Stress Breaker

Helen and Ashley had been doing it for years. They used to keep it quiet, and stay as unnoticed as possible, but now they didn’t care who knew. As a matter of fact, they made sure that everyone knew. Now that life had gotten so crazy, with husbands kids, jobs and pets, it was more necessary than when they were kids. Now they actually needed their time together. This year they had decided their ‘Stress Breaker Getaway Weekend’ should be spent skiing. They cleared the schedules, left volumes of instructions for their poor husbands, kissed the kids and dogs good-bye and headed to Vermont for a long weekend of skiing and nothing but relaxation.

When they were girls, the weekends would be about boys and how much alcohol they could stuff into their bloodstreams. As they grew older, some years got skipped and some included the families. Now that each had children solely in the double-digit age range, it was a time for strict relaxation and total peace. Nothing and no one, short of a death in the family, was allowed to intrude on their weekend. The mountains of New England were a perfect place for such a thing, provided they could manage to keep from breaking a leg.

The ladies arrived early Friday afternoon. Check in went smooth and their a-frame cabin was cozy and secluded. Best of all, it didn’t have a phone. No one could find them here if they tried, and no one was allowed to try. Almost anything could wait seventy-two hours. Helen unpacked and Ashley dove right into a bottle of Zinfandel. She could live out of a suitcase if necessary, but the blood cried for solace, and wine was her favorite solace. By three, Helen had unpacked for both of them and Ashley had downed a whole bottle of Zinfandel. She gladly cracked another for her childhood and lifelong friend. They crashed on the overstuffed couch and sopped up the vino with their livers like New York street bums. Life was a grand place to live. 

Skiing was absolutely terrifying for Ashley. Not only was she hung-over, but also she’d never been before and wasn’t a great fan of danger. Helen had had to push and cajole and threaten her all the way down the mountain on their first run. By the third or fourth, she was starting to get the hang of it. Having gorged at breakfast, just because they could, lunch wasn’t necessary. The exercise of skiing hadn’t required much notice either. Both ladies were a twice a week aerobics student and it wasn’t like they had to walk up the mountain. So who cared? There were lots of cute guys to look at and plenty of opportunity to hide the rigors of childbirth with all that padded winter gear. Life was a beautiful place to live.

Dinner was marvelous. The veal was tender and the lobster succulent. The vino flowed like a mountain spring. The dining room was a grand affair, handsomely decorated and accented with gorgeous flower arrangements that were quite out of season. The air of opulence was dramatic and breathtaking. Ashley couldn’t quite get enough of it, and felt quite free to say so about a million times during dinner. Helen was quieter about it all, but was very pleased to have been the one to pick this place. By the rules of these getaways, that meant she would get to pick again next year. Three in a row was a record. Maybe next year she’d choose something in a beach? She looked down at the huge slab of cow she’d just inhaled, and thought, or maybe a spa? Regardless, life was a remarkable place to live.

Stuffed and tired, both girls went back to their cabin rather than flirt with the boys in the bar. This was about relaxation, not chancing a marriage disaster for a quick piece of ass. At least that’s the way Helen hand finally gotten Ashley to understand it. And besides, she had reasoned, it would be much more comfortable to get out of that dress and those pantyhose and slip into a comfy bathrobe. Three minutes inside the door, that’s exactly what both women did. It wasn’t until they had lit a fire and had glasses of vino in their hand that either noticed the gentle and silent snowfall outside. Life was a lovely place to live.

“I’ve got a surprise for you,” Ashley almost whispered. Helen looked up from her glass with round, drunken eyes. Like a magician making a dove reappear, Ashley made a big show out of her little surprise, slowly sliding the fat joint out of her robe pocket. 

Helen’s face slid into a mask of comic surprise. Such a thing didn’t exist in her world, well these days anyway, and she had thought the same of her friend. But here it was, just begging to be lit, and enjoyed. So of course she said no, she couldn’t possibly. Once Ashley lit and dragged on it, though, Helen reached for it as if out of habit. Meeting adjourned, question tabled. Life just became a more interesting place to live. 

The pot was sweet and the wine was cold and both grown up girls drifted into the abyss with silly grins. Helen had found some soft music and Ashley had added another log to the fire. The relaxation each had craved was in full swing now and both were grabbing it with both hands. It seems, though, that wasn’t all that Helen was grabbing. Without warning, she leaned over and kissed her life long friend full on the mouth. Ashley was quite surprised, but didn’t back away. Something held her there, lips extended, kissing the girl she grew up with. Life had become an extremely interesting place to live indeed.

“I...I’m sorry,” Helen began, as she retreated to the far end of the couch. “I...I don’t know what...” She trailed off, deeply embarrassed and ashamed. 

