When i was 16 i had just came out to my family and they were still gettin used to it i had whent over to my cousins house and she was happily married to this man named steve howard he was not that attrative and he was kinda chubby too but there was something abu him that just drove me crazy.Well my cousin had to go to work the next day and it was just me and him and a big empty house so we were layin on his bed together and i knew that he knew i was bi so we were just sitin there and finally he said. have u ever been with a guy and i said no then i said i have you....and he said yea i have and i said wat he sai yea whe i was younger and i have always found u attartive and i said why did u never say anything and he said because i never knew that u were bi and then he rolls over and kisses me on the cheeck then he takes my shrit off and starts to bite my nipples and then he moves down and unbuckles my shorts and starts to put my balls in his mouth and starts to lick the head of my dick and sucks on it and starts to deep throat it then we get in 69 and i start to eat his ass out and then i put a condom on him with my mouth and then he gets out some lube and he slides his dick in my tight little ass and he is moanin and i can barely stay there then he empties his big balls all over my ass and licks it off then we just layed ther and cuddles until my cousin got home and noone ever knew .



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