'Who the fuck is Paul?' Jeremy demanded to know, as he fought unsuccessfully to break through the defensive line formed by his best man and four groomsmen. He was determined to get back upstairs to the bedroom where he had deposited Amy after she fainted on the verge of becoming Mrs. Jeremy Travis. He had, of course, wanted to remain by her side, as had the intruder Paul, but Mrs. Leveque had insisted that they both leave her to recover. 'Dr. Chevalier will take excellent care of her,' she asserted. 'The last thing she needs right now is to wake up and find the two of you hovering over her.' Ford, Brandon, Red, Kenny, and Kyle ushered the reluctant Jeremy into the study while Mr. Leveque unceremoniously escorted Paul into the living room.

'Paul Broussard,' said Ford. 'He and Amy were an item all through college. They were even engaged to be married. Paul got through college on an ROTC scholarship and went into the Army right after graduation. Amy had wanted to get married right away, but Paul insisted that they wait until he got home. Six months later, we got word that Paul had been killed when his Humvee hit an IED in Iraq. Amy was devastated. That's the main reason she moved to Wyoming, to get away from the memories and make a fresh start.

Jeremy fidgeted and paced for two hours, though it seemed more like two years, his mind rumbling with all sorts of questions. Finally, Mrs. Leveque descended the stairs, but she walked right past the study and into the living room. A moment later, she headed back up the stairs with her husband and Paul in tow. Jeremy ran after them, but Pete Leveque stopped him cold. 'Not now, Jeremy. You'll have your turn. Please be patient.'

Patient? He'd been patient for two fuckin' hours. He wanted to see his goddam fiancee. What right did this fuckin' ghost have to come back from the dead and bust up his goddam wedding? And why had Amy asked to see this asshole instead of the man she was about to marry?

Another hour passed, and Jeremy was about ready to crawl out of his skin. Finally, Mr. Leveque came down the stairs and entered the study. 'Paul has left by the back stairs. Amy will see you now.' Jeremy shot up the stairs and threw himself at Amy's side.

Amy began by telling Jeremy how much she loved him and how she had been looking forward to becoming his wife. Then, she recounted the story of her relationship with Paul--pretty much what Ford had already told him, except that she added what she had just learned from Paul. When his Humvee was blown up, body parts were strewn everywhere and identification had been virtually impossible. It was assumed that Paul had been killed along with all the other members of his troupe who were riding in the Humvee, but, in fact, he had been taken prisoner, and it was not until an American reconnaissance force came across the compound where he was being held captive that he was freed. He was sent to the U.S. Army Medical Center at Ramstein Air Base in Germany to recuperate, and when he got home and learned that the love of his life was about to be wed to another man, he raced to Whispering Pines to win her back. After all the preamble, Amy finally got to the crux of the matter. 'I'm sorry, Jeremy, but I can't marry you. Paul asked me first, and I may not marry him either; I just don't know. Right now, I just need some time to myself to clear my head. Please forgive me.'

Jeremy tried to be compassionate and understanding, but what he really was was pissed--not at Amy, but at Paul. Or was he actually pissed at himself for not really knowing who HE was, what HE wanted? Though Amy did not know it, at that moment, Jeremy was just about as confused as she was.

Ford jumped at the sound of the front door slamming shut. When he ran to see what was happening, he caught Jeremy speeding away in his BMW convertible. 'We've gotta stop him, Ford,' said Kenny. 'There's no telling what he might do.'

'We'll have to take your car. He just took off in mine.'

'Red, Kyle, and I came over in a taxi. We knew that parking might be a problem.'

'Great!' said Ford sarcastically.

'We can take my car,' offered Brandon.

'We'll take your car, but you're staying here. If he's headed where I thing he is, you're too young to get in.'

'Either I go, or you don't get my car.'

Ford felt like slapping Brandon upside the head, but he knew it would be futile, and time was running out. 'OK, you little shit, but I'm driving! And when we get there, you hang close to us and don't say a fuckin' word.'

'Where the hell are we going?' Brandon asked.

'Never mind. He may not even be there, but he doesn't know the city well, so there are really only a couple of places he might be.'

When the five young men arrived at the bar, the one Jeremy had stumbled into his first night in New Orleans, the jilted groom was already on his third scotch, even though he had had only a short lead over the posse. Burt, the bartender, eyed Brandon skeptically but did not card him since he had entered the adults-only establishment with two cops known all too well to him.

