It was noon when the guard came to Tristan's cell door. He peered through the bars and could barely make out through the dim light the bare skin of the inmate's toned and filthy back, and the flimsy scraps he wore as shorts, barely covering his juicy ass. With a sneer at the half naked boy, he barked "Your time is up, thief." He carefully eyed the boy's filthy but trim torso, now covered in bruises and cuts that the guard himself gave him and smiled. Motioning to the boy's wounds, the guard said with a laugh "That'll teach you not to steal any bread again, won't it, criminal?"

Tristan turned over in his cot to face the guard and saw the pained hunger in his eyes. "Oh, but do you really want me to go, jailer?" He cooed coyfully. Tristan leaned his body on his elbows, and began slowly humping his cot. He pushed the threadbare fabric of his shorts down and turned his firm ass towards the cell door, teasing the guard. "Aren't you going to miss all this, big boy?"

The guard stared wide eyed at this display, but quickly regained his composure (although his hard dick digging into the folds of his uniform would tell you otherwise). "THAT'LL BE ENOUGH OF THAT, BOY. NOW PUT YOUR SHORTS BACK ON AND FACE THE WALL. I'M COMING IN TO CUFF YOU."

Tristan laughed at the man's beet red face, but did as he was told. He was definitely not a fan of prison life and wanted out of here as soon as possible. He missed being able to look outside. He missed good food and warm beds and the taste of men on his tongue. But mostly he missed the hearty sound of wealthy merchant ships and scallywags docking into port and the scuffle of drunken brawls among the sailors. The scent of fish being pulled out of their nets always filled him with joy. And the sight of the big, mysterious mistress, the sea, always ballooned in his heart a desire so passionate, no other means could fill it. With a few more scraps of money he'd buy his way onto one of those ships, and he'd be able to fill that desire at long last.

When the guard finished fumbling with his keys and the rusty door screeched open, he lumbered over to Tristan and brought out a pair of heavy iron cuffs with a huge chain linking the two together. He strapped Tristan's hands in the two cuffs and pulled on the chain, forcing Tristan to stumble back into the guard's chest.

"The next time I see you in here, boy" the guard hissed in his ear, "your back isn't going to be the only thing that's sore. You better watch your ass."

Tristan scooted his ass against the guard's straining crotch and said huskily, "Is that a promise, big boy?"

The guard let out an angry sigh and forcefully pushed Tristan out of the cell into the dim hallway. Whoops and hollers from the other inmates echoed along the passageway. Catcalls and "KEEP ME SOME COMPANY, KID" followed the pair the whole way down the corridor until the guard took out his staff and beat the prisoners through their bars. "ENOUGH OF THAT! Now, here you are, boy. Here's what you came in here with."

The guard uncuffed Tristan and tossed him a little bundle, which had his orange tunic, green pants, shoes, satchel, and his-


The guard grinned. "Oh, well, since you are, after all, a filthy little thief, it was agreed by the warden that you must have stolen that money, too, so we took it upon ourselves to confiscate it." He let out a hearty chuckle that made the fat folds of his face shake. "Now run along before I throw you back in the cell." And with that, he opened the prison door and tossed Tristan, still half naked, into the bustling city street. Then he slammed the door.

Fuming about his missing money, Tristan quickly scrabbled to put his clothes back on. However, the sun shining down on his skin and warming his sore body rose his spirits. He's figure out a way to get more money later. But for now, TIME TO ENJOY FREEDOM.

Once fully clothed, he strutted down the cobbled streets of town towards the merchant district, which was situated right next to the docks. He wanted to see what ships had docked and departed in his absence. Maybe some of the sailors needed someone to spy on a lover they had left, wanting to make sure she remained faithful. Maybe they would pay for some town gossip, or needed their shoes to be shined, or just needed to fuck something. Tristan would happily oblige to any needs the sailors might have.

But once he made his way passed a huge crowd of women hovering around the fabric merchant who had just brought in some new dresses from China, Tristan saw that only one ship was docked, and it was one he had never seen before.

It was big, with masts as tall as trees. The ship was painted a cherry red color, and there seemed to be barrels of food and mead on board. A bright blue flag with a picture of a fit, naked man running was waving in the wind. And in big gold letters on the side of the ship was written THE SODOMITE.

