Living with my Daddy has been the best move I ever made. I get to sleep in late every day. Daddy also lets me play dress-up for him and in exchange I get to spend his money, all just to be his sex slave when he comes to visit. Daddy was on vacation for a while as I woke up and remembered stretching out in the warm, plush bed. My ass was red and sore as I glided my hands across it softly, treating it tenderly after the rough fun. Daddy wanted to make sure all his sexual urges were taken care of before his week-long vacation. I reached around and pulled the large butt-plug out that was resting inside me. It slid out effortlessly as my mouth opened from the pleasure of it stretching my hole out even wider. I set it on the table next to all the other toys that laid spread out from the night before. I smiled as I remembered how sweet his cum tasted in my mouth as he shoved it down my throat, throbbing as every drop of his cum shot into me. Daddy had the best tasting cum I had ever tasted, and I made sure to get every drop from his cock.

I took a quick shower and dried off. I walked around naked, my red bottom exposed. The cold water felt great on my butt, but so did his hard spanking as his dick stretched me out. I bit my lip as I grew horny just thinking about him pounding me into the bed, or how I rode him until he came inside me as I spanked my ass for him. Throughout the house Daddy had a few glory holes installed, a few were kinky ways for me to blow him. Going into the bathroom and noticing his strong dick standing out makes my mouth water even now. I licked my lips and glanced at that same hole. He installed cameras that recorded the holes, and me sucking and fucking the studs or him. From the gagging, to the anal, to the moaning and especially the creamy facials, Daddy loved to watch me be fucked hard. Daddy sometimes even had random dicks sticking out of them throughout the day so I could practice. It was a nice little surprise from day to day for me, especially when I felt horny and wanted a nice, thick, long dick to suck. I loved the taste of dick and cum, so I always made them happy when they stuck out waiting for me throughout the day. Teasing, to dirty talking, hand jobs and of course deep throating, I loved making them cum for me. I glanced at the one in the bathroom before leaving, but it was unoccupied for the moment. As I walked into the bedroom, a very large dick was sticking out waiting for me from the glory hole near the bed. I bit my lip as I walked towards it still naked. A small window allowed the stud to see me as I approached him. Turning around and bending over to expose myself to him his cock grew big and stiff watching me. I glanced back as I spanked myself hard. His now long, thick dick glistened with pre cum at the sight of my red bottom. Usually Daddy got men who hadn't came in a few days, he knew how much I loved a big load of cum.

"Just wait big boy," I said, still exposing my butt to him, "I can't wait to show you how deep your dick can go in my throat."

On my knees I teased the dick. My hands ran up and down the stiff shaft as I jerked it. My tongue danced around the head of it, gathering all the juicy pre cum to swallow as it touched my tongue. The taste was delicious as I worked hard for more. My mouth wrapped around the head of his dick. My hand continued to run up and down his shaft with a strong grip. He moaned as I sucked hard pulling my head back. My lips popped from the suction. I returned my lips around his huge dick, he entered my warm wet mouth as I moaned from the taste of even more pre cum. Taking half of his cock in my mouth my cheeks spread wide to accommodate his thick dick. I covered it in saliva as I sucked hard and fast on it. My lips traveled up and down his shaft which was covered in my saliva as it dripped down to his scrotum. My hands played with his scrotum as he moaned at the warmth of my mouth. The taste of pre cum once again entered my mouth as my lips traveled down his shaft farther. The massive dick made my mouth open wide as I struggled to suck all of him off. I stuck my tongue out as his dick was filling my stretched mouth up. He thrust in my mouth using the length of his cock. Slurping and gagging noises followed as he pushed deep into me and held it there. I gagged on him as even more saliva ran down his shaft. I winced as I pulled my head back allowing myself to breath. My hands worked fast to jerk his thick dick off as my tongue ran around the head. I kissed the underside of his dick as I slapped my kissing lips with it. My lips encased the head again as I pushed his dick back into my mouth. He traveled deep as my lips covered his shaft, until the head touched the back of my throat. Gathering myself I pushed it deeper, and within a few seconds his head was in my throat. He moaned loudly at the tightness as it pushed into my throat. I gagged and moaned on his dick. My lips touched the base as his thick, strong cock was all in my throat and mouth. He thrust in my throat as I gagged on him, even move saliva running down his dick. It began to pool on the floor as he thrust hard, keeping it all in my throat for a second before I pulled it out gasping for air. My hands jerked him off again as I kissed his dick all over.

The taste of cum entered my mouth yet again, my tongue running around the head gathering it all up.

