The next morning was hazy to say the least. I woke up with a mild hangover and Geoff was still asleep in bed. I had given him a trash can to keep at his bedside just in case he needed it during the night. As I lay there watching him sleep, I kept replaying the events that had occurred over the last 24 hours.

Did it really happen?

Of all the people, how could it have happened to me?

I wasn't special.

I wasn't any walking work of art.

I was a normal 18 year old boy completely naive to ways of the world. What I had been exposed to over the last 24 hours was something out of a movie, (albeit a very twisted movie), and I was really having a difficult time processing it all.

So I needed a reality check. I needed to see Lora.

Lora was the girl I had been dating all through high school and she was going to university only 2 hours north from me. She had made the decision to go straight to a 4 year school, whereas I was not sure what I wanted to do post high school, and took the more "economical route" towards higher learning.

I got up, showered, dressed, and left for the University of Northern Iowa. My classes did not start until Monday and I had the rest of the weekend to spend with her. Besides, I was curious to see what her college experience had been like so far.

On the drive north, I kept thinking about Geoffrey.

What was his deal? What kind of person must you be to do the things that he had done to me in less than 24 hours after meeting me?

I thought back to that damn dormitory questionnaire I had to complete. The one that read like an online dating application where you listed your interests, hobbies, likes, dislikes, personality traits, background information, family living situation, activities, and so on. Through that process, could it be that this local community college would match me up with someone so outgoing and uninhibited? Especially considering my introverted personal history?

I was dumbfounded.

About an hour into the drive, I had to stop for gas and get something to eat. My hangover was literally "hanging on" and I needed a clear head before I saw Lora. So I stopped at a convenience mart in this little town about an hour south of Cedar Falls. I filled the tank, grabbed a Mt Dew and some pre made pizza from the rotisserie. I asked for the key to the bathroom, and was told that it was around back and would be unlocked. The counter clerk slid over an old pack of matches towards me along with my change and gave me a little wink. I smiled, took the matches and my change and went outside.

After leaving my stuff in my car I walked around to the bathroom in the back. I fumbled with the door handle and noticed the door was locked so I waited. After a few moments, I heard a click, and the door opened just a little.

What the fuck?

So I went in.

Inside there was a man standing at the urinal, so I walked into the stall next to him and sat down to relieve myself. The stall was decorated in your typical truck stop trash that you see in the stalls, "for a good time call so and so", "Johnny dipshit took a shit and so have you", etc. True Americana at its finest. And on my left I saw it.

A perfect circle cut into the side of the wooden panel separating my seat from the urinal on the other side. And through that hole I could see the man still standing at the urinal.

I am no idiot.

Everyone knows a glory hole when they see one, but I have never been brave enough to actually stick my dick through one; even though the idea has intrigued me. The thought of having some psycho chomp down on me wasn't exactly an erotic sexual encounter I was ready to have.

And frankly, I found it odd that all the while I was sitting there doing my business, the gentleman on the other side was not moving or making a sound. He was just standing there.

So as my mind wandered, my demon was stirring and I was feeling as if it might be time to try it out. Given the last 24 hours surely my luck would hold, and I could blast one off before seeing Lora.

So I stood up and placed my limp dick through the hole knowing that the guy on the other side must surely be waiting for me to initiate something. I pressed my abdomen up as close to the wall as I could get it, and felt the crease of the wood cut out meeting the underside of my penis. I wasn't hard, but I guessed that was his job.

Then I heard him turn.

I looked down and saw his left foot slide under the stall separator.

This was it! My dick was going to be in some strangers mouth any second now. The anticipation was eating away at me, and I could feel myself getting hard. Then I heard him.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" and he flicked the tip of my penis hard enough that it hurt and I pulled back. What the fuck?

"Listen kid, I'm not sure what the fuck you are doing, but that isn't how this works."


"And frankly, I think I might just have to kick your tight little ass!"

Oh shit!

"So here is what we are gonna do..."

I saw him shuffle his feet towards the partition, and out of the hole came the head of a very big very fat penis. It was hard, and purple with a fat ring of foreskin sliding back to expose more of the head. And there was this white chunky stuff stuck just below the rim of the head. It just kept coming in and coming in.

"Now, before you get any funny ideas about bolting for the door, I have already locked it."


"And if you think you are gonna get out of here without sucking this cock, then you are sadly mistaken. I have been waiting in here for over an hour for you to come."

Waiting for me? "Um, sir? I think you have me confused with someone else."

And then he punched the wall with a loud bang and the partition wavered back and forth. If he wanted to get me, there wasn't much between him and I at all.

"I don't want to hear your fucking excuses you little cock sucker! Now get to go'in, I've got to be back on the road in 20 minutes and you have already wasted an hour of my time!"

