Somehow winter ended, spring came, and I found myself right smack in the middle of finals week. My first year at Boston University was about to come to an end.

Then I would head back to Apple Valley and try to pick up where I'd left off.

Up to now, my grades were good. In fact this whole spring semester I'd pretty much been cruising. But there was a problem - Calculus was kicking my butt. Now that pretty much all of the rest of my class work and tests were out of the way, I was down to my last final. In my least favorite class. I was studying like every second of every day. If I could just get the week over with and get out of Boston with a B in Calculus, I could enjoy summer back home. With Joey, the Leemans, Will, Andy. I couldn't wait!

Sucking the dick of my professor in order to get an A wasn't really an option. My Calculus instructor was a 'she.' Too bad.

Friday was my final. Thursday afternoon Todd called. Did I want to have one final session back in his dorm room? He was graduating, and he apparently couldn't think of anything better to do with his time than fuck me.

Well, okay.

Maybe I could live with a B minus.

I brought my laptop over to Todd's, thinking that I'd study a little if this wound up being an all-night thing.

Todd had no clothes on when I got to his door.

"Whoa," I said. He invited me in.

Todd looked great naked. He had a classic runner's body, fit from thousands of miles at racing speed on the track and along the Esplanade along the Charles River these past four years. He was letting his dark brown hair grow out again. It was almost shoulder length, just like it had been when I met him in the gym last summer. Our team captain, he had been a fantastic example to us all. He had an awfully nice piece of meat dangling between his legs. I intended to get him hard as soon as possible and take my seat right on top of it.

Todd and I had been on-again off-again all year. Actually, we had been mostly off lately. This upcoming sex-fest might be the last time I would see him for a while. He was going to go to law school. In Washington this fall. And of course, I'd be back in good old Boston for my sophomore year in a few months.

After an hour and a half of getting fucked, I'd cum twice. The score was me: two; Todd: zero.

And now my butt had just about had it.

In some kind of world record, I'd managed to get hard again and Todd forged ahead. He was gentle this time, and slow. Thank god for that.

Todd finally came while I was just this close to making it three to zero. Todd shot a huge load all over my ass, kissed me full on the mouth and then we both collapsed in a heap on the bed. We were both sweating like crazy. I don't know that I'd ever ridden anybody's dick for so long. I twisted myself into a pretzel to inspect my poor back side.


Everything seemed to be in order back there. But still...youch!

I was too tired to study but I sort of wanted to sleep in my own bed so I left Todd's and headed back home to Shelton Hall. It was kind of a weird good bye with Todd. It would be sad not to see him all the time, but well, it was time to move on. I was going to be in my second year in college and Todd was done. It had been fun while it lasted.

After these next couple days, I was going to be done with the room I shared with Alan. The two of us were going to go in on a suite in the Towers. We'd agreed to bring in Gage, another wrestler and also a good friend of Alan's, plus Josh, a runner like me. The four of us hadn't been assigned a floor or a room yet, but we were hoping for something way up high with a view of the Boston skyline. It was gonna be pretty cool living in a suite. Sweet, I guess!

The following morning I woke up early, hustled over to the library for a few more hours pounding through my calculus textbook. I kicked butt on my final. At least I think I kicked butt. Grades came out in a week or so, but well, I left feeling pretty good about it. Math was easily my least favorite class, but at least it was over with!

Holy crap, I thought as I walked backed to Shelton for the last time. I'm done! I'm finished with freshman year!

The plane ride back across the country to the west coast was uneventful. I sat in the back and cuddled up to an arm rest and slept and slept. I had a dream about having sex on a plane with a wrestler and a pole vaulter in the first class bathroom and woke up with a raging hard on when the overhead speaker announced that we were on final approach. There was drool on the side of my face that I wiped with my sleeve.

My parents and one set of grandparents (the good ones) met me at Baggage Claim with a hand-made 'Welcome Home TJ' sign. Much to my surprise, I got a little teary-eyed at how much everyone carried on - they seemed like they were really glad to see me. In the long car ride out to Apple Valley, I pretended to be exhausted (actually I was exhausted) and I texted Joey, Will, Andy, and the Leemans.

Danny Leeman texted me back in all caps.


What's a 'Smash?' Or maybe, who the heck is Smash?

I spent the balance of the car ride plotting a way to get my parents to let me go up to Oregon. If my friends needed me, well then, that was that!

So much for being back home for the summer. Three days after I got back to Apple Valley, I was on a Greyhound bus half way up the California coast. Two transfers more and I'd be in Eugene, Oregon early the next morning.

