When Billy turned 18 and graduated high school his parents' told him he would have to find a summer job. He didn't want to flip burgers or work at Target so he decided he would apply to be a junior counselor at the YMCA camp he had gone to almost every summer that he could remember. It was just north of the Wisconsin-Illinois border outside of a city called Antioch. His interview went well and he started as a junior counselor right after the 1st of June. The camp was used by boys for 8 weeks and then they had a couple weeks of girls. The camp shared a lake with another boy's camp on the other side.

Billy, even though he hoped he would grow more in the next couple of years, was only about 5'7" and weighed about 135. His mother was always telling him he had a pretty face but his father used to joke with him that he looked like a girl if he let his hair get too long. Even though he was small he had a hard body from wrestling in high school in the 138 weight class. He was actually a pretty good wrestler and made it to regionals each year that he wrestled.

The camp was a combination of wood structures made up of two cabins each with 10 boys and 1 counselor in each cabin. The cabins were in a semi-circle around a common toilet and shower building.

The junior counselors stayed in tent like structures near the baseball and softball fields. There were 6 junior counselors per tent and there were two tents. The 12 boys shared a small bathroom structure between the two tents. It was made up of a couple of toilets and sinks and a gang shower with 4 shower heads.

Each of the junior counselors were 18 and were between their last year of high school and their first year of college. Each had a specific job: it could be as a swimming instructor, a riding instructor, a softball or baseball coach, a lake front instructor, lifeguard or as the arts and crafts instructor. Billy ended up as the arts and crafts instructor. He taught 8 year olds how to make lanyards and macaroni shell picture frames. Not the most masculine of jobs. When a counselor had his day off or got called away for some reason one of the junior counselors would take his place in the cabin so that there was always two counselors per cabin at all times. The counselors were all between 19 and 22 and always college students.

After lights out for the campers the counselors would gather in a staff lounge for a while before heading back to their cabins of kids. The junior counselors weren't allowed to ever go to the lounge. It was made very clear that if they did they would lose their jobs.

While there was a camp director the junior counselors hardly ever saw him except in the morning when the flag was raised at 7 am. He didn't eat with the campers or the counselors. There was, however, a head counselor that all the counselors and junior counselors reported to. His name was Rick and he was a very good looking young man, 6'2", 200 pounds of muscle, broad shoulders and narrow waist with a messy mass of black hair and black eyes. While Billy didn't know for sure he thought that Rick might be Greek.

Every night after lights out for the campers, the junior counselors would gather in one of the tents and share the gift boxes they had gotten from home and just shoot the shit. As you would expect the talk usually turned to sex at some point, after all they were 18 years old and always horny. One night one of the junior counselors asked the others if they had ever had a blow job. Of course everyone but their hands up, who was going to admit that they hadn't. One of the guys said that there were guys at his school that would suck other guy's dicks. One of the guys said that's why they are called cocksuckers or faggots. Billy had, for as long as he could remember, been attracted to guys. He wondered if he was one of those guys who might suck another guy's dick.

A couple of nights later the topic came up again. Greg, the biggest junior counselor at about 6' with the body of an offensive football player said he would pay anyone who would take his dick in their mouth $10. Everybody laughed and gave him shit about how nobody would want his puny dick. Bill spoke up "I'll do it." Everyone's head turned toward Billy.

"Seriously dude, you'd do that?"

"Why not, it's $10."

"But that would mean you're a cocksucker."

"No it doesn't, it just means I put my mouth over his cock, I wouldn't suck it."

Greg pulled his dick out. "Go for it Billy".

Greg's cock went with his body, it was bigger than any cock that Billy had seen in the gym lockers. "Come on, you said you would do it."

Billy moved over to Greg, sat down next to him on a bunk, opened his mouth and put it over Greg's dick. When Billy began to rise off of Greg's dick, Greg said "not so fast Billy. If you were willing to do this I think you may just be a cocksucker." Greg had his hand on the back of Billy's neck. "Just close your lips, yeah, just like that." The other junior counselors started to laugh. With his meaty hand Greg started to move Billy's head up and down his cock. Everyone saw Greg's cock start to get harder. "Man this feels good, much better than my hand and a lot better than the blow job I got from my girlfriend."

