I'm Rex Bennet. I am twenty-eight years old, stand six-foot four, and weigh right at two twenty. It is nearly all muscle as I work out three times a week. I need to keep in shape for my job. I am a street patrol officer with the Coal Valley, Virginia Police Department. Yes, I'm a cop. I'm also gay, although I'm still in the closet for the most part, especially at work.

I work the graveyard shift which is from ten at night until six the next morning. The graveyard shift always has two officers together on a patrol. My former partner, Jim, was the senior officer in our car when he retired. That moved me to senior officer status and I was due to get a new partner. Enough of the background to this story.

At the first roll call after Jim retired, I noticed a new face in the squad room. I could see hm looking around at the offucers entering the room and after a moment, our eyes met. Although it was brief glance, I felt an electrical shock run through my body.

After roll call, the shift Captain called me to the front where the new officer stood close by.

'Rex Bennet, meet Greg McLean, your new partner,' he said.

I shook hands with him as he said, 'Nice to meet you Rex. Everyone just calls me 'Mac'.

'Welcome aboard Mac,' I replied noticing that he held my hand a little longer than necessary.

'Rex, it's up to you to show him the ropes out there. He's only been out of the acadamy for three months.'

'He'll do fine, I'm sure,' I told the captain. Then turning to Mac asked, 'You ready to hit it?'

'Let's get rolling,' he replied with a smile.

As we walked out to our patrol car, I began to size him up. He was close to six foot in height and I judged his weight to be close to one ninety. He was also fairly well built with jet black hair and bright blue eyes. Showing just above the neck of his tee shirt was a tuft of black hair whech led me to believe that he was hairy chested.

While driving to our area, I found out more about him. He was just twenty-two and was single. He said that he didn't have time for girlfriends. He didn't elaborate on why.

We found that we both enjoyed watching baseball and football and both enjoyed camping in secluded spots where we could be totally alone.

Mac picked up the routine quickly and we became close friends as well as working partners. We found that we both thought alike and when we'd make a call, we each knew what the other was thinking without saying a word. On one call, I wanted him to go around to the back in case the guy ran that way and when I looked at Mac to tell him he just motioned that he was going around to the back.

After a while, as we became better friends, our conversations became more personal. On patrol one night, he looked over at me and said, 'May I ask you a question?'

'Sure. Anything,' I replied.

'You've never mentioned where you live. Do you live here in town?'

'Not on your life. I used to live with my grandfather here in town, but when he passed away I was his sole heir. He left me with two hundred acres of land, the house here in town and a nice amount in the bank. I had no idea he was as well off as he was. I cleared about four acres in the middle of the property and built a house and moved into it. I now rent out the house here in town.'

'Damn, you all alone out there?'

'Yep. The house is right in the middle. The outer part of the property is heavily wooded with trees and brush blocking out any view of the house. Outside of the four acres where the house sits is pasture land. I have a few horses and they take up a lot of my time.'

'No neighbors, huh?'

'None. And what neighbors I have cannot see the house at all. I have total privacy.'

'Man, what I wouldn't give for a place like that,' he answered.

'You'll have to come out for dinner one night and see it.'

'I'd love to.'

We answered a disturbance call and arrested the husband for domestic violence. Once back on patrol, Mac looked at me and said, 'Rex, I don't mean to sound mushy or anything but we've become good friends and I look at you as the older brother I never had. I hope you don't mind.'

'Not at all but did you have to add the older to that statement?' I asked with a laugh.

'Sorry about that,' he said with a smile.

'Mac, I kind of look at you the same way. We are a lot alike and have so much in common and enjoy the same things.'

'I know. That is what has made me feel the way I do. It's like we think alike like brothjers usually do.'

'I know,' I replied.

'And brothers can discuss anything right and keep it just between them, right?'

'Hell yea,' I answered, wondering where he was going with the conversation.

'So, whatever we discuss is kept just between us, right?'

'Fuck yea. What we discuss on patrol or anytime we're together is no one elses business. I keep private conversations to myself. Why?'

