STRAIGHT AND BOUND PART 4: CURT - CHAPTERS 7-11 (M/M, NC, Bond, Forced, CBT, Torture, Tickling, Edging, Cock Polishing, Post-Orgasm, Spanking, SM, Oral Sex, College Boys, Jocks, Straight, Dungeon)

By Eric Lane [email protected]

Written March 2014

Can reproduce without permission if full author credit is given.

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Looming far off the road was a large structure where the van was head to. It was referred to informally as the "receiving facility".

The receiving facility was like a warehouse in size, though from the outside its dimensions were deliberately hidden, with most of the structure underground. Every room below was sound proofed though with the nearest neighbor 50 miles away in any direction, it was more to keep the noise level down when they had - as they often did - multiple defiant straight boys being brought in.

Some being inspected, trained and readied for shipment to a buyer. Some boys were abducted and brought for a week or more to provide numerous live streamed video performances for a select rich private online club (who were also purchased boys for sale). Several times the guys in the van or the other facility workers would just hunt good looking straight boys to have fun with for a couple of days, or have them "perform" in the private club for members, before releasing them drunk or drugged hundreds of miles away from where they were abducted.

The facility had dozens of other large and small rooms, holding cells, and a medical clinic that was fully equipped to perform certain minor types of operations. Some straight boys - handsome and perfect in face may have features below that, for a buyer, requires certain improvements. Some boys may be perfect in body and face with the exception of a belly button that was an "outie" which a buyer might disapprove of and request that it be modified. Minor surgery would be performed to create a concave (or innie) navel for the boy. Similar surgery could be performed to remove tattoos and piercings, trim back surgically or to eliminate entirely unwanted foreskins if so requested by a buyer. The boys being subjected to these changes to their bodies were of course horrified when they awoke from anesthesia and saw what was done. They had no choice of course in the matter.

Except for boys who were purchased with a special condition of being totally "untouched", many of the straight boys were also brought hooded and gagged to a special private club as a special training session. The club was located about 60 miles from the facility - where anywhere from 50 to 100 wealthy club members sampled the merchandise with tickle torture, nipple torture, prolonged cock polishing, edging, forced multiple orgasms and post orgasm torments done over and over and over by countless hands, tongues, fingers. Cocky arrogant straight boys brought to that club almost always came back to the receiving facility driven to the point of insanity and exhaustion from being subjected to endless abuse by so many people. It usually took two days or more for a boy to fully recover and a few more for sometimes the hundreds of bite and pinch marks (from dozens and dozens of guys) and other marks from crops, whips and clothes pins to disappear.

The van slowed and then suddenly came to a stop inside a large barn like structure. The large garage door opened - the entrance large enough to fit a small U-haul type truck if needed. The van headed down a ramp into the huge underground garage that stored two small U-hall type trucks and 3 other vans. The van turned and stopped in front of a large metal door, opened by a large fearsome looking Samoan man who looked like a heavy weight wrestler

The van driver Joseph, getting out of his seat, went to the back of the van and had his first real look at the tied up boy. He was one of their most beautiful and sexy looking captives Joseph thought, though he realized, all of their victims seemed to look that way when they brought them back to the facility. Something about this boy that needed extra abuse Joseph thought as he knelt next to the tightly restrained boy.

Totally restrained, Curt was in no condition to resist or escape, and was still somewhat incapacitated by the drug earlier, though it was wearing off. They quickly unhooked his wrist cuffs from the wall chain and attached his wrist cuffs tight behind his back. The other two grabbed his ankle cuffs, unhooked it from the wall of the van, and then hooked a short chain to each ankle cuff - making it possible for him to shuffle, but impossible for him to run. They attached another short chain from that to his wrists.

"There!!!! That wasn't too bad, now, was it?" Jesse said in a mocking tone.

They pulled him up under his damp armpits, and carried his legs out of the van as he continued his muffled protests through the gag, and struggled, dragging him to his doom. The giant Samoan grabbed the chained and cuffed youth, and threw him over his shoulder carrying him inside.

The giant Samoan tossed Curt on the floor - entirely covered by wrestling type mats, slapping the boy's jean covered ass hard as he struggled, his muffled yelling resuming. The Samoan loved the way this one looked, smelled and struggled - and he grinned happily because he knew his hard 13 inch giant baseball bat like cock would be raping Curt's tight ass in the next few days if not sooner. He was always patient because when his time came he was always given two hours or more to do what he wanted with their tightly restrained captured prey in one of the smaller private rooms - that (like all the rooms) were video live streaming. The one on one in the smaller room on a large bed - made to look like someone's home - made the assaults and abuse even more intense and harder to take for their captured boys because it seemed so much more intimate.

Two guys from the van - now wearing black ski masks to focus more attention on their new prey for the video cameras, grabbed Curt, still blindfolded, and pulled him over between two concrete posts with several bolts at different heights designed specifically to restrain a guy spread eagle standing, but leaving full access to both sides of a tied up body.

They quickly unhooked his wrists and attached the cuffs to hooks to heavy chains that were attached to the posts through thick iron casted bolted eyes. His tormentors could spread his arms and legs even further depending on how much chain was pulled. His muscled biceps were now helpless, his arms stretched as if he were doing a permanent jumping jack. The display of this handsome stud, exposing his hairy pits, stretching his muscled body not only exposed him to anything his captors wanted to do to him - it increased their lust.

Though Curt's arms were now restrained and helpless, his legs, though chained together were not yet chained to the posts and he started to struggle furiously again knowing that this was his last chance for now to break free. He knew there was little chance of that happening but in his mind he had to fight back to show these faggots he wouldn't just give in and give up.

One of the hooded guys ripped off the duct tape, pulling out some of Curt's face and neck hairs as he muffled a scream with the dirty underwear still in his mouth. He pulled out the soaked dirty briefs - which belonged to one of their earlier young handsome victims and tossed it on the floor for later use.

Curt, moved his sore jaw around and around, at first not able to form words or speak. He was still blindfolded for the moment.

After a few seconds, able to form words and speak, he began to struggle in earnest, yelling "HEY! HEY! Stop!!!! I'm not gay okay?!!!! What the fuck are you doing! Lemme go! Man - let me the fuck go!!!!"

It took all their might - to hold down his legs that were kicking and pulling in a desperate attempt to break away. They pressed his leg down hard and with enormous effort, tied them securely at each end, so his body was spread eagled (upright), his arm pits, and body completely tied and at their mercy. They were all sweating and panting from the exertion of restraining this boy.

"Fuck Curt, you are fuckin' strong...." One of ski-masked hooded guys said struggling to pull his legs as the straight tried desperately to stop them for tying up his legs.

It took them a few seconds to force each leg and ankle apart and attach a hook to the frame that spread out his legs lewdly.

"FAAAAUUUUCCCCK!!!!" he yelled.

To give Curt even less freedom of movement, they looped around each of his thighs (still covered with his pants), and then secured to the post tightly. While he could buckle and struggle - especially his upper body, there was very little movement he could do with his thighs and legs.

His hands fisted his body taut and flexed trying to desperately break his restraints; Curt struggled for a few more minutes, pulling at the ropes, yelling "LET ME GO!!!!!"

Without saying a word, one of the ski-masked hooded guys walked up to the struggling and cursing boy and removed his blindfold.

His mind enraged and confused by his abduction, Curt's eyes squinted for several seconds, blinking rapidly trying to adjust to the bright lights of the room. At first he wasn't able to make out anything. In a second or two he could see - and looked down and then around the room and at his kidnappers. He saw a giant king sized bed that was on some platform. A large flat table big enough for a large man to be laid on. Different racks, chains, whips, and what were clearly - even to Curt - large rubber dildos of various sizes - including several of that were enormous in size. He saw what appeared to be electrical units with long leads with small pads and straps of what purpose he could not fathom. But it all added up to something evil for Curt - and he sensed many of these horrible implements would be used on his body. He fought back a shudder and panic.

Curt saw how big the room was, seeing no windows, but two metal large doors and no other avenues of escape.

Blindfolded up until seconds before, he had no idea where he was. He could be anywhere. What he saw horrified him - though he would have been even more horrified by the other rooms and facilities that he couldn't see. Worse he saw several guys - including husky sized men that he knew were not in the van - with ski-masks, some standing a few feet from him, others further away - but all staring at him. The sight of those hooded men was meant to strike fear in their captured prey - and it almost always did. For Curt he tried to remember what the guys in the van looked like - that lessened the fear somewhat. But it was still unnerving to see 10 or 12 or more guys hooded and surrounding a victim tied up and helpless.

Though he appeared to his captors as defiant and unafraid, Curt was doing all he could to fight the feelings to terror - almost as if he was a little boy again and lost and wanting to cry for his mother. He knew he was now trapped. This was no small time abduction. This was something much bigger that just some random abduction and rape - but Curt didn't know what.

His eyes glared at them in almost pure rage now hiding the growing fear and apprehension that he had to fight off from turning into sheer panic. The alpha male part of Curt still felt that somehow he could control - or get control back of this situation. The guys from the van - though now hooded - didn't look too tough. But he worried about the other bigger guys - hooded and surrounding him. Curt knew that for now escape was impossible. But he had to keep trying.

"Welcome home Curt. Yeah...well, you're here whether you are welcome or not. But man you have a fuckin hot body and we welcome that for sure. You're going to have a lot of fans. See....cameras....everywhere...every sound....everything that happens...including the van," said one of the guys from the van, pointing to all the different cameras everywhere.

Curt looked around in disbelief at all the cameras - and two cameramen holding what appeared to be very expensive mobile hand held units. How could this be happening he thought?

He yelled in growing rage, "NONONNONNOOO!!!! Let me go....goddamn it!!! Fuck!!!!...."

Two hooded guys went through the other personal stuff of Curt's, finding his personal toiletries - nothing special, except, hidden away in the pouch of the overnight shaving kit was - to their surprise - a small size bottle of Astroglide lube! And tucked away at the bottom of the big bag was a porno magazine of naked young beautiful women.

"Well, well, well...what do we have here Curt? You must like to jerk off a lot dude - though have to compliment you on your choice of product - Astroglide definitely is good stuff...We'll have to use this on you. Love your reading material too" one of the hooded guys from the van said in a mocking voice, bringing the bottle out right in front of Curt's now reddened face.

Curt's eyes widened, glaring back at his tormentors with rage and failing to hide his further embarrassment. It was humiliating to have these perverts he thought, inspect all of his personal belongings, strip his clothes off and touch him - and now find the lube which he always carefully hid away when he travelled. His face was flushed with embarrassment - though he tried to shake it off with anger.

"FUCK YOU!!!!" he spat out angrily. He muttered angrily "sick sick", shaking his head in disgust.

"And what's this....your camera. Hmmm...WOW! Bro - what's with these pictures?" the hooded guy from the van said, and then looked at the hundreds of photos stored in camera - and some short video clips. There had to be over a thousand pictures - all of Curt. Curt shirtless. Close-ups of his butt and crotch. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

" Fuck - guys come here....look at this shit...Hey Curt you like having pictures taken of yourself naked? You look semi-hard there Curt - and all these other pictures here...shirtless, in your underwear? What kind of pervert are you Curt? Who you giving these to? Your mother? Sure...You are as fucked up as we are!!!!" the hooded guy taunted the boy as he showed the pictures on the digital camera to the other guys - who whooped and yelled out in excitement, including a taunting wolf whistle. They loaded the pictures and video onto a hard drive and on the three giant video screens a slow slide show of the pictures were shown. The small audience of potential buyers could also see those pictures and also see and hear the proceedings - and every proceeding- in the facility.

"Look...that camera isn't mine. I took it from my neighbor upstairs - he dropped his camera on me. The faggot was taking pictures of me all the time I was living there without me knowing....He's the pervert," Curt muttered back to his tormentors. "Look guys, you had your fun. This is fucked up. Just let me go. Keep the fuckin camera. Keep everything. Just let me go. Now."

Curt still couldn't believe that he was abducted by other guys for his body.

They now were looking at those pictures, staring back at him to compare - especially the shots of him lying naked in his patio.

They mocked him for the piss stains and intense strong pungent odor from his underwear and showed him the stains - and even the very slight brownish skid mark. They showed each item - close-up - each of the soiled garments, pointing to the location of the offending stain - right next to Curt's reddened face.

"I guess your momma didn't teach you how to be clean and wipe yourself good, huh?" Daniel said, close to Curt's ear, then nibbling it like some girl, causing Curt to buckle and jerk his head away.

Curt's was embarrassed -- it was humiliating to him to have his body and clothes - especially his underwear, so intimately examined and sniffed. What kind of sick animals were these Curt thought trying to hold back constant rising feelings of panic.

Each of the hooded guys from the van had their lust fueled by the fact that they had this handsome straight boy at their complete mercy - a boy who would normally intimidate them with his Adonis good looks and body. Like all the previous victims. All his good looks, his beautiful muscled body had no power to stop them or intimidate them now. Curt was tied up and helpless. That was a part of the reason why the guys from the van enjoyed immensely their job - the other reason was pure financial.

