My 19 year-old buddy A.J. and I are minor league baseball players with a National League baseball team. A.J. plays the position of short stop and I am the team's catcher.

One year ago A.J. and I signed large bonuses and have been assigned to a minor league team in Texas.

A.J. is an outstanding player standing 6 feet, weighs 175, rock hard body, characterized with brown hair and eyes from his German ancestry, a gorgeous bubble ass and featuring an uncut 8.5" smooth cock with a big girth.

My name is Randy and I stand 6'1", weigh a very hard muscled 195 pounds, large thighs and legs from years as a baseball catcher, and powerful arms and biceps. I have black hair and dark eyes with a long line of Italian men. I have an extraordinary large ball sac and balls that hang low while featuring a cut 10" cock that seems to always be hard.

A.J. and I are Gay and for a year have been roommates and fuck buddies. At our age, we are always horny and we often have sex in the morning and again at night after coming home from a game. A.J is an unbelievable sex machine. He can get me off day or night. Sometimes our sessions last for hours. We are a factory when it comes to producing cum. We love giving each other head and fucking one another. I am usually the top as A.J. loves being my bitch.

Sometimes we find it very erotic to have sex in a semi-public place. The chance of getting caught is the thrill of the action and makes us even more aroused.

Recently after a long game that went 11 innings we went to the locker room and waited for all the other players to shower and leave. After we played around in the shower giving each other blow jobs, I stretched out on a bench with my 10" cock pointing up to the ceiling. A.J now aroused climbed on top of me facing me and he lowered his over heating ass down on my now leaking cock. His smooth and wet big experienced ass came all the way down into my waiting ass with one plunge.

He was riding me like a cowboy riding a wild bull as we both moaned and gasped for our breath when we heard the door open. It was too late to stop and we were too aroused to stop. The man turned out to be the custodian. He let out a big laugh and said: "Hey, you studs, do not mind me. Enjoy the hot sex. I just wish my wife could ride me like that." He grabbed his crotch and left the room.

We were now really turned on and fucked like mad men for at least ten minutes when I felt my cock expand, the cum erupt from my balls and burst load after load of cum down my fuck buddies man pussy. A.J. pulled off and we were both covered in cum. We showered and left to find a place for dinner.

Today something really unpredictable happened to us that one can only dream about. After a night game, I am driving us home in my recently purchased red corvette convertible with my heavy foot on the accelerator. As luck would have it, a Texas Ranger is parked on a side street and he clocked me going 90 in a 65 zone. Almost instantly, I hear the officer's siren and lights. I pull over and wait for the trooper to approach my car.

He greets me and says with a big smile: "Sir, where are you heading at such a break neck speed? Are you aware this is a 65 mile speed zone and you are going 90?" "Officer, I am so sorry. I was just not thinking," I respond.

He shines his flashlight into my car and he notices a collection of Gay magazines, sex toys and a package of condoms on the back seat. He gives us a big smile and says: "Are you guys into Gay porn?" Since we are caught, we inform the officer that we are Gay fuck buddies.

"Well Sir, I am going to have to give you a speeding ticket for being 25 miles over the speed limit. The cost will be around $300 unless you have other speeding violations then the fine will be much higher and you could loose your driving

licenses for some time."

I have had two speeding tickets in the last four months that I do not inform the officer about.

Some what desperate over the possible ticket and getting a real hard on looking at this gorgeous trooper that I would soon learn was 25 years of age, I ask: "Officer is there anything A.J. and I can do to avoid this ticker. Just anything? We will do anything you suggest."

I was taking my chances with this hunk who was about 6 feet, weighed around 170 pounds, and the most beautiful wavy blond hair and deep blue eyes I have ever seen. I also noticed that under his very tight trooper pants there was a huge bulge hiding what had to be a giant cock.I love big cocks.

The officer turns off his body camera and goes to his car and disarms that camera and returns to my car. He ask me: "You two will do anything I ask to avoid the ticket, right?" I assure him: "Oh, yes, sir. You name it."

Now I hear music for my ears. The officer says: " I get off in 20 minutes. I see that you two have some exotic sex items. So we could meet and you two can show me a good time." I notice that there is movement in his crotch and that tool is growing and pushing upward in his pants.

