to see if they had a nice package. I enjoyed the view.

When I reached the top of the stairs, it emptied onto a hallway that went both right and left. Along the wall were men standing or leaning. It was like a smorgasbord, all ages, coloring, body types, and ethnicities. As I walked to the right, I passed a hallway that was all doors. All but one were closed and it looked like there were men waiting. In just a few more feet there was another hallway with more doors on each side but something else at the end of the hall. I walked passed the doors and entered a room. There were men milling around, some others that were kissing and yet others getting or giving blow jobs. I went back into the hallway of doors until I was back in the long hallway. I turned to the right and found a room that had movies showing. Some men were watching the movie and stroking themselves while others were checking each other out as they came in or exited the room. I went back out to the long hallway and headed in the other direction. After I passed the staircase off to my left it looked like there was a maze, I would need to check that out, but I kept going down the long hallways. Hands touched my abs, pecs and ass as I walked by. While I was tempted to stop and see who the hands belonged to, I kept moving forward. I passed what I assumed was the exit of the maze and found myself next to a counter with a hot man in a leather vest behind it. Various lubes, poppers and toys were available for purchase. Farther down the hallway on the right was a door that led into a large space that included a sling along with other playground equipment, so to speak. A naked man was in the sling. His legs were pulled apart and a man had his dick deep in the man. The man in the sling's head was hanging down and another cock was embedded in his throat. Men were standing around watching and/or waiting for their turn to be in the sling or used whomever was in the sling. Not my thing, so I went back out in the long hall way. I went to the far end of the hallway where there were multiple areas where men could play and all of them were in use. One man who had his cock deep in a kneeling man's mouth waved me over but I turned and went back down the long hallway.

There were quite a few men along the wall that appealed to me. It were those men that were taller than me with broad shoulders, muscled pecs and biceps that could be mistaken for baseballs. I was also attracted to those men who seemed to have a lot of confidence and the blue collar look. As I passed a man that fit that description, I was sure to stop and look his body up and down. A couple of the men were shirtless while others were wearing leather vests. Most wearing jeans that fit in a way that emphasized the size of their dicks. There were a few who wear only wearing jock straps. The other were either in leather pants or leather shorts.

While my head was turned checking one of the men out, someone bumped into me. It wasn't a casual touch of bodies, it was a bump. I turned my head just as he did, he had been checking out men to. The guy was the same height as me, looked like he weighed pretty much the same as me with the same kind of muscle definition, and about my age, but that's where the similarities ended. The guy was black with bleached blonde hair. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his jeans were so loose and baggy that they looked like they were ready to fall off. The front was so low that his shaved pubic hair was visible and from what I could see, they had to be so low in the back that most of his ass must have been showing. He kept them from falling by having a finger in one of the belt loops. Usually when I meet someone that is checking out the same men that I am, an aura of competition emerges immediately, but not this time. There was something about him that I liked right away and he must have felt the same thing. He stuck out his right hand while his left hand held up his jeans. We clasped hands, pulled close together and bumped chests and shoulders.

He tilted his head back in the direction he had just come from. I followed the guy to a corner that wasn't occupied. "Hey man, I'm Marcus." These were the first words I had heard since entering the Bijou.


"I don't know why, but I feel like you're my brother from another mother."

"I don't get it either but I felt the same way when I looked at you."

"And we are both here for the same thing, right? Cock and lots of it."

"That obvious?"

"Come on dude, you're checking out the same men I am. It's cool. And most of them are checking us both out, so let's have some fun together. I also get the sense that you haven't been here before the way you were checking the place out."

"Yep, a Bijou virgin."

"Great. Most of the men that you've been checking out have already had me, no, I've already had them. They like it when new meat comes in. If we work together, I can make sure you and I get the guys that have the most to give, both in size and in enthusiasm."

I had to laugh, it was a good idea. "Lead on."

"Before we do, either ditch the freakin' t-shirt or pull it behind your neck, it'll just get in the way."

I did what he suggested as we walked back down the line. When there was somebody that Marcus thought was a good candidate he rub his hand across the man's crotch and sometimes even let his baggy jeans slide completely off his ass. I would step in front of the same man but I'd put a hand on his pecs and biceps before letting it wander down. A few men pinched my nipples, some felt my ass, and one guy even put his fingers in the rip below my back pocket and ripped it a bit more. Neither Marcus nor I stayed too long with any one man. The men we ignored looked disappointed or pissed. The other guys who were after the same thing we were didn't seem to like the attention we were getting. After walking the whole line, Marcus headed to the opening of the maze, the one area I hadn't explored. There were doors that I assumed were small booths based on one that had its door open. There were some spaces that had walls of just chain link fence and others with plexiglass walls that were covered with scratched in graffiti and lines of dried cum. When we came to a junction of two hallways he had us stop. He was right, several of the men we had paid attention to were following us and they gathered around us.