Hundreds of benefactors across the world - especially Asian and Middle East - loved abducted straight good-looking boys - for on-going video movies, short clips, and sometimes brief personal "appearances" or in many cases, purchased as a sex slave to be subjected with all kinds of pleasures and torments - the extent and duration depending on the buyer. Sometimes the guys in the van would abduct a good-looking boy for just a short period of time - sometimes for a night, sometimes for a weekend or several days and properly blackmailed, dumped them in a different town, traumatized but otherwise unharmed

No matter the ultimate fate of each prey they abducted, each of their boys stalked and abducted and then edged, milked, and tortured would have their entire ordeal fully videotaped. Many of those videos would be edited down and posted on a special gay bdsm site (a certain benefactor liked those videos posted for the public to see - getting a special thrill out of having a captured boy - disguised - and yet sexually assaulted on tape and for enjoyment and entertainment by possibly people who knew them or were their friends and family - without knowing it was them.

And the victims would be forced to endure that humiliation on top of so many others - knowing that the constant violations of their bodies were posted for people to see - even if their specific identities were hidden.

Curt was no different. A series of videos would be posted several weeks from now, though in all of those clips he would be hooded or his face blurred by video editing to hide his identity.

"Shut the fuck up! You don't have a choice either way. "

Curt, enraged, yelled back "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! LET ME GO!!!!! FUCK!!!!" as if he could order them around.


Aaron went up to Curt and rudely yanked a black leather hood on the boy's sweaty head as he struggled and yelled. The hood that had openings for his eyes, his nostrils and mouth into place, and they locked it with a mini-lock. The hood caused Curt to go into a panic mode - it felt invasive and worse, it was hot and seemed hard to see and breathe. He struggled even more, cursing them, and then pleading for them to take it off. He thought it would drive him crazy wearing it.

Jesse came up and shoved a red ball gag into the boy's open mouth, strapping it tightly - but allowing Curt to still yell and scream - though almost all his words would be muffled or unintelligible.

Without warning, Aaron bitch slapped his face hard through the leather hood - causing the boy to yell, and then kissed him on the lips biting into the ball gag.

"Yeah, big fucking straight boy all tied up and now just fuckin kissed by a certified faggot. How did you like that, huh?"

Curt struggled and yanked at his restraints in vain - and yelled further in what they assumed was a muffled "FUCKIN LET ME GO!!!"

"Well, let's get started Curt. You'll have a new name for your potential buyers and the audience watching the videos by of course."

Buyers? Audience? New name? What the fuck???? He was confused, though he did see the video cams and camera men. But what was going on?

Before Curt could protest and struggle further, Jesse and Daniel approached the boy and ripped Curt's t-shirt off, tearing it completely from his body.

""AAAAHAHAHAHFFFFFKKK!!!!!!" Curt gasped and yelled again his reedy masculine voice muffled because of the ball gag. The yelling and the sheer fury of his struggling only made them hotter, and they watched for a few minutes, while Curt's sweaty smooth body squirmed and struggled to break free.

It was especially erotic to all those watching Curt now to see his burst of rage, his smooth muscled defined chest, expanding with air as he yelled and struggled, his 8 pack abs crunching and his bellybutton hole winking making his already low slung jeans hang even lower, showing more of his underwear waistband.

They loved his slightly hairy belly button. It was large enough to stick an index finger into it without a problem, and had some folds of skin deep in the hole that offered some mystery, hidden odors and perhaps - they hoped - even more ticklish sensations. They knew that most straight boys never had their belly buttons played with - maybe kissed in passing by a girl - but never fingered or tongued on a concentrated prolonged way that they would do to him - as they did to other boys. Curt would find - as all the previous victims did - that every part of his muscled beautiful body, every orifice, every fingers, toes, fingers, armpits, nipples, dick and balls - would be thoroughly explored, fondled, played with over and over. They would have fun drilling their fingers, tickling and tonguing that sexy hole.

Though his head was now covered by the hot leather hood, his tormentors knew by the movement of his head, the growing panic and horror on his handsome face, though he tried to hide it with macho rage. The hood took some of the frat boy college athlete bravado out of him, because it increasingly became hotter causing his head to sweat profusely matting his hair and - that made him also think that it could somehow suffocate him.

Other than being punked, he had no idea what they exactly would do with him never having experienced gay sex and never watched gay porn. He had no points of real references to go by other than what people saw in mainstream movies about guys in prisons getting raped or what he heard in the locker rooms or on the street. Nearly all of those references though were derogatory and about getting punked in the ass. Curt knew about hand jobs but it never occurred to him to think about a guy doing that to him ever. He knew gay guys sucked dick - though that never interested him in the least and he, like a lot of straight boys, thought he would never get off or get hard by a guy sucking him or touching him. He never thought about other forms of male on male sex. He of course had seen mainstream movies of guys getting tortured - so he had some knowledge of that.

Yeah, there was that neighbor upstairs from his apartment that definitely creeped him out by his stares and picture taking that he didn't realize what he was doing the past year until his camera dropped on him. And there were over the years as a teenager when at different times older men would says things to him that later he realized were offers to blow him or even pay him for sex, though he didn't realize it at the time. He just ignored them like he did with anyone who he thought wasn't important to him - like that guy who lived upstairs from him. Fucking faggot he thought. But could this be happening to him as a barrage of thoughts flashed through his mind.

He could only think of what he heard - like everyone else - what goes on in prison with big ass cons punking young new guys against their will. That was the only point of reference that Curt had to go on. But this wasn't prison, so what was happening - how could they do this Curt thought?

"Well, even if you're a freak who takes pictures of himself like that, I have to admit you are one hell of a pretty dude. Yeah. " Aaron said, putting his face just an inch or two away from Curt's hooded head forcing an intimacy that further repelled him.

"But you think because you are so fuckin good-looking that you can have your fucking way. Well, all that's over for you boy. You're nothing but a fuckin sex toy, bitch."

At that he placed his long dry fingers under the boy's damp sweaty hairy armpits, rubbing it there lightly, as Curt's body tightened up. His body shook slightly - in fear and anticipation that maybe those fingers would tickle him - something he couldn't stand. Until this moment it never occurred to Curt that tickling would even be one of the abuses he would have to face. Now he feared they would tickle him if they could get a reaction from him. Curt in a split-second realized he had to show them that he wasn't ticklish, while also fighting off the panic and sheer terror in his brain exploding just over the thought of being tickled.

The fingers played and pulled slightly at his armpit hairs, lightly - with feather like touches - glided over, sometimes dragging a finger or two around the outside area of his pit, and - dangerously to Curt - finger walking in and around the hairy pits, always falling just short of actually tickling him. But the sensation shot electric tremors through his entire muscled now taut body with Curt doing all he could not to be overcome by the growing panic of sheer terror that those fingers would tickle him. He tried desperately - and thought he was succeeding - in not moving his body as if the touching did not scare him, even if he showed disgust of what they were doing.

The touching of those fingers - back and forth dancing their digits lightly in his hairy pits that were an intense mixture of sensations that brought him just to edge of what would be outright tickling. To Curt's mind it was like the electric touch of feathers skillfully probing each armpit hair - and sometimes drilling lightly into the skin there. But never crossing over the edge to outright tickling, though Curt never knew that. He was terrified that at any moment they would plunge their fingers into his sides and pits and tickle him to death.

It took all of Curt's will power, gritting his teeth on the ball gag hard, closing his eyes tight, his hands fisted and his body going rigid to withstand the sensations - and not to show his tormentors any reaction. Unknown to him, Curt was giving his tormentors the exact response they wanted and knew they would get from him - as they got from all of their previous victims. This was just a prelude of what was to come, to make him think he fooled them.

After Curt was forced to endure 30 intense agonizing minutes of the light touching of his body, Aaron brought both hands back to his own face to sniff his fingers that were coated with the heavy pungent dank smell of Curt's hairy armpits. The armpits stink of a very handsome straight college frat boy. An athlete. On his fingers. The scent caused Aaron's dick to harden even more - as it did for his friends watching.

He took the ball gag out of Curt's mouth, now thoroughly coated with his spit, wanting the boy's threats and screaming to be fully heard and recorded.

They knew this particular boy was built for defiance - which was a huge part of their almost idol-like attraction toward him. They hoped he would retain that boyish defiance at some level throughout the time they would have him. It clearly enhanced already his marketability especially to certain very wealthy Arabs, European, South American and Asian businessmen who loved such attributes and subscribed to the very exclusive live video streaming of this and other beautiful boys. Curt was definitely a prized and coveted piece of merchandise - his value further added with the posting of the thousand or so photos and short videos taken of his shirtless by his neighbor. .

Curt, not saying anything, exhaled loudly with his entire body suddenly losing tension after being subjected to the unwanted touching. He breathed deeply, thinking he was successful in hiding his weakness of being extremely ticklish but was still terrified that they would even try to do such a thing. He had no idea that he was already doomed for the worst intense never-ending tickle torture in the history of the facility. Dozens of rich subscribers paid thousands of dollars for that event to happen - though Curt would face other ordeals first.

Still bewildered Curt realized that he was tied up, helpless. They could do anything to him. He thought that he would be raped or physically abused in some way.

But he had the misfortune of all good-looking athletic young males - that he was man enough to overcome a lot of pain. He never thought until now about tickling or edging or milking that would be done to him. Or the intense amount of pain that another person could inflict if they were sadistic and creative enough. These guys were.

With only a few minutes respite from the near tickle touching of his body, Bobby placed his hands on Curt's muscled sweaty meaty pecs putting his long fingers on each of his dark quarter sized nipples haloed by a hairs, kneading the prominent nipples gently at first, between his fingers and thumbs while Curt sucked in his stomach, and tightened his chest, trying not to react. Having Bobby touch him anywhere - but especially his nipples - made Curt's skin crawl.

Both Bobby and Eric bent over slightly to suck hard on Curt's nipples - licking, then lightly biting both, and then sucking hard as if Curt was nursing some overgrown babies. The nibbling and hard sucking of his nipples by two guys who pulled the nodules as far as it could go caused an intense mixture of stinging pain and unwanted sensation of pleasure that caused Curt's semi hard sausage to flex obscenely in front of his tormentors. Curt yelled at them to stop and tried to back his chest away, muttering "Fuckin sick....this is sick....." But his body was too tightly restrained and his tormentors continued their biting, nibbling and sucking of Curt's tits.

No girl - not anyone - ever touched or played his nipples like that. Girls that he fucked might nibble and suck on them briefly - but that was it. How could this be happening Curt thought. He felt waves of awful humiliation washing over him seeing and feeling what they were doing to him and trying desperately to shut out the sight and sounds of his body being molested by guys.

Both Eric and Bobby saw what Curt was trying to do and quickly pinched hard both of his already sore nipples and then pulled them back, forth and stretched them out from his pecs, with the same sadistic glee of some fucked up kid pulling the wings off a fly.

"OPEN YOUR FUCKIN EYES!!! YOU AIN'T GONNA ACT LIKE THIS AINT HAPPENING!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!" Bobby spat and pinched and yanked hard on Curt's nipples.

Curt shrieked in pain - the loudest yell so far by their count - and he struggled again mightily in anger and frustration, cursing them and screaming "GOD STOP!!! OH SHIT!!!!! PLEASE!!!! OH GOD!!!! STOP STOP!!!!"

Eric backed away a little to watch as Bobby slapped the Curt's muscled pecs and then repeatedly over and over and over, slapping hard on his flat stomach - making it bright red as he gasped, clenching his teeth trying not to scream out the pain he felt.

Curt, his eyes wincing from the sharp stinging pain, gritted his teeth, grunted loudly, panting, and his muscled body thrashing back and forth. Tears welled and streamed from his eyes, though Curt still looked defiant muttering "I fuckin will kill you..." under his breath.

"You gonna cry little straight boy? Huh? Yeah? Can't take a little pain? Huh?" Bobby taunted Curt, grabbing his jaw and forcing him to look at his face, now just two inches away. Curt felt the hot breath of his tormentor as he stared into his eyes. The forced intimacy - something they would do to Curt time and again - was unnerving to him.

Curt tried to turn his face away - cursing his tormentors "FUCK YOU!!!!!" and trying to spit, but suddenly gasped for air as Bobby socked his hard stomach several times without warning. Then he continued slapping the boy hard on his flat stomach that left his hand imprint over and over. Several of the buyers watching on live stream video had requested this punishment specifically to see how the merchandise would react. He performed far beyond their expectations.

Curt, his eyes wet with tears from the stinging pain, glared at Bobby - hating him especially (remembering his intrusive behavior in the van. He sagged in his bondage, his chest heaving from the nipple torture - he discovered now he couldn't bear the pain of his nipples being twisted. In his straight boy experience that type of physical assault would never have happened before except in very brief frat boy type horsing around. Never with the prolonged intensity done by Bobby and the others that exposed to Curt just how sensitive his nipples were.

Before his abduction, Curt always swaggered around campus and anywhere he went as the alpha male type tough guy. Others always deferred to him. He believed then that he could endure all kinds of pain, but that experience was strictly exertions as an athlete. Not like this. He would soon realize - as previous victims before him learned - that there was a special intensity and deliberate methodical way his abductors administered punishment that made it hard for Curt to withstand it. It was also the prolonged nature of the attacks too that broke down resistance.