David Leeman picked me up at the station in Eugene. He hadn't changed a bit. Dark brown hair, sort of thin and wispy but cut perfectly; it bounced just slightly when he walked. Light runner's build. Great teeth! He had on a green University of Oregon sweatshirt with a huge yellow 'O' on the front. His jeans fit him loosely and he wore flip flops.

"Hey TJ, how's it going? It's really, really good to see you!"

"Hey David," I said tentatively. I stared at David, not 100% sure that it was David and not Danny.

David knew the look. He laughed.

"Don't worry dude, it's me David. I'm the good twin, remember?"

I chuckled and scrunched my eyes up and looked closely. It would be just like Danny to fuck with me and insist that he was David when he really wasn't.

"Honest!" David said.

I gave him a hug.

Man! Underneath the baggy sweatshirt, he was hard as a rock! All muscle! When the heck did that happen?

"What have they been doing to you guys?" I asked him. "You're really stacked!"

He rolled his eyes. "It's Oregon man," David explained. "Land of the Pre. We're all like this. We have to be."

David was telling me some stuff that I already knew. Oregon had always been a track and field power house. Pre was actually Steve Prefontaine, a kick-ass runner back in the 60's or 70's and he was a legend around here. Practically everything in town was named after the guy, the stadium, some statues, various sandwiches, and even a fig and rye grass milk-shake that David said I should definitely avoid. Okay.

I tossed the BU gym bag filled with my stuff into the backseat and David drove. The Leeman twins still had the same car from high school. It wasn't too far from the bus station to campus.

The Leemans were staying in this mega dorm complex called Hamilton Hall. It was much bigger than what I'd gotten used to back in Boston at BU. Danny had stayed back at the room while David picked me up - he had a Poli Sci final he was studying for.

David opened the door to their room; I sniffed at the familiar aroma. It smelled to me like 'concentrated Leeman.'

When he saw me, Danny immediately hopped up from his bed to give me a hug. He was wearing a pair of running shorts and a running singlet; there were big green O's on both of them. Probably even more than me, running was his life. Why would he ever wear anything else? He was barefoot.

"Hey amigo!" Danny said with a big smile. "Long time no see, buddy! How's your big weenie?"

I cracked up. Danny would never change. Even college couldn't fix him.

"Er, well...good I guess. How the heck are you?"

Danny stepped back and surveyed me from head to toe.

"You look pretty fucking great, dude," Danny said.


"Can I see your weenie right now? I mean, just for a second. I wanna see if it got any bigger." Danny pawed at my mid-section but I twisted away and his hand grabbed nothing but air.

I thought over Danny's request. It had been a long bus ride up here. "No, I don't think so. You are supposed to be studying. I'll show you my dick later."

"Aww," Danny whined.

"Me too," David said. "I wanna see it too."

Danny put his hand inside his shorts and pulled out his penis and balls up over the elastic waistband.

"You remember your good friend 'Little Danny,' right?"

Danny's dick was semi-hard, at least I think so. It had been a while. "How could I forget? You've spent most of our time together in high school waving it in my face."

Danny smiled.

"In everybody's face," David added. Danny shot his brother a dirty look.

Danny left his dick outside of his shorts and put both hands onto his hips. He looked me over from head to toe and whistled out loud.

He slapped me against the side of my chest. "Guess you managed to get in a couple of runs while you were screwing around out there in Boston!"

I nodded. "Yeah, a couple."

"Well, you're looking fit, amigo. I can hardly wait to see you naked!"

"How about right now?" David offered shyly. "I'm already done with finals."

"Nope," I said firmly. "I already promised myself, I'm not having sex with you guys."

Both of them pouted.

"Just kidding, I will, I will, I promise! Let's just get Danny of you through the last final."

"Whew!" David said. "You had me going there for a minute."

Danny shook his head. "Nope. Never believed a word of it, dude. If I know my TJ, he's already written down a whole sex scene in his mind."

I smiled. He sort of had me pegged.

"Starring me, of course," Danny added.

"Of course," David agreed. "Because you're a filthy, disgusting sex-whore."

Danny nodded and pointed at me. "Yep, so is he."

I looked at David and shrugged my shoulders. Yup.

The three of us sat on their beds and talked for about 15 or 20 minutes about high school days, our biggest track meets, and about the men Danny was lusting after here in Eugene. Twice Danny jumped on top of me and tried to stick his tongue in my mouth. The second time I let him in, but only for a second. Then I threw him back on the bed. His body was tight as a drum too. What a great training program these guys were in up here in Oregon.