Marcus focused on one of the men and I joined him. He was one of the hottest men that had been against the wall. His jeans were so tight that the size of his cock was obvious, and obviously nice. He liked the attention that we were giving him. Marcus got the man to get up on a ledge that was in the corner. When the man had, Marcus started to unbutton the man's jeans until he could pull his cock out. It was already getting hard as Marcus handled it. He gave me a look and then started to lick the man's balls while moving the man's dick in my direction. I instinctively knew what to do. While Marcus slathered the man's balls, I started to explore his cock with my tongue. I avoided the head because I knew that was probably what the man wanted but I was going to make him wait.

While Marcus was busy, someone pushed his baggy jeans down and they fell to his ankles. Marcus started to squirm, so I thought that someone must be fingering his hole. Someone was behind me. I could feel his crotch against my ass. I don't know if it was the same man or someone different, but a hand started rubbing my pecs. The hand had callouses, so they felt rough against my skin. A hand went down the back of my jeans and caressed both of my ass cheeks. Marcus was swallowing one ball and then switching to the other. When I pulled back, I moved the man's cock so that it was now directed at Marcus who took the head into his mouth. Someone grabbed my hand and brought it to a dick that was no longer encased in jeans or anything else. I gave it the attention it deserved. Someone undid my jeans and were pushing them down below my ass. I felt the warmth of a tongue working its way down my ass crack.

Marcus let the cock in his mouth go free. He stepped out of his baggy jeans and threw them on the ledge where the man was standing. He grabbed my arm and pulled me away toward the open door of one of the booths, saying "Keep them wanting more."

We entered the booth and shut the door. There were glory holes on each side and one in the back. Almost immediately, three large cocks appeared. I was sure that one belonged to the man who had been standing on the ledge. Marcus and I rotated around enjoying each of the three cocks. As soon as one of us got a load of warm, tasty cum, the dick would be replaced. We stayed in the booth long enough that we each got three loads of cum and then Marcus had us leave the booth. Men were hanging around, some waiting for a turn, some had their cocks out stroking in anticipation and some new men who had come to see what was going on. Marcus focused on one of those men. He was in jeans and a leather vest. He had leather bands on each of his upper arms emphasizing his biceps. He had dark hair and a day or two of facial hair. Marcus pulled us both into the booth with plexiglass and immediately yanked the man's jeans down. Both Marcus and I got down on our knees and started to lick both sides of the man's cock. Men on the other side of the plexiglass were watching. Some of the other cum sluts were taking advantage of the situation and were on their knees in front of some of them feeding off the thier dicks as the men watched Marcus and I work the stud's cock.

When the man couldn't take it anymore, he pulled back and grabbed my hair and pulled me toward his cock guiding it through my lips. I think he liked being part of the show because he made sure that everyone could see him drive his cock into my mouth.

Marcus had let another man into the booth and had his dick out sucking it. The whole scene must have gotten to the man in my mouth. He roughly grabbed the sides of my head and began to skull fuck me relentlessly. It was like he was trying to show the other men that he was top dog or something. His battering ram kept hitting the back of my throat until my mouth and throat were filled again. He pushed me off of his still hard and dripping cock and he aimed it toward Marcus. Marcus grabbed it and pulled the head toward his already full mouth and began to work both heads. Another man tried to enter the booth but Marcus pushed his leg back blocking the door. It wasn't long before he pulled off the heads of both cocks and opened his mouth, ready to take their loads. It was all theater, he wanted the men who were watching see them shoot into his mouth. While he was waiting he grabbed me by the leg and got me down on my knees too. Our faces were close, our mouths were open and we both got some of each man's loads.

When the men had finished, Marcus and I stood up. He ran a finger over my face collecting some of the cum that had landed on it and brought it to his lips making a show of eating it. I followed his cue and did the same with his face. The crowd outside of the booth had grown, both watchers and those getting serviced or feed. Marcus grabbed my hand and pulled me from the booth, fighting our way through the crush of men and led me to the room that was showing porn. The room was empty because we had become the show.

