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Submissive: Chapter 4- Last Punishment

I was sitting in the doctor's office waiting for him to come and see me. This doctor was one of the Brother's fathers, and a former brother on Delta Omicron Mu, or DOM. I was incredibly sore at the moment. I had next to no energy at all, so Nathan and James had to help me with everything required to get me here. After Nathan and I cuddled together for an hour or so, him just using his gentle hands to explore my body, he helped me up and we went into the shower. He was carrying most of the weight between the two of us, and he did most of the washing also. My limbs seemed to be dead, and every time I would try to move them, they either wouldn't work or it would hurt, so I decided to let Nathan help as much as he could. While in the shower, I got to witness up close just how much of a monster dick this guy had. It was ridiculously long, just past 9" soft and thick as a Monster Energy Drink can, which was fitting. I kept "accidently" touching it in the shower. Nathan smiled at this, knowing that he had me wrapped around his finger, and it had only been 2 days since I had introduced into this lifestyle.

Once we exited the shower, Nathan called for James to help me get dressed and help me upstairs. James came in with a remorseful look on his face. You could tell he had been crying. "Are you alright, baby?" he asked as he gently hugged me and kissed my neck. I whispered I would be alright. He was happy to hear this but you could tell that he was still very upset that I was hurt. It seemed like although these guys got off on hurting and torturing others, they never wanted to harm people past what they could handle themselves. Yea, James tortured me by milking my cock over and over again, and it hurt, but it wasn't as though he was looking to hurt me. He was looking to test me and to push me. What Piston did, fucking me that hard, he was looking to hurt me, and didn't care about the pain it caused. I was sure he would have a good "talking to" about what happened.

Both Nathan and James helped me into Nathan's car, which was incredibly nice, and we drove to the doctor's office. It was very late, or early I guess at 4:00am, and I was astonished that a doctor would take calls of this nature at this time of night. They explained the situation and I understood. I was also surprised that I was still awake, because I was incredibly tired. I didn't stay awake too long as I was woken up by Nathan kissing my temple telling me we were at the doctor's office. Nathan and James helped me out of the car and basically carried me into the office, where a very young, very attractive man was waiting for us.

"So this is the one, huh?" he said.

"He is going to be, I think," Nathan said smiling. I had no idea what they were talking about, but I just smiling and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Gordon. I um..." I stopped myself from talking because I was so embarrassed about what I was going to say.

"Hello, Gordon, my name is Lance, and don't worry, Nathan filled me in. What that punk did was wrong, and not in the ways of DOM. I sincerely hope he gets punished for what he did." So he was a former Brother. I guess that's why he was available so early. "As for you, I heard that before that happened, you showed incredible promise to become one of the best pledges DOM has ever had. Nathan here speaks very highly of you." This made me beam with pride. I had only really known Nathan for a day, but I was already falling for him, so if he spoke this highly of me, then maybe he had similar feelings towards me.

"Won't you come with me, Gordon? Nathan and James, I will be right back out." Lance took me back to his examination room and sat me down on the table. He asked for me to get undressed and he would be right back. I slowly began to undress, but any movement I made was met with pain in my ass or soreness in my limbs. I had been tied up for the better part of 48 hours, so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise. Once I was naked, I took stock of what I looked like in the full length mirror Lance had in the room. I was noticeably worn out, but I looked... fulfilled is probably the best word for it. I knew that what I had been through was just the tip of things to come, but other than the very last part, I loved every single second of it. Both James and Nathan had done something to me. They had woken up a part of me that I didn't know existed. And now that it was awake, I wanted to... needed to feed it.

Lance walked back in, and to me great surprise, he was totally naked. He was drop dead gorgeous with his clothes on, but without them, it was as if a sculpture had come to life. He had light blonde hair covering most of his body, he was muscular but not bulky, and his flaccid cock had some serious heft to it. I would have loved to see that thing in full force. He walked closer to me.

"I thought you may feel a little awkward sitting naked while I was fully clothed," he said. To be honest, I hadn't really thought about it. I was still standing by the mirror as he walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He began to kiss the back of my neck. Shit, he was turning me on so much. He moved his hands to my sensitive nipples and began to massage them. "I want you to be totally relaxed, Gordon. I want you to be ready to take my big cock when I fuck your brains out," he whispered. I just moaned with delight. "Would you like that, Gordon? If I strapped you down to this table and fucked you long and hard?"

