When I awoke some time later, Geoff was still right there.

He never left my side.

I lay there in silence mulling over the events that had occurred between he and I.

It all felt so...


...so right...

What had I been missing all my life? What was it that changed in me? In my situation?

Was it independence?

Was it allowing myself to let go?

Was it allowing someone else in?

My life, up until this last few days, had felt without purpose. I had done exactly what everyone had expected me to do; and it wasn't always what I had wanted to do.

For once, in this life, I had made my own decisions and everything seemed to be okay.

I WAS safe... Here... With Geoffrey... In this room... And I didn't feel alone anymore.

Not like I had felt with Lora, or with my family.

Was I really gay?

When Geoff had uttered those words to me a couple of days ago, it struck me as it had all the other times I had been bullied in school - as offensive. And it angered me. Which is why I felt the need to escape into the next room.

But was it true? Was I really gay?

Consequentialism of normative ethical theories holds that the consequences of one's conduct are the ultimate basis for any judgment about the rightness of that conduct. Thus, from a consequentialist standpoint, a morally right act (or omission) is one that will produce a good outcome, or consequence.

And it if feels right, then it must be okay. And that means that I am okay.

It wasn't until just recently, now in my mid-30's, that I had realized conclusions, but when I think back to that morning when Geoff and I had laid together and connected both physically and emotionally, I began to realize that I was ready to begin my exploration with him.

How did such a strong bond develop so quickly between us?

Of course, you are probably thinking, "Um - dumb ass, you've been doing nothing but 'exploring' ever since you arrived on campus." - and that is true. I had.

All of those yearnings and emotions that I had been suppressing were finally coming to the surface.

Geoff woke up a few hours later and sat on the edge of the bed. His movements had stirred the scents that we had both given off during the night and it was like an aphrodisiac to my nares. It was that warm wholesome scent that makes you feel so relaxed in side.

He turned to look at me. Our eyes met, and he smiled. Then he leaned over, grabbed my chin and kissed me softly on the lips.

"You know what today is?"

"The first day of the rest of my life?"

He lightly chuckled and said, "Well maybe..."

I smiled and closed my eyes as I adjusted my head on the pillow.

"No, its my birthday."


"Yes, really." He seemed to be glowing. "And I want you to take me out."

He wanted me - again.

"Yes, of course! Anything you want."

"Good, then lets get cleaned up and get out of here shall we?"

"Yes, absolutely."

And he got up and walked into the bathroom. I heard him relieve himself and then turn on the water.

I rolled over, and looked out the window. From our view, we could see the parking lot, and the city spread out in the distance (if you could call Des Moines, Iowa "the city") - but for me it was.

"You know, there is room in here for two..." he said from the bathroom.

And I didn't hesitate to join him.

We were like a couple of kids who had just had a sleep over, we stood in the shower brushing our teeth and washing our hair. It was as if we were getting ready for one of our mothers to call us down for breakfast.

We finished getting ready and went into the living room. Aaron was in the kitchen making coffee and Phillip had just opened his door and walked out - naked. Behind him, I could see Stephanie's feet hanging off the edge of one of the beds.

"Hey guys, what's up?" It was Aaron, our mysterious older roommate. He was probably six foot tall, black hair, brown eyes, a medium build, and he looked a little to old to be living in a student dormitory with a bunch of teenage guys.

Phil walked out into the kitchen and Geoff and I did our best not to try an ogle him. He looked like some young blond California surfer. He had the slender build, the tight well defined frame, and that 'adonis belt' across his lower abdominals. You know what I'm talking about - the iliac furrow that creates the image of a 'V' with a six pack resting on top. Mine was defined more so by my hip bones, where as Geoff and Phillip had created their's from hours of sit-ups and side crunches.

"Phil! It's bad enough that you've got to bone Stephanie less than two feet from me, but do you have to talk around like a fucking cave man? I mean seriously! Can you put your snake away please?"

"Ah, what's the matter Aaron? Feeling a little insecure with a python in the room?" he chuckled.