This isn't happening. It really can't be happening. My dick went soft faster than you can shout prison rape, and my stomach was all twisted in knots. I thought I might actually throw up right there.

He hit the wall again. "COME ON!"

Fuck, this guy was serious!

"Sir I'm sorry, but I really can't do this. There has been seem kind of mistake."

"Listen you little bitch, you took the match book didn't you?"

The match book?

the fucking matchbook?!? Are you fucking kidding me?

"Uh, yes?"

"Then there is no mistake. I paid for a blow job and that is what I expect. Now do your fucking job or Darrel is going to have an even bigger mess in this shit hole bathroom of his!"

The guy pulled back and then pushed his dick back through the hole.

"Now suck it!"

I was terrified! Who the fuck was Darrel? The dumb ass at the counter? And what kind of idiot pays for a blow job and then waits for an hour for it? How fucking desparate do you have to be?

But then I looked down at this nasty purple cock that was protruding from the hole in the partition. I couldn't even imagine what was on that thing.

"I am losing my patience boy!" and he hit the wall again.

Startled, I dropped to my knees. The floor was cold concrete, and I'm pretty sure I just knelt down in someone's piss.

"Ok then, now - if I feel one tooth, your head is getting shoved through the fucking wall, do you hear me?"

"Yes sir."

I leaned forward with my lips parted. I was breathing so fast, my heart was racing. Ugh, and the smell? How long had it been since this guy had taken a shower?

"That's it. I can feel your hot breath on me, that's good. Now just a little closer."

I leaned in a little further, and he jabbed his dick in between my lips. But my teeth blocked him from going any further.

"Oh, that's right. Your lips are so soft. But you've got to let me in, okay little boy?"

Little boy? Are you serious? Then he kicked at me under the partition and got me in the right knee. FUCK, that hurt.


And I leaned forward a little more. As I exhaled, he could feel the warmth of my breath on his flesh and jabbed his cock in to the back of my throat. I gagged severely.

My queasy stomach wasn't ready for such a lurch, and began to talk back to me. I gagged again and he pulled back and pushed forward even further. I had to move my head back.

"Don't stop now..."

I spit out what felt like curdles of cottage cheese onto the floor. There was no flavor, just this funky man musk that was really strong. The smell made me gag again and I threw up a little on his right shoe, spittle dripping down my chin.

"It's not to big for ya is it? Darrel said you could handle me."

"WELL FUCK DARREL!" I shouted back.

"Aw what's the matter?" he said in a childish condescending tone.

I was getting pissed off, and I grabbed his cock and pulled it towards me. I must have surprised him because I felt his body fall against the partition.

"Oh! There ya go. Now your getting into it."

And I was. This big motherfucker wanted his nasty cocked sucked, and I wanted to get the fuck out of here, so there was no other way.

The head of his dick was a deep purple, I slid his foreskin back with my lips and sucked him into me as hard and as deep as I could. My eyes pinched tight as I strained not to throw up again. Damn the smell, this asshole was gonna get what he deserved. I drew hard on his big fat cock, and pulled back with as much suction as I could muster, ending is a loud POP, right before I ran my tongue from the underside of his ball sack, through the nest of his black pubic hair, following the scroll line to the base of the shaft.

"Oh fuck yea, now you've got it! That's real good." he finally professed.

My thumb and index finger made a circle at the base of his shaft, I drew up as much spit as I could manage and spat on it.

"Oh... Now take it deep boy!"

And with that, I opened my mouth wide, held my breath and slid his cock down my throat, past my uvula to the point where I could no longer breath. Then I closed my lips around the base and clamped down hard with as much suction as I was capable of.

"Oh fuck! By you've really got me good. Shit!"

I was fighting back my gag reflex, but with each pulse of my throat, I heard him moan even louder. I could feel his prick pulse inside my mouth as I continued to move back and forth just enough to keep that big purple head of his lodged in the back of my throat. He was so deep inside my throat I just wanted to bite down and swallow him.

Tears were streaming down my face as I strained to pleasure this fat son of a bitch. But then I realized I was in control here, not him. I drew back off that cock, and gagged again, spitting a large wad of saliva right back on his pubic hair and then using my hand to work it into the shaft and jerk him off a little.

His moans were getting louder with each jerk and I thought he was getting close to cumming. His breathing was getting faster and he was no longer shouting out directions at me.

Yes, I WAS in control of this situation.

"Are you gonna pop for me daddy?" I blurted out.

"Yeah sonny, papa's gonna give you a SPECIAL treat."

