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Submissive: Chapter 3- The Sling

It was dark. I was surrounded by 50 to 100 guys all wearing robes, each carrying a paddle, each with a menacing look on their face. I am in a stockade of sorts, with my ass totally exposed. Someone says, "This pledge failed us, and in doing so, he must be punished. Each brother will give him a hard smack on the ass. We do not care if he bleeds. We do not care if he screams. He needs to learn there are consequences to his actions. Brother James, begin." James stepped in front of me with a very large paddle. H leaned down to my ear and whispers, "You deserve this, bitch." He walks around the back of me, pulls him paddle back and...

I wake up in a cold sweat. I was shaking, but I felt a sense of calmness coming over me as I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around me. "Are you alright, babe?" Although James was the villain in my dream, I felt safe in his arms, which is crazy to think about, considering he had tortured me for hours just a short time ago. "What did you dream about?" James said in his sexy Irish voice.

I told him all about my dream in full detail, to the point where I became visibly affected by it. He just pulled me closer into his arms, saying, "We would never hurt anyone like that. We only punish to teach a lesson, not to bring harm to the person. Even if it was a serious infraction, the council would find a less painful, but longer form of punishment, like chastity. Gordon, you don't have to be scared of us. We are a brotherhood, and we care and look out for each other. Yes, you will be property for the first few months of this process, but we do that to bring you into our circle. I was a slave, and now you see what I can do. Please, Gordon, don't be afraid of our fraternity. It is here to provide a path of happiness, not fear." I was very calm now. James had a sort of intoxicating effect on me, to the point where I think I would probably do anything he asked me to do.

"What else are you going to do to me, James?" I asked, with a slight excitement mixed with fear in my voice.

"Well, it is not what I am going to do, but what we are going to do." I didn't really understand what he meant. "Gordon, I consider myself quite an open person. I think I learned that from my Dom when I was pledging. He would lay out in full detail what was going to happen before it did. I don't know if it was because he wanted to scare me or if he wanted to prepare me, but every time he would do something to me, I knew every detail before we began." He was stroking my stomach and was very close to my ear, almost licking it. It was extremely erotic. "I prepared you with the fucking machine so you could take the cocks of all the brothers tonight."

I visibly tensed up, but James worked even harder to keep me calm. "Gordon, it is not about pain, it is about pleasure. This is more than I have asked of anyone that is not pledging, but I see real potential in you. You seem to enjoy... even thrive on being held against your will. You may have begged me to stop, but you never went so far as to make it seem like you meant it. You wanted the torture. You loved it." I really did. It was so intoxicating being tied up like he did. But still, I don't think I could take all of his frat brothers in one night.

"James, I want to make you happy, but I don't think I can do that."

"I understand your apprehension. Hell, 30 dicks is a lot. Especially since the smallest of the bunch is... well actually, you would have the smallest dick there." Say what now? I had a very nice, long cock. And I would be the small one of the group of over 30! "One of our basic requirements for membership is that you have to be well endowed. We talked to your freshman year roommate, and he confirmed what I had believed." I just don't think I could do this.

Just then, the door flew open, and two guys came walking in. One was very short, but handsome as hell and built like a truck. "Gordon, this is Chris, but you can call him Piston." The other was tall, nerdy looking, but had a weird cuteness to him. "And this is Nathan. We call him Iggy, on account of the fact he has a huge ass reptile in his pants. He was my Dom when I pledged, and made my fucking machine."

"The guy with a 13" dick?" I asked. James and Chris laughed, but Nathan looked at me as though he was looking into my soul. It was a strange feeling, but it seriously felt like he could see something that others could not.

"The rumors are true," he said, matter of factly. I was quite attracted to his limited emotions. "Is he ready?"

"I think he is. Gordon, we are going to take you to our basement now. We are all going to fuck you until we are ready to be done with you. Is that alright?" He asked this. He really asked this. As if I had the option to say yes or no. So I thought seriously about it for a few seconds. It would hurt. It would be long. It would probably change me forever. But it could also lead me to being in one of the best Fraternities on campus. I just nodded slowly. Nathan had a hint of a smile on his face. It was the first and only emotion I saw on him until the night was over. I don't know why I found that so attractive. He was, in a word, a nerd. A tall, cute nerd, who apparently had the dick of a God. I was never attracted to people like him. I usually went after people like James. And although I find James incredibly hot, I was feeling a pull towards Nathan more than anyone else I ever had before.