After a while all of the other junior counselors were rubbing the front of their shorts and quietly watched as Greg forced more of his cock into Billy's mouth. "Man, can you believe that this little fucker is doing this? You guys got to try this." After a few minutes Greg held Billy down on his cock, "here it comes faggot." Greg blew a load into Billy's mouth. Greg still would not let Billy come off of his cock so that Greg's cum was dripping out of Billy's mouth. "Swallow it Billy, I want to know that you like drinking my cum." Billy swallowed as much as he could but couldn't get it all. Greg let Billy lift his head off. "Lick up what you let spill from your mouth cocksucker, get all of my cum." Billy licked Greg's shaft and around the base of his cock getting every last drop.

Greg announced to the group, "that was fucking awesome."

The other guys had gotten so horny they all had their cocks out and were beating them. Greg made Billy get into the center of the group. "Shoot your cum all over the faggot" Greg ordered. Within seconds the other 10 junior counselors covered Billy with their cum. Billy ran his finger through some of the cum and raised his finger to his lips. "God damn, he really is a cum loving cocksucker."

One of the guys who had just cum walked over to where Billy was sitting and tried to get him to suck his cock. Greg pushed him away. "He's mine for now, maybe if you do something for me, you might get a crack at his mouth."

Greg pushed Billy out of the tent, "Go get some sleep faggot, you'll need it." Billy went to the other tent, which he stayed in, got in bed and beat off thinking about Greg's dick in his mouth and seeing all the other guys' dicks.

The next morning when they all got up to get ready before the flag was raised, Billy went to the gang shower and the guys snapped their towels at him or grabbed their crotches. When Greg walked in he started stroking his cock and told Billy he could have some of it later.

For the next three nights Greg feed Billy his cock while the other guys watched. On the third night, after Greg had feed Billy all of his seed he turned to one of the other junior counselors, Tommy, and asked if he could cover for him for a couple of hours because his girlfriend was going to come up for a visit and he wanted to sneak into the woods with her. "Hey man, you do that for me than you can have this little faggot tomorrow night, I'll be all tired out from my bitch anyway." Tommy swiftly agreed.

The next night they all gathered in one of the tents as usual, all except for Greg, he still was AWOL. Instead of Billy sitting next to Tommy and sucking his cock, he made Billy take off all his clothes except for his underwear then he made him lie down on the tent floor. Tommy announced "I saw this on-line." Tommy straddled Billy's face and started rubbing his cock against it. "Y'all come down here and kneel around Billy so you can really see what I'm doing." They all gathered around and watched as Tommy's cock got harder and how as it did he just rubbed it against Billy's lips. "I'm not going to force your mouth over my cock, I want to see if you really are a cocksucker and try to get my cock." For a while Billy tried not to catch the cock. Maybe if he was able to show them that he wasn't a cocksucker they would let up on him. Unfortunately, or fortunately, he realized he was a cocksucker so he opened his lips and caught the head of Tommy's cock. As was the nightly ritual now all the other guys were beating off as they watched Billy suck a dick. Tonight was slightly different though. Tommy leaned forward so that his cock was pointed almost straight into Billy's mouth. Tommy started doing pushups causing his dick to slide in and out of Billy's mouth. As it went deeper Billy started to gag and he started to struggle. "Someone hold him still." Two of the junior counselors pushed his shoulders down like he was being pinned in a wrestling match. Billy was still gagging so he was moving his head from side to side to get Tommy's cock out his mouth. "Hold his head." Someone grabbed both sides of his head while Tommy kept driving his cock farther into his mouth. After a while Billy got control of his gag reflex and Tommy's cock hit the back of his throat. When that happened Tommy adjusted his position so that his cock was in such an angle that it could go deeper into Billy's throat. "Shit, this feels incredible." Tommy was panting from all of the pushups but he said to the other guys, "Cum all over him like we did the first night. Will keep him here until Greg gets back so I can tell him that this faggot can take a cock deeper now and he can see him dripping with our cum."

Tommy started pounding Billy's throat with more force and then he froze. Billy could tell that Tommy had cum but he couldn't taste any of it he was so far down his throat. That also started the other cocks letting loose with their loads of cum. Tommy pulled out of Billy's mouth and Billy started to get up. "Hold him down until Greg gets back."

Greg got back about 30 minutes later to find all the guys still together with some of them holding Billy down. "Looks like you guys had some fun tonight. Why are you holding this little faggot down?"

"We wanted you to have the chance to give him some of your cum to go with the rest of us. We've done that every night and don't want to change now." Greg laughed and pulled out his cock and started stroking it. Since he'd given his bitch two loads it took a little while but no one seemed to mind, they all had started rubbing the bulges in their pants again.

