I parked my car at the lot behind what was apparently my new apartment. It wasn't a very tall building, about 5 stories high, the grey masonry slick with rain. The entire building was designed with finess. The perfect safe strategy, fall in love with it even before you go in. Two beds, two baths and a living room fit for a king, not that I ever cared for aesthetics. I sighed and clicked off the engine. I remembered driving way under the speed limit, for the last ten minutes looking for this place. Though once I saw it, I realized that no one could have missed it. It was beautiful.

I sat there, in the car and listened to the rain pitter-patter against the windscreen. I was thinking about how my life had gotten here. My mother fell in love with the famous Stuart Ashburn and before long, they were married. He's a really nice guy once you get to know him past what the tabloids say. Heck, he was gorgeous. He always treated me like I was his own kid, so I didn't hesitate for a second when they asked me if I'd let Stuart adopt me. Stuart gave me this apartment for my 18th birthday last week saying that a boy my age needed his own space. The real reason he revealed to me when my mum wasn't around. It wasn't as big as Stuart's house, but like I said, I didn't care for aesthetics. When I was younger I never really had anything. We weren't exactly rich... or happy living with my deadbeat dad, until one fine day he left and never came back. I snapped out of my thoughts and got out of the car. It was raining. I like the rain. So I didn't mind getting wet.

I stood in front of the automated door and ruffled my hair as I waited for it to open. As I entered the man sitting at this desk got up and quick paced came to me. His face ready for an apology as if he'd done something wrong. As soon as he crossed over to me from across the room he shot out a row of sorries. 'My apologies master Ashburn, I had an umbrella here'', he continued gesturing towards the umbrella. I was surprised that he knew who I was, because this was the first time that I met him. 'Stuart' I suspected, must've let him know that I was coming. '' It's okay, really. The weather in Sunwood's always like this", I waved him off. Everyone thought that the founding fathers had an impeccable sense of irony. ''I should have made better arrangements for your arrival", he interjected. ''It's alright! Don't worry about it", I said, hoping that it was the last of his apologizing.''Right, uh this way sir'', he said guiding me towards the elevator. Just as I was about to enter someone caught me from behind with firm grip and whispered into my ear, ''Tyler, you finally made it, babe''. He flipped me around in one swift motion and pressed his lips against mine. I didn't have enough time to see who it was but I knew these lips, Nathan's lips. In turn my lips eagerly parted for his invading tongue. Even though I was drifting off into ecstasy, the recesses of my mind heard the doorman gasp, but I didn't care. I wanted to kiss this boy forever.

We got into the elevator Nathan pressed up against me but keeping just enough distance to discourage the doorman from having a stroke. Nathan clicked on '5' and then his hands were swiftly around my waist holding me so close to him that I could feel the growing bulge in his jeans. The bell chimed and just as soon as the doors opened Nathan rushed me out towards the apartment. I fumbled for the key in my pockets,hands shaking from excitement. Nathan placed his hands on my waist and whispered into my ears with that sexy voice of his, ''Baby, are you alright, you're kinda shaking'', he giggled. ''Yeah, I'm fine", I said, a little embarrassed. Nathan Lane was my perfection of a boyfriend. Our parents were close, what with being neighbors and al. We were best friends for a few years until he changed that during one of our sleepovers by sliding his hand down my shorts. Once he found out about my new place he insisted on buying the apartment next to mine. Right now mine was closer to the elevator. I practically broke down the door and barely stepped inside before Nathan pushed me inside and shut the door.

He grabbed my face and kissed me on the mouth hard. Our tongues almost intwined. He pushed me against the door and kept kissing, trailing lingering kisses down my jaw line and then my neck. He put his hands into my shirt and brought them to my nipples. Nathan tweaked them, alternating between left and right. I moaned with the incredible sensation of his hands on my body. My feet almost buckled but he held on to me firmly, still kissing.

He broke away and guided me with my shirt to the bedroom while unbuttoning it at the same time and pushed me onto the bed, then he hopped onto the bed,pulled off my shirt and nibbled on my neck, going lower towards my nipples and began sucking on them.


