Swim Team

At 20 years of age, I was doing pretty well for myself. A business major at State University, I was also captain of the swim team. At 6 feet in height and a weight of 170 pounds, I was all lean smooth muscle. I was lucky enough to get the right genes to give me great arm and leg strength and was able to have a tight muscled frame. With dark brown hair, which I kept trimmed to a crew cut for swimming, and green eyes, I knew how lucky I was to see both girls and boys turn their heads. And this was just fine for me, being bisexual and enjoying the company of both sexes. Although lately, my class and swim activities didn't leave me much of a social life other then a few parties and sports events. I hadn't gone on a date, let alone had sex, for several months.

I did well in classes and was able to keep up my grades and still have time for working out to stay in shape and get my required practice time in with the team. The guys on the team are all pretty cool. We usually gab about one bullshit thing or another when getting ready and then after a practice or a meet, we just hit the showers, wash up and get out. Sometimes we grab a burger or end up back at the dorms for studying. Nothing ever happened at the showers, until just the other day.

Coach Phillips came into the locker room for his usual positive speech.

"Good practice guys. We should be in great shape for our meet next week across town," the coach said.

"And Pete," he adds, turning to face me, "good job keeping the guys so upbeat!"

"Thanks coach!" I answered.

As captain, I usually keep on eye on things to make sure everyone does their part, to do their exercises, or to make sure we have towels and stuff, so I usually stay around longer in case anyone has a problem or an issue. So I'm in the shower, I'm really finished but I stand nearby, wrapped in just a towel. My body still dripping wet. This one guy on the team, Sven, is kind of quiet, but a nice guy. He moved here from Stockholm, Sweden. I guess his Dad is some auto exec and the family is here with him. Sven speaks perfect English and being 6 feet, blond, blue eyed and packed with muscle, he is always eager to help me with some of the weaker swimmers who may need a little more help. The other guys on the team practically consider him my assistant. And even better, everyone is cool with that! But today felt different. Sven got into the showers a bit later then usual, I'm sure because he was helping out someone on the team, so he got under the showers and is facing me the entire time. Sven is soaping up, his hands move quickly across his smooth firm body, and watching me as I talk to someone else on the team. He's rinsing off, and still watching me, again I'm preoccupied with something or other. A slight grin seems to appear on his face as he's washing his balls and occasionally tugging at his cock. At one point our eyes seem to lock as he runs one of his hands slowly across his chest and tweaks one of his nipples. I immediate felt my cock twitch and look down at my towel. Holy cow, I've got a small tent working down there. I look up at him and he gives me a slight wink, or was that water in his eye? I look around and realize that we are the only two in the showers.

"Okay Sven," I call out. "Lets get out of here, I think the baseball team will be in here soon enough!"

I head back to my locker and pull out my clothes, trying to dress faster then normal. The last thing I need is one of my players seeing me with a hard on. I push my eight inch cut cock into my briefs and dress. Sitting on the bench all I have left is socks and shoes.

Moments later Sven comes around, standing right next to me in only a towel. I breath in the clean soapy smell of his wet warm skin.

"Pete, I have some great ideas about helping the team even more," Sven says quickly, not even giving me a chance to speak. I look up at him and try not to stare at his body so close to me.

"I know you have my home address off campus and my family is gone for the week, so I could use the company for supper. I'll grill us some steaks. Come by at 5:00, okay? That's cool! Can't wait!"

Sven grins widely and turns to leave, not even giving me a chance to say yes or no!

"I'm, uh, um, sure!" I stutter, watching him walk away as he pulls off his towel and turns down the row where his locker his.

And I'm staring at that perfect bubble butt ass, smooth and pink like the rest of him. From far off I can hear his "Great, see you later!"

Now don't get me wrong, when the guys have gotten together for one thing or another, Sven is always in the group and we hang out together. We have even met in the library and the gym a few times to discuss the swim team. But this time just felt different.

I had two more classes that afternoon before I could head off campus for dinner. I thought about him most of the afternoon, trying to figure out why I was both nervous and anxious about all of this. All I knew was that I was pretty bored with the campus food and a nice grilled steak in a real home sounded super.

