Eventually the stiffness he had developed began to subside and we lay there in the warm water; our bodies almost as one.

I found the entire moment to be very erotic.

My back to his chest. I could feel his masculinity gently push against and lift me with each breath that he took.

Feeling his warmth.

His legs still straddled around my waist, his member limp against my upper buttocks; the blooms of his pubic hair floating and tickling against my lower back.

I reached my right arm up above and back to touch the side of his face as we lay there; my hands running up through his dark hair, down his cheek, feeling his afternoon stubble bite at my fingertips. Then moving my hands behind his neck as I rest my arm on this shoulder and played with his short curly tendrils.

He sighed and let out a soft moan, as if to say, 'keep doing that..." The noise reverberating through his chest and into my own backside.

He caressed the top of my arm, down my bicep to my underarm...

...slowly and gently tickling me down my side, until his hand came to rest on my abdomen.

With both hands, he began to trace the ridges in my stomach, all the while, continuing to breath into my right ear.

I was lost in him - my head spinning with booze, pleasure, and serenity.

His hands and finger tips continued to explore my stomach, playing gently with the hair around my navel, then brushing upward towards my chest where he found my nipples. Gently teasing and rubbing them until they became firm to his touch.

I felt a stirring inside me.

He cupped both my pecs, before gently dancing his fingertips down to my navel, and then pausing, as if to gauge my reaction.

I turned my head in toward his neck, feeling his stubble against my forehead and the bridge of my nose. With my tongue, I reached out and touched his Adam's apple; as if to say, "green light".

Both his hands pressed firmly into my lower abdomen, flattening and sliding down into the crevice of my pubic bone; out towards my inner thighs. His fingers spread wide, and he grasped at my legs.

I winced slightly with pleasure at his touch, and nestled my face even further into his neck.

He drew his hands back through the same path he had already taken, only this time, his left hand made its way to my throat as his right hand paused at my navel, his fingers spread, and he gently slid it down over until my member was trapped between his middle finger and ring finger. He then grasp gently at my genitals, while his left hand squeezed at my right pectoral.

My heart was increasing, as was my girth. I could feel myself getting bigger against his hand now cupping at me.

As I took in a deep breath, I arched my back with the squeeze he gave my right nipple and his right hand pulled up, his fingers closed, and then slid back down over the top of my growing cock.

I let out a slow heavy sigh as he held me fast with his left arm while his right hand began to slowly stroke me in the water.

Together, we lay their feeling each others bodies against one another, he with his hand between my legs, my arm wrapped back around his neck, my face buried under his chin, kissing away at his carotid, licking and suckling at his ear, all while feeling completely under his control.

My cock jutted up out of the water as it grew and soon I was full up, feeling the thumb of his right hand rubbing against my navel while he continued to stroke me.

"Don't stop..." I said.

"Don't worry..." he whispered back - and he drew his hand up to his mouth and spat into it only to quickly return it to my engorged cock now pulsing on my abdomen. His spittle making the sensations increase ten-fold as he jerked me even more feverishly.

The sensations of his legs wrapped around me, along with everything else, had me reach my peak in no time. Soon, my abdomen drew in, I felt my balls stir, and my mouth opened on to his neck where I suckled hard.

I tried to hold back so as to allow this feeling to last longer, but I could not. It was to intense.

The first volley of cum landed under my chin, while the second burst landed on my cheek. From then, each pulse landed further down my body until I was oozing over his right hand, dribbling down into my own blond nest of submerged pubic hair. My nectar floating on the service of the water, clinging to his legs, and my own.

Catching my breath, I opened my eyes to see him licking my nectar from his hand.

He turned his head and kissed me, forcing his cum covered tongue into my mouth with a little moan. Our juices intermingled with each other, and it seemed like heaven.

I kissed away at his full red lips, pulling his lower lip into my mouth and nibbling just a little before releasing him.

"You're amazing" I told him.


"Yeah, I think so."

"You are amazing. Look at you."

I glanced down, completely spent once again, my body was firm and rigid. My engorged cock going limp as it fell to the side, the nectar of my loins running down the sides of my chest and stomach into the water.

"What about me?"

"You don't even realize how amazing you are." he told me.

I paused again - having to take a moment to really hear what he was saying to me.