Though most of the tourists who had come into town for Southern Decadence had now left, the bar was still filled with local men. The room was not as dark as the night that Ford, Red, and Kenny had first met Jeremy there, and it did not take long for Brandon to figure out what kind of establishment it was.

A big, burly stevedore exited the small room known to the regulars as the clown car, zipping up his jeans as he strolled over to the bar. He was followed a few minutes later by a young twink who looked like he must have used a fake ID to get into the place--or perhaps he, too, had been accompanied by one of New Orleans' finest, or by the district attorney, or even the mayor. The young twink licked his lips and grinned from one ear to the other as he strutted back by the pool table. A few minutes later, he strolled back into the clown car with an older black man whose huge cock was already half exposed.

'What'll ya have?' Burt asked the five men as they gathered around Jeremy.

'Beer,' said Ford, thinking that Jeremy might be more apt to listen to him if they were sharing drinks. 'Beer,' echoed Red, then Kenny, then Kyle, and then Brandon.'

'I think he meant to say 'root beer',' corrected Ford, leering at his younger cousin. Brandon started to object; after all, he had drunk beer before; hell, Ford had even given him beer when they were both under age. But Ford glared at him with that look that said, 'This is a cop speaking now, kid. Don't press your luck.'

Ford listened attentively as Jeremy recounted Amy's confession, if that's what it was. When Jeremy ordered his fourth drink, Ford knew better than to object, but he flashed a look that signaled to Burt to start watering down the liquor. Several drinks later, after Jeremy was too tipsy to object but not so bombed as to be unmanageable, Ford said, 'Look, you need a diversion, but not here. Come with us.'

As they headed for the exit, Ford noticed that Brandon was not with them. 'That fuckin' kid! I told him to stick close by. Either of you see where he went?' Red, Kenny, and Kyle all shrugged their shoulders, and Jeremy looked as if he hadn't even noticed the teenager come in with them.

'Kenny, you and Kyle look outside. Red, you take care of Jeremy. I'll look around in here.'

Ford navigated his way among the patrons, circled the pool table, and checked out the restroom. Nothing. Then, he gazed at the door to the notorious clown car. He wouldn't be in there! Still, he had to check. He pried open the door ever so slightly and peeked in. He could not believe his eyes. It was not the sight of eight or ten men wanking their cocks and each others' that unnerved him, but the fact that they were also cheering on his young cousin as he face-fucked the young twink and simultaneously took another man's stiff rod up his ass.

Ford's initial instinct was to grab Brandon by the ears and drag him out of there, but right now he had to deal with Jeremy. He would have a serious talk with Brandon later. He knew that it wouldn't take long for a horny 18-year-old to shoot his wad, so he waited for Brandon to exit the room and return to the bar, where he nonchalantly met him and explained that they were leaving.

Ford had not intended to take Brandon with them to their next stop, but after what he had just witnessed, he concluded that there could be no harm in it. 'Red, since you know the way better than anybody, why don't you drive Brandon's car. I'll bring Jeremy in mine.'

'Where are we going?' slurred Jeremy.

'Red's club.'

'Club? You mean, his gym?'

'Well, the gym is part of it, but the club is actually much bigger. And Red is not just the physical trainer at the gym. He's the manager of the whole club.'

The sign on the door read, 'Men only. Must be 21 to enter. ID required.' The receptionist, like Burt at the bar, shot Brandon a skeptical look, but since he was with Red, he said nothing. 'Keys?' asked the receptionist.

'That won't be necessary,' answered Red. 'I have my master.' He unlocked the door that led from the foyer into the spacious locker room. As Red, Jeremy, Kenny, and Kyle began to undress, Ford pulled Brandon aside.

'Is there anything you wanna tell me?' asked Ford.

'Like what?'

Ford held his tongue but shot darts straight into Brandon's eyes.

'Oh, I'm guessing you already know.'

'Why don't you tell me yourself?'

'What, you want me to tell you that I'm gay? Is that it?'

'Well, are you?'

'Does it really make any difference?'

'Not to me. Question is, does it make any difference to you?'

'Whaddya mean?'

'Look, Brandon. You know I love you like a brother, and I always will, no matter what. And I know I'm a shitty role model, living a double life like I do, but it's because of that that I know how hard it can be. If you're gay, just come out and say so. Let the whole world know. It'll be a helluva lot easier than trying to hide it. Believe me, I know.'

'You're right, Ford. I am gay, and there's no reason I should hide it.' The teenager held back his tears as he hugged his older cousin.

