The plane landed in O'Hare without incident. Geoff and I had continued to get to know one another on the short flight, despite our "in-flight" entertainment.

He was charismatic, charming, handsome, sexy, and also vulnerable. For someone of his age, he seemed very experienced in the ways of the world.

I, on the other hand, was not. So it was evident that I followed him like a lost puppy at every turn.

After we deplaned, we made our way out to the taxi's where he hailed a cab.

"Where to?"

"East 10th and Michigan please" commanded Geoff and the taxi sped away.

"What's on East 10th and Michigan?"

"I have no idea." he smiled.

"So we are just going there for no reason?"

"I saw it in a movie once. It sounds like it might be exciting doesn't it?"

Okay, sure. Why not? This entire day had been an impromptu adventure anyway.

The taxi sped along the freeway from O'Hare into downtown Chicago.

"Have you been to Chicago before?" I asked.

"A few times. I have some friends from high school who are attending Chicago University. We came up this summer to check out the city and had a blast."

"Oh. What did you do when you were here?"

"Partied, of course." he said rather anxiously. "But that isn't what I want to do today."

"Its not?"

"No, I think I would like to just have a nice time hanging out with you. You know... talking and getting to know each other better."

It sounded nice. I noticed the driver was listening to our conversation. He kept looking at us in the rearview mirror. So I nudged Geoff and under the drivers eye line, I pointed towards the front of the car.

Geoff looked down, then looked up at the rearview mirror where the driver was intermittently looking at us. Geoff turned his head to look behind us, just to see if the driver happened to be watching traffic, but there was nothing to see.

The driver was listening to us and Geoff realized it.

Geoff looked over and winked at me. Then a mischievous little grin spread across his face as he unbuttoned the top two buttons on his shirt; exposing some more of his chest hair.

I looked at him, and I could tell what was going to happen next.

Sure, I hadn't known Geoff long, but he was certainly not one to let a good or new opportunity escape him. He was living each an every moment he could. And to the fullest extent that he could.

I mouthed the word "NO" as he started to unbutton his pants and slip his hands down inside his briefs. His eyes got very big as he smiled and shook his head 'yes'.

He finished unbuttoning his shirt all the way until his torso was fully exposed and then closed his eyes and began to caress and pinch his nipples in view of the driver.

I sat there not saying a word, but finding myself - once again - in awe of Geoffrey's strong sexual presence. The man exuding the meaning of "hardcore fuck toy".

Geoff allowed himself to lean over so that his back was to the door of the back seat, removed his left shoe, and raised his left leg up, placing his foot into my crotch. Which I quickly grabbed and mouthed the word "DON'T" and "STOP"

He mouthed back "Don't Stop? Okay?" grinned and proceeded to try and massage me through my pants.

Geoff looked into the rearview mirror and the driver was intently watching him. I looked at the driver and noticed a droplet of sweat gather at his neckline and trickle down to his collar.

Geoff closed his eyes, leaned his head back against the glass of the car door and drove both hands down into his pants where he began to massage himself. His left foot still attempting to massage me.

In truth, I found his foot to be more painful than pleasurable, and was getting annoyed that he wasn't stopping. But his performance next to me in the backseat of this cab, along with the smell he was emitting by having his pants open was having its effect on me.

I was getting hard, again.

I began to massage myself through my pants all the while looking at Geoffrey's solid form. He was completely into himself, massaging his nipples with one hand, while caressing his cock with the other. A couple of times I believe he even inserted one of his fingers into his ass, then pulled it out and placed it in his mouth.

At the sight of this, I began to get even more horny.

And then he did it.

He pulled out that beautiful cock of his right there in the backseat of our taxi. It was huge and swollen, it's pink head pulsing with each stroke. He flopped it against his abdomen a few times, and then looked over at me with this lustful, half opened eye and said, in the softest tone, "do it...please...just do it...for me"

He looked so pathetic sitting there with his legs spread open, his chest and cock out, perspiration building around his neck and pectorals. I suddenly found myself having tunnel vision and had blocked everything else out.

I leaned over and down, opening my mouth and once again taking Geoffrey inside me.

His hand caressed the back of my head and hair. He was so gentle. And so was I.

I lightly suckled the tip of his penis between my lips as my left hand stroked his stomach and chest. My right hand finding its way down to his hairy and sweaty asshole, circling his ring as he let out soft moans of pure pleasure.

The entire experience was so sensual, despite the vulgarity of it taking place in the back of a public taxi cab.

My left hand left Geoff's chest as I grabbed the base of his shaft and began to rhythmically pump his cock into my throat, occasionally taking him all the way in and down to his brown nest of hair. He moaned without restraint and without a care for what the driver was witnessing from his fare.

I could smell and taste the remains of our earlier encounter on the flight with Elena. Geoff's crotch was a Petri dish of bodily fluids, mixed and matted into his skin and pubic hair. But all those aromas and tastes made it so erotic for me that I sucked him even harder, leaving the tip of his cock to bury my face between his legs and softly lick the sensitive space directly under his scrotum. I caressed his perineum with my tongue. While I continued to jerk him off. Each lick brought back a new flavor and sensation - it was so intoxicating!

My own cock was pulsating inside my pants, and since Geoff's foot was no longer able to reach it, I pulled it out myself and started to jerk off using only my own pre cum as lubricant.

