Every gay man I know has a straight friend that they would just love to get together with, but only a lucky few have the dream come true. I count myself among those lucky few.

When I was 26 I moved down to Brighton, and quickly became friends with a really great couple, James and his girlfriend Becca. I was instantly attracted to James, he was about 6 feet tall, blonde spiky hair and a smile that would stop your heart. Under his shirt I could tell there lay a fantastic body, just begging to have a tongue all over it. My suspicions were confirmed in the summer when I saw him in his shorts. He had beautifully toned torso, nicely tanned just the right amount of hair.

For nearly a year our friendship grew, and my desire to get in his pants grew right along with it. At the end of the summer he and Becca sadly went their separate ways, but I'm not ashamed to admit a little part of me leapt for joy.

About a month after he and Bex split he was over at my flat for a couple of drinks and a joint. We chatted for a few hours and had a few laughs, and at around eleven he asked if it would be OK to crash at mine as his flatmates were having a house party and he didn't really feel like it. I believe I nearly blacked out from excitement. Of course, I said that would be fine, playing it super cool. He flashed that incredible smile at me, and any reservations I might have had disappeared in a moment. I was going to go for it. I did the obvious thing, and turned the conversation to sex. He told me how his sex life with Becca had never been that great, and that was part of the reason they split, he wanted to explore more of his sexual options, and see what else was out there. At this, my heart was in danger of collapsing on itself, and my cock was beginning to stir as my imagination flew forward. Unable to stop myself, I blurted out, "What? Like sleeping with guys?!", he looked right at me, and said nothing...I was pretty sure he could hear my heart pounding! He smiled again and looked away reaching for the joint resting in the ashtray. Oh fuck, I've blown it, I thought. But I was shortly to be proved wrong.

After taking a hit on the spliff, he placed it gently back in the ashtray, paused for a moment, then looked at me. Before I knew what was happening his mouth was on mine, his hand resting on my knee for support. He tasted amazing, and was by far the best kisser I have ever experienced. His tongue explored mine with abandon, and the passion grew. I ran my hand up his leg, bringing it to rest on his now raised arse, pulling him further onto me. In an unparalleled moment of will power, I broke the kiss and suggested we moved to my bedroom... my sofa wasn't big enough to do everything I wanted! He just nodded and stood. His crotch was right in my face and I could see the amazing out line of his cock straining against his jeans. From the bulge I guessed about seven and half inches. I couldn't control myself and I pushed my face into his crotch, and kissed the rock hard shape of his dick.

We made our way into the bedroom and started making out again, he pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me. I ran my hands down his back and then pulled off his t-shirt, to reveal that body that I'd imagined countless times. I leant forward and kissed his abs, exploring the defined ridges of the muscles with my tongue. He let out a small moan of pleasure and I felt his hand running through my hair. I made my way up and kissed his perfect nipples, drawing more sighs, and a stronger grip on my hair. I decided it was time to release the cock imprisoned in his jeans. He must have read my mind as he brought my head back, leant down and kissed me deeply before removing his jeans and socks. Feeling self conscious that I was fully clothed still, I rapidly stripped to my boxers. I pushed him on to his back and straddled him, I could feel his hard shaft against my arse. I kissed him again, then worked my way down that perfect body to his tight, straining boxers. I licked the outline of his dick, and when I could bear it no longer I pulled down the fabric, freeing his throbbing cock. My previous estimates were slightly pessimistic as I was faced with a beautiful, eight inch, thick uncut dick that I couldn't wait to get in my mouth.

I slowly took his cock into my mouth, savouring every moment and sensation as it slid down my throat. I looked up to see James writhing in pleasure, and his deep moans of desire spurred me on. I increased the pace and he responded by grabbing the back of my head again. He was clearly passionate kind of guy. Giving in to his desire he began pushing my head down his shaft, faster and faster, and his moans got louder and louder. My tongue swirled around the engorged head of his amazing dick, and the taste of his precum drove me wild with ecstasy.

Without warning he brought me back up to his face, and kissed me again, as he squeezed my arse through my boxers. I leant back, and placed his hand on my crotch. Though he barely needed any encouragement. Within moments my 7 inch cock was out and in his hand. He played with it gingerly to begin with, but soon found his rhythm.

Then, quite unexpectedly he grabbed my arse again and brought my cock to his mouth. After a moments hesitation, he moved his head forward, and started giving me head. Not to ruin the moment, but it wasn't the best to begin with, but then remember, this is a true story and straight guys don't know how to suck dick. I climbed off him, and turned to lie down next to him, and we started 69ing; my mouth was missing his cock. As he relaxed, he got a lot better, and began exploring the best way to pleasure me. From my moans he soon discovered I like it slow, with lots of attention to the head. He seemed to love the fact that he was making me squirm with pleasure, and I responded by showing off how a gay man sucks dick by taking all of his 8 inches down my throat. He had to stop what he was doing, and threw his head back with a deep and heartfelt groan of pleasure.

I'd had enough foreplay. I reached into the bedside drawer and took out a condom and some lube, he practically snatched the condom from my fingers and expertly put it on. He was back in familiar territory now! I lubed up and got ready to finally take my friend's cock into me.

James lay on his back, and I lowered myself onto his shaft, fuck it felt so good to at long last have James' dick in my arse. I began to slide up and down as my hands wandered around his body. His eyes were fixed on me and he was biting his bottom lip. He had his hands supporting me as I rode him, building speed and taking him further into my arse. My body was in paradise and my dick had never been harder. James reached for my cock and began wanking me off as I rode him.

We were securely in the throes of passion as our bodies responded to each other, he started to buck his hips up into me thrusting deep and hard. He has going like a jack hammer, fucking me harder than ever before, it was all I could do not to scream out.

He expertly flipped me onto my back, his cock never leaving my arse, my ankles up by his ears he leant down and kissed me as he returned to pounding me. I knew I wouldn't last much longer, and it wasn't long before I blew my load over my chest with a groan, in an explosion of desire and passion.

At the sight of my come erupting from my cock, he withdrew his raging hard on from my hole and removed the condom. He leant down and pushed his tongue into my mouth as he brought himself to orgasm. He let out a long and satisfied moan as he came, his massive load joining mine on my chest. We held each other close, his fast hot breath loud in my ear, as we came down from the best shag ever.

I am happy to say, it wasn't the last time either. He's not gay now or anything, but I've graduated from friend, to fuck buddy, and I couldn't be happier. I've been an integral part in his sexual awakening. We have now fucked on the beach as well. Let me know if you wanna hear about that! ;)




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