Five days have passed since the last time Chad's daily routine was rectified. The endless muscle battering seems to be something that our hero finds hard to adjust his body to, as Ivan and his diabolical bots keeps on intensifying their assault on Chad's now overly sensitized muscular body every day. It also doesn't help Chad that he keeps on violating his pact by not being able to stay true to Ivan's depraved demands in every of those gruelling muscle appraising session.

As a result, Chad's body seems to be glistening all the time which further accentuates the bulkiness and vascularity of each and every muscle. One might have been easily fooled to think how strong this he man is judging from his form if he were to walk around the street when a slight pinch to the stud's nipples could actually brought him down crying to his knees – thanks to the sensitizing oil that Ivan applies just about every other hour to his heavenly body.

Chad couldn't be more appalled to see, let alone experience it first hand, Ivan's hands roaming all over his body, screaming for dominance and lust. Who in the right mind wouldn't be? Chad was practically treated as nothing more than a muscle meat whose basic job is to hone his muscles only for then to be constantly licked and caressed by his own lanky step brother. It is worse than a prostitute; at least a prostitute can enjoy the process while in this case, Ivan is the only one that has full pleasure.

But Chad has begun to accept his fate. After all, it would all be better this way, he thought. If he wasn't so willing to be Ivan's muscle toy, Ivan could probably have released this depraved fantasy of his on someone else, which might have more dire consequences. He loved his step brother so much that he doesn't want Ivan to get hurt. At least this way, Chad could control Ivan's desire more easily. And by control, it just basically means that Chad has to keep up with Ivan's lewd demands so that he is satisfied at all times.

And it is delightful sometimes to see how Chad sometimes goes beyond what is expected of him. Apart from the 3 hours daily workout that has been set aside for him to polish his physique, Chad actually always tries to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning to start his morning workout. During this time, he always tries to focus his workout on several muscle areas that Ivan likes to touch and massage for a particular week (while it may be hard sometimes for Chad to focus, Chad actually does observe the way Ivan touches and massages his muscles intently).

Occasionally, Chad would even willingly program and let the bots take control of his physique after Ivan goes to sleep. The bots would bring their metallic hands onto Chad's shoulders and force him up from his push up position to kneel on Ivan's very bed. The procedure is standard; bots position their steel fingers on their designated target to start on kneading and fiddling the straining muscles like how Ivan touches Chad. Only this time, Chad would actually program them to go beyond that.

To ensure that Ivan's wildest dream comes true, our hero is willing to take a heavy beating even if it means for him to sacrifice his only sleep. As the bots were set to sensitize the stud's muscles at their maximum potential, Chad knew that he wouldn't be able to withhold his stance through the night. As such, he would order the bots to extend their metallic hands to support him from ever flailing while they do their job assaulting his front torso. In between the muscle appraising, the bots would also apply the sensitizing oil every other oil so that Chad can be reminded at all time to keep on flexing his body for the bots pleasure.

The bots would keep on their endless assault even when Chad passes out. And this is intentional. Since it would be a heavenly sight for Ivan to see the very first thing in the morning a writhing muscled stud, all drenched in sweat and muscles perfectly sensitized and contracted, kneeling on top of his own bed, slowly accepting his fate being violated by two machines, Chad would make sure that that he rightly does so. That way, Chad's body would also be perfectly primed for Ivan's next diabolical routine.

And this is the extent where Chad's love lies for his own brother. He wants to make sure that everything is according to his step brother's plan and that his pleasures are met at all times. One may say insanity but others would say unconditional love.

And today is a different day. There were no schedule set in stone for Saturdays and Sundays. 'AD-HOC MUSCLE APPRAISING' session it says. Knowing Ivan, Chad always expects the worst. This is also the day where practically Ivan has no limits in devising any kind of perverted plans. Chad is only expected of his full obedience (and of course a set of perfectly muscular body to endure the agony).

So when Ivan wakes up that day, he was delighted to find Chad taking initiative by letting the bots do their business as he was writhing in pain. But instead of the daily muscle appraising session, Ivan actually ordered the bots to stop their assault.

