I've been going to camp since i was 9 and i'd always enjoy myself. now i'm 18 and i cant wait to go to running camp this year. i am a very athletie person and have a small six pac to show for it.School was almost out and i couldn't wait. my friend max was coming with me and he was HOT!I would have fantasies about him plowing me in my hole while would scream at the top of my lungs begging him to go faster.Unfortunately he was straight and would tell about him having sex with random girls every week. that was a downer.

i always wandered how long was his cock and just thinking about that would have me cum in my pants. the school finally ended and i spent the night at max house so his dad could drop up off at camp the next morning.max went to sleep and i just wanted to do stuff to him so i waited till he was in a deep sleep. when i heard him snoring i pulled down his boxers and saw his nice and thick eight inch dick. i started to play around with it and then started to suck it. lucky for me he had to take sleeping pills to sleep so i licked and sucked until i couldn't do it any more.

the next morning his dad took us to the camp bus and while we were on the bus max whispered to me it felt like someone sucked his cock last nite. i didnt hear him but the person next to him said maybe it was him. i heard that and when i looked at the guy he was fat and his hair was all over the place.when i stared at may he looked like he was going to throw up. we were finally at the camp and i was of course paired with max and some other guy named jake. he was cute and looked like he was about 6'2 tall. that night i started to dream about up having a 3some.



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