His tormentors knew exactly what they were doing. Everything was calculated to approach, overcome and then go far, far past the internal boundaries of resistance of their victims without any time limitations. To his tormentors, Curt and all the other straight boys abducted before him, those internal boundaries of resistance were so low to be child's play. Straight boys had no idea.

A particular torment - tickle torture or cock polishing or edging, electro torture - could go on and on and on and on with no discernible pattern or reason to the victim - but there was always a reason why they did what they did. For Curt and the other victims, the only thing for sure was that each torment was intense, calculated, brutal (if pain was involved), unbearable (if pleasurable sensations was involved) and always long.

Suddenly they all backed off - and the group of his fellow tormentors stared for a moment at their prize. Curt, relieved at the momentary pause of being abused, exhaled again deeply and stood trying to muster up the strength he knew he would need to face whatever was going to happen next.

He was sweating now from his brown haired arm pits, sweat coming from his chest, down to his navel, down a trail of brown hair leading down to his now sweaty pubic bush, still hidden by his pants. He could see the group of guys staring back at him, licking their lips with their eyes glazed in pure animal like lust. He shuddered and closed his green eyes as if to shut out them out - knowing he was helpless his hellish descent into more and more humiliation and abuse. In his head he vowed to get loose somehow at the first chance - and would fight back no matter what. He would get through this and would ruin their expectations that he was some pussy who they could break down and beg. Fuck that. He opened his eyes and glared back at them .

"This is fucked up man. Just let me go. Now." Curt said evenly, trying again not to show any reaction - though his body clearly was - and trying to act as if he could control the situation he was in as he was always able to do. But that was before his abduction. Now, it was disconcerting to Curt - used to getting his way and always being listened to - to being totally ignored. Not his body of course - just his protests and demands.

Daniel, hooded, came up to the boy, squatted, staring straight at Curt's flat belly and abs and began to unbuckle the wide belt, as he twisted and turned his lower body in a vain attempt to stop it. But he was chained and restrained too tightly to allow much movement. The hooded boy just slapped Curt's flat heaving stomach hard and finished unbuckling his belt, pulling it out off his jeans in one quick motion, holding it like some prize tossing it over to Bobby.

Another hooded guy - Curt couldn't tell who, walked a step or two to Curt bending over slightly and easily unfastened the top button of his sweaty damp jeans, despite the continued wild struggling of the boy.

" man...stop...stop" Curt tried to say in a reasoned tone as if that would have any effect. "You don't want to do this, okay? Just stop...Stop!!!!"

Curt knew stripping him of his jeans that would leave him virtually naked except for his underwear and that in turn would mean the rape of his ass had to follow.

Curt glared with rage at the five guys from the van - plus the cameramen and others lurking around, noting how large in build some of those guys were. He tried to fight off the panic think of the monstrous horrible pain that he would surely feel when their hard faggot pricks tore up his hole. Oh my god he thought, his body involuntarily shaking from that fear before he asserted self control and defiance again. It was going to be horrible pain but he had to somehow survive it. It would be different from the torture of being tickled - which terrified him in a different way because he knew he had no defense and no way to endure it. They could overcome his attempts to withstand it in seconds.

But the ordeal of being raped - of having cocks brutally shoved up a guy's ass - that was pain he wasn't sure he could handle either. The only thing he could hang on to is that he was familiar with physical pain, being an athlete. But he wasn't sure though if he could withstand the physical pain either if it went on too long or was just fuckin brutal - something he feared by looking around the dungeon and seeing the frightening huge dildos, all kinds of whips, cops, sticks, ball presses and other torture tools.

And the other fear he wasn't sure how he would deal with was the brutal humiliation of being raped by another guy - fuck - not just one. Several. And who knows how many times? How could he handle that humiliation and shame mentally except with pure rage and a vow in his mind that he would somehow get revenge. Too many awful things to think about but now he told himself, he needed to focus on resistance. Fuck them. He wasn't going to let them rape his ass or make him respond. Fuck them. He momentarily forgot about the tickling.

He could feel clammy hands on his slim waist, butt and fingers grabbing at his pants - now unzipping it, the body heat of several guys squatting or bending over next to his splayed tied up legs, and the giggling, taunts and other noise they made as they stripped him. He gasped and struggled, cursing them, yelling at them to stop.

Several fingers danced up the sides of his twisting naked sweating torso carefully - not to trigger a tickle response - but to illicit a borderline unbearable ticklish like sensation that also sparked an erogenous response from Curt's sweaty muscled body. Curt gasped. His body tightened as he continued to try to twist and turn in a futile struggle to stop it, to stop his being stripped and to somehow break free.

The sudden and continued erogenous type touching of his sides and stomach caused him to panic again about being tickled - on top of being raped.

As his body was being assaulted - even if not causing pain - his overloaded mind suddenly raced through previous events for a clue to what was happening to him now - for any points of reference.

In a quick flash he remembered what he then thought were innocent incidents in the past that now seemed tinged with unwanted and perverted overtones. That faggot up took pictures of him. A doctor during an exam who tried but failed to get his finger up his rectum for what he said was a prostate exam, though he wondered why he would be doing that given his age. And how red and embarrassed the doctor was after Curt told him to stop. The assistant coach who always seemed to show up next to Curt as he was toweling himself off in the locker-room. Or the teammate in high school who he caught trying to leave the locker-room with his dirty sweaty jock hanging out of his jacket pocket, turning red saying that he thought it was his - not Curt's.

The several times he had to replace dirty sweaty jocks and underwear in high school and college that seemed to disappear for no reason - though now he realized why - with his body tied up, touched and being stripped of his clothes in preparation to be raped by guys. In a quick flash the thoughts came and went in his head. He raged. All fucking faggots - all fucking perverts. Now THIS was happening to him. FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!! FUCK!!!!!

Furious at his abduction and now what was happening to him, Curt yanked hard on the cuffs on his wrists, shaking his spread-eagled arms and legs in a burst of energy, cursing at his tormentors and - to their amusement - commanding them to stop. Now.

His tormentors loved it when he gave orders just like an arrogant entitled jock would do - if he was still in control. But he wasn't, a fact that he - like the others straight boy victims before him - would soon find out.

Twisting and turning as much as he could, Curt realized, like the zombies on "Walking Dead", nothing he said would stop his abusers from their frenzied mob-like attack on his body. They ignored his threats and his struggling seemed to excite them even more. The two hooded guys grabbing his jeans suddenly, in two moves, tugged Curt's pants down from his muscled thighs - stopped only by the spread of his legs. They both grabbed at the fabric - from behind and in front and the sides, pulling at it and succeeded in ripping the jeans apart causing a stinging burning sensation on Curt's thighs and legs.

"FUCK!!! SHIT STOP STOP!!!!" he yelled.

In awe seeing straight boy Curt's magnificent muscled body nearly naked, they paused to stare at their prize. Standing tied up spread eagle Curt was left only wearing his tight bulging boxer briefs, damp with his sweat and grime. The several video cams and digital cameras continued taking pictures and videos of Curt being stripped - and now standing spread-eagle, restrained, almost naked.

They continued to stare at Curt's sweaty almost naked body. What a sexy and erotic sight the hooded men thought as did the audience of potential buyers watching live video stream. What a specimen of the ultimate beautifully muscled college frat boy athlete. Straight, handsome and helpless. And theirs. He would fetch a huge amount of money for sure - after they had their fun with him. And they had the luxury of two weeks to do it .

By pre-arrangement among the five original guys in the van, Bobby approached the boy, who was breathing hard, trying to keep his composure, and went behind him, suddenly embraced him like a lover and put his arms and hands around Curt's waist, pinching at his non-existent love handles - getting only muscle.

They all knew how much Curt detested especially Bobby when they were riding in the van. He put his hot wet mouth and face behind Curt's ear and the back of his head, his hair damp from sweat from struggling, inhaling the scent, lapping and nibbling his ear lobe, then biting and nibbling his neck over and over whispering in Curt's ear "Hey baby, guess who???"

"OH NO!!!! OOOH SHIT NO!!!! FUCK!!! NOOOOOOO NOOOOOO NOOOOO!!!!!" Curt screamed out as he wildly tried to break free, enraged and repulsed by what was being done to him as if he was some fucking bitch.

Holding the boy even closer and tighter now, Bobby continued to bite at the boy's ear lobe, thrusting his pointed hot wet tongue as far into his ear canal as he could, tasting the salty sweat there with his tongue as Curt winced at the almost unbearable unwanted pleasurable sensations. A guy - THIS guy especially - is doing this to me...a guy is doing this to me...fuck!!!! Curt thought with total revulsion, wanting to feel like he needed to vomit. Only the biting, tonguing and licking was causing a different physical reaction to the straight boy's body.

Bobby was infatuated with Curt as soon as they had seen him on the road - and even before that when they spied on him in that gas station restroom hidden video. So Bobby's reaction was animal-like, thrusting his tongue even deeper in Curt's ears, biting harder on the lobes, and then on his neck leaving a trail of deepening red marks, as if Curt was some cheap whore. Curt, feeling repulsed by a guy doing this to him, was even more humiliated because Bobby's assault with his tight unwanted embrace, was so intimate and invasive. The struggling boy winced at the biting and tonguing and desperately buckled his upper body as hard as he could, moving his head trying to get Bobby to stop, shouting "STOP STOP DON'T TOUCH ME!!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!"

Bobby's hands moved freely up and down Curt's heaving flat stomach, drilling a finger or two into his belly button, causing Curt to gasp, and in a frenzied violent burst tried to break free, cursing him and the others eyes wide with pure hate towards them. Bobby in response, humiliated Curt even more by nuzzling his neck, biting hard in several places, and again on his ear lobes, loving the feel of his struggling as he was doing it. Bobby's nibbling and tonguing and fondling of Curt's body grew even more frantic because he knew he was the first guy to do this to him. And knowing that he was the first to taste this prized piece of straight boy meat.

He grabbed Curt's waist even tighter making any movement even harder. To Curt's horror he could feel, even though Bobby was still fully clothed, what felt like an enormous large hard cock pressing up against the crack of his ass, protected only by his tight boxer briefs. Bobby continued in a lewd up and down motion to rub his hard huge meat against Curt's ass crack. At that, Curt's mind and body went into sheer panic rage hating this assault on his body and thinking his rape was imminent.

"AAAAH SHIT!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! FUCK STOP STOP DON'T TOUCH ME FUCK!!!!!" Curt yelled and tried to twist his neck and move his head to push Bobby away.

But Bobby just squeezed his arms even tighter, pressing his body even tighter against Curt's, while continuing to tongue and bite his neck and ears. The scent of Curt's hair, neck and ears - and the boy's thrashing around - was driving Bobby and the others - and the those viewing live video stream - wild with lust. Bobby's arms continued to move up and down Curt's twisting heaving naked torso, fingering his bellybutton, pinching the skin of his sides and abs, moving up to his pecs and pinching his nipples and then on down again, repeating the movement over and over as Curt screamed out in rage from the pain, the touching and the revulsion.

Two of the other guys now came to Curt's front, his lower body twisting in desperate attempts this way and that to break free - and to get away from Bobby's relentless tonguing and biting of his ears and neck and fondling and touching of his fingers and hands on his stomach and sides. Though he hated it, he realized with shame and desperation that it caused intense erotic electric like responses to his body, and to his utter disbelief, a rush of blood thickening his throbbing jock meat. But Curt's mind was in total confusion trying to stop Bobby and couldn't focus but for a few seconds on why his body was responding as if this assault was pleasurable or why the center of his maleness - his straight boy pussy loving prick - was feeling tingly and getting hard. It was fear and nerves he quickly thought as he yelled at them to stop. Fuck them. He shouted and yelled even more as he struggled in vain seeing that the two guys kneeling beside him were now just inches away from his underwear. Oh my god - this is it, Curt thought with dread. Once that was gone, he was fucked. Literally.

Both guys in front now grabbed at the waistband of his boxer briefs, hanging low on the boy's slim waist - and tugged it down slowly, as Curt tried to twist his body this way and that to stop them to no avail. They continued tugging it down, and exposed to the video live streaming audience - and to those in the room - the last piece of clothing covering the struggling angry and embarrassed straight boy. They stopped for a second, with the underwear waist band pulled down enough to show the top of Curt's thick brown pubic bush.

Meanwhile Bobby, still behind Curt , tightened his hold on the boy, making it even harder for him to struggle, and continued to lick, nibble and bit at his neck and ears as the boy yelled and screamed in rage. Bobby's fingers wandered down to Curt's exposed pubes, brushing the tops of the hairs, and then scratching the area with a feathery touch. Curt hated Bobby's unwanted hug that forced an intimacy on him that made his skin crawl and somehow increased the humiliation he felt of being manhandled by other men.

"OH SHIT....FUCK...STOP STOP STOP!!!!" Curt yelled as he struggled even more, desperate to stop what was happening or slow them down.

