But being that I have never been exposed to such uninhibited behavior, I found myself at a loss for what to do next. That part of me that speaks to my libido said, "get up and join him in the shower you fool" and the rational part of me said "get dressed and play it cool."

Did I really know who I was dealing with.

I mean lets look at this...

First day on campus, I spy a gorgeous jock who just happens to be my roommate and who just watched me jerk off to a furious convulsion followed by his own masturbatory performance. Then he decides to invade my personal space and have actual bodily contact not only with me, but to kiss a complete stranger on the stomach which just happened to be recently adjourned with sticky DNA which he later TASTED!!!

Now come on, either this is a fucking dream and I need to wake the fuck up before I piss myself, or I'm dealing with someone who has major issues. Either way, my instinct was to get up, dressed and out of here before something else happened.

So that is what I did.

And let me tell you why.

As an athlete myself, I have been exposed to both the female and the male form ever since I lost my virginity to a girl and was required to start showering in the boys locker room after school activities. I have admired both forms, and in the tradition of my peers, maintained a stable relationship with a girl for the last 2 years.

I saw myself as straight.

It seemed pretty simple.

Even though I secretly had a desire to be simultaneously gagged with cock and ass fucked by my entire high school basketball team and my coach (dare I even share my fantasy). But I digress.

Geoffrey had returned to the shower, only this time he left the door open.

I quickly dried myself, cum and all, and opened the door to the living room. I was surprised to see Phil and Stephanie sitting at the counter drinking gimlets already.

"What were you guys doing in there? You have been in there for over an hour?", said Phil.

Had it really been that long?

"Yeah, I'm already on my third gimlet", said Stephanie.

"Oh, we'll I was in the shower and then Geoff came in and we said our hellos and..."

"Dude, I really don't give a fuck. Do you want a drink or not?"

"Yes, please." I said with a deep sigh and a smile.

Phil poured while Stephanie and I talked. After a few moments, the front door opened and in came Aaron with a grocery bag clanging with bottles. "Who wants to party?"

Stephanie blurted out, "I do, I do!" And Aaron unpacked 3 bottles of Stolli, some lime juice, a bottle of Jack and a 2 liter of Coke.

"You must be Christian. I met Geoffrey earlier today." Aaron said.

Feeling socially inept I replied, "we'll who else would I be?" There was a moment of silence as it appeared I had made a faux pa from the tone of my voice.

Is it understandable that my nerves were a little frazzled?

"Fucking freshman. Are you a little nervous about your first day on campus?"

"We'll actually..."

"You need to relax, it's community college for Christ sake. Here, take a shot of Jack, it will take the edge off" as he handed me a shooter.

I have never been able to stomach Jack Daniels, but in this case, I needed something, so back it went. And with it came a roar of Woo-Hoo's from my new roommates.

"Here's to higher learning" said Phillip as both he and Stephanie took swigs of their cocktails.

"What are we drinking to?" said Geoff as he came out of our room in only a pair of boxer shorts. He was carrying a shirt but hadn't managed to put it on yet. And he was still wet, hair dripping, body glistening, making every sculpted surface on him seem intensified to high definition.

"Christian here seems a little nervous about being in college, so we are going to make him into a man." said Aaron.

"Oh really", as he looked at me straight in the eyes, "A man huh?"

I looked back at him with a look of terror. I didn't know what to expect given what had happened between us a few moments ago.

"Well I think he's man enough." as he smiled and winked at me. Then he turned to face Stephanie and Phillip. "I know he must have enjoyed the show you gave him earlier Stephanie."

Stephanie giggled, already feeling the effects of her Vodka Gimlet. "Oh really?"

"Yep. In fact, I would say he REALLY liked it..." Everyone was looking and smiling at Geoffrey. "...because why else would my shirt be covered in GIZZ!!!" as he held up the shirt I had had my face buried while I was jerking off earlier.

"What!?!" She said, and everyone looked at me in surprise.

At which point Geoff held up his shirt which was splattered with still gooey cum and displayed it to everyone, fanning it back and forth. I was mortified!

"Oh my god!" Phillip said as he moved in for a closer look. I sat there motionless. Stephanie just looked at me. Aaron seemed intrigued as well.

