The door handle jiggled.

"Open the fucking door!"

It was Corey.

The door handle jiggled again, and then a pounding.

"Open the fucking door Tyler. I know you're in there."

"Go open the door." Geoff instructed Tyler.

The door swung open forcefully the instant Tyler unlocked it. Tyler stepped back and in walked Corey.

"Fuck it stinks in here!" Corey exclaimed.

Corey walked over to Geoff and I sitting in the small cabin bathroom.

"Is he alright?" Corey asked.

"He's going to be fine. I think you gave him to much 'X'." Geoff told him.

"Nah, I think he is just about right." Corey said kneeling down to my eye line. He reached out and pushed my head up. My eyes were open.

"Fuck you Corey." I said softly.

"Oh yeah, he'll be fine. Jorgensen and Boswell are up on deck but they will be back soon. I need you two to clean this place up." he said looking at Tyler and Geoffrey.

"And Tyler, you need to clean out your ass. Mr. Jorgensen had shit dick when he came upstairs. Geoff you too. I don't want any complaints."

"Alright Corey - but Christian is done." Geoff told him.

"I decide if and when someone is done - do you understand me? You know the rules Geoffrey - or have you forgotten."

"He never agreed to this Corey."

"That's not my problem - you're the one that brought him on board and that makes him mine."

I felt Geoff pull me closer to him. I could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He was hold me so tight. It felt good.

"You'd better get him cleaned out too. Mr. Boswell wants a shot at his ass."

"No!" Geoff shouted back at him. "He's not ready - trust me. I'm not going to let him get hurt."

"What's the matter, is Christian a virgin or something."

Geoff didn't respond.

"Wait... He's a virgin? Holy shit Geoffrey - I would have thought you fucked him by now."

I felt Geoff's grasp get tighter against me.

"This is even better! Boswell will pay double to pop his cherry!"

Corey stood up and walked to the door. "You've got about 10 minutes to get this room ready, and that includes the three of you. Tyler, you know where to find the lube. I'll see you boys later." and he walked out, closing the door behind him.

"Geoff, I don't think I can..."

"It's okay, it's going to be okay."

Geoff looked up at Tyler, "Tyler - strip that bed and lets get this place cleaned up."

"I need you to just sit here okay. Don't move. I'll be right back." He covered me with one of the large towels and I leaned against the wall.

Tyler pulled the sheets off the bed. I could see the large spot where I had thrown up, along with a large brown stain that I guess was from Tyler getting fucked by Ed. Geoff slid open the side windows of the state room, and I felt a blast of air rush in. The air was cool and I could hear the water against the hull outside.

Tyler came back in the bathroom, opened a cupboard above the sink, pulled out a plastic bottle, and filled it with hot water. It was one of those enema bottles.

He handed it to me. "Here, would you mind?"

I took the bottle and inserted it into his rectum. His butt was still red from all the slapping earlier and I noticed that his asshole was really red.

"This doesn't look so good."

"I know, that old fucker didn't use any lube the first time. I thought he was gonna tear me in two. Just squeeze the bottle really hard - all the water has to go in."

I did as he asked me and then pulled it out. Tyler stood there for a few minutes and then asked me to get up. I moved, and he sat down on the toilet.

I heard the water running out of him. Then he got up and we repeated it two more times.

I noticed Geoff had finished straightening up the cabin and made the bed again. The lights were dim and everything looked as it had when I first saw one of the cabins when I boarded.

Geoff came in and Tyler helped him to "prepare" for the two men to return. Each of us took turns in the shower, soaping and cleaning up. Then it was my turn to "get ready".

"Are you sure you can do this?" Geoff asked me.

"It doesn't sound like I have much of a choice - does it?"

"He'll be fine Geoff, the guys will take it slow."

Tyler's words of confidence weren't overly assuring. But given my state of mind, I didn't want to end up in a worse situation.

"It will be fine Geoff - I'll be okay."

"I just wish it was me, and not one of these old fuckers to be your first."