With a fifteen minute walk to Sven's house, I stated to wash and dress at 4:00. I got annoyed with myself for getting ready so early. All I had to do was brush my teeth and put on a clean shirt, but I ended up taking another shower and putting on a pair of clean tighty whitey briefs, some clean jeans, a pair of sandals, and went through three shirts before settling on a short sleeve white and blue plaid buttoned shirt.

With my heart pounding, I left my dorm room and walked to Sven's house. I knew the neighborhood and found the house easily. I rang the doorbell and Sven answered. We both stared wide eyed and started to laugh seeing that we had both obviously washed up and put on similar button down short sleeve shirts, wore jeans, and had on sandals.

He let me in and closed the door behind me. "Isn't there an expression in English like 'Great minds think alike" right?" he said, saying what I was thinking.

I turned to him with a grin. "Yes, I was about to say the same thing Sven!"

W sat in the living room near a table where he had put together a chart with all of the players' names and had listed all strengths and weaknesses. He even had our two names down.

"Sven, this is so great of you! How can I ever thank you?" I said.

"You're not mad at me for stepping on your toes?" he asked.

"Of course not, this is really great," I answered. I looked down and saw next to my name he had written 'too cautious."

Sven saw me see the comment by my name.

"You see Pete, I was swim captain in my high school in Sweden, so I guess it's a habit to try to help with the team," he explained.

"No wonder you're so good at it," I said, "So I am too cautious?" I commented.

"Sometimes," he said quickly, as he picked up his papers and folded them away. "But lets eat I'm hungry, yes?"

We walked to the back yard which was surrounded by a high fence. The grill was already on and he opened a plastic container and took out two steaks and set them on the grill. Two potatoes in tin foil where already on the fire.

The small table nearby was already set with dishes and silverware and even placemats. All he missed were some flowers I imagined jokingly.

"All I need is a flower pot on the table huh?" he said, as if reading my mind. We chatted very comfortably. He was such a likable person. Although he kept his hair short, he did not go for the short crew cut like the rest of us, so he had a small blonde wave of hair hanging across his face. I was finding him cuter and cuter. But I had to remain calm, after all he was a team mate and should be off limits.

With some Cokes, the steaks and potatoes made a great meal. He said he used some Swedish seasonings and spices and the food was delicious.

We stayed outside chatting some more. I finally stretched my arms upward, feeling very relaxed. But when my arms were fully extended, I must have pulled my left arm just a bit and felt a pinch. "Ouch!" I said, as I lowered my arms and rubbed my left shoulder.

Sven jumped up as if a fire alarm went off. "What's wrong Pete?" he asked.

I suddenly felt silly for making a noise as I rubbed my shoulder and felt the muscle immediately relax.

"Oh nothing Sven, I just pulled something but it already feels better. I shouldn't have made any noise, sorry," I added.

Before I could stop him, he was standing behind me and massaging my shoulders.

"Sven, really, I am fine, now you're making me feel like a real weenie!"

Sven continued to massage my shoulders, feeling pretty good to be honest, but was not stopping.

"A weenie? Like a hot dog I make you?" he asked in confusion, clearly not familiar with that English phrase.

"No, not a hot dog," I said, laughing at his confusion.

"Oh, maybe you mean wiener, like a penis?" he asked, still trying to figure it out.

I had to stand to face him, making sure I didn't make him feel like I was making fun of him.

"No, well, it can mean that stuff, but we use it sometimes for someone being silly, like I was silly for saying ouch for something so little," I tried to explain.

"Well," he began, grinning and clearly not upset at the situation, "your shoulder isn't little or silly and being on the team your muscles should be kept in good shape. I have the best answer!" he suddenly announced as he grabbed my hand and led me inside the house.

"Where are we going Sven? What are you up to? I asked, following obediently.

I followed him down the stairs to the basement which looked like it had been rebuilt into some modern health club. I stood in the doorway and marveled at the exercise machines and two smaller rooms in the corner, and holy cow, there was a small lap pool on the other side of a glass wall.

"What the...?" I said, unable to finish my sentence with my mouth hanging wide open.