'OK, enough of that. Now, I really shouldn't have brought you in here, but I think you can handle it. Just watch yourself, and STAY CLOSE this time, OK? I'm not gonna tell you what you can do and what you can't do, except that you've gotta protect yourself, ya hear?'


'I mean it,' asserted Ford, reinforcing the point with a couple of taps of his fist against Brandon's chest.

Ford and Brandon caught up with the other men, who had now moved from the locker room into the well-equipped gym, where some men were working out and others were working on each other. In an adjacent room, the mats covered the floor where men could wrestle and subdue each other.

From there, the tour continued on to the steam room. Ford, Red, Kenny, and Kyle had all been in the facility many times before, but for Jeremy and Brandon, seeing men sucking and fucking each other in a cloud of steam was a new experience. Uninhibited men also filled the showers, pool, sauna, and hot tub.

Over the entrance to another room, a skull and crossbones marked the BDSM chamber. Red and blue mood lights cast an eerie glow over the room. Slings, swings, and other devices hung from the ceiling. There were stocks, manacles, whips, chains, and an assortment of leather straps and clothing. A row of stiff-dicked men lined up to take their turns at another man swinging from a leather basket.

'I gotta take a leak,' cried Jeremy. Red led him to one corner of the room where half a dozen men were pissing all over another man chained to the floor. 'Go ahead,' said Red. Jeremy giggled like a child as he swayed his dick back and forth, directing the warm yellow stream up and down the length of the man's shackled body. 'In his mouth!' called one of the men. Jeremy raised a dubious eyebrow until Red nodded that it would be OK, and then he emptied the rest of his bladder into the man's open mouth.

In the video room, some men played with themselves as they watched dick flicks on the wall-to-wall screen while others fucked to the rhythms of the moans and groans emanating from the movie speakers. Red led the troupe up the stairs to long corridors lined with small rooms. More moans and groans escaped through the thin walls, some with doors closed, others with doors wide open. Some men lay on their beds stroking their cocks, openly inviting guests into their rooms. In many of the rooms and at the end of each corridor video monitors displayed more porn films.

Finally, after touring four floors of these rooms, the group came to the roof, where men exercised their hedonism in the open air.

'Well, Jeremy,' said Red. 'This is it. Where would you like to start?'

Jeremy stumbled over to Ford, dropped to his knees, yanked the towel from around Ford's waist, and vacuumed his cock into his salivating mouth. At first, Ford tried to resist, but then he thought, hell, he's not marrying my sister any more, so why not? Brandon looked on jealously until Jeremy pulled him close and swallowed his swelling dick. Jeremy alternated between the two until at last he managed to stuff both cocks into his mouth at the same time. Then, he rotated through Red's, Kenny's, and Kyle's hoses. He looked up at Kyle, climbed up his hairy torso, and peered into his man-child eyes. 'I'm ready, Kyle. I'm ready to get fucked...but...but...I want Ford to go first.' Then, he fell into Ford's arms. 'Fuck me, Ford. Pop my cherry. Make love to me.'

'I can't do that, Jeremy. You know how much I care about you, and there is nothing more I would like than to make love to you, but you're drunk, Jeremy. I can't take advantage of you like this.'

'Yeah, I've been drinking, but I know what I'm doing, and I know what I want, and what I want is you, Ford. I want to get fucked. I want all of you to fuck me, but I want you to be my first. Please, Ford. Please love me.'

Kenny and Kyle led Jeremy to a padded table and laid him down on his back. Ford spread Jeremy's legs to expose his rosebud, which he kissed and licked tenderly before driving his tongue deep inside. 'Oh, God, Ford! Oh, fuck! Holy shit! Oh! Ah! Ah! Aaaahhhh, DAMN!'

Red climbed up on the table, straddled Jeremy's neck, and stuffed his meat into Jeremy's mouth. Kenny and Kyle worked on his nips, and Brandon sucked on his cock. The tipsy cowboy was clearly outnumbered and completely overwhelmed. He was a slave to their attentions.

Once Ford decided that Jeremy was sufficiently primed, he grabbed one of the several bottles of lube lying around. He poured some on a finger and slid it up Jeremy's chute. Then, he oiled a second finger and a third and inched them up the ass. Meanwhile, Brandon lubed up Ford's cock, pinched his nipples, and practically sucked his tongue out of his mouth.

