(Straight and Bound Parts 2: Steve and Part 3: Ryan, follow this story)

By: Eric Lane

(M/M, t/t, CBT, NC, Bond, Oral, Forced, Post-Orgasm Torment, Edging, Milking, Underwear)

Originally written May 1998 by Eric Lane (revised 5/2000)

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Mark was just too cute, too handsome on most days, well actually EVERYDAY. He had dark brown hair, blue eyes, about 5'11", with a tight gymnast build and gorgeous face and smile. By chance, he was my roommate for a few months during my first year in college. He didn't know that I only dreamed every second of putting my face in his crotch and licking his beautiful bubble butt.

Mark was straight as the proverbial arrow. He dated many women, but never really had an on-going relationship. He must of had dozens of girls who loved him - but he was too busy with school and sports to settle on just one. He was the sort of guy who was vulnerable, yet cocky as hell. He was on the gymnastic team, and generally was a great natural athlete.

He was a frat boy too. He wasn't cruel or mean, but because of his looks and ability, he was sometimes very arrogant. He knew that his looks turned people on - and he knew that even guys liked to look at him. He didn't like it - but it seemed to flatter him (in the way that one guy might envy another guy's build).

Despite his good looks, it seems Mark never had a gay experience - at least one he would admit to. While he didn't hate gays - he could not understand why another guy would "want to butt fuck another guy. I mean that's fuckin gross..." he once said. But he seemed to know that girls and guys liked to look at him. That seemed to please and irritate him.

There was a small group of us on campus - somewhat nerdy guys - not ugly, just sort of the "non-frat boy" types - who discovered that we were gay, and after denials, admitted we each had an obsession with Mark.

I have to admit we did some things we are not proud of. Each of us followed him around - not stalking him, but just happened to be around when he went to a particular campus bathroom to take a leak. One of us would stand discreetly next to him at the urinal, and if lucky, got a quick look at his dick. He was shy about his private parts though, and he pissed with one hand sort of shielding his cock. Or when he worked out. We even tried to break into his room to steal some of his dirty clothes (underwear and stuff).

Unfortunately his roommate was a nerd - and apparently asexual. And worse, the type of person who almost never was gone from the room. (He did leave the night we decided to "get" Mark though). When I lived with Mark briefly, he was careful about putting away his dirty clothes.

Though I was able to snatch a dirty underwear or two, he was pretty shy about stripping down in front of people. I saw him once or twice in his underwear - once when he wore tight white briefs (C/K's I believe) and another time wearing just boxers. Both times he was sleeping in bed,wearing a t-shirt, with the covers kicked off.

I was too scared to go over and explore his body (he was a light sleeper unfortunately) - so I just stared and stared - once taking a few pictures (they didn't turn out too clear though). It was so hot to see this gorgeous boy, sprawled out in his bed, wearing briefs (or boxers), with a nice bulge - he looked like he was posing in a sexy underwear ad for Versace or something. He was so beautiful - and I could smell his scent from my own bed. But it wasn't enough to just stare at him and smell him either.

Once he seemed to sense my obsession with his body (I think he caught me staring at him when he was taking off his shirt), he grew even more careful about stripping in front of me.

Despite his good looks and build he was shy about his body - especially his crotch for some reason. He also seemed to "hide" his dirty clothes (he didn't really, but he made it difficult for me).He never said so, but I think that is the main reason why he found another roommate.

Having a small group of guys who actually shared an obsession helped to get over these difficulties. Sometimes we got together and just fantasized what we would do with Mark. At first it was just making love to his young muscled body - sucking him off.

Later, as he became more unapproachable - unreachable, and more arrogant, out fantasies evolved into pleasure torture - tickling and cum control, though at the time we didn't really know what that was. Making THIS straight handsome boy cum and suffer seemed the right combination (though we didn't know it at the time). We have Mark to thank for that.

There were six of us - and we finally got the nerve to actually see Mark naked (we never had before - just a couple of times with his shirt off, wearing shorts running the track). We knew he had just finished his workout and was in the locker room, stripping down for his shower.

Normally the locker rooms were off limits except to the athletes, but on this particular day, no one was around and we snuck in, and walked quietly towards Mark's locker.

We could hear him stripping - taking off his shoes. From where we were,

we could see him strip off his sweaty tank top, and then his shorts, leaving just his damp boxers. God what a body! His smooth body glistened with sweat - and the boxers only gave a hint of a nice sized cock. He bent over slightly and started to pull his boxers down - they were halfway down when unfortunately, one of the five (Aaron), got too caught up in the sight of Mark, and groaned out loud.

The rest of us were startled when Mark turned around towards us, boxers now near his ankles, completely naked (his cock was flaccid( and yelled "what the fuck???" He blushed and quickly grabbed a towel, wrapping it and stormed over to where we were hiding. He yelled at us "what the fuck are you looking at?????? What the fuck are you here for????" Mark, despite having a gymnast build and being so good-looking, was quite shy with his body.

This was the first time any of us saw him completely naked (including me, and I roomed with him before).

We just stared at him, barechested, with a white towel tied loosely to his narrow waist. Justin (another one of the five) just stared with his mouth open gazing at Mark's defined chest and brown colored dime-sized nipples.

I noticed Mark's arms - his biceps flexing, with his hands at his side, fisted in anger. We never saw him this mad before - and normally he wouldn't be so intolerant.

He couldn't stand our staring and silence and yelled "get the fuck out of here you faggots... the fuckin' show is over... get the fuck out before I kick your ass...".

Then he actually shoved Aaron, pushing out towards the locker room exit yelling "get the fuck out you faggot... now. You ain't looking at me! Get out!!!!"

For some reason Mark just went almost berserk and cursed each of us again. Suddenly we started to get mad too, but we ran out the locker room and gathered out in the parking lot. Suddenly, WE were mad and pissed off at Mark.

As we were leaving, we could hear him mutter "god damn fuckin faggots..."

He never before acted this way - it must have been really unnerved by having a group of guys watching him undress without him knowing it. I never heard him talk like that before.

"Who the hell does he think he is?" Aaron said, "Fuck him too!"

Aaron and the rest of us were particularly upset actually pissed, that Mark pushed and insulted him - and all of us.

"That dude needs to be taught a lesson" Justin said, "I mean he didn't have to say all that..."

I nodded and agreed, while Jesse and Daniel both yelled out together "Let's get him!!!!!"

But what did that mean? Well, after seeing our idol naked and mad, we realized we were horny and mad and now we wanted Mark no matter what.

Actually, we needed very little excuse - we actually had thought about just playing with his body if we ever got him drunk at a party. Now, we

meant to teach the arrogant jock a lesson in attitude. We talked quickly about how we could "get Mark" .

Justin mentioned tickling - he heard Mark was ticklish, even though he was a "macho straight guy". Jesse blurted out that he wanted us to make Mark cum against his will, especially since he yelled out his hatred for all things gay - while all of us worked on him.

"God - what a fucking turn on; if Mr. Straight Guy was being sucked and

licked by all of us and was forced to shoot his load... how could he live that down???" Jesse said, "who the fuck does he think he is anyway? Lets make the fucker like it..."

We finally agreed and made plans and gathered up the equipment (rope, blindfold, tickling stuff, aromas, beer and a deserted workout room near the gym, late Saturday night when no one would be around.

Jesse lucky for us, worked part time as a cleanup/facilities/janitor there, and therefore had keys to the place. We would have the place all to ourselves. All we had to do was get handsome straight boy Mark.

We knew that Mark loved to party and get drunk - and if possible, fuck any pussy he could get (and he could get a lot). We knew the guys who would be putting on the party that Mark would probably go to - and we made sure that the girls would stay away from Mark. That wasn't easy -

one girl actually made it past us, and was actually sitting with the buzzed out jock, trying to kiss him and take advantage of the poor guy.

She was even touching his thigh, while he looked at her with half closed eyes and moaned softly "nice... oh yeah...".

We quickly moved in and told her we were Mark's buddies and needed to take him back home. We had discreetly spiked Mark's beer and now the buzz he had drifted into a nice easy sleep. By late evening Mark was sleeping off his liquor (and the extra stuff we put in the drinks), in a spare room upstairs. He wasn't really all that passed out - just slightly hung over and drunk.

After we chased the girl away, the five of us went upstairs and picked him up. We told the hosts that we would take him home, since he was much too drunk to drive.

Instead, we put him in Jesse's van (Mark was mumbling incoherently) and drove just a short distance on campus to the workout room. The boy was dumped on the van floor, his body limp and sprawled out.

I couldn't help not touch the passed out boy, with my fingers probing his crotch, feeling the outline of his limp fuck meat, balls. The other guys - all tense, also began feeling the boy up, touching his pecs, and hard flat stomach. He moaned once or twice, not realizing his body was being groped and played with by guys.

The drive to the workout room was short (unfortunately ending the hot session of playing with Mark's passed out body in the van). In the

workout room, was weightlifting equipment and machines.

We half walked and half carried the passed out boy. We were all starting to get hard with anticipation knowing that the moment was getting near when Mark would be at our mercy - and naked. The tension and nervousness we had was almost too much to bear - anything could go wrong until we tied him up. He WAS strong, and he would certainly kick our asses if we woke up now.

The workout room had several machines and apparatus. We chose earlier to tie Mark to the pull up bars - which was about 6 feet off the ground - with two strong metal bars holding it up, bolted to the wooden floor.

That would give us access to both sides of Mark's body - and that was important. We quickly tied Mark's hands (at each end) to a pull up bar with rope and duct tape (duct tape went on first - several times around his wrists to avoid ropeburn).

While we weren't experts in making knots, we looped the rope several times around his wrists, and then looped it around the top and side bar several times. We looped it around and tied it so many times that there was not way Mark could get away - in fact, we would have to cut him down once we were done with him.

Just as we finished tying his arms, he started to struggle saying "what the fuck... where the fuck am I???? What'd... what dyouguysdoing?" he slurred.

He started to struggle and became to curse. His eyes were half closed, and he was still sort of out of it. This boy really needed an attitude lesson even when he was drunk.

Mark was wearing a cotton button down shirt, and khakis, with print boxers, and Nike's. We started to tie his muscled legs, spreading them out at each end.

Now he began to struggle in earnest, yelling "hey! Hey! Man..what???? What the fuck are you doing! Lemme go! Man - let me the fuck go!!!!"

Jesse, at this point, quickly tied a blindfold over Mark's eyes - he was starting to come to completely. He still didn't know who abducted him--that caused him to curse and struggle even more.

It took all our might - to hold down his legs and tie them securely at each end, so his body was spread eagled (upright), his arm pits, and body completely tied and at our mercy. It took us several minutes to loop the duct tape, and then rope around his ankles and then to the post holding up the pull-up bar.

To make the boy more secure, we looped room around each of his thighs (still covered with his pants), and then secured to the post tightly. While he could buckle and struggle - especially his upper body, there was very little movement he could do with his lower body.

He struggled for a few more minutes, pulling at the ropes, yelling "let me go you fuckers!!!!!" The noise didn't bother us, since the building was almost soundproof and no one was around that late on Saturday night.

He know was fully alert and seemed completely sober. He screamed, "When I get out of this you fuckers, I will kick your fuckin ass... let me go... goddamn it!!! Fuck!!!! Youfuckijn bastards..."

Aaron, his eyes glazing his lust, said in a disguised voice, "Mark shut the fuck up. You are here to pay. We want to see if a straight macho guy can cum if he's touched by a bunch of faggots. Because if he does, what does that make him? Huh?"

Mark, unfortunately, lost it and yelled "fuck you!!!!!" and spit in the direction of where he heard Aaron speak. The spit actually hit Aaron's hand.

"Bad move Marky Boy. Bad Move" Aaron said in a taunting voice. He walked close to Mark, and then promptly slapped the boy seven or eight times, stunning him - his cheeks now red.

Mark's lips quivered for a moment - it seemed like he wanted to cry, then suddenly he grew defiant and angry again, and whispered "I will fuckin kill you for that you bastard..."

Aaron just nodded and smiled and said "oh Mark, you'll want to kill us for a lot more than just what I did..."

He pinched Mark's cheek as if he were a child and then kissed his lips as if to taunt him even more.

Before Mark could protest and yell, Jesse and Daniel approached the boy and ripped Mark's cotton shirt off, tearing it completely from his body.

Mark gasped and yelled again. The yelling and cursing only made us hotter, and we watched for a few minutes, while Mark's body squirmed and struggled to break free. It was especially erotic now, seeing his naked, smooth chest, expanding with air as he yelled and struggled, his cute "innie" bellybutton winking as his rock hard

6-pak abs twisted, and his khakis hung still from his waist, his boxers beginning to show.

