'Holy shit! I just slept with my sister's fiancee?'

Jeremy stared back at his future brother-in-law from Ford's bed--shocked, speechless, and stark naked.

'You told me your name was Jack!'

'And you said your name is Brad!'

'It is!' snapped Ford. 'Bradford! My folks still call me Ford, but most of my friends call me Brad...JACK!'

Jeremy explained--apologized--that he had used the alias in a naive attempt at self-protection.

'Actually, that was probably a pretty wise move,' conceded the cop. 'Better to be safe than sorry.'

'Is that why you told me you're a student instead of a cop?'

'Well, I AM a student. I was able to enter the police academy with an associate's degree, but now I'm working on my bachelor's. Besides, when I meet strangers in a bar, sometimes they freak out if I tell them I'm a cop. They think I'm there to bust 'em.'

'OK. I can see that,' admitted Jeremy. Then, Jeremy explained the half-truths he had used in introducing himself.

Though he would not admit it, Ford was actually impressed with Jeremy's creativity. He would make a good undercover cop, he thought, and the way he performed under pressure with the two muggers outside the bar reinforced his opinion. If nothing else, his sister had chosen a man who would be able to take good care of her. But would he be faithful to her?

'You weren't exactly working the late shift last night, were you?' quizzed Jeremy.

'No, I'm sorry about that, but I figured that with my future brother-in-law staying at my place, last night might be the only chance I'd get to enjoy Southern Decadence this year, so I made up that story. I apologize for lying to you.'

It was now Jeremy's turn to be impressed--with Ford's sincerity.

'We really need to talk some more,' said Ford, 'but right now, I've gotta shower and get down to the station.'

The two young men, still reeling from the revelation of their true identities, nearly panicked at the sound of the doorbell. 'Who the fuck could that be at this hour? You mind getting that?' asked Ford. marching back toward the bathroom.

Through the peep hole, Jeremy saw a handsome young man holding the bags he had left in the Leveque's car. 'Just a minute,' he said, quickly retrieving the underwear he had left on the living room floor beside the sofa all night.

'Hi, I'm Brandon Miller, Ford's cousin, and you must be Mr. Travis. Uncle Pete asked me to bring your things to you. I know it's early, but I thought you might need them. I hope I didn't wake you.'

'No, I was awake. Come in. Ford is getting ready for work.'

'Where do you want these?'

'Oh, just set them there by the couch. Thanks for bringing them. You're up awfully early yourself.'

'Well, when you grow up on a farm in East Texas, you're used to getting up at the crack of dawn.'

'I know what you mean. I'm a rancher myself.'

'So I've heard,' Mr. Travis.

'Oh, please, call me Jeremy. After all, we're gonna be family in a few days.' The cowboy offered his hand to the young farmer, whose grip was as firm as his. 'I was just about to rustle up some coffee. Want some?'

Brandon smiled at the cowboy jargon. 'Sure. I'll see if Ford's got anything to eat. You're probably like me. Eat a hearty breakfast before you start the day.'

'Yep. I guess that's somethin' all of us contry boys have in common,' Jeremy chuckled.

Jeremy found the coffee maker on the kitchen counter and the coffee in the cabinet just above it. He went for the plain ol' American brand instead of the fancy foreign imported stuff. Brandon was not so lucky. There was hardly any food in the place. 'I tell you what,' said Brandon. 'I know a place just a few blocks from here that serves a terrific breakfast. We can have a cup of coffee here, and then I can take you over there if you'd like.'

'Great, but on one condition. My treat.'

Brandon tried to object--'after all, you're the guest of honor this week'--but Jeremy insisted.

'Is that coffee I smell?' asked Ford, entering the kitchen with nothing but a towel wrapped around his tapered waist. Before last night, Jeremy would not have looked at Ford's nearly naked, muscular body the way he did, and he would not have noticed Brandon looking at him the same way. Jeremy was still dressed in nothing but his underwear. Had Brandon looked at him that way too?

'Brandon! I didn't realize that was you at the door.' Ford placed one hand on Brandon's shoulder and offered the other one in a hearty handshake.

'Yeah, your cousin was kind enough to bring over my luggage,' said Jeremy.

'We're getting ready to go out for some breakfast,' said Brandon. 'Wanna join us?'

'No time. I'll just take some of that coffee with me. Where ya goin' to eat?'

'The Clover Grill,' replied Brandon.

'Clover Grill?' You know that place?'


'Is there some reason we shouldn't go there?' asked Jeremy.

'No, it's just that I didn't know Brandon.... Never mind. They serve a mean breakfast. Enjoy.'

Jeremy wondered about Ford's unfinished sentence and made a note to ask him about it later.

Two pairs of eyes tracked Ford closely as he strutted back into the bedroom to get dressed. By the time Jeremy and Brandon had finished their first cup of coffee, Ford came running out of the bedroom and raced out the door.