Tristan had never seen a ship like this before, and the crew was just as different. Not unusually, it seemed to be made up completely of men, but what made them different was the fact that they were all wearing next to nothing. There was a crew member covered in tattoos running up the masts to the crow's nest wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. Another man at the helm with arms like a gorilla and a face carved by angels was laughing at a couple of seagulls fighting for a fish in the air. And he was Naked! Completely naked, and letting his large member swing low and free. He had a tattoo following the grooves of his hip muscles of two mermaids kissing his cock. He had an earring in one ear, and had his vibrant yellow hair pulled back in a pony tail. A giant of a man, who was completely bald but had a scruffy black beard, came from below decks and slapped the ass of the blond helmsmen. He was even more muscular and his chest had a thick layer of black curly hair. He was covered up in a thin piece of blue fabric tied around his waist, but it was completely transparent. Even from far away, Tristan could make out a long, thick snake surrounded by more dark, curly hairs.

Completely in awe by the specimens of this crew, Tristan walked towards THE SODOMITE with his breath held. Hearing his footsteps, the man with the blond hair and gorilla arms hopped onto the edge of the ship and peered down at Tristan, inspecting him.

"Well, hello there, little man! What is a fine young philly like you doing down here on the docks" He glared right into Tristan's eyes and adjusted his massive dick to hang over the edge of the ship, squatting so it stuck out even more obviously.

Tristan kept eye contact with the sailor as he leaned forward on an empty barrel on the dock. "I came here to see the ships that had docked. Just wondering if there was anything worth while. You know, any interesting visitors with any... interesting requests they'd be willing to pay me for." Tristan bent over the barrel, sticking his ass out in the air and rested his head on his hand. "Do you know any sailors who need anything?"

The man with the ponytail laughed like a little boy and shook his head. He rubbed his dick before saying "Aren't you a slick little fucker. Bahaha, yeah, this here crew could sure use some help with some odd jobs. And," he narrowed his eyes and gave Tristan a once over "you might be just what the Captain and our special guest have been looking for with a very... big problem they've been having."

The thong wearing sailor with all the tattoos who was perched in the crow's nest shouted down "HE'S HOT. HIRE HIM NOW, WERKOWSKY! HIRE HIM NOWWW!"

Werkowsky laughed and yelled back "NO WORRIES, THUMBS! THIS LITTLE GUY IS COMING WITH US. That is" he said quietly to Tristan "if you want to and all."

Tristan's heart leapt! FINALLY! He was going to be able to join a crew. An actual crew! And journey the open seas himself! And it looked like it didn't matter that his money got stolen by that asshole prison guard! They weren't charging him for the ride! And it sounded like what he was being charged with was just the kind of compensation Tristan mastered in and enjoyed anyways, so who was he to turn down this golden opportunity! Plus, these guys were hot! And if the rest of the crew and the Captain and his special guest were anything like the three he had already seen, then this trip was definitely going to be worth it!

"I'm in!" Tristan said through a smile. Werkowsky seemed giddy beyond belief and hopped down next to Tristan and began roughly shaking his hand.

"Weeeeell, welcome aboard THE SODOMITE, you little tiger! Whoo-Ee! It's a pleasure to have you! A pleasure! My name is David Werkerfield, but everyone on this here ship calls me Werkowsky. That tattooed guy way up there in the sky is Thumbs." Werkowsky led him up on the ramp and onto the main deck of the ship. Then dropped into a whisper. "We call him that because he likes being fisted. But one time this ole scallywag went too far, and Thumbs there, pulled his arm out of his asshole and cut off the guy's thumbs. Apparently he keeps doing that to anyone who pisses him off. Loops the thumbs on a little chain and uses them as anal beads. And this big fella" He boomed while motioning to the hairy pirate with the see through cloth, "Is Goliath. Being named David and all, we hit it off right away. Although I would never try to take ole Goliath down. He just takes what he wants!"

Tristan eyed the giant carefully. "You always get what you want?"

Goliath looked Tristan up and down, bit his lip and said "Always."

"Good to know. Just let me know if you see anything you want."

"Oh, I won't need to tell ya. When I want it, I'll just take it." Goliath gruffly left Tristan with Werkowsky, who whistled low.

"Damn, kid. You really are a little tiger, aren't you? Well, let's continue with the tour. Obviously, right now we're on the main deck. This is where we meet every morning to await the Captain's orders. And up these stairs is the main helm, of course. That's where I work. That door between the two staircases is the cabin's quarters, which I am SURE you will get acquainted with. Wink wink, little fella. And then below decks we got our brig, the cook's quarters where I'll take you next. And then of course where all your common sailors bunk. Come on!"

