For those of you who have read some of my other adventures, I apologize for repeating myself. For those of who haven't, my name is Chad, I'm a 30 year old, white male with dirty blonde hair and blue/green eyes. I'm 5'10" and 165 pounds, the same weight that I was in college. I've always worked out, a habit from back when I played baseball in high school. I'm smooth with great muscle definition. I've been sucking cock and getting my ass filled with cum since I started at a local community college in my home town of Phoenix. After graduating from State, I had several jobs before I ended up working in Human Resources for a large, national bank.

This adventure took place 2 summers ago when I attended a conference in Chicago. My boss wanted me to go the annual conference of the Society of Human Resource Management to pick up some new skills and ideas but also to become acquainted with the organization itself. The conference was held at McCormick Place, a HUGE multi-building convention center in Chicago that would take days to explore. It's right on the shore of Lake Michigan so there were some awesome views. The bank had made arrangements for me to stay at the Hyatt McCormick Place, a hotel connected to the convention center. The room was nice but nothing special but I hadn't expected much. I arrived late so I didn't do anything but order some room service and go to bed. I wanted to watch some porn but I didn't how to order it without it showing up on my bill which the bank would see.

I was the only one attending from our corporate office in Phoenix so I didn't know anyone. When I got up on Sunday morning I went for a run along Lake Michigan. Now, don't get me wrong, maybe it's in the water, but Chicago has some nice looking men. It didn't hurt that most of them were running or jogging without shirts and the briefest of shorts. After a shower, I went to register and pick up my conference materials. It seemed like I walked a mile from my hotel but I finally found it. Along the way I was amazed at all the people I saw. There obviously were multiple conferences going on because I saw people in full business attire to others in shorts and t-shirts. I'm surprised I didn't bump into someone because my eyes kept getting drawn to the hot men that were in throng of people. Of course, when some guy caught my attention I would have to check out what they were packing. It was obvious that some of the men were dressed to advertise. My mouth was watering and my ass was twitching by the time I got to the registration area.

After getting my nametag, program and swag, I made my way to the orientation session for first time attendees. The room was packed with people of all ages. While I wasn't the youngest person there, I was definitely at the lower end of the age range. I found a seat in the large room, of course next to the hottest man that had a seat open next to him. Since he was seated, I couldn't tell how tall he was but he was a couple of inches taller than me. I was in a blue blazer, khakis, light blue shirt and tie. The man next to me was in an obviously expensive suit that fit him to a T. It was a beige summer weight suit. Under it he had a dark blue shirt with a striped tie of blues and beige. The seats were so close that I could almost feel the heat from his thigh.

As part of the orientation, the facilitator had us turn to the people on either side of us and introduce ourselves. After introducing myself to the woman to my left, whose name didn't even register, I turned to the suited man to my right. He introduced himself, his name was Denny and he was the VP of Human Resources at a college in New York. His hand enveloped mine as we shook hands. His grip was strong. His brown eyes had flecks of gold and his brown hair looked like it was expensively cut. He seemed interested when I told him about working at a national bank and asked how long I had been doing HR work. When I told him, he called me a youngster even though he couldn't have been more than ten years older them. Our conversation was cut short when the facilitator began talking about the organization, the exhibition hall and the program. When the orientation was over and we stood up, Denny put a hand on my shoulder saying it was nice to meet me and he hoped we ran into each other. He even said that we should maybe get a drink. I think I looked like a puppy dog with my tongue hanging out.

The rest of the day, until the opening and keynote speaker, went by like a blur. My boss had been correct, I was learning from the sessions and could already see how I could apply some of my new knowledge at work. Just before the keynote speaker, I went in search of a bathroom because I had to desperately take a leak. Just like the convention center, the bathroom I found was huge with a long row of urinals opposite of a row of stalls. Men were waiting in line for a spot. When I finally got to a urinal, I was next to a man who must be attending some kind of fitness conference. He was wearing compression shorts and a sleeveless shirt that fit his torso so snuggly that nothing was left to the imagination. The man on my other side must have been from my conference but he was short and portly wearing an ill-fitting suit and because of that I kept glancing at the fitness guy. He must have caught me checking him out because he stepped back just enough so that I could see that he had the front of his compression shorts, and what looked like a jock, pulled down below his balls. He was holding a thick, heavy looking, cock in his right hand. Each time I glanced over it looked like it was getting bigger. Even though I had finished peeing, I stayed at the urinal and continued glancing at the jock's dick. I think he liked that I was looking and he fingered his cock just enough that it grew a little more. I was disappointed when he struggled to contain his cock and balls in his jock and shorts and walked away from the urinal. When I finally got enough control that I could leave the urinal I was using, I saw that he was at one of the sinks washing his hands. The sinks on either side of him were taken so I went to one of the opposite wall. When I looked in the mirror I could see that he was watching me in the mirror he was facing. He dried his hands a left.