After letting the live video streaming potential buyer's time to admire Curt's body with his underwear that was pulled down enough to expose his wiry brown pubes, both guys kneeling before him now tugged again, slowly showing the root of his man stalk, and then a few inches more as more of the shaft came to view. They paused. It's the first time they saw - in the flesh (and not just from the video they saw of Curt using the gas station restroom) - the boy's thick straight boy fuck meat. The straight dick that fucked so many hot chicks and was always in control. Bobby, still tightly holding Curt's body from behind, let his fingers lightly touch the root of Curt's semi-hard dick, tickling the base of the thickening man meat of this straight boy athlete. Dancing his fingers up and down the few inches exposed as Curt writhed.

"OOOOOH SHIT...OOOH NOOOO..." Curt hissed and yelled "STOP STOP"

Left with only his boxer briefs that were slowly being tugged down his hips, Curt knew he was just seconds away from being stripped totally naked exposing his ass and dick to these perverts and having his junk touched. He buckled and struggled even more furiously like a crazy man.

They waited, mesmerized with growing lust by the sight of this handsome straight boy tied up spread-eagle, his body struggling to break free, stripped down to his tight bulging boxer briefs that now exposed his pubes and several inches of his semi hard shaft that was held tight against his body by the waistband of his briefs. They loved seeing the boy's slab of muscled abs grow rigid by his struggling, with the treasure trail of brown hairs below his belly button disappearing under the waistband of his briefs.

After a few more minutes of staring - front, back, side views of Curt, without warning, each hooded guy grabbed more of the fabric and the waistband of the underwear, stretching it out until it ripped into shreds, into two pieces in the hands of both guys, exposing Curt's beautiful tight bubble butt ass, and his impressive semi-hard uncut straight boy prick that flopped back and forth against his muscled thighs over his loose walnut sized balls hanging in a wrinkly looking scrotum bag. Back and forth his straight boy fuck stalk flopped, his foreskin pulled back exposing the purplish sensitive knob, the shaft getting harder and harder - to his humiliation and confusion - as his body struggled in anger to his being molested and stripped.

All of the guys whooped out a victory yell, taunting the still struggling boy with loud wolf whistles as Curt , still hooded, hung his head in deep embarrassment from being stripped naked and also because his straight boy fuck rod was clearly nearly hard and lewdly bouncing up and down and back and forth. The motion was making it even harder. Curt, in despair and rage, was now fully stripped naked - with his swinging huge meat on the verge of total straight boy steel hardness, with the tip already wet with clear gooey pre-cum. How did that happen? He couldn't believe or comprehend it. His mind in total confusion and embarrassment he saw one of the guys who ripped off his underwear come up to his face, holding the part of the briefs with the crotch panel, and sniffed at it greedily, inhaling Curt's sweaty musky crotch odors there - and showing Curt, just an inch away, the stains on his underwear, and then sniffing it further.

Curt's eyes grew wide with revulsion - and he yelled "FUCK NO NO GET THE FUCK AWAY YOU SICK FAG!!!" trying to break free of Bobby's death-like hug of his body from behind and the still tonguing and biting of his ear and neck - now marked all over by his bites.

Curt's mind now was in complete disarray. Having little real knowledge of gay sex, Curt, until this moment at first didn't think his abductors would be messing too much with his dick and balls other than to grab it to make a point. He thought their main objective was to rape his ass - like what he saw or heard about those jail movies punking the new young inmates. Dirty, brutal - but to the point. Yeah, he would fight it - because every second he did, even if futile, would delay it and help him not to be overwhelmed in his mind of the sheer fear that was growing inside of him of having his ass punked by these faggots.

But he was confused. That wasn't happening - at least not yet. So what were they doing to him? What was this other shit they were doing to him now? Seeing them sniff his dirty underwear now made Curt realize he was at the mercy of some sick dudes.

And his body was reacting - responding - while being attacked - with confused signals that reminded him being touched and teased by the girls he had been with - and yet the pain was like no other he experienced. And the constant threat of being tickled - though he didn't know if that was their intent - terrified him. He had no defense at all against that and he knew it. The mere thought of them doing that to him caused Curt a panic that he had to use every bit of his will power to control. He prayed to himself that they wouldn't find out or force his body to respond.

Curt, still struggling, now completely naked, and whispered in a mutter to himself "Oh shit...this is...fuckin sick sick sick" as his hard fuck pole lewdly swung up, down, back and forth. The effect made his dick even harder and intensified the lust of his tormentors - and the many watching the live video stream. And Curt didn't realize that every word he spoke was picked up by the video microphones, including one that was earlier looped around his neck to pick up the softest sound and whisper.

Bobby loosened his tight embrace of the still struggling angry Curt and knelt, inhaled deeply smelling Curt's sweaty ass crack odor, and then placed his hot tongue on the spine of his lower muscled back, licking that area. Curt's body bolted forward from the sensation as he yelled in total shock that anyone would put their face down there.

"SHIT!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!" Curt yelled, his body twisting to get away from Bobby's licking tongue and face. It repulsed Curt to think another guy was doing this to him. And yet, despite his revulsion, his thick jock meat was getting even harder, bouncing up and down and sideways like a huge fuck stick.

Bobby grabbed the boy's waist hard, and worked his way slowly, nibbling and biting Curt's milky white bubble butt cheeks. He brought his nose to the top of Curt's slightly hairy ass crack inhaling the very strong musky scent, and parted the cheeks, as Curt gasped - thinking he was moments away from being raped. The straight youth still did not comprehend that his entire body would be abused.

A pair of hands on either cheek forced it to spread apart to show Curt's hidden hairy man trench as the boy yelled, for the live stream video cameras that did a close up of the boy's tight clenched hole. Mesmerized by the sight of this straight boy's previously hidden tight rosebud virgin hole, Bobby using his fingers lightly tickled the crack and the puckered hole as Curt hollered, buckled and cursed them He then licked it all the way down, and up, savoring the intense sharp taste and odor, darting his tongue around the edges of boy's virgin anus, and then forcing it into the tight clenched hole.

"WHA....WHA...SHIT OOOOH...WHATTHEFUCK??!!! STOP STOP SO SICK SO FUCKIN...OOOOH OOOOH SHIT FUCKINSICKSHIT STOPSTOP!!!" Curt gasped in disgust. He couldn't believe anyone - especially another dude - would sink so low in his mind to lick his dirty asshole. Sick. Fuckin sick.

Each lick of Bobby's tongue was hot, especially when the tongue darted and danced at the entrance of his virgin hole, sending electric shockwaves to every point of his body, making his meaty shaft even harder and causing his body to shudder involuntarily. Despite hating his ass crack pried open for public display and licking, his body was responding against his will.

More worship of Curt's perfect ass would come later - and Bobby, after several more minutes pulled away from Curt, pinching his left ass cheek hard, causing the boy to gasp and then yell in pain, and then spanked both muscled cheeks hard with his hand before stepping back.

Now Curt hung there with the leather hood, naked - and gorgeous, scared and tense - though still defiant and angry. They stared at him - seeing how bondage porn star beautiful he looked.

Aaron went through his bag and backpack - spreading out on the floor his personal belongings. Pairs of clean underwear (boxer briefs, boxers), t-shirts, jeans, pants, some dress shirts, socks - these were of some interest, but Aaron was looking for any dirty clothes that he might have been carrying. Sure enough, rolled up in a dirty black t-shirt was went smelled to be his dirty pair of blue boxer briefs and black athletic socks. Both had strong, intense odors - must have been clothes he wore the morning he left. Aaron's eyes almost rolled back from the male scent he smelled. He showed the dirty boxer briefs, and t-shirt, holding it to Curt's nose so he would be forced to inhale the odor.

"Man this smells great, doesn't it Pretty Jock Boi? Fuck you are so fucking beautiful dude - I am going to get off on this for days!!!!" Aaron exclaimed, putting the items in a plastic bag to preserve the smell longer.

Curt looked at the scene with disgust, saying nothing.

Now kneeling just to the side of Curt, so not to block the view of the video cams, Bobby brought his face right into the boy's damp sweaty brown wiry pubic hair, inhaling the strong musky smells made stronger because of the intense heat and humidity before they abducted him. He kept his face there for a minute or two, while Curt, in disbelief that another guy would do that, tried hard to push him away, using his lower body. It didn't work.

"OH NO!!! SHIT!!!!! STOP....STOP!!!!! DON'T TOUCH ME!!!! DON'T...FUCK!!!" he yelled.

Two of the guys got to the poles that Curt's arms and legs were tied to - and pulled at the chains and rope that tightened the restraints even more - stretching his sweaty body out that made it impossible now for the youth to twist or turn in any direction. Only his muscled flat stomach - heaving now for air - showed any significant movement. His body stretched out and spread-eagle was naked and totally exposed to his tormentors both front and back and sides. And there was nothing he could do about it - now his struggling would be reduced to making his body grow taut, flexing his arm and leg muscles, closing his hands in fists and curling his toes as his acts of physical defiance.

"Oh no...oh no....shit...oh God.." he muttered in desperation that he had tried to hide, knowing his predicament was descending deeper into the hellish ordeal he still was in disbelief about.


Now Bobby, approached Curt, kneeling to the side and lifted the boy's semi-hard dick gingerly, like it was a stick of dynamite, holding it so the others could really see it. He could - being so close - catch a strong whiff of the musky pungent male odors from Curt's pubic hairs - and from the boy's sweaty balls and dick with a foreskin that they knew preserved the boy's intimate scents. While many ordinary people would claim that smell to be offensive, they knew many - especially themselves -found the odors from a straight handsome boy extremely erotic and intoxicating.

He grabbed the semi-hard fuck stalk pulling back the foreskin exposing the ultra sensitive helmet shaped head that was covered with a sheen of his sweat and cock fluids. He lifted the throbbing fully hard shaft, dripping with his straight boy pre-cum to point it upwards to show the video cameras and the other guys the underside of his dick. From their experience with captured straight boys, that area - especially for an uncut boy - was the most sensitive part of their fuck meat. They could easily get Curt or any boy to writhe with unwanted forced pleasure by simply rubbing a thumb or finger up and down the underside, flicking with a feathery touch at the ridge of the knob's corona or ridge. Over and over.

To them, Curt's dick and balls, like the rest of his proportioned lean muscled body, was perfect - a work of art. His uncut cock had no bulging veins, but was thick and long - and hung nicely over a loose bag of egg sized balls, with the right side hanging slightly lower than the lift. The foreskin was without blemish and covered the head tightly without protruding beyond it like a wrinkled balloon that lost its air. Wiry little curly brown hairs dusted the inside of his thighs, ass crack, and his pubes and around his balls, giving the youth a halo of impressive manhood.

Given the long hot and humid day and the long walk Curt had to make before he was abducted, his body - particularly his crotch, armpits and ass crack retained a strong masculine musky odor of clean male sweat. His tormentors loved it.

Bobby asked Curt, still holding his semi-hard dick, when was the last time he had sex.

Curt, looking up at the ceiling looked down at Jesse and glared refusing to answer and looked back up, his face red with anger and shame.

They could hear Curt mutter "this is dirty, so fuckin dirty....." Curt looked down, his face a mask of revulsion, his body taut with rage, standing tied up spread-eagle naked, having a guy holding and playing with his cock while others watched and got off on that.

"A little shy huh? Well, no matter. We'll pay special attention to the underside of your cock head - I'll bet you are really sensitive there, with that foreskin, huh?" Jesse said, as he lubed his hand and gently pulled back the foreskin and then jerked the shaft, rubbing the flange before covering his knob lightly in a swirling but not unpleasant way - that would come later.

Despite trying to remain defiant and unresponsive, Curt hissed "Ooooh shit" under his breath, his body trembling at the electric-like sensations. His dick flexed again getting more engorged - though still not at full flag post erection. He never felt such an intense concentrated sensation before coming from the knob of his cock. "Ooooh nooo" he muttered in a whisper trying to hide his ecstasy.

Bobby continued, as he kept the boy's damp foreskin pulled tightly back, the light rubbing of the tip of his boner, causing the straight jock boy to hiss loudly at the electric ticklish pleasured sensations. Curt's body shuddered involuntarily and he gasped as Jesse, in deliberate motions swirling his fingers, rubbed the slit of his rod, dancing his fingers along the edges of the boned cock's knob, that with another pass of his fingers gliding over the head and then up the shaft made Curt's prick steel hard. Curt's body shuddered and grew even more taut as he gasped - though trying to hide that the fondling was making him extremely aroused. What he couldn't hide was his boned up man meat now at full fledged erection - and drooling strands of clear straight boy pre-cum.

Ignoring how easily his tormentors got his body to react, Curt glared back at his tormentors telling them - in a voice that he wanted to sound defiant but sound had a slight trembling as if he was shivering inside, said "you're not going to make me get hard. I'm not a faggot. You can't force me to cum. You got the wrong guy. Just stop...okay...just stop......"

"You're already hard straight boy...see" as his tormentor grabbed the middle of his hard shaft shaking it.

Curt didn't think it was even possible for him to get hard by another guy touching his meat - and certainly not under these circumstances - and yet it was. In a panic, Curt sensed he was lost his willpower control his own dick, getting boned at the whim it seemed of his tormentors, despite his revulsion to gay sex and the humiliation of being stripped naked and tied up in front of all these perverts.