And with that, Tristan was led below decks by the sweet and hunky helmsmen.


Tristan had a long evening of meeting the rest of the crew. There was the cook named Lucky (a sexy Irishman with red hair and the apparent ability to bring luck to his friends. But the crew calls him Lucky because he has the biggest dick they have ever seen). There was the dark and brooding navigator Miguel. He had long black hair, a trim frame, a long olive skinned body, and gold bands along his arms. He was also naked and had a beautiful dick that made Tristan salivate. Miguel kept his distance from Tristan the whole night, deciding to sit behind the loud storytelling Lucky and next to Goliath. But the entire night, Miguel's turquoise eyes would find Tristan's gray ones, and a desire filled Miguel before he would look away.

There were two brothers, Chance and Marco, who manned the masts and the cannons. They were hulking and loud, but were the only ones who wore shorts. Though nothing else. There was a medicine man who everyone called Priest who had a very kind face and gave Tristan seconds on dinner. He and Werkowsky sat very close to each other, and Priest played with Werkowsky's blond hair and would sometimes let his hand graze his mermaid tattoo and his cock, so Tristan figured they were a couple.

After spending hours talking and drinking and laughing, a creaking sound from above the cook's quarters abruptly left the crew silent. Tristan was nervous. If only moments ago, the crew was happy and buoyant, what could cause them to look so scared. They all stood up once footsteps were heard making their way down steps. Tristan followed suit and got on his feet beside Lucky, who gave him a look of anticipation.

After what seemed like ages, the footsteps finally gave form to a person. A man. And when he entered the cabin, his shadow fell on all the sailors, and Tristan gulped.

This man was larger than Goliath, with two incredibly powerful looking arms covered in veins and tattoos and a thick carpet of brown fur. His chest was just as big and hairy, but covered in scars. His nipples were pierced, and his abs were hard and powerful looking. His legs were monsters. So meaty and dense, but not as meaty and dense as his dick, hanging like a giant, ripe banana. His face was weathered and manly. He had a Captain's cap perched jauntily on his head, covering his short brown hair. His blue eyes glittered with a kindness, but also with a steel. He was smoking a large pipe, and the smoke that issued from it filled the whole cabin. All the men held their breath and tried not to cough, but Tristan wasn't ready, so he hacked as his eyes were burning.

The Captain snapped his attention towards Tristan.

"WHO THE HELL IS THIS? A STOWAWAY? DO WE ALLOW STOWAYS ON THIS SHIP? FIRST MATE!" Goliath, who Tristan realized must be his first mate, came forward and said "No sir, stowaways are not to be tolerated sir. But this here lad ain't no stowaway. We saw him this morning on the docks and recruited him. He looked like he could be..." Goliath once again eyed Tristan up and down. "Useful."

The Captain looked at Goliath carefully with a very stern expression. Then he walked passed his first mate and stopped right in front of Tristan. He was so intimidating. This big broad man was leaving Tristan completely in shadow, and his enormous dick was touching the fabric of his tunic.

The Captain took his pipe out of his mouth. "Yes, you do seem like you could be useful, but NO CLOTHES ALLOWED ON MY SHIP. STRIP IMMEDIATELY."

Tristan was shocked a little to hear such a drastic change in tone, but did as he was told very quickly. He would have liked to have stripped a little bit more sexily, but when he was done and presented his naked form to the Captain, both him and all the crew seemed impressed. Even Miguel.

"Now, that's better." The Captain hit Tristan on the shoulder in a friendly manner before getting stern again. "Now, I believe you have been acquainted enough with the crew, so please follow me." And with that, the big captain turned around and marched back up the stairs to the deck. Tristan noticed his perfectly taught ass as he left. The crew looked at Tristan, and it was Werkowsky who said "Don't worry, tiger. He may seem rough, but he's a good guy."

"Yeah!" Lucky chimed in. "A real swell guy! There's nothing to worry about. And we'll be right here waiting for you when you come back." The crew all exchanged a nervous look with each other before Goliath stepped forward and pushed Tristan towards the steps without saying a word.

Tristan wasn't nervous. Quite the contrary, he had never remembered being so horny and excited in all his life. It wasn't until he was on deck that he realized they weren't on the dock any more. When could this have happened? He was with the crew all night! How were they able to depart without him feeling anything? Tristan was still trying to figure it out when the Captain's door shot open and interrupted his thoughts. Out came the Captain with his beefy arms crossed. "Well, are you coming, boy, or ain't ya?"

