It wasn't easy, but then again, anything worth a damn never is; my father taught me that. It was one of the few things that he ingrained in me the few times that we actually connected. Perhaps that is why I was so willing to take to Geoffrey.

My first day of college. It was a warm August afternoon and the dorms were bustling with all the new students making their way to their perspective rooms. In the parking lot, as I was tugging away at a large box I had managed to stuff into the backseat of my Camaro, I noticed him. He was tall with reddish brown hair, broad shoulders that lead to well defined and somewhat tanned exposed biceps. His flank was covered with a white sleeveless shirt draped shortly over electric blue basketball shorts with white piping. His chiseled legs emerged from the hem to reveal strained calves with white tennis socks and white basketball shoes. He too was unpacking. From the reft of his buttocks, I could see he was either going commando or sporting the jocks choice of athletic support.

As he turned towards me, arms full of personal things, the question of whether he was wearing underwear of seem kind was answered. The fabric of his flowing shorts caught the visage of his endowment hanging long and low. I was captivated. The reddish brown tufts of underarm hair sprouted lightly from under his tensed deltoids as he lugged his belongings into the building. I followed a respectable distance behind with my own arms loafing my own things.

At the entrance was a list of names along with the room assignments. The dorm rooms were set up to accommodate four people with a common area between the two bedrooms that shared a kitchen. I vividly remember the questionnaire required to be completed prior to being accepted into campus housing. It was like filling out an online dating form.

I made my way to the fourth floor and down the hallway. I was in room 408-A. The door was closed and I fumbled to open it with my not so free hand. Thankfully the door opened, and a tall slender blonde with surfer hair, brilliant blue eyes and an Abercrombie smile greeted me.

"Hi, I'm Phillip - let me help you", he said as he took the duffle bag from atop my heavy box still in my arms. "You must be Chris?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

"Because you are the last to arrive. I'm in room B with Aaron, and you are in room A with Geoffrey."

"Oh, great!"

"Here lets put this stuff down."

I followed Phillip around the corner to my room where he placed my duffle bag on the bed. By default I ended up with the bed farthest from the door and directly in front of our shared bathroom door which happened to be shut. I noticed the light was on, I could hear water running and it wasn't the sink; someone was in the shower.

"Thanks Phillip, I need to run back down to my car to get a few more things."

"Sure, no problem. And you can call me Phil."

I returned to my car to gather the last of my things and when I came back to the room and placed my things on my bed, I noticed the door was still closed but that the water had stopped running. I sat down on the bed and fell back against the wall - tired, hot, sweaty, and ready to take a shower myself. Just then the door opened.

It was kind of a cinematic moment. The door slowly opened, the steam billowed, and out walked a naked form. Now why is it that whenever we look at someone naked, we always look at their goods? As guys are we compelled to check out the competition? I never understood it, but figured it was some primal response left over from millennia of evolution.

But there it was, a glistening brown bush of hair nestled between two brazen thighs. As my eyes trailed up I was surprised to see a pair of taught breasts with large pink areole.

"Hi! I'm Stephanie. I'm Phil's girlfriend."

Stephanie was not ashamed of her body, and rightly so. It was obvious that she was athletic and quite probably an exhibitionist. Her hair was drawn up into a towel and she had extended her hand in friendship.

"Uh, hello. It's nice to meet you. Um..."

"Oh, sorry for the bush, you only had one towel in there."

"Okay. Would you like me to get you another one?" Even though I had no idea where they were.

"No, I'm good. Phil and I are making gimlets in a while. You should join us."

"Sounds great. I just need to clean up a little."

"Okay then." And she trotted out the bedroom door across the living room into the bedroom on the other side of the apartment.

What a way to start off your first day at school, huh?

After organizing my things, I realized that this Geoffrey character still hadn't made his appearance. So I decided to take a shower myself. I found the towels I had brought from home, along with my incidentals and quickly took over the bathroom. There is something about nesting into your designated space that helps you to relax. And my shower seemed to have an unlimited supply of hot water. So I took my time.