After a while, David said that we should let Danny study. The evil twin wasn't exactly blazing any trails in the academics department here at college. Danny had already gotten a few C's and was seriously in danger of something even worse in Political Science. Even though Danny objected and even placed my hand inside of his shorts to cup his nut sack, David insisted that we leave his brother in peace so that he could keep prepping for his Poli Sci final.

David and I changed quickly and then left to go out for a long run.

As soon as we were out the door, David couldn't wait to tell me about Smash.

"Danny is totally obsessed with this guy, TJ, you wouldn't believe it!"

Smash was just what his friends and his track teammates called him. His real name was Patrick Chang. He was a freshman, just like Danny and David. And he was an elite runner, unlike just about any the University of Oregon had seen since way back in the days of Steve Prefontaine.

Smash was in the business of breaking records on the track. In other words, smashing them. And he was smashing all sorts of middle and long-distance records. He was very, very fast, and very, very confident when he raced. Pretty matter-of-fact about his accomplishments, but clearly he knew where he stood when it came to track results at the famous running factory that was the U of O.

And Danny Leeman couldn't beat him.

Danny had gotten himself into the best shape of his life trying to keep up with Smash. Danny had cut something like 20 seconds off of his personal best 5K results. He'd also run a PR in the 10K. But every time Danny ran faster, so did Smash.

Smash was starting to prepare for his sophomore year and wanted to see what he could do with the 1500. Smash, of course, figured he'd handle the shorter, much faster distance easily. A few races under his belt in the 1500 and Smash was certain he could make All-American in pretty much any mid to long distance he chose.

And it was killing Danny trying to keep up with him.

"You wouldn't believe how hard Danny is working on his running, TJ," David explained. "The hours he puts in every day on the track, at the gym, it's like he's completely driven."

"Wow," I said, surprised that Danny is actually practicing at all. He had always had such a natural talent for running when we were in high school. Things usually came easy for him. On the one hand, I was thrilled to hear that he was now doing the work he needed to be successful. On the other, Danny was all about extremes. When he set his mind on doing something, he had to be the best at it.

'The best piece of ass in Southern California' was the first thought that popped into my head. He kind of already was that.

"Danny was crushed that he didn't get to go to Drake for the NCAA championships," David said. "But Smash was invited of course. Danny just didn't get his speed up enough."

I smirked. I hadn't even been an after-thought when our Coach at BU was putting together his potential list to go to the national collegiate championships.

We threw our cover-ups into a corner of the track by the stands and fell easily into a fast jog.

David went on to tell me how Smash knew that Danny was trying to compete with him on his level. When Danny picked up his pace and looked like he was about to take Smash in a race, Smash just found another gear and left Danny in the dust. Every single time.

"And here's the thing that really gets him," David said. "Smash doesn't like to shower in the gym with the rest of us on the team. He kind of keeps to himself after practice, goes through his stretching routine, and then heads back to his dorm room to clean up."

"Yeah, so, a lot of guys do that. Even on my team in Boston," I said.

David looked into my eyes; his stare conveying all the hurt and suffering his brother had been going through this season.

"You know Danny, TJ. That just doesn't work for him. Danny has never seen Smash naked. He has no idea what the guy's cock looks like."

I smiled. Man! For a guy like Danny, that could really tip him over. He was probably destined for the insane asylum.

"Of course, Danny has seen his ass. Plenty of times."

At first I didn't get it.

David smirked and patted his rear end while he surged ahead of me by a few feet.

Oh. That's how Danny had seen Smash's ass. From behind while Smash raced ahead of him on the track.

David slowed his pace so that I could catch up. I gave David's butt cheek a light squeeze with my nearby hand. He smiled.

"Danny is completely taken with the guy," David said, after we ran another half.

I nodded. "Is he pretty cute?"

David paused. "Um, well, I guess. He's kind of short, dark hair, dark eyes. Thin."

"Of course he's thin David; he's an elite college runner."

David laughed.

"But you know...he's not really Danny's type of guy. At least he's not the type of guy I've seen Danny staring at for the past few years."

"Yeah," I said, encouraging him to go on.

"He likes guys like you," David added.

This surprised me. "Me?"

"You know, guys like you. Caucasian guys. Light hair, brown hair. Whatever."


"So, I mean Smash is not that."

I looked at David.

"He's like a first generation American. I think he's Korean or something."

Oh! Finally the Chang part registered in my brain. Now I get it. Danny Leeman is obsessed with an Asian guy?

Whoa. Really?

