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Submissive: Chapter 5- Chastity

I was sitting in my dorm room with my roommate, Chase, as I told him that I had been tapped to pledge DOM. He was obviously jealous but seemed extremely happy for me. Here is the thing about Chase. This was our second year rooming together, so we were fairly close. He was insanely cute, but also insanely shy. I was very outgoing and extroverted, while he was more than happy just hanging by himself all day. He had looks to kill and a body to die for, but he said on our first day rooming together last year that he never had a girlfriend coming into college. I still haven't told him I saw the gay bondage porn websites he was visiting on a daily basis for the last year or so, because it is not my position to out someone who clearly wants to stay in the closet. One day, he would be comfortable in his own shoes, and I would be there with him when it happened.

"So what are the brothers like?" he asked. When he would inquire about anything that he really didn't understand, he would make a face that would literally melt your heart.

"They are all really cool, especially the two who really... recruited me to join."


"James Haas and Nathan Cross."

"James Haas? Are you serious? He's the star soccer player!"

Yea, and a damn great fuck. I obviously didn't say that, because for all intents and purposes, I was still in the closet right alongside Chase. And while I was now ready to explore this part of me that I had never known existed, I was still scared of letting people know.

"They are both really cool, and I really look forward to this process."

"I heard that pledging DOM is the hardest thing you can ever do. Only about 4 pledges see it through to the end, but once you make it, you are a king on campus. You're so fucking lucky, man."

I had not known that statistic about so few people making it, and it made me worry. James said usually pledge classes are about 20 people or so, and if only 4 of them make it per year, this may be more difficult than he thought.

"Well, good thing I'm so fucking tough then, huh?"

"HA! Good one," he said as he smiled at me. I kind of figured Chase was into me for a while now and I to him, but we were both too scared to do anything about it. I thought I hid who I really was quite well, but Chase was practically an open book. Even if I hadn't seen his internet history, I would still have my suspicions about him. The look he was giving me made me instantly hard, but I changed the subject.

"So yea, it's been about a week since I agreed to pledge, so starting tomorrow, I won't be around all that much for a week or so."

"That's alright man. I kind of figured. I wish I was going through this with you though, that's for sure."

That night I heard, I was lying in bed with my eyes closed, and I heard Chase grab his laptop and fire it up. Chase seemed to jerk off every single night. He was a very good looking guy, but he needed things that most people couldn't give him. He was a fine specimen, though. He tore off the covers and exposed his already throbbing 9 inch cock. As Chase began to stroke his dick slowly with one hand, he searched through the hours of bondage porn he had stashed on his computer. Apparently finding one that pleased him, he began to work on his hard cock. It was a thing of beauty, really. I got to watch my own little porn show as Chase got to watch his. I would be left unsatisfied, until Chase dosed off and I pounded my dick just like he was about to.

The thing about when Chase decided to jerk off, is that he always put the volume up way too loud. Even with headphones in, he was an idiot about the whole "hiding I'm a gay bondage pig" thing. If I actually was asleep, I would be woken up in an instant from the volume of his headphones. If I wasn't awoken by that, then it would be the moaning that Chase would purr the entire time of his sessions, sessions that would last no shorter than an hour. He loved to edge himself, and when he came, it was a sight to see. Every week he bought a new set of wash cloths, claiming he didn't like to reuse them, when I knew they were the cum receptacles to the massive loads he produced. One night, I think he came about 3 hours after he started, and was panting so much that I was surprised he didn't wake the whole floor. He and James, my Irish sex God, would get along so very well.

Anyway, Chase was well into his jerkoff session when I heard something at the door. He didn't notice but I did. The door flung open, and Chase nearly broke him laptop he closed it so quickly and tried to cover up as best he could. Standing in the doorway were two figures dressed entirely in black. "And so it begins," I thought. They were not gentle getting my out of bed and leading me to the... bathroom. What the hell was going on?

Once we got into the bathroom, the two guys pushed me into the stall. Although I wasn't really resisting, I was slightly scared. One of the guys pulled my boxers off while the other pulled something out of his pocket. I could tell it was some type of heavy duty chastity device. These DOMs don't pull any punches. I was slightly pissed that I didn't jerk off that night, because now I wouldn't be able to at all!

