... As he was walking away, I said, "Will I see you soon?" He only shook his head in the negative, saying, "One more week," and that was that. I went up to my room and got right in the shower. After I felt fresh, I climbed into bed, thinking that although this last week without cumming was going to be tough, I would do it for Nathan. I would do anything for him....

Submissive: Chapter 6- Thanksgiving Break - Part 1

It had been 6 days since that night. And since then, I have not spoken to one Brother. I knew that this was part of the process but, it was so incredibly disheartening when all of the people I wanted to be closest to were just shutting me out. I longed to feel the power of James. Hell, I would have even taken a fuck from Piston if that meant I could talk to these guys. But the person that I truly missed was Nathan. I missed the feel of his skin, the taste of his lips, and the look of his body. He wasn't classically hot by any standards. He was quite skinny, tall, and lanky, but his face was so cute, his eyes were just... wow. I was so head over heels for this guy, and I knew almost nothing about him.

Something funny happened in the past six days, though, with my roommate Chase. Apparently he found himself a kinky little boyfriend that literally no one knew about. Oh, but I did. See, Chase is secretly gay, and secretly into bondage. Secretly to everyone except to me. I would hear him edge himself to the moon and beyond at least twice a week. However, recently he had been spending a lot of nights outside of our dorm room. I was getting curious, but I knew that if I overstepped, he might revert back into his shell, and I had been working hard on breaking him out of that cocoon he had built up. I casually brought it up one day, though.

"Hey bud," I said, "I heard there is going to be a lot of people at the Thanksgiving dinner the cafeteria is giving us."

"Yeah, I heard that too."

"Well why don't you bring along some of your friends, I would love to meet them all."

"Well, a lot of my friends are your friends too, Gordon," he said, clearly avoiding telling me the whole truth.

"I mean, you've slept out a lot these past few days. I would like to meet whoever the special someone is." I knew immediately that was too far too soon, but I couldn't help it. My thoughts were very cloudy since I hadn't cum in almost a whole month. He got very flustered and avoided the question all together. "I guess I'll never find out then," I thought to myself. That was until...

The next day, I had a midterm due and my computer just was not cooperating with me. I asked Chase if I could use his to finish. He said that he was headed to the gym, but that I could use it until he got back, which would be more than enough time for me to get my work done. When he left I was typing away and finished my report, and was going to email it to myself so I could print it later at the computer lab. I opened up Chase's email, when I noticed an email what was sent to him with the subject "Owned" which I thought was very strange. I opened it and there was a link to an online porn site. I thought it was very hot, the thought of Chase jerking off to this email. I was about to click open the link when I thought it better that I don't do it on his computer, since he may find out, and instead copied the link into an email to myself along with the paper I had finished.

Then I got curious. I had about another half hour with my hot roommate's computer. A roommate who was obviously having sex with some guy most nights. And a roommate who shared my same love of bondage. I was raging hard at this point by just the possibilities of what I could find, or at least as hard I can be with this devise on. I went to his downloads first, and dear lord, he likes his porn. He had some of the filthiest sounding titles in his downloads. Some of them... a lot of them really... had to do with big cocks and toys. Big toys. And a few even with fisting. My cock was aching. What I would pay to strap Chase to a table and fist him to high heaven. (Who the hell have I turned into? I love it.) Then I went to his pictures. Many of the folders were innocent enough, but one was marked "Untitled" and I knew that's where the fun would begin. Almost all of the pictures in this folder were of Chase naked. Damn, he is cute. Chase had one of those cocks that was huge, at 9 inches, but it was perfect. No veins, perfect head, balls were big but not huge. He had just a pretty cock. I had seen it soft a bunch of times, but I only see it hard at night when all I have is the moonlight. Seeing it in all its glory was quite something. He had a whole slew of positions and pictures, about 50 or so. He had some with a dildo in his ass, some with a cock right on, and one, the hottest one, of him tied to a bed with many ropes, a gag and hood on, his arms crossed over his chest, and a milking machine on his cock. What made this the hottest is that he obviously didn't take the picture. He had found himself a kinky boy, and I was so curious to find more.