“It’s okay Helen, I was thinking the same thing....’Gee, this is so romantic’....” Ashley’s voice was quiet and gentle, yet hopeful Helen was about to agree. She reached out her hand to take one of Helen’s, to assure her that everything was okay. 

They both burst out in a fit of nervous giggles. Then Ashley whipped the top of her robe open to flash her nude breasts at Helen. With all seriousness, Helen reopened the robe when Ashley was done and kissed her softly on the nipple. Ashley’s eyes closed and she inhaled sharply. Apparently this wasn’t going to be all fun and games after all. Life was growing into a very sensuous place to live. 

Without further discussion, both ladies retired to the bedroom. Ashley had been sleeping on the sofa bed the night before. By all rights, it was her turn for the king sized bed tonight, but tonight it looked as if she would be sharing it instead of using it solo. Somehow, that didn’t seem to be a problem. She had an arm around Helen’s waist as they strolled toward the other room. Stopping Ashley in the doorway and kissing her deep and hard, was just a bit too tempting to pass up. A shudder trailed down her spine when Helen sucked on the tongue Ashley had slipped into her mouth. Life was an increasingly erotic place to live. 

They tumbled on the bed, all excited and each desperate to strip the other nude. Ashley had never considered another women as a serious thought before, but it was plain that Helen had. Silently, she resolved never to ask Helen if she was the first. It was thrilling to think that each was losing her virginity to the other this night, and that was enough. Soft, pudgy skin rubbed on soft pudgy skin. Sensual and practiced lips found acres of uncharted territory to explore and inquiring minds found volumes of undiscovered facts to ponder. Life was becoming an informative place to live. 

They had settled down to a reclining position on the bed, with Ashley taking an aggressive and exploratory role. Soon though, she sat bolt upright and sprang from the bed. That’s it; Helen thought at once, I’ve just spiked a lifelong friendship. Tears instantly rolled out of her eyes. A minute later, when Ashley returned and saw her brand new lover crying, she thought the exact same thing, and tears sprang from her eyes too. Life, well, life was merely life again.

“Second thoughts?” Ashley finally managed. 

“No, no of course not. But you did… right?” Helen stammered.

Ashley grew suddenly puzzled. “I thought you...”

“No. You ran out of here...”

“I went to get these, stupid.” Ashley held up a half empty wine bottle and a towel. Helen’s eyes grew wide, once she figured out their purpose. With a shy, teary smile, she slowly spread her legs wide for her best friend. Ashley poured the sacred vino on Helen’s already wet pussy and settled in for dessert. Life was a delicious place to live.

Soon the bottle was empty and both girls had muscles of Jell-O. Panting like a sled dog and gasping for air, Ashley did the only thing that made sense. She lit up another joint. Thankfully, Helen was in the mood for a break too. 

“Jesus, Helen,” Ashley said with a lung full of smoke. “Where were you when I couldn’t get a date?” She burst out laughing while trying to exhale, creating a coughing fit that gets most people her age sent for a biopsy. 

“Oh shut the fuck up, you slut,” Helen retorted with a light slap on the arm. “I didn’t want you using me the way you used all those guys you were ‘so in love’ with.” Both girls fell into that stoned giggle fit you’ve heard of. 

Ashley turned serious. “Hey, lover girl,” she whispered in a sultry tone. “Why don’t you bring that bottle over here?” She spread wide again and gently peeled her swollen pussy lips open as an invitation. “I could use something stiff in here right about now, and I didn’t bring my usual ‘mother’s helper’.” It still made her giggle every time. We never really grow up all the way.  

Helen looked shy and slightly embarrassed, but she indeed did tease her friend’s opening with the rigid glass neck. Soon she had Ashley wrapped in a mind ripping multiple orgasm that took a good two minutes to subside. She took her own pounding doggie style and bit the pillow so hard it tore in her mouth. Exhausted, both women collapsed on each other and slept, wrapped in the other’s arms, sideways on the enormous bed. Life was an exquisite place to live.

The following morning found two tittering schoolgirls at play in bed. Outside a surprise blizzard had dumped close to a foot of snow on the ground at the lower elevations, more up here. Nothing was going to move for hours or days they both hoped, while the authorities dug everything out. Ashley unmercifully tickled the poor, naked Helen to near death, and bed-wetting, before finally relenting. “Last one in the shower is a dirty whore,” she challenged right in Helen’s face.

“Oh yeah?” she shot back. “First one there has to eat it.” They almost killed each other trying to get to the shower. With a brand new lover and an affair, life was going to be a much busier place to live in, now, but much more worth it. Next year maybe we could pull off a whole week … Maybe two? You know, one for each? 

The end…



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