"You will receive further instructions from your Master tomorrow," said James, whose Irish accent gave himself away. They left me with my pants around my ankles and a chastity device on my cock. It looked futuristic, not like a regular one you could buy at a store. I tried to remove it, with very little effort, but it seemed that this wasn't going anywhere. I pulled my boxers back up. It wasn't obvious I was wearing the device, but it did look like I had a semi. "I hope they don't make me wear this for long" I thought. I went back to bed and got very little sleep that night.


I did manage to sleep a little that night, but I was awoken to an incredible feeling on my dick. It was as if it was being massaged lightly, and it felt heavenly. I was somewhat unaware of my surroundings, because I really let myself get into it. I could feel my dick start to grow and grow, and just as I was about to get hard, my dick started to hurt. Then it started to throb. I screamed in pain and remembered... I have a chastity devise on. How did I feel that on my dick? I remembered James saying that Nathan, my Master or whatever, was an engineer. I guess he cooked up this little devise to toy with me. Just as my dick started to deflate, I got a text message from an unknown number, saying, "This is Nathan. Learn to control that thing of yours ;)." I immediately texted back, "How long do I have to wear this?"

I look over at my roommate, who is staring at me with wide eyes. "Are you alright?"

"Yea, I just have a bad stomach ache. The guys last night made me do a bunch of shots and they aren't sitting very well," I lied. The truth would come for him, but not yet.

"Damn, I wish I could be going through this with you," he said, disappointed.

I got a text back saying, "At least one month. You will not cum until after that." My stomach dropped. A month. Without. Cumming. How is that even possible? "You cannot be serious!" I send back. "Yes I am. And the devise will pleasure you the entire month. You are not to contact me or any of the brothers. We will contact you when we wish to see you. Please do not respond to this message. We will be in contact." Surely he was joking. There was actually no way that they could do this to someone. A whole month without cumming will make my balls literally blow up. It's just not physically possible. I begin to text back my concerns, but I stop myself. I don't know what it is, but even though they seem to be torturing me, even from afar, I want to please the brothers. All of them. Especially Nathan.

I honestly didn't know how I felt about the whole situation. I very much wanted everything about this Fraternity. It would solidify my future career, it would make me the envy of every other student on campus, and I was falling hard for Nathan, which probably wasn't a good thing, given what I've read about a relationship between Master and slave is like. He'll take care of me, but he could never love me. It is in a lot of their natures to treat slaves like property rather than as a human. And if I was falling for someone like that, then I was in for a world of hurt.

Chase was still looking at my now pain stricken face and could tell that something was seriously wrong, but he decided that it was best to leave it go. "I'm gonna go shower," he said almost whispering. I wanted to tell him he was lucky that he wasn't put in this position, but I guess the fantasy is usually different from the reality. The reality of the situation is that I would have seriously given anything to cum at that moment. I was already concocting ways to cum with the devise on. I could cum by getting fucked, or with a dildo...

I was in my first class that day when the devise went off again, and it stayed on basically the entire class. I had given the brothers my schedule ahead of time, so I am guessing this was the point. They were going to test my control in public, because I really had no choice. I was feeling both insane pleasure and intense pain from the devise. I was on the edge the entire time, but was never close enough to slip over. I had to cum, and I was going to do it as soon as I could. After class I went right to my room and locked my door. I found one of Chase's "hidden" dildos, a condom, and some lube. Was it slightly gross I was using a second hand dildo? Probably. But at the time I didn't care even a little.

I was naked on the bed, and just as I was about to put the 6 inch dildo in my ass, my dick felt like it was on fire. The devise was actually torturing my cock, and not in a good way at all. I was almost crying when it finally stopped. I immediately got a text from Nathan, saying, "No ass play. Oh yea, there is a video camera built into the devise. We are always watching..." Again, I was about to text that I hated him, that I wanted out. But again, I felt compelled to please him. I put away the dildo and went about doing my work, although I was still extremely frustrated.