"I have plans for you today. And I hope you don't mind if I bring some company with me"

Ivan went on to grab a white t shirt and gave it to the quivering stud.

"Here put this on. You will need it for today. And don't wipe the sweat off. The shirt looks better on you when youre soaking" Ivan smiled

Chad was a little bit perplexed. But he grabbed the t shirt and finally put them on. The shirt feels a lot tighter now and you can practically see the muscular contour clearly from the outside. This is as good as naked, he thought.

"Sexy." Ivan then kissed him for a good minute before he broke the kiss.

"Okay, so the plan is that we are going to have an adventure"

Ivan draws down a map of the Hastings Hill.

"Some of my friends are already stationed there right now, waiting for you. We will need to meet all 5 of them one at a time."

"They will have special instructions for you to do once youre there. I wont tell you but I have a feeling that you would know it anyway."

"But the twist is that.." Ivan brought his face closer to Chad and whispered. "I will hop on your back and you will have to carry me there."

That's not gonna be a problem, Chad thought. When it comes to endurance, Chad is made for that.

"... Don't get too happy about that cause I..." Ivan then get a firm grip on the stud's neck and hop on to him as if riding a stallion. This is intentional since in this position, Chad is forced to actually contract all of his torso muscles to support the weight.

Before Ivan continues, he takes a few seconds to savor the manly aroma that is beneath him by nibbling Chad's neck. "...will smear this oil onto your body throughout the journey."

He then took a small bottle in his pocket to Chad's face so that he can see clearly the very thing that is going to be smeared onto his body. It was reddish, a bit different than the usual sensitizing oil that Ivan likes to use on him.

"It is 3x more powerful than the normal one."

Chad gulp at that statement.

"And with all the training I have given you over the months, I expect you to endure it with ease. You can cry, scream and thrash your head along the way as you contain the pain but don't ever falter or release your hold on me, cause that counts as a violation. Do you understand?"

Chad nodded his head in agreement.

"Good. Now go. Don't want to keep them waiting, do we?"

With that, Chad swiftly dashed out of Ivan's room. Ivan on the other hand, took a good amount of oil and started to creep into the t shirt and smear the oil all over the stud's chest and abs. When smearing, he also makes sure that he knead and prods the muscle contour to test that Chad is flexing them all like Ivan would want him to. Ivan takes his time so that every crevice in Chad's muscular body is properly attended by his feminine touch.

The effect is not instant. After 3 minutes, Chad began to feel highly sensitive to Ivan's touch. He stopped his advance for a while and elicited a good moan. Standing still, Chad tries to adjust to the pain and sensation that he is receiving. While he is doing so, Ivan deliberately grabbed the base of Ivan's shirt and pulled it up enough so that he can see the canyon-like abdominals heaving as Chad tries to control his breath.

"You softened your muscles and that's a violation" Ivan whispered in Chads ears.

He then rubbed the abs as reminder for Chad to keep them all contracted. Chad responded back by swiftly flexing them into 8 block of pure muscles.

"Good boy. Punishment awaits you by the foothill. Now keep going"

With that, Chad continues his advance towards the foothill.

After about 30 minutes into the journey, they finally reached the foothill. Chad couldn't see any trail in the way. A line of full grown trees and swampy surfaces are all that Chad must go through in order for him to reach the first station. It is already getting harder for Chad to contain the overwhelming sensation that is emanating from Ivan's endless groping on his muscles. It would surely drain all of his strength as he traverses through the wilderness if Ivan keeps on his pace.

At the foothill, Chad was already breathing laboriously as a result from constant stimulation. He finds it hard to gather enough strength as he was not given any respite. But he has to do this. He knows he can and he will do it for his step brother.

Just as he was about to start making his way through the jungle, Ivan stopped his advance.

"Wait. Go to that tree over there"

And so Chad walked, and when he finally reached his destination he could see that there is a black plastic lying beneath the tree.