He looked down helplessly seeing Jesse, like an expert, continue to pull back his foreskin, fingering and stroking his shaft and gliding his fisted hand over his ultra sensitive knob and back down again. Every time he did that Curt's huge boned fuck rod seemed to throb and pulsate in pleasure with the rest of his muscled sweat covered body trembling, precum now dripping out his piss-slit as if he was being pleasured by some female.

Bobby kept up the motion of his fingers and hands, lightly rubbing the ridge of his knob. As much as he tried to resist the sensation - his body - his dick - knew the feeling was indescribably good, His dick never got so engorged or felt so good even with all the girls he was with - or even when he masturbated. This faggot touching him Curt thought, his mind confused, was definitely experienced and knew what he was doing. Curt still couldn't believe it. The harder his dick - as his tormentors already knew from so many previous guys - the more sensitive it seemed to be to Curt.

Curt's mind was still reeling from the unreality of his abduction - and now with the reality that somehow another guy was causing his dick to bone very hard with each slow but persistent stroke, lightly rubbing his cockhead and the ridge and then down and up gripping the stalk in a smooth up and down machine like motion over and over and over. Curt gasped and moaned "nooo" to himself. His body shuddered involuntarily as he tried desperately to resist the growing intense pleasurable feelings. Curt felt that his cock was getting even harder than ever before. How was that possible with a guy touching him and other guys watching?

The spongy knob of his thick hard rod felt more sensitive than ever before in Curt's life - a private intimate thought he desperately tried to hide from his tormentors. He knew that knowledge would only increase their frenzied assault on him. Yet his body was betraying what he felt with his hard cocks oozing constant clear thick and strings of pre-cum. While Curt tried to explain that to himself, his tormentors fingered the goo coming from this handsome straight boy's dick with glee, showing Curt and licking it off their fingers like honey. They taunted him: How could he be oozing precum touched by guys??? Each time they rubbed his knob or glided over it with their hands or fingers his entire body trembled in pure erotic pleasure against his will to resist it.

"So, we're going to play a game right now - and if you win, we'll let you go right now. Yeah..." Bobby said, still fingering the shaft of Curt's throbbing pecker.

Curt looked up and stared at Bobby, hating him and not believing him, but still listened. Maybe they were serious. What game?

"So, you keep claiming how a fuckin straight stud you are and how your meat here can't get hard or you won't react to a dude touching you. You already lost that battle, but we'll give you a pass on that and start over. So here's the game:

They all knew that this boy - and most boys, especially straight ones, would be very sensitive in a certain place on his cock, once it was hard despite whatever notions they had about gay sex or another guy to touching their junk. They would prove to Curt that THEY were in control of his body now - not him.

Bobby then brought his hand fisted thumb point towards Curt's pubes, grabbing the root of the shaft and gliding it down the entire shaft in one motion and then rubbing the ridge of his cock head knob and gliding over that too - causing the boy to gasp and buckle at the sensation. His dick flexed and grew harder now as Jesse repeated the motion over and over. Slowly, carefully making Curt's straight boy dick hard. Curt never felt that sensation before - it was electric. He wasn't used to have a hand and fist position that way (he always fisted his hand with the thumb point toward his cock head, moving his fist up and down - creating an unbelievable pleasurable sensation that would lead to his orgasm that he desperately fought off. They - guys - couldn't do this to him. FUCK!!!! He thought in rage and near panic.

But what Bobby was doing was electric - causing all kinds of pleasurable sensations that exploded in his mind almost. After several minutes he stopped while Curt gasped - staring down at his erect dick that he thought no guy could make hard.

"Here's the plan you dumb fuck. We're going to edge the shit out of you - and not let you cum. You'd better not shoot your load. Not unless we tell you to or if we want to force it out of you. If you cum that means you're a faggot like us and we'll fuck you hard with that big dildo hanging over there [ pointing to a massive 20 inch rubber phallus with a girth of 6 inches). I promise you we will. So you better not cum straight boy."

Without warning they covered the eye slits of his hood, blinding him completely to what was happening. He started to yell, but someone socked him hard in the gut, causing him to choke and gasp. The hooded guy who hit him liked the feel of his fist hitting this boy's solid marble like abs.

Next they unchained his right arm then his left arm from the post, cuffing both behind his back while he struggled - but with his legs still chained and roped to the posts, and head covered by a hood that now covered his eyes, even he knew escape was impossible - at least for now. He kept thinking in his mind that he had to stay alert and look for any opportunity. He didn't fully understand what they intended to do to him next, even though they explained they would be edging him. But he had no real concept of the ordeal he would be facing - with non-stop edging for hours that would never allow him to cum.

Now they unchained his legs, cuffing them together with a short chain that allowed him only to shuffle with assistance but not walk. It still unnerved Curt - who prided himself always in being in control - to be so helpless. Like a baby or an old man. In fact his tormentors would change his bondage positions in part to reinforce that thought in Curt - and also because (besides not causing numbness in his arms and legs when held in a certain position) they wanted his body positioned different ways for the different things they intended to do before he was sold.

For the next several hours he would be placed in a rather comfortable cushioned chair - but no ordinary chair. It was a bondage milking chair - as they called it - made of metal, bolted into the cement floor, with a cushioned back and with a seat that had the center open below.

The back of the chair was like a ladder - going up to the ceiling - and bolted there. The chair allowed a victim to be tied securely with no ability to move - or tied in a way that provided more movement - with arms either straight up, exposing armpits or restrained behind them or in a bent upward position. Legs could be restrained splayed out, or forced back or in other lewd positions - all exposing completely their crotch. The seat allowed easy access to a boy's asscrack and asshole to tickle, lick or to insert fingers or dildos. A powerful drill like electric powered unit with a dildo attached could be moved right under the seat and forced into whoever was sitting in it, with the unnerving prospect of being fucked endlessly by a machine. A separate electric powered unit was an estim controller that had multiple leads and pads and straps that could applied almost anywhere on the seated victim's body.

That was what Curt would be facing next. He couldn't see any of it though - not yet.

They shuffled him over to the chair - as he struggled, cursing them all the way. They easily got him to the chair, and while he tried to resist being forced to sit (he had no idea what was happening), it was no contest with three guys pushing his body down - and another two holding his legs. They easily uncuffed his arms one at a time and attached the chains and rope to the ladder like back of the chair - choosing to have his arms pulled straight up exposing his sexy hairy armpits. They did the same to the other arm.

"Fuck no....please..stop...fuck....." Curt cursed and yelled, still struggling - but now his freedom of movement was severely restricted to only his lower body.

They uncuffed one leg, pulled it slightly up and backwards - soles of his feet off the floor facing the back of the chair - and chained it. They did the same to the other leg. They took off his blindfold and removed the hood from his very sweaty head - his brownish hair wet with sweat.

He shook his head, his green eyes with its long lashes blinking hard, opening wide after being blindfolded. His face was red from the heat of the hood - and also from being slapped. There were clear bite marks on his ear lobes and neck from Bobby earlier.

"Oh god fucks...." Curt sputtered out shaking his wet hair and head. He hated that hood - was terrified of it actually. It gave him the sense of almost being suffocated though there were openings for his nose and mouth. But several times his tormentors would cover those while abusing his body - for several moments uncovering it just when he thought he was going to black out from the lack of air. He hated that feeling and how helpless he felt.

At least now his head was free of that - but he now looked around him - and down at his body so lewdly tied to the chair. The faces he stared at were scary because all seemed glazed or drugged with a animal lust in their eyes and mouths open. He blinked again several times, to clear his eyes, and then looked down to concentrate on gathering his strength. He closed his eyes because looking down all he could see was his tied up body - his exposed dick and balls clearly at their mercy - and seeing that was only causing him to panic. He closed his eyes forcing himself to believe he wouldn't give in to them. But he forgot he already did,. His body had long given up and did and would respond to what ever they did to him.

He was securely - and tightly tied to the metal milking chair - legs splayed out and pulled back and his arms pulled straight up. He was helpless and his crotch - and butt (through the open seat) more exposed than ever. He cursed them and struggle a bit more than stopped - waiting - trying to hold back his fear - of what they would do next. The position of his arms exposing his pits terrified him because he was almost in a panic that they would tickle him now - forgetting that they told him he would face next non-stop edging.

"Oh shit....oh" he muttered almost in a whisper.

Now Jesse - with others gathered around close - approached Curt in the chair. What Jesse or the others didn't tell Curt that no matter what he did or didn't do his body would be made to cum over and over and violated in every way possible - including getting fucked with every dildo they had and every dick of their group.

All before he would be sold to the highest bidder, who would likely inflict even worse abuse on his body. But for now - it was about edging the point to the brink of mind shattering orgasm over and over - and never letting him cum. They stopped abruptly just as his young body was panting, flexing and tensing up to shoot his load. And doing that over and over during the four hour ordeal. He had no clue at all in his previous experiences to what he would be facing.

Jesse put his thumb in Curt's mouth - warning the boy that if he bit it, his balls would be crushed, grabbing his nuts yanking them down hard to make his point. Curt gasped.

"Now remember - we're going to edge you like shit - and believe me you will want to cum....many times. But you cannot cum without our permission - and for then ext several hours I can guarantee you that we will NOT give it. So you'll just have to endure it - and warn us if you are going to shoot. IF you shoot without our permission, not only will you get fucked by the largest dildo (pointing to it on the table near the wall), but the guys here will tickle the shit out of you. For hours."

Curt's long lashed beautiful green eyes widened with fear - though he tried to hide it.

"Oh yeah - we KNOW. You are ticklish as hell."

"Oh God...ohhhhh...please...don't...ohhh Jesus God..oh no..ohhh" Curt whispered to himself trying not to let them know the sheer terror exploding now in his mind. His tormentors however had a special mike near him that picked up his softest mutterings.

"We put your arms up for a reason, to expose those beautiful hairy pits of yours. Yeah - we love looking at it, smelling it - and if you give us a reason and shoot your load with out permission, we will tickle you there for hours!!!!"

To further make his point, his fingers went to Curt's pits very slowly from his sides as Curt looked down and followed both sets of hands with his eyes - fearfully watching it slowly slide to his hairy pits - stopping there.

"Big handsome straight jock like you - you gonna let a few fingers on yours sides and pits break you down like a little girl? You that weak???"

And then suddenly running his fingers hard into the pits tickling Curt and causing him to shriek and burst out laughing, struggling futilely in the chair.

"OH NOOOOOOOO!!!! OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!" Curt shrieked his body thrashing in panic, thinking this was the beginning of a long tickling session. "AAAAH SHIT SHIT!!! AAAH STOP PLEASE!!!!"

His arms never moved because of the restraints. And Jesse only tickled him for a few seconds - just to make his point.

Curt gasped, his chest heaving for air, his muscled lean body trembling. His face showed terror.

" won't cum - and since you tell us we can't force you to cum, we shouldn't have a problem...right?" Jesse said in a taunting voice.

Curt, wide eyed from the fear of being tickled, with his jock boy arrogance for the moment dissolved, whispered "I...I won't. I won't..I won't....Jesus...please don't tickle me...."

He hated his tormentors and in his mind he vowed he would kill them when he got loose. For Curt he had to think that just to fight off the growing feeling of dread that he would never get out of this - and far worse, to endure what they could and would do to him.

And now he had to face what they planned for him as he looked down and around him - seeing how his crotch was lewdly splayed open for easy assault. He was helpless. And he had no idea yet how bad edging would mean to him - or the other abuses still to come - but he did realize now how sadistic his captors were. He had never known anything like them in real life - only he thought in movies.

Jesse knelt in front of the boy's splayed out legs that exposed his dick and balls inhaling the intense musky sweaty smell that only excited him more.

"Oh don't do no," Curt pleaded, trying to shake and move his lower body.

Jesse ignored him, almost in a trance smelling the intense odors of his crotch and seeing so up close this straight boy's junk. He inhaled again and then stuck out his hot tongue, licking slowly from the base going up slowly along the underside of his dick, lapping at the crinkly edge of his foreskin pulled back halfway down the shaft, all the way to the underside of Curt's mushroom head knob, brushing the flange or ridge twice then three times. He would then lick slowly at the crease bordered by thin wiry brownish curly hairs where his muscled thighs connected to his pelvis. The area was extremely sensitive - and not even all the girls Curt fucked before ever licked him there He couldn't believe the electric sensation, though tried to hide it. A guy's hot tongue was doing this to him! His mind was revolted and disgusted. His body especially his pussy loving hard dick was throbbing to the incredible pleasure wanting more.

"OH MY GOD OOOOH!!! JESUS!!!!" Curt gasped in a whisper, not wanting to let them hear his reaction. He didn't realize that every word, every whisper and groan would be picked up by video microphones.