"I love the taste of cum." I said, as I sucked the head off a bit. "I can't wait for that hot, juicy load in my throat." I kissed his head again as my hands worked the shaft. "Please cum in my throat, Daddy can't wait to see what a good little cum-whore I've been"

He moaned loudly as his dick entered my mouth again. A nice, thick stream of cum ran across my tongue as I gagged on his dick again. The head of his cock pushed the stream of cum down into my throat with it. My lips touched his scrotum and abdomen as I felt his huge dick shoot another stream of warm cum directly down my throat. I ran my lips ran up and down the base as a third load of warm cum shot against the back of my throat and ran down into my stomach. Tasting that warm, thick cum me suck him off as deep and fast as I could, milking his huge balls for every drop of cum. My mouth watered from the taste of the last load as my lips shot up and down his shaft. He continued to moan as he shot the last long, warm, sticky stream onto my tongue. I kissed the head and played with the huge load of cum in my mouth. My hand gently jerked him off as he moaned, looking down as I showed him his load of cum resting on my tongue, teasing him. I ran the thick juice all around my tongue, my mouth watered just from the taste of it. I swallowed it in one giant gulp and began sucking his huge cock off again. He shot back from the pleasure as I smiled up to him, my hand still around the base of him. His dick disappeared beyond the wall. As it did my hand glided up his shaft as it retreated from my hungry lips. I got up after a moment as I made my way to the kitchen. I licked my finger of the little bit of pre cum that accumulated on it. I couldn't wait till Daddy saw that tape. Daddy sometimes even watched me as I blew someone else off in front of him. He usually "helped" me, by holding my head as I gagged on a big dick, or he would spank my ass for the stud's enjoyment, as well as mine and Daddy's. I still remember the day he came home early and stuck it deep in my ass as I was in the process of milking a very well hung stud for his warm cum. Both of their dicks inside me, pushing me into the other was amazing. I still remember that orgasm to this day. I bit my lip as I walked around, hoping to see another dick sticking out for me to play with. My mind ran wild with a giant, thick, huge black cock waiting for me. I dreamt about it with a nice cock ring around it so it stood large and veiny for me to please, just sticking out of a hole for me. I spanked my ass hard as I imagined it stretching my asshole around it as I rammed it deep into me. Feeling the head slide all the way inside me and feeling it as it made me orgasm around it and squeeze it even tighter. I kept walking, hoping my dream would come true.

I wasn't hungry anymore after that huge treat, and I had Daddy's cum inside me from last night. I decided to watch a steamy hot porno while I sat around, still horny and bored. Still naked I laid on the couch as the porno began. It was of a young, very studly man with his long, thick dick as he jerked it off for me. It curved slightly upward, was very stiff, and was a dick I could enjoy for hours on end. I bit my lip as his hand ran up and down his thick shaft for me. I tossed and turned wishing that was in front of me right now. I can only imagine how thick that cum would be all over me after I milked his cock for hours on end. I reached into the end table next to me as my body got hot from all this teasing. I pulled out a very large dildo with both hands. My hands ran up and down it mimicking the studs as if he was right in front of me. My tongue ran around the head of it as he opened his mouth to moan. His hands squeezed his cock as the camera zoomed in on pre cum resting on the head. I closed my eyes and imaged the taste in my mouth again. I opened my eyes a moment later to notice the stud was now standing up jerking his massive cock for me still. I got on my knees as I closed my eyes and sucked the dildo off imagining his body behind it. My hands pushed it deep in my throat as I gagged for him. I opened my eyes and met his eyes as he moaned loudly. The dildo pulled out as I gasped for air, my mouth still open for him to slam it back into me. I gagged on his rock hard dick for a moment before I grew bored of the stale dildo. Where is that stud now to throat fuck me... I watched until the stud shot his creamy, juicy load as he jerked off vigorously for the camera. I licked my lips as I turned it off. I laid the dildo on the coffee table and walked around still ass naked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and bent at my hips to expose my juicy ass out of habit for Daddy. It drove him crazy when I did that. I spanked my ass hard with a free hand also out of habit. My ass jiggled as I shook my hips side to side as I peered into the open fridge. Settling for leftovers I ate them at my leisure on the couch. The big dildo was only a few inches from my plate as I began to watch the part 2 of the porno with the hot stud and his massive dick. This one involved a lovely bottom boy who could barely handle his huge dick as he slammed it into his ass rough. What an amateur, I could handle that dick and ride it until he begged me to make him cum inside me.