"Yes," I whispered. I was rubbing my ass against his growing member, hoping he would take me like he said.

"Good, then Piston didn't ruin you," he said flatly and walked over to the table. "Please join me over here Gordon." I followed him and laid down on my back. "I am not going to fuck you, Gordon, as much as I would like to. I will someday, I am sure, but now, this is about making sure there is no damage to your back entrance." He told me to put my legs in the detachable stirrups. I did so and he strapped my ankles to them. He began to poke around, and although it was sore, it was feeling quite good. He stuck a finger inside me, and then another. He immediately found my prostate, which brought my semi hard cock to full mast.

"Well, I see no damage was done. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I would say you were only fucked by a well hung man, and not dozens of well hung men. This is quite impressive, to say the least. Usually, after the treatment your ass got would have caused tearing, inflammation, or at least some internal damage, but you could probably go another round right now if you were up for it." I was up for it sexually, but mentally and physically, I was so drained. I just needed to sleep.

"May I take a rain check, sir? I would love nothing more than to try and please you in any way I can, but I can barely keep my eyes open right now."

Lance smiled. "You really are going to make some waves if you choose to pledge." He told me to sit now, which did cause a little discomfort. "You are going to pledge, correct?" I looked into his eyes and he could tell I didn't have a sure answer yet. "That's alright, boy, take your time with it. James said you'll have a week to decide. Take that time to weigh the pros and cons to it. Pledging is one of the tough, yet most rewarding experiences one can ever go through. It tests you on every level, and especially since Nathan will probably be one of your Masters, it will be even tougher. I am not going to sugarcoat this. Nathan is going to push you to insanity. He has broken people before, but I think he sees something in you that he has never seen before. You already make him quite proud, which is saying something. I really do hope that you pledge. That way, it will be easier for me to get at that perfect ass of yours." I blushed. I wouldn't have minded that in the slightest.

What he said about Nathan worried me but also excited me. The thing about who I am is that, I really don't know who I am. I am going to school for Communications, which basically means I don't really know what I want to do with my life. I go from friend group to friend group because I really don't know who my real friends are. I joined 10 different student groups only to stop going to meetings because none of them were interesting to me. My life was basically boring up until this very moment. When I was tied up, being used and abused, I finally felt like I was doing something I was meant to be. I wanted to be pushed further. I wanted to become something more than I thought I ever would be. I still needed to think about whether or not I was going to pledge, but I already had a good idea of what I wanted to do.

From the doctors, we drove back to the DOM house. I expected to be dropped off back at my apartment, but Nathan ordered me inside. Once he helped me upstairs, he led me to the largest room in the house: his bedroom. "You are going to stay with me tonight... well this morning I guess you could say," he laughed. I was more than excited to share a bed with Nathan, but that is really all I would be able to do at the moment. He told me to lie down and he would be right back. I went to his king size mattress and began to undress. He didn't tell me to do this, but I figured he wouldn't object. I laid down and was about to try and sleep when he walked back in with an apple, banana, a bottle of water, and some pain pills. "You'll take all of these before we go to sleep."

Something I noticed right away between Nathan and I is that he never really asked me anything. He told me things. It wasn't, "please eat these if you want" or "would you like something to eat". I had no option in the matter. I kind of liked this, because I am more of a free spirit, meaning that I had very little structure in my life. So having someone to tell me what to do and when to do it, while not my usual way of doing things, didn't seem too bad at all. I gobbled up everything he gave me. He hadn't mentioned anything about my nakedness, but as he, too, began to undress, I figured I did something right. He was naked, his incredible piece of manhood swinging back and forth between his legs. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I was determined to eventually have that thing all the way inside me. It was just too beautiful to have it any other way.

He got into bed with me and told me to lie on my side. He got in behind me and wrapped his entire lanky, sexy body around me. Like I said, Nathan wasn't really muscular, had no fat on him, and was extremely tall, so I thought it may be a little awkward or uncomfortable when he went to spoon me. Again, Nathan is full of surprises. I had never felt so comfortable or so at peace in my life. Nathan held me there, kissing the back of my neck, and it was as if I could lay there with him for the rest of my life. In two (or was it three?) very short days, I had gone from closeted gay man, to falling for this... man. This... Master. I slowly closed my eyes and drifted off to the best sleep I had ever experienced.