Tristan's asshole quivered. "Y-yes sir. I'm coming." Tristan walked towards the Captain, who motioned towards the inside of the cabin, then closed the door.

Tristan was amazed. The cabin was blazing with candles, and had silks and paintings and sculptures and jewels littered around it. The centerpiece of the room was a giant bed covered in layers of blankets and sheets. And right in the middle of it was a very dignified looking man. He was wearing a uniform of the army, and had medallions pinned to his lapels. He had a very fine moustache and a monocle was hanging from his eyes. The man was sitting on the edge of the bed and wasn't wearing any pants! His dick was at attention, and it gave a little leak as soon as he saw Tristan and the Captain enter the quarters.

"Oh, he will do nicely, Abel. Won't he?" The military chap said. He began slowly fisting his dick. "Come here, boy. I believe I heard you tell the crew that you were willing to help, so be a good lad and help the two of us out, hmmm?"

The Captain, put a finger between Tristan's ass and pushed into his hole. Tristan let out a little gasp. "Yessir. Yessir. I'll help the two of you out as best I can." The Captain pushed deeper in and out of him roughly, but then Tristan felt something so gentle brush his wounded back. The Captain was kissing his wounds so tenderly while finger fucking him. Then he stopped kissing him and guided him closer and closer towards the bed. As he got to the man in the bed, the military captain reached out and began stroking Tristan's now hard dick.

"Good boy." He then removed his jacket, showing off an impressive and completely hairless body. He took a hold of Tristan's hands, and guided them to touch the military captain's chest. Tristan, filled with lust, then grabbed the back of the man's head and they kissed, still roving over the smooth body with his hands. He now rubbed his dick against the man's shoulders, while the Captain continued to finger Tristan deeper and deeper. He moaned into the man's mouth as they kissed longer and longer. Then Tristan broke free of the kiss and kissed the man's hard dick instead.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! YES! YES! GOOD BOY! YES! AWWWWWWH! OH, ABEL, THIS BOY KNOWS HOW TO USE HIS MOUTH. OOOOOH. SHOW HIM HOW GOOD YOU CAN USE YOURS." That's when Tristan heard a slurping sound from behind him. The Captain had removed his fingers and had begun tongue fucking his hole. He lifted Tristan's legs and was now tonguing his ass in the air while Tristan was blowing the Captain's lover. The lover of the Captain pushed down on Tristan's head, making him go further, and began fucking his face.

"Damn, I'm already getting close. Hurry, Abel! Get him off me. Get him off me and do what we discussed." The lover sounded desperate. Tristan could tell he was already getting him close, but before he could go any further, he was being pulled off the beautiful dick. Tristan was a little sad to say goodbye to that wonderful member. The lover got off the bed and moved to a gilded chair on the opposite side of the room facing the bed. He sat down and began slowly stroking himself, watching Tristan and the Captain like a wolf on the hunt.

The Captain lowered Tristan gently on the bed and turned him on his back. He lifted his legs in the air and aimed his dick towards the wet asshole. Tristan's heart was pounding so hard he couldn't believe it. HE WAS ABOUT TO GET FUCKED! HE WAS FINALLY ABOUT TO GET FUCKED! Breathing in with anticipation, Tristan shut his eyes and waited for the impact. Then - BAM - the heat of the Captain's head entered his hole, and Tristan let out a scream. Trying to compose himself while being impaled by that giant dick, Tristan began breathing heavily as the Captain pounded his ass even harder. Tristan was in heaven. He stretched his arms behind him, feeling the cool sheets against him, making his body feel as much as it could at a time like this. The Captain picked Tristan up in his arms and continued to fuck Tristan as he walked around the room, each movement of his legs sending his member deeper and deeper into Tristan. He was in ecstasy. He was moaning so loudly and his cock was bursting with the need to cum, but he didn't. He held it off.

Tristan looked to see that the Captain's lover was looking heavy with lust too, and was jacking off furiously at the sight of the tangled duo. He quickly stood up and made his way towards them. "Lower him, Abel. Hurry! I'm about to cum and I want him to eat it."