Sven turned to face me with a wide grin. "My father would only take the job transfer here to the United States if he could have his own Swedish health facility in the house. And they said Yes!" he explained excitedly.

"Very nice. Way cool Sven! Glad we're friends!" I said jokingly.

Sven gave me a quick frown. "I hope we are friends for more then just my house!" he said.

I grinned at him. "Of course, I think you're a great guy! Honest!" I said.

"Good, now we should go in the sauna and relax that shoulder of yours," he said. "It's a Swedish sauna you know!" he added, as he quickly stepped out of his sandals and undid his shirt. He undid his jeans and stepped out of them, leaving him standing in only a pair of bright blue and very brief briefs. Very little was left to the imagination. Whether it was the bright blue or the small size, my eyes were fixated on his crotch.

"Come one Pete, strip! You can't wear clothes in a Swedish sauna," he said, snapping me out of my monetary trance.

"Fully naked?" I asked.

"Too cautious!" he said, pointing at me and reminding me of his comment on the players work sheets.

I frowned at him but I hurriedly undressed trying to catch up to him and trying to keep my cool. Sven dropped his briefs as he turned to grab us two towels. There was that amazingly muscular gorgeous smooth ass of his. And his swinging cock, eight inches like mine was amazing. Long and thick when soft, I could not imagine it hard. Standing this much closer to ut then at the showers earlier then before, its perfect pink smooth skin was a wonderful sight. Without all the soap suds rubbing down his body like before, I could make out the pale peach fuzz over his arms and legs and a small blonde patch of hair above his cock.

Sven led me into the sauna. After he adjusted some dials on the outside of the sauna, we stepped inside. I followed his movements as he folded the towel and sat down on it. The sauna was bigger then I expected but we found ourselves sitting opposite each other on one side, our knees almost touching. The humid heat hit my face the moment we stepped into the sauna, but it felt good on my skin. I felt the muscles in my shoulders and legs immediacy relax. Sven was right, this was helping.

"This does feel good Sven, its just the sitting naked part that's weird!" I offered.

Sven stood up and grabbed his towel and placed it on the bench right next to me, sitting down, our bare hips touching. I could see some sweat forming on his temple, just as I felt it on mine.

"You are too cautious, I told you Pete!" he said, "its just us! You must be less cautious in much that you do!"

"You go in here a lot after swim practice?" I asked him, changing the subject, knowing deep down that he was right.

"Sometimes, but it gets boring being alone," he said.

"Anyway," he said slowly, "I'm a bisexual."

I looked at him curiously. "And why would you tell me that?" I asked.

Sven grinned with a blush on his face.

"I told you because I know you are too!" he explained. "I can tell when you look at girls and guys. But truthfully, I think you're super cute, hot actually!" he added quickly.

I turned to face him. His face was so beautiful. I couldn't deny it. He saw me react in the showers. And I didn't really want to lose his friendship and mess things up.

"I am really flattered," I said. "I think you are so damn hot too. But we're on the same team, Sven, and if you are going to help me with the team, which is awesome, we could mess things up!" I offered, hoping to not hurt his feelings.

Sven looked deep into my eyes. "Let me ask you some questions first before you make a decision, okay?" he asked.

I nodded my head up and down slowly, watching him intently.

Sven jerked his body slowly and kissed me on the cheek. I could feel his hot sweaty skin on my face when he kissed me. Before I could speak his hand darted out toward my lap and quickly tugged on my semi hard cock. Sven then sat back and folded his hands together in his lap sitting upright and facing forward.

"What was that all about?" I asked

"Very good, that's our first question to ask," he said.

"Did I kiss you?" he asked. "That's the second question," he added.

Before I could answer, he spoke again. "And who grabbed whose cock?" he said with a sly grin. "My third question," he added.

I looked at him with my eyes wide until I started to see where he was going, but he quickly spoke to fill in the blanks.

"First of all, no one on the team knows what we do or don't do!" he began, patting my knee as he spoke.

"And secondly," he continued, "I doubt if anyone really cares. The team really admires you and likes you, and I think they like me too!"