"Well I'm not." said Geoff rather bluntly. He grabbed a coffee cup, filled it with coffee, and lowered the glass to Phil's dick.

"Can I get some cream in my coffee" he sang rather comically, like an ode to a Lyle Lovett song.

"Sorry Geoff, I'm all out." Phil laughed.

Then we all laughed. I did more so out of nervousness. I mean who does that? But I guess jocks do that. Apparently jocks do A LOT things I hadn't witness before. At least not the jocks that I hung out with never expressed such homo erotic behavior. But I enjoyed their levity.

Phil looked over at me and said, "Didn't you give Geoff all the 'cream' he needed last night?"

I looked at him with a blank stare, and my mouth was open in shock.


"Oh don't you worry about Mister Chris Phil, he took care of me just fine. I have never felt better."

"I'll bet." as Phil took a drink from his coffee cup, and then raised it towards me. "Here's to friendship." and then Phil winked at me.

Aaron continued to lean against the back counter and look at the three of us with the curiousness of the Cheshire Cat.

"So what are you two up to today?"

"Today is Geoff's birthday."

"No it isn't." said Phillip.

"Yeah it is..." I looked over at Geoff "he just told me."

"Geoff's birthday was last month, I should know - I was there."

I was confused. During our drunken conversations on Friday night, had I missed the fact that Phillip and Geoffrey knew each other before coming to school? Was I so oblivious to this very obvious fact?

This must be why Phillip felt so comfortable around Geoff.

"How exactly do you guys know each other again?" I asked.

"Geoffrey is my cousin." answered Phillip.

"Yeah, my mom and his dad are brother and sister." added Geoff. "We are only 3 months apart in age. I'm the older and more mature one." Geoff snickered and then punched Phillip in the arm.

"Ouch you fucker!" and Phillip hit him back in the stomach.

"Okay boys - settle down. I'm not going to be wearing my coffee before I go to work." Aaron interjected.

"You have to work on a Sunday?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what clergy does on Sunday - they preach the word to the people." Aaron replied.

Once again, I was dumbstruck and Phillip noticed and laughed.

"Aaron is taking religious studies here. He will be transferring to seminary school next term."

"Yes, and then on to Rome for a semester. I had a few classes to get out of the way and I wasn't going to pay what the university wanted for them. This school offered them for half the price, so here I am. My 'work' is an internship down at 'Our Holy Mother' down in the city."

"Wow, I had no idea." And then I felt like a total sinner. "But what about the other night."

"I hear no evil and I speak no evil." he answered.

"But what about the 'see no evil' part of that?" asked Geoff.

"Well... nobodies perfect." Aaron winked back at Geoff. Then Aaron turned to me and patted me on the shoulder before grabbing his black bag and opening the front door.

"See all you sinners later!" and he was gone.

"Oh my god, I feel like a total ass!" Geoff said.

"Don't worry about it." Phillip assured him, "Aaron is cool. He like to smokes a bowel every night, so he can't be all bad."

"True..." quipped Geoff.

"So you guys said you were going to celebrate Geoff's birthday?" Phillip asked.

"Yep, I didn't get to celebrate with my new best friend Christian - so he is taking me to Chicago for the afternoon."


"Aren't ya?" he said as he grabbed me around the shoulders.


"Geoff, don't fuck with him like that - he hasn't even finished his coffee yet."

"Why? He can afford it. I found over $700.00 on his night stand in his room. Christian came to school prepared to party!"

The money from the wallet!

"And what makes you think I am going to spend that on you?" I asked.

"Because you like me, remember."

"Oh, and it is worth $700.00?" actually I really had no problem with it at all, and flying to Chicago for the afternoon did sound fun.

"Well, I think it was worth allot more, but $700 will do." Geoff finished off his coffee, put his cup on the counter and patted me on the back.

"Let's go roomy..." as he headed for the door.

"Okay then." I said, and followed behind him.

Phil raised his coffee cup again, "You boys have fun."

"Philly - I'm horny baby, come back to bed." Stephanie called from the bedroom before the front door closed all the way.