"Well, I bet he's awfully cute," I offered.

David nodded enthusiastically. "The guy is totally fucking hot."

"I know tons of Asian guys at school that I would do if I had the chance," I said.

David shot me a knowing look.

"Well, actually, there are a few that I've already done," I added.

David giggled. "Of course you have, I'd expect nothing less."

I wasn't quite sure how to take that.

"I mean, it's just not Danny's usual, you know, sort of guy. It's not who he usually goes for. And with Smash, Danny is way overboard here. I've never seen him act like this with anybody. And believe me, after almost 20 years on the earth together every day of our lives, I know the guy pretty well."

"I'll bet," I said.

This coming weekend was an exhibition track meet. It's the reason that I made the long bus trip up here. This was to be a sort of 'show off your talents' day at the stadium. There would be a few schools from around the Pacific Northwest competing. And the venue, of course, would be the famed Steve Prefontaine track. The results of the exhibition would not be used for any official college purpose. It was just a day to have fun. Run like crazy. Show what you can do.

And Smash would be racing in the 1500.

And so would Danny.

This was Danny's last chance before he and David headed back down to Apple Valley with me for the summer. This was Danny's last chance to race against Smash and beat him, David explained as we rounded the final turn before ending our little run.


But then David explained the real reason that this exhibition meet was so important to his brother. We slowed our pace and walked off the track so we wouldn't be in the way of the other runners heading our way.

David put both of his hands onto my shoulders as if he was telling me the most important and deepest secret he knew.

This was Danny's last opportunity to get the object of his obsession into the sack.

Danny was determined to have sex with Smash. And poor Smash had no idea what was coming.

That night, I kept my underwear on while I slept on a pile of pillows on the floor between Danny and David's beds. Danny put his own underwear over his head like a beret and then dry humped me through my blanket. He was practically begging me to have sex with him before he had to take his Poli Sci final in the morning. But somehow I resisted.

After about 10 more minutes of whining and carrying on, Danny finally went back to his own bed in a huff.

David and I giggled to ourselves quietly knowing that Danny was a mess. He had a big test in the morning. He had a big race in a couple days against Smash. Plus it was at a distance he wasn't comfortable with. He was obsessed with seeing Smash's cock. And now his old buddy from high school was refusing to have a roll in the hay!

I really sort of felt sorry for the guy.

But I was beat and glad to just sleep for a change. It felt great to be up here with my buddies in their college dorm room. I smiled to myself and drifted off to sleep.

Danny Leeman was up before me or his brother and out of the room before I had a chance to realize what was going on. David and I made a pact that we would not touch each other until Danny got back from his final. It wasn't easy, but that just seemed like the right thing to do.

We ate a slow leisurely breakfast at this pretty cool diner downtown and then we headed back to their room to meet Danny after his test. As we walked, we bumped into a friend of David's and he began to introduce me.

The guy had dark hair, dark eyes, was short and thin. He had on a white singlet with a big green 'O' on the front. His shorts were a matching green color. Very thin and cut very high on his leg. He looked as if he had just finished a long run.

"TJ, please meet Patrick Chang," David said. "Better known around campus as....Smash."

Oh my god!

"Pleased to meet you Smash," I said. And I really was.

Smash extended his hand. He had a firm grip. The guy clearly spent his time in the gym and wasn't just a running nut.

"TJ is it?" Smash asked with a grin.

"Yep," I said.

"What's it short for?"

"Short for nuthin'" I said. "There isn't anything short about me."

Why did I say that?

"Uh, okay," Smash said. He turned away.

"I hear you're a runner," I said, half tauntingly.

Smash turned back toward us. He had a big smile on his face.

"Yep, I run a little," he said.

"Actually, Smash is like the fastest middle distance runner here at the U," David explained. I already knew that, of course.

Smash raised his fist and pumped the air. "Go Ducks!" he said.

"Go Ducks" David agreed.

"I'm a terrier," I said. "Boston University."

"A terrier?" Smash and David asked in unison.

I nodded. It was sort of a dumb name, but well, you know, what was I supposed to do about it? 'Ducks' wasn't much better.

The three of us talked trash about the upcoming exhibition race for a few more minutes. Apparently Smash didn't think much about the running abilities of my pal Danny Leeman.

"All I'm saying is that if he's so great, why can't he beat me?" Smash asked.

"Uh," I said.

"Well, tell you what, if the boy can take me in this exhibition meet coming up, I promise I'll never say another bad word about Danny Leeburg."

"It's Leeman," David said.

