Pete, having brought Sven to a roaring climax by his blow job, fell onto the mat laying next to Sven Their bond of friendship had clearly moved into something much more special. They both panted loudly as their eyes met. Sven and Pete lay on the mat, bare shoulders and hips pressed against each other, eager to feel the other's warm skin.

After a few minutes, the silence was broken. "I have been waiting for that since I first laid eyes on you Pete," said Sven.

"I'm so glad it happened Sven!" Pete responded, finally recovering his breath.

"That was incredible. I never came like that before," offered Sven. Pete just grinned back.

"But you still need to come!" protested Sven. "You want me to go down on you, hot stuff?" asked Sven. Pete just shrugged his shoulders. "I am so calm and content right now, being here next to you." Pete said.

Sven reached over, grabbing Pete's cock which immediately responded and came back to life. Pete wiggled and moaned lightly.

"Maybe you should just fuck me?" suggested Sven. Pete looked back as his smile grew. "Yeah? You'd let me?" he asked.

"Of course,! I'd love to feel you inside of me. Anyway, no one ever did that before. I want to feel it and I want you to be my first!" said Sven enthusiastically.

Both Pete and Sven moved onto their sides at the same time, their faces locked, smiling, eyes grinning.

"But promise that you'll also fuck me some time alright?" said Pete. Sven nodded eagerly.

Sven rolled onto his back, bringing up his knees towards his chest, so that his smooth firm ass pointed upward. Pete immediately rearranged himself and moved to face Sven, with his growing cock closing in on Sven's ass. With some further positioning, Pete was able to push his cock head up against Sven's waiting and eager pink rosebud.

With his arms wrapped around his lover, Pete was able to thrust his hips forward and push his hard cock into its tight destination. Sven cried out at one point and Pete froze in place.

Pete leaned in for a kiss on Sven's neck. "Just relax and tell me when I can move again sweetie!" Pete offered. A minute later Sven was good to go further. "Okay! Take me baby!" directed Sven.

Pete wiggled in further and soon found his cock buried all the way into Sven's tight ass. Both guys moaned in delight as they begin to pump and piston against each other, their fucking picking up speed and intensity. Pete began to huff and moan as his cock was squeezed by Sven's tight warm hole. Sven had actually closed his eyes, deep in delight as he was being filled and refilled by his new lover. But this was so much better then the hard cold sex he had experienced before. There was a connection here. There was feeling here. He was giving himself up, both body and spirit to someone special. Someone he was actually falling for.

And Pete meanwhile, was equally finding his bliss. Not just sterile sex but having his heart and soul into this moment. He thrust his hips forward, with an urge to go forcefully but also to give pleasure as he took his own pleasure in this act of lovemaking.

Sven cried out: "Yes, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

As Pete thrust his hips forward, Sven had found the same rhythm to thrust back at the same time, to impale himself on Pete's hard throbbing cock. Pete's cock that was rubbing up against Sven's prostate, making his own cock begin to leak, despite having been drained just moments before. The heat generating off their young bodies was as intense as the heat they had felt in the sauna just a short while ago. They were connected, alone in the room, alone in the house, and alone in the world. Their fucking accelerated and intensified as Pete felt his moment of release approach.

"Oh yes, yes YES!" Pete cried out.

And then he came! Pete's body thrashed and bucked against Sven. The rigorous movements actually pushed Sven over the edge once again as his own cock twitched and flinched and he felt himself shoot onto his chest and belly, coating himself with his own sticky cream. That orgasm forced Sven's ass muscles to constrict down on Pete's pulsing cock, triggering his orgasm. Pete bucked and recoiled as his cock spewed is juice deep into Sven. Still locked as one, Pete and Sven's movements slowed and calmed as their breathing changed from panting to slower breathing.

They soon found themselves laying against each other, with Pete spooning behind Sven. Pete's deflating sticky cock was still wedged into Sven's round smooth ass cheeks as they held on tight. They don't remember how long they stayed in that position but they knew it was a while, and they knew that it felt so good, so right!

Eventually, they sat up. "We so need a shower!" Pete suggested.

"Can you stay the night with me?" asked Sven.

"Not this time, but maybe next time. I promise. I need to get back because I have an early morning study session I just cant miss!" Pete said woefully.

Sven nodded in agreement. "I shouldn't have asked, I'm sorry and I do understand!" Sven offered. Both guys were standing and facing each other at this moment, as they both picked up their scattered clothes from around the room.