The three led me to the hallway and I was floored by what I saw. The whole hallway was lined with naked men. All of them were hard. All of them were hot. All of them were hung. And, most of all, all of them had the look of pure desire in their eyes. I was led down the hallway, feeling incredibly uncomfortable because I was still naked. Sure, so was everyone else besides Nathan and Chris... I mean Iggy and Piston. But that doesn't mean I felt any less uncomfortable.

I walked down the stairs to the main floor, then immediately down to the basement. It wasn't your typical basement. We walked into the party room that was still a mess from the previous night. I thought that this is where we were going to do this... thing I guess you could call it. But I was very wrong. We walked over to a seeming uninteresting wall, and Nathan pulled out a keychain with what looked like a pod to unlock a car. He clicked a button and the wall began to move, revealing a secret tunnel of sorts. We began to walk through, and I noticed we were being followed silently by all of the Brothers of the Fraternity, all still raging hard.

Once we walked for a short period of time, we entered what I can only describe as a dungeon. There were cells, cages, walls lined with whips, paddles, and other torture devices, a cross, a high table, and a sling. James stepped forward and said, "Gordon, this is the Fraternity Chamber. All of our most important traditions and ceremonies are done here. You are one of the very few non- pledges or non- Brother to ever step foot in here, so take that as a sign of respect and adoration towards you from all of the Brothers present." While this made me feel pretty special, I was still feeling uneasy about this whole thing. I think he sensed this, but he continued. "Gordon, we are going to put you into this sling here. It is a position that, if selected to join this Brotherhood, you will be very familiar with. Please come here."

I walked ever so slowly to the sling and kind of through myself on it. Even though I was scared, I really did want to succeed. I wanted to be in this Fraternity so bad. I also wanted to see if I truly did get off on being completely helpless. James quickly strapped me into the sling, making it impossible for me to move. It was exhilarating, being in a room with over 30 guys, all stroking their hard, large cocks, and being totally at their mercy. James began speaking again. "Gordon, as I said before, we are all going to fuck you. This is an unusual thing for us here, but at the request of one of our brothers, he asked for you to be tested. We are going to fuck you hard, until you can't walk anymore. We are going to push you to the limit and then further. We are going to treat you like the common whore you are. We will control your every move, and you will thank us for it." He began to put a ball gag in my mouth. "We won't stop until we say we are done." James had an almost animalistic look in his eyes. He wanted to fuck me more than I ever thought possible. I'm sure he was the one who requested this. He was a sick bastard. A gorgeous, hung sick bastard.

"We will start with our smallest cock. Slow- Mo, please approach the sling. We call him this because it is as though he likes it nice and slow when he is fucking, unlike Piston, who will probably break your hips for the furious fucking he'll give you. Slow- Mo has a nice 8 and a half inch cock. It is going to open you back up for the rest of us. Slow- Mo, please begin." He was a cute, tall guy with an attractive face, almost no body fat with a slight muscle build, a beautiful cock and very low hanging balls. He put his cock right on my entrance. James took some lube and applied it to both Slow- Mo's cock and my ass. I noticed that he was wearing a condom, which was a relief. As he began to enter me, the pain was intense. Even after all night with that machine stretching me out, my hole still wasn't used to anything entering it. James was right in my ear, whispering things like, "Breath" and "Relax". He was trying to make me feel better and make the pain less apparent. Once Slow- Mo was all the way in and I felt his pelvis against my ass, he slowly pulled out and went back in again. The pain was still there, but there was obvious pleasure mixed with it. I let out an involuntary whimper through my gag, and Slow- Mo must have heard, and said "Ah, you like my big cock, you dirty cunt?" He began to quicken his pace but was still going nice and slow. "This is going to be the tip of the ice burg, bitch. I may like it slow, but there are a lot of guys in here that will destroy your ass. And watch out for Piston. He has stamina to fuck you on full tilt for hours." I was barely hearing what he said because of the feelings that were radiating through my whole body. I was on cloud nine. It felt so amazing. I really wish I could have jerked off, but my hands being cuffed made that impossible.