I finished the meal and walked back into the kitchen. Setting the plate in the sink I spanked myself again hard. I bit my lip as I did, waiting for some young hot stud to grab my hips as I stood in front of the sink. Line that hard dick up to my ass and slam it into me. I bit my lip as I made a conceded effort to find a cock waiting for me out of a glory hole. I checked the bathroom, the upstairs bathroom, the guest bedroom, and the stand-up shower. I had given up hope until I entered the master bedroom... I almost fainted as I noticed it sticking out near the bedpost. A nice, long, thick, rock hard black cock was waiting for me with a condom and cock ring. It stood large and powerful as I bit my lip and walked towards it, anxious and trying to not act too excited. As I walked up to it and wrapped my hand around the shaft, he emerged from behind the door. Before I could even look at him his hands grabbed me and shoved me onto the bed. My eyes lit up as his hands forced me to bend over the bed with my ass high into the air. He shoved my head into the bed as a cool liquid covered my butthole. I bit my lip as I felt his cocks' head push against me.

"Please be gentle with me," I begged to him, "I've never had a big black cock in me."

I heard him snicker, "Gentle? Daddy told me to make you scream." His cock pushed into me as I tried to push into the bed. His hand grabbed my hip and pushed me back into him as the head stretched me out wider than anything I've ever had the pleasure of being in my ass. I opened my mouth wide and screamed as he kept pushing until I felt my ass quivering on his shaft. He held it in me as his hand spanked my ass hard, making me squeeze around him.

"Daddy told me to fuck you so hard that you don't remember your name. He told me how deep and rough you like it." The black cock traveled even farther into me as he pushed swiftly. I moaned louder as he kept shoving his massive dick into me. I felt the veins as his cock stretched me out farther and farther.

"Now, either you start talking dirty, or I'm going to fuck you so hard I'm going to split that white ass of yours in two." He ordered me, as he spanked hard and began to fuck me very rough. His dick pushed deep as my body pushed against the bed. His dick throbbed as my tight ass stretched even more for his massive cock. The veins popped out of his huge cock as he held half of it in what was my tight white ass. "Tell me how big my dick is." He said as his hand smacked my ass hard.

"Your cock is so big." I moaned to him as his cock retreated so just the head was inside me. "I love how deep it goe-" I moaned loudly as his body shot forward into mine, forcing his cock quickly into me. It slammed hard as every inch of it entered me. Holding it deep my body quivered as I screamed from the size of his huge black dick.

"How much do you want it in your throat?" His hand grabs my hips and forces me to hold all of his cock in my ass as he dominates my tight white ass. "You'll get to taste your sweet white ass when I slam my dick down your throat." His body rests on mine as he fucks me hard and deep. His cock travels deep inside me as he thrusts with the last few inches of his dick. His scrotum smacks against mine as I feel his huge balls. I reach back behind and cup them as he fucks me. He spanks my ass hard as he watches his cock stretch me out.

"Damn you have such a tight little ass." He pushes all of his cock into me in one thrust as I scream in pleasure again, my tight ass not use to the size of his dick. He reaches around and starts to jerk my cock as his dick makes me moan in pure ecstasy. I bite my lip and spank my ass for him.

"Fuck my tight little ass big boy." I spank myself again as he slowly pulls out. "Make my ass gape from your huge black dick." His cock continues to pound me into the bed as I moan to him. My legs shake with pleasure as I feel his head traveling deep inside me with every thrust. He slams it all into me again as his scrotum smacks hard into mine. I loved the feeling of his scrotum as it smacked into mine.

"I love feeling you huge balls slapping mine." I moan to him, as he watches his massive rock hard rod slam into my tight white ass. "Your dick is so huge! I don't think I can handle it all in my throat."

He smiles at me and holds his cock all the way in me. My body quivers and shakes from the size, his hand holding my hip into him as the other grabs my dick. He rests his body on mine as he holds his cock in me, stretching me out. I spank myself hard for him as he moans, staring at me now.

He whispers in my ear, "Tell me how much your tight white ass loves my big black cock in it."

I look at him. "I love your big black cock deep in my tight white ass." He smiles at me and continues to pound me hard with him massive rod.