Next, Jesse and now Aaron got two pairs of scissors and approached Mark.

"I don't like your attitude. You are not cooperating Mark. Everytime you act bad, you are going to be punished. " Aaron said.

He placed his hands on each of Mark's nipples, centered on the mounds of his muscled defined pecs,kneading them gently at first like dough, while Mark sucked in his stomach, and tightened his chest, muttering "you fuckin queer... you fuckin queer..."

Aaron said "bad attitude" and then quickly twisted and pinched the boy's nipples back and forth, while Mark gasped, screamed and yelled. His sweaty body buckled and struggled - he never knew such pain before, and he screamed "GOD stop!!! Oh shit!!!!! Please!!!! Oh God!!!! You bastard!!!!! Fuck!!!!"

It was a turn-on - I never would have thought so before - to see a hunky guy being worked over by another guy - in this a skinny freshman that he

pushed and insulted.

Aaron continued on, singing "Twist and Shout" mockingly in Mark's ear, while he twisted and pinched his sore nipples back and forth, for at least two minutes. A tear or two rolled from under his blindfold, down his cheek, while Mark gasped and begged us to stop. Still Aaron continued.

He wanted this to be a lesson Mark would not forget. We nearly came in our pants watching Mark beg, struggle and scream having his nipples tortured. I knew then, that Mark would suffer a lot this evening - and that thought turned made me hornier than ever before.

Aaron said sternly "you will behave?"

Mark stared in the direction of Aaron's voice for a moment, then nodded his head, sagging in his bondage, his chest heaving from the nipple torture. He wasn't defeated - but he wanted the nipple torture to stop.

Aaron slowly let go of Mark's nipples. Aaron really pinched and twisted

Mark's dime-sized dark nipples hard - they were dark red from the twisting. It was as if Aaron was paying Mark back for shoving him out of the locker room.

"We are going to cut your pants off. If you move, we will cut you. It's your choice!" Jesse said in a disguised voice.

Mark said nothing - he seemed scared, and sucked in his tight flat stomach. Mark stood still, sweating now from his brown haired arm pits, sweat coming from his chest, down to his navel, down a trail of brown hair leading down to his pubic bush, still hidden by this pants.

Daniel, Mike and Jesse each started to cut up his pants. Daniel started on one leg from the bottom and worked his way up, exposing Mark's tanned leg and thighs in no time.

Mark couldn't believe what was happening and muttered almost to himself "Oh shitthbis is fuckin crazy... this is fuckin crazy .oh fuckin

shit..." and shook his head and almost whispered, " stop please... please stop... please"

Aaron meanwhile, concentrated on cutting open Mark's pants near the crotch and seat, while Mike cutup the other pants leg. All three took care in not touching Mark or his underwear - yet.

Finally all four just ripped away the pants fabric, while Mark grimaced and stood still, out of fear of being cut. When the ripping and stripping was complete, Mark now stood spread-eagled, nearly naked, except his shoes, socks and print boxers,. Now hanging low on his waist. His dick looked limp but nice sized, though covered.

Mark stood, breathing hard, sucking in his stomach, now quietly saying "you guys - don't do this - please - keep your fuckin hands off me. I

mean it. Don't do this... I swear you will regret it... you will... You had your fun. Just let me go and I won't do anything to you. Just let me

go... I mean it..."

Aaron went up to Mark, whose chest was still heaving from the nipple torture, and quickly bent down to his pecs, and sucked Mark's right nipple.

Mark gasped, and yelled "oh SHIT!!!!! OH!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!"

It was still sore - and though Aaron was only sucking it, the thought of a guy touching him must have made Mark go nuts again. He struggled and started to curse again.

Aaron then bite down on the nipple, biting hard - making Mark shriek in pain.

Aaron then let go and said "we don't give a fuck if you don't do anything to us. The problem for you is, what won't WE do to you???"

Aaron then gestured to me and Jesse. Mark breathed heavily - his chest heaving - too afraid to say anything. But he wasn't giving in either.

Jesse and I pulled down Mark's boxers slowly, at first just exposing the boy's thick damp bush of pubic hair and the root of his flaccid dick.

Jesse brought his face right into Mark's sweaty pubic hair, inhaling the scent and musky smell. He kept his face there for a minute or two, while

the boy tried hard to push him away, using his lower body. It didn't work. We stared at the sight - Mark was beautiful and THIS was so hot and sexy. We could hear Mark mutter "this is dirty, so fuckin dirty.

Stop... god... no no no".

We then tugged at the boxers and his flaccid dick and big balls slipped

out, slapping his thigh. Aaron and Daniel quickly took off Mark's Nike's, and pealed off his socks, slowly, sniffing the dirty socks.

Aaron put his hands on both of Mark's nipples - didn't twist or pinch - just touch them. It was enough to make Mark afraid so he wouldn't say anything. His mouth, open, quivered slightly, and he bite back his lower lip as if to hold back yelling.

Now Mark stood there naked - and gorgeous. He seemed scared and tense - though still defiant and angry. We just stopped and stared at his beautiful young body - none of us (by prior agreement) touched him yet except for Aaron and his kiss, and then nipple torture. Also by prior agreement, the abduction and stripping was being videotaped for future posterity (and jerk offs), courtesy of Bobby, who now was nearly going nuts with lust.

For another 10 minutes we stared, while Mark started to yell again "let me the fuck out of here!!!" and began struggling to get loose. That effort went on for about 10 or 15 minutes, and he only succeeded in tiring himself out and sweating even more, creating a delicious added scent to his body. Now we moved in on him, each of us (including Bobby who put the video cam on a tripod - two of cams for back and front shots). His body buckled, causing his limp dick to flop back and forth against his thighs and loose balls.

First we sniffed him - every part of his beautiful body - every part which until today, was forbidden - until today, we thought we had no hope of seeing (never made smelling) his crotch, arm pits and manhood.)

We did that partly because we wanted to smell pretty boy - it was that gorgeous. But we mainly did it to unnerve him - the fact that a pack of faggots were taking advantage of his tied up straight body - sniffing around in his most intimate places, certainly brought him down a notch or two. He blushed in embarrassment - especially when we sniffed his asscrack and crotch. He hung his head in shame - this is something no straight guy could tolerate knowingly - especially in front of 6 guys.

He shook his head "oh shit... god... no... stop... this is so fucking humiliating..."

When Aaron started to sniff and touch his neck, that seemed to make Mark go crazy again, once he realized what we were doing "Jesus Christ, what the fuck are you doing!! Get the fuck away!! Please!!!! Fuckin faggot!!!!!!

Mark attempted to spit at one of us (though being blindfolded, he totally missed hitting anyone). Aaron didn't like his attitude, and pulled the belt off Mark's pants, which was in pieces on the floor.

Without a word, he motioned to all of us to back away alittle and without warning, doubled up the belt and whipped Mark's milky white butt hard. Mark gasped - first in total shock, yelling "MY GOD!!!!!" his body suddenly going rigid, his butt clenching from the pain.

Aaron smiled evilly to the rest of us, then proceeded to quickly whip Mark's lower back and butt with the belt, reddening the buttcheeks,

while Mark's body danced and buckled against the blows. At first the boy tried to hold back from yelling or screaming - he clenched his teeth, just whispering barely "jesus jesus...god" But after the 25th time the belt hit his butt, Mark started to scream "STOP STOP STOP....oh shit...fuck....stop...STOP STOP OH GOD.....SHHITTTT...GOD...."

He was almost crying, his body really struggling now, sweating, his butt and lower back almost totally red from the whipping. After 20 more hacks, Aaron stopped and whispered in Mark's ear "you better behave or I'll give you 100 more you shit...." Aaron then yelled "DO YOU UNDERSTAND BOY????", lightly tonguing and biting the straight boy's ear. Aaron loved the smell of Mark's ear.

Mark gasped at having his ear bit and tongued, but quickly nodded yes...and weakly said "yes...yes...please...just don't hit me anymore....."

Aaron said "that's better" and then almost playfully slapped Mark's red butt twice with his hands, while the boy moaned in pain silently (afraid that if he yelled or screamed the whipping would resume).

Aaron motioned for us to approach the sweaty tied up boy again, sniffing his body to further humiliate him (never mind the main fact that it was a turn on for us to inspect and smell such a hot straight boy!)

Despite the whipping, the fact that several guys were almost touching his body - smelling him and looking at his intimate parts so closely was too much for Mark.

His phobia about all things gay was even more than I thought - he was repulsed by gay sex (though he didn't hate gays). He seemed terrified that having guys touch him and getting him turned on would make him a queer - even if it were against his will. Again he struggled, for a few minutes, while we each continued to explore his twisting and struggling body with our noses and - now, we began touch him (except his dick and balls) with our hands, very gently.

Mark gasped and said "oh God... no... Fuck no... Please... Fuck NO!! NO!!!!

His dick began to respond ever so slightly, but still remained soft. He squirmed and pulled at the ropes again, while our hands and noses search and played with his body. This straight boy really could not get into this. That would change - and it really made us hornier that he was resisting. We never before thought THAT would be a turn-on, but it was.

An hour had passed since we first brought Mark into the workout room.

Now the REAL fun began. Jesse and I nodded, and Aaron took honors for beginning the tickle torture. We all pulled our hands away and step back while Aaron kneeled in front of Mark's twisting and still struggling body. Aaron put his fingers on Marks stomach and abs, gently at first, circling closer and closer to his navel.

Mark gasped and yelled "God... get away... stop... oh god please please god god god fuck you fuckin bastard..."

Aaron now began to tickle Mark's flat stomach with both hands, moving to his sides and suddenly Mark giggled loudly "oh Jesus... hahhhahhhhh hahhhhhhh" and exploded in laughter "Oh god!!! Hah Hahahahahhahaahhhahha no no no... ahaha... stop stop stop... stop stop oh..hahahahahahahhaha... stop..."

Aaron continued slowly with both hands, lightly fingering Mark's abs, and belly button, and lower sides. Mark went crazy, buckling and struggled hard to break loose. After 20 minutes Aaron stopped, while Mark slumped gasping for air.

"Please God!!!! Please!!!! Ooooooh please please please no more!" Mark begged, sweat pouring down his body. His body was heaving from the workout.

Suddenly, Daniel stood behind Mark and began touching his upper and lower back with running fingers - back and forth,up and down. Mark gasped and arched his back, trying to get away from the running fingers but couldn't. Daniel didn't let up - lightly tickling Mark's shoulders, down to his upper back and following down to his lower back - just touching the hump of his white bubble butt.

Mark immediately gasped, arching his back as far as he could go. From the front, it was extremely erotic to see this sexy gymnast tied up, arching his body - his chest, stomach and cock pushed out and stretched as far as his tied hands and lower body would let him. Still there was no escaping Daniel's methodical fingers - tickling up and down his back.

"OH SHIT!!!!! FUCK!!!! God no please stop " Mark begged and started laughing and almost crying begging Daniel to stop.

This went on for 20 minutes, Mark laughing and begging all the way, tears coming down from his blindfold, until Daniel stopped. Mark's head just hung from his shoulders, exhausted- his body sweaty, giving off a manly odor. None of us yet touched or even really got close to his still flaccid dick or balls. None of us touched his butt yet either.

That would soon change.

"God please please oh oh oh god.." Mark gasped, and tried to beg, exhausted, "please... stop... anything... please. You gotta stop. Please"

"Oh Mark... we want to make you happy. As long as you laugh, we'll continue," Aaron said in a taunting voice.

Before Mark could reply, Justin moved in on Mark's feet. Justin had dibs on Mark's size 9 feet (Mark was 5 11). One at a time (while one of his gripped and turn his feet up exposing his soles), Justin untied Mark's Nikes, throwing them on the floor while Mark yelled and protested "OH GOD!!!! NO!!!!!! NO!!!!!! STOP!!!!! SOMEBODY STOP HIM!!!!!!STOP!!!! SOMEBODY!!! PLLLLEEEEEEAAAASEE!!!"

After Justin got both shoes and socks, two of the guys reached down and held Mark's quivering feet up. Justin then began to run his fingers and hands over the soles - both feet at once. Mark screamed and then shrieked louder than ever before, laughing hysterically. After 10 minutes, Justin then produced a feather that he ran between Mark's toes, and back over his soles, while Mark screamed "God Stop him!!!!!!

Fuck..oh... I can't stand it OH GOD!!! Please stop stop AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" and babbled insanely with laughter..."hahahahhahahahahhhahahaha a oh god!.."