Curt's body lurched forward as much as it could and he gasped at the electric sensation. Prior to being abducted Curt never in his life experienced being "edged" . He never before experienced being denied shooting his load except once before in high school when he attempted to fuck a girl after a long making out session. She played and fondled his hard meat, even licking it, driving him wild with lust. Having little will power on getting his rocks off, he immediately attempted to fuck her but she refused to go further - and got pissed and refused to bring Curt off even with a lousy hand job. That frustration nearly drove him crazy and angry. He drove her home, refusing to get out of the car and vowed never to see her again. He went home and jerked off in an unsatisfactory masturbation session that only released his load without the mind blowing pleasure he was hoping and wished for. Other than that, he was always in control. Now he was tied up, helpless and clearly not in control, and at the mercy of his tormentors who he realized with a shudder , could do far worse to him. .

Each time Jesse licked that area, Curt, despite his vow to resist and not allow these perverts to get him to respond, gasped involuntarily and his dick flexed noticeably to his tormentors. Curt's face reddened in humiliation - was it that easy for a faggot to get him excited or to respond Curt thought.

"Ooooo fuck fuck noooooooooo stoooooppp ooooooh" Curt hissed, trying to hold back any reaction. His body shuddered involuntarily from the overwhelming pleasurable sensation.

"Ahhh...yes, very sensitive. We will definitely pay attention to that area, which is unfortunate for you actually, because we will rub that area over and over beyond the point of pure pleasure so that it will drive you crazy. I wonder if the area between your dick shaft and balls are also equally sensitive." Jesse said, wetting his thumb again and then rubbing lightly that area three or four times and then running the thumb all the way up the underside of Curt's flexing hard dick and then rubbing hard the underside of the mushroom head. They all knew from experience doing this to all their previous victims that the sensation was at its peak when a boy's dick was semi-hard or totally erect, especially when a boy was un-cut like Curt. It was already steel hard.

"OH NO....OH NO!!!! Shiiiit Shiiiit Fuuuuccck" Curt moan in a whisper trying hard not to show any reaction. He couldn't believe what they were doing to his body and the intense almost unbearable pleasuring of his cock. Never before did Curt feel this way - except for very brief moments in his lovemaking with girls. He never allowed a prolonged pleasuring of his cock, letting his desire to shoot his load to take over instead, like most straight boys. Now though, Curt was tied up and restrained and forced to endure prolonged teasing and pleasuring of his hard man meat without taking him over the edge. He was going nuts.

Curt gasped out loud again involuntarily. His thick stiff meat flexed again and grew even harder. Jesse and the others kept on edging the boy over and over and over slowly.

He whispered a moan that he didn't want them to hear "oooooooh...fuck...ooooh yeah....oooh" and then squealed again "oh so good...shit....fuck yeah..." and then catching himself - and remembering for a second what was happening and who was doing...""

Though it was clearly unwanted and forced pleasuring, he said it like he didn't want the pleasuring of his dick to stop.

Jesse ignored him, and instead, wet his thumb again, and squeezed some of the lube from Curt's backpack. With his thumb and finger wet with his own lube, Jesse looked up at Curt (who was staring at the ceiling again, his hands fisted ) and smiled, knowing he would soon get Curt's involuntary reaction and then rubbed the underside of his mushroom cock head, rubbing the flange especially, that caused his dick to fully flex to its glorious 9 inch length, sticking out like a huge steel pole.

His nipples were hard from the forced stimulation of his body - his muscled torso and face were flushed red from the unwanted molestations of his body - and from embarrassment and humiliation of being touched and so easily aroused and controlled by other guys. He was panting and gasping as if he was in the final throes of pushing over the edge of pleasure shooting his load fucking a girl.

"Oh god" Curt thought, wanting to shoot so badly, wanting the pleasure to never end but hating what they were doing to him, wanting to find the will to still resist. Fuck them!!!!"

But all it took was for Jesse to rub his knob to break down his will. The straight boy gasped in shock.

His body shook when his dick was touched in that certain way Jesse knew to get a reaction - and his breathing would dissolve in to pants as if he was approaching to throes of a massive orgasm - something that would only happen, he thought, by his fucking a girl. Never, never he thought that this could happen with a faggot - he thought with revulsion - touching him.

Unfortunately for Curt, they would do that countless times over the next several hours - each time Curt gasped, his dick flexed and then he moaned "oooooh god nooooo noooo don't...ooooh stop stop ooooooh fuck fuck fuck fuck" He tried to double over and break free - the pleasurable feelings - even if against his will - overwhelmed him.

Some of the straight boys they captured were more sensitive than others when having the knob of their cocks touched - and some were, like Curt, especially un-cut, were hyper sensitive when the underside of their shaft and head were lightly rubbed over and over by lubed fingers. It drove them crazy - over the top almost.

They were experts in finding the most sensitive spots on a guy's dick - and most were sensitive around their head and underside of their cock - the only difference was the degree of how much pressure was used and how fast the fingers were.

"OH NO!!!! Shit...shit...dude...due please ssstop..oooooh" Curt growled, trying not to respond. "ooooooooh"

What Curt didn't realize - as their previous victims didn't know either - was that these boys loved to do this on a very prolonged period of time that drove their victims crazy and to the very edge of a mind blasting orgasm that defied their fear and anger of being abducted and tied up.

"Ooooh oooh god fuck....stop ooooh oooh fuck yeah" Curt moaned hoping they would not hear his reaction after Jesse's thumb and fingers lightly rub the underside of his hard throbbing stalk concentrating on the underside of his mushroom shaped cockhead, flicking the ultra sensitive ridge of his knob over and over and over - Always stopping when the boy was ready to explode and shoot.

Bobby came up and began what they told Curt was called "endless tunnel" which the boy had no idea about. He bent over first to suck just Curt's engorged ultra sensitive cockhead, keeping his foreskin pulled back tight, sucking and dancing his tongue all around the knob and the edge causing Curt to gasp, moan with his pelvis and cock trembling from sheer ecstasy.

Bobby lubed his hands and then with using one fist hand on the base of his hard cock went straight up the stalk and over the knob, followed instantly by the fisted hand, followed by the other again and again, over and over as Curt threw his head back, yelling "OOOOOOH SHIT!!!!!!", his body growing even more taut and his cock growing even more harder.

Over and over until Curt seemed at the very edge of orgasm. And then Bobby stopped abruptly. When Curt's body retreated from the near orgasm, Bobby resumed the endless tunnel as the boy gasped, throwing back his head again, trying to fight off the overwhelming feeling to shoot.

"FUCKIN FAGGOTS...FUCK YOU!!!" Curt yelled in rage and frustration at being so cruelly teased and edged - a term he didn't know anything about in terms of sex until his abduction. The teasing and edging enraged the straight boy used to being in control when he fucked a girl and wanted to nut,

After another 10 minutes, Bobby stopped, savoring the taste of Curt's fuck meat in his mouth and the sweaty odor of his pubes and crotch under his nose.

Jesse resumed edging Curt by deep throating his cock plunging his mouth and throat all the way down his shaft in one motion, going back up and off his dick and then plunge down all the way again in one motion. They went to town on Curt's hard meat with sudden plunging motions that caused the boy to nearly shriek from intense pleasure "AAAAH SHIT!!!! FUCK YEAH SHIT!!!!! OOOOH!!!!!"

Over and over Jesse did it, holding the base of the boy's steel hard quivering dick, each time he plunged down, pulling back his foreskin. Jesse always stopped when he could feel Curt's balls and dick at the edge of shooting, frustrating and angering the straight boy who was not used - before his abduction - to ever being denied an orgasm if he wanted it.

Curt never before felt so helpless or out of control of his body's sexual reactions. In all of his sexual encounters - even alone - he was always in control in what was to happen, what did happen, and how long it happened. He didn't know any other way and it was the way he preferred - in control. If he felt particularly horny, he might push for a fast blow job and then a fast intense fucking of the girl he was with. Sometimes he might let his body be worshipped for a time by a female admirer - but never for a long period of time - a few minutes, before he would get so horny that he would take control and plunge his hard cock into the hot pussy for immediate satisfaction.

But now he was tied up - helpless. He felt like a puppet on a string - and that guys - faggots - could get a reaction from him making his pussy-loving man meat hard against his will. They controlled his every bodily reaction. His hard pecker drooled pre-cum. His tormentors reminded Curt that this was payback for all the times he felt he was "in control" because of his looks and body,


Meanwhile, Jesse kept up tormenting the boy's cock - focusing on his cockhead, causing Curt, despite efforts to ignore what was happening, to pant heavily, his body repeatedly growing taut and making half hearted efforts to still break free, his dick hard as a rock. It was a wondrous sight for his captors to see that huge stick of cock swing back and forth and up and down as the boy struggled, sticky threads of his pre-cum, oozing out and down to the ground.

Curt's pelvis ever so slightly thrust forward in a pure fucking motion. They all noticed that - and how hard his cock was now. The could hear Curt moan involuntarily from the indescribable pleasure of his edged cock - moaning softly - trying not to - "fuck yeah".

Jesse caused involuntary gasps from Curt every time he rubbed his shiny knob wet from his steady drippings of straight boy pre-cum and his eyes nearly rolled back in his head from sheer electric pleasure when his fingers rubbed the underside of his cock and especially under his mushroom head over and over. But he always stopped short of pushing the boy over the edge to orgasm.

He would get Curt to the point of near orgasm - with the painful unbearable sensations caused by the polishing and palming and backward stroking of his dick and knob - and then abruptly stopping. It caused the boy to gasp, and swing and pump his dick as if fucking a girl - in order to climax - a total involuntary reaction - but sexy as hell for his captors to watch

"ON NO....FUCK YEAH" he would moan over and over, growing frustrated to the point of insanity he thought, like being tied up and helpless on an endless sadistic rollercoaster ride up and then down and repeating the ride over and over.

Five minutes, then ten, then twenty, then thirty, then forty, then 120, then nearly 180 minutes of unrelenting edging of Curt's dick, also fingering his loose balls causing - to Curt - inexplicable previously unknown incredible non-stop intense decadent gratification of his dick - especially the knob of his cock. He couldn't believe it as his body would involuntarily respond to the relentless edging forcing him to gasp, throw his head back in sheer pleasure and causing his pelvis and dick to thrash back and forth.

But they figured - like most of the straight boys they abducted - he never experienced the sole prolonged attention on his dick of pure pleasurable prolonged unrelenting edging - that always stopped short of allowing him - or making him - cum. That alone would be torture to Curt - after the first 10 minutes - his body clearly wanted to shoot a load. The pleasure - without shooting - was starting to become unbearable. At the 30 minute mark it was already that and becoming worse to Curt, added to the confusion and shame in his brain that this was being done to him by guys. Guys.

After nearly three consecutive hours of pure pleasurable edging, Jesse paused from the edging, while the boy gasped, his body heaving from yet another countless ruined orgasm that was stopped before he could shoot and grabbed Curt's dick, shaking it back and forth like it was alive, to show the video cameras.

Bobby came up, and bent over and sniffed the head, flicking his tongue on the underside of Curt's cock, up to the head and back as the boy moaned and cursed him. Bobby then took out a measuring tape and measured the steel hard rod that curved up slightly, and then around the thickest part of Curt's cock as if he was a prized steer.

"Well, looks to be 8 and a half , it is 9 inches of solid uncut piece of meat here! And...4 inches wide...fuck yeah, we are going to have fun with you!!!" Bobby said "you don't control your beautiful body anymore. That part of your life is fuckin over dude."

Curt closed his eyes in frustration, his hands fisted, in disbelief that his straight boy pussy loving man meat was so engorged and hard pointing straight out like a bat from his crotch in reaction to guys touching him. Guys. Faggots.

Even now, Curt was fighting to keep his mind focused on resistance - but the intense, persistent pleasurable feelings from the expert prolonged almost worship of his dick was quickly eroding that resistance, pushing the boy into that hazy zone of intense pleasure where and when his entire body and mind was focused on.

Yet another part of his brain was sheer wonderment of what was being done to his dick - no one ever made him feel this way before. None of the many girls he fucked ever gave his cock such lavish single minded attention or caused such unbelievable sensations that Curt even now could not admit to himself was the ultimate in pleasuring his man meat.

His body grew taut and his dick flexed even harder. It wasn't just the stroking, the rubbing of his cock, done in ways so much more pleasurable than done either by himself or by any girl - it was the prolonged and singled minded attention to the task by his tormentors.

But then the "straight" side of him tried in vain again to stop the surrender of his body to his tormentors - and the boy shouted "FUCK NO!!!!!!" and then looked up at the ceiling, his white perfect teeth clenched tight as if biting something hard and his face flushed with anger. His eyes were filled with tears of humiliation and sheer frustration of being edged and not allowed to cum.

He glared at his tormentors, hating them.

" more....just...stop.....let me go," he muttered enraged trying in a last ditched attempt to resist the pleasurable sensations and somehow act as if he was in control.

They did pause again - this time for several minutes after nearly three hours of non-stop edging and 30 or more times that Curt was brought to the very brink of shooting his load. His body, covered in a sheen of sweat, panting as if he just finished a running race, exhausted, and filled with single minded animal-like lust to cum. His body was - as much as the restraints holding g him tight to the milking chair would allow tried to thrust his pelvis out as if searching for a hand or hole to rub against and achieve what he felt would be the most explosive orgasm he ever had.