"Leeburg, Leeman, whatever," Smash said cockily.

I had an idea.

"Tell you what, amigo," I said, using Danny's favorite nickname. "Let's make this interesting. If Danny beats you in this 1500, you not only agree to keep your mouth shut forever about my friend, but you also agree to go out for a drink with us after the race. At the place of our choice. You know, sort of like we break bread together. Smoke a peace pipe."

David shot me a look. He had to know what I was up to.

Smash shook his head. "Hmm, I don't know. Keep my mouth shut forever about Danny? That's a tall order. I mean, the guy's been on my backside in every race this year. Eating my dust. He kind of sucks, you know."

"You have no idea," David muttered.

"So what's in it for me?" Smash asked. "You know. If I win. Which I expect is exactly what will happen."

"Um, well," I said. I was still thinking.

"Tell you what," Smash started. "If Danny wins, I keep quiet about Danny Leeburg's incredible lack of talent. Forever. And I join you for a cocktail afterward. He picks the location."


"And I pick the cocktail," Smash added.

"Okay, sounds good," I agreed.

"And if I win, I choose which one of you gets to suck my dick."

My jaw dropped open.

David coughed.

Smash pointed at my mouth, still wide open in surprise. He pursed his lips and nodded his head. "Seems about right," he said. "Maybe just a little wider."

Smash's hand cupped his crotch.

"Um, well, I guess," I said. "I suppose we have a deal."

"Good," Smash said. He watched my eyes. They were glued to the surprisingly full package just below his belt.

David gave a nervous laugh. "I think you'll be joining us for a drink," he said.

"I think I'm going to get a blow job," Smash said. This was intended to be the last word on the subject. He walked away.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked David. We were both still a little shocked.

"Holy crap! Did we just agree to what I think we agreed to?"

I nodded my head. It seemed like a win-win for Danny. I'm not sure how I felt about it for myself.

"Um. What do you think Danny will say? Do you think he'll go for it?"

"I think he better beat this little dude," I said. "Or one of us is gonna have to suck his dick."

"We should let Danny do it. He'd want to."

"Obviously," I agreed.

That afternoon when Danny got back from his final, we told him the big news.

He grinned from ear to ear.

"So let me get this straight," Danny said with the biggest smile I'd seen him have in a long time. "If he wins, one of us gets to suck his dick? Well, me, clearly, since I'm like obsessed with the guy. And if I win, we get to take him to the bar of our choice, get him drunk, and then I get to pound his little ass with my freshman man-meat?"

"Uh, yeah, something like that? We didn't exactly mention that he would get fucked if you won."

"That's cool. He'll be surprised."


"But it's a good surprise, right?" Danny added. He didn't expect an answer to his question.


The exhibition meet was less than 48 hours away. We needed to get Danny ready. The three of us put on our running stuff and headed out to the track. The whole walk over there we talked strategy. Danny had to win! Fortunately the boy was motivated.

The morning of the race, the three of us ate a light breakfast in the twins' room.

"So, dude, you think you're ready?"

Danny Leeman stopped chewing his bagel long enough to glance in my direction. He grinned.

"You bet your fucking ass, amigo," he said.

"I want you to go out strong today Danny," I advised. "You know you can match his stride the first three laps. Then all you have to do is find another gear when he goes into his kick on the last lap."

"Another gear?" Danny asked. "Only one?"

Now I smiled. "Yes Danny, only one. How fast can he be?"

"He's pretty fucking fast?" David added quickly.

Danny and I looked at each other. In that glance I knew. He had this. All he had needed was the motivation to win. Thanks to the conversation that David and I had with Smash two days ago, now he had it.

Danny finished his bagel, took one last swallow of juice, and stood up. He moved his hips in front of my head, then swung a leg around and put his dick and balls into my face.

"Come on amigo," he said. "How about a quickie for good luck? I promise not to cum in your mouth."

I pushed him away.

"Don't believe him, TJ, he'll definitely cum in your mouth," David said.

Danny made a face of horror at the thought that his word was being questioned.

"Later dude," I said. "Save your energy for Smash."

The three of us left.

At the start of the 1500, Danny purposely lined up right next to Smash. Both of them wore white University of Oregon tanks. Smash had on the same green shorts we'd seen him wearing in the restaurant a couple days ago. Danny went for black. Danny was about three inches taller than Smash and also a little fuller in the upper body. The two of them bounced up and down in place, Danny's thin hair flying all over the place.

David and I watched from the stands. I thought that Danny wanted to try to intimidate the guy by standing right next to him, but David set me straight.