He nearly screamed his head off, while his body twisted and desperately tried to pull his feet away. He became completely incoherent, drooling spit, tears coming from his eyes, from under his damp blindfold.

By this time, after 20 minutes, Mark might have expected the torture to stop at some point - but we had other plans. While Justin continued tickling his feet, Jesse and Bobby produced large ice on sticks. Since Mark's eyes were blindfolded, he had no idea Jesse was approaching him in front (and Bobby in back) with two huge giant ice cubes frozen on sticks. Jesse touched the frozen ice cube to Mark's flat muscled stomach, while Bobby touched his lower back just above his butt.

The scream from Mark was so exquisite!!!!! He screamed a thin scream and yelled louder, as his body jerked and squirmed. His feet were still being tickled and Mark babbled "fuckingmohmygod,nofuckno..please...


I really thought this guy could die from being tickled! The turn-on of seeing this hunky handsome guy so helpless and screaming his head off was nearly too much for me. I actually shot a load in my pants - and got hard again watching them tickle and ice torture Mark.

Jesse, his eyes still glazed with sex, slowly moved his ice cube stick all over Mark's chest and abs, while Mark gasped for air and tried to to move his body away.

Meanwhile Bobby was moving his ice cube stick gently back and forth and up and down Mark's back, while Justin continued tickling both of Mark's feet. I honestly feared for Mark's sanity now.

He was shrieking and screaming - his body twisting and buckling almost violently now, his limp cock flopping back and forth, slapping his stomach, thighs and balls.

Now Jesse moved the ice cub stick Mark's side, while Daniel started tickling Mark's other side with his fingers. Bobby now brought his ice cube stick slowly down the middle of his back, until I approached his ass crack and an ice cube stick. I now moved over the hump of his bubble butt, now sweaty, and with my hand, parted his globes, and moved my ice cube stick up and down his ass crack ----oh so slowly.

The screams from Mark now reached a peak, begging "OH FUCKINJESUS!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOH GGOOOOOOOOOD!!! Oh my god please oh god please..whatthefuckohjesusfohgodohfuck..." He babbled, shook his head, buckled his upper body, his legs and thighs tensed and struggled to break free.

Jesse now was bring his ice cube stick to Mark's crotch and pubic hair, and stick the ice cube stick up and down between his legs, the back of knees, while Mark screamed even louder and squirmed, his entire body shaking from the torment that seemed unending.

"Say 'make me cum'" Aaron yelled to Mark "say it or we won't stop... SAY IT!"

Mark's screaming and yelling stopped, his lips quivered, gasping for breath, he tried to form the word "oh... I..please oh god god god oh my god my god stop oh shit... fuck... makemecum... ohhohhhh!!!!"

Just then Bobby and Aaron, both kneeling now, began licking Mark's cock head, still semi flaccid, sniffing the head while doing it.

Mark screamed and gasped and made yet another effort to break free, despite having his entire body worked on by ice cubes, feathers, tickling by hands and now having his cock head licked by two other guys.

"I'm not a fag--fuck... no fuckinno!!!!!!" Mark screamed "oh... GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now Daniel got into the act, and got between Mark's legs and started licking and then sucking Mark's lemon sized balls, sniffing them first.

Jesse came up for air and said "Jesus, he smells so good... smell his dick!"

Jesse grabbed it, jerked it three or four times and turned it up for us to see the underside of the head and shaft - about 7 inches, nearly hard. We each brought our noses close and sniffed the cock we all worshipped and thought we never would ever have or see. We each sucked and licked the head while Mark squirmed even more.

Now Daniel licked up Mark's ass crack and began tonguing his pink sweaty hole. His sweaty butt crack smelled very musky - very manly, as we both kissed his butt cheeks and licked his crack. Justin mean while was licking Mark's legs and thighs, while still tickling his feet.

Mark's whole body shook and he screamed and cursed, but now was getting into it, sighing and hollering "ohmy godohgodohgod..."

His chest was heaving and his stomach was sucked in, preparing for the biggest, longest and best orgasm of his life. Bobby went up and started sucking on Mark's erect nipples (erect from the ice cube torture), sucking them and then licking his chest and armpits, while sniffing the wonderful odors (he hadn't used deodorant, so we had a manly sweaty scent) I started to tongue Mark's ears and face, while he gasped and babbled on "godnogod... oh god... no... fuck... you bastards... OH..OH OH OH OH!'

Jesse began sucking Mark in earnest, with deep throating, while Justin licked his legs up down, while tickling his arching feet, still struggling to break free, while Daniel was licking Mark's ass cheeks and inserting his tongue into mark's twitching asshole, while Mark twisted and squirmed.

Suddenly, Mark yelled "you fuckers!!! Fuckyoufuckyou ohgoditfeelssogood fuckyou!! He arched his back as far as it would go, and his whole body went taut as we continued to assault it with our mouths and tongues.

He seemed to try to resist cumming until the end - which only made us hornier and more committed to make him cum. His cum exploded from his balls, being sucked on, and erupted from his long cock, as Jesse pulled away, jerking Marks' saliva covered dick, while cum squirted out into a cup that Aaron quickly put under Mark's cockhead. Mark squirted 12 times, before his orgasm faded... he muttered "Oh Jesus Christ... oh god... oh god..." His stomach and chest heaved and he slumped in bondage, naked, sweaty and totally spent.

He seemed totally exhausted and spent - and humiliated that he was assaulted by six guys who tongued every intimate part of his body. That was part of our plan to get even. Even though we really wanted to suck and lick him all over - we especially wanted to do so because he was so homophobic. Having that many guys assault him with their mouths against his will was that best torture.

He probably thought it was over - the torture lasting nearly two and 1/2 hours. But we had one more long, long finale for the arrogant idol that

we worshipped. His slowly shrinking dick, still glistening from salvia and cum was now being jerked ever so slowly by Jesse, rubbing and slipping his hands over Mark's now extremely sensitive dick head... ever so slowly, with an evil grin, Aaron said "Hey Mark, how much of a man are you to stand being played with by faggots after faggots made you cum??? I mean you shouldn't be able even to get hard, if we're playing with it, right???"

Mark, who sagged, totally spent, suddenly gasped and jerked his body, trying to pull away. "OH OD!!!! NO NO NO! Oh fuck! Oh god -no... no, no... please --- I can't - I'm too sensitive... please... oh god. You'll make me go crazy! Please... MY GOD!!!!! OH FUCKKKKKKK!!!!"

Mark twisted and struggled violently, while Jesse knelt and continued to slowly rub and jerk Mark's now hardening cock. The polishing was excruciatingly painful to Mark, who began yelling and screaming - louder than ever before. It was something to hear a young man of 19 scream and yell their head off about not cumming again. At the same time Daniel began slowly licking Mark's ass crack - also extremely sensitive, while Mark screamed and jerked away.

"Why the fuck... god no!!! I can't stand it!!! I FUCKIN...CAN'T STAND IT...OH SHIT!!!!! Please!! I'll do anything!! please!!! pllllleeeeeaaaaassssse!!!"

Now Aaron began sucking Mark's sensitive balls, while Jesse quickened his jerking of Mark's now hard dick, still extremely sensitive from cumming just moments before.

Jesse paused, while polishing Mark's cock head ever so slowly with his thumb and fingers, while Mark's body jerked back and forth and Mark nearly shrieked "Oh!!!!!Oh!!!! please stop!!!!!!" Tears rolled from his eyes, from under his blindfold - his stomach and chest were tensed and tightened from the painful pleasure.

Jesse then said "Mark, one last thing - to prove to us that you Are no longer an arrogant fag hating bastard, you will drink your cum and all of it, or else we will make you cum again and again and tickle you all night... I will not repeat this... Yes or no?"

Mark trembled, his body under assault , and he whimpered "Oh god... Oh shit... whatever... please... stop... I'll do it... please..." He sagged again in his bondage, looking as if he would faint.

Jesse said "Open you mouth!" Mark tightened his mouth instead, and then gritted his teeth, and then opened his mouth slowly.

"Wider asshole!" Aaron e barked.

Mark did, slowly, and then Jesse and Daniel turned the cup (nearly 1/3rd full of cum) into Mark's mouth while he gagged and tried to spit it out.

"Good boy" Aaron said, "But not good enough. Sorry!"

At that, the six boys licked, rubbed, jerked Mark off again - only more slowly, cruelly and deliberately, while Mark screamed and cursed.

Each of us had a turn to make Mark cum again - slowly. Each of us began by polishing his knob, and then slowly jerk his shaft. To make him alert and responsive, without warning one of us would also begin tickling some part of his body (a couple of times Jesse got out another ice cube stick and slowly rolled it back and forth on Mark's soles - and then up and down - very very slowly - his legs (back and front). The sound of Mark's begging, screaming and laughing was almost unbearable. And this went on while he was being made to cum.

When he was allowed to cum - about 30 minutes later, came in dribbles, and was a basket case, slumping in his bondage, his body trembling, drooling and babbling that "I can't no more,... please... please..."

It took about another 2 hours to make the straight handsome boy cum another five times (one time each for the rest of us.). The last time was done by Bobby, who made Mark scream loudest and longest by spending nearly all of his time just polishing Mark's cockhead - nearly 30 minutes on his head alone. Never a fast polish - just a slow, deliberate and constant polishing of the head, with Mark's cum and some lubricant. He screamed at the slightest touch.

It was enough to make Mark's cock stiffen again,though not steely hard - but not enough to make him cum. Mark's screaming and groaning were erotic - and then he begged, demanded and screamed for us to make him cum. We didn't.

Bobby would then stop polishing the cockhead, and then just suck slowly on Mark's balls. And then, Bobby slowly stuck his finger up Mark's ass crack, while Mark gasped and screamed "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!" just brushing past his prostate gland - but not really touching it - giving Mark the sensation of almost cumming- but not quite.

After 2 hours of playing with his asshole, balls and cock, Bobby then slowly jerked Mark's shaft, while polishing his cockhead. Mark by this time was nearly crazy with a desire to cum - and was babbling like an idiot, moaning and screaming and cursing - his upper body sagging - his lower body tensed, his pelvis thrusting at anything.

Finally Bobby signaled the rest of us. Aaron then asked Mark "we'll make you cum, but you got ask us - the rest of us to enjoy your body. Say it now, or this will go on for another two hours!!!"

Mark sagged further and could barely get the words out "whatever... shit... oh god enjoy oh enjoy ooooooooooooooh plllleeeeaaase oh shit fuck oh god god enjoy my body do whatever fuck oh please I " Mark was almost babbling, pleading with us, but still refused to say "make me cum".

Bobby cruelly polished Mark's wet cockhead, so very slowly - agonizingly slowly, then under the ridge of the cockhead and down the shaft, then back to the ultra sensitive head.

Mark's scream was high pitched and his body was rigid and tense from the assault - the feeling was too much for him now (try polishing your own cockhead after cumming - the feeling is so intense, you almost can't do it!)

Mark's body shuddered and he yelled, pleading " make me cum... God... I can't takeit... please... GOD GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!!!!!!"

With that, the rest of us assaulted his body, licking his back, stomach, sucking his nipples, licking his ears, sucking his toes - while he gasped, and screamed, arching his back, his dick now steely hard, while Bobby sucked slowly - ever so slowly. He never increased pressure and was careful not to jerk the shaft - placing ice on his balls and cockhead when he thought Mark was ready to cum. Bobby wanted to make this moment last for another 20 minutes. Despite being assaulted by six guys, licking at his armpits, asscrack, back - ears, toes, chest - Mark still couldn't come because Bobby, who we didn't know was a cum control expert, knew just what to do to keep the poor straight boy from cumming.

Mark gasped, moaned and cursed and begged us. Another 20 minutes passed.

Then another. It seemed as if we could pleasure torture Mark forever. We all came in our pants by then - several times. But we knew this was the final time - it was approaching daylight now. Another ten minutes and then suddenly Bobby started to lightly polish the boy's knob, while lightly jerking the shaft.

It took only a minute, when Mark screamed - he literally screamed and cum spurted out - not a lot (after all he came a total of 7 times), dribbling down his shaft. Bobby captured most of it in a cup (to save for future jack off sessions).

He gave Mark six of seven slow polishes of his knob, while Mark screamed "oh GOD!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!" By now his cock was nearly red from being jerked and played with - and his cockhead was extremely sensitive.

Even then we were not done. After a final tongue bath of Mark by all six of us, we jerked off one more time, explored his tied up body (sniffing crevices and other parts they missed) while Mark remained slumped, sagging completely, whimpering "please let me go... I can't take it! He could barely speak.

