I was the fifth child born to my parents and since I was younger I was always compared to my older brothers. There was Brian aged 23, Eric aged 21, and the twins Walker and Paul who were 17. I was the last at aged 14. Everything they did was so perfect and whenever I'd do something it was just okay. All of my older brothers looked like the spitting image of my mother with blond hair, green eyes, and the slim and slender builds. I on the other hand took after my father with black curly hair, blue eyes, and tall and muscular build. At age 14 I was already taller than Eric at 5' 6".

I was different from my brothers not only by looks but by athleticism. I was into diving, basketball, and baseball. While my brothers were more into books and their schoolwork. I loved sports (especially diving) since after each practice I spent an hour in the locker room naked with the other guys. I knew I was gay and all the guys in the team knew I was as well and since they never told anyone my secret I'd give out free blowjobs after practice.

When Walker and Paul graduated my parents decided to take them to Europe and since I had diving practice all summer I was forced to stay with my uncle Dominic. I had always like uncle Dom since he always paid special attention to me. He would call me, "Champ" and tousle my hair whenever he'd come watch me play baseball. Uncle Dom lived a few hours drive outside of town on what used to be a horse ranch. The place had foreclosed and Uncle Dom had bought the place it in hopes of making it into a cattle ranch. Dad told me I would help Dom repair one of the fences and maybe do some other odd jobs around the area.

Dad and I drove out to the ranch early Friday morning and when we arrived uncle Dom was repairing a section of fencing my the big red barn. It had been about 6 months since I saw uncle Dom last and he still looked like the rugged sexy cowboy he was. He was shirtless and i could see sweat glisten on his hairy barrel-chest. Uncle Dom stood at 6' and had a big muscular arms and he wore tight blue jeans that clung to every inch of him. I could tell from the bulge he had an amazing cock.

As Dad parked the car uncle Dom threw down his hammer and came striding towards us. He opened my door and pulled me from the car bear hugged me. My face was buried in his sweaty chest and I felt my cock grow hard from the smell of man. He held me back at arms length and tousled my hair.

"Hell Niki! Where's my baby nephew at? This man here surely isn't my nephew?" Uncle Dom laughed pulling me into another hug and shaking dads hand.

"He must take after his mothers side of the family," Dad said with a laugh.

"Shit he looks just like his old man!" Dom led me up the steps of the porch and into the farmhouse. "How have you been Champ?"

"I've been good," I replied sitting at the kitchen table. The kitchen was typical 1980's style and was in need of an update. Uncle Dom straddled the chair and placed his arms across the back and smiled at me.

"You still doing the sports thing?" He asked.

"Dom you're looking at the captain of the Basketball team as well as champion diver of Lake View High," Dad said dropping my bags on the floor.

"No shit?" Uncle Dom got up and went to the fridge and pulled out three cans of coke. "How is Maggie doing?"

As Dad and Dom made small talk I looked around the kitchen that would be mine for the summer. There was a row of counter and upper cabinets along one wall and across the room there was another row of cabinets and above the counter was a row of windows that looked out at the barn and driveway. The table sat in the middle of the room and diagonal from the the door was a hallway that led to the living room and family room.

"Well, Jake," Dad said getting up from the table. "I'm heading out. We'll call as soon as we land."

We walked dad outside and watched him drive away. Dom turned to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"Well, champ, what would you like to do first?" He asked leading me back into the house.

"I think I should unpack and change before I do anything," I said.

"Let me show you to your room," Uncle Dom picked up my bags and led the way through the narrow hallway. He pointed out the living room, the family room, his office, and the formal dining room before we came to a foyer with double glass doors. A staircase sat along one wall and a sitting area with fireplace sat diagonal from the front doors.

"Your room is at the end of the hall," Dom said walking up the stairs.

I stared at his rock hard ass as he led the way. I wanted to reach out and touch the hard mounds but I kept my hand on the banister and followed him. We passed another room that was the master bedroom but uncle Dom explained he didn't use it since the plumbing was bad in the on suite bathroom. He stopped at the end of the hall and opened a door the right and led me into a medium sized room with a double four poster bed and matching dresser and end tables.

"This door here leads into the bathroom," Dom opened the door to a large bathroom that didn't look like it belonged in this house. There was a jacuzzi tub and a sauna type shower and across the room were a toilet and bidet.

"Nice bathroom," I said with a whistle.

"Yep, I totally remodeled it when I moved in," Uncle Dom said putting my bags on the bed. "It's a jack and Jill bath so we'll have to share but it's big enough for the both of us. Well, I'll leave you to settle in and I'll be outside working on the fence when you feel like coming down."