"No!" began Pete. "I'm glad you asked! You should have asked! I thought the same thing but realized I had study stuff." Pete concluded, as he leaned in for a quick kiss on Sven's lips.

"Lets meet for lunch instead. I should be clear by then, okay?" asked Pete.

Sven looked off to the side, deep in thought. "Yes!" he finally exclaimed. "That works!"

The two lovers walked back to the large shower and showered, cleaning themselves up and soaping and assisting each other, but this time there was no urgency or tension. They were familiar enough with each others bodies that this seemed a natural thing to do. They rinsed and stepped out of the shower, toweling off and wiping down each others backs. Still naked, Pete turned to Sven with a serious expression.

"Tomorrow I am going to the coach and telling him that I am seeing one of the players on the team and if he has a problem with that, then I will step down as captain," Pete stated.

Sven immediately objected. "You cant do that! You love being captain!"

"But I will not hide my feelings for you!" Pete explained. Sven's face just beamed with that news.

"We'll both go in to the coach!" Sven suggested. "I'll make sure the coach knows that our relationship won't get in the way of the team. And if all goes well, we can tell the other guys. Okay?" added Sven.

Now it was Pete's turn to smile widely.

The two parted in the doorway of Sven's home with a hug and a kiss. Pete dashed back to his dorm room and immediately fell into a deep sleep, having had quite the physical workout earlier that evening with Sven. For the first time eve, Pete felt the emptiness of his dorm room which he always had to himself, since it was for a single occupancy.

Pete woke bright and early, feeling happier and more alive then he ever could remember. He washed and showered and shaved and bounded down the stairs to the special study session he had to attend for one of his classes. He and Sven must have texted fifty times that morning, discussing lunch plans and meeting the coach or just sending happy faces or sexually explicit texts. At one point in the middle of the morning, Sven actually ran off to a bathroom to strip and jack his cock into a nice hard erection and then send the picture to Pete while Pete was still in class. Pete almost dropped his phone when he opened the message and saw the pic of his lover, all boned and ready for action!

Sven and Pete had a quick lunch, as they were both nervous and anxious to meet with the coach. They walked into Coach Phillips' office and sat down, calmly and plainly explaining that they were now in a relationship and felt that this would not compromise the team or their swimming in any way. Pete and Sven held their breaths for a moment waiting for the coach to respond.

Coach Phillips looked up and gave them a warm smile. "Personally, I'm happy you two found each other because you are both decent guys and deserve something real and good! Secondly, as long as the other guys don't feel any favoritism or other issues, then we should all be fine. If we do have any problems, I am prepared to enforce the school policies on tolerance!" said Coach Phillips.

Sven and Pete stood up and thanked the coach profusely, shaking his hand several times until he finally had to playfully kick them out of the office. They walked quietly through the deserted locker room. "You know, swim practice is at 3:00 this afternoon," began Pete. "I'm telling the guys about us then!"

"You sure with all this man?" asked Sven. Pete, with eyebrows raised, stopped and turned to face Sven. "Of course I'm sure!" Pete said firmly. "And next time you take a picture of this hard cock," he continued, forcing his hand down the front of Sven's pants and funding his cock and giving it a squeeze, "it better be within my reach to give it a good time! You got that babe!" Pete ordered with a grin.

Pete removed his hand from the cock which had immediately started to react, and wrapped his arm around Sven's waist as they left the locker room and out into the sunlight of the most beautiful afternoon.

Needless to say, Pete's meeting with the swim team was as seamless as the meeting with the coach. All of Pete's friends and all of Sven's friends were very supportive and happy for them. Surprisingly, two of Pete's friends took him aside and admitted that they were gay and in their own relationship and were glad to know that they could come out in their own time as well. One of Sven's friends cornered Sven and told him that not only was he gay too, and would now come out to the team really soon, but that he had the hots for both Pete and Sven and asked if they could have a three way!

Swim practice went as well as always, and the team did very well at their meets and competitions. However, whenever the swimmers were in the showers after a practice or competition, eyes seemed to wander a bit more freely then usual, and cocks under the showers seemed to be a bit puffier and twitchier then normal. Pete looked around from the side, wrapped in his towel after his shower, surveying his team, knowing things might be a bit different around here. He glanced over at Sven, once again soaping his body and slowly letting his hand glide over his chest seductively, grinning back at Pete. And again, Pete looked down at his towel and saw a tent forming. But this time, he didn't care if the rest of the team saw it. Two of his buddies actually saw the tent and whistled and shouted "Way to go Pete!"



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