Curt was rutting like some animal in heat now, his straight boy mind in a fog with a single minded intense desire to shoot his load - though another small part of his brain was desperately trying to get control of his body and fight back and resist. He had never before experienced such unrelentingly, almost never ending lavishing of his cock with fingers, tongues and mouths that knew every nerve ending on his dick, knob and balls to trigger near explosions of sheer sexual ecstasy. But always stopping short.

The stage was set for the next part of the edging session which now focused on sheer unbearable cock polishing and palming. This included stroking his dick in a certain direction, or using the palm of one's hand to rub back and forth slowly (and also fast) over his cock head, using fingers to flick at the flange and hands and palms to rub the head in a direction that all caused excruciating sensations that caused all males virtually to have a violent reaction with an equally violent reaction to try to stop it. They were masters at that type of cock abuse - and they would inflict that torture on Curt for hours and days ahead and looked forward to it.

While Curt was still shaking from the edging ordeal they blindfolded him again, as he angrily yelled at them to get away. They uncuffed one arm and then the other chaining them tightly behind his sweaty muscled back, and uncuffed and chained his ankles together, and carried his struggling nude body to the queen sized bed platform a few feet away.

Despite his resistance, Curt was easily tossed face up on the bed, and then quickly his arms and legs were chained to each corner, His blindfold was removed, and he stared at his tormentors - gathered around the bed - a number that had grown to 12 men plus two video camera me. All wore ski mask type hoods. Some would be allowed to actually participate in the next ordeal for Curt - the others would only be allowed to watch, but gather around and watch closely, to crowd the boy and force him to stare back knowing they were witnessing his torments by the fingers, hands, tongues of other guys.

They knew straight boys almost never had to endure such torments in their sex lives - especially handsome boys like Curt because they were always in control. They would never allow such discomfort to go on very long - if at all.

Straight studs like Curt always decided how long to keep thrusting and pumping his hard dicks in quivering pussies, how long kissing, fondling and other foreplay would go, and when he - and his partner - would achieve orgasm.

His good looks and build and sexual prowess always guaranteed that any girl he slept with would achieve orgasm and the memory of the best sex they had that seemed to make him appear selfless and giving in his lovemaking - when in reality he was selfish and primarily focused on his physical needs. The girls - so fixated on Curt's looks and body - seemed to achieve orgasm as soon as he thrust his hard dick into them as if they were being fucked by a young God. They were lucky they came before he did - otherwise they would have been out of luck. Once he shot his load, he stopped in an instant - he couldn't stand the unbearable sensations on his dick - especially his knob after shooting.

Any girl that tried doing something to his body that caused unbearable sensations or tickling would be stopped immediately by Curt. He made no jokes about that, and had no problem firmly grabbing the hands or arms of any girl he was sleeping with who tried to do that telling them in a firm serious voice to stop it.

But that was now in the past for Curt. Now he wasn't in control. He was helpless, tied up tight and at the mercy of some crazed perverts.

They wanted now to see this boy endure and withstand several hours of a different kind of edging - the cock polishing and palming would keep him hard as a rock through extreme intense unbearable sensations on his knob and shaft. It was like intense unbearable tickle torture.

He had no idea what to expect - and shuddered when they patiently - and cruelly explained what they intended to do to him. His body was still shuddering from the ordeal of the previous three hour edging that brought him countless times to the edge of mind shattering orgasm only to stop. That was an ordeal of sheer electric never ending almost unbearable pleasure that drove him always to the brink of a mind shattering orgasm - over and over and over. But never allowed to shoot. The frustration his body and mind felt was overwhelming. Rage. Anger. Humilation that these faggots could manipulate his body so easily and without resistance - though he did struggle.

Now they told him he was going to have to endure a different ordeal. Curt's mind and body was in turmoil.

Suddenly, one of the hooded guys suddenly grabbed Curt's still hard cock, and with his hand lubed up began to slowly "apple polishing" his knob over and over and over. Curt other than a gasp, showed no response for a second, glaring down at the guy touching him. Then in a split second his body violently reacted as if shocked by a live hot wire, squealing then shrieking and begging him to stop. Curt's body thrashed this way and that as much as the restraints would allow. It was like tickle torture but somehow even worse. The sensations were electric, instant and overwhelming, causing Curt to shriek a unintelligible babble that clearly showed anguish and terror.

The hooded guy continued slowly as Curt's entire body shook, buckled and tried desperately to get away from the palm and hand that was tormenting his cockhead. For Curt, having been through three hours of torturous edging, the horror he felt was he knew they would not stop.

After 15 minute segments or so another hooded guy would stop for a second or two causing Curt to shudder involuntarily and choke back a anguished sob from the ordeal - thinking it was over. And then the hooded guy would suddenly repeat all over - again and again.

"FUCKFUCK OOOOOH!!!" he shrieked, his body buckling wildly on the bed.

Curt's body grew taut - and he thrashed and struggled like a wild animal, despite the long ordeal, and literally shrieked and screamed for them to stop. It was music to their ears.

Now nearly hysterical from what the polishing he never was forced to endure before - and now knew he would be tortured this way for hours. He threatened, he pleaded, he begged in that masculine reedy voice that soon grew hoarse from shouting, yelling and soon became just one animal-like shriek of agony.

Different hooded guys did this over and over and over for a solid two hours, palming up and over and down his spongy sensitive cockhead - pausing when it appeared that Curt had adjusted to the sensation or somehow was no longer reacting to it.

"AAAAAHHHAHAHAHNNOOOSTOP AAAAHSTAPLEEEEAAAAAA" he shrieked almost in agony from the unbearable feeling, not even able to speak - his words garbled and in a jumble from the torment making ferocious attempts to break free. He was clearly begging them to stop. They had no intention.

Going into the third hour, another hooded guy took over and concentrated on intense endless intense pleasurable stroking, always short of pushing him over the edge, but flicking his flange - the underside ridge of his knob - over and over, and thumbing the underside of his shaft all the way up to the mushroom head as the boy growled like a cat in heat. And just as he was getting used to that edging, the hooded guy rubbed and polished his knob, palming it brutally for another 30 minutes as Curt screamed out.

The combination of unbearable sensations and then unbearable pleasure then repeating it all over again and again on his cock drove Curt to the edge of the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced, over and over.

Jesse stopped, letting go of Curt's rock hard dick, letting the huge engorged sex organ of this incredibly handsome straight boy flop lewdly up and down as if searching for a pussy to fuck hard. They all stared at their prize - naked, spread-eagled and tied up, a beautiful tanned sweaty body with his uncut dick hard and sticking out proudly, slightly curving upwards, the tip was dripping with strings of his sticky pre-cum from the non-stop edging and cock polishing.


Curt, driven to the brink of insanity by the cock polishing, palming and edging - but not allowed to cum - gasped "what the fuck....." in utter frustration. He was terrified that they would never stop with the relentless unbearable cock polishing and palming that caused so excruciating sensations. But while he was still repulsed by guys touching him, he was even more angry now that they stopped just at the brink of his shooting a mind shattering orgasm of cum.

His entire body shaking from the ordeal, Curt glared at them, with tears streaming down his face, muttering "you sick sick fucks" for what they were doing to him.

Ignoring him, one of the hooded guys continued to polish and rub Curt's the corona of his hard prick over and over and over in fast motions causing extreme electric-like unbearable sensations and then glided his wet palm from the root of the shaft up and over the cockhead causing the boy to shriek and twist his body violently up and down. Over and over.

"AAAAHH STOPSTOPSTOP AAAHHHH!!!!" he shrieked, now sobbing.

Curt's muscled body trembled and he screamed at them to stop but they ignored him and continued the cock polishing and palming as his body thrashed around.

"Say 'make me cum'" one of his hooded tormentors yelled to Curt "say it or they won't stop...SAY IT!"

The cock polishing and palming continued, though in slower motions that caused even more his body to buckle and bounce up and down as he squealed and shrieked for them to stop.

Curt, tears in his eyes, his lips quivered, gasping for breath, tried to form the words, though he would shriek out a moan when his cock was polished in a certain way "AAAAHHHHH..oh...they..please oh god god god oh my god my god stop oh shit... AAAAAAHHH.... fuck...makemecum...ohhohhhh!!!!"

Two hooded guys began licking Curt's cock head, and stroking and rubbing his shaft now in a up and down slow motion causing now sheer pleasure for the boy, as he arched his body and moaned.

"OOOOOH OOOOOOH OOOOH FUCK YEAH OOOOOOO" he moaned, his body shaking and taut on the brink of shooting his load.

Another hooded guy got between Curt's legs and started licking, lapping at and then sucking Curt's egg sized balls that were ready to shoot out the biggest load of his life.

The hooded guy licking and sucking his knob suddenly grabbed the base of Curt's steel hard fuck stick, pulling the foreskin as far back as it would go, and then used his other hand to stroke the shaft and glide over the head, and back over and over and over, slowly at first, then faster, faster, and faster.

Curt's muscled sweaty body grew even more rigid as he groaned in pure ecstasy, his head lolling back and forth. His body trembled even more, panting for breath his mind a jumble of confused thoughts of still wanting to resist what they were doing to him and yet wanting to shoot his load after the hours and hours of edging and teasing.

The hooded guy lapping at his balls now licked up Curt's ass crack and darting his tongue lightly at the squirming boy's tight sweaty virgin hole.

"FUCK YEAH" he moaned from the sheer unbelievable pleasure coming from his dick , though he desperately tried to suppress it. But the overwhelming feeling like a huge silent wave simply washed over his feeble resistance over and over until none was left.

Oh my God it felt so fuckin good Curt thought in his confused brain overwhelmed with conflicting thoughts, as his muscled body involuntarily grew taut readying itself for an explosive orgasm.

The hooded guy suddenly in a single motion deep throated Curt's hard stalk down to the base and then back up causing the boy to gasp loudly "OOOH SHIT SHIT!!!! FUCK YEAH!!!! OOOOH GOD!!!!"

The hooded guy kept the deep throating up and down at fast but steady pace as Curt thrust his pelvis out and shrieked in utter ecstasy as if he was cumming. Curt's eyes rolled back in disbelief how they were making his body feel, more so because the pleasuring was so intense, unexpected, prolonged, and so focused on ultra sensitive parts of his prick that he didn't even know about before.

They could see the boy was seconds away from an shooting a huge load, as his body grew even more rigid. The hooded guy deep throating his cock could feel his hard stalk flex and become even more engorged, while the other guy sucking Curt's scrotum felt his balls retract. The others, sucking Curt's nipples, his neck, armpits, ears, toes, his stomach and navel could also feel Curt's body was so very close now to an explosive orgasm. The pleasuring of his body was too much even for a straight jock like Curt.

Suddenly, Curt yelled "you fuckers!!! Fuckyoufuckyou ohgoditfeelssogood fuckyou!!"

He arched his back as far as it would go, and his whole body went taut as they continued to assault it with their mouths and tongues.

His hard rock-like dick flexed and pulsated again, his duck egg sized balls tightened, his abs grew even more taut and then he yelled "FUCK YEAH SHIT!!!!!" and string after string of hot thick cum shot out of his cock splattering the hooded face of his tormentor. As the straight jock gasped with his body thrashing this way and that in the throes of the most explosive orgasm of his young life, Curt's hard fuck meat continued to shoot more loads of hot spooge that his tormentors made sure went into a plastic container for one of the highest bidder of their live video streaming audience. Curt squirted 10 more times, before his orgasm faded.....he muttered "Oh God....oh god...oh god....."

Gasping, with his body shuddering involuntarily from the normal after effects of orgasm, Curt thought his ordeal was over. It was humiliating and degrading to have guys assaulting his body, making him hard and forcing him to an unwanted orgasm - something before he never thought would be possible from another guy. But it was over.

His still hard dick, still glistening from salvia and cum was now being jerked ever so slowly by Jesse, rubbing and slipping his hands over Curt's now extremely sensitive dick head...ever so slowly, with an evil grin.

Curt, at first tried to withstand this assault, praying silently that they would give up after a few seconds when they realized he wasn't responding. But Curt - the straight college football quarterback - couldn't last a few seconds. Like tickle torture, Curt's only defense was his physical ability to enforce the word "no" when anyone before tried to do that to him and to cause some unpleasant physical feeling. But only when he was in control - a situation before his abduction he thought he would always be in.

Almost instantly Curt broke, his body shaking, and tried desperately to pull his body away, screeching "OH SHIIITT!!!! NO NO NO! Oh fuck! Oh god, no...please too sensitive...please...oh god!!! Please...MY GOD!!!!! OH FUCKKKKKKKSTOOOOOPPPPPPPP!!!!"

And they didn't give up - the polishing and palming of his ultra sensitive dick continued on machine like.

"OOOH NOOOOOOO!!!" the straight jock shrieked.

Curt twisted and struggled violently, while Jesse knelt and continued to slowly rub and jerk Curt's still rigid cock. The polishing, especially for an un-cut dick with the foreskin pulled back exposing the ultra sensitive knob wet and shiny from his hot straight boy cum, was excruciatingly painful to Curt. His yelling and screaming grew louder than ever before dissolving into shrieks.