It was 2 weeks of this utter hell before I heard from any of the brothers again. Even if I saw one on campus, they would just ignore me. It was so disheartening and incredibly frustrating. All of the nights I spent doing homework or working out, I would just feel incredibly lonely. I had other friends, sure, but I didn't want to talk to them. I wanted to be with the people who were torturing me. And torture me they have. Every morning I wake up screaming because my cock is trying to burst free from its cage. I can barely think straight anymore. The edging sessions have gotten worse. My need to cum is literally unbearable, and every day I am confronted with the question of whether or not I wish to continue with this journey. Asking myself if this was truly worth the pain I was enduring. It was the worst on the night the two hooded figures came back to my room. I was crying all night. I just couldn't help it. Chase was out and I just felt so completely alone. It was the night I truly thought would break my resolve and I would have to quit.

The hooded figures came in and said simply to follow them. I didn't move. I was still crying, and very upset with the way I was treated the past two weeks. One of the men bent down and put his hand on my shoulder and, in his sexy Irish voice, said, "Gordon, please. Don't disappoint us now. You have done so well, we would hate for it to all end so soon." I didn't even think twice about it. I did want to please them, with every fiber of my being I wanted to please them. I get up to follow them. I want to put on clothes, but they pull out a white robe for me to wear. We only walk a short way outside before we enter a parked car. We drive for another short period of time before we are inform of a house I had never seen before. We enter and I immediately have something put over my eyes. Although I am disoriented, I am not panicked. Although these people have been torturing me for two weeks, I still trusted them. I am led down a flight of stairs, and I could tell there were more than a few people in the room I was in. I am laid down of a bed, and my hands and legs are secured so that I am spread eagle, a position that I have seen a lot of from these guys. My blindfold is taken off and I am surrounded by 10 incredibly hot Brothers, all naked, and all stroking their massive, hard cocks.

"Pledge, we have some news." It was Nathan speaking. The first I heard his voice in a while. "Although we are a very selective group, our number of pledges was rather large this year at 11. However, none of them, except for you, have decided to move forward in the process. The tests proved too much for them. So you are the last pledge left. I know that these past few days have been a struggle, but we need to make sure you have what it takes to be a Brother here." He walks close to me and sits on the bed. He rests one hand on my stomach. "I am so proud that you have made it this far, and I know that if you suffer through these next few weeks, you are going to be the best Brother this place has ever seen. Having said that, you are still in chastity for another two weeks."

I was heartbroken. I seriously thought I might have been out of this hell. He wheeled over what looked like a power drill but without the drill to the table. "I am going to turn your device on and we are going to test your control tonight. These gentleman are going to fuck each other's brains out, and you will watch them. You will not cum, I promise you that. Even if you try, we know how to lead you right up to the point without letting you fall over. This is going to be a long night, so be prepared." Fuck. I immediately started crying. This was all just way too much. "Gordon, I promise you that I will never hurt you," Gordon whispered in my ear. He was petting my hair, trying to calm me before the assault. "You will enjoy this. I have seen it in your eyes. You love this. It is frustrating but, once it is all over, I promise you, you will be a better man because of it." He kissed me. It was a kiss that I longed for so very much, and it ended far too quickly. "Fit him with the machine." The Brothers looked at each other, and James came over and whispered so only I could hear, "You must be very special to him. He never kisses anyone. Don't disappoint him."

A few bothers took the power tool and aimed it right for my ass. "Use the biggest one. I want to see what he can take," Gordon says. I see what he meant by the biggest one and I am terrified. He was talking about the massive 10 inch, thick dildo that was being screw on to the end of the power tool. I am about to protest, but a ball gag is secured in my mouth. "Here is what is going to happen Gordon. I made this machine myself. It can be used for great pleasure, and great pain. I am going to make sure you feel a little of both tonight. See, this dildo is going to fuck you, and it will not show mercy, because it is a machine. What makes this a unique machine is that the dildo basically attacks your prostate, which is the male G-spot. So although this massive cock will be fucking the shit out of you, it will still feel incredible. The downside to this is that, this machine can also tell if you are close to orgasm, and will stop when it feels you are too close. It's a nasty little bugger, and I can't wait to see you squirm from it." Well, this wasn't going to be fun, for me at least.

