It all started in a hot July day. I was on my way to the gay beach looking for some fun and I noticed this gorgeous stud waving to me on the side of the road wearing nothing but a tight old brief and a hat! His brief was worn out and revealed some of his pubic hair. Next to him there appeared to be a small bag. I stopped to answer his call. He asked me if I could give him a lift to a near by police station because he was out of town and his car was stolen from him! I could not believe what he said first, but the way he looked made me reconsider. He looked damn hot and his body revealed a very hot torso, somewhat hairy with half revealed pubic hair. He intentionally lowered his brief so I could see his ass crack! He was sweaty and the sun reflection on his sweat made him look even hotter.

The moment he jumped in my car he looked at me and smiled. He told me that his car was not stolen and he wanted to attract a guy like me and have sex with for the rest of the day. He fantasized about being hitch-hiked in the nude. I could not handle my self anymore after I heard what he said and I kissed him with lust while I put my hand in his brief. He responded by tongue kissing me and fondling in my ass. I did the same. I took him to my apartment that was near by and carried him with his bag in my arm. Luckily, every one was away and nobody saw us!

Once inside the apartment I gently put him on the floor and worked my tongue on him. He responded by tearing my shirt and shorts and left me with nothing but my worn underwear. I tongue bathed him from his toes working on his legs and thighs. He asked if he wanted me to take his underwear. I told him to wait. I wanted to tease him and I tongue messaged his underwear. I bathed his underwear with my saliva and licked his large dick and his balls. The smell was so strong that made me almost pass out from ecstasy. The guy made it sure not to shower that day. He still smelled clean sweaty manly musk. His smell radiated sex. I turned him on his abdomen and started licking his armpits and then around his strong back toward his ass crack. I kept him in his underwear and messaged his but with my tongue. Then I asked him to raise his legs and I digged my tongue in between his legs sniffing the hot aroma that came from his ass hole. I started coming right away and so did he. Both in our underwear! I took his underwear off and messaged his ass with my finger. He turned me around and started sucking my dick. In order to make it even hotter. I brought a bottle of red wine and dripped it on his ass. I put a class underneath and started drinking the wine. He took the rest of the red wine and dropped it on my dick and balls and licked them lustfully. We both smelled strong, but clean and sweaty man smell. The wine made

The moment 10 times hotter. I started to lick whatever left of the wine from his hairy ass.

The smell of the wine on his sweaty ass hole was something to delight. I wanted to last for days. Then we went and showered together.

I kept his underwear unwashed and gave mine to him. I asked him what was in the bag. He said: 'Open it' I opened it and found a collection of used under wears like the one he wore. I almost fainted! Man that was what I always wanted. I am attracted to men underwear. I even had a large collection from my fuck buddies and gym buddies. I made sure to ask him if I could keep them. He said yes. I gave him some of mine and from my previous fuck buddies. He asked me if he could spend a week in my apartment doing nothing but sex. I replied and said in one condition! You always wear a used underwear of mine and I wear one of yours.

The week went by and I would have sex with him everyday five times! It was unimaginable what we did. We both topped and bottomed. We worked out in the nude and we showered together. We slept in the nude hugging like lovers. During the night, we would go out and run in our underwear. One night, I went biking with him in the nude. He sat in front of me. I fucked him all the way to the beach. Then we went swimming and fucking in the water for the whole night. Returning home early morning, we biked back and I sat in front of him. He biked and fucked me at the same time. We both made a head cover from our used underwear and wore them like hats all the way home. Luckily no one saw us!

After he left me, we continued to meet occasionally and fuck and play. One day he was away and I was very horny. I decided to do something we did together while working out. I put a dildo inside my ass and wore one of his used undies. I was so hot I wanted him badly! I brought his bag and took his used under wears and tied them around my naked body. I put the smelliest one around my nose! I them started bench pressing and imagine d him sitting on my face. Then I had a better idea. I brought my abdominal work out machine and sat on it. I started crunching my abdomen. The movements that I made made the dildo move inside my ass and hit my prostate. I dripped pre-cum for minutes while abdominal crunching. My five senses were into the mood of sex-workout fun which we used to do together. The smell of his underwear tied around my nose, the picture of us naked - which I placed infront of me. I even recorded his voice! The sensation that my prostate gave me along with the movement of my abdomen were just beyond description. I came like a volcano and almost six times of mountains of man-milk.

I still was horny. It was 10 pm at night and decided to bike in the nude. I saw him near the place where I picked him up wearing nothing at all! He said to me that he called me and left a message. I did not hear him because I was occupied with my self fuck-workout.

He jumped on my bike. This time, he sat facing me! We were both nude and sweaty. It was hard to paddle but I had a long seat. We were tongue kissing all the way home. I brought him home. I went for another bottle of wine and bathed him with wine. We held each other and melted in the aroma of the red wine and our own sweat. We did not drink the wine this time. We took photos! I repeated the same thing with honey, milk, and chocolate syrup. We spent the entire summer together doing nothing but sex and wearing nothing but our used underwear.


R Joe

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