"I want it daddy, I want it bad!" And I went forward again swallowing him down to his pubes, sucking and cajoling that fat dirty prick with everything I had.

I heard a thud and looked up. I could see his fingers holding onto the top of the partition and he began pushing against it, and into me. He was close.

And so was I.

All the while, I had forgotten to pull my pants up from when I poked my dick through the hole first. And there I was, full on boner, precum dripping out the end and onto the piss stained floor.

I drew back hard again.

"Uh god! This is unbelievable boy! Don't stop."

"Oh daddy, you're gonna make me cum!"

"That right, daddy's gonna take GOOD care of you."

I started jerking away with my free hand, and my other hand went back to work on his pole. My mouth was furiously working the tip with deep sucking, my tongue running up and down the length of his shaft, his hips pulsing against the partition, rocking the wall back and forth, his hands braced against the top and his feet spread wide apart. I could taste him and it tasted salty good.

I was totally getting off on it this.

But I couldn't hold back much longer.

That's when I felt and saw it. His balls drew up tight against the base of his shaft, and his voice began to moan out in a long drawl that escalated. His cock began to pulse between my lips and a warm splash of precum hit my tongue, it was sweet and salty.

This was it.

I yanked my cock for all it was worth and felt my own balls draw up tight as they prepared to explode.

And then it happened.

His flood gates opened and cannon blows of cum shot against the back of my throat, on my lips, face and shirt. And he just kept cumming and cumming. He was jerking fiercely against the wall and my tongue tickled away at the underside of that big purple head.

"Oh my fucking god, don't stop!"

His nectar was running down my face, my eyes closed as wads of jizz pummeled me from that big purple head of his.

It was unbelievable!

I must have looked like I had been sprayed with evaporated milk. His cum was everywhere.

Some even fell onto my own cock which I worked into my own saliva and precum to finish myself off. All that lube stroked into my cock and I exploded into his jeans that had fallen to his ankles.

"OH SHIT!!!" I screamed out.

I lobbed cum a good 2 feet between is legs onto the floor behind him before leaving a considerable amount of goo in his underwear that were right in front of me at his feet.

He was breathing so heavy, and I heard a thud as his knees buckled against the partition and his strained to stay standing by holding on to the top of the panel.

"Oh god... I have never... Cum so hard... In my life... You... Are... Amazing..."

I rested back on my heels and wiped his cum off my face, spitting whatever was in my mouth out onto the floor and catching my breath.

It was good.

I haven't had this much sex in my entire life.

I looked down and realized the disgusting mess I was kneeling in (piss and cum intermixed with saliva, old toilet paper, a cigarette butt that looked soaked with urine, a condom wrapper that had been opened and discarded, and then I noticed his wallet slaying on the floor.

It must have fallen out of his pocket at some point.

He was still panting away, and the wallet was clearly on my side of the partition, so I grabbed it and opened it up. Inside was a wad of 20's and 50's.

"So... How was it daddy?"

"Son, you did your father proud."


"Whew... Yes... Really..."

"Good, cause I think you should go now." I said.

"Are you sure? Can't I see you?"

"No, I think it's best if we just remember each other as we are right now."

I continued to look down at the floor, and I could see him strain up on his tip toes.

Probably trying to look over the top.

"Please, just go." I said again.


He reached down and I noticed a wedding ring on his finger as he fumbled to pull his pants up. His poor wife.

"I left you something to remember me by..." I said as he pulled his pants up all the way.

"OH! Mmm, that feels good." he said as he adjusted himself into the underwear I just blew my wad into. He turned away, and I heard the water run in the sink. Then as the door unlocked, he said "good bye" and the door closed behind him.

His wallet was still in my hands. I stood up, spit once more into the toilet, pulled up my pants, went to the sink, rinsed my mouth out with hot water, washed my hands and went to the door.

I opened it just a crack and saw the backside of the man I had just given my first blow job to walking away to a parked semi tractor trailer across the lot of the gas station.

No one was around in the early afternoon sunlight, so I quickly made my way to my car, and headed back south towards school.

I wasn't in the mood to see Lora anymore.

I stripped off my shirt, that was becoming stiff and crusty from the all of his dried cum, and flung it out the window on I-35. I was back at the dorms by 3:00pm with over $700.00 in cash from the black leather wallet my mystery guy left on the bathroom floor.

In the shower, I stood there letting the hot water wash away remains of the day.

Looking down at my naked body, I could barely imagine what I might encounter next.

My cock and balls hung low in the heat of the shower, and I was mesmerized by the water coursing through my pubic hair and raining down onto the floor of the shower.

Hopefully every bit of residue from that big son of bitch going with it.

And then I took a deep breath and I exhaled.


Christian Crowne

[email protected]


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