On my knees in front of the massive, black cock I lick the head tenderly. Both my hands wrap around the shaft and slide up and down his veiny, thick dick. My tongue runs circles around the head as I kiss the spot right under it. Flicking the tip with my tongue his hands grab either side of my head. Taking a deep breath he pushes my head to encase his rock hard dick in my warm, waiting mouth. My lips stretch wide as he makes me take more of his dick into me. My eyes grow wide as it continues to push past my tongue and keeps going. I glance up at the stud as he keeps going, eventually reaching my throat. Without even pausing he keeps thrusting in my mouth. After a few seconds of his hard dick pushing against the back of my throat, the head slips into my throat as he moans. Gagging hard on his dick he keeps pushing me closer to his sweaty scrotum as I watch the cock disappear into my gaping mouth. My lips touch the base as he moans from the mixture of warmth, wetness and how tight my throat is around him. I gag hard on him. My head quickly bobs back and forth from his hands. He moans loudly after a couple of seconds in my throat.

"You've been a good little cock-whore today." He moans to me, watching his cock enter and leave my throat. My eyes wince as he slams it into me hard. I gag on him rough, "You love my big black cock in your throat."

He thrusts back down into my throat. Moaning loudly his dick throbs as the warm cum shoots deep into my stomach and bounces around inside me. My head is ripped back, his dick retreats from my throat as the cum explodes in my mouth. His dick fills my mouth extremely fast as it shoots thick cum in big streams. His hands make me suck him fast as he moans, giving me each and every drop of tasty cum in my mouth. The warm thick cum tasted amazing as it shot onto my tongue. I moan onto his dick as his hands release my head, his dick still rock hard but out of cum. My lips travel fast up and down his shaft, keeping every drop of cum inside. The stud moans as I suck every last drop of cum up, and showing him his massive load inside my mouth. He smiles and smacks my lips with his huge dick in approval. I swallow the delicious cum quickly after spreading it all around my mouth. I open my mouth to show him that I swallowed every drop his thick dick shot into my mouth. I suck on it slowly as he continues to smile at me.

"I loved the taste of that thick, creamy, black cum," I say, smacking my face with his cock. "I want more."

"I've got a little surprise for that tight white ass of yours." His deep voice makes my mind run wild. My lips travel down his cock again. He moans softly as I suck hard and make sure I get every last drop of cum from his huge rod. My lips pop as I break the seal and swallow the tiny bit of gold on my tongue. His cock smacks against my tongue a few times. I stare at the cock and how big it is as it smacks against it. I'm still amazed it all fit into me. I can still feel it slamming into me, making me shake and quiver at its sheer size. I smile up to him as he helps me up and out of my wonderful daydream.

"What's my surprise?" I ask. Smiling at me, he spins me around in front of him in one motion. My hands grab each of my sore, red butt cheeks. I bite my lower lip and close my eyes. I waited to feel his cock rest against me, pushing back into my again. Instead, a large butt-plug beings to enter my gaping asshole as my mouth opens at the size of it. My hands spread my cheeks farther apart as it pushes into me, and pops as it rests fully inside me. I moan just from the sheer size of it, my body clenching around it and causing even more pleasure inside me, aside from the two loads of wonderful cum inside me. He reaches around in front of me after I get use to my new butt-toy. His hands put the cock-ring from his big, thick dick onto mine. He strokes my rock-hard erect cock as the ring makes my dick stand large and veiny, much like his fun cock. He spanks my ass hard while continuing to jerk my cock. One final hard spank sends me into the other room. I smile at him, my constricted cock and huge butt-plug inside me as I walk to the next room.

"Daddy told me to tell you to get dressed-up for this next part." He said, as I stopped in the doorway.

"Maybe a nice little thong, some stockings," I said, "And a nice ball-gag." He smiles as I walk towards the bedroom. I spanked my ass one last time for him before walking up the stairs out of sight. I loved sucking dick, but now I knew how much I loved big black cocks. I hope my surprise was a room full of huge black cocks to man-handle me and make me orgasm multiple times as they gag me. I'd ride them all until they shot their massive loads in me...

I found a very cute short-skirt to put on in my walk-in closet. It was pink and didn't even cover my ass completely. I giggled as I stared at myself in the mirror, admiring the teasing view as the bottom of my hot ass was revealed for everyone to stare at and drool over. I clenched the butt-plug as I stared in the mirror. I slipped on a very cute red thong I picked out after a bit of debating. The butt-plug was visible still and the thong pushed it a bit further in and held it snug as I made sure it did. "I hope my surprise is great", I thought to myself, as I put on some red stockings to match the red and pink outfit I had on. The final piece was a green ball-gag Daddy bought me. I put it on and got one last look at me all dressed up. I smiled to myself as I spanked my ass hard one last time. I turned the light off and walked downstairs, excited for what waited for me. The thought of more hot cum to swallow and big cocks ramming into my holes made me drool on my new ball-gag. I couldn't wait to get downstairs.

