I had noticed the guy who sweeps the streets near my house two times a week. He seemed to be around thirty years old skinny to the point that he basket was always pronounced when talking with him. Through the weeks of making it a point to speak to him when I heard the distinct sound of his broom, I found out with my adept questioning that his name was Elio and that he was married with two kids. I asked him what he made sweeping the streets and he told me 200,000 mil pesos every fifteen days which works out to be around two hundred dollars American per month. I asked how he managed to live on such a minimal salary and he told me that sometimes he was able to earn money on the side. I asked doing what and he point blank told me that he had a huge dick and the women and some men in the neighborhood would pay him to have sex.  

   I said a person had to use whatever assets they had to survive and that I applauded him for having such an open mind to have sex with whom the opportunity arose. As I told him this he caught me staring at the outline of his cock beneath the denim fabric of his jeans. Elio made no qualms in asking me whether I was interested in sucking his cock and if I did it would cost me 50,000 mil which is a small amount of money to me but to him it meant being able to buy food or help pay the rent. I asked him when and he said what better time than the present since he hadn´t had his balls emptied in a week since his wife was away visiting her family. I agreed since I could think of nothing more pleasureable than feeding on his huge load of thick man cream.

   I invited him in for a drink of water with the ulterior intent to suck him off. As I closed the door behind him, I watched intently how he immediately unzipped his fly and brought  his cock into view. He was of course uncut like most Colombian men and he cock was at least eight inches fat still in its soft state. It was surrounding by a thick bush of brown pubic hairs. I asked him to take his balls out and was astonished by their size. I said Elio ¨with balls that size you must shoot a big load.¨He smiled and said ¨you can only find out by sucking me off.¨I could see Elio´s cock getting hard and dropped to my knees wanting his cock to grow inside my mouth. When he felt my lips surround his meat he moaned and said I had a nice hot  mouth. In the beginning I could swallow him to his balls and after a few minutes it was impossible. I could taste the heavy flavor of his precum mixed with a urine taste which had begun to flow from his cockslit. I withdrew my lips from his engorged member and said I wanted to taste his balls.

   I told him it would be more enjoyable for him and I to go upstairs to my bedroom just in case my roomate showed up. Elio mentioned my roomate asking whether my roomate was the young black guy. I said yes and was curious whether he knew him personally. Elio said more than personally, intimately. This statement intrigued my curiousity so I asked whether he fucked my roomate. Elio said more than once while I was away in the states. Elio said my roomate had such a nice ass that he did it for free. I said really... knowing my roomate surely had gotten into Elio´s pants. I was sure since my roomate didn´t miss checking out the baskets of men and boys and always ready to get his ass fucked by them.

Elio said that my roomate had such a hot ass that while he was fucking him the rubber had broke since his cock was so big. He said that he needed another rubber but my roomate said to fuck him bareback since he wanted Elio´s cum to fill his ass. Elio said when he took my cum alot of it came leaking out of his hole.

   Elio and I went upstairs and I told him to sit on the edge of the bed. He brought his jeans to just below his knees and demanded to lick his balls some more. As I lathered each one removing all the remnants of their sweaty salty taste. I explored just below seeking out his hairy hole. As I touched it with my spearing tongue he moaned with pleasure and started to jerk off as I was eating his ass. Elio said he had never had anyone woman or man do that to him before. As I continued to lubricate his virgin hole with my saliva I entered his hole with a finger to see what his reponse would be. He evidently like it because he continued to fist his cock. I could see the drool of his precum and the wet sound it made when his foreskin  covered his cock head. I kept my finger lodged within his ass as I went along each side of his balls licking their sweaty crevices. I used my finger to stimulate his prostate as I made my way to his slimy cockhead. Elio ´s cock had grown to around ten inches in length by this time. I engulfed his swollen cockhead being rewarded with a fresh spurt of precum. I could only manage to swallow around five inches of his shaft and wanted somehow to take his cock to his balls. I told him to stand up and I would lay on the bed with my head draped over the side to be able to take his whole cock. I told him to fuck my mouth like he had fucked my roomate ´s ass.

   Elio  stood up  as I prepared myself  telling him to take off his jeans so he would be more comfortable and less restricted as he was feeding me his cock. Elio obliged wanting nothing more than to face fuck me and sink his huge cock down my throat. When I was ready he brought his cock to my open mouth and sank its length to his hairy sperm bloated balls. Elio started to fuck my mouth with abandonment wanting nothing more to deposit his semen within my sucking  mouth. I loved taking a guy´s cock this way because at the end of the thrust my nose would be buried in the wrinkled scrotum  flesh of his hairy  balls. I could feel his legs start to temble and shake knowing I would be satiated soon with his load.

  All of a sudden there was a knock at my door and it quickly opened . It was my roomate who smiled at both of us and asked whether he could join in on the fun. I said sure since he knew Elio so well. I told my roomate I wanted to see Elio fuck him. I went to the closet for a condom telling Elio when he was ready to come to take it off and fill my mouth. My roomate had stripped naked by this time lubricateing his hole with some vaseline. He straddled my head  with his anxious  cock close to my lips. I enveloped his black cock and watched as Elio brought his cockhead to my roomate´s rosebud. I watched intently as his hole reliquished to the pressure of Elio cock. I watched as it sank all the way to his balls striking my roomate asschheeks. Elio began a rhythmic  thrusting of his pelvis  making my roomate squeal with both pleasure and pain. Each thrust of Elio sent my roomate´s cock into my gullet . It was so hot to watch I told my roomate to take my cock out and jerk me off. Elio during his thrusting began to murmer saying ¨he loved fucking my roomate´s tight ass.¨ Elio began to gasp letting me know it wouldn´t be long. I told him to make my roomate cum first and he continued to pound his ass. I soon was rewarded with the thick spunk from my roomate´s balls with him shouting that he was ¨coming coming so good.¨When the pulsations of his cock stopped I removed my head and waited for Elio´s hot load. My roomate continued to jerk me off increasing in the tiempo until I was unloading my balls. And Elio with one last thrust withdrew his cock and ripped off the rubber seeking out my open mouth below. As it entered I could taste the first spurt  his peppery strong. The only sound from Elio was a gasp of pleasure each time I swallowed a mouthful of his cum,waiting for the next.

   Elio started to thrust his spurting cock into my mouth sendind it down my throat while his cum continously flowed from his cock. He indeed was shooting a week ´s load of come emptying his balls. Each time I could see his balls separate letting me know another spurt was coming. Elio´s cock pulsated along the bottom diameter of his shaft. I could actually see the cum pulsating in its tube as it left his balls. After the cum subsided I felt Elio withdraw his spent member keeping the head within my lips jacking his shaft off to make sure I had his entire load. When all three of us regained our composure I paid Elio as he was pulling up his jeans . I gave him an extra 25 mil pesos since he did both of us. He said thanks and if wanted more servicing of his cock to only ask.  





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