'I'm gonna take a quick shower before we head out if you don't mind.'

'Of course not.'

A few minutes later, Jeremy returned to the living room with water dripping down his sinewy body. Brandon tried not to stare, but when Jeremy lifted his towel to dry his hair, Brandon's jaw nearly hit the floor at the sight of the cowboy's massive tool. My God, he though, he's not a cowboy; he's a fuckin' horse! Brandon was hung too, like his cousin, but not like Jeremy. Shivers flew up his spine and across his synapses as he watched the gorgeous stud slip on his tight Wranglers and sexy Justin boots. He hoped he had averted his gaze before Jeremy caught him all agog. All of a sudden, Brandon was not merely hungry, but starving, only it was a very special kind of steak and eggs he craved.

The Clover Grill was small, intimate, and packed with Southern Decadence revelers, some who had just gotten up and some who had never gone to bed--or, at least, never slept. Though it had been dark in the bar the night before, Jeremy thought he recognized a couple of the men in the diner. One cast a devilish grin in his direction. Jeremy also noticed that Brandon attracted quite a bit of attention as well.

'Are you sure you're Ford's cousin?' Jeremy asked Brandon. 'You don't look much like him?' Jeremy was right. Brandon's curly yellow hair, fair skin, and emerald eyes contrasted sharply with Ford's dark appearance. About the only thing they had in common was their athletic builds. Like Jeremy, they were both certifiable hunks.

'We're not actually blood relatives. Uncle Pete, Ford's dad, is my mom's brother, and my folks adopted me when I was a baby.'

'Oh, do you know anything about your birth parents?'

'Not really. Apparently, my mom died while giving birth to me, and my dad just took off.'

'I'm really sorry, Brandon.'

'No, it's OK. I consider myself to be very lucky actually. I've got the best mom and dad in the whole wide world. We're not rich like the Leveques, but we manage, and I wouldn't trade places with anybody.'

Jeremy was again impressed.

'I hear you lost your folks.'

'Yeah, they were killed in a car accident when I was in college.'

'I'm sorry.'

'Well, ya know, they were good to me. I miss them, of course. I guess I always will, but now I've got Amy...and a whole new family...including you.'

Brandon beamed.

'You're probably tired from your trip yesterday,' said Brandon as they finished up their meal. 'I should take you back to the apartment and let you get some rest.'

'Well, I am a little tired, but I'd like to hear more about you and the family I'm marrying into. Why don't you stay awhile?'

Their conversation continued over another cup of coffee on Ford's balcony, overlooking the party still going on in the streets below. The behavior was as uninhibited in broad daylight as it had been the night before. Jeremy noticed that Brandon seemed quite interested and not at all disturbed by the debauchery.

He learned that Brandon was 18, had just graduated from high school that spring, and would be starting at Texas A&M in a few days. He planned to major in animal science and then go on to veterinary school. 'Wow. You must be pretty smart. It's harder to get into vet school these days than med school.'

'Yeah, I know, but I've wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember. I just love animals, so I'm goin' for it.'

Jeremy suggested that they continue their conversation in the living room,and as they proceeded to do so, Jeremy 'accidentally' brushed up against the young man. Then, when they sat down on the sofa, Brandon sat unusually close to Jeremy.

The more Brandon talked, the more Jeremy fell for him. He was indeed smart, motivated, industrious, and flat out, fuckin' adorable. His brilliant smile lit up the room. Though he looked nothing like the stud Jeremy had spent the night with, Jeremy felt strangely attracted to another man for the second time in less than 24 hours. He actually wondered how Brandon's kiss would taste and how his dick would feel in his mouth. The stirrings in his groin assured him that he would not be disappointed.

What the fuck was he thinking? He was getting married in three days, and already he had gotten a blow job from a total stranger in a gay bar and slept with his fiancee's brother, and now he was ogling Amy and Ford's 18-year-old cousin, HIS future 18-year-old cousin, his very cute 18-year-old future cousin, his fuckin' hot 18-year-old future cousin. He had to resist the temptation, but it didn't matter. Before he could turn away, Brandon was on top of him. His deep, wet kiss was, indeed, as sweet and passionate as he had imagined it would be. Yes, he wanted it; he wanted it badly; but he was too stunned and confused to react. Brandon took his unresponsiveness as rejection.

'I'm sorry, Jeremy. I don't know what came over me. I had no right to....'

'Shut up, you fuckin' sonofabitch.' Jeremy grabbed Brandon, pulled him tight, and drilled his tongue into the teenager's mouth. Now it was Brandon's turn to be stunned, but the feeling quickly passed as he joined his future cousin in a tongue-swirling mambo. A couple of minutes later, Brandon withdrew and, in a mock frown, asked, 'Did you just call me a fuckin' sonofabitch?'