The machine was just about to enter me, when James said, "Good thing he didn't bring the one modeled after his own cock. 13 inches would kill ya." I'm not too sure the alternative was any better. The monster of a dildo was being guided into my ass, inch by inch, until I felt that familiar feeling of over whelming pleasure as it grazed right over my prostate. This thing hurt like no other, but I knew that I was in for some serious pleasure too. And I hoped that the machine really was as good at picking up when I would cum because I was not gonna last long at all.

"We are going to have some fun over here," Gordon said as he turned on my chastity device. "You have your fun over here." With that, he walked over to the group of naked men and shed his remaining clothing. His cock was only half hard, but dear GOD was that thing massive. When that inevitably fucked me, it was going to kill me, I know it. The machine was turned on and immediately started working on my ass. It was slow at first, but it picked up speed in no time. I didn't want to look over at the other Brothers in the room because I knew the sight of them was going to send me over the edge. But once I started hearing the sounds they were making, I couldn't help myself. There were 5 guys kneeling in front of the 5 others, taking each of the cocks as best they could. I didn't recognize any of them, but I assumed that they were the pledges from the previous year.

What I found odd, but rather pleasing was that Nathan was not included in the festivities. He was stroking his now fully hard massive cock... dear God that cock... but instead of paying attention to the scene in front of him, his eyes were focused on me. He was looking at me with lust and with so much sexual energy, I thought we would make me cum with just his eyes. Speaking of cumming, I was getting that familiar feeling, with the mixture of the device on my cock and my ass being rampaged... the machine was now in a full force fuck mode... I was sure I was going to cum. I held out as long as I could, but I felt it coming, and just as I was about to fall over the edge, everything stopped. My back was arched, my toes and fingers squeezed tight, and I felt like I was having some sort of orgasm, but it never fully came. It took me a few seconds for me to breathe, and once I gained my composure, I looked over at Nathan with pleading eyes. All I got was a smile. And truly, that is all I needed. He was happy with what was happening, and that was good enough for me. Even if I was going through hell for it.

I looked over at the fucking scene, and Piston was about to fuck some unlucky Brother. I got a nasty look on my face when I saw Piston. I truly didn't like him. He wanted to hurt me, and that just shouldn't be. Nathan apparently saw this and came over to me. "I know you may not enjoy Piston, but the boy he is about to fuck thinks he is the greatest man in the world. He gets fucked just as hard as you did every single day. Well, except this week, because Piston had a huge test to study for. I am going to say you are in for one hell of a show with these two." He smiled at me again and said, "Oh good, you're about to start back up again. Have fun." With that he walked away and my machines started again. I can't really describe what I felt. It was like I was toeing that line between pain and pleasure perfectly.

Piston was lining up his cock with the boys ass in front of him when he began his dirty talk. "Listen slut, I know that I haven't been around this past week to wreck your hole, and I sincerely apologize for that. But tonight, I want to make it up to you. I jerked off two times before we came in here tonight because I wanted to last as long as I possibly could for you." He entered the boy very slowly. "I plan on fucking you for hours, boy. But not just any type of fuck. I am going to give you my special kind of fuck." There was a confused look on the boy's face. At that, Piston produced a rope and began to tie the boy to the table with his hands extended out. Once he was done with that, he tied his feet to each of the table legs. He was bent over with his ass in the air for the taking. "Now, I don't do this to too many people, because not many people can take it." He walked over to a bag on the floor and got out what looked like a dildo. The look on Nathan's face was clear: be careful. "He will be more than fine, Nathan. He is going to beg me to never stop." He walked over to the boy. "Now this is an interesting little device I asked Nathan to cook up for me. Now my cock is already pretty big at 10 inches, but it could be bigger and definitely could be thicker. Now this thing I have here goes over my dick, making it 4 inches longer, and much thicker than normal." His explanation was turning me on so much, even though I hated his guts. "This also takes some of the sensitivity out of my cock, so it takes me much longer to cum. I am going to fuck you, Kenny. I am going to fuck you the hardest I have ever fucked you, and you are going to scream and cry and beg but I don't give a fuck because I know that you want this. I sure as shit know I want it too. I will not stop fucking your ass until I cum... twice." Then he looked over at me. "One of the reasons I am doing this tonight is that Nathan explained that we all have to cum twice before little Gordon over there is finished. So... I thought it would be a great night to test it out."