'Well, it's kind of personal but I was wondering something. Neither of us have girlfriends.'

'Right,' I broke in, wondering what he was thinking.

'Well, between work, working out, and studying the violation codes, I don't get out much and i get horny as hell. Does that ever happen to you?'

'Hell yea. All the time.'

'What do you do about it?'

'What do you think I do about it? What would most men do about it?'

'Probably the same thing I do. I have regular dates with 'Rosey Palm' and her sisters.'

'Bingo,' I said. I date them almost every day,' I replied smiling, then added, 'Any guy that says he doesn't is a fucking liar.'

'Very true,' he answered. 'I just wanted to make sure I wasn't out of the ordinary.'

'Don't worry, you're not. My last partner sometimes wondered why I was in the restroom so long when we took a break.'

'You'd jerk on patrol?'

'Not while out like this, although sometimes I wanted to, but when we took breaks, I did in the restroom. I have a hunch that you're doing the same.'

'Guilty as charged,' Mac replied with a smile.

The conversation quieted down and later he said, :Since we're talking openly, I like to go camping in secluded spots with no one else around so that I can go nude. I guess I'm a nudist at heart.'

'Well, if you are then so am I. I do the same when camping. Do it at home also.'


'Yep,' I replied.

Nothing more was said about anything sexual, but I was more convinced that he was gay also.

Mac and I worked Sunday night through Thursday night with Friday and Saturday nights off. A couple of weeks after our conversations, I decided to ask him over for dinner. That Friday morning as we headed back to our district headquarters, I asked, 'Mac, you got any plans for tonight?'

'Nope, why?'

'There is a baseball game on tonight. I was wondering if you wanted to come out, see my place and have dinner?'

'Hell, yea. I'd like that. What time?'

'I'll be up by four so anytime after that will be fine. Dress comfortable. It damned sure ain't no formal affair.'

'Man, what grammer!' he said with a laugh.

'Hey, I can use proper grammer when I want to,' I told him with a laugh.

After checking back in, we headed for our vehicles and I gave him directions to my place.

'The gate is electric and it has a control box. Press the call button and I'll open the gate.'

'Got it. See you later.'

I headed home and before going to bed took a couple of steaks out of the freezer to thaw. I awoke at half past three and started coffee. When it was ready, I poured a cup and walked out onto back deck, nude. At a few minutes after four I heard the buzzer from the gate.

'Mac?' I said.


'Okay, hold on.'

I pressed the control button to open the gate then went to my bedroom and put on only a pair of baggy shorts. A couple of minutes later, there was a knock at the door.

I answered and he looked at me and laughed. 'I see what you mean about it not being formal.'

'Come on in, smart ass. Make yourself at home.'

Mac also had on shorts and a snug tank top. I had been right. The tank top revealed much more of his muscular chest and the black hair that covered it. Little did he know that hairy chest really turned me on. As did hairy asses.

I offered him coffee which he accepted then showed him around. We took our coffee out to the deck before walking to the barn. On the way back he smiled and looked all around then said, 'Fuck, if I lived out here, I'd stay nude all the time. This place is great.' I ignored his nude statement. at least for now.

'Thanks. I like the solitude out here. It's not uncommon to have deer come right up in the yard close to sunset. I put out feed for them and they now expect it.'

When we returned to the deck he asked if I minded if he got comfortable. I told him to help himself. He kicked off his shoes and removed his tank top. I couldn't help but gaze at his chest. He had well developed biceps and pecs and instead of six-pack abs he had an eight-pack, all of which was covered with thick black hair.

'Kind of furry there aren't you?' I said.

'Yea. I get it from my dad. At least my back isn't covered with hair like his was. He really looked like a bear he had so much.'

'Well, I think it makes a guy look more masculine. I wish I had some to show,' I said.

As I prepared the steaks, Mac made a salad. The potatoes were in the oven and almost ready. We each grabbed a beer and headed out to the deck. I fired up the gas grille and soon the steaks were sizzeling. After we ate, Mac helped with the clean up before grabbing each of us another beer out of the fridge.