"He wants to smell him," David explained.

"Oh. Okay. Sort of like the hound needs to get the scent of fox?" I asked.

"No, nothing like that," David said. "Danny's just a pervert."

The gun went off.

Smash took off flying down the track, and Danny stayed right with him, just like we'd talked about. They didn't take the lead, letting some other runner from Idaho or something be the rabbit. Smash and Danny tucked in together right behind.

Lap one.

Lap two.

Lap three.

David and I stood up as the lead runners rounded the final curve for the bell lap. As they passed right in front of us, I could see a slight smile on Danny's lips. Maybe. Maybe he really fucking had this.

Right on cue, I saw Smash stretch out his stride as the bell went off for the final lap. Danny picked it up too. The two of them matched each other and ran in unison as they eased passed the rabbit and surged into the lead. A couple of the other guys went along for the ride. But they were outclassed and nobody could keep up.

It was Smash and Danny out front.

The crowd in the stands could sense that something great was happening. The crowd in Eugene knew a good race when they saw one. Danny and Smash picked it up another notch as they sped down the back straight. The cheering in the stadium was deafening. I even started to applaud. No doubt about it. A race with Danny Leeman in it was pretty exciting to watch. He had a natural born talent.

As we watched Danny and Smash round the far turn, just a quarter of a lap to go, we could see an intensity in Danny's eyes even from way across the track.

And then it happened. Danny found it. He picked it up a bit more and caught up with Smash. Smash turned his head and tried to follow.

But he couldn't.

Danny Leeman ran past Smash and beat him to the line by three paces.

Jesus fucking Christ! Danny Leeman won. He beat Smash.

The crowd went nuts. They'd never seen Smash lose. Actually they'd never seen Danny win either. He slowed down and jogged lightly onto the grass strip just off the track.

Smash found him and gave him a half-hug.


Smash walked away with his hands on his hips, breathing heavily. Danny skipped over toward us, grinning madly. David and I came down from the stands and he jumped into our arms.

"I did it amigos," Danny yelled. "I fucking did it! I fucking beat the little fuck!"

Danny won by two tenths of a second. It wasn't a school record, but it was a Leeman record. Danny had beaten his previous PR (not that he had a lot of races in the 1500 under his belt) by like ten seconds.

David and I held him up in the air until our arms got tired.

When we set Danny down, he bounced around to a few more friends who also wanted to hug him. This was a huge win for the guy! David and I watched proudly.

David and I exchanged an amused look as we watched Danny hug a few of the guys just a bit too long. If I wasn't mistaken, I caught him sniffing a couple as well.

After the celebrating was over, Smash finally came over to where me and the two Leeman twins were standing. Danny was gulping water and keeping an eye out for other cute guys that he wanted to hug. Smash was practically standing on top of him by the time Danny paid any attention to him at all.

"Nice race, Leeburg," Smash said. "That's gotta be a PR for you, right?"

It was. Definitely.

Danny made a big deal about checking the dials on his watch. Then he looked up with a grin. "I think so; I'll have to check my spread sheet back at the room."

Smash chuckled. "You do that."

"So Patrick. What happened? Patrick?" Danny asked, knowing he hated to be called by his real name. "Did you cramp up or something coming into the line?"

Smash laughed again.

"Something like that," he said. "Or maybe I'm just a little more spent from winning so many races all year. Guess I didn't save much for this little exhibition."

Danny had taken a sip from his bottle. He laughed and spit water out his mouth. A few drops landed on Smash's shoe. We all got very quiet while Smash surveyed the damage to his precious shoes. Then he shrugged and smiled.

"Enough already, right Leeburg? We should make peace. You beat me fair and square. Today you were the better man," Smash said gallantly.

"It's Leeman," Danny said.

Smash nodded.

"And we can smoke a peace pipe if you'd like," Danny added. "Or something else might even be better."

Smash scrunched his understanding, not getting what Danny was talking about.

"Tonight, amigo. Our arrangement was that you not only keep your mouth shut about me, but that tonight you have to join me and my friends here for a drink." Danny put his arm around me and his brother David.

Smash nodded his agreement. "Okay," he said.

"And then we'll see whose pipe gets smoked."

David and I were crystal clear what Danny was talking about. Smash, I'm not so sure.

As we walked across campus back to their dorm room, Danny was like an excited 5-year old kid. He was bouncing off the walls. Dry humping trees, telephone poles, even a FedEx drop box. David and I just let him be.

"I need to fuck something," Danny exclaimed to the world in general. "Or be fucked by something."