He fucked me like that for a solid 20 minutes before he was cumming. He was about to cum, but he pulled out and left the room quickly. I was stunned. I was so looking forward to his release, but he just left. I guess this was just another party of my punishment. I was so ready to burst again, and I think he was pumping to slow for me to get off, but if anyone were to even think about touching my dick, I would have exploded. After just one fucking, I was already tired, so these next few dozen were going to nearly kill me.

"This is Buckets," James whispered as one of the tallest people I have ever seen walked toward me. He was a star basketball player at our school. He was so good looking, with an athletic body and a beautiful 9 inch cock. "We call him buckets for two reasons. First, he is on the basketball team, and second, because he cums more than anyone else we all have ever seen." This made me fairly excited. I looked for Nathan in the crowd as Buckets was beginning to enter me. I saw his face, stern and slightly thoughtful, he seemed to be studying me. God, why did I feel such a pull towards him?

Buckets began fucking me, and immediately I knew that this was going to be a little more difficult than the last guy. He started at a fast pace, and it didn't seem like he was going to let up any time soon. He was really giving it to me, saying things like "Take it, you fucking bitch" and "I'm never gonna stop fucking this sweet ass." It was turning me on so much. He began to grab my cock when I heard Nathan scream, "HANDS OFF HIS COCK!" Fucking shit. A few more tugs and I would have cum everywhere. Buckets kept going until he was about to cum. He pulled out and kept stroking his dick but, again, he left the room. What the hell! I wanted to see what he could do! I was so pissed off at Nathan and James for doing this. I wanted to get that cum all over me.

After that, I went through several different people that were kind of forgettable, but in the best way possible. All of them fucked me hard, all of them used me and talked dirty to me, but I couldn't help but be distracted. I noticed that everyone in the room was naked besides Nathan, the one person I really wanted to see naked. I was disappointed but also kind of thankful at the same time. I don't think I would be able to handle a cock as big as that. But still, I would try for him, I think. God, the man has said all but 10 words to me and I am falling for him. How is this possible? We stopped for short periods of time so I could get water and some food, and James asked me how I was doing. I really couldn't answer because I really didn't know. I loved everything about it, but I also hated that I loved it. Maybe hate is the wrong word. I was just confused as to why I loved it so much, and I think that scared the shit out of me. All the guys had yet to cum in my precence though. I was beginning to think that cumming in front of another non-pledge was against the rules of the Fraternity.

James was at my ear as another Brother finished fucking me and said, "I'm next, slut. God damn I am going to enjoy this." He put a condom on his immaculate cock and lubed it up. "I love it when they scream, so make sure I hear you." This sent chills through my entire body. I don't think I will have any trouble doing that. He began to push into me and I felt the girth immediately. I had been used by a dozen guys or more but I could still feel this monster. He began to pump in and out of me at a nice, steady rhythm. It felt incredible. I hadn't really felt that pain mixed with pleasure from the past few guys, but James brought it back with full force. He began to speed up and started fucking me harder than I had been fucked the whole night. Oh I was screaming alright, but not because it hurt. Well, alright it hurt, but I was also feeling something that I never felt before. I felt like I was going to cum, but no one had touched my cock all night. I didn't think I had permission to cum, and I looked at James with pleading eyes and shaking my head. He just laughed and simply said, "Cum, bitch." Almost on cue, I erupted into the greatest orgasm of my life. My entire body was racked by it and I could barely breathe for a good minute. It was incredible, and it kept going and going. I think the fact James never eased up once even after I came was the reason it lasted so long. Finally, after what seemed like days, James pulled out and left the room.

Immediately, another cock was put into my ass and the assault continued. I looked over at Nathan frequently, and he kept the same expression the entire time. It was like he was trying to study for a test, and the material he was studying was how hard I could get fucked. And I got fucked and fucked and fucked. I think I was up to 25 guys, and there were still more to go.

"Piston is next, bitch. Hold on to your hat," James whispered into my ear. I hadn't noticed that Piston had shed his clothes. With his shirt on, it was obvious that he worked out, but with his shirt off, you couldn't have prepared me for the perfection. He had one of the most perfect bodies I had ever seen. It was actually chiseled to perfection. Even though he was quite short, he was still sporting an extremely impressive 11 inch cock. His face, which was handsome as all hell, had a slight twinge of evil to it. I thought I knew what was coming, but apparently I didn't.