He alternated between left and right, lingering to nibble. Then he crawled down to my belly, which was pretty ripped for an eighteen year old but wasn't surprising since both of us spend time at the gym. He circled his tongue around my belly button and then in between every ab-crest slowly working his way down. I felt like I was going to die. He unbuttoned my jeans and pealed them off of me. My cock instantaneously tented my briefs. He went down on my severe tent. His warm mouth on my cock was making me harder than I imagined possible. Nathan jerked my cock a few times, stopped to flash a grin at me and then pulled down my briefs which made my cock slap my belly. I moaned at his very touch, it's warmth. He brought his mouth closer and slurped at the head, licking away the precum that was starting to pool.

"UHH... OH FUCK.."

Nathan began to go down on my thick 7 inch throbbing cock inch by inch while he cupped my balls in one hand. The warmth of his hands was not something I could ever get over. I smiled. Nathan stopped when he heard it. "What?", he asked with a cheeky grin. "Nothing.. I was just thinking about whether it's possible to feel for someone what I feel for you", I replied moving my arms under my head to support it. He looked at me for a sec.. and then without warning went all the way down on me.


My room was enveloped in moan after moan mixed together. "Nathan! babe, if you keep going at it like that I'm not gonna be able to hold it in much longer'', I said already feeling my balls start to swell. He pulled out and smiled. "Brilliant, I want it, been a while since I've had it" and just like that, he dove back down.


I felt my entire body spasm as my balls tensed and grabbed onto Nathan's hair, driving my hands into his beautiful blonde mess. I curled my toes into the sheets as I was almost there and sure enough.. one final suck and my cock was exploding volley after volley of warm cum into Nathan's mouth which he swallowed like a champ. I cum a lot but this guy just kept going and my spasms ceased he took his time to lick the sides of his mouth and then lick my cock dry.. or well cum-dry. Nathan flashed a big fat grin, "yum". I pulled him up to me and began undressing him. He helped like an eager beaver. We laughed as I fumbled with the buttons, but finally, the godly boy was also naked. He flipped me around and held his 9'' shaft at my craving hole. But his excitement was replaced with a flash of concern, I noticed and smiled. 'It's alright babe, I'll be fine, nothing we haven't done before".

Feeling the need for a little encouragement I moved my butt closer to his cock, which made him laugh. "Wait! I almost forgot", he grinned at me and then playfully spanked my butt for not reminding him. Nathan jumped off the bed and began fishing for something in the pockets of his jeans to reveal a condom. He tore it open with his teeth and then slipped it onto his dick. Flipped me over again, lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders. He brought his cock to the rim of my hole and began a gentle push. I gasped a little when I felt the pecker invade me.

He pushed in a little more and stopped again. Through my heavy panting I told him to keep going and before I knew it I felt his balls touch me. Nathan was in. In me. Him being in me was a feeling I could never begin to explain. He began a steady, slow fucking motion but gradually sped up. Going faster and faster till his balls were slamming against my butt with that slapping sound.


The pleasure of him in me washed through my body like a wave. We kept going. Fucking for hours. I think. I kinda lost track because Nathan kept flipping and twisting and bending and shoving me into unbelievable positions.


Nathan kept screaming my name while I could only manage grunts since my mouth was paralyzed with ecstasy.

Until, I felt his grip around my waist tighten which is when I yelled for him to fuck me harder. Which was apparently the last threshold. Nathan gave out one final scream and I felt the warmth of cum gush inside me, even through the condom. He pulled out. But magically Nathan's cock wasn't going flaccid. He grinned at me. This wasn't the first time. "It's what you do to me", is what he always used as the reason why. So I sucked him off. Gagging a little on his thick member. I couldn't understand where it all came from, he came as much as he did the first time. He heaved and sighed and fell over me and gave me a kiss. I embraced him, my arms around his neck, his under the arch of my back. Everything became so quiet in that aftermath moment.. All I could hear and feel was the beautiful boy on me, taking breath. "I love you Ty", was the last thing I heard.. before I went under.





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