"They do like you a lot!" I offered. "But I'm not into messing around in a sauna. I like a real relationship!"

Sven grinned. "Same here, and one should never mess around in a sauna. The heat can hurt us if we mess around," he explained with a widening grin.

I stared at him, realizing that my much needed social life was about to improve significantly with this person sitting right in front of me. But I first wanted to have some fun with him.

"This could never work Sven," I said with my most serious voice and serious look on my face.

I looked over at Sven and tried real hard to stay serious, seeing how sad and dejected he suddenly looked.

"I could never have a boyfriend who is such a lousy kisser!" I said, keeping up my act.

Sven stared at me hard until he realized that I had used the word 'boyfriend' in my statement. As his eyebrows slowly rose, I leaned in for a new kiss.

"Lets see if you can kiss any better!" I announced as our faces got closer and he followed my lead. Our lips met ever so softly, making full contact as they began to purse and press against each other. I opened my mouth slowly to find his already open, our tongues meeting as I gently bit my lips over his lips, pulling and tugging at them as my tongue entered his mouth, exploring and feeling its way around. Our heads turned ever so slightly sideways so our mouths and faces could get that much closer. I soon felt his mouth tugging on my tongue and holding it in place. If I wasn't sweating already from the sauna, I would have been sweating now, and my heart was already pounding as I felt a new heat rise from my groin. We soon broke the kiss as we pulled back from each other. Both of our faces were bright red, clearly no longer reacting only from the heat of the sauna.

"So now can I be your boyfriend?" Sven asked with a grin.

I shook my head slowly from side to side, but was no longer able to keep a serious face. My face already told him that he was capturing my heart. "Your tug at my cock was pretty pathetic! You must be very clumsy at sex!' I said teasing him.

"You're right, my tug before was not very good!" he said with a shy smile. "But to be honest Pete, I am not so good, I only had sex with one boy and one girl back in Sweden, so I need practice!" he said.

I suddenly felt bad for my teasing comment. "Sven, I didn't mean it that way, because the truth is, my count is only two boys and two girls, so I am afraid I may not be much better," I admitted.

Our honest comments left both of our semi hard cocks shrink back down even though our hot kiss a moment ago got us almost fully hard.

Sven stood up. "We've been in the sauna long enough. We need to go," Sven said, making me think I went too far.

Once outside the sauna, we shivered at the sudden drop in temperature, even thought the room itself was warm enough.

Sven turned me towards him as he grabbed me by the shoulders. "I want to do what I wanted to do when I watched you in the showers today. Okay?" he asked so politely.

I looked into his amazing beautiful eyes and admired his soft blond hair and sweet face. I let my eyes gaze slowly down his body, looking over those impressive pecs and small brown nipples. I looked at his firm flat belly and eight pack abs and down to his small blonde pubic patch of hair and that cute pink cock that was already twitching its way back to life. I marveled at his firm muscled legs and imagined their power holding me in place on a mattress.

My eyes rose back to his face and I smiled. "What you wanted to do to me in the showers?" I spoke slowly, enjoying the look on his face, "I like the sound of that!"

Sven's smile grew so wide and bright, I thought I would have to put on a pair of sunglasses to protect myself from the glare!

"First we shower then we have lots of awfully clumsy and wonderful sex!" he announced dragging me into the large double shower next to the sauna." he commanded.

"Yes sir!" was all I could say before we both broke into loud raucous laughter.

In no time the shower heads were streaming water down on us as we quickly soaped up and washed the sweat off of our bodies. We each grabbed the shampoo and lathered up, getting nice and clean. In no time, we were rinsing off, but every time I brought one of my hands to his body, to caress, or tease, or to play, he slapped it away.

"We will do this right, got it Pete?" Sven asked.

"Yes sir!" was my reply each time, offered with a wide smile of my own.

We toweled off quickly, each of us eager to have some good hot lusty fun. Once dry and out of the shower, we stepped back into the large room and I stopped to see where he was leading me. Sven took me to the other small room where there was a large work out mat with some weights stacked against the wall. He took what looked like a large cloth mat and threw it over the shiny workout mat and then he sat down in the middle of the room, motioning for me to come over. My heart pounded with excitement yet I was strangely just a little bit nervous. I then sat down next to him, both of us sitting cross legged and naked, each of us looking over the body of the other, and of course admiring what we saw!