The Captain didn't need to be told twice. Lifting him off of his dick, the Captain placed Tristan on his knees in front of the two Captains. One of land, one of sea. The three men began furiously pumping their dicks. The land captain was the first to go. "NOW OPEN UP, BOY. OPEN AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!" He came in a number of bursts. His hot cum poured down Tristan's sweet face, and he lapped up the cum without spilling a drop. He began fingering his sweet ass and fucking his own dick with his hand, and he was so close! He could feel the climax coming. So he stroked his dick slower, bent down over his member and SLOOSH. The cum from his own dick sprayed his face like the water sprays a ship. He looked up at the two men, his own cum dripping from his face, and smiled up at them. The Captain beamed.

"Oh, I'm gonna have to thank those bastards for bringing you aboard, won't I? Damn, your hole is hot. Now open up, little guy. I got more splooge coming for ya!" The Captain moaned as he began cumming violently Tristan's face. The other captain was kissing his neck and playing with his nipple piercings.

His cum came violently and fast. Tristan almost choked on how much there was, but swallowed all of it gratefully like a pig. After all the men had orgasmed, they collectively sighed and laid on the bed in a little heap. The Captain put his big arms around Tristan, which made him feel really safe.

"That was incredible, Abel. We'll have to do it again when we land. I'll be able to spend some more time with you before I have to set off to join my battalion, so let's make sure we put this boy to good use before then." The land captain reached over his burly lover and grabbed the soft dick of Tristan.

"Oh, we will, Ronnie. We will. We should be landing at Corona in less than 18 hours."

That reminded Tristan. "Sir. How is it that the ship left shore without so much as making a sound? And how can it be sailing now when no one is manning their stations?" The Captain looked awkward for a few silent seconds before saying "Well, that's really none of your business. Now hurry along now to below decks. You are to report back here tomorrow morning. Early. And make sure the crew knows who you belong to! I don't want to enter you tomorrow morning and realize my goods have been tampered with. You got all that? Good. You are dismissed." With a short jerk of his hand, the Captain nudged Tristan off the bed and towards the door. Sheesh, how many times can a guy get shoved towards a door in a day!

Despite the somewhat rude ending, Tristan had enjoyed himself incredibly. He was looking forward to tomorrow morning. Being sandwiched between the two Captains would be marvelous. Being fucked from both ends. Maybe they could be part of a fuck train! Or-

The ship shuddered. Tristan fell to the ground, banging his head against the hard floor. His bruises and wounds were getting more company. Tristan tried getting up again, but there was a terrible scraping sound, and even more shuddering that sent him down to his knees. The ship felt like it was being tilted sideways. Tristan was slid towards the side of the ship, gripping the railing to balance himself up. He looked over the railing, but couldn't see anything. It was pitch black! The crunching sound continued, but now the ship was spinning around and around and around. Water was coming in from the sides, drenching the naked Tristan and filling his wounds with salt water. He struggled not to scream as more waves came, throwing him violently against a mast. A barrel full of apples collided with his leg. He cried out! He kept trying to swim or run or climb or do anything to get away, but his leg was now useless and screaming in agony, so there was little he could do but just wait for the elements to have their way with him. Oh god, was he going to die on THE SODOMITE?

Just then, he felt hands pull him out of the water and take him higher and higher and higher up the mast. Tristan looked up and saw Thumbs swinging on a rope, clutching him tightly. "You'll be okay, love! We'll all be okay. Let me wake everyone up." The two of them landed safely in the crow's nest, and Thumbs banged violently on a bell, which didn't seem to make sound, but instead sent its ringing within the wood of the ship, like waves. In moments, Tristan saw the two Captains leave their cabin, and Goliath, Werkowsky, Priest, Miguel, Lucky, and the two burly brothers blearily walk onto the deck.

"What the hell is going on?" Yelled the Captain.

"I've got no fucking clue, but the fucktoy is injured, sir!" Thumbs yelled down.

Priest immediately snapped to attention and began climbing up to the two men in the crow's nest. Werkowsky yelled up "DON'T DIE ON ME NOW, TIGER. NONE OF US GOT A CHANCE TO FUCK YOU YET!" He ran up towards the helm and began trying to steer the ship away from danger. The brothers hopped to work and began adjusting the masts with the wind, making the ship soar. Goliath was yelling orders at everyone while Lucky was, it appeared, praying. The two Captains stood hand in hand, naked and kissing. Tristan admired that. Sort of a FUCK YOU, WORLD; what will come will come. Priest made it up to the crow's nest and began treating Tristan's leg.

"Cum looks good on you" he said. And Tristan realized that he must have his own cum still on his face.

"Thanks. It was as fun as it looks."

"I'm glad. Now hold still. This will only hurt a bit, but that requires you to be as immobile as the dead."