Uncle Dom left the room and I started putting my clothes away in the dresser. I went to the window to see the view and noticed uncle Dom outside working on the fence. I could see his muscles ripple as he hammered a nail and i could see his tight as as he bent down. I felt my cock grow to it's full 6 inches and i knew I needed to jerk off. I pulled my pants down and slowly started rubbing my cock as I watched Dom work outside. As he bent down I started beating my meat faster imagining playing with his cock and sucking on his nipples. Just as I was about to shoot my load Dom turned around and looked up at the window. I jumped back and rushed to the bathroom. I knew he probably couldn't see me but I got freaked out and my boner was gone.

I took a quick shower and threw on some basketball shorts and a tanktop and went downstairs and stepped into the living room. A small entertainment center sat against the far wall next to a wood burning stove and a couch and loveseat sat across from the stove and tv. Across the room was a bookshelf that held a variety of movies and books. I left the living and walked into the kitchen and sat down just as uncle Dom walked in.

"Hey champ," Uncle Dom said as he threw his cowboy hat on the table and went to the fridge. "I'm all finished for the morning so how about we go get some lunch and rent a few movies and kick back for the rest of the day?"

"Sounds like a plan Uncle Dom," I said with a smile.

"Okay, lets head out then."

I followed him out the door and out to his old chevy truck. We drove to town got a pizza rented some movies and came back to the farm. Dom told me to put in a movie while he went and showered. I knew uncle Dom was a fan of horror movies to I put the "The Thing" in and laid down in front of the sofa. By the time the previews ended Dom had came into the living room and plopped down on the sofa wearing only black boxer briefs.

"What are we watching?" He asked stretching out.

"I picked The Thing," I said.

"Great, this is an awesome movie."

About 15 minutes into the movie I heard soft snoring coming from the sofa and I knew uncle Dom had passed out. I got on my knees and stared and uncle Dom as he slept. I looked at the bulge in his underwear and I knew it was his cock. I put my hands in my shorts and started beating my cock as I watched my uncle sleep. I began considering the fact that this opportunity might never come again and I made a risky decision that I knew I wouldn't regret.

I put my cock away and quietly whispered, "Dom?"

When Nothing happened I lightly touched his arm as I again asked, "Uncle Dom?"

Still nothing. I lightly ran my palm over the curly hair coating his chest. My hand grazed the tip of one nipple and I lightly pinched it and my hand moved over to his other nipple and repeated the same action. I noticed his cock twitch in his underwear and i pulled away and laid back down on the floor, waiting to see if his body's reaction signaled him waking up. Uncle Dom's breathing stayed the same and there was no movement from his muscular frame so I got back on my knees. I had the idea of lightly touching his cock as I knelt there staring at its thick bulk. Touching it lightly might tickle and wake him, so I decided to just lay my hand softly over it.

My hand trailed softly down his hairy belly and then down past his underwear band and i lightly laid my hand down on his bulge. there was no movement so i decided to rub it softly and i felt his cock start to grow in my hand. i decided to slip my hand under his waistband and actually feel his meat. There was No change, no reaction from Uncle Dom so I began squeezing gently. I squeezed it slowly over and over.The feel of his fat cock in my hand made my own cock ache and strain inside my boxers. I reached down and pulled it out of my pants and i rubbed my cock in rhythm with uncle Doms' and his cock began swelling in my hand. It only gained about an inch in length, but the width swelled about fifty percent fatter.

I decided I wanted to taste my uncle's cock. I had to feel it against my lips. I leaned forward and with my tongue i licked the length of his cock. I opened my mouth, unsure of how I was going to be able to open far enough to get my lips around its imposing width. I slid my lips over what I could and found that, sure enough, I had to stretch my mouth open as far as it would go just to get a third of that fat cock head inside. I gagged with only half of his meat in my mouth but I loved it. My cock jerked and I knew I would bust a load soon enough.

"Oh yeah, Suck it, champ." I heard uncle Dom moan. I pulled away horrified as I saw realized my uncle was no longer asleep. I sat back on my legs and stared in horror as uncle Dom smiled at me.

"Look, champ," he looked at me and our eyes met, "it's okay to be interested in another sex other than girls. It's okay I don't mind you sucking my cock. You wanna do it, obviously. I need it. It's been more'n three months since my cock got hauled out for some action. I don't have to leave the house to get some action, and you don't have to want it without gettin' it. So, this is lookin' like a win-win for you and be both."