About six 1/2 hours after the abduction, Jesse and Daniel cut Mark loose, and he collapsed on the floor, his damp dick soft, but semi-hard, his butt and lower back red from the earlier whipping - his nipples red and sore from the twisting and biting. He nearly passed out from the ordeal a few minutes later, and we carried him back to his dorm. We slipped on an old pair of running shorts and put him gently in his bed.

His roommate was gone for the weekend, and with Mark passed out and snoring, we each went through his dirty laundry and pleasantly found enough soiled jock straps and underwear for each of us to take back home as a lasting memory of Mark - and the night we taught him a lesson.

We left also knowing that, doing this once meant we could plan on doing it again - to some other hunky cute arrogant guy. The cum control and tickling was something that just happened by accident.

By after our time with Mark, we realized that controlling his cumming - and making him cum as often as we wished, plus the tickling (including using ice cubes) was something we would continue to do once we found the next right guy. With six of us - we each had a list of straight, cute guys whom would be punished and taught a lesson.

As for Mark - well, he wasn't seen for several days and when we ran into him, he seemed totally without arrogance - in fact, somewhat submissive.

He probably had a hard time reconstructing the orgasms of his life - what part was a drunken stupor that he dreamt - and what part actually happened.

Oh, did I tell you - we were able to "get" Mark one more time - tied up, WITHOUT a blindfold! Somehow he got back his arrogance, and we jumped the poor guy, tied him up , stripped him naked and whip the shit out of him with our belts, then made him cum again and again - without a blindfold and knowing what was happening. The feeling was so intense the poor guy repeated what we told him would stop the milking of his ultra sensitive cock: beg for Jesse to fuck his ass!!!!! He not only begged, he screamed for Jesse to do it (he only did so to stop the milking and polishing of his cock). When Jesse plunged his dick in Mark,

Mark yelled out in pain, cursing - tears coming from his eyes, his body shuddering and shaking from the assault. He clearly hated this and felt humiliated.

But that's another story.


Originally written by Eric Lane October 24, 1998 and revised in May 2000 (by Eric Lane)

After teaching Mark a lesson, the six of us: Aaron, Justin, Glenn, Jesse, Daniel and me - Eric, reached such a sexual high that we knew that Mark wouldn't be the last. He couldn't be.

Tying up a straight handsome guy, against his will, playing with his body, tickling him without mercy, and then making him cum against his will (milking him until he was completely dry) was no longer a jerk off fantasy, but literally an erotic dream come true.

It was because of Mark - and his intense reactions (and literal screaming) that we learned how hot controlling when a guy could shoot and hot erotic it was making him cum over and over - all against his will.

We decided that each of us would come up with one or two guys that the group of us would target as our next "victim". We agreed informally that the guy would have to be straight, cute, with a swimmer, gymnast or wrestler build, and with a slightly arrogant or intolerant attitude that such a workout might fix.

Jesse wanted to pick the next guy.

"Steve needs to be taught a lesson guys. Glenn and I work with him and he's just asking for it" Jesse said.

We all had seen him once or twice before around the college campus and when we stopped by their work to see Jesse. Steve was "boy band cute", about 5'10" blond hair, smooth build (from what we could tell), about 160 lbs. or so, a hard wrestler's build, and a nice bubble-butt ass, flat stomach and the classic 6 pack abs (well, not exactly, but close).

Steve had a very cocky attitude, especially towards his sexual abilities with women - which given his looks and build, were actually true. But he wasn't the hottest stud he made himself to be, and that insecurity also made him have an unhealthy phobia about unconventional sex - and also gay sex.

More than once Jesse and Glenn heard him make derogatory remarks about gays and "faggots", though he didn't seem to realize that Jesse and Glenn were - and that both lusted after his body.

Steve definitely wasn't open or probably even really aware of the kinky side of sex and pleasure either - like bondage or even tickling. Jesse wanted to educate the dude and expand his experience - and perhaps even change his attitude. At the very least, we would make him pay for being so damn arrogant and good looking.

He was good-looking - but he was also cute. Steve tended to wear loose T-shirts and baggy jeans and boxers, and size 9-1/2 Reeboks. Since all of us were underwear fetish freaks too, we were curious also about Steve's underwear (he did sometimes wear the classic white jockey shorts).

Steve sometimes hung out with Glenn, Jesse and a few other guys from work and college, and that created an opportunity to "get" him. Steve loved to drink and party, and (he claimed) fuck as much pussy as he could get. Girls would flock around him - who was true enough - his boyish good looks would attract ANYONE.

On one occasion some of us actually had a chance to see loverboy at work - fucking a pretty (and brainless) cheerleader after a wrestling match.

He was using a room of a friend of ours - and fortunately Steve didn't close the blinds the right way - so we could see in - but they couldn't see out. He stripped fast, as she did. Sweaty as he was, he certainly was tireless in his fucking - but very conventional in his technique.

Straight missionary style, with piston-like pounding by his hard fuck meat in and out of that lucky snatch, and done in about 15 minutes.

Even though he was fucking a girl, it was great seeing this beautiful straight Adonis - his beautiful white muscled tight butt, clenching and unclenching in sexual anticipation, his steel hard prick plunging in and out until they both came. That was a turn-on for us, because it made us more determined to show this hunk that there were far more interesting ways to pleasure (ours and his). More important, he needed to learn that he wasn't always in control of his body. That we could force him to writhe, moan, beg and cum whenever we wished. That would be a lesson he needed to learn like Mark. For us, he was a marked man.

We decided that the best way to get Steve would be to have him come over Jesse's apartment on Friday night after work, for some beer and videos, with the promise of girls and parties later in the night. Unknown to him, we would get him just drunk enough to carry him off to the same deserted workout room on campus where Jesse worked (and where we gave Mark HIS lesson - see "Straight and Bound: Mark").

We already had the necessary equipment: rope, plenty of beer, two bottles of amyl, lubricants, feathers, blindfolds, ice cube sticks, and even a cock ring, and this time, a couple of dildoes of varying sizes.

Unlike Mark, we intended to really work this boy over. After our torturing of good ole Mark, Justin and Daniel studied the various techniques of tying up guys - we wanted to make sure Steve couldn't possibly get loose, given his muscled build. More importantly we wanted to be able to tie him in different positions that would highlight his body (and the best parts of his tight body).

On the appointed day, Jesse casually mentioned to Steve "Hey, We're having some girls come over later tonight at my place. I got beer and some videos, you want to come over?"

"Tonight? Shit yeah!" grinned Steve "Been broke for a while and haven't had beer for days man. I'll be there right after wrestling tryouts."

Around 7:30 PM Steve came driving up to Jesse's, while the other five of us lounged around sipping beer, with a straight porno video and music on. The scene was set for the hunky wrestler. Steve came in, sweaty from his wrestling workout, wearing long shorts, and a damp T-shirt.

Glenn glanced at Steve's crotch, which was full, yet soft. We all lusted after Steve even more after getting a whiff of his sweat and manliness as he walked into the room, grabbed a beer and sprawled himself on the recliner. If he only knew that he was trapped in a room full of queers who wanted his body, he would have freaked out completely. Well - that would come later.

We made fun of Steve's obvious body odor (which actually smelled GREAT to us), saying he stunk.

"Hey fuck you all! Man, I'm sorry for not changing after practice, but coach kept us late, and I didn't have time. I can use your shower right, before they [the girls] come?" Steve asked, as he looked around at the TV and for the beer.

"Yeah... Sure, but get some shit to drink. Try this hard stuff instead of the beer Steve... there's plenty of time" Jesse said, passing Steve a tall glass of scotch. Steve reached for the glass, saying "all right dude!" and drank it in one gulp, while we looked at him nervously. Jesse gave him another three shots, before Steve's head started to nod, and his eyes fluttered. This boy liked to drink!

Unfortunately for him, he wasn't all that used to drinking hard liquor - mostly beers, so he got a buzz almost immediately.

"Fuck, I'm beat man... I dunno" Steve slurred, and reached for another glass with two more shots of scotch.

We decided on a different approach in getting Steve. Knowing how horny he was, especially after watching the videos and getting just enough to be drunk and still horny and uninhibited, we started to talk about sex and how horny guys are. We also knew that the boy was always short of money.

Steve just nodded and said, "shit yeah, I'm horny. I could fuck anything. When are they coming?" He sort of glanced down at his crotch, it looked like it got semi-hard as he said it.

His eyes then darted back at us, and seeing that we noticed his "state", he flushed and tried changing the subject by asking for more scotch or beer.

Daniel obliged quickly, pouring Steve - now thoroughly buzzed, another 2 shots of Scotch. Justin said to Steve "hey, with your looks, man you probably get all kinds of pussy, right?", trying to keep the conversation focused on sex- and keeping our boy horny.

That led to the opening - the question to the stud that we knew would trap him. Steve took another drink, flushed again (from the alcohol and from the remnants of his modesty), and shrugged and nodded to Daniel.

Jesse said "hey - soon, but one question. Could a faggot make a guy come against his will?" We all waited for Steve to respond... though he didn't know that it was directed at him.

Pausing, Steve first turned his head toward Jesse almost with a start and stared, as if he didn't hear the question right. Jesse stared back and repeated the question matter of factly.

Steve's eyes almost bugged out in surprise, open-mouthed, then shook his head slightly, and slurred "fuck no, man. No fuckin' way... how could a faggot make a straight guy cum? No way. No fuckin way, cause it would be wrong. You know? Repulsive. Just no way..." Steve said, slightly slurring his words and started to laugh (so did we nervously) and then giggled "I mean that's fuckin' freaky, you know?" He thought we were joking.

The great thing is that Steve seemed to REALLY believe what he said. That made him even more desirable for us - the idea that we had a guy who we would be assaulting - making him cum against his will, tickling him and milking him dry - well, it was just too hot to believe!

We started to talk about the "repulsiveness" of a faggot sucking dick, to throw Steve off a little, for a few minutes.

He merely nodded in agreement and then added "yeah... no way. A faggot queer couldn't do nothing to a guy... that would be fuckin gross... couldn't do that to a real man, right guys?"

"Well," Jesse said pausing, "I know some guys who would bet $200 that they could... in fact, YOU could do the bet, man... You're the star athlete here - and you could use the money."

Steve nodded his head, feeling a little drunk, and slurred "Are you serious? $200? Shit... I'm no faggot... I can't believe this shit... no

fuckin... way"

"Hey Steve, none of us are, and you aren't. We all know that, but you could win the bet - you said they couldn't do it, right, and besides, it

would be fucking interesting!" Jesse said quickly.

Steve paused for what seemed a long time and pondered a few minutes, looking down at his beautiful feet, paused and slurred, "shit,..."

He paused, seeming to change his mind. We waited for what seemed like hours. Would he do it?

"$200 bucks man - and no one needs to know and you'll probably win," Jesse urged.

Steve just stared, blushing alittle, looking down, moving his glass back and forth alittle, clearly nervous and trying to decide what to do - but his mind was in almost a daze. It was hard to tell if the boy was actually contemplating doing the bet - or if he was just waiting for the awkward conversation to move on to a different subject.

"$200 bucks dude...all yours," Daniel added almost urgently. They had to get Steve to agree fast or he would panic and back out.

Steve paused, looked up, sighing and then shrugged, slurring his words sort of "ooooh fuckkk"

He looked down, blushing alittle (from the drinks and from agreeing to the bet probably), mumbling "$200 bucks man... I could use it... as long as no one says anything. Fuck, I need the money and there's no way faggots can make me cum. Fuck, okay... shit... Who are they? Where?"

Suddenly, before Jesse could respond, Steve sort of dozed off from the scotch, which we also spiked (to keep him out for about 20 minutes or so). He actually wasn't really all that drunk - though he was buzzed for sure. The drug helped to disorient the boy enough for us to make our move.

We waited five minutes, before all of us approached him. Jesse called out "Hey Steve, are you okay man?"

He shook the cute boy by his muscled arm, squeezing slightly his bicep. The rest of us just watched, and then satisfied that he was out, we grabbed him and carried him to Jesse's van outside. As we carried him, we all inhaled Steve's body sweat, and coped a feel of his crotch - his penis and balls warm and sort of spongy to the touch.

Sitting him in the van seat, we sped off the short distance on campus to the workout room. Daniel sort of held him up, letting his hands wander up and down the boy's chest, and groping his crotch. A few minutes later we arrived at the workout room and half walked, half held Steve to the same place that we tortured Mark.

Like last time, it was totally deserted and totally ours to use for the entire weekend. We carried the handsome boy to the pull up bar apparatus where we tied up Mark just one week before. Daniel and Aaron and Glenn used the rope to tie Steve's wrists to the top of the pull up bar.

