The curtain rose to reveal a table to one side of a winch bolted to a small raised platform. The winch had a big metal handle sticking out of it, and was turned by hand. A rope led from the winch up to a pulley in the ceiling and down again to a small hook suspended above the table. The table had restraints at either end. The audience was given a few moments to take in the scene before the lights went down and only the table and winch were illuminated by a few spotlights. Three muscular guys walked onto the stage, two pulling a third guy between them.

The two masters, one above average, one below average height, were both wearing black boots. The larger master had enormous chest muscles, thick biceps, taut abdominals, and a ring through each nipple. His chest was crossed with some simple leather straps, two coming from around the back of his neck, and two coming from around his back, midway up, the four meeting at a glinting metal ring in the centre of his pecs. He also wore a pair of tight black leather shorts.

The smaller master was slimmer, smaller, but still deliciously muscular and with a slightly more complex leather setup. A leather strap encircled his neck, which was connected to a ladder of straps that ran down his chest and connected to a leather pouch at his groin. A second pair of straps reached from his back over his shoulders and down his body, also joining at the leather pouch, like braces. The pouch itself had no straps to the side, and a single leather strap reached up the back, between his buttocks, finally splitting to two at the top of his shoulders.

The guy between them was naked but for a tattered cream-coloured cloth that hung around his waist. He was tanned, muscular, blond and blue eyed. He was towed onto stage by a spiked leather collar around his neck, which they removed as they helped him onto the table. He was securely strapped down, then fondled all over his body by both masters.

They slid their hands all over his chest, down his stomach, along his arms, down his legs. He groaned and shifted, visibly aroused. The rag around his waist began to bulge. As it did so, the masters shifted their attention to it, sliding thier fingers along the sides of the shaft that was now beginning to show clear definition beneath the material. They tweaked it and touched it, slid their fingers up and down it, hardening it and teasing it, playing and toying with it. The bulge grew and grew until the rag could barely contain it.

Finally, they began pulling the material away from his waist. They tugged at the rag until it finally tore, and pulled the remains away from his body, exposing his assets fully.

The guy's cock was immense - a full 12 inches long and as thick as the other guys' wrists. It was neatly circumcised and had an enormous D-shaped ring through the head, the straight section passing into the top side of the cockhead, just in front of its rim, and emerging from the underside. The ring was about as thick as the guy's little finger. The cock lay erect against his lower abdomen, too heavy to support itself, nestling in the valley between his lower abdominal muscles. The two masters pulled down the end of the rope, clipping it onto the cock ring. The larger master then went to the winch and began winding, pulling in the slack. The erection was pulled slowly up into the air until vertical, each vein and artery standing out hard from the tight flesh.

The two masters then resumed their toying with the cock. They stroked its tight skin gently, bent down and licked it, slid their tongues up and down its length, and sucked gently at its head. They slid their tongues around the ring, poking at the skin where the ring went inside the flesh. They ran their fingers up and down the thick veins that stood out from the shaft and licked around the rim of the cockhead. All the while, their victim groaned and strained, gasping every so often in pleasure. The smaller master then went over to the winch and began winding slowly.

The rope pulled tighter, drawing the cockhead upwards. The ring was now beginning to distort the cockflesh and was creating a small gap between the bottom-most part of the ring and the flesh through which it had been inserted. The larger master stroked the head gently, causing a shudder in the guy who's cock was now being put under pressure. The winch was wound in some more, pulling harder and increasing the gap bit by bit.

'Oahhh! Oahhh!' came the sound from their slave. His face twisted up slightly as he began to feel a little pain.

The winch continued to tighten very slowly, the smaller guy deliberately drawing out the pain inflicted on the guy's cock. The larger master stroked and licked, occasionally grasping the huge organ and tugging it up and down.


Each time his cock was tugged, the guy on the table gritted his teeth and grunted involuntarily. The gap between the ring and the flesh beneath it slowly grew as the cockflesh distorted around the hot metal ring.