I clicked on his videos and found a few innocent ones, just as I had the photos. Then I found the ones of him jerking off. Holy shit where they hot. They were of his talking directly to the camera jerking off and dirty talking. I didn't have the time to watch all... wow at least 30 of them, but I did put them all into emails and sent them to myself, along with all the pictures. I was going to spend a good part of next week jerking off to those. I deleted any evidence off his computer and then left. I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything with the things I had found until I got this chastity devise off, so I didn't want to add to my suffering by watching my roommate talk dirty to me for an hour or so.

It had been difficult keeping this chastity devise secret for so long from Chase, and I think he may have seen it a few times, but he never commented on it. Since I had a fairly large cock, although nothing compared to the other Brothers in DOM, my chastity devise was very prominent in anything I wore. I would get sideways looks a lot from guys, and snickers from the girls. I guess they were impressed. If they only knew the real story.


The night before I was supposed to get my chastity devise off, I got a phone call from James. As soon as I saw that it was James, I started to get butterflies. This was the first I had talked to any of the Brothers in a week.

"Hello, beautiful, how is my sexy little slut doing?" he asked in his usual sexy, Irish way.

"I am hurting badly, James. I miss you guys. I really hate this. I want to just be with you guys. I don't even care if I can't cum, I just want to be with you all."

"Well, you aren't going home for Thanksgiving break, correct?"

"You told me that I should plan to stay here, so although my parents are a little bummed, I am staying here."

"Good, Nathan and I are staying also. We will be able to spend a lot of time together, I think. It starts tomorrow and ends about 7 days later, so after you get your devise off tomorrow, we could spend some time together for sure. Is your roommate going home?"

"Yea, he literally just left." I said. I couldn't wait for my incredible jack off session with the videos and pictures I found. I was getting hard again, which hurt my cock. Damn this cage. Actually, I am only one of two people left of this floor tonight and for break.

"That's nice! Well, I just wanted to let you know that Nathan and I are very excited and proud that you have made it this far in the process. Unfortunately you are the only pledge we have left, our smallest class ever. Most classes we have like 15 pledges so, we are seriously counting on you." I felt really good from that comment.

"Why did everyone else drop out?"

"They didn't really drop out. People have been comparing their pledges to you, and you just blew everyone else away. They think you have the potential to... well, I can't discuss that with you right now, but I will tell you in good time," he said. I had a feeling many secrets were still being kept from me and I didn't like it but just had to accept it.

"I want you to get a good night sleep, and I will text you tomorrow the details of getting your devise off," he said. "I can't wait to see you." And with that, he hung up. I had so many butterflies in my stomach from that conversation. First, I would get my chastity devise off, which was one of the greatest things to ever happen ever. Second, I would spend time with James, who although I had just met him, I considered him my best friend. He has helped me and cared for me though all of this journey. But most of all, that conversation let me know that Nathan was thinking about me, and I would be able to see him all break. I was so excited, and was getting hard again. "DOWN BOY. You have one night before you are released," I said out loud. I went to bed that night content, with a smile, and the thought that this break was going to be exactly what I needed.


I woke up on my back. Usually I would wake up with my alarm, but I guess my mind was just as ready to get out of this cock cage as my mind was. When I went to reach for my phone to check the time, I couldn't move my arm. I opened my eyes quickly. I was strapped to the bed. I immediately panicked, as one would. Although I did like bondage, not knowing how or way you are tied up is still terrifying. Every limb was tied to the bed, along with straps on my thighs, torso, and chest. I had a ball gag in my mouth. The bed was completely stripped of my bedding and was just a plastic mattress. I struggled at my bonds, when James began to speak.

"Hello, Gordon." I froze and looked at him. I immediately calmed down when I saw him. I wasn't going to be hurt. Well, I wasn't going to be hurt by someone I didn't know, at least.

"I am sure you are confused as to why we have you strapped to your bed like this." We? I looked around and saw Nathan sitting on Chase's bed. He was smiling at me. Wow, I wanted him so very bad.

