After a gruesome long hour of waxing torture, Bob finally ordered the men to stop the ordeal. They took a moment to take look at what their subject of torture has come to be and they couldn't be more enthralled.

Lying in front of them was the stud, writhing and heavily panting in short of breath. His body was brutally bruised and all red, as a result of the constant coating and peeling routine through the ordeal, but for some reason, still is shredded and prime. What really amazed Bob and the men was the fact that Chad could still muster enough strength to involuntarily flex his body even after the brutal torment.

Seeing such erotic sight, the torturers couldn't contain their urge to explode into orgasm as they showered our muscular hero's carved physique with their cum. In anticipation of their orgasm, Chad closed his eyes and held his breath, letting his abdominal muscle formed its deepest canyon-like striations. At the same time, he clenched his fist and flexed his biceps as he widened his rippling pectoral muscles, enabling Bob and the men to cum on a wider expanse of his body. He intentionally held this most muscular pose long enough with the sole purpose to make them savor the sight and cum until the very last drop. That way, he thought, they would be satisfied and end the tribulation.

When they finally stopped ejaculating, they all took a step back and released their hold on the stud's wrist to take a final look of their work of art. Chad's body is now drenched in their cum. As the he man continued to breath normally, his body dances in rhythm allowing some of the cum to jiggle down and covered all of the expanse of his ripped physique.

They all took a chair and studied the man carefully as they controlled their breath.

"God... that was amazing" Bob exclaimed. "You, my love, are simply a God's gift! There is a reason why God carved your body as beautiful and muscular as this, and this is precisely the reason! To let mere mortal like us happy!

In between the mindfuckery, Chad curled his body and used his finally free arms to cover his torso. He was so sure that he had drained all of his strength to endure that physical torture. An ordinary man would probably have fainted halfway into the torture, but the endurance training and regular muscle appraising session that he always had with Ivan had pushed his pain threshold to the level no man could ever reach. And this is precisely what Ivan had in mind for Chad; the more muscular and stronger Chad becomes, the more time Ivan could spend thrashing and appreciating the hard work that his step brother has done.

Chad knew this and he had accepted his fate. But he never knew that how advantageous his endurance training is until this very day. For some reason, even after the brutal session, his body can regain his strength faster than he thought he could be, allowing him to muster energy and think of a strategy for his escape plan.

He purposely acted to make sure that he still looks spent and drained until he could get all the strength. As he turned his body and kneeled on all fours, he studied the room carefully. The men were still at their chair, panting from the explosive orgasm.

When the perfect time has come, Chad turned his body and tackled both of the men's chair's legs, causing them to fall on their back. Bob and the men were surprised at how amazing Chad could regain his strength and were simply not ready for such attack. The fall had also made the men dizzy which allowed Chad to put on a full frontal blow on Bob's stomach with his fist, making Bob choked and kneeled in pain.

Chad used this time to return back to the strapped Ivan and finally freed him from his bond. He then carried him with his arms, out straight to the exit door of the warehouse.

"ONE PUSH AND THIS VIDEO GOES ON THE INTERNET!!!" Bob mustered enough energy to scream and warned Chad.

The ultimatum caused Chad's stride to stop. Just when he thought he got all his plan figured out, he was back to square one. At that moment of time, Chad felt very much defeated, once again. He turned his back again to face the squirming men, who are struggling to get back on their feet. Their faces were red and they were pretty angry.

"You made me angry Chad... made me really angry..." Bob said, feeling very much victorious. The burly men were already back on their feet and marched towards the still stud, who still had Ivan on his arms. They took helpless Ivan away and secured him, once again onto the metal table, while the other burly man held Chad on a full nelson position. Chad's whole torso was once again vulnerable and exposed.

"Please just don't hurt him. Punish me, but he hasn't done anything so... please don't hurt him" pleaded Chad.

It was like a music to Bob's ears. Chad knew exactly that this time Bob would be more vicious than ever before. All he could know do is to prepare himself, and endure the pain and wait for the next almost improbable chance of escape.

"I'll do anything for you... just let him go.." Chad once again begged for mercy, as he intentionally flexed his abdominals to their extreme, causing it to ripple beautifully in motion for the sake of Bob's pleasure.

"Cute, but that won't work anymore. After what you've done, you better be following my exact order or I'll hurt your loverboy" warned Bob as he grabbed two syringes from the table behind him before marching to succumbed stud.

As Bob walked nearer to him, Chad could see how oddly shaped the needles are at the tip of the syringe. It was more blunt and bigger in diameter, one that could register perfect amount of pain as it penetrates the stud's skins.