Looking back on it now, I realize how much I took my body for granted. High school had given me a fairly decent start to an athletic body that I didn't appreciate until my later years. Granted, I can still turn a few heads at the beach, but not like I did when I was 18 and a college freshman. And sex was always at the forefront of my thoughts. But I was oblivious to my affect on people. I enjoyed nudity and was very comfortable in my body, not out of some established narcissism, but out of pure naïveté.

I opened the door to the bathroom to let the steam out, and stood naked in front of the mirror to brush my teeth.

"There had better not be any jizz on that bathroom floor! If I step in some I will knock you on your ass?" Came a voice from behind me. Jolted I looked into the mirror. Through the steamed dew I saw him standing behind me. The guy from the parking lot.

"What?" I struggled to say. He was approaching me from behind. I could see him in the mirror, he was without a shirt, wearing only those blue basketball shorts with the white piping, barefoot, and with a towel in hand. My mind raced to process the image growing larger in the mirror in front of me. His chest was well defined with a discernible six pack covered with a light dusting of brown hair. Between his engorged pecks was yet another valley of light brown hair scattered between his nipples. He came even closer. His hair was curly and messed, obviously from the move into the apartment. He was sweaty, and the hair at his temples was matted and a darker color brown. His face was sculpted like something out of Greek history book and he already had that scruffy beard that so many dark haired men develop in the early afternoon. As my mind slowed to a fevered pace, I could feel my cock beginning to throb ever so slightly. But then he was right behind me.

His chest caressed my back for just a moment as he slowed his momentum to avoid running into me, and for a split second I was overcome with his musky scent and warmth as it continued forward and washed over me.

"I said 'you took long enough' - what were you doing in here? Rubbing one out after Stephanie's little show?"

"Huh?" I uttered as I pressed my waist into the edge of the sink in an attempt at modesty. I was still wet and naked with a mouth full of toothpaste.

"Don't worry, Phillip said she does that kind of thing all the time. She's an art major or something."

"Oh, that." I managed to blurt out before spitting into the sink. "Yeah, that was quite a greeting."

"I wouldn't blame you for jerking one off in here, she's little hottie!" He said with a smirk, and then his eyes glanced down my body as I stood there with toothpaste running down the corners of my mouth, and my cock swelling against the front of the vanity.

The heat from my shower combined with the cramped space of the small bathroom and our proximity to each other was making it sultry to say the least. I noticed a bead of sweat trickle down from between his pecks to his abdomen and undulate across his stomach into the fabric of his waist band. It was intoxicating.

"Um, are you finished?" as he motioned to the shower. My eyes still fixated on this waistband and the patch of dark curly hair looming around his navel.

But a jolt to my right arm brought me back and I looked him in the eyes. His eyes. Oh my. They were the most gorgeous shade of Caribbean blue that I had ever seen, and his full lips outlined by stubble with just a touch of moisture on his brow from the humidity of our space.

"I said, 'are you done'."

"Yeah... Sorry."

He opened the glass shower door and turned the water back on. The steam began to build again. As it did he turned away from me and slowly began to remove his shorts. He had the smallest dusting of hair right at his lower back that thickened as it made its way down into the crack of his ass. He bent full over to remove his shorts, exposing this bright pink little asshole between two taught cheeks covered in brown hair. I was transfixed.

Then I noticed that he stayed bent over and was looking back at me over his left arm. With a barely discernible wink, he stood up, turned to face me, and extended his hand.

"By the way, I'm Geoff."

My hand was still on my toothbrush which was still in my mouth. Even though his hand was extended, I was starstruck at the 8 inches of dick that was dangling in front of me. I reached out for his hand but found I was actually reaching for his cock without even realizing it. He intercepted my grasp and gave me a firm handshake.

"It's nice to meet you." he said without hesitation.

"Same." I quickly said as I regained my composure and turned to face him. "My name is Christian." And then I realized that I had just exposed my full frontal hard on towards him. My dick was standing at attention and I'm quite sure I was spewing precum by this point.

