[Note: This chapter contains brief references to abuse of a minor. The references are no more detailed than those found in popular non-erotic fiction and are included here only to further the plot, not to appeal to any prurient interests. The author wishes to make it very clear that neither he nor the publishers of Gaydemon or its advertisers condone such behavior.]

Jeremy woke up Tuesday morning with a very achy head and an even more sore ass. Groggy as he was, he did recognize the lavender walls and erotic wall hangings this time. He stumbled over Ford and Brandon to get to the bathroom, waking them in the process. Kenny, Kyle, and Red, who had remained at the club long after Ford and Brandon brought Jeremy back to Ford's apartment, occupied various spots in the living room--Kyle on the sofa and Kenny and Red on the floor. While Jeremy tried to wash away his sins, Brandon dragged himself to the kitchen to make some coffee, and Ford stayed behind to keep a watchful eye on Jeremy.

Hardly a word was spoken as Jeremy, Ford, and Brandon drank their coffee, but between sips, Jeremy hummed 'Here Comes the Bride.' Finally, Ford placed a gentle hand on Jeremy's arm.

'Have you figured out what you're going to do, buddy?'

'Do? I'm going to go on my honeymoon.'

'Jeremy, you do recall what happened yesterday?'

'Yesterday? Oh, yeah. That asshole crashed my wedding, and Amy jilted me.' Then, with an awkward chortle, he added, 'And then I got my ass drilled, didn't I? Ha ha. I guess you could say I got screwed all the way around. Ha ha.' Reaching out with both hands, he pulled Ford and Brandon close and kissed each one on the lips--or as close to their lips as he could approximate. 'Not only did I lose my girl, but I lost the $7,000 that I paid out for the honeymoon. Sucker!'

'Maybe not,' reflected Ford.


'Well, you've paid for the flight and the hotel, why don't you take the trip anyway? It could be good for you to get away...let the dust settle for a few days.'

'Sure, sweetheart. You wanna come with me? I can carry you over the threshold.'

'Actually, it would probably be better if you didn't go alone, but I can't get away right now. Is there anybody else you could take with you?'

Jeremy looked around the room at the three zombies conked out on the floor and dismissed them. Then, he eyed Brandon.

'Oh, uh, I dunno. I'm starting school in a few days.'

'It's only five days and four nights. Amy has to be back at school next week too, and I have to get back to take care of the ranch. You can spare five days, can't you?'

And that settled it. Brandon ran back to the Leveque house to gather his things, and Ford gave him some extra money to buy any additional things he would need when he got to the Bahamas. Ford drove them to the airport, and they were on their way to paradise.

Checking in at the hotel, Jeremy explained that he no longer needed the honeymoon suite, but it was the only room available, and since he had already paid for it, he accepted it.

Brandon looked forward to swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and golfing, but all Jeremy seemed to want to do was mope around. Brandon tried to allow Jeremy his private moments, but he was also under strict orders from Ford to keep an eye on the jilted lover. They did have sex once or twice a day, but for Jeremy, it was just going through the motions; his heart really wasn't in it. Though Jeremy did not say so, Brandon could tell that he mostly just wanted to be held, and Brandon was happy to oblige. He really cared for Jeremy, and he wanted to be there for him--in whatever way Jeremy needed him.

On the third day of their trip, Brandon suggested that they hit the beach, and Jeremy grudgingly gave in. Jeremy had brought rather plain swim trunks, but Brandon insisted that they wear the new N2N thongs that he had bought in the hotel gift shop with the money that Ford had given him. (He also bought Ford a pair of Andrew Christian Police Boxers as a souvenir.) In another life, Jeremy's modesty would have prevented him from wearing a swimsuit that openly displayed his bubble butt and barely contained his massive cock, but after what he had just been through, modesty was no longer an issue and, frankly, he didn't give a shit what anybody thought. He needn't have been concerned anyway. Every woman on the beach fantasized about sinking her teeth into the G-string and peeling off the threads, and every man wished that he had the balls (both literally and figuratively) to be so bold.

As they strolled along the beach, Jeremy and Brandon chatted about farming and ranching and about growing up in the country. Brandon talked about looking forward to college, and Jeremy shared the benefit of his experiences. As the warm sun softly baked their nearly naked, beautiful bodies, Jeremy's mood slowly improved. He turned to the teenager, looked him squarely in those darling eyes, and said, 'Thank you, Brandon.'

'For what?'

'For coming here with me. For sticking by me. For listening. For just being you. We may not be cousins, Brandon, but I feel like we are more than that.'

Their bodies leaned toward each other like magnets. Their lips met in a tender kiss. Jeremy looked around and led Brandon behind some bushes, where he lowered him to the sandy beach and lay beside him. He gently ran a single finger over his face, tracing the beautiful features. He loved him with his eyes. He planted butterfly kisses across his forehead, his cheeks, his neck, his ears, and even his eyelids and the tip of his button nose. He ran his tongue lightly over his delicious lips and then bit down on them softly, sensually. It was not so much lust as adoration, and Brandon felt it, but his hormones took over, and he grabbed Jeremy and, breathing heavily, thrust his tongue into his mouth. He rolled over on top of him and ground their crotches together. Brandon was already hard as a rock, and Jeremy was quickly getting there. Brandon scrambled to remove Jeremy's thong and dive at his cock. He lapped it up like a starving puppy before impaling his mouth with it.

'Oh, Brandon. Oh, God! Fuck! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!' Jeremy didn't want the sensation to end, but he also wanted to return Brandon's love. He swiveled around and took his cock into his mouth as the teenager continued to suck on his. Beachcombers caught the moans and groans coming from the bushes, but Brandon and Jeremy didn't care. Let them listen; hell, let them watch if they want. Our love is no secret.