"I am going to fuck you all night, bitch," he said as he readied his cock with a condom and lube. "I am going to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to breathe. His attitude seriously scared me. He looked less intimidating with his clothes on, that is for sure. Now that he was poised to fuck me, I was nervous. He began to slide into me and I immediately felt the pain of his massive cock. Again, the past few cocks I basically couldn't feel all that much. That much fucking it going to numb you out in some ways. But this cock was in a whole other league. It was stretching me to my breaking point. He went in slowly but persistently. Once he was all the way in, he said, "I'll give you a minute to get used to it, but then, I'm going to pound your sweet pussy harder than I have ever fucked anyone before." Again, chills, although this time it was less from excitement and more from fear. This cock would seriously hurt me if he went all out, and I was quite confident I couldn't take it.

He went in and out of me slowly for a minute or so, and I was becoming slightly used to his heft when he began to pick up the pace. "I like to torture fuck people, bitch. I fuck them hard, harder than they ever have been fucked. I love when they are a whimpering mess after I am done with them. It shows me that I did my job right." He picked up the pace even more. "Yeah, cunt, I am going to fuck you until the sun cums up. I want to hear you scream your lungs out, that will make me even harder." He was going incredibly fast now, and I was in serious pain. I kept waiting for the pleasure, but it never came. It was just constant pain, and he continued to speed up. "You like that bitch, huh. Yeah, now I'm really gonna fuck you." He turned into a machine and began to fuck me harder than I thought was humanly possible. I haven't even seen this speed on a porn. The slaps that my ass made on his pelvis were deafening. I was in so much pain that I began to cry.

"STOP RIGHT NOW!!!" I heard someone scream out. Piston didn't stop, but went ever harder, and Nathan ran toward him and almost tackled him out of me. I had tears in my eyes and it was difficult for me to see. Standing right over me was a fully clothed Nathan. He had the look of concern in his eyes. "Everyone out," he said. Almost at once, the room was empty with just Nathan and I. He assisted in removing my binds and helping me out of my sling, but I was so very weak. Luckily, he predicted this would happen and pulled the mattress from the bed over under the sling. I lay right down on it. I was shivering. I was slightly embarrassed, and pretty scared. What Piston had done was wrong. The rest of the guys fucked me hard, but he fucked me to hurt me.

I was still crying when I felt Nathan lay down behind me. I felt his body close to mine. His... naked body. Oh God, he was going to fuck me. I immediately begin to panic, but he wraps his arms around me and pulls me in tight. "Gordon, I am so proud of you. I knew you were special, and I am happy that I set this night up for you. Piston always ruins every good thing we try here. He is a little different from the rest of us when it comes to sex. He likes to hurt people. I like to hurt people too, but I like pleasure to be infused with that hurt. He doesn't see it that way." He was kissing my neck and whispering in my ear the entire time, and I felt so safe in his arms. "If you pledge this Brotherhood, I will be your Master for you pledging. I promise that I will bring you every joy you can imagine from this lifestyle. I really do hope that this last image of tonight won't spoil everything." He pulled me closer. "I have very big plans for you, and I think that together, we can accomplish great things." I was still crying, but now it was because of what he was saying. He wanted me. And I wanted him. Tonight gave me a lot to think about, but the fact that Nathan would be the person being in charge of me would make my decision much easier.

"We are going to go to the doctor in an hour so he can check you out. All of that fucking will have left some damage. Surely nothing permanent, but there may be no fucking for a little while."

"I'm ok with that," I said with a laugh.

"You have the most amazing smile I have ever seen," he said.

I look up and see him hovering over me, smiling. He was so damn cute. "Thank you. Have to say the same about you too." He came down and gave me a kiss on the lips. It was so soft and sensual. It wasn't rough like it was with James, but it was romantic, even a little awkward, like we were teenagers kissing for the first time. We parted lips and I tried to turn over, and when I did, I saw it. I looked down and saw the largest cock I have ever seen in my life. "Holy fuck."

"Yea, we are going to have to work you up to this I think."

That was something that I was definitely excited about doing.

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