Geoff and I made our way to the parking lot and went to my car.

"Are you serious about going to Chicago for the day?"

"Sure, why not."

"Well, it just seems..."


"Well yeah!"

"I know - isn't it great. And you just happen to be loaded with cash today, so why not?"

"Well it's just that..."

"It's just that what? You were going to sit around and fuck me all day?" he said with a gregarious tone.

I closed my eyes, smiled, and then shrugged as if to say, 'well gosh golly'.

"Besides, you fucked me a little to raw last night. My ass hurts, and I need a break."

"Well I didn't hear any complaints."

"Well now you are. Next time we need to use more lube."

"Deal - but at least you won't be able to stop thinking about me every time you sit down." I charmed back.

Geoff laughed. "DRIVE, you little asshole."

We drove down into the city and out to the Des Moines Regional Airport. I parked the car while Geoff went inside to see when the next flight left for Chicago. When I walked up to the United Airlines counter, Geoff was walking back to meet me.

"The next flight for Chicago is in 30 minutes."


"But there is a problem."


"It's $300 per person roundtrip."

"What! That takes all my money! We can't afford that."

"Don't worry, I have an idea, just play along."

And the both of us walked back up to the counter.

"Gloria, this is my little brother that I was telling you about."

"Well hello Christopher." said the counter agent.


"I'm so sorry to hear about your situation."

My situation?

"I just talked to my supervisor and he said that we could offer you a '2 for 1' on your flight to Chicago today. The flight is not that full and there is enough space."

"Really?!? That would be fantastic Gloria!" said Geoff in an overly excited attitude.

"Christopher has just always wanted to see the view from the top of the Sears Tower, and we are afraid that once he starts chemotherapy, he will be to sick to travel."

"Oh, you poor boy."

Poor boy? What the fuck is going on here? I have cancer now?

"Here are your tickets." as Gloria handed two airline envelopes over to Geoff across the counter.

Geoff opened them.



"Is there anyway we could get us an upgrade to First Class? It is such a short flight, and it would mean a lot to my brother."

"Oh, well I don't know about that. You would need to speak with Mr. Reynolds."

"Could I?"

"Let me call him..." and she picked up the phone.

"Mr. Reynolds, the two young gentlemen that I called you about earlier would like to see if we could upgrade them to First Class for their trip today... Uh huh... Ok, well I can ask him..." she covered the mouthpiece with her hand. "He would like to talk to you." and she handed the phone to Geoff.

"Hello Mr. Reynolds... Okay... Sure, I suppose..." and Geoff handed the phone back to Gloria.

"He would like to see me in his office?" Geoff shrugged his shoulders.

"Certainly. Behind you over there is a black door that says 'AIRLINE PERSONNEL ONLY' I can buzz you in."

"Great, thanks Gloria - you have been wonderful." Geoff boosted and patted her on her hand.

Geoff and I walked across the hall and over to the black door. There was a camera above the door and a keypad next to the door knob with a red light on it.

"You wait here... I will see what this Mr. Reynolds wants. Just look sick. Sit over there" as Geoff motioned to some black pleather seats a few feet away.

"Geoff I don't like this one bit." I stressed.

"Just relax, it will be fine. Just wait over there, and remember, look sick and weak."

"Okay" I said, and I went over to sit down.

The light on the door went from Red to Green and Geoff opened the door and went inside.

I sat down, looked at my watch, and waited. We had 30 minutes before the flight left.

After about 20 minutes, Geoff came out of the door and walked over to me. He was sweating.

"Come on, let's go."

"Are we going to Chicago?"

"You bet your ass we are - FIRST CLASS BABY!!!" as he waived the tickets in my face.

"Are you serious? But how?"

"Well, Mr. Reynolds just needed a little convincing that is all." as we began heading towards the escalators that would take us up to the gates.

"Convincing? About me?"

"Yeah, about you."

I couldn't help but wonder what Geoff had had to do to convince Mr. Reynolds.

"But what happened?"

"I'll tell you about it later. Hurry up, we are going to miss our flight." and we bolted up the escalators and down to our gate. We boarded the flight just in time.