'Take me, Jeremy. I want you inside me.'

Brandon ripped off his own thong and bent over on his elbows and knees. Jeremy leaned forwarded, parted his ass cheeks, and sank his tongue into Brandon's rosebud. 'Oh, shit, Jeremy! God damn! Damn! Fuck!'

After several minutes, Brandon screamed, 'Now, Jeremy! Take me now!'

Jeremy spit on Brandon's ass and rubbed the saliva into his hole. Then, he spit again and rubbed it on his dick.

Brandon screamed as Jeremy punctured his sphincter ring and then settled into bliss. 'Oh, God, yes, Jeremy! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, man! Fuck me good!'

As Jeremy accelerated the pace, he reached around and grabbed Brandon's throbbing dick. 'Oh! Oh! Damn! Fuck!'

Jeremy pumped with both his cock and his hand until neither man could hold back any longer. As Brandon shot his cream across the white sand, his ass muscles squeezed Jeremy's dick tighter and forced the life out of it, sending burst after burst up Brandon's pipeline. Instinctively, Jeremy squeezed Brandon's hose tighter, driving him to the point of hysteria. The blood drained from their now-useless brains, and their bodies imploded into the black hole of euphoria.

Just on the other side of the bushes, three inquisitive kids beat off to the organic rhythm of Eden's primordial dance.


Jeremy and Brandon lay side by side, speechless, for 20 minutes. Then, they petted each other and resumed their conversation. 'Have you and Ford always been so close?' asked Jeremy.

'Well, it's kind of complicated.'

'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry.'

'No, it's OK. I don't mind telling you. Truth is, even though we've only known each other for a few days, Jeremy, I really like you. You seem like someone I can trust, only I don't know how much you really wanna hear.'

Jeremy placed a reassuring hand on Brandon's chest. 'I wanna hear whatever you feel comfortable telling me, Brandon. You have my word I won't repeat any of it to another soul.'

Something in Jeremy's touch and the tone of his voice persuaded Brandon that he could, indeed, trust his new friend.

Brandon took a deep breath and began. 'First, I wanna emphasize that Ford is a really great guy, and you couldn't have asked for a better brother-in-law. But he wasn't always that way. When he was a teenager, he fell in with the wrong crowd--drugs, gangs, petty theft, and even some violence. Uncle Pete and Aunt Marie tried everything--counseling, tough love, boot camp--but nothing seemed to help. They just knew that if something didn't give--and soon--Ford would end up either in prison or the morgue. Finally, my folks suggested that Ford come and live with us for a while. 'Get him out of the city, away from all those bad influences,' they said. 'Give him a chance to make a fresh start.''

'And I guess it worked, huh?'

'Not right away.'

'I was 13 when Ford came to live with us, and he was 16.'

'Wait a minute,' interrupted Jeremy. 'You mean Ford is only 21? He seems so much older, more mature.'

'Our birthdays are very close together. In a couple of months, I'll be 19, and he'll be 22, and you're right; he is very mature, but it came at a price.'

Jeremy edged closer to Brandon and leaned toward him to show that the young man had his undivided attention.

Brandon took another deep breath and continued. 'Ford was mad as hell about being sent away. He looked around for someplace to vent his anger, and he found it. Me. He always stopped just short of really hurting me, but he did make my life miserable for a while. Coming to live with us was supposed to help straighten Ford out, but it had the opposite effect. He was just as bad as ever, and now I was starting to slide too. My grades went down--way down--and I started getting into fights and drugs and alcohol.'

By this point in Brandon's account, Jeremy was furious with Ford. He couldn't believe how badly he had misjudged the asshole.

'I know I promised not to repeat anything you told me, Brandon, but....'

'No, wait, Jeremy, there's....'

'...but I didn't promise not to rip out that goddam motherfucker's balls and shove 'em down his throat when we get back.'

'But he's not anything like that now, Jeremy.'

'You're telling me that he all of a sudden just up and changed...overnight?'

'Well, yeah...almost. Ya see, one day I missed the bus because I had to stay after school for detention, so I had to walk home. I was about half way home when three guys in a pickup asked me if I wanted a ride. 'Sure,' I said. When we got to my place, they asked me if I wanted to go in the barn and smoke some pot. 'Fuck yeah,' I said. 'Let's do it.' Only there was no pot.

'After they beat the crap out of me, they stripped me and bent me over a bale of hay. Two of them held me down while the third unzipped his jeans and came at me. It was pretty obvious what he intended to do, but he had a surprise coming. Ford charged at him and decked him before he even got a chance to pull his dick out, and it's a good thing too. Ford probably would have ripped it right off. Though he was outnumbered three to one, he took them on and whipped all three of them. I think he broke one of 'em's arm, and another one barely made it back to their truck. He probably limped for weeks. We never saw hide nor hair of those guys again. I'm not sure, but I suspect that that experience had a lot to do with why Ford became a cop.

'Ford became my guardian angel. Not only did he look out for me, but he helped me with my chores and even my school work. His grades and mine both went up...a lot. He's actually very smart; he just hadn't applied himself before. When I started dating, he taught me about girls, and he always stressed that I should treat them with respect. It wasn't until after he moved back to New Orleans that I came to realize I was really more interested in guys than girls. He started showing my folks a lot more respect too. Uncle Pete and Aunt Marie couldn't believe the transformation.'

Jeremy realized that he had not been wrong about Ford after all. In fact, he now appreciated him even more.

'Let's take a shower before supper,' said Jeremy when they got back to their hotel room.

'You go ahead. I'll join you in a moment.'

With the water running, Jeremy did not hear the phone ring. When Brandon threw back the shower door, still fully clothed, his face looked like bleached marble.

'Brandon, what's wrong? What is it?'

'Ford. He...he's...he's been shot!'

(To be continued)


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