Still clothed, we grabbed his legs, and pulled them to the bars bolted on the floor, stretching his muscled body tautly. There was another bar, padded and thick, that we could place just near his waist, which forced his lower body (especially his stomach and pelvis) to thrust out in a rather lewd way. The padded bar still allowed us complete access to Steve's back and butt, but having his body forced out like that was a real turn-on. It also made him more vulnerable and would increase his anxiety, once he woke up.

Steve was now standing spread-eagled, though hanging by his arms. Jesse blindfolded Steve, and then yelled out his name, slightly tapping his cheek. He could smell the sweet odor of Steve's hair and slight deodorant mixed with sweat.

"Steve, hey Steve, come on, wake up" Jesse said, as we watched. A few minutes passed. Even out of it, watching Steve - now tied up tautly, was a turn-on.

Steve seemed disoriented and just stayed still for a second. His head suddenly snapped up, as he slowly realized he was tied up, and tested the rope that tied him - first pulling at his wrists, then his legs.

Then he buckled his body, as much as he could with his lower body forced out by the middle padded bar, and violently tried to break loose. He seemed now confused but began to panic. He wasn't even sure where he was or who was talking to him.

Jesse and the rest of us enjoyed watching the straight handsome boy struggle, watching him pull at the ropes - seeing his body squirm through his baggy clothes.

Steve shook his blond hair, parted in the middle, and with a start, suddenly pulled at the restraints, yelling "Hey!!! Hey - what the fuck??? Hey!!! what the fuck is this... ?????"

"It's the bet Steve... we brought you to the faggots who are putting up the $200 bet, remember?" Jesse calmly explained.

Steve's head turned to the sound of the voice - and he seemed startled that it was coming just inches away from his ear. Jesse loved smelling Steve's odor, and repeated it again.

Jesse repeated what he said about the bet, just inches away from Steve's ear.

This time Steve comprehended - stopped struggling for a second, and sagged somewhat in his bondage. He paused, and then, as if groping for words, still not quite understanding what happened to him, he started to yell "WHAT???? WHAT??? What the fuck are you saying?????"

Jesse once again repeated himself

This time Steve started to yell loud "Uh... no...!!! I mean... no... I changed my mind... I don't want to do it man. I don't care about the money, just let me go. Fuck... there is no way I am letting fuckin faggots touch me. Forget it... okay... let me go now..." Steve said clearly getting nervous and half slurring his words, and started to struggle again. What a turn-on it was to watch this boy strain himself to break loose. We couldn't wait to see his reaction when we began stripping him and playing with him.

"Well Steve" Jesse said firmly, "It's too late for that. These old faggots already made the bet and you made it with them, so it's way too late. I'm just here to make sure they don't do more to play with your body and try to make you cum. And maybe milk you. I mean they aren't supposed to..." (pausing for dramatic effect), "fuck you, but you never know. So I'm here Steve. And you'll just have to honor the bet, okay?"

Steve shuddered... he literally shuddered and gasped "WHAT????????" and started yelling "NO!!!!! Fuck no!!!!! What the fuck... don't you fuckin' do this shit on me... stay the fuck away. This is freakin' bullshit...

Fuckinnnnletmego Jesse,whoeverishere..fuck let me ... I'll kill anyonewho fuckin' touches me!!!!!!!!"

Steve's body twisted and turned and pulled violently at the ropes binding his arms, pulled upright, and his legs, pulled apart on the pull-up bar apparatus. It was a lewd sight having his body being forced out by the lower bar - so his movement was restricted.

Jesse gave the silent signal to the rest of us to begin the show, and we approached his blindfolded sweaty muscled struggling body. All of us had rock hard erections, knowing that in seconds we would be feasting on Steve's gorgeous body and making him cum. Glenn, Daniel and I grabbed Steve's sweaty T-shirt and ripped it off him, while Steve yelled "FUCK!! NO!!!"

The boy's expanded his muscled and defined chest and his body buckled, desperately trying to break loose.

Jesse and Aaron meanwhile grabbed Steve's long shorts, still damp with sweat, pulled them down, exposing Steve's white tight bulging tight Hanes boxer briefs (that was a nice surprise!). We ripped off the shorts in one motion while the boy yelled and protested, still struggling to break loose. It was hot to see this boy in tight white underwear, with a healthy bulge and nearly naked.

Three of us got near him and gently - very gently touched his underwear covered prick and balls, tracing the outline of his limp sex organ, tracing the outline of the underwear to his backside, between his quivering thighs. He yelled and struggled even harder cursing at us to "keep your fuckin hands off me!!!!!!"

We fondled him through his underwear (his dick grew slightly), jiggling his loose balls, moving a finger up and down his butt crack through his underwear - sniffing the underwear that covered his balls. After 20 minutes of this, we slowly, very slowly pulled down the boxer briefs and were

surprised to see that he also was wearing a snow-white jockstrap, from his wrestling practice, to our delight!.

We ripped off the boxer briefs, Daniel grabbed them and sniffed the crotch, while Aaron and I untied and took off Steve's smelly Reeboks.

They smelled hot and funky - and we each took turns sniffing our idol's 9-1/2 shoes. Through all of this, Steve continued to struggle, yelling

and cursing at us (not knowing who we were). We stood back and looked at our prize: a handsome cute blond, clad only in sweaty jock strap and

white gym socks.

Steve's body was sweating a lot now in the warm workout room (the air conditioner was off) and the sweat rolled down his smooth chest, down from his brownish-blond armpit hairs, down to his 6-pack abs, into his concave belly button, down to his sweaty jock.

We just stared at his body - front and back. Looking from behind we could see the straps of his white jock gripping his milky muscled tight white ass cheeks - and see his dark ass crack, ever so often just giving a hint of his virgin asshole.

We approached him together and began (without speaking), touching and sniffing his entire body, except his crotch and butt - that we would save for later. The effect on Steve was electric.

He jumped and struggled against the restraints even more, yelling "get away!!! I said NO!!!! Get away, Fuck!!!!!! No bet... get away... fuckin I will kill you faggots!!!!!!!!

Glenn began sniffing Steve's armpits, touching his chest, and then sniffed his way around to his back, down to his exposed butt crack, sniffing at it, but not touching it.

Steve's dick meanwhile looked full inside the sweaty jock (we noted it was slightly pissed stained and smelled musky) but was not hard, with brownish-blond hairs sticking out the sides.

Aaron was fingering Steve's cute "innie" belly button and stomach, while Daniel breathed in odors from Steve's neck and chest, fingering gently Steve's erect brown dime sized nipples.

I meanwhile sniffed the front of his jock and played with his thighs, while Steve ranted and raved, shaking and struggling against these five guys touching and sniffing his body.

Jesse nodded to us and signaled for us to stop, and for a few minutes, we watched while Steve hung there, still struggling, breathing heavily, yelling "Okay faggots, let me go You had your fun - Fuck!!!! Let me Go NOW!!!"

Jesse got in front of the struggling boy and then twisted Steve's nipples hard (the technique he learned was useful after disciplining Mark).

Steve gasped, buckled and squirmed, and then screamed "OH SHIT!!! SHIT!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! SHIT!!!!! STOP!! PLEASE FUCK STOP!!!!

Jesse, twisted even harder - bringing tears to Steve's eyes (from what we could tell - we could see the tears streaking his cheeks, falling from from underneath his blindfold).

He gasped and pleaded for Jesse to stop. Jesse then let go of one nipple -red and swollen, and fetched two large clothes pins from his pocket.

These clothes pins were wood and nasty - Jesse opened one of the pins, and then snapped them shut near Steve's ear, making a loud snapping sound. The sudden loud sound startled and scared Steve, who briefly stopped struggling, and gasped again "OH SHIT!!!!".

Then just as suddenly, Jesse snapped on the pins right on Steve's swollen nipples, causing the boy to buckle violently, and scream "OH FUCK!! SHIT!! STOP!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!".

Jesse loudly told Steve "behave yourself - stop moving or else you will suffer". Steve kept yelling and struggled even more. Jesse then started slapping the clothes pins on Steve's nipples up and down, brutally - causing Steve to shudder, gasp and scream. Suddenly, breathing heavily and hard, the boy stopped struggling and begged "oh okay okay..please... stop..."

Jesse, just inches from Steve's ear said "good boy. You're learning. You need to honor your commitments. And you need to behave and show good manners. Everytime to get out of hand, I am promise you I will twist your little titties and next time I won't stop!"

Steve nodded weakly and then said "okay... okay..."

Jesse motioned for Aaron to begin the tickle torture proceedings. Aaron approached Steve from the front and kneeled, and suddenly placed his finger tips gently on his stomach, swirling them gently around, closing in closer and closer on his winking belly button, now convulsing, Steve yelling and laughing "What!!! What!!!! Shit... get away!!! Oh Jesus - get away!!! Oh shit that tickles... oh!!! OH!!!!OH!!!! SHIT!!!!... STOP IT... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA"

Aaron started moving his fingers in and around Steve's belly button, while Steve screamed and laughed. He was obviously very sensitive and ticklish.

Steve pulled at his restraints, and though his dick remained soft in his jock, we knew it was just a matter of time before he got into it.

At first Jesse was going to have Aaron tickle Steve just for 10 minutes.

But as a reward for Steve's behavior, Aaron was allowed to tickle Steve's belly button for 40 minutes. Without let up, Aaron moved his fingers up and down and around Steve's bellybutton, and just barely touching his quivering sides.

Steve begged almost screaming "oh god... oh gawd... oh Jesus, stop it... stop it... please oh please.." before dissolving into almost hysterical laughter mixed with some pain - the clothes pins flopped up and down and back and forth, pinching his swollen nipples. His movement was restricted, but he still struggled.

Perversely his stomach and pelvis quivered with laughter - thrust out lewdly because of the padded bar behind.

Finally Aaron stopped. Glenn looked glazed with lust, approached Steve's slumping body, sweaty from his 40-minute ordeal, along with Daniel.

Glenn and Daniel both squatted and peeled off Steve's socks, while Steve, now terrorized by the tickle torture, desperately tried to kick them away..."Oh God... don't even think - shit don't - fuck NO!!!!! Don't!!! Please someone help me... stop them please!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I'll fuckin kill you... STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP... NO!!!!!"

They slowly peeled off the socks, and then together they each slowly ran their fingers up and down Steve's squirming feet, while he struggled and screamed "oh GAWD!!!!!!!!! On NO!!!! Stop stop stop it stop it!! Hahahahahahhaha" laughing almost insanely.

We watched Steve's body twisting and turning, his muscled chest and nipples, clothes pins flopping, glistening now with sweat, his 6 pack abs, turning and twisting from the tickle torture of his feet, his armpit hair wet from sweat, his biceps bulging, trying desperately to break the restraints.

"Oh God, please I can't stand it anymore!! Please... please stop... oh god... it ... oh shit my fuckin' nipples... oh god... stop..." Steve screamed, before dissolving into giggles, and followed by an outburst of unrestrained laughter.

Now I approached from behind, with the ice cube sticks (Glenn was in Steve's front with his ice cube sticks). While his body was quivering from the foot tickle torture, I gently and quickly rubbed his lower back with the ice cube stick, and was greeted by a high pitched scream "WHAT!!!!OH GAWD!!!OH GAWD!!!!FUCK!!!!!OH GAWD!!!!!!!!!!STOP IT!!!!OH GAWD!!!!!"

His body lurched suddenly forward, desperately trying to get away from my ice cube stick, now slowly going up and down his back, while Steve

screamed. Glenn now put his ice cube stick in Steve's navel;, swirling it around his flat stomach, and then up to Steve's chest and touching his now ice cold erect nipples as the boy struggled violently.

Steve shrieked at the touch and lurched back, sideways and twisted violently as he was assaulted at every directions by fingers tickling his feet, ice cub sticks tickling his front and back, and now Jesse returning to tongue Steve's neck, and ears, causing Steve to yell and squeal "oh gawd, stop it stop it stop it stop... oh... oh oh... oh..." before shaking and babbling and laughing hysterically.

The pull bars and the frame bolted to the floor shook from his intense struggling. For a moment I feared that he might somehow destroy the entire apparatus - the intensity of the tickling driving the boy almost crazy. But the bars and frame held securely. Steve was bound until we let him go.

We noticed now his jock was damp now with a hardening dick and precum - though still not completely hard. It looked like 6 and 1/2 inches of cut dick. Little did he know that his agony was just beginning - that dick would be ours for hours and hours.