"It is time to take your cage off, Gordon. Do you want us to do that?" I nodded harder than I ever have in my life. They both laughed. "Good, and we are going to make you cum today, Gordon. Would you like that?" As if they had to ask. "Excellent." He ran his hands up and down my body and took the cock cage in his hand and it was off in an instant. "You haven't come for the better part of a month, Gordon, and for that, we are extremely proud of you. I know it is not easy to hold all of that in, but I promise you, it was for a purpose." He began to rub my cock to full hardness, which took all of 10 seconds. "You're horny. I like that. You are going to need to keep that up, alright Gordon?" I shook my head, half listening to what he said and more focusing on this rubbing my aching cock.

"Nathan and I are going to play a game with you, Gordon. Almost every hour of every day for the next week, you are going to be strapped to this bed, and we are going to have our way with you. You will have done to you whatever we desire, and there is truly nothing you can do to stop it." My heart sank. A WEEK. Strapped to a bed for a week?! How. That' pure evil. That's not possible. I tried and wanted so bad to scream, but nothing went past the gag. "This is for your pleasure, Gordon. Sure, we will get much enjoyment out of it as well, but, this is for you." I was visibly shaking, and tears formed in my eyes, as Nathan kneeled down next to me.

"I know you must be a little frightened, but I know that you can do this. Please, do it for me." And that was truly all I needed to hear. I was still scared, but as long as Nathan was going to be happy, I would be happy.

James pulled out what looked like a spin board for the game Twister. "This is our wheel of kink. There are many different possibilities of what we can do to you these next few days, and I seriously cannot wait to get it all started. So let's begin shall we?" With that, Nathan took my entire cock into his mouth with one swoop. I have never felt that amount of pleasure in all of my life. I moaned so loud, and that one act almost sent me over the edge. He came off my cock and smiled at me. "I love when I can make you feel good, Gordon." Here I was, strapped to a bed for the foreseeable future because of this man, and I was blushing. Blushing because he made me feel like I had never felt before. Like there was a piece of me that was never there, but now, he was giving me everything that makes me whole.

James gave the wheel a spin. It land on "Cumming from Hand". "So now, Gordon, for the rest of the day, we are going to make you cum just using our hands. There are only seven options on this wheel, and one we do one, it can't be played again." He and Nathan looked at each other and began to strip. They were both very different in terms of build, but were both equally sexy. James was built like a horse, in more ways than one. He had the body of a God, and the cock of God's noble steed. But his cock paled in comparison to Nathan's. It was a work of art, hanging over his balls and almost half way to his knees, which looked strange on such a lanky, albeit sexy as hell, body.

"This week is going to test you, Gordon," Nathan began as he finished up revealing himself to me. "I normally don't do this type of bondage. This is James' thing, but he insisted that it would be another step to proving that you are as special as I think you are. We made sure you didn't cum for almost a month because this week, we are going to milk your cock for all its worth. Every night you will go to bed with a sore cock, only to wake up in the same position and be forced to cum more." He saw the terror in my eyes. "I know you're scared, but I would never hurt you or make you do something unless I was confident that you could do it." I was scared. Who wouldn't be, but again, I wanted to please him. In any way I could, I wanted to please Nathan. He had faith in me that I didn't have in myself.

James got lube and began to get his hands slick. "I think we should both help him get off this first time." But Gordon got a little possessive at this, saying, "James, I will be getting him off alone." James smiled, saying, "Whatever you say, Nathan. He is yours." I'm his. I am his. God that made me feel so good inside.