When I still didn't move he said gently, "Suck it champ." He nodded his head slowly in encouragement. I moved forward and placed my hand on his cock. I felt it start to swell up again and I knew I wanted it just as much as uncle Dom did. I once again licked the length of his mat and then I began to suck and bob on the end of his cock. Sucking furiously as the four or so inches I could accomodate, I went crazy on his fat meat.

Uncle Dom pulled his meat from my mouth and got up and was standing in front of me. He took his cock and rubbed it across my face and mouth. he forcefully shoved it into my mouth and he ordered me to take a deep breath as his cock hit the back of my throat. I wanted gag but kept the fat cock in my mouth as uncle Dom started to slowly fuck my face. He stated to pick up speed and i could feel his balls hit my chin as he fucked my face faster and faster.

"Oh shit," he moaned grabbing the back of my head, "are you ready for this cum?"

I looked up at him and he smiled and as His hands dug into my head with a steel grip as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and splashed my face with the first surge of his thick generous load.I forced his cock back in my mouth and started swallowing his cum as he squirted load after load into my hungry mouth.

He teetered and fell back on the couch and exclaimed, "Damn, nephew!"

I looked down and noticed my cock had exploded without me even realizing it. I stood up and Uncle Dom motioned me to sit down. I sat next to him and he looked at me with caring eyes.

"Having my cock sucked isn't enough, champ. I want to fuck that ass of yours and I'm sure we're both gonna enjoy it, champ." He said.

I nodded and he instructed me to get on the floor on all fours. I did as he asked and i felt Dom behind me and before i knew it i felt something wet slither across my asshole. I looked back and saw his face buried in my ass and I moaned and felt my cock grow hard. I felt his big warm tongue force its way into my ass and i moaned i felt myself push against his face wanting more.

"you got a nice tight ass, champ." He said slapping my ass.

I felt Doms hands on my hips as he guided myass to his cock and I Felt the tip of his dick at my opening. He pushed harder and my hole began to stretch painfully open over the huge invading cock-head pressing inside.

"Oh God!" I exclaimed.

Uncle Dom grabbed my shoulder to hold me in place, "Just bear down and push back against me," he instructed.

He pushed harder, sending the head of his cock further inside my hole as even more dull throbbing pain radiated through me. I wanted to scream but I moaned instead as a massive stretch and feeling of being stuffed full of something that didn't belong there accompanied a lesser pain than what I'd felt before filled my ass.

"God, you're so tight!" He moaned as I beared down and then gasped as the last several inches of Dom's big cock forced its way deep inside me. I couldn't take anymore and i fell flat on my stomach. I felt 200 pounds of muscle fall on me as uncle Dom came with me never lettin his cock leave my ass.

"Damn, it' all in your ass boy," He growled and slammed his face down on the back of my

neck. His hips ground from side to side, displacing my insides as his beard scraped my neck and shoulders. He kissed, sucked, and nipped at the skin around my neck, occasionally diving onto one ear to swipe his tongue inside. All the sensations skewered my mind as his big hands slid up and down the sides of my body at the same time. By the time he began pulling his fat cock out of me, I was half crazed with driving sexual urgency. I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me.

"Fuck my ass uncle Dom!" I screamed as He pulled almost all the way out and then lunged back in. I screamed again and he growled and roared as he hit bottom again, planting his face back into my neck. He lunged into me repeatedly in the same way, pausing before

hauling himself back out, rather than truly fucking me. Slowly, I began becoming used to accepting his huge cock up inside my ass. Finally, he started to pick up speed and everytime I would cry out or moan he'd shove his cock back in.

I couldn't take it anymore and i felt my cock twitch under me as i shot load after load into the carpet. "Fuck, champ! Your ass is clenching my cock!" He moaned and picked up speed. Again and again, he pulled all the way out and then lunged back in.

"Fuck! Here it comes!" He screamed as he shoved his cock deeper into my ass.Over and over he spewed his cum against and inside my ass as if he would never stop. I could feel his cock twitch and twitch as he kept pumping in and out. "Oh God! I can't wait to share this ass with your father," he moaned dropping onto. it felt like hours but i knew it had only been about 10 minutes of fucking. I was in bliss and didn't comprehend what Uncle Dom and murmured.

Uncle Dom pulled out of my ass and helped me to my feet. I looked at Dom with a smile and he smiled back and told me to go shower and he slapped my ass as i walked off. I was sure looking forward to the things the coming days and weeks this summer would bring.



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