Finally, the winch had pulled the ring up enough to increase the gap to a size large enough to accept a finger. The smaller master came over, and the two began slowly and carefully inserting their little fingers into the gap. Each time they touched the inside surface of their victim's cockflesh he groaned and strained against his bonds. His dick visibly strained too, the veins shifting slightly on its shaft as it writhed in pleasure. As time passed, they progressed to their larger fingers, each time the pitch of the guy's voice rising as he gasped and moaned.

With a touch of lube, the larger master inserted his thumb. As he did so, his victim shouted out hoarsely, the shout ending in a sob of pleasure. The master moved his thumb in and out gently, each time drawing out a mewling, gasping, wrenching sob of ecstasy. By this point his victim sounded as if he'd barely be able to talk after the show. The smaller master gave the winch one last tweak, making the guy on the table scream hoarsely. The larger master quite carefully then pushed both his thumbs in side by side. The guy on the table bucked and strained frantically as the smaller master stuck the rag from his waist into his mouth. They then took turns teasing his cock with their fingers and thumbs as he screamed around the mouthful of rag, uttering gutteral snorts and gasps.

By this point, the guy on the table was tensing his bulging muscles, twitching and writhing, his chest heaving as he panted, his whole body visibly shaking with the combination of pain and pleasure. The two masters took great delight in prolonging his suffering, sliding their fingers and thumbs into the passage they had created in his cock, until a dribble of pre-cum began to trickle down the cockhead. The two masters noticed this, and stopped their exploits. They carefully released the tension on the winch and allowed the tortured cock to return to its normal shape. The guy on the table groaned as his cockflesh returned to normal, wrapped tight around the thick cock ring once again.

The masters unbuckled the restraints, dragged him up, and guided him across the stage to the far left. He was then made to kneel. The larger master went off the stage briefly while the smaller master played with their slave's nipples. He returned a few seconds later with some lengths of rope. He then proceeded to tie their slave's wrists and ankles, and lashed his arms to his chest. As the guy's head lolled in exhaustion, the smaller master went over to the winch again, and pulled the hook over to him. Once again, they attached his cock ring to the hook, and then both went over to the winch. They began winding it in, as the kneeling guy looked at them with a look almost of horror, until the rope was once again taut. They didn't stop winding. They continued, stretching the huge erect cock out once again as the guy gasped and groaned. The head was pulled out and out, distorting again around the ring, its owner unable to do anything but watch in a haze of simultaneous pleasure and pain. The cock clearly couldn't stretch out much further by this point - something had to give.

The larger master now left the winch, once again off the stage, and returned with a hose. Water began to dribble out and he aimed it at the floor around the kneeling guy. Lukewarm water sloshed around his thick muscular legs, making the floor slick and slippery. The smaller master then resumed winding. The cock stretched a tiny bit further, then suddenly the guy, by now shaking and almost in tears, slid a little along the stage.

As the audience gaped in amazement, the winch slowly dragged the tortured cock (and its owner) inch by inch across the stage. Its owner mewled and shook his head from side to side, his muscles bulged and flexed, but he was tightly bound and couldn't do anything to stop what he was experiencing. His cock was stretched right out with the head bent around the ring, the skin by now a deep purple from the intense punishment it was taking. He threw back his head and cried out as he was tugged across the floor, the liquid slightly reducing the friction but not by much. The larger master left the hose on the floor, allowing it to flood the stage with a film of water that drained away at the very edges. They then settled down to enjoying the torture/pleasuring of their victim.

After every foot or so of dragging, the masters would stop and give the guy a rest, always keeping his cock taut on the rope. They took turns on the winch, and when one stopped winding, the other would lick and stroke and tease the purple-headed, red-fleshed cock. About halfway across the stage they brought out some clothes pegs and attached them to the guy's nipples to add to his suffering. The guy himself had by now screamed himself hoarse and could only gasp and shudder and buck and spasm each time he was pulled along. His cock was visibly drooling pre-cum, which oozed slowly out of the opening at the tip of his dick, slid down the underside of the shaft, clinging to the veins and arteries as it did so, dribbled down his ballsac, and finally dripped from the underside of his balls every few seconds, mingling with the warm water washing over the stage.