Marcus stood by the door blocking men from entering. Every once in a while he would let a man past until there were four in the room with us. Someone must have known what Marcus was up to because he planted himself in the doorway, not allowing anyone else to enter. One of the men told me to get out of my jeans. When I had, he put a hand on my back pushing so that I was bent at the waist where a cock appeared before me. The same thing was happening to Marcus who gave me a wink before taking the cock that was in front of him into his mouth and I did the same. Almost immediately, I felt the pressure of a cock against my hole. Without holding on to my hips, the man must have just used his body weight and muscles to push his dick past my hole and deep into my ass. I don't know if it was a cock I had already serviced with my mouth but it was big and the man knew what to do to make me crazy. His cock would go deep and then he would pull it almost all the way out and then drive it in again. It got to the point that he started to pull it all the way and then push it back in over and over until I didn't feel it anymore and the cock in my mouth pulled out. I'm not sure if the two men I was with changed places or I now was with the two men Marcus had been playing with but my mouth and ass were filled with cock again. Each man's technique was different, but all of their cocks were all substantial. Marcus knew what he was doing when he picked them.

I'm not sure how long this went on but at one point a cock left my ass and wasn't replaced. Instead, I felt several strings of cum land on my back. Seeing that, the man in my mouth let loose with his load in my mouth. While I don't know for sure, I thought something similar was happening to Marcus. As we straightened up and the four men left, I thought they were going to be replaced but instead Marcus grabbed me again and we went back out into the hall while he said, "It's community service time now." I had no idea what he meant.

Marcus was naked and I was almost naked, I just had the tank pulled back behind my neck. We headed down the long hallway toward the room with the sling. I was glad when he passed the door and we went to the dead end where we got on our knees.

"What did you mean by community service?"

"Now we service the second tier cocks just because we're good guys and they'll remember us."

There were some more big cocks but there were also some average and small ones to. We gave them all our best attention. Not everyone took advantage of what we were offering but it was more than enough. When the line had finally ended, Marcus and I went in search of our jeans, luckily no one had taken them. That would have been an odd taxi ride back to the hotel.

As Marcus and I left the Bijou, he asked me when we could do it again. I told him that I was from out of town and was leaving that day. We both said it had been fun, gave each other a bro hug, and headed our separate ways. The God's must have been smiling on me because there were taxis on the street. I guess drivers knew that they could get a fare at the Bijou.

The sun was just starting to rise when I got back to the Hyatt. I made a beeline to the elevator and headed right to my room. I took a shower, set my iPhone to go off in time for me to check out and leave for the airport.

I was still groggy when I got out of the cab at O'Hare. I had worn my other jeans and a tight Polo and just crammed the rest of my clothes in my bag which I checked. After making it through security, I found my gate and dropped my tired ass into a seat. I pulled out my lap top from my messenger bag and was planning to do some work emails when I noticed the guy sitting across the aisle from me. He looked to be a bit younger than me but not my much. He had the body of an offensive football player. He was wearing a State t-shirt, so I wondered if he was a football player at my alma mater. I never really paid much attention to football, except to look at the players in their uniforms. He was wearing baggy workout shorts in the school colors. He was leaning back in his chair, eyes closed and had his legs spread. I kept trying to focus on emails but my eyes kept being drawn back to the football player. His arms were crossed over his chest making his arm muscles pop. One time when I looked up, his eyes were open slightly and I could tell he was looking at me. I turned back to the emails and the next time I looked up, he had moved his arms and was pulling the fabric of his shorts to the side, making the fabric over his cock pull taut. His eyes were wide open now and he was staring at me. He let go of the side of his shorts and moved around in his chair. He moved in such a way that I could now see into his baggy shorts. He wasn't wearing anything under them and the large head of his cock was clearly visible. The people who were sitting on either side of me would have seen it too if they looked. He pulled the shorts back just enough so that I could see more of the head of his cock and then he acted like he was just rearranging himself but clearly, by the way he cupped his cock, he was showing me how big it was. There was a knowing grin on his face the next time I looked. He reached down and picked up a gym bag and stood up. His heavy cock was swaying inside the shorts. He started walking somewhere but I caught him look back at me. The next time I turned my head to see where he had gone, he was standing outside of one of those family bathrooms. He was staring at me as he opened the door and went in. I put the lap top back in my messenger bag and got up and went to the family bathroom. When I tried the door, it wasn't locked and I went in.

The football player and I just made our flight. I was still licking cum from my lips and hoping that the stain on the ass of my jeans wasn't too noticeable.

I'm planning to go back to Chicago, even if it's not for a conference.

Be Well,


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