"Do you want the window?"

"Sure" I had only been on a plane one time, and that was to go to New York to visit relatives. So flying was still new for me.

"Good, I hate the window. I don't like looking out at all those clouds and the way things turn - I get sick."

"Oh, really?" as I grabbed his arm once he sat down next to me.

The flight attendant came up to us, "Would you gentlemen care for a drink before take off?"

"Yes, I'll have a whiskey and coke, and he will have a Vodka Seven."

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to see some ID's please."

Geoff looked up at her. She was very beautiful. Red hair pulled back taught into a bun, Ruby red lipstick with light blue eyes and a flawless complexion. She had this hourglass figure that was accentuated by her uniform.

Then he reached his right hand out and caressed the back of her knee.

"Do you really need to see our ID's?" he said to her as he looked down at her breasts and then back to her eyes, licking his lips.

She blushed - noticeably.

"Let me get those for you sir."

"Thank you."

"What is it with you anyway?" I asked Geoff.

Geoff leaned back in his seat and turn his head towards me. "What?"

I just smiled and rolled my eyes. He was a true player if I had ever seen one.

The blushing red head brought us our drinks and we prepared for departure. The flight into O'Hare was only 40 minutes, so we would barely make our ascension before decelerating back for our landing.

While the plane was still climbing, Geoff asked me, "So have you ever done it on an airplane?"

"Ah, no. This is only my second time on a plane. The first time was with my..."

"So, do you wanna?"

"Do I wanna have sex with you on this airplane?" I whispered to him.

"Yes." he whispered back.

The butterflies in my stomach started to do a rain dance! The thought of having sex in a bathroom toilet was both terrifying and invigorating at the same time.

"I'll go first, give me one full minute, and you come and knock ONE time on the door. Then I'll let you in."

"Shit! Okay, go" I whispered.

Geoffrey got up and walked to the front of the plane, passing the blushing red head on the way. He must have made eye contact with her again, because her faced turned even more red and she smiled a shy little grin.

Geoffrey opened the bathroom door, and I heard the lock slide shut. So I started counting in my head, 'one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand, six one thousand...' It seemed like an eternity as I was counting and starring out the window trying to not loose my concentration.

I slammed my drink once I reached a full minute and went to stand up.

As I looked, the blushing red head was standing at the bathroom door.

She knocked two times, and I heard her say, "Sir, are you alright in there?"

I freaked and sat back down.

"Sir?" she said again. And then I heard the door lock slide open.

"Oh?" she said with a surprise, and into the lavatory she went.

What the fuck was he doing? I looked around the first class cabin to see if anyone else had seen what I did. But no one was paying ANY attention to anything. They all had their noses buried in either books or newspapers, or some were just sleeping.

Then the plane jostled a little bit, and I rocked in my seat. The fasten seat belt sign came on, and the captain came on over the loud speaker.

"Ladies and Gentleman, we are coming in to a bit of turbulence, I'm going to have to ask you to return to your seats as we climb out of this." I could feel the pressure build on my backside as the plane began to ascend. Another flight attendant came on over the loud speaker.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the captain has turned on the 'Fasten Seat Belt' sign, I would like to ask everyone to return to their seats as the captain makes the transition to a higher altitude. We thank you for your cooperation."

The first class flight attendant was in the bathroom with Geoffrey. But no one seemed to notice. The plane jostled some more, and they did not come out of the bathroom.

I got up out of my seat and made my way to the front of the plane.

I knocked on the door one time, while bracing myself against the galley bulkhead. The flight attendant slid the door open and there she was; bent over with her face in the mirror and Geoffrey fucking her from behind. She had her wrist in her mouth, and she was breathing heavy over her own skin.

"What took you so long?" he said over his panting. He continued to fuck the flight attendant, and she was really loving it. Geoff had opened his shirt, exposing his chest, and ripped abdominals. I could see the top of his pubic hair bumping away at the flight attendants blue skirt that was bunched up around her waist and and her milky white buttocks rippling with each forceful thrust into her from behind. She was fighting to not scream out in ecstasy.