'Yeah, I did. Why? You wanna do somethin' about it?' Jeremy dared him.

'Yeah. This!' Brandon threw himself back at Jeremy and wrestled him to the floor. Their bodies writhed in uncontrollable passion as they pawed each other madly. Clothes flew in every direction until they were both butt naked, their dicks stiff as flag poles. Brandon gasped at the sight of Jeremy's turgid rod. He had been amazed when it was soft, but now that he saw it fully erect, he felt totally awed by it. He wanted the prize--first down his throat and then up his ass.

Jeremy was equally impressed with Brandon's manhood. Though it was not as long as his own, it was above average, thick, and beautifully shaped. More importantly, it was attached to the 21st century Adonis currently lying on top of him.

Whether by design or accident, their wrestling match led them into a 69 position, and each one greedily scarfed up the other's cock. 'Ummm...ummm...ummm.' Each echoed the other's appreciation. Jeremy was amazed that Brandon, like Ford, was able to take his whole measure.

Brandon released Jeremy's cock and took his nuts into his mouth--first one, then the other, and then both. It was a significant accomplishment considering how big they were. Next, he licked along the inside of his left thigh all the way down to his toes and back up the right leg. When he got to Jeremy's dick, he sucked it some more and then panted, 'Oh, Jeremy, I've gotta have you. Fuck me, man! I wanna feel you inside of me.'

Jeremy felt so fuckin' horny he was about ready to burst, but he was also confused. Only in the last 24 hours had he even let another man touch him, and now he was being asked--no, begged--to fuck one. He didn't know if he could will himself to do it even under the best of circumstances, but this was the weekend of his wedding, and the ass in question belonged to his future cousin. Still, it was a beautiful ass, and his aching balls pleaded for relief.

Before Jeremy could answer, Brandon pulled him up off the floor and dragged him to the bedroom. The bed was still unmade, and Brandon wondered if the cum stains on the sheets had come from Jeremy, Ford, or both. Brandon shoved Jeremy down on the bed and rifled through the night stand to find a tube of lubricant.

'I don't know about this, Brandon. I've never fucked a guy before.'

'Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass?'

'Yeah, but....'

'Well, an ass is an ass, and mine is rarin' to go.' He stuck some lube up his ass and rubbed some over Jeremy's towering pole. The sensation drove Jeremy wild. 'Oh, God, Brandon! Shit! Oh, God! Fuck!' Now it was Jeremy doing the begging. His cock burned so hot he had to ram it up somebody's ass before he exploded. He started to rise up and get on his knees, but Brandon pushed him back down on his back and crouched over him.

Pressing his hands against Jeremy's powerful chest, Brandon slowly lowered himself onto the greasy shaft. 'Ah, aaahhh, aaassshhhit!' Brandon's cries of pain frightened Jeremy and caused him to push Brandon aside, but the young stud resisted his defenses and pressed on. 'No,' he shouted. 'It hurts at first; that's natural; but the pain'll go away, and then it'll feel like fuckin' heaven. You got a fuckin' hot piece o' meat, dude, and I gotta have every fuckin' inch of it all the way up my ass.'

Brandon continued to lower himself inch by inch onto the rock-hard missile. With each pang of pain, Brandon clawed at Jeremy's solid pecs. Brandon moaned and Jeremy winced, but they pressed on until Brandon's ass had completely swallowed Jeremy's huge sausage. After a brief pause, Brandon began to slide slowly up and down.

'Oh, shit, man! You are so fuckin' tight. I ain't never had no pussy like this.' Instinctively, Jeremy began to pump back.

'Oh, yeah! Fuck me, cowboy. Fuck my horny ass.'

Jeremy bucked like a wild stallion, and Brandon held on for the ride of his life.

With each new thrust, Jeremy's cock tickled Brandon's prostate, sending shivers up his spine and causing his ass muscles to constrict and his prick to twitch involuntarily. The feel of the constrictions on his own dick and the sight of it plunging in and out of Brandon's ass as well as Brandon's cock dancing in sync with his own movements pushed Jeremy to the brink of madness. Bubbling hot juices boiled up from his desperate nut sack and burst forth in volley after volley deep inside Brandon's eager love canal.

'Aaahhh, FUCK!' hollered Jeremy.

'Oh, shit, man! I can feel it! I can feel your cum squirting inside me. Oh, fuck, dude! Damn!'

The thrill sent Brandon over the edge. 'Oh, God! Fuck! I'm cummin'! I'm cummin! I'm...aaahhh, FUUUCCCKKK!' Without even touching his dick, Brandon shot at least 10 ropes of white cream all over Jeremy's quivering body.

With his still-hard rod firmly ensconced in Brandon's ass, Jeremy pulled the teenager close, their bodies squishing cum between them, their lips locking together in a primal kiss. The wild beast lay tamed--at least for now.

(To be continued.)


Brock Archer

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