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Submissive: Chapter 1- The Frat Party

Hello. My name is Gordon. I am 22-years-old, a senior in college, gay, and a slave, but more on that last part in a bit. First, I am going to tell you how I got to this point in my life. My wonderful, fulfilling, dream of a life that I am living right now.


When I got to college, I knew I was going to love it here. I still told people I was straight, but knew that I wasn't. I had sex with girls, and it felt good, but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I thought I could. It was my first weekend of junior year that I had my first sexual encounter with a guy. It was also the first time I discovered the highs and lows of bondage.

I'm not going to lie. I am a pretty great catch. I am fairly tall at 6'4", have a nice, athletic body that I work hard for, a buzz cut with short brown hair, and I am pretty well endowed at 8 inches. So when I walked into this frat party, I expected to get some attention. This was the frat that I had always wanted to be a part of. It was the best frat on campus, but it was extremely exclusive, so I really never thought I was going to get a chance.

I was talking to a relatively good looking chick when someone bumped into me, spilling my beer. Now, a big pet peeve of mine is when someone bumps me and doesn't say they are sorry. I turn, thinking this frat bro was going to be an asshole. What I saw was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He was actually perfect. Even though it was slightly dark and most of the lighting was black lights, you could see his perfection from a mile away. He had red hair, green eyes, a perfect face and jaw line that would make the Gods jealous. He looked to be incredibly fit but was much shorter than I was. He had the look of concern on his face, which just made me like him more because he seemed sorry for bumping me.

"Dude I am so sorry. Here come with me, I'll get you another beer." He spoke with an accent. An Irish accent. Oh dear, he just got ten times more attractive. "Here, come upstairs. I have some good beer in my room and not this watered down shit." And he was inviting me upstairs to his room. I had to be dreaming. I thought this stuff only happened in college movies. Only most of them don't have two guys fucking, when apparently there is a fair amount of guy on guy action that goes on in Frats.

We were walking upstairs when I noticed I didn't know this guy's name, so I decided I would introduce myself. "Thanks for this. I'm Gordon, by the way." I extended my hand.

He took my hand and shook it. His hands were so soft. "Oh I am sorry, yes, my name is James. It is nice to meet you Gordon." We continued upstairs, and I got a good look at his ass. My God was it a fine ass. I didn't expect anything else, but still. I was getting excited for no real reason at all. This guy was probably straight, but just felt bad about spilling my beer. However, a man could dream, right?

We got to his surprisingly large bedroom decked out with a king sized bed, a mini fridge, desk with an awesome computer set up, and a lot of other nice things. He seemed to be living the life here. He closed the door behind me. I didn't hear him lock it, but I know now that he did. He knew exactly what he was going to do with right from the start. He told me to have a seat on his recliner as he got two beers from his fridge.

"I hope this will do," he said as he tossed me a fairly expensive beer.

"Wow, this is great, thanks." He smiled at me and I almost fainted. He had a perfect smile that would make anyone weak at the knees. I couldn't find a single thing wrong with him physically. And he was being so nice to me that I was already planning our lives together. Like I said, a man can dream.

"So, what year are you?" He was still smiling.

"Oh, um, Junior."

"Oh wow, I haven't seen you around."

"Yeah, I don't party all that much."

"Got a girlfriend?"

"Um, no. No, I'm single."

"Ahh, I saw you hittin' on some hot girls downstairs though."

"Oh, yea, they look great," I said with a little disinterest in my voice.

He smiled even bigger. "Oh good, I thought so."

"...thought what?" I ask.

"That you were gay." WOW. That hit me like a ton of bricks. He knew my deepest secret and he only knew me for about 5 minutes. Was I that obvious?

"I'm not... I'm... what?" I said.

"It's alright dude, so am I." Again, I was floored. He was so nonchalant saying it. I wish that I had that much confidence in who I was.

"You're...gay?" I ask. I am beginning to get really warn and flustered.

"Yep. Came out years ago. It's a lot of fun being who you are, dude."