Tristan grunted his approval. Right now he was looking down at Miguel, who was making gestures and movements all around the deck of the ship, muttering things under his breath, like a curse or something.

"What's he doing, Thumbs?"

"Well, Tristan. Miguel here is a bonafide Weather wizard and communes often with the Gods of wind, sea and direction. It looks like we've been hexed by another weather wizard and he is trying to undo this curse before our ship sinks."


"Oh, don't worry, Tristan. This happens all the time. Usually three times a week."

Priest looked up from his bandaging "Four ."

"Oh, yeah. Usually four times. But it's fine, because Miguel is amazing. He cracks these things in no time. It'll all be over soon."

But Tristan wasn't so sure about that. His sexy crewmates were scrambling and seemed desperate. Even the Captain looked a little worried. And Miguel seemed to be frantically running around now. He was crying...

"Thumbs... I don't think you're right. I don't think we're going to -"

Thumbs kissed Tristan hard on the lips. He tasted Tristan's tongue, and sent his hands along Tristan's body, taking extra care to rub his arm against his dick before unlocking lips. "Like I said, kid. Don't worry. You're not going down with this ship."

Before Tristan could ask what he meant by that, Thumbs and Priest had Tristan in their arms, and threw him off the crow's nest. He screamed until he felt himself surrounded by water. Not knowing which way was up or down, and not being able to see through the darkness, Tristan panicked. Water was filling his nose and lungs. He was kicking towards what he thought was up. Kicking, kicking, kicking, but no luck; he still hadn't surfaced. Now really scared, a deep force hit him square in the chest. He looked around. The light of the ship was underwater and in pieces. He could just make out the bodies of Goliath and Miguel. Now he noticed in the dim light there were more bodies underneath his friends. They were men. Beautiful men. Men with the most amazing bodies he'd ever seen. Bodies like Adonis's but with tails like fish. They were mermen.

As soon as he realized this, he could feel a pair of strong arms press his naked body against a hard and smooth torso. He felt warm lips on his mouth, and now his lungs were no longer burning, but were full of air. The hand also entered his ass, and the mouth was no longer on his lips, but on his dick, both the hand and the mouth pumping quickly away as his hole and his dick. Tristan gasped but no water entered his mouth. And he could see through the dark waters now. A gorgeous merman with black hair, a taut body, and big, full lips, was sucking him off while fingering him. He was smiling while he took Tristan all the way to the hilt. They were floating in the middle of the sea, with other mermen all around them. Tristan saw that a whole gang of them were servicing Goliath. Tristan moaned louder and louder and looked up. He saw a net coming down.

Shit, shit shit. Where did that come from? The net ensnared Tristan and his mermaid savior, who tried getting off his dick and swimming away, but it was too late. They were trapped. Struggling to get free of the net, the pair rammed the gaps and tried swimming up, but the net cut through their skin, and they saw red tendrils of blood fill the water. Tristan looked at the mermaid, who seemed to be panicking and held his hand, trying to make him calm down. The beautiful merman looked back at Tristan and smiled. The smile was so gorgeous, that Tristan's whole body warmed up, even though he was sure they were going to die soon. He could see the surface of the water now. It was getting brighter and brighter...

The net reached the surface with a loud crash! The merman and Tristan collapsed into the net in a heap, bleeding even harder from the net slicing into them. Tristan screamed and the merman made a terrible gasping noise. The net came crashing down with a thud against a hard surface. Moving the net out of his face, and scooting the merman behind him to keep him safe, Tristan looked up. They were surrounded by a crew of sailors of a really nasty sort. Well, really sexy, Tristan noticed, but mean looking. He saw some twiddling with knives and another stroke the skin of his pet snake. Tristan looked up to see a black flag with a skull and crossbones on it. Shit, he thought. Pirates.

"Well, well, well." Came a sinister voice behind them. "What do we have here? A lost boy and a merman, oh how precious! I should think Peter Pan will really miss the two of you!" A tall man wearing all red had just stood before Tristan, looking menacingly down on the pair. He raised his left hand to Tristan's cheek - except it wasn't a hand. It was a hook.

"Allow me to introduce myself" the hooked pirate said. "I'm Captain Hook. Welcome aboard the Jolly Roger. You two are going to entertain me and my crew." Captain Hook moved his Hook down towards Tristan's asshole. And that's when he knew he was royally fucked.

End of Part 1


Dalton Pierce


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