"I know." I replied.

Once I was "ready", I walked into the main cabin area and over to one of the open windows. The air was fresh and I breathed in deeply. Geoff walked up behind me and held me tight against him. I put my head back and closed my eyes.

"I bet you didn't think you be spending your Sunday evening on a yacht in the middle of Lake Michigan?"

"I still think this is Lake Superior."

"Lake Superior? That's on the other side of Wisconsin." Tyler informed me.

"See, I told you." Geoff said with a smile.

He squeezed me a little tighter, and our naked bodies coalesced into one taught frame. Tyler crawled onto the bed and watched our embrace with interest.

"How long have you guys been together?" he asked.

"Just a couple days..." Geoff told him.

"How did you meet."

"We are roommates at school."


Geoff continued to hold me, when he whispered in my ear - "I want to be your first."

"I know you do."

"The thought of having that nasty old fuck take your cherry makes me sick."

"Well, what are you going to do about it?"

"Can I take you now? Before they come back?"

I turned around to face him. "This isn't exactly what I call an 'opportune' time."

"I don't care." he said, then kissing me softly on the lips and pulling me into him. Our warm bodies touched to one another softly. Our chests writhing against each other.

I don't now if it was the effects of the Ecstasy, but I was feeling completely uninhibited. I kissed him softly, and then made my way down his neck to his collar bone. My hands grasping across his back and down to softly stroke his buttocks. He responded to me with lust and desire, grabbing at my buttocks and lifting them.

I felt his finger begin to circle my rectum and apply gentle pressure.

It felt exciting.

"I do want you to take me." I whispered into his ear.

He turned and guided me to the bed where I lay down on my back and scooted up till my feet were resting on the edge. Geoff bent over, kissing at my leg, knee, thigh, slowly working his way up my body. My eyes closed. My breath heavy.

I felt Geoff's lips kiss softly at the head of my dick before gently taking me into his warm mouth. My back arched at the overwhelming sensations he was giving me. And I let out a soft moan of approval. Geoff worked his arms under my legs until he was grasping my sides, my knees around his head and my feet resting on his back, all the while continuing to slowly suckle away at my engorged phallus.

When he drew back off of me, he started to kiss and tongue away at the sensitive place below my balls, sucking and pulling the skin into his mouth. The feeling was intense, and when his tongue flickered at my hole, I thought I might fly across the room. I began to feel overwhelmed as his licked and drove his tongue in and out of my ass.

I ran my hands over Geoff's head while he worked.

It wasn't long before he rose up, my knees, then ankles sliding down his shoulders until I was bent at the waist and could feel his huge cock pressing lightly against my hole.

"Are you sure about this."

My breath was baited and I manage to whisper a "yes" before he applied even more pressure against me. As he did so, I inhaled deeply and bit at my lower lip as the head of his cock began to enter me.

He moved so slowly, so as not to hurt me (I assume), but the feeling was to much and I couldn't breath. I started to gasp and move away.

It was then that I heard Tyler's voice say softly into my ear, "just breath - just keep breathing." I opened my eyes and saw him lying next to me, leaning up on his left elbow, Geoff looking intently at me. His huge chest heaving with heavy breath, my legs and feet in the air, my arms over my head gripping the sheets firmly.

"I don't want to hurt you."

I felt him advance a little further and what felt like pleasure turned to pain and I winced.

"It's okay, just breath" Tyler said again.

It felt like Geoff was tearing me in two as he continued to push his huge cock inside me.

"You have to relax or it is really gonna hurt - trust me okay?" Tyler told me. I opened my eyes and looked at Geoff. His gaze was fixed on me and when our eyes met, he pushed through my sphincter ring and expanded my ass to accommodate his girth.

My head arched back, "OH GOD!" I cried out, as Geoff pushed all of his nine inches into me. I thought I was going to explode!

"WAIT... just wait a second... okay?" I pleaded.

And Geoff paused.