"How did you know that I was...?" I couldn't even say it.

"You're gay. It's okay to say it. I saw the way you act around girls. You are nice to them but your eyes wander to the male clientele."

"Were you... watching me?"

"Oh, well..." Now he started to get flustered, which was insanely cute. "Yes, yes I was. I'm sure a lot of people were tonight. I didn't think you would try anything with a guy in public, so I decided I needed to take certain... actions."

"You didn't just 'accidently' bump into me did you?" I smiled at him. I don't know why, but I was feeling more at ease. I think it was because he was getting so flustered, and he was being so damn cute about it.

"No, I didn't." He looked down and then looked up devilishly. "And now that I have you here, I want to...teach you some things."

I got flustered again. I mean, yes, he was so sexy. Like ridiculously sexy. But I have never done anything with a guy. In fact, whenever I was at the gym and have the opportunity to stare at a guy in the showers, I would turn the other way and avoid the situation. The thought of being with another guy made me very uneasy, and even though it is all I have ever wanted, now that it might actually happen, I was scared shitless. Obviously, he noticed that I was uneasy. He came over to the chair and knelt down.

"I won't do anything that you don't want me to do. But I do like being in charge. So if you want to do this..." he grabbed my rock hard package, "...then let's do this. If you don't, then you can go."

There was no way in hell I was leaving now. James had me so hot and horny. I needed him. He touched my cock for a brief moment, and it was the most intense feeling of my life. "I... I..." He leaned in and kissed me. He knew he had me. The kiss was deep and incredible and I never wanted it to end.

"You're mine," he whispered as we were kissing, and he bit my lip. It was a playful bite, and it was so erotic. He pulled my shirt off and began kissing my neck. He pulled me out of the chair and threw me on his bed. "Fuck, you are so sexy," he said as he took his shirt off. God damn, he was fit. A perfect six pack with a "v" leading down to his package, which was very noticeable. "Get naked." It wasn't a suggestion. I was naked in seconds. "You have such a nice, little cock." Little? I am quite proud of my cock, which was standing at 8 inches. If this was little, then I was afraid of what was hiding under those pants.

"Put your hands out to the side over your head, and spread your legs wide." Again, not a suggestion. I didn't know what he was doing, but I knew that I wanted to do whatever he had planned for as long as he wanted. He went to his closet and pulled out a box. "Like I said, I like to be in control. So I am going to tie you up and have some fun with you. Is that alright?" FUCKKKKK. I had always fantasized about being tied up, but was always to terrified to ask a girl to do it, because I thought they would have thought I was a creeper.

"Do whatever you want with me," I whispered more than actually said.

"Good answer." He began to tie me spread eagle to the bed. "But I bet you wish you hadn't said that once I'm done with you." With that, he took off his pants so he was totally naked. Oh. Dear. Lord. That was a big dick. Calling it a big dick didn't do it justice. It looked like my arm was coming out of his groin. "You like it?" he asked with that smile again.

"How big is that thing?"

He laughed and said, "It's just over 10 inches. Don't worry, I'm not gonna fuck you with it yet. You definitely have to work up to it. In fact, I'm not going to do anything to your ass right now." He produces a ball gag and put it in my mouth. "Do you know what edging is, Gordon?" I shook my head "No." "Edging is when you get close to orgasm, so close that if you even move an inch you'll cum, but you stop. You don't actually cum." I looked at him, confused. "I am going to play with your cock. I am going to play with it until I want to stop. I am going to edge you until you are a screaming mess, begging me to cum. But you aren't allowed to cum. If you cum without my permission, there will be some very serious consequences." I looked at him scared now. This didn't sound fun to me. I just wanted to give some head and make out, and now this? I shook my head "No" over and over.

"You made the choice to stay. Now, I'm in charge." I pulled at the bindings, but it was no use. I was going to have to take whatever he did to me, and if what I saw in his eyes right before he put the blindfold on me was any indication, this was going to be a long night.