"Curt, you need to be taught a lesson - I mean you stick that smelly dick of yours into some skank's pussy and fuck her hard and when you're done, you are done. You pull out and think you are some macho fuckin hero. Well, lets see how you do when you are not in charge and at someone else's mercy dude...I think you cry like a little girl...You are not in control of your body or dick anymore dude - we are" Jesse said.

"AAAAAAAAAH AAAAAH" he shrieked, violently twisting his body this way and that as far as he could.

It was something to hear a athletic young man of 22 years old scream and yell their head off about not cumming again. At the same time Daniel began slowly licking Curt's sweaty hairy man trench, spreading those tight cheeks, while the boy screamed and tried desperately to back away.


He clenched his pearly white teeth, his long lashed green eyes closed tight as if to shut out the torments being done on his body. The natural straight boy bravado in Curt thought he could simply man up and fight these faggots and not react to what they were doing to him. Rage boiled up inside of him and for a second consumed his body's response, with Curt yelling at them "I FUCKIN WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!! STOP STOP NOW!!! FUCK!!!! STOPPPPPP!!!.

But within a half second his voice and bravado dissolved completely into shrieks and screams as the unbearable sensations overwhelmed him.

A hooded guy continued to jerk and then used the palm of his hand to glide over his knob wet with his thick hot spooge, over and over and over and then moving the thumb on the underside of the helmet head, rubbing that area over and over. Curt shrieked at the unbearable sensation, his body thrashing.

The hooded guy paused, while polishing Curt's cock head very slowly with his thumb and fingers which caused even greater unbearable sensations, while Curt's body jerked back and forth. The tormented straight jock, his face a hideous mask of pain, teeth clenched and eyes squinted shut trying to endure the unendurable sensations squealed "Oh!!!!!Oh!!!! please stop please stop pleeeeeeeeeaaasss!!!!!!"

Tears rolled from his eyes, his stomach and chest tensed and tightened, his body still desperately twisting trying to find a way of escape from his tormentors from touching his ultra sensitive cock.

They loved seeing a big straight athletic stud like Curt trying in vain to withstand and stop his body's involuntary - and violent - reactions. They loved doing this to straight guys - who they knew from their experience of abducting so many - never had anyone do this to them, certainly not tied up and helpless for a long period of time. They also loved to teach Curt a lesson that his straight jock body could be milked and made to cum by other guys no matter what he thought, and they could force any response from his straight boy body no matter how desperately he tried to withstand it.

Curt begged "don't stop" as a hooded guy slowly palmed his wet cock head - covered with his thick hot sperm. Slowly and tentatively at first - as if he was actually listening to Curt's pathetic pleas to stop. His tormentor would stop - look at the boy, holding in his fist his throbbing swollen steel hard fuck meat, and then smiled and started to rub and palm the wet knob, slowly over and over.

Curt tried desperately to withstand it and act as if it no longer bothered him - thinking that if he didn't react they would think his cock was no longer sensitive and stop. But after a few seconds any attempt to withstand this abuse of his body was quickly and easily overcome.


His taut sweat covered tormented body shook and then bolted in involuntary spasm as his tormentors rubbed, polished and palmed Curt's pussy loving cockhead and shaft, concentrating on the head and the underside of his knob, that would sent the boy into violent fits. Over and over and over.

He screamed, cursing his tormentors "you fucking sick perverts fuckyoufuckyou"

For 25 more minutes they continued tormenting his dick as he literally squealed and shrieked, no longer trying to project his alpha straight college athlete boy persona. The intensity of the attack made Curt delirious that bordered on insanity - as it did to the previous straight boy victims before - because it went on and on and on without end. They had no intention of stopping.

A different hooded guy grabbed and then slowly jerked Curt's shaft, while polishing his cockhead. Curt by this time was babbling like an idiot, moaning and screaming and cursing - his upper body sagging - his lower body tensed, his pelvis thrusting at anything. A small part of his brain realized they were forcing him to another orgasm even though the sensations were so unbearable.

His hooded tormentor cruelly polished Curt's wet cockhead so very slowly with his palm back and forth. It was pure sheer agony to Curt whose muscled body was completely rigid, his face clenched trying to endure the unbearable sensations, hoping he would stop. And then he would stroke Curt's hard meat up and down, flicking his thumb and fingers on the underside of his ultra sensitive knob.

Holding his breath, Curt burst out in high pitched squeals begging them to stop as his body writhed, thrashing in every direction.

Others held the boy's thighs and stomach as several hooded guys took ignored the begging and continued the cock polishing and palming followed by long strokes of his cock over and over. They loved hearing Curt - straight frat boy arrogant athlete now beg with a high pitched squeal and shrieks, tears coming from his eyes. .

"AAAHHHHH!!!!!" Curt screamed out, though still trying desperately not to react and angered that his body could be so easily manipulated by these perverts. Curt's body would thrust upwards, shake or quiver uncontrollably.

His hooded tormentor continued to rub Curt's ultra sensitive head, then moved his thumb slowly up and down on the underside of Curt's throbbing steel hard meat and rubbing especially just under the helmet head over and over and over and over and over, causing the straight jock boy to gasp loudly, his body growing taut, his hands fisted tight.

"JESUS!!! OOOOOH SHIT SHIT FUCK YEAH SHIT!!!!! Oooooooh fuck...fuck...fuck" Curt yelped, completely now traumatized by what they were doing to him.

Curt's body shuddered and he yelled, pleading "OHSHITGODGOD!!!!. CANTTAKEITSTOPSTOP GOD GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!!!!!!" as he shot his second load, just 30 minutes after his first one, six thick streams of his hot straight boy sperm shooting out of his throbbing fuck meat.

His muscled flat stomach heaved and he panted from the explosive forced orgasm but fear was in his eyes because he knew his tormentors would not stop. Curt closed his eyes, his body rigid, his hands fisted and toes curled trying desperately to fight off the unbearable sensations. He lasted five seconds before it overwhelmed him.

"OOH NOOOOO SHIT STOP STOP PLEASE!!!" he yelled, in panic and rage that this was being done to him - and done by guys. Faggots.

Like before, they kept stroking his throbbing meat over and over as it squirted out loads of hot straight jock boy cum, splattering on his stomach and thighs and the hands and faces of his tormentors. They loved the taste and the smell. His throbbing cock drooled out thick gooey strings of his hot cum.

They slowly stopped and this time did only two passes over his knob causing the boy to flinch and shriek. He was terrified they would continue as they did before. His chest was heaving but his body was still.

" more....I can't take any more....please," the once proud straight college jock pleaded.

For a few seconds they did stop, giving Curt a false sense of hope and relief. One of the guys blindfolded Curt as his sweaty muscled body shuddered and trembled involuntarily and then sagged thinking that his long ordeal was over. Tears flowed from his long lashed green eyes.

Unknown to Curt - who could not see now - one of the hooded guys, smiling evilly, picked up one of the many high powered electric massage wands with a rubber sheath attachment. He put the wand's ribbed opening over his sensitive tip of his hard man meat, just below the ridge of his cockhead.

Curt realized immediately something different was on his dick.

"Wha...what the fuck??? AAAAAHHH!!!!" he yelped at the strange sensation on his ultra-sensitive knob.

The hooded guy suddenly turned it on high. The vibrating speed caused excruciating sensations on Curt's still ultra sensitive knob - his head flew up his mouth gaped open and he shrieked "AAAAAAAAHH NOOOOOO FUUUUCCCK!!!!"

His shrieking dissolved into an animal like squeal of pain - though for Curt it was also mixed with excruciating unbearable pleasure sensations on his knob and man meat. But it was too much - and his mind was going fast over the edge.

His body - sagging one minute thinking this torture was over, suddenly buckled in an instant, his pelvis thrust back and forth in a desperate vain attempt to get away from the wand. His tormentor concentrated keeping the vibrating sleeve right over Curt's ultra-sensitive knob, using slight up and down and back and forth motions. Curt's eyes bulged out even more, as he shrieked. His tormentors knew how unbearable this was to Curt and they wanted to force him to endure it, to take it, to show they could this to him.

Another hooded guy joined in with another high powered massage wand that had a dildo like vibrating attachment that would vibrate at high multi speeds controlled by a small power box by one of the other boys. Adding lube to the attachment, he placed the dildo attachment right at Curt's tight sensitive hole and then shoved it in all the way without pause.

Curt, shrieking from the torment on his dick by the other massage wand, gasped and squealing "WHATTHEFUCK??!!!!AAAAAAAAH".

But that was just the beginning. His hooded tormentor shoved it in and out and then in, and while another hooded guy turned the power on all the way, moving the power dial from low to high and back and forth causing enormous vibrations in Curt's virgin tight ass, rubbing against his prostate. The feeling was electric - and one he never felt before there.

"WHAT THE FUUUUUCCCK???!!!! OHHH SHIT!!!! AAAAAAAAH SHIT SHIT AAAAAH" he cried out. Curt's straight boy mind was a jumble of confused thoughts - what was that feeling in his ass causing his dick to get even harder despite shooting his second load? It was indescribable.

His tormentors could tell the vibrating dildo was touching Curt's prostate by the boy's taut body pushing out and his ass cheeks clenching hard as he gasped and screamed out more obscenities.

They kept at it non-stop for another 20 minutes- with the vibrating sheath over his dick head and shaft the little nodules inside tickling and pleasuring his shaft and knob, while the vibrating dildo in his ass.

Curt tried in vain to resist and tried to block the overwhelming unbearable sensations from his mind and then in an animal-like growl "FUCKKK!!!!!!!!" he shot another enormous load that shot out of the sheath, as his tight ass cheeks gripped the vibrator in his ass each time his dick shot out cum, that coated the outside sheath, squirting out 5 shots of hot creamy boy cum. His body thrashed up and down and sideways as much as the restraints allowed.

"OK OK OK OK GODGOD please no more no more stop stop stoooooooop" he yelled. Somehow he thought they would stop after forcing a second orgasm from him. Little did he understand his tormentors.

After shooting his third load, Curt's cock head and shaft was now even more sensitive - and any touch was even more unbearable. But they had no intention of stopping.

To avoid the wand from overheating, they replaced the massager with the dildo attachment with another that continued vibrating and rubbing against his prostate sending waves and waves of hot over the top sensations that were excruciatingly unbearable and incredibly pleasurable causing his dick to flex and stiffen.

Using another different wand, a hooded guy continued to move the sheath attachment to explore a different part of his ultra-sensitive fleshy cock knob, including always spending some time just under the knob's ridge, causing an exquisite shriek from Curt.

They continued for another 40 minutes, though to Curt it seemed endless, as his beautiful body writhed and thrashed in a futile and desperate attempt to break free, his rage and curses dissolving into babbling mixed with sobs begging them to stop.

They ignored him and forced another three hot loads from the pussy loving straight boy's confused hard cock, though those final three were painful dribbles of sperm from the boy's very sore balls.

The ultimate horror for Curt was that each of those times was followed by equally intense post-orgasm torments of his cock. There was no stopping - only continued stroking, edging and cock polishing until they forced him to shoot yet another load. The post-orgasm torture of his knob and shaft after shooting his first load - and each time after - was even more excruciatingly unbearable to Curt. Not once. Not twice. Five times by maniacs who knew just how to trigger the worst sensations after his dick shot out yet another load of cum.

Hours later after the long edging, cock polishing and post-orgasm torments, the once proud Alpha male straight jock, was sobbing, his body trembling, drooling and babbling that "Please please no more..I can't no more,...please....please..."

His body was covered in sweat, his cum, by the time they finished, his head hanging down against his upper chest from the ordeal. Though exhausted and trembling g from the ordeal, Curt's will and defiance remained unbroken.

Curt still found it hard to accept the new situation, and with typical Alpha male straight boy bravado was filled with rage and desire for revenge, spitting at tormentors. He somehow survived this ordeal - one that he would never have permitted to happen to him before his abduction and if he wasn't tied up. He survived it - but others made him go through it, forced it on him. And even surviving it was a torment for him: he was terrified of having it happen again to him.

"YOU SICK FUCKS!!!!!" Curt's body shaking uncontrollably, with his sweat plastering his hair, screamed at them in an outburst of pure rage and helplessness as they unbuckled the straps to the bed to take him to his cell to rest for the next ordeal.

The Alpha Straight Boy wept from the unbearable tortures on his cock and balls and ass - the cock polishing and post-orgasm torment was sheer agony for him. He hated his tormentors - not just for abducting him and making him cum against his will - but for the prolonged ordeal they put him through.

He didn't realize that this was just the beginning of what would become his life. Endless prolonged ordeals inflicted on his unwilling body over and over and over and over. He tried hard to hang on to how things were in his life before his abduction.

The straight frat boy college athlete who could - and did - get any girl he wanted to fuck. Who had the looks, personality and the kick ass mentality of a cage fighter to always be in control. Yeah, he was for now on the down side of things. But he would never grow to accept any of that - which ironically made his tormentors want to do more to him.

And they would.

To be continued....


Eric Lane (laneeric)

[email protected]


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