"The way you respond to me is mind blowing."

That was true.

"You just give yourself over to me and let me please you."

"Is that bad?" I asked, then kissing him softly under his chin.

"No, its just that I've never had anyone like you before."

I took a deep breath and nuzzled into his neck a little more.

"Well good. I would hate to bore you." I said softly.

He leaned his head down to rest on mine and he wrapped his arms around me again.

The water was loosing its heat, but we were both so hot that I barely noticed.

"Are you cold?" he asked.

"Mmm, I feel good."

"Maybe we should go to the bed."

"Oh... do we have to?" my arms wrapping around his while he held me.

"Yeah, I think we should. I'm getting 'prunie'." and he raised one of his feet. It was white pinkish color on the bottom, and so were his hands.

"Okay" I relented, and stood up. When I did so, he leaned forward and nibbled as my ass, which surprised me.

"Hey!" I giggled back at him.

"That is one nice look'n ass you've got there."

I stepped out of the tub onto the towel he had laid on the floor and said, "Thank you."

"There are bathrobes in the closet back there." he motioned before running a wash cloth over himself and getting out of the tub also.

I went to the closet and inside were two very large plush terry cloth robes and two pairs of slippers. I put on one of the robes, and handed Geoff his.


I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. God he was cute! "You're welcome" I replied looking into his blue-green eyes. He had me; mind, body, and spirit. I was in his rapture.

He walked to the bed, and I followed.

"I would think room service would be here soon. I ordered it..." he paused to look at the clock, "...almost an hour ago."

Had we really been in the tub that long? I didn't even realize it. I walked to the other side of the bed and looked out at the city and lake spread out below.

"I completely forgot I was even hungry."

"Oh, I doubt that." he quipped back. Just then I heard my stomach gurgle again.

"Maybe your right."

From the reflection in the glass, I saw him crawl across the bed and come to stand behind me in the window. HIs chin resting on my shoulder, his hands wrapped around my waist.

"It's a gorgeous view isn't it?"

"Yes, Lake Superior looks like an ocean!" I replied.

"That's Lake Michigan."

"No its not, it's Lake Superior."

"No, that is Lake Michigan. Why do you think they call that road 'Michigan Avenue'?" he said as he pointed off to the left.

"But we are not in Michigan, this is Illinois."

He buried his mouth into the neckline of my robe and laughed. "Somebody needs a geography lesson." he said before kissing my neck and returning to the bed.

I stood there looking out the window for a few moments. When I turned back towards him, he was laying on the bed, attempting to turn on the television.

"I don't know - I still think that is Lake Superior."

"Okay, well I can prove you wrong later." he said with a smile. He found C-SPAN placed the remote on this stomach, and placed his arms and hands up behind his head, crossing his legs at the ankle at the same time.

I crawled onto the bed next to him, and rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes. The sound of his heart was rhythmic and I must have fallen asleep.

I awoke to the sound of a metal clang. I opened my eyes and saw Geoff standing at the foot of the bed while a young Latino man was removing the lids from plates that were on a room service cart.

"Food - thank god, I'm starving." I said instinctively.

"I have your New York Strip Steak, medium rare, with baked potato, and green beans. And here I have a Lobster Thermador with garlic mashed potatoes, corn cob, and italian bread roils." said the server.

"This looks fantastic." said Geoff.

"Yes sir. I also have a house Red and a nice Pinot noir wine."

"You can leave them both."

"Very good Mr. Wrenner."

Mister Wrenner?

"If you will just sign here." and the server handed Geoff a ticket and pen. Geoff signed it and handed it back to him.

"There is a little extra on there for you Marco."

Marco looked down at the ticket, he eyes grew wide and he replied, "Oh thank you Mr Wrenner. If you need anything else please don't hesitate to call on me personally."

Marco turned to walk out of the room, and Geoff made a motion with his hands as if to grab Marco's ass. Then he turned back towards me and spread his arms wide.

"Bon a petite!" he proclaimed.

"Mister Wrenner? What was that all about?"

"Oh, I used that credit card for the room, remember?"

"And you put all this food on the room."

"Sure, why not."

"You realize that when we check out, we could have a problem don't you?"

"Eh, don't worry about it. What is the worst that could happen."

Jail, I said to myself.