I entered the room expecting a wonderful surprise. My eyes grew wide and my mouth watered on the ball-gag. A group of 5 very well hung and giant cocked men wait on the couch for me. Their dicks stood up straight waiting for me to ride and suck them until they came all over and inside me. I turned and saw Daddy sitting in a big chair with a good view of the couch. He smiles at me all dressed-up as I walked into the room. I turn around and show him the toy in my ass. He wasn't away on vacation he was setting up this wonderful event for me. My hand spanks my ass hard for him as a thank you. He smiles at me and begins to rub himself. One of the well hung men stands up and begins to walk towards me, his cock standing proudly in front of him pointing at my rear. I stare at it as he approaches me. My hand reaches out and begins to stroke him, his hard, thick cock felt wonderful in my hand. My hands slide up and down the shaft as I moaned into the ball-gag at him. I couldn't wait to feel it slamming into my ass. My fingers danced around it, feeling the veins and how rock-hard it was. I bit down on the ball-gag as he thrust his cock in my hand. I wish I was bent over right now, his powerful hips made my ass jealous of my hand.

"Don't be gentle with him boys." Daddy said to them, as he eyed my tight skirt and stockings. He loved when I got dressed-up for him, even more so when I made him cum all over my clothes like the naughty cum-whore I was. The other men converged around me, their dicks leading their way. All of the dicks around me were very huge, even bigger than the cock I had a few minutes ago slamming into me and spraying wonderful cum deep inside me. My free hand reached out for a second dick to play with and began to stroke it as well. I moaned loudly into the ball-gag as the wonderful huge cocks stood around me, I was in heaven.

"I want to see how much cock he can handle." Daddy watched as their cocks pushed against my body from all angles. A stud reached down and began stroking my cock, as another grabbed and played with my ass. I closed my eyes as their hands ran across me, some grabbing, some spanking, and one teasing me with the plug. Surrounded by 5 huge, strong, thick dicks made my body tremble. I glanced at Daddy and shot him a very seductive look. He smiled at me, as a stud spanked me hard. A stud turned me around so Daddy could see the view as they played with my ass more. My skirt exposed my ass fully as they bent me over slightly, exposing my red thong to Daddy to enjoy. Each of them took turns spanking my ass hard. I winced each time and enjoyed it like a good cum-whore. My hands continued to jerk off the wonderful dicks as the other dicks slapped against my face and body. A hand removed my ball-gag as the saliva escaped my mouth and drooled all over the floor. I glanced down at the pool but before I could close my mouth a thick cock's head was pushing against my lips. I glanced up to the stud, and shot forward. A hard spank made me gasp as the cock pushed into my open mouth.

"I hope you're ready for these studs stretching your ass and gagging you tonight Cutie..." Daddy said, as the big cock slid down into my throat as I gagged on it. I winced at the huge dick as it pumped in and out deep in my throat. I continued to gag hard as the butt-plug was pulled out in one tug from my ass. My hand still jerked off a cute stud as another slapped my face with his big cock. My body trembled as the plug popped, and my bottom got a nice hard spank as a reward. The head of another huge cock began spanking my hole hard. The dick in my mouth slammed deep into me as the head of the other cock began to thrust into my ass. The combined feeling of being filled by both dicks made pre-cum escape my cock, still with the ring on it. They both thrust into me at the same time. I loved the feeling as they both filled me up. I couldn't wait for their hot cum all over and in me. The hand of the stud slamming his dick into my ass reached down and jerked me off as his cock continued to slam deep into my ass.

"Maybe tonight if you're good, you can cum along with us," Daddy said. "But only if you take two of these large studs in your tight ass, and gag on another."

Daddy was so generous to me. He also gets to enjoy this wonderful event in front of his own eyes. The studs made me feel wonderful, their hard cocks waiting to enter a hole and make me moan at their size and power as they slammed into me. Daddy's cock was exposed as he began to jerk it off to me being man-handled by these big dicks. I couldn't want for his cum to top off all of these studs. He loved to cum last and watch me swallow his and all the other studs loads at once. Sometimes he even makes me swallow my own cum too, just to show me how good of a cum-whore I've been for him and his stud. A rather large cup is placed below my penis as the cocks kept penetrating me. This was the cum-cup. And little did I know that I was going to be drinking each and every drop of cum from my cock and these huge studs, and they had a lot of it for me...




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