'OK, here it comes, buddy. Now, this is gonna hurt at first, but it'll get better, I promise. Ford eased his cock into Jeremy's virgin man-pussy. Jeremy screamed like bloody murder, but there were so many other hoots and hollers all around that hardly anyone paid any attention. Kyle and Kenny rubbed his chest to soothe his pain. Red pulled his dick out of Jeremy's mouth, but Jeremy pulled him back down and stuck his tongue up his ass, rimming a man for the first time in his life. As Ford pushed his rod deeper and deeper into Jeremy's love canal, Kyle bent over and sucked on Jeremy's cock. At the same time, Brandon moved around and sucked on Red's bouncing shaft.

'Oh, my God!' yelled Jeremy. 'I can feel 'em. I can feel your balls against my ass.'

Sure enough, Ford had sunk his entire rod into Jeremy. Then, he paused to let the pain subside before sliding slowly in and out.

'Oh, yeah, Ford. That feels goooood. Oh, yeaaaahhh, baby. Fuck me. Fuck my sweet ass.'

Ford picked up the pace, stroking Jeremy's prostrate as he went.

'Oh, God! Damn! Fuck, man. What the fuck are you doin'? Holy shit! Oh! Ah! Aaahhh!'

Ford felt the juices rising from his nut sack, and Jeremy felt Ford's hose swell up inside of him. Jeremy's juices began to boil also. 'Oh, God! I'm gonna cum!' As much as Kyle wanted to taste Jeremy's sweet nectar, he also wanted to see him shoot, so he pulled back and let nature run its course. With nothing touching his penis, Jeremy shot at least a dozen loads all the way up to Red's back--some of which dripped down Red's ass and onto Jeremy's chin. Kenny immediately began to lick the man pudding off of Red's back as Kyle seized Jeremy's cock and took the last five bolts in his eager mouth. Jeremy nearly jumped out of his skin. Just then, Ford released his barrage deep into Jeremy's guts. 'Oh, God, Ford! I feel it. Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck!' Though heavily drained, he mustered every ounce of energy he had left to push aside everyone but Ford, whom he pulled down on top of him and kissed madly. He pulled Ford's buttocks closer, trying to squeeze the essence of the man deeper and deeper inside him. God, he felt so good. He wanted that man forever.

While Ford and Jeremy caught their breath, the other four men took turns sucking and fucking each other, but not enough to get off. They were saving themselves.

When he finally got his strength back, Jeremy grabbed Kyle's hand and pulled him close. 'OK, stud. Your turn. Fuck my brains out.'

Kyle and Kenny helped Jeremy off the table and led him back downstairs to the BDSM room, where they strapped him into the leather swing with his legs spread wide and his ass up in the air. The others followed. Already oiled and coiled, Jeremy didn't need any more lube, so Kyle went straight to work. He did, however, take it easy inserting his cock. He wanted to please Jeremy, not hurt him. As Ford had done before, once he was fully inside, he waited for Jeremy to adjust before he began the in-and-out dance of nature. As he pumped, the other men worked over every erogenous zone on Jeremy's body. Kyle came first, but the contractions of his ass muscles squeezed the dickens out of Jeremy's tender prick and sent him into orbit.

In succession, each man took his turn initiating their new buddy into their tribe. Brandon was the last. When it came his turn, he whispered something into Ford's ear, and Ford nodded affirmatively. Then, once Brandon was fully ensconced in Jeremy's tunnel, Ford pressed his hot body up against Brandon's, spread his ass cheeks, and stuck his dick up his teenage cousin's already wet hole. Brandon pumped wildly, fucking Jeremy and getting fucked by Ford at the same time. The sensation was delirious, not only because he was getting two men at once, but because these were the two men he craved most in the whole world. Lust and love melded into one. After he came, he fell into Jeremy's arms, and Ford collapsed on top of him. All was right with the world. When Ford finally pulled out of Brandon and Brandon pulled out of Jeremy, a stranger approached Jeremy, knelt before him, and asked, 'May I?'

'Knock yourself out,' replied Jeremy, and the man pressed his face against Jeremy's man hole and lapped up all the male juices that had been deposited there.

While Brandon, Ford, and Jeremy were making love, Kyle and Kenny imprisoned Red in the stocks. Kyle pounded his tight ass while Kenny fucked his face.

'We'd better get you home while you can still walk,' said Ford to Jeremy.

'Where's home?' asked Jeremy.

'Well, for now, it's my place.'

'That's nice,' drawled Jeremy, still tipsy and now thoroughly wiped out. 'Thank you, buddy. Gotta get up in the mornin'. Goin' on my honeymoon.'

(To be continued)


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