Gordon rubbed lube on his hands, saying, "This entire week you have permission to cum whenever you want. I want to drain every last drop of cum from those balls. I don't want you to try and hold back. Let it flow, got it?" I just shook my head and he began slow, light, agonizing touches on my cock. "You are so perfect, Gordon. I don't like you know how perfect you are." I smiled, kind of, since I had a gag in and I was slowly being tortured. "And I want this first cum in almost a month to really mean something. I want it to be the most powerful you've ever cum." I thought to myself that there was no chance in hell it wasn't going to be the greatest moment of my life. "But here's the thing. This week is going to be very difficult for you, but the most difficult task you will be faced with will be taking my huge cock up your ass." My eyes went wide. He started stroking faster. "Yea, baby. I am going to fuck the day lights out of you between now and the end of this week. By the time I am done with you, you won't be able to sit let alone walk right for a week. I'm going to ravage that little hole of yours. I am going to make a second fucking home right in your ass." He was going to town on my cock as he turned me on more and more with his words. I was so very close to cumming. "Would you like that? Do you want me to do that, Gordon?" He motioned for James to take my gag off. "Answer me."

"Yes," I hissed out. I was so close to cumming, and he stopped. I screamed, "PLEASE."

"Yes? That is all you have to say? Not good enough, Gordon." I looked at him with pleading eyes, and begged to cum. "Do not beg me to cum. Beg me to fuck you so hard the whole dorm shakes."

"Please, Nathan..."


This was a side of Nathan that I hadn't seen. Sure he has made me do some different things before, things outside of my comfort zone, but this was on a new level. He was becoming my Master right before my eyes, and I had never been more turned on in my life. I trusted that he would never hurt me, but he was going to push me.

"Please, Sir, please fuck me hard."

"Louder. And keep going until you cum." I was getting nervous, because there were still a few people, including my RA, still on the floor. Nathan began stroking my cock again slowly. "The louder and filthier you are, the quicker I go. How much pain you are in is totally up to you."

"Please sir, please fuck me. I want your cock inside me so much. I want to feel you cum inside of me."

"Louder boy."

"PLEASE Sir," he volume increase was dramatic, but I really wanted to cum. I was going to have to throw all inhibitions to the wind. "I need your huge, fat cock inside my hole. I want you to fuck my brains out. I want you to keep fucking me until I can't stop cumming. I want you to pound my ass harder than you've ever fucked before." His hand was speeding up, and knew that is I was screaming what I was saying, I would be able to get off. That would risk someone hearing, but at this point, FUCK IT.

"Sir, I want..." and then I realized something. I kept saying I want this and that but... that isn't what a Master and slave relationship is like.

"Sir, I want you to do to me whatever you want. Tell me what you want to do to me."

Nathan smiled very wide. "Oh, Gordon. You are so very wise." He picked up the pace big time, and began SCREAMING what he was going to do to me, and all the while I was screaming for him to keep going, to please make me cum. "I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU SILLY, BOY. YOU ARE GOING TO BEG ME TO KEEP GOING ONCE I FUCK THAT SWEET ASS BECAUSE YOU WILL FORGET WHAT LIFE IS LIKE WITHOUT MY DICK UP YOUR CUNT. THAT IS HOW MUCH I AM GOING TO FUCK YOU." And with that, I was screaming as torrents and torrents of cum began to shoot from my cock. I honestly don't remember much about it, because I basically became a quivering mess for two solid minutes. When I came back down from my amazing high, James was smiling at me. "My turn."

"I can't..." my voice was still shaky. "I need..."

He wasn't listening, as he took my somewhat deflated cock, and began to jerk it immediately. I was so sensitive, and I went CRAZY. It hurt in a way that I have never felt. It was like it felt amazing but it didn't. It was just a very strange feeling. James didn't care that my cock head was sensitive. He and Nathan were there to push me, and I was there to take whatever they wanted to throw at me. James was stroking my cock nice and slow, really letting me feel every little movement. Nathan was working on my sensitive nipples, and I was in serious sensory overload. I couldn't stop moving around. It wasn't like I was doing it on purpose, but I literally could not stop my body from doing what it was doing. I think the fact I hadn't cum in a month made my body go into one long orgasm that just wouldn't stop.