"I am going to start now. You are probably very horny and close to cumming right now, but you aren't allowed to cum. Not until I say you can. Do you understand?" I just lay there motionless, and got a hard slap to my stomach. "I asked you a question." I nodded my head. "Good. Let's begin." He started to work on my cock. His hands were extra slippery and so soft. He had some type of lube that made my cock feel amazing. Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all. "If you are close to cumming, shake your head back and forth," he says. Almost on cue, I felt like I was going to cum, and shook my head. He stopped, saying, "Damn, that was quick." He paused, as if thinking of what to do.

"Alright, you can cum now, and then we will start the edging. This is gonna be no fun if I have to stop this early so quickly." He took my dick and went crazy on it. He sucked it all the way down his throat, then used his mouth and hand at the same time. It was the best blowjob I ever had, and within seconds, I was cumming. I produce a lot of cum, and even though I warned James by shaking my head, it still surprised him. "Holy shit, that's hot. You're going to be a lot of fun." He kept stroking my sensitive cock after I shot, sending tremors through my whole body. "Oh yes, a lot of fun." I was still rock hard, surprisingly. I think it may have been his accent. I have a severe weakness for accents, especially Irish ones.

"Seems like you're ready to start this thing. Well, so am I." He took my still sensitive dick, lubed it up and went to work. He started off normal enough with a regular hand job, but it still felt incredible. You could tell that James has experience doing this. He worked on my cock silently for about 20 minutes when I got the feelings again. I shook my head and he stopped. Even though I knew he would stop, I was still disappointed that he did. I begin to whimper a little as he does not touch my dick for a few minutes. "Don't worry, we aren't done yet. Not by a long shot." He waited a few more minutes until he took my dick again. This time was different. He only used two fingers and went extremely slow, and it was pure torture. I couldn't even tell you how long he worked on me like that, because by 10 minutes in, I was begging him to cum.

"I love it when they beg so soon. That is going to make these next few hours so much fun." HOURS. He couldn't be serious. If I didn't cum in the next 5 minutes, I thought I was going to lose my mind, but he planned on keeping me there for hours? He kept up the incredibly slow pace for what seemed like hours until finally I thought I was going to cum again. I thought about just cumming and not telling him about it, but if this was bad, I couldn't imagine what the punishment was going to be like. I decided to shake my head and tell him I was going to cum, and he immediately stopped. "Good job, my man. You're doing great. I am going to go down stairs for a little while and make sure the party is going alright. Don't go anywhere," he said as he laughed and left the room.

When was this going to end? I had to have been there for hours because I had so much sweat all over me and my need to cum was out of this world. And although this seemed like pure torture, I don't know why I loved it so much. I needed to cum. I needed that sweet relief. But the fact that I had no control over that made me extremely excited and hornier than I have ever been. James gets off on making people wait, and it seems like I could get used to waiting for him. It would be tough and painful, but hopefully, the reward will be incredible.

I lost track of time and barely noticed the door opening and closing again. Finally James had returned. He walked over to me and took the blindfold off of my face, and my heart stopped. It wasn't James. It was Kyle, my freshman year roommate, and another member of this frat. "Gordon, what have you gotten yourself into here?" I begin to pull at the bindings again, but it's no use. Kyle just laughs at me. "Gordon, I kind of figured you were gay, but I didn't think you were into... this," he said as he played with the ropes binding me. "You're gonna be here a while, bud. James has done this before. Not to me, but a good friend of mine said James tied him up and used his cock and ass for 12 hours straight. By the end, he had no voice because he had been screaming so much, begging him to let him cum. Another guy in the frat said he fucked him for about 4 hours without cumming, and made him cum like 20 times. Rumor has it that during his freshman year, James tied his roommate to his bed for a whole week, and didn't let him cum until the week was over. And he only untied him so he could use the bathroom. He made him miss a test because of it, but James gets what he wants. You may be in for a rough night kid." With that, he got up and left. Well then, now I wasn't so much horny as I was terrified. A week? Who ties someone up for a week without letting them cum. This guy is a psychopath, and I needed to get out of here.

