It all started at the bar of a small motel on the outskirts of town. It was a run down hole in the wall and so was the motel. It catered to a lot of truckers and work crews. I had put in a long day in the hot sun working on the highway and had come in for a cold one. It was still daylight outside and rather dark inside. Each time the door would open I would be blinded for a moment until the door shut and my eyes readjusted. This particular time, I could not believe my eyes. There was a young cowboy wearing a hat, boots and spurs. I heard him ask the bartender if it was OK for him to come in dressed in his dirty work clothes. He told him he was fine, to come on in. He asked him if he was staying at the motel and he showed him his room key. Now that the red tape was over, since it was a private club, he ordered a Budweiser and a spit cup then took a seat on the barstool beside me.

As he sat down, he apologized telling me he knew he did not smell very good.

He did have the odor associated with working cattle but I just told him not to worry, that I had not had a shower since I got off work and I knew I did not smell very good myself. That is when I noticed his eyes. They were beautiful piercing blue eyes with long eye lashes. He was short, about 5'7"

but had a nice toned body. I excused myself to go to the men's room. It was unusual in that the urinal was a long trough, not the individual kind with a partition between them so you can not see the person next to you. I was almost finished when the door opened and this guy came in the bathroom.

He stood beside me, unfastened his jeans and pulled out a enormous dick.

That is when I noticed the one thing I did not want to see, a wedding ring on his left hand. He had caught me staring and for lack of anything better to say, I said that I bet his wife liked that one. He told me they had not slept together but twice in the last year and that she was not pregnant and he felt sure that it was not his child. He said he had found out that when he was gone, there were several mexican guys that would come over every night. Sometimes as many as 6 of them and they would stay several hours.

Just then, the door opened and another guy came into the rest room. We both put our dicks back in our pants and went back to our barstools.

We had been sitting, drinking beer, with him dipping and spitting, for about an hour when his cell phone rang. After the call, he said he had to go back to the livestock barn and load some cattle. He said he would be back in a couple of hours and hoped I would still be there. I asked him if he could use any help, that I was not a cowboy, but I followed instructions good. He said he could always use more help but that it was a messy job and I probably would wish I had not volunteered. I told him although I was not a cowboy, I had been around them and knew what he was talking about and that did not bother me. I checked to see if I still owed for anything, then we left the bar together.

When we got to the livestock barn, there were some of their people there to help him load. I just stood around and watched. I did get too close to the trailer once as a cow dumped a load and it splattered on me. He looked at me and said that he had warned me, it was a messy job. When he was finished, he was really a mess. He had cow shit all over his clothes and even on his face. The other men left and we were about to get back in the 18 wheeler when he said he had to piss. He went to the other side of the truck so he would be out of sight of the other men, undid his pants and pulled it out again. As his piss started hitting the ground, I told him that was a lot of good piss going to waste. He asked what I meant and I told him that I liked to drink it. He told me to get down there and get me some and without a second thought, I bent over and put my mouth over that big dick and swallowed the rest of his hot piss. By the time he finished pissing, his dick was getting hard so I started sucking it. He was responding very favorably so I sucked him several minutes. He pulled away saying he was afraid some of the other guys might come back to check on him and we had better pull out of the parking lot. We got back in the truck and returned to the motel, about 2 miles away. I rubbed his dick the entire way through his jeans. It was still hard.

Once parked at the motel, he went into the sleeper and I followed him. He said he was looking for the handy wipes to clean up a little. I started sucking on his dick through his dirty jeans and that seemed to drive him wild. He told me he had not had this much fun in years. Taking a chance, I stood up and placed my lips on his. My tongue was greeted by his and it turned into a great kiss. Although he had spit out his dip, I could still taste the flavor of the tobacco in his mouth. It was during the kiss that the guy reached down and started rubbing on my now hard dick. I told him we could go to my room and he just finished closing the curtain between the cab of the truck and the sleeper. He told me he used a piece of oilcloth for a bedspread to keep the sheets clean since he usually was not when he got back in the truck. He invited me to sit down on the bed with him and I did. He unbuttoned my shirt and started feeling of my nipples. I unfastened his belt and pulled down his zipper and pulled his monster cock out. I went down and started sucking it again and he told me how good it felt. He gently held the side of my head and guided his dick in and out of my mouth.

This went on for some time, then he said it was his turn. I stood up in front of him and he unfastened my belt and jeans and pushed them down around my ankles. My dick was standing at full attention. He said he had not sucked a dick since Junior High but he was going to suck one tonight. He took it in his mouth and sucked it like a pro. It was not long before I asked him if he wanted it and he said yes. I shot stream after stream of hot cum into his mouth. Since I knew he spit tobacco juice, I figured he would spit the cum out the same way. To my surprise, he swallowed it. He brought his lips back to mine and kissed me deep so I could taste my own cum. I went back down and took his dick into my mouth again and sucked a few more minutes when without warning he unloaded a nice load in my mouth.

I swallowed it down quickly and once again kissed him so he could taste his own cum too.

The clock showed 10:08 PM and the bar closed at midnight. He asked if I wanted to go ahead and go to my room so I could clean up or if I wanted to go back to the bar. I said lets go back to the bar and we did. During that next hour and 45 minutes, he must have drank a 12 pack. I did not do bad myself but he drank 2 to my 1. Closing time came and it was time to go to our rooms. As we was walking to the rooms, he said he really had to piss.

Since my room was first, I unlocked the door and asked him to come in and use my bathroom. I shut and locked the door behind us and followed him into the bathroom. As he stood there, about to piss, he told me to get me some if I wanted it, but to wait until he got it started. When the stream started, there was no stopping it so I bent down and started drinking it again, to the very last drop. I asked him if he was brave enough to kiss me again and he pressed his lips to mine and used his tongue to swab his hot piss out of my mouth. When he stopped, he told me that it wasn't anything like what he expected it to taste like, it was not bad. I told him that I needed to take a piss too and asked him if he wanted to try some of mine.

He agreed to and we exchanged places. Once I got my stream started, he placed his mouth over my dick and started trying to swallow it. At first, he could not keep up and it was running out of the corners of his mouth and dripping from his chin. I did not expect him to drink it all, being his first time, but he was a trooper and stayed with it until I had finished.

He said that he would never have tried it on his own, but it was not bad.

Fully exhausted, he told me that he really did have to go to his room and get some sleep, that he had to leave early in the morning. We kissed one more time and he was gone. About 5 o'clock I heard the big rig start up and soon after the sound from that diesel engine disappeared. It was only then that it hit me, we had never exchanged names. My alarm went off at 6:30 and I knew it was time to get up and go back to work. As I picked up my dirty clothes from the night before and got dressed for work today, I started to open the door to leave and saw it. There was a business card stuck under my door. It said Fred Jones Cattle Company, Joshua Texas. On the back of the card he had written his cell phone number with a note to call him sometime.

I put his card in my billfold and went to work thinking I had made a new friend. I would call him and hope we can get together again soon.

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