I had an extra TV on a cart and rolled it out onto the deck and connected the wire to the cable outlet. After plugging it in, I tuned in the ball game. We sat in lounges side by side. There were small drink tables on the outside of each lounge.

As we started to sit down I decided to go for it. I looked at Mac and said, 'If you want to watch the game 'au naturale' be my guest. I think I will.'

'He smiled as he watched me unbutton and unzip my shorts. When they fell to the floor, he did the same.

We looked each other over before sitting down. As I looked at his thick eight inch soft uncut cock, my mouth watered. We sat down and watched the game, each consuming a few more beers. I knew that if he didn't leave soon, I was going to jump his ass and begin eating both it and his cock.

I stood and yawned and said that it had been a great evening and that we'd have to do it again. He said that he'd like that and that he hadn't been so relaxed in ages. He dressed and I saw him to the door. As he drove off, I stood on the proch and began stroking my cock. If he could see me in his rearview mirror, I didn't care.

On Sunday night as we began another week on patrol, I asked if he'd like to go camping the following weekend.

'Fuck yea. Do you know a good place?'

'Sure do. We can either saddle up a couple of horses and go out to the pond on my property or go to a friends property. There is a great view of the mountains there and I go there most of the time.'

'That sounds great to me, but all I have is a sleeping bag. When I go camping I usually rent my equipment.'

'Don't worry about anything. I have everything we need, including the sleeping bags.'

We agreed the the following weekend was a camping weekend. He asked about the friend's property and I told him that it was private and secluded and that I had a key to the gate.

During the week, I suggested that he bring his personal items with him to work Thursday night and follow me home. 'We can get some shut eye then head out from there,' I said.

'Sounds like a plan,' he replied.

Friday morning arrived and he followed me to the house. we entered and I said that I'd need to get some sheets for one of the extra beds.

'Don't worry about that. Just give me a blanket and I'll crash on the sofa.'

'Okay, or if you want, I have a king bed and you can use the half that I don't use.'

'You sure you don't mind sharing?'

'If I did, I wouldn't have offered.'

He smiled and we walked to the bedroom and both removed our uniforms. I didn't stop when I got to my underwear. I removed them also.

'I sleep this way and it's not like we haven't seen each other nude before.'

'I sleep the same way.' He stripped off his briefs.

As we pulled the covers back I looked at him and said, 'And I only wear underwear when at work. All the rest of the time I'm commando.'

'I can't believe how much alike we are. I go commando also.'

We climbed into bed and actually got closer to each other than necessary. We could feel each other's body heat. It was turning me on, but soon we were both asleep.

We awoke shortly after noon, loaded my truck and headed out. After two hours, we arrived at a small one lane side road and I turned off the highway. A hundred yards in I stopped and gave him the key to the gate and said to lock it after I pulled through. He unlocked the gate and I drove farther in than necessary. As he closed and locked the gate, I quickly stripped off my shirt and shorts. When he got back in, I was completely nude except for my hiking boots.

He began laughing and said, 'damn, you're fast. I assume this weekend is a nude weekend?'

'It is for me. I don't know about you.' He smiled and stripped down to his sneakers.

Another two miles and we arrived at the campsite on the edge of a crystal clear spring fed lake with mountains rising on the othr side.

'Oh, fuck!' he exclaimed when he saw the view. This is beautiful.'

We unloaded and set up camp then collected firewood. After opening a beer, I took off my boots and said that I was going for a swim. He said that he'd join me. 'Be prepared. It's cold.'

We both took off running across the grass and dove in. It was frigid, but we soon became accustomed to it. we began splashing each other and wrestling.

As we grabbed at each other, we each brushed across the other's hard cock. I got him in a hold and our bodies were facing and against each other. Our hard cocks were pressed against each other's stomachs. We froze, stareing into each other's eyes. There was a definate connection between us. Time stood still.

TO BE CONTINUED...........





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