"I have never used this before because I never thought any man could survive it. This needle contains a micro bot that is designed to be registered into your milk duct. Yes, this goes straight into your nipple"

Without further ado, Bob handed the other syringe to the other man who was now standing on Chad's side and then they jabbed the needles at the same time, slowly inserting the micro bots into the stud's overly sensitized nubs.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH!!!" This was a whole new level of pain. Chad thrashed and screamed endlessly during the penetration, begging them to stop. He lost his focus on his breath, causing his stomach to soften his muscles.

Aware of this, Bob used his other hand to twist and claw the abdominal blocks.

"You better be flexing this beautifully ripped abs of yours at all times for me, no matter what I do to you, you understand?!" Bob whispered in Chad's ears and continued the kneading.

As if he had any choice, Chad submissively, with all his strength and in between the pain, put his abdominals at the most flexed state once more as he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes to contain the sensation. He threw his head forward and cried in between his groans.

"ARRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.. HHH..AAR..." Before the micro bots finally reached their destinations, the constant kneading had cause Chad's nipples to squirt little man juice that slowly trickles down his pecs and then oblique.

When the micro bots were finally registered and the needles were pulled out, Chad took a deep breath and panted heavily. He still had his eyes closed and mouth open, trying to adjust to the level of pain that is overwhelming his body.

On the other hand, Bob and his men were overjoyed to see how the stud could milk so easily even without a touch. It goes to show them how overly sensitized Chad body has become which had made them hard once more. When the milk trickled down his body, mixing with the cum, it made Chad's physique glistened, further accentuating the muscular ridges of his torso. They just simply couldn't wait to see our muscle hero writhe in pain and begged for mercy.

Bob noticed when Chad stared at his step brother with his half opened eyes. Knowing this, he brought his head forward and grabbed the stud's hair to enable him to stare at the deep piercing blue eyes. He then kissed Chad ferociously, invading Chad's mouth with his tongue, tasting once again the victory that he has over the defeated hero. After a good minute, he finally broke the kiss.

"If you don't want us to hurt your lover boy, you really better be listening and following my commands."

Before he continued, Bob signalled his guy to bring him two cup of wine glasses.

"Grab this and put this in front of your pecs at all times. And don't you ever dare to soften your muscles, or we will not hesitate to hurt your lover" instructed Bob as he prepared himself to watch what could possible the greatest humiliation he will ever witness.

When Chad held the glasses in front of his nipples, it caused his biceps to bulge and be at a semi-flexed state. Veins started popping from the bulbous shoulder muscles down to the peak of his biceps.

Bob took a quick feel on the hardness of the biceps before he stepped back and saw such an erotic pose at full glory.


With that, he started to push a button on the remote control that he had in his hand. All of the sudden, the micro bots started vibrating in the stud's body.

"AARGHH..." Chad let out a slight moan in response to the sensation. The vibration had caused Chad to contract all of his body. Few more squirts of man milk were also produced as a result of the constant milking vibration, some of which landed on the glasses, while some missed since it has become rather very hard for Chad to control his body, given all the sensations.

"Just like the bots that Ivan had, these micro bots had 10 level of pulsation. Now you're at level 1" Bob grinned before he pressed the button again and pushed the pulsation level to 2.

"ARRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHH JEEES.. AARGHH!" Chad squirmed in response. It caused him to, again, lose focus on his body which subconsciously softened his abdominal muscles.

Without even any signal, the man who was posted on Ivan's side started gut punching him. They continued on their assault on the helpless kid, while the ordeal continues. Chad saw this and pleaded once more.

"Stop it.. please.. arrgh" Few more drop of man milk were produced – this time it was flowing rather generously. Chad also tried to regain his posture and flex his abdominals accordingly to his torturer's liking. All this is to stop them from hurting Ivan. The assault stopped almost instantly when they saw the stud obliged.

When Bob is about to turn the level up to 3, he took a step forward again to feel the emanating heat from the stud's writhing body and then put his left hand on the crevices of Chad's abdominals as a reminder. Once he pressed the button, his other left hand twisted Chad's abs so hard that it is almost impossible for Chad to soften his muscles anymore.

"ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHH HHH" Chad felt how the vibration in his nipples get even intense, causing his body to jerk in pain. He threw his head to the front with his eyes bulging. His whole body was trembling that he almost lost his hold on the glasses.

The double stimulation that is going on his nipples and abs caused the nipples to squirt even more freely, most of which were filling the glasses which were now almost 1/5 full. The close proximity that Bob has with the squirming stud allows him to study the phenomenal physique in greater detail which had caused him to squirt a pre cum himself.

He watched how Chad's veins started to become more apparent around his chest and biceps. The fact that Chad was now sweating profusely made his body even gleaming than ever before, making the hardness of his muscles even more obvious.

Seeing all this spectacle, Bob couldn't resist to lap his tongue on our he man's neck, traversing down to the bulging biceps. He took his time to savor the veins protruding around this area, which caused Chad to moan even more as his body is now already very sensitive to any touch. The stimulation then further made his nubs squirt a little bit more milk.