"Wow, that is a lot" Phillip informed the group, "don't worry bro, she has the same affect on me." as his laughter broke the silence. Geoff tossed the shirt at me and said, "you can keep it, I don't think I want it back". He walked behind the counter to pour himself a Jack and Coke.

Stephanie walked around the other side and up to me, she leaned over and whispered in my ear. Phillips eyes were intently watching me for a reaction. "Would you like me to sign it? I will?"

In an attempt to laugh it off I said, "Would you? It would be my first."

"And your last my friend" Phillip said rather abruptly. He laughed again, as did Aaron and Geoff. Stephanie gave me a peck on the cheek, looked down at the shirt resting in my lap, and said, "I'm flattered, really" before returning to Phil's side.

"We'll good, now lets have another drink." I said. I just wanted to get past this completely awkward and embarrassing situation. I wanted to get drunk! Something had to make this day go faster.

And drink we did.

After about an hour, our stories of who, what, where, and when faded into the background music coming from the stereo. Phil and Stephanie were standing in the kitchen, Aaron was on the floor in front of the TV, and Geoff and I were at opposite ends of the sofa which was facing the kitchen. Stephanie turned to face Geoff and I with Phil standing behind her kissing at her neck. She was opening and closing her eyes in pleasure as Phil began pushing against her from behind. She reached her arms up and back to embrace Phil's head against her ear as his tongue darted in and out. Her nipples were becoming erect under her white T-shirt.

Phil's hands were groping at her breasts and at one point his right hand slid down her belly, presumably into her shorts, because after only a second, she gasped.

I looked at Geoff, whose gaze was locked on the both of them.

My eyes lingered over him as he sat there in only a pair of plaid boxer shorts. His left hand was resting just inside the waist band and his right hand continued to lift him his drink. In the evening light his features had softened. His hair had dried to a loose curl, his torso was relaxed and moving slowly up and down with each breath. His legs were spread open, but his feet were touching sole to sole on the floor. He was relaxed.

My gaze was interrupted as Stephanie let out a low moan. When my eyes returned to her, her head was back, Phil's left hand had lifted her shirt and was cupping and pinching at her right nipple as his right hand continued its work below my eye line.

It was obvious that he was fingering her, but for how long?

Would he take her all the way with his hand or would he fuck her right here in front of the both of us?

I felt myself starting to get hard at the thought of it.

Stephanie's hands reached behind her and grabbed at Phil's waist as she attempted to lower his jeans. She was breathing so heavy, and Phil continued to kiss and lick away at her ear and neck. Once in a while she would turn her head towards his and their tongues would tangle as there pace intensified.

Phil's pants dropped to the ground, his hands moved to her waist, and tugged at her shorts. They fell to the floor too. Then Phil pulled his shirt over his head as Stephanie removed hers and tossed it over the counter towards us.

I looked over at Geoff who continued to watch the show, only I noticed his dick was beginning to protrude through the slit in his boxers. His left hand had moved further down his belly and he was massaging his scrotum, his dick getting bigger each second.

My own cock was straining against my shorts and I could feel them becoming damp against my skin.

Phillip went down behind Stephanie and she leaned forward and continued to moan and breath heavily, her eyes looking at Geoff and I sitting only a few feet away.

"Oh god Philly, put your tongue in my ass!"

Geoff took the last drink from his glass, set it on floor and pulled his dick out.

"Oh yeah Philly, that's it, right there. Oh fuck that's good!"

Stephanie was looking right at Geoff when he spat into his hand and started to stroke his dick.

I was in awe.

She looked over at me, smiled, and gave me a nod as if it were okay to do the same.

My tent was pitched and I was ready.

I lifted up my butt and slid my shorts down to my ankles, exposing my cock for both Stephanie and Geoff. He looked over at my dick, but wouldn't look at me directly.

"Philly, you need to fuck me now. RIGHT NOW!"

And with that Phil rose from behind her, she leaned forward, and he grabbed at his own cock and guided himself into her. She gasped as she felt his hot solid cock push its way into her liquid insides.

His eyes were closed, but hers quickly opened again as he forcefully fucked her from behind.

"Oh my god Philly, that feels so fucking good!"