I moved my ice cube stick around his back shoulders, and then agonizingly slowly down the middle of his back, very slowly and then down his sides, before moving it slowly at the top of his butt crack. I pried open his tightly clenched virgin crack. Despite being assaulted, he attempted to clench with whatever strength he had left, and moved my ice cube stick relentlessly up and down, shoving it slightly into his tight pink slightly hairy hole.

Steve gasped "OHFUCK!!!!!!!!" and screamed even more. Never before had his most intimate part of his body been violated or touched by another person before.

His entire body shuddered violently at the ice-cold sensation that sent electric-like shocks from his puckered asshole and butt crack through

his entire body. He shook, cursed, yelled, and screamed in desperation and sheer anguish driven to the edge by the unbearable cold ice.

Steve's body, held tautly by the ropes, his pelvis thrust out - and he couldn't stop the

pain caused by his involuntary jerking of his body, causing the clothes pins to pinch his nipples even more. Jesse added two more clothes pins, pinning his belly button, and decided to add two more, one on each ear lobe.

Steve gasped and screamed each time, but then hardly noticed the pain as the ice and tickle torture continued without mercy. His body jerked and buckled, and the clothes pins on his body moved in every direction,pinching his hunky body.

The combination of excruciating tickling, touching and pain on Steve must have been almost more than he could bear. His screaming sometimes sounded like pure shrieking.

It was music to our collective ears - and made us even more hornier then before.

The tickling of his feet continued, now also with ice, while Glenn now began licking at the edge of Steve's damp and smelly bulging jockstrap nestling the straight stud's huge throbbing fuck meat, where the pouch and the inside thighs met.

Steve desperately tried to close his legs and shrieked "God, stop ... get away..." before babbling and screaming from the tickling and ice torture.

Glenn continued to lick, pulling gently at Steve's wiry cock hairs sticking out, and followed the straps, licking Steve's butt, following the straps down into the smelly and musky crevice, between his quivering legs, shaking now with ecstasy.

The odor was strong. Steve's body now could no longer withstand the assault and his dick started to harden completely.

I dropped the ice cube stick and began licking Steve's back and beautiful white bubble butt, and then licked his crack and tongued his hole, while he screamed "God... Oh gawd... Oh Jesus!!!!!!"

Jesse, panting with lust, managed to yell "hey Steve, I thought you were a straight macho stud? I thought you said faggots can't make you cum. What's happening now?"

Steve shook his head violently, as if suddenly reminded of his straight boy manhood, jerked at his restraints violently yelling "NO FUCKING WAY OOOOH!!! OOOOH!!!! OOOOH SHIT!!!! OOOOOH!!!! DON'T OOOOH DOOOO OOOOH THIS!!!! OOOOH FUCK!!!"

Jerking his body only caused more pain from the clothes pins, and he yelled "OH FUCK!!! SHIT!!!"

Then it was back to laughing, and then fighting the overwhelming pleasure of having his body thoroughly serviced.

"GOOOOOD!!!!! NO!!!! I'MNOTAFAG... FUCK... STOP... NO" he yelled and pleaded, mouth open and teeth clenched.

We started licking and sucking his feet and squirming sweaty toes, causing Steve to buckle and jerk even more. I licked his tight, clenched butt crack, and moved my hands up and down his back, while Daniel and Aaron tickled the inside of his legs.

Funny - before we got into tickling Mark last time, we thought that the licking itself of any handsome straight boy would be the big turn-on.

Now, after torturing and licking Mark and now Steve everywhere including their most ticklish spots - their feet, toes, armpits, back, asscrack - the real big turn-on was hearing these straight boys gasp, scream, yell, laugh on our command. We controlled them. Fuck that was hot!

The tickling went on for almost 2 hours without let up. (we would alternate the tickling and ice torture and the licking, slowing down to give him a rest - but we never really stopped - someone was ALWAYS touching the boy to keep him properly stimulated. So he never really rested - and at the end of two hours, was a sweating profusely - his hair matted on his head, his armpits dripping. But somehow he was still fighting us.

Glenn meanwhile his eyes glazed with lust, could no longer stand it, and yanked down Steve's jock, his 6 inch steel hard cut dick flopped out,

bouncing up and down, his large walnut sized balls jiggling from Steve's twisting and struggling.

Glenn moved and sniffed the beautiful cock head, covered with pre-cum, and lightly tongued the spongy head, licking it clean and then licking gently under the glans head, while Steve moaned, gasped loudly and shuddered, his butt clenching and unclenching from the licking that I gave it. "Stop it, oh oh oh oh oh oh... I don't wanna cum..please... you win... don't... don't... oh fuck!!!! stop IT!!!!!! Steve begged, his

body squirming.

Picture the scene: a blond handsome gymnast, tied who are sucking his dick, balls, tonguing his asshole, sucking his two feet, sucking at his neck, ears and nipples, trying to make him cum. It was just too much to endure - even to watch such a hunky straight guy being forced to cum!

Glenn now was licking up and down the shaft, while Daniel moved up from Steve's feet to sucking his entire ball sac. Steve gasped and yelled when Daniel's mouth enclosed his entire "OH FUCKIN GAWD!!!!!!OH JESUS!!!!OH OH OH OH!!!! YOU CAN'T... OH GOD... FUCCKIN DO THIS TO ME... OH GOD... STOP!!!!!'

Glenn now was sucking the entire steel hard shaft completely, while Aaron now was tonguing Steve's ears, making Steve nearly go crazy with lust now. He was babbling and now moaning, his chest heaving and stomach tight with ecstasy. His butt clenched and unclenched, and I continued to lick it.

I glanced up and saw Steve's head tilted back, his body completely tight and rigid, his pelvis pushed out by that padded bar, his hard dick flopping up and down, his hands fisted and clenched, while he muttered "oh noohnoohitfeels sogood..ohnoohohohohitfeels.. sogooddon't stop oh

shit!!!!! Oo... ohohohohgawdnononon NO!!!ohoh oh OH OH OH OH I'm cumin!!!!oh Oh Oh Oh STOP OH OH STOP STOP OH NO... I'M CUMMING OH!!!! No no no no stop stop stop god no no no!!!!!!

Suddenly his body tensed, Glenn pulled off the head, giving it one last swirl, and jerked Steve's rock hard straight boy fuck meat, so we could all see the massive straight boy's cum.

The throbbing enormous hard prick, with the knob glistening, suddenly squirted out hot straight boy spooge, shooting out like a never ending rain of white hot bullets, on Glenn's face, chest, while Daniel tried to capture as much of it into a small paper cup, while Steve yelled, and his pelvis lewdly thrust out as far as his bound body would let him.

Glenn continued milking Steve's cock, which squirted about 14 times (beating Mark's record) nearly filling the small cup with hot, sweet smelling boy cum.

Steve's cock head glistened with cum, while he slumped in his restraints, totally spent, his cock now slowly becoming limp, his body shuddering violently from the greatest longest orgasm he probably ever had in his life. His pelvis still lewdly was pushed out, his softening dick, still thrust out.

Steve's head hung against his chest, and he was drooling, muttering "oh Jesus... oh... oh..." slurring his words, warm from his intense orgasm.

He was totally exhausted, and he sagged completely - as much as his bound body would let him. The poor boy thought that he lived through the worst of it at least. He thought wrong. He muttered "I gotta piss..oh please... shit you guys... let me go... gotta piss".

Well from all those drinks, we guessed he really needed to.

So I got a large plastic and stuck his dick in it, tilting it slightly and told him to piss in it. He started to curse again (what a mouth that

boy had!), but then sagged, and quickly gave in,

piss suddenly flowing out of his semi-hard cock - nearly filling the large plastic cup with hot piss. We were going to make him drink it, then realized there were many old guys who would pay big bucks to have THIS boy's piss. We did make him sip it (for fun).

He didn't know what it was at first, and spit it out, cursing and yelling. We saved the rest - telling him that old faggots wanted it.

He shook his head in disbelief and then pleaded with us to let him go saying "you had your fun... please... please... let me go... I can't take anymore... shit..."

His sweaty muscled beautiful body sagged - seemingly spent from his ordeal.

We of course were only half way there. We intended to teach straight boy a real lesson. Glenn smiled at us, while he suddenly grabbed the boy's semi-hard dick gently. Steve's body shuddered involuntarily and he whimpered "what what are you... fuck..."

Glenn then began to slowly - agonizingly slowly, rub Steve's already cum-lubricated cock head - just the head, and the ridge under it. Glenn

suddenly pulled out a medium metal cock ring, and pushed it quickly down Steve's semi-hard shaft,

and somehow - with much pain for Steve, pulled

his warm tight balls through.

Steve gasped in pain and yelled "you bastard..what the fuck are you doing... oh shit it hurts... oh shit..takeit off... please... oh fuck..."

Glenn ignoring the insolence of our blond idol, just as quickly began to polish and rub Steve's very sensitive cockhead, and the area just below the head - very slowly, using the boy's cum (mixed with some of Glenn's spit).

Steve's head jerked, his body twisted and he screamed another high pitch scream - almost like a girls, yelling "OH GOD NO!!!!!!!! OH SHIT!!!!!!!GOD!!!!! NO!!!! PLEASE!!! STOP!!!! STOP!!!!! OH... OH OH... OH... PLEASE!!!!NO MORE!!!!!PLEASE!!!" he begged.

Until our session with Mark the previous week, we never before knew how erotic and what a torture it could be to rub a guy's cock after he's cum and to make him cum again. We knew from our own experience jerking off that our cocks - especially the head - was real sensitive after shooting it's load. But until Mark, none of us ever thought of seeing and hearing what would happen if we continued to rub, polish and stroke a tied up dude's cock, focusing on the head, after he shot. I mean there was nothing Mark could do but take it. And we made him take it - and it was incredible to hear and see his violent reaction. To milk him. It was pure torture. And humiliating for Mark - and our other straight boy victims - to have no defense against it, breaking down almost immediately. It was fucking amazing seeing strong, muscled straight boys reduced to crying and begging when we played with their cockheads after they shot their load. Whose a fuckin man now? Yeah, we would taunt them as we rubbed their knob, polished it, stroked it. Force them to take it.

For Steve, it must have been the worst part of the tickle torture and cum session and it was meant to be just that. It was worse than being tickled - the feeling was far too intense.

His body, though weak from his ordeal, violently pulled at the restraints - so much that I almost feared he would break the ropes that tied him. The outburst was short lived however - he had no fight left in him after his nearly 2-1/2 hour ordeal - and he slumped, his head shaking wildly, his chest heaving, his stomach tight, while he moaned and whimpered.

Glenn now polished Steve's cock head with one hand, while slowly jerking his shaft, adding a little lubricant. He shrieked.

I moved to suck his balls, while Aaron gently tickled his sides, causing Steve to squirm and twist. As Steve's dick got hard once more - it

now stayed hard because of the cock ring, he

moaned and said "oh Jesus... oh Jesus... oh oh oh", and when Jesse tongued his face and then tongued Steve's ears, gently pinching his nipples with his hands. He was literally crying and begging for us to stop.

Steve screamed and came again, his hot thick creamy straight boy cum shooting out of his throbbing fuck meat with almost as much power as before - only this time, just six squirts, while

Daniel placed the nearly full cum cup beneath Steve's squirting cock head.

We were going to force Steve to drink ALL of his cum, but we decided to have him drink just some of it - we want to keep the rest for ourselves.

He of course refused, but after tickling his sides, feet and armpits, he quickly obeyed and swallowed his cum, trying to spit it out, and then cursing us weakly "oh you fuckin faggots... I'll get yours... I swear... oh..."

Jesse then said "Hey Steve... I guess you lost the bet, not once, but twice. But I think these faggots want to be fair, right? So... Being

that you are so straight and al, they'll keep at it until you DON'T cum anymore, and then you can win the bet, ..okay.."

Before Aaron could finish, Steve's head jerked up and he screamed "NO!! NO!! NO! GAWD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and started to jerk and struggle, pulling at his restraints in one last attempt to break free.

We waited two minutes before he collapsed and then we began tickling and jerking him to five more unwanted orgasms (each time he came less and less). Three hours later, Steve was reduced to a whimpering, babbling incoherent weak boy whose dick was nearly red from the constant sucking and jerking off, his balls painfully contracted from the constant cumming.

By the fifth time, his dick was large, but limp and it was clear he could cum no more -he was crying for us to stop. By then we had jerked off several times, even rubbing our dicks up and down his ass crack (scaring him to death that we would fuck him).

At that point we gave him a choice of cumming six MORE times (since he lost the bet) or allowing them to shove a dildo up his ass. He also had a choice of dildoes: one with a battery vibrator - and another that was the same size (about 7 inches and 2inches wide), without. The problem for him is, if he chose the one without, it would also mean he had to endure 20 MORE minutes of tickling all over his body again. We had paused in touching his body - awaiting his answer.