I hated him so much it hurt. There was no pleasure mixed in with that hurt either. He was out to get me for some reason. I was beginning my second of countless close calls that night when Piston put the... cock extender I guess you could call it... on his dick. He then made his way over to show the boy, Kenny, what it looked like. The fear in his eyes was immediate and he began to protest. A gag was forced in his mouth. "I will have none of that. You're going to enjoy this I promise." Piston pet Kenny on the head as he moved around the back. "I'll give you a minute or so to get used to it, then, I'm gonna break you." Even though this wasn't happening to me, that sent a shiver down my spine. Oh wait, that is just an orgasm coming. Coming...... nope. God I am so close to cumming it's insane. I can't believe they are putting me through this.

"Alright you fucking bitch, lets ride," Piston said as he started to pump in and out. He wasted no time at all ramping up to full speed. His balls were slapping Kenny's ass so hard and often, it was a wonder Piston could stand it. Kenny was whimpering, moaning, and screaming as Piston fucked him a new asshole. "Louder you cunt, I want you to scream so loud you can talk tomorrow. Just like I am gonna fuck you so you can't walk tomorrow." And Kenny did scream. It was a loud, incredibly high pitched scream. Oh wow, he was already cumming. And Piston basically just started. "Oh no boy. That just isn't gonna do. Well if you want to cum," and the Piston put his fucking into hyperdrive, "If you wanna cum then you ain't gonna stop cummin' the whole fuckin' night. I am gonna drain you of every last drop of cum before we are done, and even then I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you." He was screaming these words to Kenny who was still having an orgasm, one of the longest I have ever seen, and Piston just fucked him right on through it. I cannot even imagine the feelings that this poor Kenny was feeling. He was whimpering and screaming his lungs out, but Piston didn't stop. He was long dicking him. Every thrust in was punctuated with him talking dirty. "KEEP FUCKING CUMMING YOU DIRTY SLUT. I'M NEVER GONNA STOP FUCKING YOU." Kenny just kept convulsing and true to his word, Piston kept up the insane assault on his ass.

This machine I was hooked up to truly was evil. It knew every feeling I was having, and it kept me perpetually close to orgasm basically the entire time I was in that basement. It didn't really fuck me though. Sure, it was fucking me, but it wasn't really rough. I expected rough, but this was... making love with me. I know that's a weird statement considering it's a machine, but that's the only way I can describe it. I was nearing another orgasm as I looked over at Nathan, who was still looking at me and was slowly rubbing his now enormously erect cock. Even after all I had been put through, I knew that fucker was going to hurt, yet I desperately wanted to give it a ride. This orgasm that was building, though, took over my thoughts, and for a brief few seconds, I thought that I was actually going to cum, but to no avail. I was shaking just as much as Kenny the fuck boy was, although for very different reasons.

Although it seemed like the main attraction was Piston and Kenny, the other men there were doing things as equally hot. One brother who I recognized as Buckets, had his slave in front of him, hands tied behind his back, his cock fully in his throat. He kept him that way for about a minute at a time, give him a short break, and then start again. He wasn't really talking all that much, and all he would really say was "Swallow." His slave was massaging his Master's cock with his throat alone.

James seemed to be putting on a show for me. It seemed as though his favorite thing to do was edging. I was subjected to his twisted edging, so I could understand his slave's predicament, but I am assuming that his slave was feeling ten times worse than I did. James was fucking him very hard, and stroking his cock, and he was given an express order not to come, and if he does, he will be punished for the rest of the weekend. "I am going to hook you up with the e-stim and leave you down here for 2 whole days if you cum, you hot piece of ass." Turns out these two were dating, something that doesn't happen all that often within the Fraternity, and they did truly love each other, a fact that made any session they had together that much more hot. Unfortunately for his slave, whose name was Tyler, it was just way to much stimulation for him and he came his balls off. "Oh you stupid little fuck. You got cum all over me," James said in his sexy Irish accent. God damn that accent. "I think I am going to keep fucking you though, cuz this ass is just too good to give up."