Finally the sensitivity went down enough for me to see straight, and I really wanted to cum again. I guess James saw this, because he said, "You have to wait an hour in between each time we make you cum before we let you cum again." I just began shaking my head, bouncing my hips up in the air, when Nathan took my face in his hands and said, "Enough of that. Sit still and take it." I immediately stopped. Something that I never really saw in Nathan was his overly dominate side. He was very sweet mostly always up until that very moment, but I could tell why James had told me he is one of the toughest Doms I could have.

About a half hour had passes since I came last, and my cock was still so sensitive, and my body was shaking, but I still needed to cum again. They were working on my cock so slowly, torturing my chest, licking my neck, whispering dirty talk into my ear. I knew that this was supposed to test me, and I know that I was in for a very long week, but I think it may be much more pleasurable that I originally thought it might. Sure, I would suffer after each cum, and sure I would cum an insane amount of times, but these two studs really wanted me to feel pleasure. There were here to test my limits, but not to hurt me in any way. If I were dealing with people who really didn't care about me, then I would be terrified, but I felt... safe with them.

Safe, sure, but my need to cum was building steadily. They never once stopped touching my cock the whole time. James slowly worked up and down, then Nathan took my member and they both jerked me off, then only Nathan. They would say things like "You're cock feels so good in my hand. Does my hand feel just as good on your cock?" Then James began pumping me really hard, and said, "If you cum right now you are going to be punished." But I was so close, and I was screaming into my gag that I was going to cum. Nathan screams, "Don't you dare cum, baby." But it was too late. I was going to cum. I arched my back, and just as I thought I was going to shoot, James stopped and hit my balls really hard, which caused me to scream, but somehow, I didn't cum. I did, however, have something similar to an orgasm. My body stopped shaking and my back was just arched, and I couldn't really breathe. It was painful yet euphoric. "That, my dear, is the edge I have been pushing you towards," James whispered in my ear. He then gave a few quick stroked to my cock, and it just prolonged the feeling I was having. Just on the edge, but then he would stop and leave me there. "I am going to keep you here all day, beautiful boy."

And he did, well at least for the next half hour. He would stroke my cock rapidly a few times, and then stop, leaving me hanging for a few seconds, and then do it again. I was in constant pleasure with a hint of pain the entire time. Finally, James didn't stop after the few quick strokes. He kept going, and allowing me to reach my much needed orgasm. I came volley after volley, hitting above my head, all over my face and hair, and my entire torso. I was shaking like crazy when I finally came back down from my incredible high, and just when I thought I couldn't shake any more, Nathan took over.

"That is two, baby. I want two more before we give you a break. I promise you after you give me two more, we will give you a nice shower, something to eat, and give you a nice massage, but right now, I want two more loads from this beautiful cock." I didn't have it in me. There was no way I could keep cumming. I looked into his eyes and pleaded with him, but he wasn't having any of it. He knew I could do it even though I thought I couldn't, and really, He knew me better than I knew myself in times when I was tied up. He knew right to where he could take me, and then push me just slightly over that line. He knew me, cared for me, and that was all I needed. I was going to give him these two loads, and all the others that were required of me that day. Because he wanted them.


Nathan and James made me cum thirteen times that day. After every four cums, they would clean me up, give me sweet little kisses, and then start all over again. I couldn't believe that I stayed hard the whole time. I think that my newly found obsession with bondage coupled with my growing bond between Nathan and the sexiness of James added to my horniness. When they finally let me sleep, I was totally and utterly spent. I had nothing left in the tank, figuratively speaking. I never dry shot, and in fact by last cum was my biggest of the day. But when they were putting me to bed, Nathan whispered very quietly in my ear, "You did so good today, baby. And tomorrow, we aren't going to tough your cock at all. We are going to fuck every load out of you..."

Fuck every load? With his big dick? We had never fucked before, and he was going to fuck me for an entire day? How? I had taken big dicks before, but his. His was the monster in your nightmares. A beautiful, incredible, yet scary monster. "Get some rest, beautiful," he says to me before shutting the light off and letting me think about what is going to happen the next day.

UP NEXT: CHAPTER 6 CONTINUED - Gordon gets fucked and fucks for two days straight.



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