"That's your punishment" Ivan explained.

Chad stared at the plastic with resentment. He hates it that he can't expect what is about to happen as he can't see the inside of the package.

"Retrieve it and give it to me. Don't drop me"

As Chad retrieved the package, Ivan's hands got a good grip at the stud's soaking t shirt's collar and ripped it open, until the base of Chad's pectoral muscles. Both of them instinctively tried to see the wide expanse of the muscles that have been smeared by the sensitizing oil. It was gleaming and it looked perfectly ripped.

Satisfied with what he sees, Ivan then started to claw the majestic pecs from the base of Chad's neckline down to the stud's erect nipples. He did so slowly so that it would elicit the greatest amount of pain for Chad to endure.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARrrgGHHH!" Chad threw his head back and groaned in agony in response to the touch. He almost faltered and lost his grip on Ivan. But he didn't.


Ivan smiled and licked Chad's neck in ecstasy. He savored the moment as the stud's body tremble in pain beneath him. He then grabbed the package from Chad's hands and unravel the present.

It was a package full of 10 living bees. Chad stared at them in horror.

Ivan then took one of the bees out and presented it to Chad.

"Isn't it amazing how nature is even designed to inflict pain on this beautiful muscle of yours? Look at the sting! I would enjoy every moment of this"

With that, Ivan slowly moved the sting to the stud's nipples while Chad, on the other hand, was waiting in misery for the sting to pierce through his skin. He couldn't do anything but to prepare himself for the worst. He was just worried that he wouldn't have enough strength to contain the pain that he was about to overcome.

Within just a few seconds of the penetration, Chad had already lost it. He threw his head back and screamed his lungs out to hold the pain. He also couldn't keep his hold on Ivan.


Chad's scream was like a music to Ivan's ears. Instead of stopping, Ivan kept on his pressure to penetrate the nipple in a circular motion to ensure the greatest amount of pain and sensation. In the next few seconds, Chad's legs failed him and subsequently, he kneeled on the base of the tree trunk. He planted his left hand on the trunk in front to support him from falling completely. It is amazing that in between the excruciating pain, Chad actually only extended his left arms far enough so that Ivan will have space to see and continue on the penetration on his right pecs.

As Ivan finished the first penetration, Chad couldn't hold the stance anymore. The sting is deeply pierced into the nipple that when Ivan let loose of his grip, the half part of the dead bee is stuck jutting outwards the pecs. Ivan took a step back and couldn't be any happier to see the flailing stud writhing in agony. The undulating traps and sweats that seem to be coming out profusely from the studs back were too much for Ivan to handle. And so he let his dick out, which seemed to have been leaking precum, and jerked it.

As he was about to explode, Ivan held Chad's shuddering traps and turn the stud's over so that he could see his working in all glory. Chad rested his back on the tree trunk, and let his pecs exposed. When he saw what ivan was doing, he motioned Ivan's only free hands to the expanse of his canyon-like abdominals, still hiding beneath the ripped t shirt. Before Ivan cummed, Chad contracted his abs to let Ivan feel them.

"No...(heavy sigh) not yet" Chad told Ivan.

Chad then moved Ivan's hands to the brutalized nipple which still had the body of the bee stuck out. It was only then when Ivan realized that Chad wanted him to pull out the sting as he cums on Chad's pecs!

"Do it..."

Chad then embraced Ivan's head and pull him closer so that their foreheads are touching.

"Slowly." Chad closed his eyes and smiled.

As instructed, Ivan then slowly took the bee out of the stud's nipples, also in concentric fashion to ensure the highest possible amount of pain. Within few seconds, Chad's howl became thunderous, and his whole body was jerking in anticipating the pain. Meanwhile, Ivan erupted into possibly one of the best orgasm of his life. He sprayed his man juice all over the stud's torso, filling just about every crevice in the stud's ripped physique. One of Chad's hands was on Ivan's hand that is responsible for getting the bee sting out to set the rhythm, while his other hand grabbed the base of the tree trunk to support his stance.