"Arrghhh!.. please..please.. ahh!"

As he licks his way back to the stud's neck, he noticed how Chad's penis had grown hard again from all the stimulation. Wanting to torture the stud even more, Bob registered the same liquid onto the stud's neck that would never allow Chad to cum until the effect of the chemical is up.

"NOOO!.. AARGHH" He was already in a brink of exploding when the liquid took its effect. Chad was now crying and moaning in pain.

Bob, on the other hand, was pleased so far with the progress. He couldn't imagine what his muscle toy is feeling right now, having been denied of his orgasm and being constantly stimulated from all points of his body.

After about few mins at level 3, Bob was aware how Chad had become rather adjusted to the pain and stimulation by looking at the fact that his nipples stop producing man milk. He tried to think of other creative ways to intensify the ordeal and make it longer. He just wasn't ready to end it this way.

"Next up will be pretty intense for you. My guy is going to release his grip on you so you got to balance yourself. You can scream, thrashed your head around and kneeled. But I want you to at least stay upright, and shoulders wide. First rule still applies."

With that, he took the micro bots to a new high. After being released from the full nelson lock, Chad simply lost his balance. The pulsating sensation emanating from his nipples were too much for him to handle. He kneeled and trembled in pain, and he hunched his body forward instinctively. His hold on the glass was almost gone that a few of the man milk contained in the glass was spilled on the floor.


Seeing such violation, the beating continues. Ivan was now screaming as well.

"No.. STOP PLEASE ARGGHHhhhHHHH!.." It was even harder for Chad to regain his posture now as the vibration is taking its toll on his body, allowing him to produce man milk that was almost dried up before.

Bob saw this very much overjoyed. The thought of seeing his dream muscle man squirming at his mercy like this was too much for him to bear that he finally let himself explode into another round of orgasm. The man who was now standing right behind Chad also took his penis out and shoot his load onto the stud's back. Chad was again showered with cum from front and back; some of Bob's load even spluttered on his face and hair.

This is the great humiliation. Our muscle hero stood still as he let his diabolical torturers shoot his load onto his magnificent body, that seemed to be even more ripped than ever before. His dignity is almost stripped out completely already but Chad couldn't care less. He was too focused to try to regain his energy back so that he could stand upright again, ending the beating and allowing them to shower his whole torso freely with their cum.

When he succeeded regaining his posture, Chad closed his eyes and threw his head up, feeling the hot juices splattering all over his body as a sign of defeat.

After about one minute of non stop ejaculation, they finally stopped. Bob took his time to use his hand to distribute evenly the cum that is on the stud's body, causing Chad's whole torso to stir once more. The constant kneading and touching allowed him to now almost fill up the cup.

But when Chad became rather adjusted to the record sensation, his nubs were again drying up.

"Next one gonna hurt a bit. Be prepared." Bob teased and then signalled the man in front of Chad to come over. The man started to position his hands in front of the he man's sensitized and leaking nubs, while Bob's left hand grabbed Chad's hair, forcing his head up.

"This time I want to see your beautiful face"

Without further ado, Bob pushed the button once more.


The man suddenly had a vice grip on his nubs and started twisting relentlessly, milking Chad for all he is worth. The milk duct were so much sensitized that it caused Chad to gush out man milk all over the place.

The stimulation was too much to bear for Chad that his body jerked back and forth trying to contain the pain and sensation. He lost his stance and focus; his arms were flailing around, missing out on containing the man milk onto the glass of water for a few seconds. The double stimulation that is going on his nipples almost made him faint. He could only wish that he would have.

The beating also then carried on. It only stopped when Chad could finally make sense out of himself and actually finished up filling the glasses with his own man milk.

"This is more like it! Bravo!" Bob took the glass full of milk to his own hand. The man behind Chad also released his grip on Chad's nipples. The vibration also now stops.

"This glass is to you, and the other one to you" Bob distributed the glasses to both of his hence men.

"That's a prize for giving me the best show I could ever have! To Chad!!"

And they both started drinking. Chad, on the other hand, hunched his back in defeat. His hand was on his sides, limply swaying. He tried to control his breath once more, seeing this opportune time as another chance to escape.

To Chad's dismay, he simply overlooked at the fact that there were only two glasses filled. Bob took few steps forward to the flailing man and held Chad's chin up so that Chad is face to face with him. He took a while to study the rugged beauty before he broke the awkwardness.

"You think I haven't learned? I wont let you escape once again... ever. You're mine now."

Chad gazed at his torturer's eyes before he realized that all hope is lost for him, when he saw Bob pressing the button to level 6. Bob's hands slid behind Chad's back and hugged him tightly as he placed his lips onto the squirting nipples, enjoying every bits of taste man milk he has ever tasted.



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