Then she reached out and grabbed my pants and pulled me inside the small room with them.

"You wanna suck his cock don't ya Elena?" She was without words. She tried to open my pants over the pounding that Geoffrey was giving her from behind. They were both so into it.

The problem was, there was not a lot of room in here. Geoffrey was half sitting on the toilet, his back against the bulkhead, his head bent to his chin, while Elena was bent over at the waist, knees bent, panties at her knees, her milky white thighs and buttocks exposed and looking purely pristine against Geoffrey's dark hairy flesh. Her hands were holding onto the counter or pressing against the mirror and she was bracing herself against his thrusting. Her hair had fallen out of its bun, and was hanging freely at the sides of her face. She either had her wrist in her mouth, her lipstick smeared across the top of her wrist, or her hand.

I scooted in between Elena and the counter. Her face pressed against my crotch. I could feel her hot breath against my clothing. She fumbled to take down my zipper, grab my cock and put it in her mouth.

"Oh... fuck... me?" her lips were full and soft as silk, her tongue was just as smooth.

"That's it. She's good isn't she?"

"Fuck yeah she is."

Geoffrey continued to fuck her from behind as the plane continued its ascent and the jostling continued. A couple of times she grazed her teeth against the tip of my cock while she was sucking me and it really brought me around. Geoffrey was holding on to the waist of her skirt and using it as some kind of bridle to hold her while he fucked her. It was getting so hot in here. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it hang open as the red head continue to suck on me.

She wasn't nearly as good as the man who was behind her pounding his fat cock into her pussy. I knew this for a fact, so I grabbed a handful of her red hair and began to fuck her mouth until I could feel her gag against me.

"Relax baby, just relax." and when she relaxed her throat enough, I felt myself dip down even deeper inside her where the heat was intense, and so was the pressure. In the mirror, I could see her slender throat stretch to accommodate me. Her eyes were wild as they rolled back in her head.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum..." Geoff let out in a deep breathy tone.

Elena pulled back off of me and asked, "Please don't cum inside me..."

"Okay, but where do you want it?"

"Fuck my ass... Just fuck my ass!" she begged.

Geoff and I looked at each other surprised and then we both smiled at each other. I nodded at Geoff as he pulled out, Elena moaned, and when he stuck that big cock of his in her ass, she let out a gagged scream around the edges of my cock that she had swallowed once again.

I could see Geoff's body preparing itself to release its load. His eyes closed, and his mouth opened for heavy breathing, his abdominals were contracting, and I could see his heart beating forcefully from the base of his sternum. He was really close.

The image he as giving me heightened my own sensitivity, and I could feel my self on the verge of filling Elena's throat with cum. The intensity was building inside me as Elena continued her hard sucking at the head and shaft of my cock.

And then it happened...

Geoff let out a high pitched, "oh fuck" girlie squeak and started convulsing behind Elena. Seeing this, I began to convulse as well and we both pumped our loads into her.

The turbulence was subsiding, and Elena stood up wiping away the cum that had spilled from the corners of her mouth. She pulled herself off Geoff's cock, and left him in the corner quivering and wasted. She looked in the mirror, pulled her hair back and checked her lipstick. She was only inches from my left ear.

Then she turned to me and whispered, "You're not done yet flyboy."

She grabbed my shoulders and moved me around to face her while she backed up to the small counter. Geoff was still in the corner against the bulkhead.

"You know what I want..." as she pulled up her skirt to expose her milky white, cleanly shave pussy to me. She was visibly puffy and swollen indicating that she was really turned on. Then she took her right hand and reached down to her labia, spreading her lips apart and pointing at her swollen clitoris.

"Right there..."

I knew exactly what she wanted and I buried may face into her snatch. She gasped as my lips gently sucked her clitoris into my mouth, flicking the tip with my tongue as my hands grabbed around her waist and buttocks.

She lifted her left leg placing it against the side wall of the lavatory as I pushed myself even deeper into her, feeling her labia spread across my face.