Just as I began thinking that, though, James comes back into the room. "Hey, how did you get that blindfold off?" He walks over to me. "I think I'm gonna have to punish you for this." I start to go berserk. I didn't do anything! All I wanted was to get with this hot guy. What the fuck. He put the blindfold back on me. "I'm gonna be with you the rest of the night, Gordon." He began to take the gag out of my mouth. "If you scream, I will never untie you from this bed." I thought he meant it too. The ball was pulled from my mouth and he pour some ice cold water into it. I didn't realize how much I needed that until it happened. Then he kissed my hard. Fuck.

"You have one question. Make it count." I thought about it.

"How long are you going to torture me?" I asked.

"Well, that depends. Do you like what I am doing to you?" I thought again. I honestly did like it. Hell, I loved it. I just nodded. "Hmmm, how much do you like it?"

"I love it," I said quietly. Even though the possibility of a week of torture was on the table, I couldn't lie. This was all so incredibly sexy.

"Love it, huh? Well then..." I hear him walk to his dresser and pull something out. "These are my favorite dice. I use them on all of the... victims," he said with a laugh. "I am going to roll them, and we will see how long you will be here. A two means 2 hours, and a 12 means 12 hours." Fucking fuck. I guess that one friend of Kyle's rolled a 12 when he was tied up. "This way, your fate is up to chance." He throws the dice on my stomach. I realize that he could just say 12 and I would never know if that is what it landed on. Fucking fuck again. "You rolled a 2 and a 4, only 6 hours. You got lucky. If I rolled doubles, I would get to roll again."

He put the dice on the table and got the lube. "I am going to play you like a fiddle, you fucking bitch." Wow, that was the first time he talked dirty to me the whole night, and I loved it. It was even sexier in his Irish accent. I let out a whimper that is mixed with fear and lust, and he notices. "Fuck yea, you're excited huh. You want me to play with your helpless cock. You want me to make you scream. Don't worry, I'll make you beg until you can't fucking see straight anymore." How was the making me even hornier? I should be scared out of my mind, but, somehow, I wanted him to do this to me. I... needed him to do it to me. When the night started, yes, I would have run for the hills if I knew this was going to happen, but this loss of control, this helplessness, was... amazing.

"I am going to jerk you off now, slowly. Even slower than before, so feel free to scream and beg. Its music to my ears," he said as his lubed up fingers started to massage my already sensitive cock very slowly. Fireworks went off all over my body. He was going so slowly that at this rate, it would take me 6 hours to cum, but I would be hanging right on that edge without him giving me that final push over. He works my entire shaft for a long while, then switches to just the head, rubbing it with his palm. This sends me into hysterics. I didn't know you could feel such sensations by just skin on skin contact, but my God. My whole body was going wild. I could hear him quietly laughing, and I could just picture his gorgeous smile plastered on his face the entire time he was working on me. Then, I noticed that although I was in a place between brutal pain and intense pleasure, I was slightly smiling as well. I really did love this. God, what was wrong with me?

After he finished with my head, he went back to my entire shaft, and I started to get that familiar feeling again. It wasn't immediately there, and it would take a while for it to come, but I was close. He went expertly slow, and knew exactly how to keep me on that edge. I was getting closer and closer, but he kept the same pace. I was starting to hump my hips into his hand, but that just made him slow down more and loosen his grip to a mere graze. I was going insane. He did what he set out to accomplish, and I needed now more than ever in my life to blow my load. I was finally at the edge of orgasm, and I began to think of whether or not I was going to tell James or not that I was going to cum. I couldn't even imagine what the consequences would be if I did, considering the torture he had put me through so far. So I quickly decided I would tell him, even though my need to cum was overwhelming. As soon as I shook my head, he stopped. "Good. I thought you were going to give in." I just bucked my hips and begged, pleaded, cried to let me cum. "You still have a few hours left," was all he said.