When Greg was close he got down on his knees and put his hard cock against Billy's lips. "Open your mouth." Billy did and then Greg dropped his final load of the night. Some went into Billy's mouth but most of it just landed on his face. Without thinking he licked some that was around his mouth. That got a laugh from the other guys.

Billy could hardly talk the next day. That really didn't matter because the other junior counselors never talked to him during the day, it was only at night. He spoke to the campers in whispers that day but they didn't seem to notice that anything was wrong since they were only 8.

That night Greg expected to have another blow job but it was different this time. He told the guys that he was going to take Billy for a walk and they should all stay in the tents. They walked into the woods, there was just enough moonlight that they could see where they were going. Greg put his hand on Billy's shoulder, "I've got a question."


"Will you let me try to give you a blow job? I want to see what it feels like but if you tell anyone about this I'll beat the crap out of you, got it?"

"Sure." Billy pulled his cock out. It was disproportionate to the rest of his body. It was the size of someone who was much bigger than him. Greg tentatively put his lips over Billy's cock and started to suck. He must have learned something from Billy because he started to use his tongue in ways that Billy had. When Greg started to gag he slid back but he tried again. Greg could never get past his gag reflex but Billy still feed him a load of his cum. Greg spit it out.

"Only cocksuckers swallow some guys cum, that's what I think now, so I'm no cocksucker, right?"

"Whatever." Billy walked back to the tent alone.

There was a hierarchy within the junior counselor and it was strictly based on height and weight. Greg and Tommy were the biggest and Billy was the smallest. The other 9 varied somewhere in between. Based on that hierarchy some new things started happening over the next week. Greg still wanted a blow job each night. But after he was done and everyone had gone to their bunks each night one of the junior counselors would quietly come to Billy's bunk and whispered that he should follow them, it was going in order of the hierarchy, they would take Billy over the bathroom they all shared and have Billy get on his knees and give them a blow job. Every once in a while one of the guys would ask to blow Billy but they all told him not to tell anyone especially Greg. Billy thought, if they only knew.

Greg announced one day, "One of the counselors had a death in the family and had to leave for the rest of the summer. They've asked me to take over for him, so this will be my last night here with you guys so let's have some fun. Everybody take your dicks out. Billy you're going to suck everyone's cock tonight as a farewell party for me." They all got in a circle around me with their dick's hanging out. Greg had Billy start with him and then every few minutes the circle would rotate and Billy would suck another guy. All the while all the guys were beating their meat so most of them didn't feed Billy their seed but both Greg and Tommy made sure they did. "From now on Tommy is in charge, do what he says." The next morning Greg gathered up his stuff and went to one of the cabins. As he was walking away Tommy turned to Billy and said "You're mine now faggot."

Tommy had a different perspective on what the relationship should be with Billy. If any of the junior counselors wanted to get a blow job from Billy they needed to pay $5 or do Tommy a favor. Most of the time Tommy just wanted money. The other thing that was different was that when Tommy wanted a blow job Tommy expected it. Tommy worked as one of the lake front instructors teach boys how to use small sail boats and canoes. Some days when all the campers were all tied up with ball games, Tommy would get word to Billy to meet him at the lake front. When Billy would arrive they would get into one of the canoes or the little sail boats. If they were in a canoe they would find a place in the reeds where Billy would blow him. If they were in a sail boat they would get out into the middle of the lake and Tommy would expect the blow job there. This went on for about a week. Tommy had collected a lot of money and had gotten a daily blow job from Billy down at the lake or at night in the tent.

One night everything changed. While the guys were watching someone get a sucked off because he paid his $5 the door to the tent swung open and Rick, the head counselor, was standing there. "What the fuck is going on here?" He grabbed the back of Billy's shirt, "get up and come with me." He dragged me from the tent and we walked toward the lounge where the counselors all hung out at night.

Just like the junior counselors there were 12 counselors including Rick. There were 5 counselors in the lounge when we arrived. The other 6 were back in their cabins. He pushed me in the room. Greg was one of the counselors in the lounge. "Greg told us what you've been doing. What the fuck is wrong with you. Why are you sucking those little dicked junior counselors when you could have had some real man cock?" He grabbed his crotch as he said it. "I've also heard that Tommy, that asshole, is making the other junior counselors pay $5 if they want to get their rocks off. There will be none of that starting now. From now on you will spend each night with one of us counselors to keep you safe from Tommy and believe me we will take care of him. Tomorrow we will get your stuff and move it up to my cabin. Everybody go back to your cabins and check on your kids."