David offered up a yellow highlighter he had in the pocket of his back pack.

"Very funny, bro. No, I need something bigger than your cock," Danny said.

"Danny, we're twins, remember. My cock is your cock."

"Don't remind me," Danny said, wearily.

I sighed. "If we keep talking about cocks, I'm going to need to be fucked by something too," I said.

David raised his hand. "Take me, take me."

In an instant, Danny slipped between us, shoved his hands down the back of my jeans and thrust his pelvis into my ass. I wriggled away as best I could. Danny's finger found my asshole.

"Mmm, this feels pretty good. Doesn't it TJ?"

I had to admit that it did.

"Knock it off Leeburg," I said. "We're in public, you know."

David giggled.

Danny pressed two fingers up into me. One found its way inside just a tiny bit.

"Mmm, it's warm in there," he said.


I pushed Danny backward with my hands. He had a hard-on, obvious through the light fabric of his black running shorts. Once rebuffed, he framed his hard dick with his hands. He looked at me.

"How could you say 'no' to this?"

I shook my head. "I didn't say 'no.' I just didn't agree to be fucked by you as we are walking across the quad."


"Oh my god, TJ, do we really get to fuck you?" David asked.

I stopped and looked at my two friends. Hmm.

"Um, well, I guess. But don't you want to wait to see what happens later with Smash?"

Danny clapped his hands loudly. "No fucking way! I want to fuck! And I want to fuck right now!"

"Shh," David and I said in unison.

"I don't care who fucking knows! I just ran the greatest race of my life! I just beat the guy who has been creaming me all year long! And later...much later, I will have my way with him too. Right now, I just want to fuck TJ!"

To keep Danny from embarrassing us further, the three of us jogged the rest of the way back to their dorm room. Danny's clothes were on the floor in a heap before David even got the door closed. His boner popped up and smacked against his skin. Danny was in amazing shape. He was quite a sight to behold. This was a dick that I could definitely sit on.

"Hold him down, David," Danny directed his brother. "Let's get his pants off him."

David did as he was told. In about 30 seconds, I was naked face down on the floor, a pillow from David's bed placed under my hips. Of course, I made no effort to resist; I knew when to do exactly as I was told.

Danny knelt down beside me, his hard-on dangling between the cheeks of my butt. David helped him spread my legs apart a little wider, sort of like a wishbone.

"Prepare to be fucked, amigo," Danny shouted out. "By a duck!"

For some reason this struck me as funny and I started to laugh. So did David. So did Danny. The two of them collapsed onto the floor beside me.

We laughed so long and so hard that Danny lost his erection.

"Oh man," he cried when he discovered that he was soft.

I reached down to feel my own dick. No surprise there, I was still hard as a rock. I flipped onto my back and let the twins see that, despite our little laugh-fest, I still had wood.

"Oh man!" Danny cried again.

He grabbed my cock with his hand. Maybe he could get hard again by association. Danny kept one hand on me, moving up and down on the shaft. Plus he stroked his limp penis with his other. David helped out by pinching Danny's left nipple. After a few minutes of this, all we had managed to do was to get a whole lot of pre-cum to ooze out of the head of my hard-on. Danny was still soft.

It was kind of cute actually. I can't remember the last time I'd seen the guy without a boner. It was actually a very nice penis. I smiled.

"Fuck!" Danny said.

I smirked. Then I pawed at David's pants. He was indeed hard. Maybe I should just let the other twin do the deed? Danny immediately sensed what I was doing and shook his head from side to side.

"No!" Danny yelled. "No fucking way. If I don't fuck TJ, then nobody fucks TJ!"

"Um, don't you think I should have some say in this Danny? It's my butt, after all."

Danny hopped up off of the floor.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck! This like never happens!"

"Um, well...I think it's pretty common Danny," I offered helpfully.

"No. Not for me, it's not."

"Maybe you just need some food," David suggested.

"I need some ass," Danny disagreed.

"Well, is it all right if I fuck him?" David asked, sheepishly.

He sighed heavily and flopped down on his bed. "Go ahead. I don't care. Do it if you both want to. I'll just sit here and watch."

"With your soft weenie," I added. I loved teasing Danny Leeman.

He smirked. "Yes. With my soft weenie."

David tossed his clothes onto his bed in a sort of neat pile and bent down toward me on the floor. I grabbed hold of his cock and slipped it into my mouth. The Leeman twins had nearly identically shaped dicks and the entire thing fit easily up against the back of my throat. Once I had David good and lubed up, he lay down on the carpet with his cock in the air and I sat right down on top of it.