I kept breathing heavily as I felt full up to my ribs. The feeling was unbelievable!

"That was the hardest part. Now just relax." Tyler told me. He had inched even closer to me and I could feel his stomach against my side. "Open your eyes Christian - look at me." he said.

I did, and it was then when he leaned in and kissed me on the mouth.

"Okay Tyler..."

Tyler pulled back, his eyes closed, running his tongue across his lips, before leaning back. "I'm sorry, this is just so hot!"

Geoff began to pull back and I flinched again, feeling his massive rod moving inside me was unbelievable. He pulled out just enough before pushing it back in.

And that is when pain turned to pleasure. It felt like currents of electricity shooting through my bowels, up through my chest and into my head. My nipples immediately shot up and I had goosebumps over my entire body.

"That's it..." Geoff said, and he began his rhythmic pumping.

My legs had dropped down his shoulders and were now resting on the tops of his muscular buttocks. I could feel them flex and release every time he thrust into my ass. It was incredible. His cock felt so good inside me, I thought I was going to burst with pleasure and pain. It was bittersweet.

He leaned down, his chest against mine, and kissed me deeply on the mouth as he continued to plunge into me. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight as he fucked me.

In my ear he whispered, "Oh fuck Christian - your ass is so tight!" increasing his rhythm.

I couldn't move - I was breathing so heavily as he pound his cock into me. With each thrust, I called out louder and louder, "Oh Oh Oh... Fuck me - Fuck my ass baby!" He just kept pumping away at me and I've never felt so enraptured during any sexual act in my entire life. Sex with Geoffrey was the best sex I had ever had. All my feelings of doubt, insecurity, self hatred, embarrassment were driven out of me as he held me and I called out. But then it got even better.

Geoff raised up, kissed me hard on the mouth, then pulled all the way up, pushing my knees to my chest and really started giving it to me hard. Each thrust into my ass drove me further up the bed.

"OH FUCK" I screamed. The pleasure was so intense. His big sausage cock impaling me every second was driving me mad. My cock was rock hard, bouncing up and down on my stomach.

He spit on me, and grabbed my cock with his hand, forcefully jerking me off.

"OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!!" I kept screaming out.

As I felt my body readying itself to blow, my insides were on fire and started to spasm. It was then that Geoff let out a deep moan; "Oooh yeah. Your gonna pop aren't ya?"

"FUCK GEOFFREY - I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING" I screamed, and I felt every part of my body tense into this massive wad of fire and heat before exploding huge lobs of cum all over my torso. Geoff continued to pump my cock as I came repeatedly until I was quivering and spent.

His head tilted back as he slammed his cock into my ass, and I saw his stomach get hard, his abdominals ripple, his stomach draw inward towards his spine, his pectorals tightened and flex before he let out a loud, "FAH UCK!"

His cock pulsed and his seed exploded deep into my ass. The throbbing of his cock, as it pumped his nectar into me, stretched and contorted my sphincter. It felt intensely hot, and I thought I might actually pass out for real this time.

My head became crystal clear and I could sense everything happening at once. Geoffrey expelling himself into me, Tyler furiously jerking off next to me, then shooting his load onto my stomach too. I could barely catch my breath when I also realized that we had had an audience in the room.

Geoff fell forward on top of me, his head resting on my chest. Tyler fell back off his knees and lay on the bed, both oblivious to the quiet grouping of men watching from the darkness by the bathroom.

I was completely spent, but tears welled up in my eyes as I saw the men step forward. I recognized Mr. Boswell, Ed (Jorgensen), and Corey. There were two other older men and all of them were naked with their dicks in their hands.

"That was quite a show." said Mr. Boswell.

Geoff's huge arms reached up the sides of me as if to protect me from an approaching predator. His face was still on my chest, but I could feel his breathing continue to race.

"Yes indeed." said one of the men I didn't recognize.

"Didn't I tell you it would be good gentlemen?" Corey injected. His meager body dimly lit by the lights in the ceiling.