A.J. and I are now really aroused and sprouting huge bulges also. I bravely comment: " I believe I see a small wet spot in the front of your pants." A.J. speaks up: "Officer Derek (his name tag), we would love to give you the greatest sex of your young life. We are really experienced. You are going to get two hot studs for the price of one. And no speeding ticker, right?"

Officer Derek sprouts a huge sexy smile and says: "Right gentlemen. We must get one thing clear. First, I am bi-sexual and I have a girlfriend. She does not know about my casual sex with guys from time to time. If you were ever to reveal this evening of sex, she will dump me and I will be fired and never work in law enforcement again. Understood?"

I assure the officer: "I am so horny as is A.J. and hot for you to fuck us and us fuck you. You are a gorgeous stud. We love uniform men. They turn us on and you are beautiful."

I am now leaking precum in my briefs and A.J. surprises us as he pulls his aching cock out of his pants and starts stroking his big cock.

Officer Derek relaxes and says: "Well, gentlemen, where shall we meet? By the way, what are your names?" We introduce our selves. We inform him that we are baseball players on the local minor league team. Officer Derek says: "Please call me Derek. We are about to become bosom buddies and share our hot juices."

It is late and dark. I reach outside the window and begin rubbing my hand across Derek's big bulge and wet spot. I can feel a really big hard cock. Derek moves his crotch part way through the window and begins to push against my hand and utter a soft moan.

"Well Officer Derek, I smell cum on my hand and it is not mine." He replies to me: "Well, Randy you have caught me. Do you like the smell of my cum?" I say: "Oh, yes, it is delicious. I just cannot wait to get a big load from you."

I give Derek my cell number and tell him that we will get a suite downtown at the Hilton. He is to call us and learn our room number.

We check into room number 569 (lucky 69). We bring along all our sex materials and toys. We shower, douche and get ready for bareback sex, our favorite. My cell phone rings. It is Derek and we have him come up to the room.

I hear a knock on the door. As I open the door in my birthday suit, there is gorgeous Derek still in his police uniform. Derek has a 12 package of beer. I am hard as a rock as is A.J.

I immediately start undressing Derek so he can join us naked. Derek sports a dark body tan, a stomach and abs as flat as a board, a hairless chest and stomach, huge hard nipples, beautiful blond under arm hair and the most beautiful cock with blond pubic hair that I have ever seen. I love blonds. His uncut cock is 10". His ass hole is hairless, smooth, bubbled and a pink hole.

Derek turns to A.J. and plants deep kiss after deep kiss on his lips. We put on a hot Gay hotel movie and begin to get down to hard sex.

I place Derek in hand cuffs and playfully say: Officer Derek, you are now under arrest and I must read you your rights. You have the right to engage in dirty talk and sex with A.J. and me. You have the further right to completely enjoy a full night of wild and hot sex and feel free to ejaculate as many times as you wish. Do you understand the need for you to enjoy and satisfy your present horny condition?"

Derek is so turned on that his cock begins to throb, thrust upward and drip a stream of precum. He responds as I begin to jack him off: "Officers, yes I understand my rights for sex tonight and I wave any right to decline this hot sex."

I place Derek on the bed on his back. We take each of his hands, handcuff them to the head of the bed and begin to kiss, lick and massage his entire body. I begin kissing his lips, licking his ears, sucking under his arm pits and sucking on his nipples. A.J. starts at his feet by licking and sucking his toes and the bottom of his feet. A.J. moves up and licks his beautiful legs and inner thighs and gradually reaches his balls and cock sucking them wildly.

We all are leaking more and more precum, sweating with drops running over our bodies and fingering the precum as we feed it to each other. Derek, although tied to the head board, is going wild lifting his legs and lower body up and down as he is in heat and begging for more. We are all drenched and smell of sex.