Geoff's eyes were drawn down to my fully erect, and noticeably throbbing penis. I quickly looked down to confirm my own worst suspicion and sure enough, there I was ready for a full on assault on his mouth and ass, and embarrassed beyond reprieve.

"Wow... It looks like you may need to work on that one." He quipped, then drawing his out stretched hand back to his groin to scratch and adjust himself in front of me, he turned away and entered the shower. With a click of the glass door against the frame, I turned, grabbed my towel and left the bathroom.

"Can you close the..." (thud)

I closed the door before he could finish his sentence.

Wrapping the towel around my waist, I cleared a space on my bed and sat down. "Did that really just happen?" I asked myself. "What are the chances of parking lot guy being my roommate?" And the more I mulled it over, the more excited I got.

See, I come from a very small Midwestern town where homosexuality is strictly taboo and boys drive pickups and ride tractors for their fathers. Their promiscuity with the local females is matched only by their ability to consume excessive quantities of Milwaukee best and have pissing contests in the river. My outlets for self expression were limited to my own fantasies and what I was able to access on my dial up modem in my bedroom. In those days, the Internet was new, the speed of access measured in bytes (not terabytes) and porn to mundane soft core porn either on Cinemax after dark or my fathers monthly subscription to "Boobs and Buns" that offered a graphic exploitation of women that I would jerk off to as they afforded me an unfiltered look at the male form doing the exploiting.

But here I was, away from home, in the big city, with an Adonis for a roommate. And if I had even noticed, did he completely out me in the bathroom? Or was it my imagination?

Nonetheless, I had my hard on to contend with, and during our seemingly never ending exchange of banter in the bathroom, I seemed to have produced such a significant amount of slippery precum, that I had completed matted the hair on my ball-sack. Hearing the water continuing to run, I laid back and set to grasping my cock with my right hand and stroking it ever so slowly, closing my eyes, and letting my imagination get the best of me as quickly as possible.

As I did this, I recognized his scent, turned my head, and noticed that he had placed his shirt on the folded blanket next to me. In fact, it reeked of his musk. My heart quickened. I grabbed his shirt with my left hand and buried my face into it as I feverishly jerked off. His scent was overwhelmingly soothing. Something akin to vegetable soup and wood chips. It was this earthy smell that penetrated me. As I stroked my cock, I imagined him laying on top of me. His robust chest to mine, feeling him push his pelvis into mine and grinding away on me. I imagined him saying, "I know you want this don't ya?" As he thrust against me. "I wanna fuck you so hard!" And then pressing his full red lips onto mine as his tongue pushes forward to explore my mouth. His smooth tongue tickling mine as he then pulls back to gently bite at my lower lip and I exhale. I imagine his hands grabbing at my thighs and pushing them up towards my chin as I bend at the waist to meet his advance.

As I imagine the tip of his monstrous cock ready to impale me, I feel a burning inside me, and as I envision him enter me my abdomen begins to spasm and my ball sack draws up tight. My hand continues to massage my cock to an explosive blast that lands on my face, lips, chest, and stomach before oozing through the creases between my fingers into my damp nest of pubic hair. Licking my lips, I savor my own nectar as if it were his.

But over the sound of my own breath and beating heart, I hearing a fapping coming from my left. I look over just to see Geoff convulsing and shuttering as he jerks his erect cock and sprays his load all over the floor at my feet.

"Whoa, that was intense!"

I am speechless.

As he composes himself, he walks in front of me, leans over my naked cum covered body landing his hands and muscular arms on each side of me on the bed and and bringing his fury stomach to rest against the tops of my thighs. I can feel his cock brush agains my shin as he says, "Don't worry, you're safe. I'm gay too. And I think we are going to get along just fine."

Then he puts his head down onto my stomach, into a pool of cum that has collected and kisses me so softly that I melt. He then stands, smiles, and says, "but now I've got to shower again. See what you made me do?" He licks his lips, taking in my essence and goes back into the bathroom.

I am without words.

Was this real? Or some sick mind fuck? Either way, I had never felt so free. And I was willing to see just where this was headed...


Christian Crowne

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