And so me and David did it. In front of his brother, David fucked me every way we could think of. Including sideways.

And Danny stayed put on the bed. He ate three granola bars.

When David had finally managed to cum, he was pretty spent from jack-hammering away at my backside for upwards of half an hour. I still hadn't gotten off so David asked his brother for assistance.

"Hey bro, a little help here," he said.

Danny was still naked, of course. He had been absently flicking his dick back and forth. But it still wasn't working, he still couldn't get hard. He smiled when he realized he was needed.

"Oh come on David," Danny said. "TJ is easy. You just have to know his spot."

Danny spit on his hand and shoved three of his fingers up my butt. He sucked my dick from above while his brother tugged on my nut sack.

I came in like 60 seconds.

"There," Danny said. "You see, you just need to learn from the master."

Both David and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Then I noticed that Danny was hard. David followed my eyes. Then Danny did.

"Oh my god!" Danny shouted. "He's back!"

"I think it was sticking your hand up my ass that you needed," I said.

"I think it was the granola bars," David said.

"Holy fuck, he's back!" Danny said again.

Both David and I got up off of the floor.

"Wanna grab a shower?" I asked David. He readily agreed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Danny objected. "What about little Danny here? He's been very patiently waiting to play while the two of you screwed like bunnies on our floor."

I wrapped a towel around my waist. David did the same.

"Later Danny," I said with finality. "Do it yourself. I'm beat!"

Danny had that 'deer in the headlights' look. "What the...?"

David and I walked out of the room and closed the door behind us. We heard something loud smack the inside of the door.

Later that night, we met up with Smash at the Leemans' favorite local hang-out. Snafu had to have been the world's smallest gay bar. But it was packed. It was a Friday night and we managed to slip past the front door without getting carded.

The four of us made our way to a corner and tried to have a conversation. David paid for 4 beers and brought them over to us.

"Thanks," Smash said.

"Is this your first beer?" Danny asked.

Smash punched Danny in the stomach. Maybe a little harder than he should have.

"Ouch!" Danny yelped. He rubbed his lower abdomen. Then he grabbed Smash's hand and forced it onto his abdomen as well. He made Smash rub him too. Danny smiled. "Pretty fucking nice set of abs, wouldn't you say Smash?"

Smash pulled his hand away and shook his head. He took a sip from his beer.

"And if you play your cards right, I just might let you rub me a little lower down too," Danny taunted.

"Fuck you Danny," Smash said.

"Um, that's sort of the idea," Danny retorted.

For the next hour or so, and after another round of beers, it seemed to me that Smash was finally starting to soften. The banter between Smash and Danny had eased up a bit as well. By like the fourth time that Danny grabbed Smash's hand and placed it onto his lower abs, Smash gave in and just let him do it. David and I looked at each other. It wouldn't be long now.

"So Smash, haven't you ever wanted to make it with another guy?" Danny asked him.

Smash looked Danny in the eye. He took another swig from his bottle.

"How do you know I haven't?"

Danny laughed. "Because I know," Danny said. "Otherwise you'd have already had your hand down my pants."

Smash opened his mouth to speak. But then he thought better of it and said nothing. All of us drank a little more beer. Then Smash put his beer down onto a ledge. He took a few steps toward Danny, put his hands behind Danny's head and kissed him with an open mouth. Danny didn't know what to do with his hands; they sort of just wavered in mid-air. The kiss went on for a good 30 seconds. Both David and I saw Danny's crotch bulge upward.

Finally Smash came up for air and pulled his mouth away.

For once in his life Danny was speechless.

"Wow," Danny mouthed silently to me and his brother.

David finished his beer and put the empty bottle down. "Maybe we should get out of here, it's getting late," he said absently.

"Um, okay," I said.

Danny looked at the two of us as if we were crazy. "What?"

"It's time to go, Danny," David said.

"What? We can't go yet," Danny protested.

David and I adjusted ourselves, getting ready to head back outside into the night.


Smash moved closer to Danny once again. He put his arm around Danny's shoulder. Danny looked at him.

"Don't worry, I got him guys. You guys go on ahead. I'll take care of Danny."

Danny smiled. A huge grin that could mean only one thing. He was going to get what he wanted, after all.

David and I fist bumped Smash and gave Danny a high five. Then we made our way through the crowd and toward the door. I looked back just before I went outside and saw Smash and Danny locking lips once again, this time Danny's hands were on the back of Smash's head, pulling him closer.

Then we left.


TJ Tachet

[email protected]


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