I could tell that I had be tied up again. I thought I was dreaming, but after a few seconds, I realized I wasn't. I had a blindfold on my eyes, I was tied spread eagle to the bed (at least I think it was the bed), and had a gag in my mouth. It wasn't a regular gag though, because I can breathe through it. It also seemed like the sheets on Nathans comfortable bed were replaced with something... rougher. Plastic, maybe? "Are you awake?" I heard that sexy Irish voice say. As I said, although I was falling for Nathan, James was probably the sexiest man I had ever seen. His whole persona oozed sex. I was happy that he wasn't done with me yet.

All I could do was nod. "Good, because we aren't done with your punishment yet." If I could smile, I would have then. "In your mouth, instead of a traditional ball gag, I put in a dental gag, because since your fine ass is out of commission, we are going to use your mouth for a little while. And by we, I mean the rest of the brothers you had yet to service last night." This statement again both excited me and made me worry. That was a lot of long cocks that were going to be forced into my mouth. I was not experienced at cock sucking one bit, but I guess these guys had a tendency of throwing new guys into the deep end and seeing if they could swim. "We are going to face fuck you until your jaw breaks, fucker," James whispered into my ear and then nibbled on it. When he talked like that, I knew he really never meant serious harm, and that he wanted to get me really horny. It worked every single time.

There was no introduction of the cocks entering my mouth as they did with my ass. There was no ceremony to this, just a good old fashioned face fucking. The first cock that entered was huge. Remember, the cocks in my ass were on the smaller side compared to what I was going to have to take after Piston was done with me. This cock had to be about 11 inches and thick as fuck. "Like that, bitch?" the intruder whispered as he began to fuck my face faster. There was really no skill in what I was doing. I was strapped down, my mouth forced open, and he just used my face. He used my face for a good long while. After what seemed like an hour, he stopped and got off the bed, only to be replaced by another cock. This assault was much tamer than what occurred in the basement, and I am guess Nathan and James told them to go a little easier after what happened.

Cock after cock was put into my mouth, along with some water and food during short periods of rest. Something I noticed that I didn't even know about myself before is that I really didn't have a gag reflex. When cock after cock entered, I was worried that I would throw up or gag on their heft, but their long cocks slid down my throat with ease, as I felt their balls on my chin and my nose in their pubic hair. I still had yet to even so much as hear one of the men orgasm, so I am guessing that they were forced to leave the room like they did while I was in the sling. This went on for hours. When James said he would punish me for days, he meant it literally. This was a draining experience, but one that I could honestly say I loved every second of.

After God only knows how long, I heard Nathan's voice as he entered. "You have sucked or been fucked by all of the brothers except two. One, Brother Zack, or as we call him, Donkey, is unavailable. He also has the largest cock in our fraternity at 14 inches." I thought to myself, "that is literally not possible."

"Now, Gordon, you get to suck me." I felt him remove the gag from my mouth. "I actually want to you suck me, Gordon. I will use your mouth as I please, but I want to see what skills you have. I am sure you are a natural as you have been with everything else we have thrown at you." He got up on the bed and positioned his cock right at my face. "Open," was all he said, and I obliged him immediately. He stuck only the tip in and left it there. "Suck," he commanded, and again, I had no hesitation. I began to suck all I could, and he moaned in response. He gave me a few more inches and I kept sucking. He kept pushing and pushing until I had his entire length in. "Wow, I thought they were exaggerating. No gag reflex, huh? You are too good to be true," he said as he left his cock in my throat. "I am going to leave my cock inside your throat until I cum. I want you to swallow and use your tongue to bring me off. I am not going to move until I cum, so get to work." And I did work. I swallowed, and licked, and sucked for minutes, hours? I don't know how long but he stuck true to his promise. He never moved. He would groan with pleasure, and I am sure he wanted to get off, but he wanted to test me again. He even would cover my nose so I couldn't breathe for a few seconds at a time, which was really terrifying but also extremely hot.