Finally, he reached the winch, and the masters released the tension slowly. As his cock resumed its normal shape, he gasped and shook his head from side to side. They untied him and hauled him up, dragging him across the stage again to the table. The hose was shut off as they got down to work with what was clearly the finale of the show. They sat him down on the table with his legs dangling over the edge, then the smaller master got onto the table behind him and began kissing his neck and back. The larger master pulled the pegs off his nipples and then dropped to his knees and slid the tortured cock into his mouth. He sucked and slurped, sliding the cock into his mouth repeatedly as the once-tortured guy now gasped in pleasure and relief. The smaller master bit him gently all over his neck and shoulders, exploring the powerful muscles with his teeth, lips and tongue.

The larger master struggled to get the huge erection into his mouth as deeply as he obviously wanted. It was still rock-hard and still oozing pre-cum, which dribbled down his chin as the pleasure increased. Finally he settled for just the first few inches, sliding it in as deeply as he could, and licking the head when he pulled it out. He reached out and circled his finger and thumb around the ballsac at its base, and began tugging it repeatedly downwards. The slave's head lolled forwards and he sighed with enjoyment, his cock throbbing visibly and twitching every so often. Every few minutes the larger master would take the cock out of his mouth, take the ring in his fingers, and twist and pull on it a little to remind the slave of the pain he had experienced before.

Several minutes passed, with the slave growing increasingly agitated. He shifted a little, his legs beginning to shake, and a quiet whimpering began to emerge from his lips. The smaller master reached around and began to manipulate the victim's nipples, tweaking and pinching them as his cock approached climax. The larger master continued his sucking, slowly drawing the cock closer to its point of pleasure. He refused to be rushed and the slave thumped the table a few times in frustration, which earned him a hard nipple-pinch from the other master. The victim began shifting slightly backwards and forwards, his thighs opening and closing slightly, as he felt a heat flush spreading across his chest.

With each thrust the cock grew closer and more ready. Each time the master slid it into his mouth and then pulled it out again, pre-cum would drip out of the end. The shaft twitched and pulsed in readiness, the head expanding and contracting ever so slightly with each heartbeat. The master grabbed it in his hand and began stroking it to climax, sliding its head against his lips and licking its head every so often. He pulled the balls repeatedly, making the guy moan. A minute of firm pumping was all it took. As he continued to pump the cock, it shot its first volley of come into the master's open mouth, spattering across his tongue. It continued drooling out even as it drew breath for the next spurt, leaving great strings of white globs hanging from the master's chin and from the ring through its head. The next spray came just as hard, making the slave buck with pleasure as it spewed all over the master's lips and tongue again. Once again it freely drooled more come as the next round was loaded. Volley after volley shot into the master's mouth until he finally took the cock and pushed it right into his mouth, sucking it as deeply as he could. He closed his eyes in sheer enjoyment as the cock pulsed and pumped, each volley causing the flesh of the cock to bulge and flex, and forcing the master to swallow blast after blast of hot, thick, sticky white spunk down his throat.

Finally, shaking with exhaustion, the slave was led off the stage, every few steps his cock dripping and dribbling a few more globs of come. The masters then turned on each other. In the centre of the stage they stood and pinched each other's nipples, kissing and feeling and toying with each other's bodies. They got onto the table, unbuckling and unbuttonning their leather undergarments, the larger master on the bottom, the smaller on the top, and 69'd slowly and sensuously in front of the audience.

The smaller master's head bobbed up and down, his face a picture of pleasure as he slobbered on his friend's hard-on. The larger master simply relaxed and let his friend pump his groin into his face, happily deep-throating a cock that he could fit fully into his mouth. Lubricated by each others' sweat, they slid their torsos together, muscle sliding against thick muscle, cocks sliding in and out of mouths, balls tightening ready for the approaching orgasm.

The smaller master began gasping around his mouthfull of dick, and his cock began twitching. The larger master opened his eyes and felt warm rushes of thick liquid pulsing rhythmically into the back of his throat. The sensation was simply too much for him, and he also began to come, ejaculating long satisfying bursts of love juice into his friend's mouth. They came and came, lying there and savouring their simultaneous orgasm and the taste of each others' jism, letting the warm liquid wash around their mouths and throats, feeling each high-pressure spray spatter white fluid all over their tonsils.

The lights dimmed. The curtain dropped.




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