I knew how to go down on a woman, or so I had been told.

Her breathing was increasing and I worked her clitoris with my lips and tongue.

It wouldn't long before I had her coming.

I ran my hands up her thighs and put pressure on the interiors of her upper thighs just before then met with her pelvis.

Women like to be held while you are going down on them. But they also usually like it slow and soft so they have time to build up their climax.

Elena wasn't having any of it. She pushed my head into her snatch almost to the point where I couldn't breath. Her wetness was covering my face, and at one point she bared down and I experienced a familiar taste.

Geoffrey had come in her ass, and when she bared down, it had pushed his cum out of her ass and was running down the crack of her but into my mouth that was directly below her pussy.

It was almost the best of both worlds.

But then she bared down again, and I felt her pelvis begin to quiver against the sides of my face.

She was coming.

She began to whimper and claw at the back of my head as I continued my assault on her cunt. Forcing my nose up against her clitoris while I sucked in her labia, Geoffrey's own left over cum mixing with all the juices that were free flowing.

And then it hit me...

A blast of fluid from her cunt directly into my face.

She was a squirter!

And her body convulsed over as she clamped her legs shut around my head and continued to squirt her juice all over me and the lavatory. Tears were streaming down her face, until I broke myself free and fell back against Geoffrey's left leg.

He was watching us both in awe.

Then she slid down off the counter onto the floor where her cunt juice had puddled under her.

We were all sweating and incredible exhausted.

<BING BONG> We all looked up and the 'FASTEN SEAT BELT' sign had turned off.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the captain has turned off the Fasten Seat Belt sign, you are now free to move about the cabin." said one of the other flight attendants.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Elena. She stood up, weak in the knees, the aftershock of her orgasm lingering inside her. She pulled down her skirt, tucked in her shirt, and quickly fixed her face and hair in the mirror.

Geoffrey and I watched quietly as she composed herself.

"You two stay in here. No one can see all three of us come out together do you understand?"

We both nodded our heads 'yes' in agreement.


She unlatched the door and slid it open slowly, there must have been no one outside, because she stepped towards the middle of the galley, made sure she looked okay in one of the small mirrors, and looked back at us.

I was kneeling on the floor, Geoff was still plastered against the bulkhead.

Then she approached the opened door, grabbed the door handle, and said, "You gentlemen will need to return to your seats, we will be starting our descent into Chicago O'Hare International Airport shortly." And then she closed the door.

Geoff and I both looked at each other and just burst out laughing!!!

We stood up, and composed ourselves as well. Geoff was combing his hair while I was washing Elena off my face.

"Can you believe that shit?" I asked.

"Man, you can really eat some pussy?"

"Well, I've had a lot of practice."

"I thought I was gonna blow another wad as she was shooting all over your face. Was she pissing on you?"

"No, I think she was cuming."

"I've never had a woman come like that before."

"Neither have I!"

Just then the door slid open and standing there was a man dressed in a flight outfit (white shirt, dark trousers, black shiny shoes, a pilots hat).

"I'm not sure what you boys are doing in here, but I don't allow this kind of thing on my bird. Get back to your seats please."

Geoff and I looked at each other and scurried around him back to our seats in First Class.

The pilot eyed us all the way back to our seats before entering the lavatory himself.

"Oh fuck - can you believe that?" whispered Geoff.

I was trying to contain my laughter.

"Um, ma'am - could I have another please." Geoff asked the blushing red head who was now on the other side of the cabin serving another passenger a drink. She looked over and nodded in acknowledgement.

When she approached us, she said, "Don't you think you boys have had enough?"

"No ma'am..." said Geoff as he ran his fingers on the inside of her knee again, only this time when he pulled them back they were wet. He placed them in his mouth and sucked on them.

"...I have quite an appetite."

She blushed and shivered for a moment, then turned and headed towards the galley for our next drinks.

"You are so bad."

"Oh, but it feels so good." and Geoff took a deep breath and leaned back in his seat.

I couldn't imagine what might happen next.


Christian Crowne

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