When it was finally out, both of Chad's hands went limp on his sides and his chest was heaving. His pecs were full of sweat, cum and blood. His right nipple is also now swollen because of the poison. It is now highly delicate to any touch. A breeze of air could actually send Chad moaning in pain. Chad laid his head back, eyes and mouth half closed. He was sure that he drained all of his strength already after that ordeal.

Ivan on the other hand, felt very much victorious. Here in front of him lies the man that he always dreamed of conquering, almost naked and defeated. He jerked his shaft for the last time to spew the last bit of his man juice on Chad's swollen nipple. Chad, in response, let out a slight moan.

"That was cute. The thing that you did there" Ivan exclaimed.

"But you do realize that you are in violation of our pact right? The second you dropped me off from your back, I have been counting the minutes" Ivan took the timer and showed it off to Chad. It showed 20 minutes.

"Yes theres gonna be a whole new penalty for you when you reach first station...but for now, I don't think we are done yet."

9 more bees, that's how many are left in the package. Chad scowled once more. In his heart, he just wished to God he would be able to go out alive after this torment.

Completely inconsiderate of Chad's feelings, Ivan grabbed the remaining piece of the torn shirt and ripped them open until all 8 packs abs are exposed. They were completely still but stiff that you could see the separation between the muscle packs clearly defined – even the obliques are visible. They look like one of those gold plated armours that the Romans wear in the battle, strong and ripped.

But to Ivan, these 8 packs abdominal blocks provide good target for his next assault. Knowing that his abs would be next to be brutalized, Chad stopped breathing with his stomache and used his chest instead to ensure that his mid-section are contracted to the fullest. Ivan, as perfectionist as he was, took it all to the next level. He positioned one of his hand on the stud's swollen nipple while the other, the one with the bee sting, is carefully resting on the abdominal plate.

The plan is that, before he penetrated the block with the sting, he would test the firmness of the muscles if they were up to his standard. If they are, then he would start with the process.

Once the needle is in, he still demands for perfection. Since the amount of pain can be excruciating to Chad, there is a possibility that he would forget and loosen his muscle at which point of time Ivan would intervene and twist the swollen nub to serve as a reminder.

The process gets repeated until all 8 abs are swollen. Through the process, Chad continuously let out a huge howl and jerked his body frantically. There was almost a time where he would pass out but Ivan was so careful to not let him do that. He was skilfully sadistic.

The 10th bee was destined for Chad's other untouched nipple. Before Ivan finished this ordeal, he gave a quick look at the work he has done on our muscular hero's battered abs. Feeling very horny seeing how ripped they are, he proceeded to lap his tongue and lick them all one by one, coating them with his saliva. Chad growled in response and threw his head back to contain the sensation.

What Chad didn't know was that in between the licking, Ivan actually started to pierce the last needle on to the untouched nipple. So it felt like a double penetration to Chad.

The pain was all too much now. His sight finally faded into black.

For only a moment...

When Ivan finally is finished, he twisted both of the swollen nubs, awakening the giant abruptly. Chad jumped right off unconsciousness and screamed his lungs out. Ivan let loose of the grip and pat the giant's neck muscles.

"It has been 45 minutes now. We have to go"

Chad was still weak. His whole body is shuddering in distress after that ordeal. The sweats seem to be drenching his body profusely and there is nothing that Chad could do about it. He was simply too tired to go.

"Unless you want to receive more punishment later" Hearing that, Chad mustered all the strength he had left to stand up. His breathing was still arduous but he knew that he had to go soon. When Ivan saw that the stud can now stand up straight, he didn't take a long time to hop on to Chad's back.

"Good boy. Now lets go"

Ivan could sense that Chad was still struggling to walk. His walk became limp and slow. As much as he'd like to smear that sensitizing oil onto the stud's abused torso, Ivan chose to resist his urge. And no, before you start to think that this is done out of sympathy, this is not. He refrained from doing so because he is so excited to see how Chad fares in the next awaiting torment.



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