Steve was clearly spent - and near total exhaustion after 4-1/2 hours of intense tickle torture and cum control/milking. But he struggled briefly - for about 30 seconds, more out of pure frustration and anger toward us than really thinking he could break loose.

He whimpered "oh you fuckin' bastards... why... oh shit... that's no fuckin choice... fuck you... I hate you... God... you guys made your point... oh... shit... I lost... so let me go... no more... I can't take no more... please..."

"Well, that's sweet, but either YOU choose, or these faggots will do ALL three to you...and you got three seconds dude," Jesse said sternly.

To make his point, Jesse hit the clothes pins that were still attached to Steve's nipples and belly button, causing him to scream.

"Okay... shit... fuck you... fuck you all," he yelled in frustration, buckling and struggling. He paused, sagged,now totally resigned, "alright... I don't give a shit what you do... do what you want... use the... dildo with... oh god... with... the ... shit... vibrator... just get it over with now you fuckers and let me the fuck go." The straight boy - totally defeated now - choked back a sob that endeared him further to his sadistic tormentors.

"Good choice Steve... nd we will," Jesse said mockingly.

Daniel turned on the dildo with the vibrator, holding it near Steve's ear. Steve tried to jerk away from the sound - clearly startled, and now


Straight boy Steve probably had nothing ever put up his ass before. To relax him, we forced him to drink three more shots of scotch, had him take another hit of Rush - and he was gone, yelling

"oh fuckin' shit!!!!!" as Daniel put the dildo touching the boy's quivering tight virgin hole.

"NO!" Steve pleaded- almost in a whisper, sucking in his tight stomach even more, his body rigid again.

Steve tried in vain to clench his ass cheeks. Unfortunately for him, Aaron and I each pried his tight muscled sweaty cheeks apart, while Glenn lightly tickled his ribcage, causing Steve to laugh and loose control. Daniel bit Steve's ear lightly, as he shoved the dildoe all the way up, brushing Steve's prostate, causing him to scream, yell - gasping for breath.

To his dismay, the straight boy's fuck meat throbbed and became engorged with blood hardening as Daniel shoved the dildo in and out, brushing his prostate sending electric shocks of unbelievable and never before experienced pleasure throughout Steve's taut body. The boy, bewildered at how he could be forced to respond this way - and the overwhelming feeling caused by the dildo thrusting into his asshole - gasped, and then shot a sixth load of cum - dribbles, to be sure - but not a bad load. He begged us to stop, as his body heaved and shook.

Of course we did - after another 30 minutes (in which time he came one more time - though just barely).

What a turn-on to see a straight hunky guy being raped by a dildo - and at his request! We turned the dildo on high, watching his body squirm, twist and quiver - his mouth mouthing some foul words to us that we couldn't hear - and then screaming for us to stop.

After another 30 minutes we did - pulling out the dildo fast and rudely, causing the boy to gasp and yell.

So that he would sort of forget the incident as a drunken prank or something, we forced Steve to drink another two or three shots of scotch, which got him real drunk again, and untied him. He nearly collapsed in our arms naked.

We took off the clothespins and played with his swollen, red nipples...even though he was nearly unconscious, he gasped in pain.

We drove him back to his apartment (lucky we had his keys and wallet from his gym clothes), put him gently on his bed, leaving him naked. Lying there, sweaty, totally out of it, Steve still looked gorgeous.

Each of us gave him one last cock suck, and Glenn licked his ass one last ass lick. It was such a turn on to have done this to such a straight good looking guy - a guy until tonight we never saw naked and never thought before we would be able to see hard.

Before leaving, like we did with Mark, we went through Steve's dirty clothes hamper. He kept his in a cardboard box, and lucky for us (like Mark), he had a week's worth of dirty underwear, a dirty jock, and dirty T-shirts. We each took one as a souvenir of the night.

I managed to grab a Calvin Klein jockey shorts, with Steve's piss stains on the front pouch, and a slight skid mark on the seat. It had a wonderful scent - musky, pure man!!! It may sound repulsive and dirty, but this was the underwear that once hugged tightly the most intimate parts of a straight handsome sexy guy. THAT made it a jerk off fantasy to hold his underwear - knowing this was once touching his dick, balls and ass. IT made for a wonderful remembrance of the night we taught Steve a lesson.

We couldn't wait to get the next cute straight guy - a guy named Ryan, a gorgeous dark haired college athlete.

But that's our next story in Straight and Bound Part 3.


(Originaly written by Eric Lane May 1998 - and revised May 2000 by Eric Lane)

Now that we had erotic encounters with two handsome straight guys (Mark and Steve), our little club (Aaron, Justin, Jesse, Daniel and me, Eric) decided on getting a guy who we didn't know. We decided to try to pick out a handsome cute straight guy at random near college.

Within one day we found our guy: a very cute, 19 year-old with a very defined swimmer's build - smooth chest, dark hair, and a nice tan - and

(fortunately for our purposes) a personality that was a bit too cocky and arrogant - and an apparent phobia for all things queer. He resembled or was similar in looks to Brad Renfo - though better looking.

Ryan worked at a local pizza place, and would loudly brag about how he could fuck any girl (he probably could). While we were convinced he was straight as the proverbial arrow, there was something vulnerable about him - that maybe he was even a virgin who hadn't yet experienced straight OR gay sex - but was horny as hell. Maybe that explained the arrogance.

Unfortunately for him, he was homophobic, making a lot of "faggot" and "queer" jokes.

We watched him at work, taking orders, waiting on tables, standing outside the pizza parlor with a small billboard sign (which urged passing cars to buy discounted pizzas), getting more and more obsessed with his body.

It was summer, and when he had to work outside, he worked up quite a sweat holding the sign, waving at passing cars. His red shirt was almost soaked in sweat - and when he came back in the pizza parlor after his shift was done, we made a deliberate attempt to walk by him to inhale his wonderful man scent. It was intoxicating.

We tried to figure a way to "get Ryan". A sixth guy had joined our little group - someone who actually worked at the same pizza parlor.

Joseph, about our age (20), said that Ryan was very ambitious and wanted to get into management - whatever it took to make more money to by a car (he rode on ten speed to work).

That knowledge helped us form a plan to get him.

After work Ryan (this was summer, and it was nearly always 80 degrees even at night), would close the pizza place, (the manager would be

inside still), and ride home on his bike - he lived in a small cheap apartment nearby.

What would thrill any voyeur, Ryan would strip off his sweaty red short sleeve "pizza shirt", take off his dark pants, and put them in a backpack, leaving him with just Nike's, white soaks and blue running shorts. We almost died of lust when we saw him strip down. He would then ride home - and being low on cash, stay home.

Sometimes girls would come over, but on a work night, usually he was tired and would just turn in (he took classes at college during the day).

Joseph invited Ryan to his place after work for beer, porno videos, and a relaxing time in the Jacuzzi. Ryan quickly accepted.

"Some of my other friends from college might be there too.." Joseph said casually "we should have a good time... since we don't have to work

tomorrow, we can party late..."

Ryan nodded and smiled his cute crooked smile.

After work, we followed Ryan and Joseph home. He introduced us as "old friends", Ryan just nodded, shook hands with a cocky smile and turned to

Joseph asking "Hey man, where's the beers, man?"

We were hoping Ryan wouldn't go into the Jacuzzi, as each of us were in love with his body - and all the manly odors that went with it (in the

past I would have been repulsed by such odors - but coming from such handsome guys like Ryan, it was like an aphrodisiac).

Since it was a particularly hot day, Ryan had worked up quite a sweat a work, and he smelled grungy. I went nearly dizzy inhaling his odor as he passed by to get his beer.

Ryan was wearing his red short sleeve polyester "pizza shirt", dark pants and Nike's. He looked gorgeous in the stupid looking uniform!

We all sat down and watched some straight porno videos, and after his 6th beer, he was definitely buzzed, slurring his speech, and now getting up for his 7th beer, walking wobbly to the kitchen.

The six of us (including Joseph), nursed our beers, all of us still on our first, though we made it look like we were as drunk as he was getting.

As he staggered back from the kitchen, he said "Hey Joecuff..Joesph... I...Hey... lets go in the Jacuzzi now... That's okay, right man?" Ryan slurred.

Joseph nodded and said "It's warming up Ryan.. In a few... Hold on..."

"Awman... sit... Iwannagoin now man... shit... why the fuck ain't it hot enough now?" Ryan demanded, bringing some of his arrogance back that secretly delighted us.

He got up from the couch, and tried to walk out to the patio and the Jacuzzi, but Justin stuck out his feet and tripped our young straight friend, and he fell - unharmed, but sprawled on the carpet, yelling "HEY!!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR YOU ASSHOLE!!!"

He tried to get up, but we sensed our opportunity then, and swarmed around his prone clothed sweaty body, holding him down.

"HEYWHATTHEFUCK... HEYMAN... LETMEGO... WHAT... HEY!!!!" he yelled, struggling.

We carried his struggling and twisting sweaty body to Joseph's "playroom" down in the basement.

Lucky for us, Joseph lived in a house in a very secluded area - there were no neighbors or passing traffic for miles. His basement was part storage and part workout room - and very warm.

We tied the wildly struggling boy to Joseph's weight machine. Ryan's arms were stretched and tied to the top bar, so his brown hairy and sweaty armpits were totally exposed, and his feet to the lower part of the machine. He was forced to bend back slightly, so his pelvis stuck out - exposed.

We all stood back watching our tied up victim, while he yelled and screamed.


Ryan twisted and struggled to break loose from the ropes we used to tie him securely.

Unlike Mark and Steve from our previous torture sessions, Ryan was tied up but his body was stretched - a little taut - over one of the apparatus cushions, so it forced him to arch his body, so his pelvis was thrust out. His ass was exposed too, but his movement was very restricted.

Justin took the lead and said sternly to Ryan "You know, I didn't Fuckin' trip you on purpose. You are one fuckin' arrogant dude man, and you need to be taught some manners."

With that, Jesse and Daniel approached the struggling boy, and ripped off his sweaty red shirt, while Ryan yelled, cursing them.

"WHATTHEFUCKMAN?????" Ryan yelled, struggling hard to break loose.

We stared at his beautiful smooth chest, sweat dripping from his armpits, and down his chest, to his navel, down a trail of dark hair to his hidden pubes.

His chest heaved from the struggle, his stomach and abs tight from pulling at the restraints, and from being forced to arch his upper body back.


"Shut up Ryan. Shut up." Justin said "We are tired of your arrogant attitude. You hate faggots, but you have no idea what you are missing, so..."

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SAYING??? ARE YOU FAGGOTS???SHIT!!!!!" Ryan yelled back, glaring at Justin, and then turning his head to Joseph "ARE


"Well, as I was saying Ryan, "Justin said. walking up to Ryan, and touching his exposed, sweaty, heaving smooth chest. "Your behavior is not acceptable."

With that Justin suddenly pinched both of Ryan's brown nipples hard and long, while he screeched and yelled.

"GAWD!!!!!FUCK!!!!LETTTTTGOOOOOOOO!!!SHIT!!!! Ryan screamed.

Justin yelled back "I will let go when you shut up. Or I can pinch harder" With that Justin twisted his fingers, pinching Ryan's nipples harder, while he squirmed and screamed, yelling "OKAY OKAYOKAYOKAY... PLEASE..."

"Okay... Ryan... we are going to show you how you can enjoy yourself as a faggot - well actually how faggot can enjoy you... and you are going to beg to have faggots like us make you cum, and when you do that fucker, what does that make you," Justin said, releasing Ryan's nipples.

Ryan glared, and then started yelling "No fucking way... no way will I beg and ask you to do anything to me... shit no... fuck you"

He grew even angrier, shaking at the tight restraints, and then spit at Justin in anger. That was a big mistake for Ryan. He hit Justin's cheek. (Little did he know that Justin would love ANY bodily fluid of handsome Ryan's)

Justin laughed and mocked Ryan "you are one bad, tough guy aren't you????", grabbing Ryan's cheeks together.

He then backed slightly away from the boy. Ryan seemed scared now that his surge of bravado passed and then Justin quickly turned and slapped

the boy's tight stomach hard. Ryan gasped and yelled at the sudden attack. Justin smiled and then slapped his hands on the boy's flat, reddening stomach - giving him a "pink belly" treatment.

Ryan started to scream and yell - the pain was intense and he struggled hard to break free and away from the slapping hands.

