I was 16 when Arin and I first met. My mother and father had divorced a few years back. My Mother was now dating a new man with a son (Arin), he was a 18 at the time we met. We would spend the weekends together at the cinema or bowling. Bonding, before we all moved in together. 

About a year later, my new blended family and I moved in together. At first Arin and I had separate rooms, but after our parents had a new baby, we ended up sharing a room together. We had a great time together. Heading to bars, watching movies, vacationing together, it was great. Arin liked all the things I liked, cheesy pop songs, tv shows and computers games. I had always suspected he might be gay. I even tested this theory one year we were vacationing together and offered that we go to a strip club, so we did. We both received lap dances that night (I hadn't come out yet, so I was in full pretender mode). 

One afternoon, when I was 18 and chilling in our room, watching some porn with headphones on. Arin's friend walked in, I quickly tried to hit the computer off but Window's 98 wasn't a very fast system so there it was, frozen on the screen, 2 guys plowing another. I knew this was the time to come out and tell my family I was gay, before someone else told them. Arin was very supportive, he would sit up late at night with me and we would talk about my experiences and he would offer up advice. 

Skip forward 7 years. I'm 25 now, living with our parents. Arin has moved out and is living with his girlfriend. It's his uncles 40th birthday. As a family we all head out together, drinks are flowing and the party is coming to an end. Arin, his aunt, some friends and I head back to his house where we continue the party. Throughout the night Arin had told me that his girlfriend for the last 4 years split a couple of weeks back. It's pretty cold so I grab a blanket and cosy up on the sofa. Everyone follows suit to the living room. My aunt in the chair, some friends on the other sofa and the floor. Arin joins me. We continue to drink and chat when suddenly I feel something rubbing my cock, through my jeans. 

I reach down to find Arin's foot. Not knowing how to react, I sit still for a minute while my cock grows.

With my cock bulging in my pants I look over at Arin, I nod at him and he leans into me. Trying to be casual I whisper to Arin "Man, I think your foot is sitting on my cock". Without missing a beat he says "I know" and licks my ear lope. My mind explodes! Is this really happening? Is he gay? Does he want to fuck me? Do I want to fuck him? This is wrong! He is my brother! Step brother? No relation by blood! We didn't grow up together! What am I doing? Am i actually considering this? Maybe he is just fucking with me?

I look over at Arin, and he must see the panic in my eyes because he stops massaging my cock. How have I managed to fuck this up I think to myself. Arin turns back to the room and joins in with the conversation. I say to myself thank god that is over, it is wrong and it can't happen. That is what my brain is saying, my cock though, wants something completely different. Not sure how much time passes, maybe half an hour but Arin gets up to get me a drink. While lifting my drink and his back to everyone else, I go for it. 

I grab his cock through his jeans. I look up at him and he is staring at me while biting his lip, he cock is growing. 

Remembering that I am in a room full of people I pull my hand away. Arin grins at me cheekily. He comes back with a drink for me and some others. He announces to the room that hes cold, so he pulls the blanket I have, over us both and swings my legs up onto his lap. Taking the hint some of our friends phone for cabs and pretty soon we are down to just 2 people along with Arin and I. With my legs now on his lap, Arin has moved his hand up my trouser leg and is stroking my cock, he has me leaking precum. 

Back and forth he strokes. I use my foot to massage his cock through his jeans. 

While trying to control excitement and my breathing, Arin offers his bed and the spare (originally ment for me) to our last 2 friends who are struggling to get cabs, and says we will sleep on the sofas. Fucking hell!! This is actually happening! As our friends move upstairs and we hear them settle in for bed, Arin pulls me off my jeans, moves my t-shirt up over my head and strokes my cock harder. He is on top of me now, my legs around his waist. He leans down and kisses me slowly and passionately. 

Leaning back he squeezes my cock with the rhythm of his strokes, sliding up and down. He looks me in the eyes as I wither with passion and moves his hand up across my body, reaching my face and slides his thumb into my mouth, out, in and out, to the rhythm of his hand motions around my pulsing cock. He says to me "I am going to fuck you so hard.... bro". And slams his hard contained cock into my bare ass.

With the image in my mind of Arin inside of me, and the thrust of his cock (even from inside his jeans) slamming at my hole... my cock explodes. Hot cum spurts out onto my thighs and stomach. I'm panting as Arin continues to stroke me, he leans down and licks some cum from my stomach and moves up towards my mouth. He kisses me passionately on the mouth, before moving his mouth down to my neck and finally around to my ear where he whispers "you taste great.. bro". 

I'm lying here, savoring my body's reaction to my orgasm. Feeling Arin on top of me, his strokes across my body, him nibbling at my ears, neck and nipples. Suddenly I feel him patting my hole. He massages it with him fingers, it feels great. I groan. "Do you like that.. bro?" I can't muster a yes, so i groan louder. He takes the cum from cock and slides a finger up my hole. Fuck yes, it feels amazing. I want you inside me I say. 

"Do you? How much do you want me.. bro?" He says.

I groan louder again. The shame I had felt earlier has become lust. I reach up to Arin and grab him closer to me. I kiss him passionately and hard. In this moment I need him inside me. Sensing my need, Arin pulls off his shirt, undoes his jeans and using the cum from my thighs and stomach as lube, pushes the head of his cock inside me. He has a big cock, bigger than I thought. Around 8 inches and thick. There is a moment where I don't think I will be able to take it. Arin looks down at me smiling and says "I'm going to fill you up.. bro". My body reacts with pure passion and my hole opens wider, in Arin slides very slowly. 

Arin leans into me and kisses me, sweetly. He asks if I am okay but I'm still not able to talk, I kiss his neck and slide one hand up to his bicep and the other to the small of his back and gently pull him into me, feeling all 8 inches. He stills for a moment unsure if i can take him. My body reacts again and I slowly start to grind into him, riding his cock. Tenderly he pulls me closer to him, wraps my hands in his and twists them behind my head. He starts to pant as the rhythm becomes more rapid. He is kissing me sweetly, tugging at my lip with his teeth and moving across to my ear and finally my shoulder.

I feel him, inside me. Pushing in and out, in and out. His trusts are getting deeper, faster and his breathing is rapid. He moves his kissing back to my ear and whispers, "I'm going to cum.. little bro". I groan and kiss his neck and bite at his ear. He whispers again, "where do you want me to cum.. little bro?", I move my hands over his body and grab his face, kiss him hard and say, "inside me". 

He grins at me and says, "good.. bro". 

He grabs my hands in his and slams them onto the sofa the under us, pinning me down. Pushes his forehead against mine, looking me in the eyes. He is pounding at my hole, deep long strokes. One after the other. I feel his hot breath on my face as his breathing becomes more rapid. He groans, loudly, exhaling into my face as he looks at me. Then i feel it, his jizz spurting up inside my hole. Hot and sticky, its lubing his cock as the strokes get even more forceful. 

Bang, bang, bang, he pounds at my hole.

Arin grabs me, pulls me into him and sits up. He is still inside of me. I can feel his jizz, oozing around my hole and his softened cock. He slides his hand around onto my chest and pushes me back. He looks at me and says, "I've wanted that for years". I smile at him and say "so have I", he replied with a cheeky grin, "if you're a good little bro you will get more in the morning". 

Arin came out as gay to me that night. He came out to the rest of the family and his friend a few weeks later. 

Little did I know... this experience of ours was the 1st of many.

Ps, It has been great reliving this again. I hope you enjoy as much as I have.


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