"What little sex I have had was always forced and clumsy and without much feeling. I want this to be my first "real" time making love," Sven said slowly as he watched my face for expression.

I smiled back warmly. "To be honest Sven, that's how it was for me too. Hurried in the back of a car or done for the physical pleasure without any regard to emotions!" I replied. "I want this to be real!" I added.

We scooted closer together on the floor as we leaned in towards each other and continued our kiss from before. I held him close with my hand on the back of his head, sensing his touch, feeling his skin. Sven put his hand on my bare shoulder and I immediately felt the connection, as one so close yet so familiar. I must have moaned into the kiss because he moaned back. Our lips still locked, he slid his hand down from my shoulder and over my bicep, squeezing and caressing as he went. With the feeling in my balls beginning to warm up, I broke the kiss from our lips and allowed my face to nuzzle along his jaw to his neck, where I pushed my face in and breathed deeply, enjoying the sweet smell of his skin. I looked up into his face, his gaze already locked on my face, grinning not just from pleasure, but also from a sense of contentment. With one of my hands on his back, my other hand pushed him gently backwards, as he came to rest on the mat and he spread out his legs.

My lover lay naked before me, stretched out and ready for my taking. Getting on my knees I moved back to Sven's shoulder where I continued my kissing and nuzzling his skin. I moved downwards slowly, stopping occasionally to kiss or lick a patch of skin or tweak a nipple with my lips. I moved further down Sven's delectable body, savoring the firm abs or pushing my face into the softer belly just below his belly button. Sven giggled like a school boy when I stuck my tongue in that cute creased belly button but his giggles turned to moans when my chin began rubbing up against his ever growing cock. By the time my mouth made it to his cock root, his throbbing member was standing straight up. I got close and stared intently, seeing some of the larger veins actually pulse with his heart beat. I looked up at him and smiled. Sven smiled back, nodding ever so slightly, signaling his readiness for me to continue my love making.

I looked down along his body and marveled that this was mine for the taking. I looked over my own body, seeing the flush of sexual anticipation spread over my skin, my own cock already hard and erect and hanging under me, beginning to leak a few drops of precum.

My mouth began to salivate and I licked my lips before opening wide, taking that beautiful hard cock into my mouth. My lips closed tight, holding the throbbing treasure just acquired. I let my tongue wander over the head of Sven's cock as I moved my mouth up and down the hard sweet tool. With my teeth protected by my lips, I began a slow up and down movement, hearing Sven gasp each time my mouth passed the ridge of skin just below the cockhead. My fingers reached out over Sven's hard ripped body, finding and caressing his abs and alternatively, fondling his balls and caressing the insides of his upper thighs. Sven moaned in delight. Occasionally thrashing his arms or legs beneath me, he clearly enjoyed the attention his body was getting.

Without realizing it, I was moaning and growling myself, so enjoying the pleasure that Sven experienced as it bounced back onto me, giving me my own sense of delirium. And then things changed. Sven's moans became deeper and huskier. His hips began to rise up off the mat and thrust at my mouth, giving me a face fucking while his cock seemed to stiffen even more. Our thrusts and lunges increased in intensity and speed and I knew his time for release was fast approaching. And then all time stood still. Sven bucked upward, his hips and ass rising off the mat, but then remained suspended in the air, and his cock pulsed in my mouth and the first shot of his cream hit the back of my throat. His last moan became a low howl as three more waves of his cum erupted from his cock, forcing me to swallow furiously to keep all of his sweetness.

My tongue continued to lick his cock, but in a slower and gentler fashion, as his sensitive cock began to slowly deflate and soften.

Licking the tip as it departed my mouth, Sven's cock retreated and his hips came back to rest on the mat. We both panted loudly as our eyes soon met. I collapsed next to him where I lay down, our bare shoulders and hips pressed against each other, eager to feel the other's warm skin.



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