I pulled Geoff up further on top of me and buried my face into his neck. I couldn't look at them. His legs straddled each side of me, covering me almost completely.

"I think that is going to be all gentlemen. Show's over!" He exclaimed as he rose up on his arms, sweat dripping down his chest. I covered my face with my hands.

"Remember your place Geoffrey." I heard Corey say.

"You're not taking him Corey - this is over."

"On the contrary, I believe you have had your fun, and you most certainly have kept us quite entertained. But now I think your play time is over." and then I felt someone grab and pull Geoff off of me. When I opened my eyes I saw Ed punch Geoff in the face. Only to have Geoff ram Ed in the stomach with his knee causing him to bend over. Then Geoff punched Ed at the side of his head and he fell to the floor.

He was fighting for me!

Tyler pulled me to the head of the bed while I watch Geoffrey pound the shit out of Ed until he was bleeding from the mouth and nose, laying on the floor. The others just stood there naked watching.

Everyone was transfixed on the battle between Ed Jorgensen and Geoffrey. I thought it may break out into an all out brawl with everyone, but oddly enough, Corey and the other three men just stood there watching Geoff pummel this guy.

Ed Jorgensen was not a small man by any means. He was in his mid fifties, broad chest, graying hair, and stood at least six feet four inches. I would have guessed his weight to be around 240lbs. But Geoffrey was beating the shit out of him. After the initial punch to Jorgensen's head, he must have been a little knocked out. He couldn't get off the floor.

Geoff linger over him and continued to pound away.

After a few moments, Ed Jorgensen lay on the floor motionless; breathing, but not moving. Geoff straightened himself up, his fists were bloody and he looked at the others standing there.

"Are you satisfied." he asked them.

"Oh yes, very good. Very good indeed." said Mr. Boswell. Then he turned to the other two gentlemen, "shall we get a drink upstairs? All this commotion has left me a bit thirsty."

The other two men shook their heads in agreement, and then made their way out the door. Geoff stood their over Jorgensen's body looking at Corey.

"So we're done?"

"Yes Geoff - we're done. Mr. Boswell wanted to see this piece of shit..." kicking Jorgensen in the naked ass "humiliated and fucked up. I would say you accomplished both quite well." Corey reached down and began to pull Jorgensen out into the hallway where he left him. Then he stepped back in the cabin. Geoff had sat on the bed and Tyler and I had crawled up to him to check him over.

"Your debt to me has been paid in full brother. Why don't you get cleaned up. We will be putting back in to port shortly." and he turned and walked out the door - closing it behind him.

"What the fuck was that all about?" asked Tyler.

"Corey had lent me the money to go to school this semester, but he wanted something in return. I guess this was it."

"Are you okay?" I asked Geoffrey, looking at his hands - his knuckles bloodied and cracked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Let me clean up a little." and he got up to go into the bathroom.

Tyler and I just sat there in silence while Geoff was in the shower.

"Is this what it is always like?" I asked him.

"No, not always. It depends on who Corey invites. Most of the time it is just a bunch of old business fuckers wanting to get off with a younger beefy dude."

"Have you done this a lot?"

"This is my eighth cruise."

"Your eighth?"

"Yeah, but the money is really good though. I usually make anywhere from twelve to fourteen hundred each time."

"Holy shit! I don't know how you do it."

"You would be surprised what you can do when you put your mind to it."

I couldn't imagine. Geoff walked out covered in a white towel and laid down on the bed next to me. He wrapped his big tan arm over my legs and pull himself in close.

"I'm so fucking tired." he said.

I stroked his hair, which was wet and curly. Tyler settled into the bed on the other side of me and rolled over to face the windows.

"It will probably be at least another hour or so before we are back at the marina. Corey tries to wrap things up and have everyone off the boat by six in the morning. You should probably get some rest."

I hunkered down and snuggled up next to Geoffrey and closed my eyes. It was only then that I noticed the low continuous hum of the engines which lulled me off to sleep.


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