After ages, he pulled out of my mouth very quickly. "You are perfect, you know that?" I could hear him stroking his cock. He removed my blindfold. "You made quite an impression on the brothers here. Many of the men here said they have never cum as much as they have when they used you. Some came again after their first time just thinking about what they did to you. You are going to be a star here, Gordon. I cannot wait to see how bright you shine." He kept stroking his magnificent cock, and I could tell he was close. Was he going to let me see him cum? He came up close to my face, his cock a few inches from my mouth. "Open," he commanded. I opened my mouth, and, with a loud grunt, he began to cum. The first rope went to my hair and the upper part of my face, the second hitting the same place, the next few hit my mouth, which gave me a taste that I had never experienced. I couldn't really compare it to anything, so I just went with what it was. It tasted like sex. And he drenched me with it. I guess the bigger your cock, the more you cum, because that was the most I have ever seen anyone cum. He was a little shaken when he was finished, but once he gained his bearings, he began to speak again.

"Gordon, we are going to have the Brothers come in here and cum on you one by one. Or maybe a few at the same time, but we are going to use you as a cum rag tonight. This is called bukkake, and it is one of my most favorite fetishes." Brothers began to file in. Not everyone could fit in the room, but they still crammed in as much as they could. I counted probably 20 brothers. "Brothers, cum as much as you want on this cum rag. He is here to be covered in your sperm."

You know that feeling when you have something sticky on you and you can't get it off no matter how hard you try? Well imagine that happening over 50 times in a row. Cum shot after cum shot, on my body, on my face, in my hair, in my mouth. I was literally being covered from head to toe in cum. Each person would walk up grunt and cum on a different part of my body. And I just sat there in amazement that this was all happening to me. These hot guys were all getting off to me. It was all way too much. I realized then that I had been so distracted by servicing these men that I forgot how horny I was. I really needed to blow my load, but no one even looked at my cock. I was there for them, not the other way around. All of the loads were fairly large, but the most notable was Buckets. He got his name from the amount he cums, and holy shit they weren't kidding. When he came the first jet was so forceful, it stung my skin a little. He had at least 10 huge volleys of cum before he settled down to regular sized jets, and had what had to have been a minute long orgasm. It was really something seeing that, and I wished that he had done it in my ass. I was already turning into the whore they wanted me to be, and I was totally fine with that.

After the last person came, which happened to be James, he came over to me and said, "Gordon, you have truly pleased and impressed the brothers tonight, and for that, we wanted to give you this token of our appreciation. You are covered in a lot of cum right now. So much that we can't see your skin on most parts of your body. However, we have one more surprise for you." Another brother entered with a jar full of... cum? Oh my God. "This, Gordon, it a mixture of the loads from all of the brothers from the past 3 days, as well as the loads you provided us." He went to my side and looked me in the eye and said, "Enjoy your gift." He poured half of the contents over my head and the rest over my entire body. It was the single grossest, most intense feeling I have ever felt. "It is late and I'm sure you're tired. Get some rest, and we will see you tomorrow." With that, James left me alone in the room and dimmed the lights. I thought for sure he was joking. There was cum on every inch of my body, and he was just going to leave me here to marinate in it. This was insane. Someone would at least let me shower before I went to sleep, right?

Wrong. I was left on that bed the entire night, still chained, and covered with the sperm of what had to have been 400+ loads all over my body. I must have dosed off because Nathan woke me up with his laughing. "You have never looked better, Gordon," and I couldn't help but laugh. He went and unchained me. The cum had dried, and the room smelled like a mix of sex and fruit. I would learn later than many of the guys had a steady diet of fruit, which would make their cum taste and smell like fruit. He led me to his private bathroom and got me in the shower. He undressed and hopped in with me, and I was giddy with the sight of him naked.

He began to wash me thoroughly, and he simple asked, "Will you be mine?" I was taken back a bit by this question.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I want you to pledge, and if you pledge, I want to own you." Again, his blunt way of talking was as off-putting as it was refreshing.

All the time I had this weekend should have repulsed me. It should have sent me running to the police, saying I was raped and that these boys should be thrown in jail. I should hate myself that I loved it so much. But I didn't I knew I loved every single second. Maybe not Piston, but other than that, this is where I belonged. I wanted to be part of this frat. I wanted... I needed Nathan. So, as he was washing my back, I simply said, "I'm yours."




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