"So would you prefer the steak or the Lobster?"

"Turf or Surf. Hmm, a question that has plagued men since the beginning of time." I said crawling to the end of the bed and up to the cart. "Can't I have a little of both?"

"Oh that's right, you do like to sample a little bit of everything don't you."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, reaching for a fork.

"I don't know, I thought perhaps you would have made up your mind or something."

I snatched a fork full of garlic mashed potatoes and placed them in my mouth - they were delicious.

I swallowed and replied, "Made my mind up about what?"

"About liking men more than women."

"Well, if you must know - I like YOU more than women at the moment." I said with a cheesy pointed smile.

"Oh!" he said with a squinty eye and a wide smile, "that's how it is." as he sat next to me on the end of the bed and started to carve into the New York Strip.

I dabbled in the Thermador and took a bite, it was very good too.

"But who are you to be asking me to pick a side. You were the one banging the stewardess in the airplane bathroom." He then lift his fork and fed me a bite of the steak - so tender and juicy.

"That was a fluke."

"A fluke" I said, over my mouth full of meat.

"She opened the door, and I was half naked with my johnson in my hand getting it hard for you. She came in, kissed me on the mouth, and then went down on me."

"But you didn't stop her." He took a bite of the steak and looked at me.

"Well, I was in her territory and couldn't exactly scream out rape or anything." and he took a drink of his wine.

"If you asked me, it looked like you were enjoying it."

"I enjoyed watching her suck your dick, but then you went down on her and I kind of had to look away."

"You looked away?" I asked. I was really surprised. Geoff seemed like such an exhibitionist that I thought he would stick his dick in anything with a pulse.

"Have you EVER had sex with a woman?" I asked him.

He looked down at his plate, seemingly embarrassed, then took a large bite of potato.

I waited for him to chew it up.

"You haven't have you?"

He swallowed and said, "It's not like I wasn't ever offered the chance, but I just wasn't that into it."

I was still surprised. Someone who had his looks, his personality and charm, such an athlete, i couldn't imagine a girl who he wouldn't have conquered.

"But what about today? You seemed pretty into when I opened the door."

"But I was already hard when she came in, and I was thinking about fucking you the whole time I was fucking her. Why do you think I was behind her?"

"I don't know - a limitation on space?" I said comically, and then took a drink of wine.

He laughed and said, "Well that too. But I don't normally go for strictly sex one on one with a girl."

"So you have had sex with a girl before today."

"Well, kinda..." he replied, shrugged his shoulder, then took another bite of steak - chewing he said, "but there was always another guy there too."

"A three-way?"

"In high school, the guys and I would take a girl out by the lake and we both take turns fucking her. I was always more turned on at watching my friends fuck than me having sex with her."

"Whoa... and no one was the wiser?"

"Nope. I seemed to 'get' more girls than they did, but I would never actually have sex with them, kiss or nothing. I really had to play it down so that I didn't get found out. So I would always invite one of my buddies along and while she would go down on me, I would watch them fuck her. It always seemed to work. My friends would think I was a total stud for getting them into a three way, and I got to see all my buddies get laid."

"Seems pretty cool actually."

"Did you ever think about another guy when you were having sex with a girl?"

"No, but I didn't really have sex that much. Most of my relationships with girls were long ones; not just a casual hook-up. And I would always be more worried about her getting off than myself. Most of the guys in my school would fuck chicks just to fuck them, and then move on to the next one."

"It was that way in my school too. I just never had any relationships with girls. Everyone thought I was ladies man, because there would be rumors about me dating a girl from another town, or all the 'three-way' stories that people would share around school. But the truth is, I've never been in a relationship with anyone."


"Nah, I never saw the point. I like sex to much to get tied down into a relationship."

"But relationships can be great."

"Yeah, I'm finding that out." he looked at me as he sipped his wine.

I smiled back at him. "I don't know that I would call this a 'normal' relationship."


"No." I shook my head.

"But it seems like a pretty good start - doesn't it?" he said with a look of hope in his eyes.

I reached over and stroked his cheek, "I would say it is definitely the start of something."

He leaned into my hand, and kissed it. Then he leaned over and kissed me. His lips and tongue flavored with pepper and garlic from his steak.

"You taste good." he said.

"So do you."


Christian Crowne

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