With Geoff's cock back in my mouth I looked up and he had placed his hands behind his head and was looking directly at the cab driver. But I didn't care. I was enjoying the whole of his body again and it was amazing.

Before long, I blew long ropes of cum across the seat and onto Geoff's pant leg. I had quickly come to love the feeling of having a big cock in my throat while simultaneously shooting my own load. How I was able to maintain any level of control was beyond me.

Geoff, having felt and seen me shoot; lifted my head off his cock and pushed me back onto the seat. My head hit the arm rest on the door and he slid me down, then came up on my chest placing his cock directly in front of my face.

He placed his hand on the roof of the cab, while he used his other free hand to begin madly jerking off. Spittles of cum were leaking out of him and flying into my face and hair. And then he drew in a big breath and with a large loud grunt he shot his load all over my face and neck. I opened my mouth to take him in, and he quickly put his cock down my throat as he finished.

Convulsing and gyrating, he dumped every last drop into me and I swallowed it all.

Geoff knelt there on the back seat, his left arm bracing himself against the roof of the taxi, his right hand resting on the plexiglass divider behind the driver and his legs straddling me as I lay there looking up at his magnificent torso.

He was breathing heavy and I loved the way all of his muscles would tense and relax with each breath. He had worked hard to get this body, and I felt blessed to be able to enjoy the fruit of his effort. It is an image that I have never forgotten.

Geoff fell back into his place in the seat and I sat up. His spray was limited to just my face and hair, so I made the best of it (licking up what I could, and rubbing the rest of it in). Geoff did himself back up and we arrived at the corner of East 10th and Michigan a few moments later.

We got out of the cab and I went to the drivers door to pay the driver. When I looked down, the Israeli driver had his dick out and a large amount of cum sitting on the seat between his legs. I offered him a $50 for the ride, and he said, "No thank you sir." and drove away.

"What did he say?" Geoff asked.

"He said 'No thank you'."

"But did you pay him?"

"He wouldn't take the money."

Geoff laughed as I joined him on the side walk.

"I don't know about you, but I need a shower and a change of clothes."

"Yeah, me too."

The two of us looked around, and then Geoff said, "I have an idea." We started walking North down Michigan Avenue. The streets were full of people coming and going, taxi's bustling about, the tall buildings looming over us, and the warmth of the afternoon sun beating down on us.

It wasn't long before Geoff and I walked into the front doors of the Chicago Hilton.

"What are we doing here?"

"Where is that wallet?"

The black wallet. I took it out of my back pocket and handed it to him.

"Geoff, I only have $400.00 left."

"True, but you also have one of these!" and he held up a green American Express Card.

"But that's not mine."

"No shit! It belongs to..." and he looked at the name "Gerald T Wren...something. Let's get a room, have our clothes cleaned, and head out. Besides, I could definitely use a nap before tonight. How about you?"

"Sure, why not."

"Okay, you wait here." Geoff walked up to the check-in desk and began talking to the counter person. He handed her the credit card and she handed him back a little envelope with two room keys in it. I heard Geoff say "thank you" and he came back over.


"I'll follow you." and we walked over to the elevator and waited.

The hotel was beautiful and I had never seen anything like it. It was so... provincial. I felt completely underdressed and considering what was dried on my skin, clothes, and hair, I'm sure I didn't smell the best either.

The door opened and two women stepped out. One was carrying a little white dog that barked at Geoff and he barked back at it. The woman was startled and grasped at her dog.

"Sorry" I said, "he's not house trained yet" and I stepped in behind Geoffrey.


"Eh, I try."

The doors closed and we were alone in the elevator. He reached out and grabbed my hand squeezing it tightly. I leaned over and placed my head on his shoulder and took a deep breath.

"Can we order room service?" I asked "I'm starving."

"Sure, whatever you want."

The music of the elevator really was soothing, but it seemed to be taking a long time to reach our destination. I looked over at the button panel and noticed the lights kept lighting up as we ascended.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"The top floor."

"Why the top floor?"

"Because its my birthday and I have never stayed in a suite before."

"A suite?!? Are you kidding?"

"Nope." he said with a smile, and rose up on his toes and then his heels. He was excited.

"Oh shit. What if we get busted?"

"Busted how?"

"With that stolen credit card!"

"The American Express Card is stolen?"


"So who is Gerald T Wren?"

"The fuck if I know. I told you it wasn't mine."

"Well obviously you are not Gerald T Wren, but you are telling me you have no idea who it is?!?"

"NO! That is what I was trying to tell you!"

"So where did the wallet and the money come from?"

"I found it on a bathroom floor at a truck stop."

"How long have you had it?"

"Just since yesterday."

"Why were you at a truck stop yesterday?"

"I told you I was on my way up to see Lora."

"And you stopped at a truck stop along the way and happened to find a wallet with $700 dollars in it and you took it?"

"Well, yeah?"

"Oh shit. I wish you would have told me that before."

"I tried."

"Well not very hard."

"I didn't think we would be coming to Chicago today and staying in a Suite at the Hilton for Christ's sake!"

"Never mind, it will be fine."

There was an awkward silence between us, and then I squeezed his hand a little.

"Don't worry, it will be fine." and he squeezed my hand back.

Then he asked me, "Have you ever done it in an elevator?"


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