When I left the bathroom, he was just outside of the door leaning against the wall. Once he saw me he brushed one of his hands over the bulge in his compression shorts, which of course made me look. When I glanced up he was smiling and then tilted his head and walked away. What could I do but follow? While I think, and have been told that, I have a nice ass, his ass was at a whole different level. Heads turned as he walked by the crowds in the convention center hallway. He glanced back a few times, hopefully, to make sure I was following. We ended up in a corridor that connected two of the multiple buildings that made up the convention center. There were very few people in the corridor so when the man entered a john we passed, I knew he wanted me to follow.

The john wasn't as big as the one we had just left but it was empty when I walked in, but I knew the jock had to be somewhere. I looked under the stall doors and saw his legs. The door to the stall was closed but when I gently pushed it, it swung in, revealing the jock standing with his compression shorts and jock once again pushed down below his balls. As I stood in front of him, I read the nametag that was around his neck. His name was Rick Parsons and he was exhibitor at some sort of fitness conference. The name of the company he represented was one I had heard of. They were the manufacturer of equipment I had actually used at my gym. I assumed he was dressed like he was since it made him a walking advertisement. Rick didn't say anything, he just fingered his cock and looked from it to my face and back again. I knew what he wanted and he knew what I wanted. I closed the stall door and took off my blazer and hung it on a hook that was on the inside of the stall door. I turned back around and squatted in front of Rick. I put one hand around the base of his dick while my other hand went under his skin tight shirt feeling his abs and pecs. I was sure he sold a lot of equipment.

Speaking of equipment, I started working his by licking his heavy balls. This was a guy that shaved everything, no hair on his balls or anywhere else. When I started to lick up his shaft, I glanced up to his face and saw that he had his phone out and was videoing my actions. His free hand went to my collar and he fumbled to undo my tie which he promptly pulled from around my neck. Since he had his phone in his hand, he handed me the tie. I knew what he wanted. I wrapped the tie around the base of his cock and balls. I must not have made it tight enough because he tried to tighten it with his free hand but couldn't. I pulled it tighter and with his hand he let me know when it was tight enough. It made his cock even bigger looking. I couldn't wait any longer, I put my lips around his engorged head and teased the underside with my tongue eliciting a moan. As I sucked more of his dick into my mouth, Rick lowered the phone to get a close up of his cock disappearing between my lips. I forced myself all the way down until my nose touched where his pubic hair should be. I shook my head causing the head of his cock to rub the walls of my throat. I slowly pulled back until his cock left my mouth. I held it and licked all around the head making sure he got a good video, then I slowly took it back in my mouth.

While I continued to enjoy Rick's nice piece of meat, I occasionally heard men entering the john, the automatic flushing of the urinals when they stepped away and the sound of water running in the sinks followed by the sound of toweling paper automatically being dispensed. Even though there were quite a few stalls, someone took the stall next to us. Whoever it was must have had an idea what we were doing because I heard the unmistakable sound of someone beating their meat. Since we had an audience who seemed to appreciate what we were doing I started to make appropriate sounds for what I was doing. I even pretended to gag at one point to make sure the guy in the next stall knew I was servicing a big one. Rick must have figured out that we had an audience because, in a low and very masculine voice, started saying things like "yeah, take it all", "slut, I know you want my cum, don't you", and "gag on it, fag". It was a nice sound track to go along with the video. Rick used his free hand to undo my tie around his cock and balls, so I knew he was close. When his first string of cum hit the back of my throat with immense force, someone knocked loudly on our stall door and the one next to us.

"Come out, now."

I couldn't stop, I needed to get the last seed from Rick's dick. The man in the stall next to us must have been in an easier place to stop because I heard the stall door open.

"Get the hell out of here."

I heard the sound of footfalls hurrying from the John. When I had just licked that last drop of cum from the head of Ricks' cock, I stood up. While Rick pushed his still engorged dick into his jock and compression shorts, I grabbed my blazer and wrapped the tie around my neck and then opened the stall door. A portly rent-a-cop, in a uniform that was too small causing the buttons of his shirt to look like they were going to go flying everywhere, was glaring at us.

"We've gotten some complaints about what was going on in here. Get your asses out of here and don't come back." As Rick and I headed out of the john, I glanced in the mirror and saw a glob of Rick's cum at the corner of my mouth. I turned my head so that the rent-a-cop saw me and then I wiped it with my index finger and brought it to my mouth. Under his breathe, I heard the guard mumble "fucking faggots". The way I had seen him look at the freakishly large bulge in Rick's shorts made me think he was mad because it wasn't him on his knees feeding from Rick's cock.