After 30 slaps on his red stomach, Justin stopped, while Ryan, his eyes full of tears, sagged abit muttering "god fuck you... god... fuck you fuck you... no more please fuck... no more"

Justin then nodded to us to proceed.

Joseph, who had a crush on Ryan, knelt next to Ryan's sagging, now squirming body, and buried his face in the sweaty crotch of Ryan's dark pants, smelling his boy sweat and crotch odors, moaning.

Daniel and Jesse took off Ryan's Nike's, and sniffed his white-socked feet, and then peeled off the socks. Joseph had the honors of stripping off Ryan's sweaty pants, unbuckling his belt, slowly pulling down his pants zipper, and then, while Ryan cursed him, pulled down his pants slowly.

Ryan was wearing white jockey briefs - Hane's actually. Usually, he wore boxers, but this was a nice surprise. The tight bulging shorts were full of his 5 inch soft dick and ample walnut sized balls - both limp and enlarged from the hot basement.

Joseph and I brought our noses to the crotch of Ryan's sweaty underwear and sniffed his piss stains and what looked like old cum stains, and just plain boy sweat. The odor was intoxicating and I nearly came right in my pants, while Ryan's body twisted and turned, desperately trying to get away from our probing noses.

Joseph finally pulled down Ryan's underwear and ripped them off, while Ryan screamed and then blushed a deep red when Joseph displayed his

underwear for us to see - showing us Ryan's piss stains and slight skid marks on the seat.


YOUAREDOINGTHISMAN" Ryan yelled and moaned.

His completely nude body, arched over the a apparatus, his pelvis lewdly sticking out, exposed his dick, balls, - his entire body for our feasting eyes, mouths and fingers.

Aaron uncapped some Rush aroma, sniffed it, and then said "Ryan needs to get in the mood" and then placed the brown bottle under his nose,

pinching his nipples hard yelling "Ryan, breath in now or I swear, I will fuckin twist your titties off".

With that Aaron twisted Ryan's nipples almost clockwise, while Ryan screamed, and breathed the aroma, getting a sudden high.

"OH GAWD... OH FUCK... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT-OH SHIT!! "Ryan babbled, his head nodding.

Joseph then started licking Ryan's soft spongy cock head, while Daniel got underneath and swallowed Ryan's entire scrotum, jiggling the walnut sized balls in his warm mouth.

Joseph licked down the still limp shaft, sniffing the wonderful manly odor, until he buried his nose in Ryan's thick brown pubic bush.

Ryan's body strained and pulled at the ropes, his body taut and sweaty. He was gasping "oh Jesus... Oh fuck... oh Jesus... Oh gawd. oh gawd no no no no please no no no OH OH OH OH OH OH!!!!"

Jesse, hot and horny from watching the rape of Ryan's wet prick, started to lick and suck Ryan's nipples, running his hands over his heaving

smooth chest. Daniel started to suck on Ryan's squirming toes, sniffing the stink of his feet, tonguing the odor away, while Ryan's screamed and

gasped even more begging them to stop.

I took my favorite spot and got underneath to Ryan's exposed butt - I waited until he gasped and stopped screaming before I slowly licked his sweaty clenched ass crack. I knew this straight boy never had anything done to him like that.

It was something he didn't expect and went nearly nuts, when despite his struggling, I continued to violate his tight straight boy virgin clenched ass crack, forcing my tongue up and down the musky and sweaty crevice, while he cursed me.

He tried desperately to tighten his cheeks together so my tongue could not penetrate it to the slightly hairy trench - a place no one had ever touched this way before. Needless to say, the combination of a hot tongue sending waves of unbelievable pleasure that also caused almost an unbearable ticklish feeling, made it easy for me to pry open the hidden man trench of this straight boy.

I brought up my hands and pried them open even more, now exposing his quivering pinkish brown asshole. Even though the boy's body was smooth -

he was really hairy under his arm pits, his crotch - and a slight trail of hair in and around his asshole. How sexy!!!!

I backed off slightly and turned my head up, and yelled "Hey Ryan, get ready to be tongue fucked!"

With that... I tongued that straight boy's asshole, forcing my tongue deep into his ass, while he tried hard to tighten his asshole shut, while gasping "oh gawd..oh fuck..."

His young hard cock could no longer withstand the assault of six hot mouths, hands, fingers, and his limp cut cock slowly lengthened and then grew to a steel hard 6 1/2 inch dick, glistening with precum and Joseph's loving spit, as he polished Ryan's cock head thoroughly.

Aaron gave Ryan another hit - this time without having to twist his nipples, nd Ryan was now glazed with sex heat, though still crying out "no no no no no". But his heaving chest, his tight stomach, his steel hard cock all were signs that this straight boy was ready to explode.

I stuck a couple of fingers up Ryan's ass to massage his prostate - Ryan gasped again, arched as much as he could, and screamed "oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd oh gawd" while Joesph gave Ryan's dick a deep duck, and then he came, squirting 8 times, all over his chest.

Joseph milked the boy 20 more times, before letting him down gently from his sexual high. Ryan's beautiful face was relaxed and his head nodded back and forth while he muttered "oh god..oh god... oh god..."

He probably thought that was the end of it...

Little did he know. Unlike our two previous victims, we got too sexually excited and made Ryan cum sooner than we had planned. We wanted to tickle him without mercy and make him beg for it. But now, the poor boy as limp and exhausted from probably the most intense orgasm of his life.

His body... like any guy's was extremely sensitive to touch, especially his cock... and what better way to teach a arrogant straight guy a lesson in humility but to make him squirm and cum again after polishing his sensitive knob and making him scream?

Justin said to Ryan quietly "You know, you came without permission, so we have to teach you a lesson. I guess you like faggots making you cum... so we are going to make you cum until you can't... RIGHT NOW!!!"

Ryan's head jerked up, and his eyes widened, yelling "NO NO NO NO NO GOD

NO!!!! I CAN"T PLEASE!!!!!!!OH GAWD SHIT..." he babbled incoherently, twisting and pulled at his restraints. His eyes were wide with sheer panic and terror of a little boy.

Jesse had already started slowly polishing Ryan's wet with cum cockhead, in a agonizingly slow,very slow circular motion, ever so often, rubbing the edge and underneath the cock head. Then he would reverse the polishing, speeding up and sometimes slowing down - while Ryan entire body quivered.

Daniel went back and sucked Ryan's contracted swollen balls, while Joseph began running his fingers up and down Ryan's sides, tickling his sweaty armpits, then working his back down his sides again.

Ryan went crazy, stretching his body so that every muscle showed - his body taut and flexed in a desperate attempt to break the restraints. He screamed and babbled begging us to stop, cursing us, and then nearly crying "oh god please oh god... stop, stop stop..."

I meanwhile took position of torturing his squirming feet and toes, running my fingers up and down the soles, while sucking his toes. Ryan's reaction was electric and he laughed hysterically, his chest heaving with excitement, his head shaking back and forth while begging us to stop.

Jesse increased the polishing of Ryan's cock head, now jerking the now steel hard shaft, with one hand, while his other polish the extremely sensitive cock head - ignoring Ryan's anguished pleas to stop.

More and more precum was pouring out of Ryan's jerking cock head, while his body jumped and squirmed. Justin joined in and started tonguing Ryan's ears and neck, all the while whispering "hey Ryan, you love this don't you..."

Ryan's body couldn't stand it anymore and he arched his chest, pulling tightly - his feet being tickled and sucked, his nipples and bellybutton tongued and sucked; his extremely sensitive balls totally swallowed and tongued, his sides and armpits tickled, his neck and ears played with by another hot tongue - and finally his cock being unmercifully played with.

His cock head cruelly being rubbed, Jesse slowly swirling his fingers, polishing them over the spongy hot cock head, wet with precum and spit, while another hand jerked up and down Ryan's hard shaft - now quickly as Jesse felt Ryan's cum shooting up from his balls and out from his cock, splattering on his pubic hair and stomach, while he screamed and moaned "oh fuckin' Jesus ..oh gawd... oh... oh... oh..."

Cruelly, Jesse watched Ryan's face and instead of letting go, or easing up on the cock, he increased the jerking and increased the tempo of

rubbing and polishing the cock head - now so extremely and painfully sensitive from his second cumming.

Ryan's reaction was disbelief - he shook his head, jerking it up, his eyes wide with fear, yelling "OH FUCKIN SHIT GAWD NO STOP I CAN"T STAND IT FUCKSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPSTOPOHGAWD..."

His body squirmed, twisted and struggled, almost dancing in his restraints, while Jesse slowly manipulated Ryan's still hard and wet long shaft, sending shivers of utter ecstasy and unbearable pleasure through Ryan's entire body.

Ryan had never, never before felt this before - the intensity of being touched after cumming the first time was indescribable -now, being rubbed and touched again, after coming a second time was pure torture.

Looking at his squirming body, his high pitched screams, I nearly feared he would go insane. Jesse was unmoved - and kept on with the slow


Ryan, in a panic from the unbearable feeling shook his head back and forth, arching his back, and shrieked out "ICANTICANTSHITFUCKYOU!!!!!OH GAWDSTOPSTOPSTOP"

It took another 20 minutes of polishing his cock head, but the poor straight boy finally came again for a third time - though not after tremendous suffering from the boy who wept and screamed from having his ultra sensitive cock - especially the knob polished, rubbed and stroked over and over and over and over again.

Two hours later he was made to cum two more times, after long tickling sessions in between. Ryan couldn't tell the difference since the feeling of having his cock and knob polished and rubbed after shooting one load after another felt as intense and unbearable as being tickled tortured - even worse.

After a long final torturous edging, cock polishing and rubbing over and over of his still hard shaft and throbbing cockhead head, Ryan came one more time, though the cum just came out in dribbles. By that time Ryan - once a cute straight arrogant cocky asshole - was reduced to a babbling, quivering idiot. His cock and knob were so ultra sensitive now that even a finger lightly touching any part of it caused him to shriek out. He was crying and his sweaty muscled teen body was shaking from the non-stop ordeal.

Jesse fastened a cockring around Ryan's cock and balls causing Ryan to gasp, sucking in his stomach, yelling - but so exhausted by his ordeal that he sagged again. Jesse attached some small weights to the ring, stretching the boy's balls down, while Ryan looked down, trying to kick Jesse away. This only caused the weights to move back and forth causing even more intense pain.

Ryan begged for Jesse to remove them, crying "oh god... god please... god what else are you going to do to me oh please... stop ... take it off... please... it hurts... god it hurts..."

Jesse added another small weight, while Ryan screamed, shaking and buckling his entire body - causing the weights to move almost violently

back and forth, causing even more pain. Ryan yelled, but suddenly tried hard to stand still, his eyes full of tears, his mouth clenched in pain.

Aaron went up and sucked on the boy's nipples again, while Ryan gasped.

Then Aaron pinched the hard nipples, attached two clothes pins on each, and one in his bellybutton, while Ryan literally screamed "MY GOD!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!! NO!!!!!! GOOOOOOOODD!!!!!"

This caused his body to swing back and forth, causing the weights on his balls to swing - causing Ryan to screech in pain again. The pain for the boy was intense - he never had his nipples or cute navel abused or tortured before.

We let this go on for another 20 minutes - it was a turn on to see this boy cum and suffer. After all, he had the biggest and best orgasms of his young life - this was fair payment for having that happen and having a bad attitude too.

After five hours, we untied the naked boy, removed the ball weights and clothes pins, who collapsed in our arms. We carried him to the van, and put him on the mattress on the floor as we drove to take him home. All six of us were in the van, with Justin driving. Lust got the best of us

- even though we came four or five times ourselves. We needed to fuck the poor boy - he was even more out of it than our two previous victims.

We left the cockring on though for him to remember when he woke up. Ryan was so beautiful, and was so cocky, that he needed to be fucked.

Each of us gently inserted our hard pricks between his sweaty ass cheeks and fucked his asshole all the way home.

Though tired, fucking this straight boy, smelling his neck and the sweaty scent of his hair was too much - we each came after only a few thrusts. Ryan. totally out of it, merely moaned and shook his head slowly slurring "oh god... oh god.. feels good... no... no... god... nomoremorenomore"

We arrived at his place just as Justin fucked him, and we carried him back into his apartment, throwing him on his bed naked. Like the other two victims, we found Ryan's dirty clothes - not in a hamper or anything, but strewn about his messy bedroom.

There were only three pairs of dirty jockey shorts, and one pair of boxers for us to take as souvenirs. The six of us shared the scent of Ryan's soiled underwear as remembrances of the night we shared teaching a cute arrogant straight boy a lesson he would never forget. We couldn't wait to pick our next victim.

(more on that in Straight and Bound Part 4: Curt)


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