I was 16 and was on holidays in Austria with my family for skiing. We were staying a great little hotel with a pool and wellness area in the basement. On my first night while rooming with my brothers I picked up the hotel info pack and to my amazement saw that the wellness area where the sauna and steam-room was located was for over 18's only and strictly nude.

I was a late developer and even at 16 I had a boy like body but on the second evening while down having a swim my curiosity got the better of me and I slipped away from my family towards the "strictly nude" wellness area. I was intrigued as I pushed the door in as I had never known of anything like this before. Once I got in I saw there were about 7 or 8 men and women walking around totally naked and it was beautiful. So natural and so free. I plucked up my courage and wrapping my towel around my waste I hung my swimming trunks on a hook and made for the steam room.

It was empty but I was leaving my towel on as I was very self conscious. It was really really hot and I was about to leave when the door opened and this lady in her 40's walked in. She took her towel from around her body and lay down on her back beside me. She didn't even notice me but I was intrigued and turned on. After a minute of two I had to leave as I was worried she would see that my cock had gone from a two inch semi to a 6 inch rod. It was literally throbbing.

I had a cold shower and noticed that the place had emptied out. My 40 year old lady exited the steam room, showered put on a white robe and left the wellness area. I was surely alone now. I decided to try the tepid room which was not as hot as the steam room or sauna but still quite warm. Entering and still feeling very horny I took up a seat on the bench. My 16 year old cock badly needed to release and even just touching it under my towel it was slippery with precum. Loosening my towel a bit I began to slowly masturbate using just two fingers as if they were holding a cigarette in case someone came in.

Suddenly the door opened and guy who was about 25 walked in. I leaned forward to hide my boner and quickly removed my hand from under my towel He had his towel around his waste but once he sat down he loosened it and let it lie across his groin. He was very well built, with strong muscles, blond hair, a smooth body and through the dim light I could still make out his blue eyes. His skin was lightly bronzed all over. We sat in silence and thankfully my cock softened.

After about two minutes in German he said something to me. I said I'm sorry I only speak English. Ah he smiled and said are you over here in Austria to ski. We chatted away and I found out he was from near Berlin and was skiing with friends. They were staying in the hotel. Then suddenly he asked me - do you enjoy the nude sauna. Yes I said it was nice.

Then he looked at me and said why don't you remove your towel. I was speechless for a moment and he said I will remove mine if you remove yours. I agreed and we did. My cock was semi again from the feeling of being so exposed in front of someone else for the first time in my life. Looking at him I saw his cock for the first time and it was huge. Lying there soft to one side it was at least 6 inches. I didn’t think mine was even that big when I was hard.

He began to ask were there any girls when I arrived and I told him about the cute 40 year old. Then he began to tell me how once in Berlin he had met two 20 year Russians in a sauna and how they had both sucked him off. I was hard before he finished the story and when he did I became embarrassed but he said to me I can see you are hard why not wank yourself a bit. I wasn’t sure but was so horned up. I saw that he was nearly fully erect also. Then he suddenly said hey since we are both hard can I touch yours and you can touch mine. He stood up without waiting for an answer and took the two strides over to my side of the room and gently began to rub my desperate cock. It was sensational but weird.

Gingerly I put my hand out and onto his enormous piece and began to wank him, I felt it quiver with excitement and I was surprisingly even more turned on when I saw pre cum begin to emerge from his cock. We continued this for a few minutes when he suggested we take a shower and finish off there,

He led me by the hand, taller than me, bigger than me and older than me to the shower and went into a cubicle where I followed him. The water was hot and he took some shampoo and began to caress my cock with suds before washing my body and ass. Suddenly he went down on his knees and took my cock in his mouth using his tongue to lather my precum and the hot water into a white mix. I was about to explode when he turned me around and began to lick my ass. I had never felt anything so amazing and his strong German tongue licked my ass hole and even went inside me. Again I was about to come when he stood up and asked me to kneel down, I tried to say no but he just pushed me to my knees and turned away from me and forced my face into his ass. Lick it he said. So I did.

I licked like my life depended on it and although it tasted weird and it felt nice to hear him moan. He turned to me without warning and put his cock into my mouth. I gagged at first as he forced his 10 inches right to the back of my throat but then I began to take control. Putting one hand on the shaft I began to lick and suck the top. He began to moan and groan. He placed one hand behind my head pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I never stood a chance and about 30 seconds later there was a river of warm salty liquid pouring down my throat. It was amazing.

Little 16 year old me who had never even thought about being with a guy had just taken 10 inches of German cock in my mouth and drank an explosion of cum. H pulled me up and for the first time kissed me hard before kneeling down and sucking every last drop of come from my cock.

The following evening I knew what to expect if I went down to the wellness area, but that is another story.




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