The counselors all left and it was just Greg and I in the lounge. "So kid, did they make you suck their cocks or did you want to suck their cocks?"

"The first couple of times it was sorta like they were making me do it. I just agreed to put my mouth over Greg's dick but then he made me suck it until he came. Tommy was worse, he almost choked me with dick before he came. After that I started to enjoy it with the other guys, but either Tommy or Greg expected me to take care of them every day."

"Those sons of bitches. You won't need to worry about them anymore."

Billy asked "But what if I want to suck a dick every once in a while? I don't think I could wait until I get to college."

"Billy, you can have as much cock as you want from me and the other counselors, but we won't treat you bad or rough, we will appreciate what you're doing here. Just like you don't want to wait until college to feed on some cock, we can't wait until we get back to college to get our nuts off. This is one of the first times that one of the counselors hasn't been a cocksucker. We are all going nuts. Come on, let's get some rest, we have to get up early."

Billy and Rick walked to the cabin that Rick lived in. Billy found out that the counselors had somewhat of a private room to themselves, no door but no one could really see in unless they came through the doorway.

Rick started taking his clothes off. He had a great body, Billy just stared. "Take your clothes off dude." Billy removed his clothes. He felt so small next to Rick but was interested to see that their dicks were pretty much the same size.

"Why don't you give me a blow job?" Billy got on his knees and took Rick's cock into this mouth. Somehow it felt different than the guys he had been blowing. It seemed thicker almost. "Oh man, that feels good." Rick but his hand on the top of Billy's head, not to force him down his cock but just to gently know Billy what he liked. Billy thought how different this was than his experience with the junior counselors. With slow precision Billy finally had Rick's cock as deep as he could take it. Billy's jaws hurt but he didn't care. Just as Billy thought the Rick was going to shoot, Rick pulled his cock from Billy's mouth. "Billy, have you ever been fucked?"


"Do you want to try, I promise I won't hurt you."


"Lie face down on my bed and spread your legs. I'm going to place this pillow under your waist. Take the other pillow and put it under your face. Now, even though I said I wouldn't hurt you, you are going to feel some pain until you're used to having my cock up your ass. Is that ok?"


"Ok, here we go." Rick climbed on top of him. He felt some cold oily substance being spread around his asshole then he felt the heat from Rick's cock pressing against his hole. "Are you ready?"

"Yes." Billy could feel the head of Rick's cock pushing against him and then it pushed through something. Billy screamed into the pillow. He could tell by how gentle Rick was being he hadn't meant to hurt him but it hurt like hell.

Rick stopped moving, "try to get used to how it feels, let me know when you are ready for more."

Billy calmed his breathing and started to squeeze Rick's cock with his ass muscles. "Seems like you're ready kid." Rick slid more of his cock in very slowly. Billy started to enjoy the sensation of feeling his ass full. Rick slid some more in. Billy started squeezing harder. Rick pushed some more in and Billy felt his cock hit something. "It's almost all the way in, I'm going to start sliding it back and forth, ok."

"Yes, do it."

Rick started to glide his cock back and forth in Billy's ass. Each time Rick pushed forward it hit the spot that made Billy feel good. Billy started to push back against Rick because he wanted to feel that again. Rick must have been able to push more in because now Billy could feel Rick's cock rubbing against the spot that felt so good.

"Do it harder Rick, please do it harder." That was all that Rick needed to start pushing and pulling his cock with a little more force. "Man, this feels so good."

"Yeah, your ass is so tight Billy." Rick kept picking up the pace while Billy kept pushing back harder whenever Rick was pushing in. Almost simultaneously Billy shot his load on the sheets underneath him and he also felt warm liquid fill his ass. It had been incredible.

Both heard a cough from the doorway, they both looked and one of the other counselors was there fingering his dick while he was watching. "That was fucking hot. He must be a really good fuck."

"He is and he'll be even better when he learns a few more things."

Billy was looking at the other counselor's cock. He licked his lips. "Looks like someone wants a little more cock before going to bed." The counselor moved closer and Billy wrapped his mouth around the new cock while Rick gave him a back rub.

Over the remaining weeks of the summer Billy got to service all of the counselors. Some were nice like Rick; others called him a faggot and a cocksucker when he blew them or they fucked him; others were rough when they were fucking him but never to cause him pain. Billy got fucked by the lake, behind the archery targets, in the stables, almost everywhere on the camp grounds. No matter where he was fucked he had a good time.

On the last day of camp Rick approached him, "Billy we'd like to offer you a counselor job next summer."

They both smiled.

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