I move to Derek's cock and begin going down on his red hot cock and fingering his balls as A.J. is now spitting on Derek's smooth ass and tongue fucking the beautiful man pussy. I lick up and down his cock shaft, swirl my tongue around and around his cock head and open his piss slit with my tongue. Then I start plunging my mouth down his cock until I have swallowed the entire monstrous boner. I suck up and down this slick cock as I enjoy his many streams of white precum. Derek's cock is performing like a well oiled piston in my mouth.

A.J. takes a can of whip cream and pours it onto Derek's pulsating ass. A.J. begins to push the cream into Derek's man pussy with his tongue and at the same time A.J. is enjoying the taste of the whip cream and cum from his own cock that he is using one hand to jerk himself off while tongue fucking Derek. This erotic position for all of us last for at least 20 minutes as Derek is at our mercy but loving every second.

When Derek cannot take it any longer, he begs us to take turns fucking him. A.J. keeps Derek on his back, puts a pillow under Derek's ass, we take off the handcuffs, A.J lubes Derek's ass, lubes his own big cock, spreads Derek's legs far apart and gives one final kiss to this beautiful ass. A.J. plunges his now red hot leaking cock deep into Derek's open and pulsating ass. They both begin to buck and drive their cock and man pussy harder and harder. It is an incredible fuck scene. They are breathing hard and moaning like two cougars.

I am deep French kissing Derek as I feel his hot breath in my face and throat from the fucking he is getting from A.J. The sound of the sloppy ass and A.J.'s cock is so arousing for me that I almost come. Before long, A.J. yells: "OMG, I am going to cum! I am cumming. I am cumming. Oh, FUCK, Oh FUCK. I am bursting a huge load in this man pussy."

Now spent, A.J. pulls out and Derek tells me it is my turn. I put on some lube and immediately enter Derek's already soaked ass with my really hot cock. I have no trouble plunging all the way in as my cock mingles with A.J.'s huge load of cum and all the lube in Derek's ass. I have never experienced a more wet, slick and sloppy fucking before. The feel of the juices over takes me in about three minutes as I dump at least eight huge bursts of my cream down Derek's man pussy. His ass is filled with a huge supply from A.J. and me. I pull out and then finger this wet ass that I feed to both Derek and A.J.

Derek gets up and says: "Enough of your domination of me. It is now your turn to get my huge cock up those non-virgin asses, you bitches." This talk and the look on his face drives us wild.

Derek puts me in a headlock and throws me on the bed on my back. Then he puts A.J. in an arm lock and throws him on the bed beside me. He places pillows under both our asses and orders us to pull our feet and legs up against our chests. He lubes both our asses and lubes his still rock hard cock.

Derek leaps on the bed and with one plunge drives his huge cock all the way down A.J.'s waiting ass. The rough fucking causes A.J. to yell in pain as this huge boner plunges in and out over and over. A.J. moves his ass up and to meet the hot boner as it works like a well running piston. I am now hard again and jacking-off as if I had a new supply of cum.

Soon Derek pulls out of A.J. and finds his next victim that is my ass. Again he shows no mercy as he drives into my inner ass with one drive. He fucks me with great speed and force. I can feel how wet his cock is and how hot it feels in my ass. I have never been fucked with such force and erotic feeling . This man must really be totally gay. I think he was pulling our leg claiming he was bi-sexual. He is a human sex machine. I beg him to fuck me over and over.

Before long, I feel his cock head swell and his balls rise up under my ass. I know he is ready to come. But he pulls out and moves up to A.J. and my faces as he wildly jerks off. Soon he dumps a huge load of cum on both our faces. He then takes turns kissing us as he joins in the cum feast. This causes A.J. and I to ejaculate a second time all over our abs and stomach. We finish our cum meal and all three cum covered studs take a shower together.

After we dress and consume the beer brought by Derek, I ask Derek: "Now be truthful with us. The way you fuck is incredible. I have never had such a hot pounding. You are not bi-sexual."

Derek kisses me and says: "Randy, you are correct. I am totally Gay. I partially told you that story to protect myself if our proposed sexual encounter fell through when I stopped you for speeding."

We all three engage in wild wet kissing before Derek gets ready to leave. As he leaves, he gives us another one of those sexy smiles and says: "Well, maybe you will see me patrolling the roads again soon.



Naughty Eric


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