Rick and I headed back toward the area of the convention center we had come from with neither of us saying a word. We passed the bathroom where I had first seen Rick and then he headed into one of the large rooms that I could see was filled with all kinds of fitness equipment, it must have been that conference's exhibition space. I made a mental note to come back and see who else was a walking advertisement and if any of them needed my services.

I found another bathroom and fixed my tie and put my blazer back on. I ended up being more than a few minutes late for the keynote speaker, so I ended up standing against the back wall because it would have been a disruption for me to find a seat. The speaker was really good, he spoke about how we shouldn't think of our employees as "human capital" or "human assets" but as "unique individuals that bring with them talents and skills" who should be valued for that uniqueness and not just as replaceable commodity. He also said that when employees feel valued, it has more impact on employee retention and productivity than do wages. I liked him. It didn't hurt that, since the room was so large, that his image was on two big screens on either side of the stage and he wasn't behind a podium. Before I got there, he must have taken off his jacket, loosened his tie, and rolled up his shirt sleeves. Not only was the man charismatic but he had a very nice physique which was made all the more obvious by how his shirt was fitted and how the upper part of his shirt sleeves looked like they were going to rip at the seams. I wished that the camera would focus on the front of his pants because I was imagining that it would be pretty impressive as well. After he was finished and the applause had finally ended, I was tempted to go talk to him but there were too many people trying to get his attention.

The vendor area for our conference opened right after the keynote and some sponsors were providing wine and hors d'oeuvres. I took a glass of generic white wine, which I think was supposed to be Chardonnay, and started to walk the aisles that were teaming with attendees. While I don't have a problem going up to some hot guy in a bar or cruising one at a bookstore, I'm not comfortable introducing myself to people at this kind of event. I grabbed a second glass of wine and decided to actually look at some of the booths with products, services and software that were of interest to those of us that were in Human Resources. Just like the fitness equipment area, a good number of the vendors were attractive men and women, unfortunately they weren't wearing compression shorts and tight workout shirts. I decided I'd return the next day when it wasn't so crowded and could actually find out more about what they had to offer, in more ways than one.

I grabbed a third glass of wine and headed back to my hotel room. I knew I needed to eat something but I didn't want to order room service again. I had noticed that a lot of the vendors had been asking current or potential clients to dinner. It also looked like some of the attendees who were with colleagues or had been involved in the organization for a while were forming groups to go out to dinner. I knew Chicago had a ton of options for restaurants but I didn't feel like going out on my own. By some of the looks I was getting from some of the men, I got the vibe that they wanted to feed me but not the kind of dinner I was currently trying to figure out.

When I got back to my room, I peeled off my business attire and took a long hot shower as I figured out what I was going to do. Since no one had a view into my room, unfortunately, I stood naked at the window taking in the view. I decided to lay down for a minute but woke up almost 2 hours later. I picked up the book of hotel information and found that there was a bar, M/X, which offered a casual menu which sounded perfect. Since it was a sports bar, I felt okay wearing jeans. I had brought a pair of slutty jeans, just in case, but decided I would wear the other pair I had brought with me, a pair of 501s that were only worn at the knees and over the outline of my dick. I didn't put on any underwear so my ass looked great. I had brought a couple of polo shirts, so I picked a pale blue one that had a vintage look to it. As was the case with most of my casual clothes, I tend get a small when other men my size probably would get a medium. The hem of the shirt just barely met the waist of my jeans. The sleeves had a band that fit snug just above my biceps. I couldn't button the collar if I wanted to, the shirt was stretched so taut. Before I left my room, using some product, I made sure my hair was messy the way I like it. I put on just a hint of a cologne I like.

When I got to the lobby, I could tell that groups of people were heading out for dinner. The line for taxis was almost as bad as the airport had been. I easily found the bar. It was crowded, but I did find a single seat between people who were engaged in conversation with the people next to them. A male bartender appeared very quickly.

"Hey bud, what can I get for you?"

"How about a Cosmo."

"Don't get many orders for those in this place. Be right back." Surprised by his comment, I looked around and realized that there were only a few women. I guess the other bar attracted more of a mixed crowd. I had heard someone playing piano when I walked by and it seemed much more refined than this place, but if I had gone there I would have to be wearing business casual at the least.