My eyes wandered back to poor Kenny and Piston, who were still going at it very hard. I literally could not believe how much fucking those two were doing. The stamina Piston had was truly incredible. And the way he talked to his slave was so hot, even though it was the asshole Piston saying them. "How many times was that, slut, 5? I am getting close, but I wanna pump 5 more out of you before my first. So let's kick it up a notch." Piston pulled out of Kenny. "KEEP THAT CUM IN YOUR ASS, BOY." And Kenny didn't let one drop out. Piston was touching his... cock enlarger?... and then was ready to go again. "I turned on the electricity, so your g-spot if going to be working triple time, baby." As soon as he slid back in, Kenny screamed out and was cumming. "THAT'S IT, SLUT, KEEP FUCKING CUMMING." And Piston found yet another gear higher. It was remarkable how someone could fuck for so long so fast. And true to his word, he fucked 5 more loads out of Kenny before he seeded him.

James came inside Tyler and almost immediately hooked him up to the e-stim machine. "I am going to make you squirm, little one." And then they kissed. It wasn't like the kisses James gave me, which were rough and aggressive. This one had some love behind it. It was sort of contrasting with their current situation of Master and slave, but they had a very special relationship. When James flicked the switch on the e-stim, it was lights out though, and he made Tyler squirm for sure. Buckets seemed out of all the guys in the room, the most gentle. It was like he commanded authority, but when he had it, he was very good to the people he was with. He was on the receiving end on one extremely long blow job, and he never really forced his slave, Nick, to do anything he didn't want to do. And when Buckets came, my God could he come. Long, thick streams of come covered Nick's entire face. It was like he got facials from every guy in the room, but it was all Buckets.

I had been hooked up to this machine for about an hour now, and I was going ballistic. I stopped really paying attention to what was going on, and was more focused on the pain I was going through. It stopped being pleasurable and my balls were starting to hurt now. And, I began to cry. I hated when I cried alone so it was even worse when I cried with so many masculine, attractive guys in the room. Almost immediately, the machine was turned off. I barely noticed the other guys leave the room, and it was only Nathan, James, and I left in the room that smelled like some hardcore sex, which just made my need to come that much more needed.

"I am proud of you, Gordon," Nathan said. He was smiling, naked, and looked unbelievably sexy. "You are everything that I thought you were going to be." I was still crying as he leaned down and kissed me. I didn't think twice about accepting it, but I also noticed that this was like the kiss James and Tyler had shared. The one with love behind it. It was the most loved I had felt in quite some time. James must have felt it too, because he just smiled and quietly left the room. After several minutes that felt like an eternity, we stopped. "Gordon, I am going to put you back into chastity again." I knew it was coming but my heart still sank. My need to cum was at an all-time high. "I am going to put a regular one on you, and you only have one week with it on. Then, you will be allowed to cum." That made me feel a little better, and the fact I wasn't going to have the electric one on made me feel so much better. Just then I hear something come from the other side of the room, and it's Tyler, still hooked up to e-stim, sweat covering his body, and squirming to no end. Nathan laughed and said, "James loves to torture that little fucker, and they both love every second of it," pointing to the ceiling at the cameras placed around the room. James will watch his suffer from the comfort of his own bed. How twisted is that?

After I was fitted with the chastity device, which took forever since my cock wouldn't go down, Nathan walked me back to my dorm. As we were about to part, he kissed me again, this time out in the open. Although it was very late, or, actually early I guess, there were still a few people around, but I didn't seem to care about that anymore. All I cared about was this man's lips on mine. I knew that I was his, and he knew it too. I had fallen for a man that I know almost nothing about. And I was totally fine with that.

As he was walking away, I said, "Will I see you soon?" He only shook his head in the negative, saying, "One more week," and that was that. I went up to my room and got right in the shower. After I felt fresh, I climbed into bed, thinking that although this last week without cumming was going to be tough, I would do it for Nathan. I would do anything for him.

UP NEXT: CHAPTER 6- Thanksgiving Break



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