He then attacked my body with his tongue. He started high on my neck and shoulders, which is one of my weak spots, and spent some quality time licking my ears. Wow, did this feel amazing. It was as though my body was ten times more sensitive after the treatment he had given me. He worked his way down to my nipples, another one of my spots, and really began to work them over. I was writhing against my bonds, with the pleasure I was feeling sending me over the moon. He tortured my tits long and hard, nibbling and sucking on them until they felt raw. He then moved down my chest to my abs and licked up and down my stomach, kissing every indentation. He worked his way down to my "v", which is my most sensitive spot, and once he realized this, he went to town on my hips and groin area. He licked, nibbled, and kissed them for all their worth. James was giving me great pleasure while teasing me at the same time. Again, this guy was a master. He bypassed my cock and licked my balls. I have some large balls, and right now they were ready to explode so I am sure they were even bigger. He sucked on each other them, giving me even more pleasure than I thought imaginable. He licked down my legs to my feet and sucked on each of my toes. I had never had my toes sucked before, but it felt incredible and it was oddly erotic. Every sensation I felt when he was licking my toes, and the rest of my body for that matter, went straight to my cock. It was yearning even more for release after his tongue bath, and he hadn't even touched it in what seemed like hours, but was probably only a few minutes.

He worked his way back up my legs, and played with my balls again. "These are so full, I can't wait to drain every last drop out of your fucking bull balls." I was so horny and ready to cum, but I knew I still had a lot more time before that happened, a fact that was terrifyingly delicious. In a matter of hours, I was already becoming exactly what James wanted... or needed: a submissive slut. I thought about all the times I had sex with girls and all the times I felt so unfulfilled after I had cum. Now, I hadn't even cum yet, and I knew I was exactly where I was meant to be. Just as I was thinking that, I lost all train of thought as James engulfed my entire 8" cock into his mouth. FUCK. He held it in there, massaging it with his throat. It felt so fucking good, I thought I was going to cum right then. He pulled off though and began jerking me off again. He started out quicker than I thought he would, but then slowed to his regular, incredibly slow pace.

He worked on my cock forever. He never sped up once. He was like a machine on my cock. He never got tired. He never stopped and asked if I needed anything. The only break he took was to give me another sip of water, which was greatly appreciated. I asked him again how much longer, and he said, "A few more hours," the same answer he gave before, which seemed like hours ago. I had lost all tack of time. My thoughts were dominated by my need to cum. I could have been there for days, and going off of my urge to blow my load, it felt like I had been there for months. He gagged me again and got back to work on my cock.

A few minutes/hours/days later, I felt my orgasm was cumming. I had to cum. I made up my mind that I was going to cum and just do whatever he wanted me to do. The need was too great and it outweighed the fear I had for the consequences. My balls were tensing up, as was the rest of my body, and I was about to shoot my load, as James said, "Ahh, so you are taking the punishment then... perfect." He started to stroke my cock fast and hard, and I came immediately. I have never cum so hard in my life. The first one hit my gagged mouth and nose, while the second went flying over my shoulder, and I heard it hit the headboard behind me. My body was in a sort of euphoric state as he continued to pump my cock. Every inch of me was feeling pleasure unmatched by anything I have ever felt. I kept cumming and cumming until finally, after my 12th or 13th volley of cum, I stopped, although my orgasm was still going strong. James let go of my cock and let me calm down a bit. It took a good minute or two for me to stop feeling the effects of this incredible orgasm, given to me by this incredible, evil man.

"That was one of the biggest, hottest loads I have ever seen, Gordon. Fuck that was so hot. And to think, you still had 2 more hours left before your 6 hours was up. I can only imagine what that would have looked like. But you decided you wanted to be punished, which will be even more fun..." He took my cock and started to pump it wildly, and my overly sensitive cock felt like it was on fire. I was screaming into my gag, but not a painful scream, but more like a maniacal, laughing scream. He stopped after a while and said, "These next few days are going to be so much fucking fun."


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