The bartender brought me my drink and I asked for a menu, "Sure thing dude." He was back quickly with a menu of mostly appetizers and sandwiches. I kept it simple and ordered a burger with a pretzel bun. While I waited for my dinner, I sipped my drink and checked emails. When I finished the emails, I glanced around the bar, there were a few other men who were obviously alone and had the same plan as me, just a casual meal at the bar. Occasionally our eyes would meet and I would smile.

When my burger came, I ordered another Cosmo and realized that a baseball game that he been on the TVs had ended and one of the bartenders was changing stations looking for something else. It was Sunday night, so there weren't many options except for golf on the West Coast. The bar cleared out. I guess the end of the game was time to move on to dinner plans. My burger was really good and I ate all of it as well as the fries that had come with it, definitely not my typical meal. Just as I was looking for the bartender to get my check, he appeared with another Cosmo.

"I didn't order that."

"It's from that guy at the end of the bar." He tilted his head toward a man who looked like a slightly younger version of George Clooney but still with the salt and pepper hair. When I caught his eye, I raised my glass in a thank you gesture. The man nodded in return. While I was signing the tab, I felt someone come up beside me, I glanced up and it was the man who sent the drink. He pointed to the empty bar stool next to me.

"Do you mind?"

"Of course not. Thanks for the cocktail." The man was a couple inches taller than me and probably was a solid 200 pounds which he obviously maintained well. He was in a suit but had taken off his jacket and tie. The top several buttons of his dress shirt were open. I stuck out my hand, "Hi, I'm Chad."

His grip was firm and he was wearing a cologne that smelled like leather, wood and musk. "Jim. I know why I'm sitting alone at the bar but you look like someone who should be out having fun."


"I was supposed to take one of my clients to dinner and it seems I've been stood up and now just have time to kill." He waved the bartender over and ordered a Makers Mark, neat. "I'm from New York and I don't know Chicago well at all." He told me about the conference he was at, which wasn't mine or the fitness one. He said it was boring as hell. "If I had known I was going to be free tonight I would have made some different plans."

"What kind?"

"You know." No I didn't. "I would have called one of those services."


"To make arrangements for some company. I only use them when I travel." I felt his knee against mine. "But here you are."

"I'm not sure......"

"The bartender said that he thought you might be from one of the services."

"Why?" I thought I knew where this was going but I was curious.

"When I asked him where I might find someone for the evening, he said he thought he'd seen you here before to meet some of your dates but that he thought maybe you got stiffed because you kept looking at your phone."


He leaned in and put a hand on my knee, "Well, it's definitely his lose. No reason you should go home empty handed."

"You don't look like someone who would need to use a service. As good looking as you are, you should be able to just go to a bar and guys would be all over you."

"Why go to that trouble? It's easier just to call a service, tell them what I want and it's all taken care of."

"If you don't mind me asking, what do you ask for?"

"Basically, someone who can handle me."


"Well, it's sort of embarrassing to say it face to face instead of over the phone."

"Now you really have me interested."

"I'm, as some would say, large."


"No, I mean really large." I must have had a questioning look on my face because he continued, "I always knew I was big. My friends would make fun of me in the locker room but almost like they were jealous."

"I know a lot of guys who'd like to have that problem."

"I'm serious, I was a still a virgin when I met my wife. She was the kind of girl who wouldn't do anything but give me hand jobs until we got married. I really loved her, still do, so we got married. From our wedding night, I could tell she didn't enjoy really enjoy sex, well, some sex. She'd have an orgasm when I, you know, went down there." The guy had turned bright red. "But she didn't like it when I fucked her, she said it hurt too much. She'd let me do it every once in a while but I could tell she didn't like it. She put up with it until we had our son, now she refuses to have intercourse with me. I finally talked to a doctor about it and he straight out told me that it was my size. He even joked that I should do porn. Well, long story short, I confided in a friend of mine what was going on. He asked why I didn't divorce her and find someone else. I told him that I really loved my wife and that wasn't going to happen. He asked if I'd ever been with a guy. I told him no, that I was straight. He asked what that had to do with anything. I guess he had some gay friends who would always talk about wanting to find a man with a big one. He said I should try it. I couldn't get it out of my mind, but I wasn't going to go to a gay bar or anything, so on one of my business trips, I called up a service. They asked what I wanted and I told them someone who could handle a big dick. After that, I use a service whenever I'm traveling." He finally took a breath.

"Come on, you're joking, right?" Under the bar the man grabbed my hand and brought it to his thigh. His thigh, not his crotch. It felt like I was touching a child's arm and it wasn't even hard. I looked at the bartender and smiled, he responded with a wink. "Come on, let's go." He threw a couple of $20s on the bar and we went to the elevator.