"You know it baby. You like that dick in ya don't ya?"

Over the pounding that her pussy was taking she let out a loud "YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!"

"Fuck yeah, uh, uh, oh god baby - your pussy is so tight!"

"Mmm, harder Philly, harder!"

Phil was pounding her so hard that the bottles on the counter were shaking.

Geoff and I continued to jerk off at the sight of Phillip and Stephanie fucking in the kitchen.

It was amazing!

And then I felt a hand slowly move up the side of my right thigh.

It was Geoffrey's left hand. He was slowly making his way to my cock. I looked over at him and he had his eyes closed, was jerking off with his right hand, and reaching for me.

I looked at Stephanie, who was so close to coming judging by her breathing and Phil's right hand working its magic behind the counter again.

She aloud "Suck his cock Geoff, I wanna see his cock in your mouth! Oh god... Hurry!"

Geoff leaned over, his cock in hand, his left hand on my dick, and his open mouth slowly coming closer.

I could feel his hot breath blasting away at my crotch like a furnace, his left hand massaging me, my eyes wide in amazement. His tongue slid out and I began to feel as if I were going to hyperventilate! His hand was so warm and he really had a food grip on me.

Stephanie's eyes were wide, "oh fuck I'm coming, I'm coming!" she screamed.

At that moment I felt Geoff's lips close around the head of my dick and suck me in. A flood of warmth washed over me, I could feel my balls draw up tight as I began to convulse.

Geoff took me in until his nose was pushing against my abdomen, "Oh fuck Geoff, I'm coming!" I heard and felt him mutter, "um hum" and I blasted his mouth full of my seed.

I completely lost track of Phil and Stephanie's escapades as Geoff continued to milk me. He just kept sucking and sucking, I was overwhelmed with sensation. "Oh god Geoff, stop, stop. Oh fuck, it's to much, stop. Oh my god! I can't take it, stop!"

"Geoff, I think he's had enough" chuckled Phil. Stephanie was laying over the counter panting.

"Oh god my legs won't stop shaking baby" she told him.

Geoff gave me one last hard pull with his mouth before "popping" off and leaning back.

His eyes were still closed, but he was smiling.

I felt literally drained and exhausted. (It is true, guys really do know how to give better blow jobs.)

Phil backed up so that Stephanie could come around the counter and sit down. She looked haggled. He really fucked the shit out of her. He came around the corner and I could understand why her legs were shaking. Phillip was HUNG!

His cock was still rock hard, glistening from Stephanie's orgasm and his own semen.

As he walked, his dick bobbed like a bobble-head doll. Strings of clear ejaculate oozing out of the tip and clinging to his leg. Phil was very lean and ripped. He was a runner from the look of his build.

He came over and sat down between Geoff and I. He placed one hand on my bare knee and one on Geoff's.

"Ugh, dude!" Phil blurted out as he raised his hand back up. Geoff had cum all over his left thigh and Phil had put his hand right in it.

"Sorry man."

"Nasty!" Phil wiped his hand on the sofa cushion (Later, that sofa would be known as the 'Cum Couch')

So there we were, the three compadres. Someone once told me that guys don't really bond until they have shared a woman together, but what we had just experienced was fine with me.

Stephanie made her way to Phil's bathroom, Phil followed her saying "goodnight" in the process. Aaron slept on the floor through the whole thing (or so we thought). And Geoff and I went to our room.

I striped down, and Geoff went into the bathroom. As I crawled between the sheets, I heard Geoff throwing up. I sat up and asked, "are you okay?"

No response, only more heaving. I waited a moment longer before getting up to check on him.

He was sitting on the floor leaning over the toilet with his head resting on the toilet seat. His eyes were closed, and he was not looking so well. I thought back to the image of him in the parking lot earlier in the day looking so robust and in contrast to the young man now sick in front of me.

"Would you hold my hand" he asked. And I did. He was adorable. I grabbed a wash clothe from the counter and wet it with cold water to wipe his forehead. Goosebumps covered his arms and a chill shivered through him. I wrapped my arm around him and he shifted his head to rest on my shoulder.

"I'm so glad you're here."

And for the second time that day, I was speechless.


Christian Crowne

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