The door to my room had barely closed when I was down on my knees in front of Jim. I unbuckled his nice leather belt and opened the front of his pants and pulled them down. Instead of wearing boxers, briefs or boxer briefs, he was wearing something that resembled bike shorts. Anything smaller wouldn't have contained his cock. I sat back on my heels, "Jesus Christ."

Jim started to pull his pants up, "It's okay, sometimes the guys I've ordered haven't wanted to even try."

"No, no, that was said in admiration." Before pulling down the bike shorts, I chewed on the outline for a while. "Get out of your clothes." He followed my instructions. I undressed while I watched him do the same. "Get on the bed." He laid down on the bed, his cock starting to grow. I crawled between his legs and began to lick his tree trunk of a cock. I finally braced myself, grabbed the base of his cock and put my lips on the head of his cock. I opened my mouth and started to lower my head. My jaws ached as I tried to take as much of his head as I could. After much effort, I was able to get my lips just below the head of his cock and that was as far as I could go.

Jim tried to push me from his dick, "Don't worry about it, it happens." I shook my head and started to stroke his cock while the head was in my mouth. With my other hand I started to play with his asshole. At first he tried to pull away but I wasn't going to stop. "What are you doing?" I wasn't going to be deterred. My middle finger went deeper while I stroked his shaft harder and faster. I kept it up for quite a while but was getting to the point that I needed to pull off just to rest my jaw, when Jim started to whimper, I knew he was close. I stuck my finger deeper into his hole and his cum shot into my mouth like it was coming from a fire hose. Even though his head was just barely in my mouth, I thought I was going to choke on his cum. Rivers of cum were leaking from my mouth and running down the shaft of his cock. I swallowed what I could and then pulled off, I moved my jaw around just to make sure it still worked while still stroking his cock and making it slick with his cum. Jim was breathing hard.

Jim started to get up from the bed, "Don't move, I'll be right back." I ran into the bathroom and got my lube and poppers out of my clear plastic travel bag. I got back on the bed and squeezed a large amount of lube on his cock. I also took some and spread it on, and in, my ass. I stood up on the bed, took a hit of poppers in each nostril and started to lower myself on Jim's cock. Gravity was my friend at this point. I let the weight of my body provide enough pressure that the head of his cock started to push past my ass ring. I was determined to make this work and give us both what we wanted, no, what we both needed.

Jim put a hand on my pecs and the other on my back to keep me from falling. When his head was all the way in, I stopped and took some deep breathes followed by two more deep inhales of the poppers. I knew I was up to the challenge and calmed myself. When I did, I began to slide down Jim's huge cock. Yes, it was slow, and yes, a bit painful but no pain, no gain. After what seemed like forever, but was actually probably just a few minutes, I felt my ass cheeks hit Jim's pelvis. Jim asked me if I was okay and I responded, "Oh yeah." I guess that was all that he needed to hear. Using the full force of his muscles and his weight, he did a sit up while rearranging his legs. I'm not sure how he did it but I was on my back and he was over me with his cock still deep in my farthest recesses. He asked me if I was still ok and I just moaned, but in a good way. He put his hands behind my knees and pushed them back toward the chest so far so that my ass rose from the mattress at the perfect angle for Jim to turn his whole body into a piston. Each deep thrust pushed me backwards until my head was hanging off the end of the bed and he just kept going. Sweat was dripping off of Jim's chest on to mine. The head of my cock was rubbing against his solid abs. I lost track of time. Part of me was exhausted but the size queen in me kept yelling "More, more, more!" I put my hands against Jim's hard chest just to keep him in place, it was like he was losing control with each movement.

When Jim came, it was another geyser of spunk. He came so hard and he was still thrusting, I swear there was a cum backsplash with cum shooting out of my hole onto Jim's hard body. At some point I must have cum, but I don't remember. Still breathing hard, Jim pulled his cock, if you can call it something as simple as that, out of my ass with a loud popping sound. I could feel the cum just leak from me.

Pulling my legs toward him, Jim laid back and pulled me forward until I was straddling his waist with his cock laying back on his abs, almost reaching his pecs. In between deep breathes, Jim said, "That was fucking amazing."

I leaned forward, hands on Jim's pecs, "Yeah, I think you could say that. Excuse me, I need to go clean up." Before I closed the bathroom door, I threw Jim a towel I had moistened with warm water. I stood with my hands on the vanity and just staring at my reflection. Had that really just happened?

After cleaning up, I went back out into the room and Jim was gone. On the nightstand were 5 crisp $100 bills. I guess he thought I was with a service.

As I laid my head against the pillow, I set myself a new life goal, find a bigger one!


Be Well,


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